PHASE XIV





Monday 16th April 2007


We have the murder of 32 students in Virginia USA by a ‘lone nutter’ from South Korea named Cho Seung - Hui. The first suspect issue would be the refusal by the police to shut down the university after the initial two deaths which then allowed a further 30 to die. We do know they plan to disarm America in readiness for the planned military coup which will allow America to upgrade the ability to war around the world, as stated earlier in this work this is to ensure the world nations allow the UN to take full reigns of power across the globe because of the fear of America in the future, yet as the Illuminati have stated within their ranks:


 “The world will accept the new world order or have it forced upon them”.


 This in turn interprets as should we go against their will for the global fascist state then America will be unleashed as the military wing of the empire upon the world causing untold war. Not to mention the rogue nuclear submarines which would hold nations to ransom.

Another interesting point is that the Queen is to visit JamestownVirginia in May.

I am seeing ritual here and should my worst fears come to pass then we are seeing the beginnings of the demonising of the oriental race in America. I would be very interested in the religious background of the killer.

This event focused global media for most of the day and will continue for a while yet, but I feel this has links to the satanic April 19th entity Moloch… the centre in America relating to Moloch Nimrod / Baal is a place called Bohemian Grove 75 miles north of San Francisco. It is a great 2700 acre site among Red Wood trees used by the elite. Every Republican President since Herbert Hoover in 1933 has been a member of this place as is Bill Clinton and many Democrats. It is a serious part of the satanic web in America. All ritual massacres and such events carried out on or around April 19th globally have their beginnings at this place. I will offer more information relating to this place in a future phase.

From what I have so far heard about the killer he fits like a glove to the profile of a possessed individual, and becomes the 20th such mind controlled slave to have carried out such a massacre in the last ten years in America. There really is a connection between these so called ‘lone nutters’ and such operations such as MKULTRA, project Monarch and in Britain all operations coming out of the Tavistock Institute. We are told by one of the university professors in an interview on news 24 that she had warned the authorities about this boy’s behaviour. Testimonies of many students say the same about the killer’s persona, this fits perfectly with the study of mind controlled assassins. Do not forget events of this type have the key facilitator in the guise of allowing such things to take place. The way in which the police reacted to the first two deaths allowed the death of a further 30 students.

 The killer Cho, was committed to a mental health facility in 2005 on two occasions in November and then again in December, so this man was on the police radar but they claim there where no indications on his mental health file to prohibit him purchasing a gun… Mental health file…GUNS… can you not see the bollocks? So they obviously pulled his file when he applied for a weapon with this statement from a police chief. So again the police allowed this man to legally own a gun and therefore the police are in the position to allow this to happen, protocol 15. The police can now cover the true machinations to this terrible event, protocol 15. To history; just another ‘lone nutter’. There is another suspicious point to be raised here. For two days from this event, Monday and Tuesday, the death toll was 33, by noon on Wednesday the figure changed to 32 dead. I have known death tolls to rise but never fall. I wonder at this point is this to hide the esoteric signature with the figure at 33, which gives the initial two deaths then after the gap in which the police refused to close the university we had a further 31 deaths. The signature would show to initiates the second or allowed set of murders signed off with the number 31, 13 reversed.


 We have the inflation rise and the letter from the Bank of England to the Chancellor hinting he must be tuff with inflation just as the nurses are to take industrial action because of their below inflation pay rise that comes into effect in November while in Wales and Scotland they get their rise next month. So we can see many organisations working in sync for domestic strife which will focus the media and thus minds away from the second phase operations in the current conflicts. So we can see what type of scenarios will play out up to the Summer Solstice at least the topics the Illuminati wish you to focus. We are also told to expect another interest rate rise next month which will in all probability be  half a percent instead of a quarter, which will become the figure of each rise after, we are also told to expect more rises before the end of the year.


We also have the breaking story relating to Sellafield operatives having their body parts kept and analysed without consent. The consent to operatives within the medical industry came direct from the chief coroner who gave the reason to operatives it was to store data to help devise a compensation scheme. So here you can see to what extent the Illuminati will go too to instil yet another level of legal claims to further hide the demolition of a reasonable salary and to expand the ever expanding industry they call the law.


Hepatitis Given To Haemophiliacs.


We also have the story of haemophiliacs who through the 1980’s where used in an experiment to test new blood content called factor eight which came in two forms: heat treated and none heat treated. These people where actually given diseases such as Aids, Hepatitis B and C through blood transfusions. And not told they had the diseases and in many cases ended up infecting lots of people. This is part of the game of biological warfare against us all.

The official government figures (so we know they are a lot higher), are :


4670 exposed to Hepatitis C

1200 exposed to HIV

1750 are ‘thought’ to have died.


These experiments and their deadly consequences only enter the mainstream because of whistleblowers, those who are compelled to enlighten the public to what is going on. If you look at such topics as isolated conspiracies then you miss the big picture. You have to see all individual topics as part of one agenda, an agenda showing the full extent of the lies not as separate incidents but proving the enormous high level secret agenda that has been widespread within the NHS and private medical profession since its conception. This should not surprise you when you begin to see that these secret experiments and such are the very reason the whole medical profession was set up in the first place, concluding with mass addiction to medication which gives very few people the power to affect all human lives that fall for the addiction scam. Working in sync with the food additives and electromagnetic assault and of course the human microchip. The whole show is an experiment to which we the public are the laboratory animals giving great knowledge of how to better their control over us all with the results gained with your co-operation unwittingly in their experiments. The fact the establishment claim they are curing people, this deceit makes the whole scam a conspiracy.


Wednesday 18th April 2007

There is a string of massive explosion in Iraq, first estimates of deaths is as high as 129 by the evening it is over 223 including many women and children.

I am seeing a massive ritual playing out globally for the entity Moloch beginning with the massacre in Virginia.

These six explosions happened in Shia areas so we will probably see a response to this.



Thursday 19th April 2007

Malcolm Wicks Minister for Science announced electronic tagging for the elderly, citing suffers of the Alzheimer’s disease as good reasoning. Going on about how we should utilise satellite technology to give the elderly ‘independence’ by sticking tracking devices on them. Ehh! This is clearly part of the coming microchip implantation agenda; you must, must, must get to grips with the reality of the microchip agenda. 

Also on this day we have announced that only 49% of motorists caught speeding and jumping lights are found to collect the fines. This is because they say many are using false addresses for their vehicle registration and cannot be traced. More legislation for powers to these organisations must be on the way, and for the insanity it will be you the public who begin to demand action thinking it is better to make everyone pay rather than quash the whole scam, how stupid can you get?




Monday 23rd April 2002

The most blatant form of propaganda continues to be played against Iran.

We had today breaking news relating to an incident on the 6th April in Iraq whereby a Challenger II tank was damaged for the first time from a roadside bomb. This news of course breaking on the symbolic St Georges Day. This is clearly the gathering pace to bring about military action against Iran with the idea that such armour piercing explosives are coming from Iran. IED’s are the shaped explosive they say are coming from Iran. But we know that Iran is made up of many tribes who take their influence from many foreign countries. There are many Iranian factions controlled by the Illuminati through their networks created through the last four decades. Not all factions obey the Iranian government, creating the situation whereby it would be very simple for Illuminati intelligence to supply such weapons to the Iranians factions via China or Russia, sidelining any moves the Iranian government would wish to take to break this current path, I would cite the offer made in 2003 by Ahmadinejad to cease in all nuclear ambitions and to cease backing Shia insurgence in Iraq which was turned down by Dick Cheney’s office.

Iran has many ancient sites and possible archaeological finds that would demolish the lie that is religion and mystery school knowledge; this is one of the highest level requirements for the invasion of Iran relating directly to the ancient lands of Sumer. So if we allow Britain to take part in such an invasion we would be cutting our own arms off because knowledge that would show the lie that is the Old Testament will be sucked out of circulation and earshot again.

There is also yet another exposing of the manipulations carried out with the phone competitions throughout the TV networks, in the main such scams are financially orientated but in on of the earlier phases I pointed out the real agenda of such schemes for the re programming of our minds to accept the results of such voting systems which can be manipulated with ease by the Illuminati. What is interesting is how the media seem to be focusing on GMTV when all these type of phone voting and competitions use this type of scamming. Would it have anything to do with the fact that Rupert Murdoch the puppet proxy is currently trying to take over ITV and its satellites? What was also interesting was the inclusion of Meridian TV to offer disgust at ITV in his comments.


We also have the release of the UN Global report on road safety. With Michael Schumacher at the helm. Backing this agenda we have the RAC Foundation who offer comment on the need for such reports and action. Just a minute, the RAC only a year or so ago where scamming all its members across the country by insisting they all required new batteries when in fact they did not. That is conspiracy to steel money. Are we really saying anything to do with the RAC has the moral gift of commanding opinion? Not only are that, the RAC is a big part of the forced mileage payment agenda along with its mummy Norwich Union. To accept any such advise whatever from either of these two companies is to be obeying the new world order.


Boris Yeltsin has died today.


There is also the announcement that Barclays Bank is to merge with the Holland Bank ABN. In a £45.6 billion merger which will create a giant in the region of £94 billion worth of assets in the hands of one body overtly. Early predictions show a loss of around12.800 jobs, and the movement of around 10.000 jobs going overseas. Britain’s big corporations jumping ship at least as far as country goes not in ownership.


During the evening Dispatches documented Pakistan and its internal power struggle between the military and the Mullahs. The area in which the Mullahs have power is the North West bordering Afghanistan. It is more or less a Pakistani Taliban separatist state. The strategy the Illuminati are pursuing against Iran with its accusation of supplying weapons to the Iraqi insurgence will be played against Pakistan within Afghanistan at some time in the future. This war on terror is never ending it is moving through countries. So we can see the game plan at the level of propaganda for phase II military operations and the mechanism by which they are to expand the war into surrounding nations. It is quite frightening really.


Tuesday 24th April 2007

We have the further revelations regarding the murder in 2000 of the British girl Lucie Blackman. The main suspect in the murder is a Tokyo millionaire who had hundreds of videos of himself raping drugged women, he has also been charged with the murder of a girl. They have acquitted him of murdering Lucie. I mention this event because what the suspect represents is the satanic networks in how they pay big money for rape and other such footage which is then distributed among the satanic operatives. I feel there has been a cover up around this man which is why it has been such a hard case for Lucie’s father to bring against him. The sexual abuse networks are massive and growing and emanate from the higher echelons of society from where Satanism has its roots, but with the esoteric activities during the 1990’s, we have  a very large number of active satanists in all levels of society, a rather large number in our area alone. When you follow the background of many of these people they have connections to the back street ChristianChurches or having stayed at one time and another at one of the many hostels and B&B’s.




Baroness Sloss steps down in the Diana inquest and is to be replaced with Lord Justice Scott Baker. I suppose he will be another name we can add to the list of operatives against truth and justice but of course we shall have to wait and see.

It was good to see the press grasping the dangers of allowing Prince Harry to serve in Afghanistan, this on the back of comments from Afghanistan that they will look after him and will send him back without his ears. Not good is it. April 30th 2007 and the announcement that Harry is to go made by the Ministry of Defence. Given the day of this decision which as the high feast of Satanism I will go as far as saying this is a very sadistic play against Harry, in the hope it changes the British nations mind towards the Muslim, what the hell have they got in store for him? Video and internet, need I say more.

On the Newsnight programme we had the American Ashkenazi John Bolton give the direct threat that if we pull out of Iraq America would pull out of areas a lot closer to us. This is clearly the primary school attitude “I am taking my ball home”, it would be funny if these minds did not control the world.




With the smoking ban about to take effect from July 1st we have idiot people preaching the killer of the innocent label towards smoking which really annoys me because of the fascist connotations to this mindset so I am compelled to preach back.

The facts speak for themselves; over half of working men’s clubs and pubs have already closed in the last ten years. This has the knock on effect that those who are just below the financial threshold required to eat out in restaurants, now in most cases order fast food. Many people who do quit smoking replace it with over eating without the known effects of smoking which speeds up the metabolism, you have obesity. Smokers cost the NHS around £1.5 billion per year, yet the treasury collects £8 billion in tax revenue. I do not see a real problem relating to banning smoking in establishments that serve food, but to ban it in pubs and clubs is ludicrous. Not only that, but the people who do smoke find themselves being moved into the realm of the untrustworthy and diseased. The majority of you middle class drop outs who opt for the easy life by offering a big yes to whatever crap is pushed out by the politicians, in most cases becomes the cause of the unbalanced disease you lot suffer from, with the cost to the NHS for your treatment equating to billions of taxpayers money, not to mention the fact that the majority of you are the addicted medical drug abusers which again costs the NHS over 7 billion in its drugs bill. You are the folk who go running to the doctor at the first sign of a snivel costing me as a taxpayer lots and lots of money. With your immune systems the lowest one can achieve because of your intake of medical drugs you then catch every bug going then pass it on to the rest of the family including all smokers, so we must give serious thought to banning all people who are on a course of medication from leaving their homes full stop, because I do not want to have to breath in medical drug addicts second hand germs which can cause me to have lots of time off work thus costing the economy again billions of tax payers money, can you see my point…where does it end? The best way to deal with your middle class sad and ignorant attitude would be to keep your prejudiced and fascist opinions to yourselves because you are the cause and requirement for the NHS which is killing more and more people every day and the very mechanism which is murdering by the million third world humans with your vaccination programmes. So if you want to be fascist… we need to chill out again as we the British nation where known.



Wednesday 25th April 2007

We have the announcement by this government that MP’s are to be exempt from the freedom of information act. This works in sync with what I have said about MP’s Celebrities and designated persons being exempt from having their personal details held upon the data banks. On the 18th May they voted to give themselves this privilege. Interestingly the MP that brought this idea into fruition has been exposed as buying a quad bike on his expenses, so we can see why they would wish to prevent their miss-use of public funds from being released to the populace.

If ever we needed proof of the “US and THEM” scenario, here it is.


Monday 30th April 2007 high feast of Walpurgis Nacht, the satanic Christmas Eve


Throughout the day the TV news obsessed itself with the verdicts and machinations of five terror suspects. I would see this as nothing other than propaganda to whip up excitement for phase II military operations against the Muslim. It is bringing back into the limelight Al Qeada and its ever present threat to all white people, they of course demand you forget the facts that MI6 and the CIA created and fund this monster in the shadows. So you must all believe the Illuminati with their next wave of lies. All the puppets where interviewed, Sir John Stevens and Co, spewing the same conclusions we of course have to trust as we did with the weapons of mass destruction. So Muslims are still all evil and we must allow what is coming next in the Middle East to go ahead and cease in our moaning that the elite are the biggest bunch of crooks and murderers because they, in their generosity, will allow us all to fight for Crown and Nefilim.  Ooh that’s alright then. They also seem to be pushing for big changes and expansion to the intelligence services claiming the intelligence is not in its current state fit for the job.

On the Newsnight programme they stated 30 terrorist plots are currently under surveillance

We also have the Ministry of Defence announcement Prince Harry is going to Iraq and that’s final. Today is the high feast of Satanism this re-enforces my worries there is ritual going on here. Thankfully it would seem the military has begun to think like the military once again as it is announced Harry will not be going to Iraq. Thank goodness and common sense.

So, on this the high feast of Walpurgis Nacht we have in the main one agenda albeit individual parts, Iraq, Afghanistan, domestic intelligence and terrorism. So we can expect very big moves and change in all relevant operations, Phase II begins.


Thursday 10th May 2007

And finally the creature telleth man it is leaving, but not until phase II military operations are set for the Summer Solstice, so we have to wait another seven weeks. Blair, the English Hitler, Blair the invader, that is this mans legacy, a war criminal has sat as our Prime Minister since the invasion of Afghanistan with his little puppet Gordon Brown, that is the true legacy of Tony Blair, he gathered the forces to invade Kosovo with the spin ‘intervention’, again rallied invasion of Sierra Leone, again under the spin ‘intervention’, you can understand why they let the genocide go on in Rwanda it sets the scene for intervention anywhere in the world at the behest of the British or American chief.  Blair the destroyer of Britain’s culture in a war against the population of Britain on the back of retaliation for his invasions, and replaced it with this fascist big brother nanny state. Hitler believed what he was doing was right, we all know now it was so only in his head and those idiots around him. You are exactly the same mindset but with a smile and not a trustworthy smile at that. If only ridding ourselves of the putrid man that is Tony Blair would change things, but it absolutely will not. Brown is the more mammalian operative for the Nefilim proved with the sacrifice of his first born, which is the price for those with not quite the purity of Nefilim DNA required to enter the game of power.

Blair having sent more troops into action since the Second World War is nothing other than a war monger and acted on this overriding compulsion throughout his ten years. Britain is now seen in many quarters of the world as the new nazi state, none of you voted for that. We have to be concerned at how other countries in the world see us as a people; this image will last a very long time across the globe.



Friday 25th May 2007

There is another outbreak of Bird Flu this time in North Wales said to be the strain H7N2. Around 16 people are being treated for flu like symptoms. The source is thought to be a small holding in Conway North Wales and sold to the public from a market in Cheshire.

Israel is bombing Hamas targets in Palestine. 40 people mainly civilians have so far been killed.


Summer Solstice Week

We have the street battles in Palestine with Hamas taking power in the government. A large push forward by British and Afghan forces into Taliban territory. We have Brown speedily moving into his new role.


Wednesday 27th June 2007

We had the handover of power from one Illuminati puppet to another, Blair to Brown.

Blair is to become Middle East envoy for the big four, I did not see this one yet it makes perfect sense for phase II military operations to commence without problem. We truly are in some deep doodoo if we fail to see the next round of staged events in relation to the war on terror as just that, staged events. We stand once again on a precipice. Let’s not fall down this one on the back of the ‘official stories’ for all our sakes.


Saturday 30th June 2007

At 3,15pm we have the failed attempt at blowing up a Glasgow airport. Immediately the New puppet sorry Prime Minister, holds meetings and probably the most sinister address of a British Prime Minister to the nation I have ever witnessed followed.

The focus is to the raising of the alert system from severe to critical and thus the justification for draconian policed state action, in the first instance relating to airports and crowded places. This is the play to re-introduce the anti terror legislation that was defeated in the House of Lords, which was one of Browns first pledges he wished to address when he took office. They are stepping up the game big time you have to see it.


Thursday 19th July 2007

On this a very important sixth evening of the sixth moon we have leaked there are to be no charges brought against anyone in relation to the cash for honors exposure. This decision of course comes from the Crown Prosecution Service. Service it may be but certainly not for democracy, but for the Crown. This decision although expected is disgusting for a supposed democracy.




Friday 3rd August 2007

Here we go again this time it is foot and mouth in Surrey. The one agenda I see clearly here is to instill more rules and regulations in the closing down of areas under these horrendous scams playing out against us. Interestingly cause is said to be from the American run laboratory in Pirbright. They quickly counteract this information claiming it was because of the flood water in the sewage system which then found its way on to the farm! Ehh? Sewers don’t spill out onto farms do they? We have a connection here between the private American Vaccine company, Merial, DEFRA and most importantly the plagues that keep on finding themselves in a highly organised nation. As we reached the weekend of the 10th August the sights are still firmly aimed at the vaccine company, and so DEFRA begin to play down the whole scam…interesting!



Also on the 10th we have massive falls on the British and American Markets, £58 Billion wiped off the FTSE in one day alone. The panic set by Greenspan continuing at a great pace, but of course the ‘financial experts’ tell you it because of the credit crunch. As we enter the very esoteric week 33, there are two more foot and mouth outbreaks, one on a farm in Kent and the second in Surrey, Chessington Zoo and their adventure park. They are now moving into public places which is the slow move to having you accept shutdown in none farm and commercial parks. They then announce an E.coli outbreak in Southern Ireland, thought to have come from two Morrisons stores in Paisley. So they are moving the agenda into super bug phase, just to add to the fear. Do not forget all these diseases are being created and then given to animals and meat in vaccinations by the Illuminati. We can see the beginnings of phase two Illuminati move to antagonise China putting her on a pairing with Putins Russia. We have the recall of millions of toys manufactured in China in the main by American companies, Mattel being the largest. What you must keep in mind is that these toys being called back are built in these American companies’ factories in China, so they are recalling the toys they themselves manufactured albeit in China, it is these companies management who ordered what materials should be used in the manufacture of all these goods. To add extra concern for the Western masses the majority of the recalled goods are children’s toys.


Monday 13 August 2007

As we begin the very esoteric week 33, and as you will note begins on the 13th day, the feast day to Hecate, we have a fire in a hotel in Newquay which turns out to be rather isolated from a fire station with appropriate equipment. Then the press reports the fact that this is the worst event of its kind in 33 years…Mmm.



We then have the massive joint military exercise in the Ural Mountains with Russia and China, and the re-commencement of long distance military flights across the globe by the Russian military. All the while the elite of this nation allow the massive influx of Khazar KGB trained underworld operatives into this country, and you cannot see the connection? Putin does what British Crown operatives tell him to do possibly via the American lackeys. You have to see this aspect to the game sooner rather than later. The Khazars despise the Muslims, if as is going on right now, these KGB trained gangsters takeover the British underworld, then they will begin to war with the Muslims in this nation. The Khazar tribe operates for the controlling elite of Israel, the Rothschilds. So we have the media spun agenda of bringing into form the idea of a rise in anti-Semitism in this nation as I write, with the claims “many Jewish people are leaving these shores for Israel”. This is nonsense if they are promoting this rise in Jewish emigration as a direct result of anti-Semitism, because those who are leaving are in the main Zionists who cannot afford housing in this nation or gain funding for business projects, which goes completely against the grain in that we know the Jewish people to be highly efficient in finance and the fact they stick together in their credit transactions, so if Jews in this country are finding it difficult to finance themselves it is because the Jewish elite have chosen not to lend to their own, I would cite for propaganda to enhance this false idea there is a rise in anti Semitism in this nation so they can instill more anti race and religious laws into this country to protect this current influx of Russian operatives once they begin to kill in their attempt to take over the British underworld. Basically we will be prevented to put blame where blame lies for murder and all other atrocities these operatives will carry out.

Just keep in mind, anti-Semitism equates to being anti language which in today’s speak means to be anti-Arab. Israel is anti- Semitic.




Thursday September 6 2007

Headline in Daily Express: “6000 pages of key files vanish from French court”, and of course they are files the British inquest will require, what a sham. We also have headlines in both press and TV about the link between food additives and children’s hyperactivity. It is a start but they focus only to preservatives, still no daring souls to bring over ground the dangers of aspartame and all others named in this work.

Gordon Brown is in the process of making this country a one party state made up of the imbeciles heading all the groups in politics. We will never be able to change anything, never, see it for goodness sake. The Human Fertilization Embryology Authority the body that ‘regulates’ all this Frankenstein shit, have given the go ahead to create human-animal embryos…frightening.




Sunday 9 September 2007

On the Andrew Marr show BBC1, we had the issue of Peace Day which has been assigned to September 21st with the full backing of the United Nations. Then he gives away the real interest by the UN which is that on this day they will vaccinate thousands of children in war torn countries. The very talented Annie Lennox praised the young chap who had and promoted the idea for this event. Annie still blames governments for the mess we are in…very old school and Dark Age mentality come into the light Annie!

We also had veteran war journalist Martin Bell breaching the media coverage of lesser topics over and above military operations and especially casualties. Yes Martin this is how the illuminati cover their actions internationally by creating lesser events for the media to focus, at last intelligent people are finding courage to expose the game.


Sunday16 September 2007

As we head into the Autumn Equinox we have media coverage of: Maddy, Foot and Mouth, the run on the bank Northern Rock, we have very contradictory information surrounding Iraq. All media focused to domestic issues churning out nonsense.

The most interesting point to be announced in the media was the diary excerpts from the Illuminati financier Alan Greenspan, in which he states Iraq, was about oil. There are claims had Iraq from the American perspective posed only a military threat and not pure economics, then the right wing Nazis would not of backed war.

We can see clearly here the real meaning to George W Bush’s Skull and Bones name ‘Temporary’. They are creating the illusion a new lead is being implemented over ‘W’s presidency. That the war has been a mistake…rubbish! Do not fall for this manipulation. All that has gone in Iraq was first phase military objectives thus :


1. Catalyst for the commencement of the next great war, on the back of 911.


2. Total re-structuring of the Islamic nations to facilitate terrorism armed by the    Western cliques.


3. Installation of extremely centralised control and power for the Crown across democracies.


4. Removal of Sumerian tablets from Iraq.


5. Creation and protection of opium production in Afghanistan to supply Europe and the UK.


6. Diverted attention from the true meaning of current Eastern European migration across Europe, which is to re-structure the underworld to become subservient to Russia and thus the global intelligence operation of the Crown.


What we have here is a carbon copy of what was going on during the reign of King Richard the Lionheart and King John… while the military and thus male populations are at war in foreign nations, they re-structure the domestic nation completely. One can see this strategy played out during every period of history in this format…event to focus population’s attentions and give reason for war…the military reaction…re-structure domestically. Can you see what I am presenting with this work?

The northern Rock fiasco is nothing other than Illuminati financiers scooping up assets from this country played against such banks by the elite financiers. You have to see this strategy being played against us before it is too late to stop it, it may just be the threat made by Clinton at last years Labour Conference when he warned us we cannot just leave the global community, being implemented. Speaking of conferences, we are once again at the time for conference with the Liberals conference underway…so I wonder what is new in this years round of nonsense?


                                                              United Utilities And British Gas



We are all concerned about our water supplies with all the metal contents, chlorine contents and the 1960’s plan to use the water systems to add sterilisation chemicals to control procreation, and with the current agenda at instilling fluoride to our water. This shows itself with the intelligent amongst us choosing to buy bottled water and the purchase of water filters, do not forget of course that all these bottled waters are bottled at plants being bought up by the Carlisle Group. So we have a situation in that our water supply is being poisoned, we have witnessed massive hikes in our water charges, with the October 06 forecast of possible further 20% increase in the charges. This includes all freemasons, councillors, and basically every person whose name is on the water bill for each property and industrial premises in the country. So this affects everyone.

While working in Ipswich I purchased a drink of tea from the MacDonald’s fast food outlet and for the whole of the morning had the most insidious taste in the back of my throat. What I also noticed about the population of Ipswich is they all walked around the town centre like zombies. I was running a contract in the central shopping area of the town and witnessed this for a period of six weeks. I spoke with many people from this town and some of them told me they had had fluoride added to their water supply. Upon discussions with a chemical analyst I was proven correct about fluoride relative to this taste I had in my throat; it was in fact due to the aluminium waste product we know as fluoride. Many people in the town had no idea that fluoride had been added to their water supply, and said the taste was down to the hardness of the water, of course I educated them to the contrary to their horror. This would seem endemic across the southern counties of England.

With the December murders in Ipswich 2006, does make me rather sceptical that all on his own, a man decides to kill so many people in such a short space of time. When you look at some of the information around such people especially information gathered during interviews when incarcerated, do seem to lead to the fact that

Fred West, Ted Bundy, Charles Manson and others like them have proved when it comes to serial killers 9 times out of 10, they do not operate alone, they operate out of organisations such as the Golden Dawn.

 I see a game of using the people for ease of manipulation via adding fluoride to the water.

These events have also focused all our media through December on this topic alone, while they make big moves in the background on foreign policy relating to Afghanistan and Iraq. Do not be fooled into believing they do not carry out operations such as happened in Ipswich, they do in most cases, at arms length of course. There will be a lot more to know about this atrocity in the future I am sure.


Now let’s take a look at United Utilities who have a customer base of 3 million, one of the largest land owning operations in Lancashire “O”, and it just happens to control our water supply. I am sure you have noticed that on occasion you fill your bath or sink and it smells like you are at the public swimming baths. This is chlorine added to your drinking supply which is itself toxic when ingested. There are large measures of metals, lime and phosphates in our water supply which for human consumption are toxic. These levels of each of these components go up and down in their content over periods of time. To keep fish today one cannot place the fish in water from the tap without a chemical additive which coats the gills of the fish thus protecting them from the chemicals, failure to do such things kills the fish, no half measures. This poisoning onslaught also links to the additives in your foods, which exposes the agenda still further of how they can target specific chemical reactions en mass upon the populations thus affecting your DNA responses through particular esoteric periods. The inoculation agenda is also part of this manipulation giving the elite precision manipulation over your physiological, chemical, psychic, and the electromagnetic aspects of your being, basically they can affect your whole makeup. The microchip agenda will complete the control aspect to this agenda giving complete manipulation over all sentient humans on this planet.


I know, I know, but I offer you my investigation into this agenda via United Utilities Company to which we in Lancashire are at the mercy of :


On July 11th 2006 I wrote a letter to United Utilities thus :


Dear United Utilities.

 As you are aware you have billed me for quite a considerable amount of monies you claim I owe you, for, as you would state, providing a supply of good clean fresh uncontaminated harmless water.

This must be verified before I would consider offering any payments to you and therefore request a full and detailed copy of all daily analysis for the water supply for Lancashire you have for the period April 2000 to July 2006.


End of letter


Since they received this correspondence I have received no correspondence. What we have received is a more focused attentive action regarding the content of our water supply around a week or so after the letter was sent. On October 16th 2006 a colleague and neighbour of mine had a visit from United Utilities requesting a random water quality survey to which the neighbour accepted and allowed them to carry out, they are panicking for good reason.

What could happen next is United Utilities will state they do not keep records beyond a meagre amount of time and of course this will cover only, the period they have made the panicked alterations within, or say nothing, mark my words.

 I am aware of the record keeping of such companies from a colleague who works for United Utilities so I await their next move as I will be interested to see how the records compare.

I will expose this investigation to you as it moves on in future phases.

And for synchronicity as I write this topic, on the radio I hear the water companies are being told to re-cycle sewage water, well, well, well, they have been doing this for years!! Hence, chlorine.

On 7th November 06 I was having a conversation with a chap from Chorley, a chap of 84 years who lived mostly with his daughter in Blackburn. What he told me was that around a year ago he had realised he was paying almost £30 per month for his water on his property in Chorley, while he was using absolutely no water at all. This he said gave him the idea that to change to water meter, would lessen this amount considerably. He had the water meter fitted. With this system United Utilities come every six months and read the water meter. He was absolutely shocked to see that with the change to a water meter it made only a £38 difference in his bill over a six month period, this with the fact that his Chorley property was using no water whatsoever. How then can it be possible for any household that does use water to save money when it changes to a water meter? Again this is further proof that the elite are just using a manipulated idea of water shortage linked as it is to the environment scam to hike costs to you the masses for all services we are forced to use. Have you ever in the history of this nations tax scam known any government to repeal tax revenue once it has been introduced, NO is the answer. Last year the water companies made a profit of £2.6 billion.


At the end of April 2007 I received a bill from United Utilities for a much less amount of monies than the previous bills. I still have had no response to my request for a detailed copy of their water content.

To be continued.


British Gas! Again we have all witnessed massive hikes in our costs for energy while they make massive profits for their shareholders and of course the elite. As you would now expect with a nutter like me I have witnessed massive problems with these companies thus:

On May 1st 2002 I moved into my current flat 32 Slaidburn Drive. It wasn’t long after this event I noticed the pre-payment meter for my gas was removing a debt from my card each time I placed my card into the meter to receive gas. My flat has full gas fired central heating and so you can imagine I was using a fair amount of gas which I always purchased at £10.00 per time upon my card. The debt the meter took was between 48 pence and 27 pence every time without fail each time I put my card into the meter to add the balance to the meter. I rang British gas to enlighten them of the situation within a couple of weeks of moving into the flat. They agreed that the meter was taking a debt to which I explained to them that for the last five years the previous property I had resided in, previous to this flat, had no gas at all, that it was on the economy seven tariff and used only electricity thus I owed them no debt whatever. They said they would send someone out to look at the meter. This they did and the engineer came out, but he told me this was common practice with these pre-payment meters and there was nothing he could do. I went ballistic and rang British Gas again and got nowhere. I had many engineers out over the years and one in particular stated they do this with pre-payment meters because they are aimed at the poorest of society who never complain about such things and if they do cannot reasonably argue their case against the babble offered out by the operatives of British Gas. This continued until early 2006, I rang British Gas and spoke with a young member of staff, of course by this time I had become a nuisance and they were always ready for my call. I remember this young male was being told what to say by his superior who was at his side; this is what I recorded him stating:

“The meters take monies off you then drip feed it back into your account over a couple of days” when I had stopped laughing hysterically I asked them to send me their explanation in writing, with this they hung up. I rang again and informed them I had recorded the conversation to which his female superior came on the line and screamed I could not use that in court because I had not informed them I was recording the conversation. Again I just laughed and stated quite clearly it was not for the benefit of the court to which she continued to screech down the phone in absolute frustration that I had recorded such a pathetic and nonsensical explanation. I stopped paying my electricity bill earlier this year in that I also receive my electricity from British Gas, on the grounds that I cannot collect the monies owed to me by British Gas therefore I see no reason they should collect monies I owe them, especially when one considers this theft of my monies has been going on for almost five years. I rang them again in September 2006 stating my case, there response, if I do not pay they will cut off my supply, my reply to this after collecting enough evidence to expose them in this operation, I wrote to them on October 6th 2006 explaining the same case in writing covering the last five years.


In a letter dated 18th October 2006 I received a written reply from British Gas thus:


Dear Mr Young.


Thank you for your recent correspondence. I am sorry for the delay in replying to you.

Your enquiry is important to us, and we will reply to you either by telephone or in writing in the next ten days.

As we are looking at your enquiry, there is no need to do anything more.

Thank you for taking the time to write to British Gas.


End of letter


They certainly didn’t thank me during the last five years of correspondence via the phone; I know you legal eagles would state, “You should always write a letter”. To which I would offer, I wouldn’t have gained the information I have in order to expose these idiots had I done as you would state, “The right thing”. You see all the idea’s of doing the right thing play into the deceit carried out by these companies, which it would, that is why they tell you how to enter into battle, they have it covered if you obey there rules of engagement, I would cite the Preston number I was told to ring relative to my exposing of the satanic rituals carried out at Moorhead High School when this operation began. You have to break their hold on the rules of engagement if you are to gain knowledge of anything in this agenda, if your intention is to learn you do not play by their rules ever!

My enquiry certainly was not important to them for the last five years, bloody liars!

The ten days has lapsed as I write this extra entry on the 30th October 06.

And last but not least, they are telling me what to do or rather what not to do, telling me not to do anything more.

Sod that; I say to them. I have created my own court to which I am chief prosecutor and you the public are the judge and jury, not sure I can yet state you the people have the balls to act as executioner?


On November 14th I received another correspondence from British Gas :


Dear Mr Young

Thank you for your recent letter regarding the gas and electricity for the above property. Please accept my apologies for the delay in dealing with your enquiry.

Debt held on your meter.

You have noted in your letter you are paying a debt through your repayment meter. On checking our records I can confirm that there is no weekly recovery rate set on your meter. However, there is a standing charge on all prepayment meters. Unlike some of our competitors, British Gas, do not charge their customers a standing charge and your annual statement will show this clearly.

Unfortunately there is a fixed charge pre-set by the national grid the meter operator and we are unable to remove this charge so we reduce the tariff rates to accommodate this. Sometimes we cannot reduce them enough and it is possible that you will accrue a small credit on your account that is refunded annually.

Checking your balance.

To check the balance on your meter you will need to access meter screen 27. To do this you must first remove your gas card from the meter. Next press and hold the red A button until the meter bleeps. The number 00 appears in the corner of the display. Continue pressing the red A button to advance through the screens until screen 24 is displayed. The meter will display a message asking you to insert your gas card. Insert your gas card and tap the red A button three more times. You will now see a figure on screen 27. The balance on this screen is the balance that is being recovered through your meter.

End of letter


On the 17th of November I received another letter stating they had called to my address to dis-connect my supply, and for the bullshit, this arrived via a postcard posted second class. They do seem to have a problem speaking and writing the truth.


November 28th 06 a Warrant officer for British Gas called to check my gas meter, he took the serial number of the meter then asked if he could come in to see my electricity meter. He of course at first went through his company speech, as they do, until I finally got a word in and told him of my plight. At first he, as they do, didn’t hear what I was saying and repeated the company speak. Eventually he heard me, and straight away agreed I had a problem and that I was correct in what I had said. He then rang two separate numbers to enlighten British Gas of the situation; both these operatives could do nothing. We chatted for a while and I explained why I was carrying out this investigation. What I said was the fact that British Gas were denying that my meter was taking a debt, yet each time I put my card in it takes a debt, I explained I can only conclude they are hiding something, something I said I suspected was happening to all pre-payment meters. If this was not so they would have sorted my problem out five years ago, he agreed. Based on what I told him he estimated British Gas could owe me around £250. let us say that every pre-paid meter operates in this fashion, say for instance they have 5 million of these types of meter that would equate to around 5 million x 52 per annum = around £260 million stolen from the poorest of people. This is of course just an example, I have no idea how many meters they have, but if all their meters are taking a debt when people don’t owe the debt the figures are massive. He said no matter how many Barristers I use in court, they would issue a warrant to change my electricity meter to a pre-pay. What does that tell you for who the law operates? But then we already know this! We do know on average pre-payment meters charge an extra £78 per year than normal credit meters, so I would add £78 x 5 to my claim of monies owed to me by British Gas for refusing to replace my pre-payment meter with a normal credit meter when I first informed them of the problem and requested a credit meter, given the fact my electricity meter is not pre-pay. So added to the figure of £250 I will sue for is £390. So £250 + 390 = £640 I claim British Gas owes me and rising.


Thursday 11th Jan 2007, upon topping up my emergency credit this happened :

The balance on my meter was 93 pence

I purchased £3.00 on my card

 I placed my card into the meter

 It again took 28 pence for a debt

 Added £2.00 to the emergency credit

Then came up with a final credit of £1.83, and no emergency credit.


What happened to my £2.10 pence? I will tell you what happened, it was stolen by my meter and thus by British Gas. There was not enough with the £3.00 make up to fulfil the £5,00 emergency credit balance, so the meter remained within the emergency credit operation, and for my sins it stole £2.10 pence. This is preposterous in that they are blatantly steeling monies from the poor. Remember I had requested a normal meter to be installed soon after I had moved into the property to match my electricity meter, but they refused. They refused even though they had no reason to suspect I would not pay given that I had paid my electricity bills which was on a quarterly. This means that on their own choice they demanded I paid the higher rate for gas by refusing to install a quarterly pay meter to my property and thus ensuring they could continue to steal monies from my property and thus me.


16th January 2007 I received a letter from British Gas stating they are to come and change my meter on Friday 26th January 2007 between the hours of 8am and 8pm.

They did not come…


29th January 2007 I had a card mailed through my letter box from British Gas and United Utilities. The envelope was marked with the Morrison logo, that is three massive companies operating together. They said they will call again on February 16th, between and 8pm.

They called but I refused to allow them to remove my evidence.


Wednesday 25th April 2007.

I receive a letter from British Gas informing me that, “legal action being arranged.”

They are to charge me £14 for the ongoing debt recovery costs. Good I shall add such figures to my bill against them.

They are to visit my property on 14th May 2007 to disconnect my electricity supply and will charge me a further £50.

Friday 4th May 2007. I put £6 on my gas card. My gas had been off for around a week and a half, when I placed the card in my meter it took the money then took £1.53 for debt from the balance of £6. So from this I must deduce that according to how long your meter is without credit the larger the debt charge to your balance once you actually put monies in the meter. I think we may have just found the whole scam relating to the pre – payment meters, bingo! Today is September 9th and I have had no correspondence from British Gas.


To be continued…


On the 8th February 2007, British Gas a company owned by Centrica announced a cut in prices for gas at 17% and for Electric 11%. Ooh sounds good, but when you understand that the cost of wholesale gas has dropped by 50% then for gas in real terms British gas has in fact upgraded its profits by 33%. Just take the 17 from the 50 to arrive at this figure. When they release such scam figures they are depending on the fact that the majority of you the masses are ignorant to true economics and mathematics, as portrayed in the protocols of the elite. In the last four years British Gas has had an increase of 91%.


In 2003 the average gas bill with British Gas was                                       £370

Up until today’s announcement the average bill                                         £707

To British Gas the cost of Gas has fallen by 50% which gives a figure       £353.50

With today’s announcement the average bill                                              £586


British Gas has passed to the consumer a fall of                                        £121


Thus British Gas has taken the figure of £232, 50 from each consumer for itself.

British Gas has 16 million customers. Thus British Gas has increased its takings by £3720 million, this after its pretend gift of today’s fall in cost to the consumer.


That is £3.72 billion extra monies collected from us all on a scam per annum and this is just one company.

That’s £216 rise in Gas in three years. Do you feel British Gas has given you anything?

 So you tell me is it the provider or the consumer of Gas who has benefited.

That is true mathematics.

 These hidden scams are to fool you into believing British Gas is giving you the consumer something. Rubbish, but until you see this kind of scam in mathematical terms you are open to this scam, it works for all finance. Bet you can guess who operate such scams against us all? Exactly, the elite financiers, who via such atrocities as the Holocaust hide themselves from any investigation and education to their games for the masses. Is this the so called civilisation your grandparents fought and died for in the last great slaughter, I think not, is this the democratic hell hole we have our current soldiers fight and die for as they spread it across the globe, I think not. We need to sort out our own dictatorship before your kin die to expand it!!!

Don’t lose sight of the fact that the interest rate rises are the direct result of the hike in utility costs (on one level) which has driven inflation up; everything is working nicely on the road to the next global crash. They are now talking about placing new meters in every household, watch it. And yet another quarter % rise on 11th Jan 2007, another £16 on your average £100.000 mortgage.


Get ready financial pain is on its way.




The Shaman's way.



I would like to offer you a very simplistic explanation to the whole story if I may. I will use the ancient knowledge of the Q’ero Indian shamans of Peru.

They break the whole concept down into three worlds :


                The hanaq pacha:  the upper world, heaven, or superconcious


                 The kay pacha: middle world, earth, spirit manifest, consciousness and ego


                 Ukhu pacha: the lower world, disharmonious energies


The upper world comprises of all the light beings or lighter energies carrying the higher wisdom that all is part of the one; nothing is separate in reality, only the illusion of separateness created by fear.


The lower world comprises of all souls who have not yet learned to work with the higher frequencies of the middle and upper world. They do not equate the lower world with the Christian hell as in souls being judged and sentenced, just that consciousness that has been, and is, unable to operate with the energies and consciousness of the upper or middle worlds, so they reside in the lower world. They do not even name it dark or negative but claim it to be disharmonious energy, and thus souls unable to live in reciprocity with others. That my friends is the very mindset of these people, they are unable to reciprocate with others hence the need for detailed control of all around them. The lower world is the interior world the world of the unconscious. The Andean symbol for which, is the snake, symbolising the threatening, yet, potential, for the transformation of the deep.


The middle world, in which we all currently reside on the five sense level, the third dimension or earth, is, as I have put forward, the place of meeting between the upper and lower worlds. This middle world has both upper and lower energies and is the place of transmutation. It is the realm in which the upper or light energies are to facilitate the teaching to the souls of the lower regions how to utilise and live by the higher energies or truths of the source of all from which everything emanates. It is the meeting place of many levels whereby the souls trapped in total individuality can learn and re-connect with the higher energies. The human form is the physical representation of the whole. The chakras are the energy centres through which this exchange of energies occurs, both higher and lower energies are to be transmuted at the heart chakra, this is all going on in our astral bodies, or the fourth dimensional representation of you. The physical bodies are required because of the fall of this dimension into heavier energy, again the understanding of E=MC2 helps one to understand this knowledge. The shamans and mystics operate between these worlds in full knowledge of what is done. Those trapped in the lower aspects of reality do so because of fear which limits the soul in ignorance of the truth that all is connected as one. War re-enforces this individual ignorance, knowledge brings understanding which initiates the ability to let go of ones total individuality which negates the fear driven need to survive at all costs, which in its extreme form becomes at the expense of all others. To act as individuals collectively for the benefit of all, this is the stage at which man would move into a higher understanding of love now. But alas we have collective individuals working for the benefit of the few, who exist in utter ignorance and disharmony, acting as operatives for the lower world in this middle world as the lower world strives to take it over for themselves. In reality they are puppets for the fear matrix and thus the big cheeses of the lower world.

What we have in this dimension are intelligences originating in the lower world, operating in connection with the lower world to bring their ultimate takeover to fruition.  These sick beings are the ones who via ritual, call out the lower world elite intelligences history has called ‘demons’, called up through ritual by those who offer blood, sex and torture for power and wealth. Thus those pathetic people who for millennia have operated in this way have become slaves under the total control of these demonic entities who then pass on this agenda to their offspring and thus have found a way of commanding their will within this dimension by operating through particular bloodlines through the generations, those who remain the purest genetic consequence of the mating with the women of this world or dimension, show themselves in this third dimension as the Royal bloodlines of this dimension, a hybrid of human an lower world DNA. We also have the operations of the Nefilim relative to their breeding programmes creating a DNA corruption into all human bloodlines, itself right across the board, thus enabling, once activated, easier access by the lower astral world entities unto those bloodlines with the corruption.

So we have physical representations of these creatures living within the earth or underground, the Greys for instance. We also have extraterrestrial representations of these lower entities; these were responsible for the initial breeding or mating with human women. We then have representations of these creatures within the other dimensions or rather none physical representations; ‘the demons,’ these the Nefilim call to themselves in their rituals. The demons called in these rituals give knowledge and encouragement for the elite to continue the agenda so that those physical representatives living in the earth can come to the surface and become the overlords. The demons have drip fed the Nefilim of the agenda because they know the Nefilim will try to kill the Elohim to take control for themselves, such is the way of the dragon, they all want to be top dog. So the human will become food in a physical sense and continue to be food in the production of energy for those creatures living in the none- physical dimensions. The reason the elite care not for the environment is because they do not require the same balanced eco-system to survive on this planet as does the human and animal form. Bizarre information for you, I know, but for you of the higher echelons of knowledge you understand exactly what I mean.

When within this operation I have spoken of castles being built on entrances to the underworld, I am speaking of just that, entrances to the underground caverns into which these creatures entered after the defeat by St George, you can laugh if you wish but what do you think St George represented? What do you think is meant by the defeating of the dragon? We all run around with the flag yet have no understanding of his symbolism, that is laughable, how bonkers is the nation that holds St George as their patron Saint without a clue of what he stands for, and worse, laugh when his truth is given, give this some thought and you will understand why they look at the people as the useless eaters, the ignorant masses, and of course the gentiles.

This Peruvian understanding of the three worlds is what the Trilogy of blockbuster films ‘The Lord of the Rings is portraying. If you take the ‘Rings’ to represent the elite bloodlines DNA, then you can understand how one DNA corruption once activated controls them all  unless of course you have the capacity to move beyond the DNA programming of this dimension. You have to become the rider. It is about the difference of degree of ability to override your DNA programming.  If you take the character played by Christopher Lee to be the Vatican Pope (chief overt sorcerer) you again see the truth in what the Vatican serves… of course the great eye is the eye between the  lower and middle dimensions to which Christopher Lee is operating, unlike Gandalph who is a representation of purer consciousness, and although he had allied himself with Christopher Lee as his mentor, only at the latter stages of the game does Gandalph realise his mistake and of course ceases to ally himself with his past mentor and fights. This is repaid with what on the surface is what you all fear death, but leading to a re-birth symbolised with his death only to be re-born as an even fuller representation of pure consciousness, Gandalph the white. You are only allied to the Vatican if you adhere to the illusion, the false reality, whichever order, religion, or society, they all at their peak take there orders from the Vatican, or rather the Nefilim who operate the Vatican. So to act against the deceit, you no longer follow that which you did all your life because it is the realisation that you have grown beyond that which taught you in your earlier stages, you have progressed, which is of course the aim. Even those who consider themselves to be Catholic exist with the DNA memory beginning with the submission of their pre- Christian race after conquer by Rome, all memory pre- Christianity, or your ancestral spirit has been cut off, but you can re-establish or re-access your DNA memory pre- flood. We all forget there is a memory within all our bloodlines, memories that existed before even the Old Testament. Our DNA programming allies itself with the memories ‘post-last conquering or revulsion’, via indoctrination from birth. If we could only see ourselves as British in that we all live on this landmass, we would create something great in the first step. Of course we are one with the world in truth and beyond but we have to start somewhere. Now can you understand why they use the labels of nationalism, it prevents cohesion of a nation out of the fear of being seen as fascist. It would only be fascist if, after coming together as a nation you then as we are doing now inflict your beliefs by force or by negative manipulation on others. With the Lord of the Rings they have sort of placed the idea we are only just heading to the ‘Age of the King’ for the middle Earth, excuse me, we only got rid of this overt nightmare system during the 19th century, see how subtle these films operate, instilling the idea that when the New World Order is complete, we will be at the beginning of the ‘Age of the King’, utter clap trap. But this is the aim of the New World Order, with one King ruling the whole planet, which will be the Melchedeken operatives in their male and female form, the Dragon. I personally feel the Lord of the Rings is a tale born out of the Cathar beliefs, but I also feel we have been given a false understanding of the Cathars since they were purged by the inquisition, then I feel, the Catholic Church entwined itself into the tale to hold itself as the focal point wrapped around eternal truths.


When the inquisition ended, to which I am talking in terms of after its re-introduction when Napoleon had been removed, the order of inquisitors changed their name to, ‘The Congregation for the Direction of Faith’. The last leader of this congregation was made Pope in 2005.


DNA : Crystaline Transmitter And Reciever Of Light


As already stated the year 2007 is a year of great magic, by this I mean, dependant upon the collective thought patterns of this third dimensional frequency during 2007, will determine which energies attach themselves to this universe, for the sake of love we must try our hardest to emanate thoughts of love and understanding to destroy the fear energies the elite will create from this time. Don’t let fear embrace your individual being, do not allow yourself to fall for the super spin of the media and the elite, and most importantly of all keep your emotions in check.  If you have reached the point of understanding how the British Crown is nothing but an extension of the Roman Empire, one should be able to cast off ones allegiance to religion and secret societies. You are in a position of deciding if you are for the agenda I have portrayed in this work or that you most certainly are not for this agenda. Once you have made your decision you can withstand all the labels the elite will throw at you when you speak and act against it. What I am stating is to rebel against this agenda does not equate to you being a supporter of Catholicism. We must break this falsehood of Protestant Catholic divide which stifles through limiting the RNA reading of the DNA information or memory, thus sending communication of the old emotional response of the DNA, preventing any chance of cohesion of the people of this nation.

At this point I would like to point out that when I use the term ‘Illusion’, I am speaking in terms of what we are told is the truth that upon study certainly is not. I use this term to show what the majority feel they hold as truth, is an illusion created by those for whom such a false belief serves. This is the conclusion one arrives at in almost all we the human populations understand about ourselves, our culture, our history, and the universe in which we are currently conscious of, everything is a lie, therefore everything is an illusion. To put in another way, what we understand about most things is only a part of the truth; it is not the truth, so I use the term illusion to describe what is not ‘the truth’, only a truthful possibility.

Let’s go a little deeper into the function of the DNA and how our eyes operate.

The eyes do not SEE in the way we are led to believe. The function they actually perform is to translate white light into electrical signals which are then delivered to our brain for interpretation. This visible light which incidentally is only a fraction of what is out there, to take current scientific understanding, only 0.005 % of the actual energy / light, known to be existent in the universe, do our eyes translate. This tiny amount is all we humans are able to see with our eyes, or, only 0.005 % of what actually exists, do our eyes decode into electrical signals that are then sent to our brains, this is due to the limitation fear creates. The eyes do not send 3D images to the brain they send only electrical signals. This of course relates to normal seeing, you can as you awaken to your true self, see or rather decode a bigger chunk of the light. The light passes through our ‘Temporal Lobes’ which filter out light to conform to our belief systems which then passes onto to the ‘Primal Visual Cortex’.

The primary visual cortex within the brain is the point at which the 3D holographic image is created, so what we see outside in our normal seeing is only a holographic image created within our brains. For those of you who have seen the film The Matrix there is a scene when Neo is sat in a chair and his mentor Morpheus shows him the true vision of reality within this illusory and limited universe, which is one of carnage, a sort of abyss in the darkness. What this is trying to portray is the fact that what our brains perceive, as the reality outside our bodies, is a holographic image implanted within or brains within the primal visual cortex, yet is limited to the vision allowed by fear, what the human fears has been implanted by those who control your hologram from your birth. What I mean by this is those who have controlled this third dimension have created our entire primary visual cortex’s idea or limitation of what is real and what is not, via DNA manipulation to perpetuate the myth of isolation and thus continuation of the separated idea we all hold inside. This in turn perpetuates the emotion of fear which feeds the nexus of this fear creation which can be seen in the power of the Sun. so our collective emotional state can be witnessed in the behaviour of the Sun, that which is false  ‘IS’ fear itself, fear is the limiting barrier. The destruction around Neo is to show the real state of affairs in this dimension because of the destruction created behind the veil by the Elohim and those like them, who have through religion and official science and most importantly, the suppressing of mystics, mediums and psychics, been able to create a false and extremely limited hologram for the primary visual cortex to decode as our reality. When of course the reality is the opposite of the illusion we all hold as real. This is why the Nefilim have sought and succeeded in killing all humans who connect with pure consciousness through the ages, it prevents higher or more truthful knowledge entering the illusion the elite have been creating for the Primary visual cortex of man. Last witnessed with the inquisition. So they limit the image created for the Primary visual cortex of each individual being on the planet, with the same programme based on the fear of the unknown by limiting what it understands, and manipulating what information the RNA reads from the DNA... This allowed visual cortex’s scope of understanding expanding at different levels creates the pyramid structured society, each level of the pyramid a slightly expanded visual cortex view. The TV for example communicates directly to the visual cortex.

                                   ITS ALL ABOUT CONTROL OF THE PINEAL GLAND


To most people this communication is unknown because they only see within the five sense slow frequencies. The subliminal communication between TV and primal visual cortex happens at much a faster frequency, one would only become aware of it with the ability to speed up ones own frequencies. This was proved in America with some of the Republican adverts for their campaign to instil George W Bush as president in the 2000 election campaign within an add on TV, the Bush add showed the Gore prescription for drugs banner, they then in white letters right across the screen had the word ‘RATS’. This could not be seen at the normal speed of the video, but when you slowed down the clip, it was as clear as water (unless the water came from a British Utility company?) 



This type of subliminal communication is used all the time in TV advertising.

This was not the most sophisticated example to show however; in most cases this subliminal communication is extremely professional. So the five sense perception does not see the word rats, but the visual cortex includes this information in its hologram image, and will urge the feelings associated to each individuals understanding of a rat to their emotional response to the issue as it is portrayed behind the subliminal message, at a subconscious level. This deception is how the Illuminati create the hologram or ‘viz’ they require for the emotional response but through all mediums we call civilisation, while to the five sense perception they have done no such thing. That is yet another example of what the term esoteric, occult or secret, actually means, only to an initiate are such truths known but still understood dependant to which level the initiate’s visual cortex has been expanded, and the hologram following its programming and thus subconscious or fourth dimensional role in the agenda without being aware of this fact in its five sense or third dimensional self, that of the waking conscious. A muting together between conscious and subconscious aspects of oneself to expand the visual cortex to dual awareness is the path of awakening. This widens or destroys the shell of limitation for the individual being. This is symbolised or the hidden meaning within the Cabbala, when it speaks of all the shells being released and the dragon set free. The photon belt through which this Solar System is entering is the cause of the shells of limitation being released. Energies from the light cycle are cascading through the dimensions offering expanded DNA memory access to those who are open. Re-connection to higher aspects or different dimensions of self or upper world is now available... A lessening of the need for the denser frequencies both of the middle or physical world is the opportunity her before us through transmutation at the heart Chakra.

 The illusion is by design a limited hologram or limited vision, because the RNA controls the scope to which information can be accessed from the DNA, the control of the RNA is fear which limits the size of the library of information for the human. When a piece of consciousness (man) is enslaved by his or her physical reality as the only reality, the illusion is that person’s reality. In other words each person has a limited and thus a false and extremely limited interpretation of reality symbolised by the egg shell. It only understands and sees within the egg or bubble that surrounds or limits (the degree of limitation is equal to the degree of fear controlling the human). In creating a limit to a persons sight the fourth dimensional beings can manipulate behind this five sense limited hologram without sentient beings born to this world or dimension actually seeing the true reality which is outside their limits of knowing. That’s a bit difficult I know. Does this help you better understand what religion really is? A programme with a very limited idea of possibility giving the controllers of such a religion the ability to form an image to the individual being while operating outside the limitation. It can access no further knowledge from the DNA data bank than the religious doctrine allows. Thus once this bubble of limitation is created for the visual cortex, not without great will of the individual can he see beyond the image offered up by his visual cortex’s limited vision. You have to break through the egg of limitation to access higher programming from the great source within you.

So the bird flu agenda is to re-create your primal visual cortex’s hologram to include and accept evacuations, restricted zones, mass vaccinations and movement of people.

 This is what I mean when I say they have de – programmed the human form from what it was in the times of the beginnings of the human form. They have achieved this in the first stage by genetic mutation of their frequency resonance into the DNA of the human form, the breeding by the Gods with the human women in the ancient past was the second stage to create the Nefilim hybrid bloodlines, which are a very pure genetic mix of more dragon DNA than the mammalian human DNA, hence the blood drinking to hold open their mammalian genes. This is shown to us in the form of the Royal bloodlines who are genetically more reptile than mammalian, and thus the reasons they breed within their own bloodlines to keep their Elohim blood pure. Those who have the DNA corruption are still more mammalian in their genetic make- up until the corruption is activated via extreme terror through great trauma before the age of six, which prevents the human from activating its heart chakra. Around the age of six the child grows beyond the solar plexus chakra which is the place of the emotion and also the seat of the will, hence the terrible two’s, and grows through to the heart chakra, this is when those chosen by definition of the purity of their royal genes, undergo this trauma based ritual of heart stopping. Once achieved the child has to then to be kept in a constant state of fear until adulthood. During this time they will implant the desired emotional and mental state they require, or basically turn you into the type of mind they require when you eventually join the agenda, this further ensures the person is connected to the lower frequencies and thus control by the dis – harmonious entities. Remember I am speaking from personal experience. This of course is only one aspect to the activation of the corruption, for many of you this will be done through ritual in whatever order, religion or indeed society you are in or join. The degree of reptile corruption to your DNA makeup will determine the role and thus ritual required to activate your corruption. The ritual harmonises your frequency with that of the energy called in the ritual and you become fixed to that frequency resonance as a radio station fixes to the station required, you are then controllable from the between space or lower fourth.

It is the same with sound, your ears decode the vibrations, and it is the brain that interprets the vibrations into a noise. Thus what we call reality is only so based upon how we interpret light within our brains via the five senses. When one exists totally within the five senses, the illusion created by the fear limitation is the only reality to that person and a very limited one at that even at the pinnacle of science. Only by self awareness can the five sense prison be broken and thus a purer sense of reality begins to enter into the hologram within each brain. The egg as it were, broken, but there are many of these shells of limitation hence always back at the beginning again, as you break through one you are at the beginning of the next. Humpty Dumpty is symbolic of the demolition of the five sense limit of understanding for an individual, who then allows an expansion of its hologram and begins to see the connection of all and everything, only then can the ceasing of separateness, and of the fear need of survival begin to incorporate itself into your hologram and thus experience. One then ceases to be at war with the world and its inhabitants which is the lowest form of viz... We do however have to fight against the energies and their physical representations that operate for the disharmonious entities to prevent a further fall into density symbolised by the control and suppression the new world order represents. This operation for me began as my war, this is true, this was the only way I could see myself surviving. As I have moved on with this work I have slowly broken down my sense of total individuality, the feeling that I am totally on my own has receded. This in turn begins to cancel out the fear of isolation and thus the need to join or belong to organisations or societies. I have come to understand that we all in truth crave the companionship and togetherness we in truth already have, it is fear that has got in the way. This then has the effect that many of you, to satisfy your fear, join organisations and people you know to be not quite right. But because the fear ratio has declined upon joining, at first anyway, you stay. But in truth if we are honest, this fear becomes rebuilt as we realise the extent to which these people and organisations actually operate, and thus become trapped by the fear of what these people and organisations will do to us, be it financial, or physical, if we change. I suppose in truth I didn’t fall foul of this ever, in that I never joined anything or anyone who I did not resonate or agree with, regardless of how they would try to scare me, and believe me I have been scared.

So the DNA corruption is the capacity to link with the lower energies, which are full of fear. This then transfers to the recipient’s primal visual cortex. And the being begins to feel fear in a more extreme form because it has taken into itself the energies of the lower energy, fear personified; you become the lower energy and exist as another aspect or slave of the lower energy in this dimension, which leaves you at the mercy of those who promote fear, the controllers of the lower world.

So we only understand that which our brain interprets as real, and so the manipulation is created via what our brain understands to be real and presents it to us in the 3D image we all share. This is done through RNA limited reading of the potential information held within the DNA, so we need to learn by what means they control our RNA function... This is why through genetic, audio, visual, taste smell and touch manipulation, we all share the same illusion within the cultural and religious dictate of the programme we are born into. That is of course if you only accept the five senses as your total capacity to know. There is of course the sixth sense, to most of you the majority of information in this operation is off the wall, of course it is to the five senses, you could use this knowledge to prove how stuck into the illusion you are, having sucked in completely to the five sense reality as the only reality, or you can except this sixth sense information as the equipment  you need to wake up too, or you are not existing with a full deck, you are the manipulated, the ignorant, the useless eaters as they call you, regardless of your illusory position in this illusory structured society. You were not born to keep up with the Jones’s, nor were you born to be someone else’s puppet, but that is exactly what you are, and will remain, if you cannot break the five sense prison you  exist within.

Nothing will change this reality for you, only you can change your reality by learning to trust in yourself from the position of your heart or love, reactions to experience from the emotions keeps you fixed in the solar plexus and the ‘I’ the ‘Me’, and a limited translation of the available light. And so on a collective scale the more minds that break free of the illusory boundaries of the solar plexus, the less the illusion or fabricated reality has the power to dictate what is truth and what is not, the less the child sacrificers have the power, and the potential to expand your primal visual cortex’s view of reality is enhanced. While there are those pushing to give this expansion through informing you of such knowledge expands the enlightenment on a collective scale. This is why the Illuminati have always operated to destroy those who can expand your visual cortices view of reality. This is why they set up the labelling agenda, as long as people like me can be passed of with any particular negative label, the whole of society police the ‘limited’ view and destroy a higher truth saving the elite’s game yet again. Let’s see how they move with the anti-Semitic label against me after this phase.


So the Illuminati implant your reality, it is not ‘the’ reality, and in today’s climate what better machine of implantation could you have that the TV and the rags of paper you all pay monies to implant the lies, which then has you give your whole soul or pure consciousness to slavery, obeying  their lies and thus agenda.  When one of the flock says no, you all police the agenda for the Illuminati and destroy the enlightened souls attempt at helping you break free from slavery, oh I forgot you live in a democracy and are already free?


So if you grasp this knowledge you can see there is no universe out there but a universe inside everyone’s brain, each with a differing perception albeit slight, I say slight in that even with the many differing traits to the human the majority of differences all exist within the limited awareness forced by the Illuminati to become a herd mentality. This difference is down to one thing “BELIEF”. Put another way, who ever has instilled the picture within your brain from birth has created your hologram via programming of the Primary Visual Cortex, only by personal expansion of your hologram by use of the will can you begin to see and feel outside the narrow egg. When the electronic signals enter our brain dependant upon what we believe, the brain will edit and thus decide which path the electrical signal takes. This path taking decision is taken at a subconscious level and therefore because most people exist only in the five sense limitation, leaves them unaware of the true connotations to the choices made until you find yourself in another dead end path. This is the cause of much conflict in your lives because you are not conscious at the level of this decision making process, and so repeat the same patterns of existence time and again. This is the true teaching of the Buddhist doctrine. One of the first goals of the spiritual path is to alter your thought frequencies to the point of recognition of these path choosing moments, hence meditation, or for the western mind, contemplation. This is usually rather painful as at first all experience is amplified in order you can pinpoint the actual point at which you entered a particular path, once the choice is made you must continue on that path until another point of choosing arrives, this continues until you heighten your frequency modulation in sync with those subconscious mechanics. It is shown to you in hindsight and if you have the capacity to focus your intelligence inward, you are then able to see at what point you made this subconscious choice. Then you can analyse your belief system and work out what untruth you held as a subconscious fact that sent you tumbling down the path of nowhere. This again can be a traumatic time as you have to experience the whole mechanics of the choice made, in order to gain the insight through hindsight of the experience. With practice of this inner seeing you can reach the point of conscious choosing at these critical crossroads. Many people feel the need to seek help from psychics and wiser people than themselves at these moments without necessarily understanding why; this shows you to be at least a bit more aware than most in that you are able to listen to the higher aspects of yourself. But I would add warning, these are the times the Illuminati controlled psychics and mediums can completely and utterly ruin your spiritual lives with the ability to set you on a path that would serve them. The same is true especially when you are at your lowest, the death of a loved one, or after some great catastrophe when you are at your lowest, just as religion has used to great affect for millennia, the latest Illuminati operation doing just this is the Spiritualist church of mediums. The psychics themselves are not necessarily bad people but they are caught in a lower frequency range by affiliation, and therefore can bring dis – harmonious energies to you. Through the television programme Most Haunted, we have to be careful you do not become a cult governed by the SpiritualistChurch. This programme is operating in the same vein as Buffy the Vampire and such. It is all playing into the planned inquisition which will create mania again as before, to prevent exposure and to justify sentence for people like me. To have the abilities of a medium, does not equate with a spiritual person, only that the DNA make up of such people gives them that ability naturally or beings from the other side may chose to activate this aspect to a human. Just take religious priests they are sensitive’s but cannot see beyond the bullshit that is religion, this is because they are trapped by fear from thinking and seeing outside the rigid doctrine, and so for many as they get older, become angry and dictatorial in their dealings with their fellow human beings believing themselves to be involved in ‘the’ truth. When you enter such organisations all the energies around you ensure you only think and feel within the limits of the particular belief system. Of course for many the idea they would have to face the fact they have been wrong for most of their lives keeps them fixed in the nonsense. This promotes the idea one can only consider oneself enlightened if you are a priest or vicar or Imam or Rabbi etc. and more importantly that you the public see only such persons as spiritual and dis trust all who are not. In the medical world this inquisition can be seen in the fight between medical treatment and alternative treatment. It can be seen within science with the fight over scientific data pre-1979 and the rubbish post 1979 via the same nexus the Royal Society. So with this knowledge one can understand why the Illuminati have control of, in fact created, the media, TV, and education. They implant this false illusion into your brains which creates the whole picture your primary visual cortex understands in its totality, thus dictating all your decision making processes within your personal brain illusion which in its limited bubble follows the agenda of the elite. So when you see and hear George Bush tell you what is happening in the world your brain edits what you are really feeling to fit with the false reality the elite have instilled in your mind and, “onward Christian soldiers, you go marching as to war.

 Today 5th February 2007, the government have released their idea that the Holocaust and the slave trade should be included in the curriculum. Of course the indoctrination relating to these events will be in the form of the ‘Official Story’ the elite have bellowed since their enactments, and for sure will not include the line I have put forward in this work. To the American public George W Bush is John Wayne and Clint Eastwood rolled into one, fighting with violence those who would threaten violence, duhh, but of course Bush is the good guy because he wares a tie, which incidentally is symbolic of a Freemasonic ritual whereby the initiate has a hangman’s noose around his neck known as the cable tow, while blindfolded (hoodwinked),  he is then pulled along by the rope in the ritual to symbolise the fact that he is trapped by the neck or controlled at the throat Chakra and blind to the truth, this takes place during one of the initiation ceremonies of the Scottish Rite Freemasonry. This is the symbolism of the shirt and tie cult you professional classes adhere too. It’s no use asking Uncle Joe if this is true; he is only a Master Mason?


                                                                    Manipulating The DNA


Hypnotism proves this subconscious manipulation to a tee, the power of voice to implant a false belief overriding the normal response because it communicates directly to the RNA thus deciding what information to communicate to the primary visual cortex which then creates an edited reality of the hypnotised participant to believe whatever the hypnotist has suggested, by- passing the actual individually held responses to be replaced by the suggestion of the hypnotist. This is what is happening to you all every minute of every day via TV, media, education and all your acquaintances, who of course are all living within the illusion.

 So when you are full of beliefs your primary visual cortex will receive an edited or manipulated RNA reading of your DNA information, all electrical signals will thus fit with your belief system no matter what signals enter, you will always make it fit in with your belief system which of course is the illusion implanted from birth by education, parents and the world in general decoded by you RNA from your DNA. This is the manipulation by the matrix determining the RNA’s reading of your DNA information which determines what pieces of information will be accessed. ‘Your belief is your limitation’, now do you understand the nature of religion and science. Belief is so encoded within each bloodline of this dimension via the hatred and fear each bloodline DNA carries in its memory, the game from the elite’s point of view is to ensure all humans remember and fixate to a specific set of ancient pieces of information relating to fear and thus division, and to ignore all the other available information stored as it is, within your DNA. Control of the accessing of knowledge by each individual from its DNA memory or archives.

So the elite having created the current divisions in the world are then manipulating those divisions as we see in the current wars, to determine how your visual cortex sees the game. What has to be understood is the war is something being raged by the elite bloodlines against the populations. The elite wish you to see the war as between Judaism, Christianity and Islam. They can achieve this by tapping in to each bloodline’s ancestral memories of this very old conflict which makes you in the present believe the elites story that all three religions are in fact at war, defined by conversion, or, tapping into the old memory that each religion is by its nature, looking to convert as many people as it can to reign supreme. On this DNA memory have they been able to convince none Muslims in none Muslim nations that Muslims are secretly trying to take over. The same memory operates in Muslim nations against none Muslim people. The fact that at the peak of each of these religions, this is true, then there is only one end if this false programming is not broken but followed. So to understand this to be what the elite want you to see, to fight the war to win, we all need to see beyond this extremely tiny programming, to a greater truth of common source. This operation is to show, ‘who the enemy is’. I am not advocating war in the violent sense, but to counteract this lie, we need to act in defiance within the law. But as you are witnessing the law is slowly but surely (that is the aim), destroying any chance we have of fighting this agenda in a none-violent way, it is shutting down all channels of communicating this information under anti hate law. You must see this. This work is not full of hate, it is full of truth. The fact that the elite have turned everything upside down is it any wonder the truth is a lie and lies are truth? This is something Tony Blair needs to address in himself, he says he acts for truth, and so instigates hate. He was allowed to follow this backward mentality because most of those in power, also suffer from this extreme lie. I will be attacked as being full of hate, when in fact I am telling the truth. To react to this work with hate, shows how repulsed your nature feels to its mistake in being fooled all this time, but of course the easy route is to hate the messenger, the bringer of the dilemma to your mind, rather than examine the truths I have brought to your attention. Like I have said, there is the easy way and the hard way to live. It’s a cop out to follow the sheep especially when you know that on your death bed, you are going to see this truth, “why did I not do that, why did I do this” because that is for sure the last feelings you will have before you leave this dimension.

During this whole operation you could rightly accuse me of repeating myself. This is because I try to place certain truths into different scenarios, because we are different, my aim is to enter your visual cortex and expand your awareness and to expand your limits of thought, and so I try to spread this knowledge across the widest possible arena. Sorry, because I know this type of read can sometimes bore, but for greatest effect…

The spiritual path is to use your will to re-activate and thus access the other pieces of information latent within your DNA storage system, which holds the knowledge of everything that has been, is, and will be. This subliminal / hypnotic manipulation of the emotions, is used most profoundly by the happy clappy Christian movements whereby none Christians are all of a sudden converted to adore Jesus, what feeble minds this world is filled.

I used to be on occasion in the company of people who claimed to be ‘Anarchists’. These people all worked under the umbrella of the lizard, whenever they had gatherings fuelled by narcotics of various kinds, they would hang upon the walls big cotton sheets with lizards and such distorted creatures, all obeying the same doctrine. You should go and read the definition of anarchy in the dictionary, ‘No government,’ yet they are all happy to obey the chief anarchist what bollocks. Same with the Bradford based anarchist hells angels, Satan’s Slaves, most of the original members have left because of yes you have guessed it, “too much politics”, yet there are always new brain dead anarchists to obey the leaders of this anarchist movement to fill the empty places. The Illuminati are taking over everything.

Many of these types of people claim I am a believer of David Icke and so renounce my work as his work. On one level this is correct but only in the sense that we are both operating from a higher aspect of ourselves or accessing higher intelligence, and are thus working with the same truth. For me much of what I have learned comes from experience, I know this operation; it is not so much a belief. We have both come via different experience to a higher aspect of truth; he has pulled together the higher conspiracy aspects and helped me keep my sanity as I worked to understand what information I received from within when interpreting my own life experience. He has gathered from many avenues and sources; I have experienced many of the machinations. That having been said I have no problem in being thought of in this way as we are operating with the same consciousness. I will go as far as saying I am proud to be allied to this man although I am a bit concerned about the huge football that seems to be growing from his stomach!!!

What you are witnessing with the man David Icke is the journey from point zero in this middle world all the way to full and complete awakening or enlightenment as you would understand it. There is no contradiction in this man, and what can be perceived as so, is only because of the speed in which his journey to life is moving. This mans journey will be known to humankind in his own written hand as he experiences the only journey we are here to undertake, the journey out of the madness for the mind. He is not the founder of a religion he is showing the way totally unselfishly and selflessly which cannot be said for any so called enlightened souls save that of  Krishnamurti, at least of those I have ever studied. Yet Krishnamurti was not born to go all the way, only to prepare your minds to the knowledge you need nothing and no one outside yourself for the goal. I on the other hand began in this life from within the lower world as it has its representation in this middle world; that is the only difference.

All those who claim enlightenment and goodness hide their true personality from the people and create a clique, this is lower world enlightenment in that they wish to keep what they know for themselves to elevate their portfolio so they can be in control. Anyone holding secrets has something to lose and unless they are of a balanced nature they enter the path to control, that’s connection to the lower world, having said that, there are of course levels of knowledge that must remain veiled, at least for now.

Now we shall focus to the DNA or, deoxyribonucleic acid. This groovy stuff is the body’s genetic library found in every cell and we all have some 120 billion miles of it. The DNA carries the codes for our physical characteristics, but it is far more than that. It contains in excess of a hundred trillion times more information than our most sophisticated storage devices. The known DNA codes represent roughly only three to five % of the mapped human genome and the other 95 to 97 % is not yet understood by conventional science but is understood by the Illuminati as stated by Christine Fitzgerald Diana’s healer and close confidant. The reader of the body software is the RNA, or ribonucleic acid, usually found in a single strand. In simple terms the DNA is the compact disc/ template, or the library of information, the RNA is the laser that reads the information on the disk and communicates it to the cells.  So the RNA reads the DNA, the RNA decides cell function by which information it chooses to transcribe from the DNA and transmit to the cell. Transcribe one set of DNA data or language, and it becomes a brain cell, select another and it’s the liver etc. one part of the RNA decodes the DNA information and another decides which information to decode. The understanding of RNA  - how it works and what makes its decoding decisions is far from fully understood, but these RNA decisions can be made by the matrix or through the intervention of consciousness to override the inherited genetic mix program. They are also affected by mental and emotional conditions like stress and trauma, and electromagnetic and chemical pollution which would explain the agenda of the mobile phones and the additives in food and water? The affects of both these subjects can and does destabilise the RNA reading process to cause translation errors leading to disease. We can add the agenda of legal drug prescription to this attack upon your RNA / DNA functions. Also there insane use of radiation scanning especially aimed at unborn babies. The same with radiation experiments for all sorts of disease exploration wake up. All these factors and many more affect how the RNA reads the DNA and this is fundamental to both physical and mental health, but more importantly to our sense of reality. This is perhaps the most important aspect to understand because, while the DNA stores the data, it is the RNA that chooses which data to select and thus manifest. The computer may have the hard disc, but the computer programmer or operator decides which information on the disc to activate and use. The RNA is the laser reader deciding which sense of reality we will experience. How the RNA reads the DNA also decides our physical and mental health. It can therefore decide to read a genetic flaw or ignore it. A prime example of this would be “practice makes perfect” in that to repeat a thing re – programmes the RNA to act in the concentrated manner by decoding the required information from the DNA until it becomes acute and therefore what would be termed a skill.

This information has come from a chap named Mike Lambert from the Shen Clinic on the Isle of White, as you can imagine this information is not popular with ‘Official science’ but of course the truth of such subjects is suppressed by this very body of idiots who operate for the Illuminati against the people. The main conclusion drawn by Lambert is that the DNA is nothing other than a receiver and communicator of information,  it is a crystal that emits light energy in the form of photons to such an extent that it has been compared by some as an ultra weak laser (the same with the RNA). The cutting edge (suppressed of course) scientific research is at the point of understanding that DNA is a perfect antenna / transmitter.

It is best explained thus :


‘From the characteristic form of this giant molecule – a wound double helix – the DNA represents an ideal electromagnetic antenna. On the one hand it is elongated and thus a blade antenna, which can take up very well electrical pulses. On the other hand, seen from above, it has the form of a ring and thus is a very good magnetical antenna.’


In this sense as we understand the internet and how it connects all personal computers together, through the telecommunications network, the DNA is operating in precisely the same way connecting us all to the matrix of physical life which is limited by the fear matrix, and so our physical bodies are in fact computers connected to a super universal wide web. Each receiving its control from the universal limited matrix known as the emotions. So the heart is the connection with the source, the other chakras are connections to levels within the illusion which has had a super virus instigated into many bodies via bloodline interference showing itself with the DNA corruption, which once activated overrides and cuts off that bodies DNA from connecting with higher aspects of the source as it entraps the consciousness in a bubble of fear or within the Solar Plexus. The more you can exist at the commands of the heart the more pure consciousness or love you operate with.

Back to the horse and rider which as I have stated, the horse is the physical DNA body created by the false matrix fear, and the rider is pure consciousness. The matrix has created itself as a barrier between source and individual physical beings almost cutting them off from the source by keeping man existent at the level of the Solar Plexus, the realm of the Sun, thus instilling an illusory reality limited to the five senses of which it can be said is the core of this illusory world... Only when you break free from the DNA programming through what is termed ‘the spiritual journey’ better termed as the journey within, or to use an ancient term, ‘entering ones own cell’ can you break the fear matrix programming and re – link with pure consciousness, you become ‘Awakened’ to the truth of who you are. This equates to one thing only ‘Pure unadulterated love’ this is the essence of all life animate or inanimate, this is the only truth, all else is the illusion created by the matrix to create the fear it requires to sustain itself having forgotten its connection to the one source of all, love. So God and all that goes with it is nothing but a programme instilled into the DNA of human genetics (your body) to stifle them in fear and thus subordination to the agenda of fear creation to feed the false matrix. The physical world is then in truth a creation of the fear matrix which goes against how I understood this game in an earlier phase when I stated the contrary, yet that being said, this dimension, this physical Earth can become a beautiful place as it journeys towards the fourth dimensional reality she is to become with or without the permission of the fear matrix and all its armies. But for this transition to be one of gentle transmission it requires the meeting at heart level of the human and none human beings currently operating in this universe, or we face a hell of a ride, worse for those who resist this already ordained shift. So even nature in its current expression is a programme set by the false matrix hence its cruelty. It is the Sun that pumps out the energies and frequencies in this system, how the system reacts to the Suns frequencies or how life reacts and sends back in thought and emotion to the Sun, determines the outpouring and frequency resonance of the sun. So we are connected to the Sun at emotional level. this then determines the frequency resonance of the planets which again reflect back to the heart of this system represented by the Earth. So what goes on at this systems heart centre the Earth is sent out to the Sun and makes change to the future frequency emanation across the system. Phew did you get that? The Illuminati are trying to ensure we on Earth stay negative which sends back negative emotion and thought to the Sun and lowers the frequency range thus emanating to the whole Solar System. This is where beings outside this system come into play. In the negative they are controlling the Nefilim to keep this system negative, while the light beings play to destroy the control the negative entities have had since the flood and beyond upon the Earth. We know which other systems are important in this tussle in Orion, Pleiades, Alfa Draconis, Sirius and others. The fall of man represents at a high level our disconnection from the knowledge of such truths relative to other systems as connected to this our Solar System; this was done in the times of Atlantis and Lemuria. Since the flood with the installation of the religions, we had further fallen with the forced disconnection from other planets within this system and their effect on the Earth. This was completed with the installation of the Old Testament and the following two religions Christianity and Islam. The new energies have brought back these truths yet the Illuminati have captured this expanded mindset in a new religion, the new age movement. The global fascist state is to de link the human from the source to become robotic drones forever feeding the false matrix with its required emotional and thought frequency resonance and emanation back to the Sun, energies we know as fear, hate, and depression. A perpetual night for all consciousness incarnate in this system. So what we have in this current now, this current time, is a mass infusion of consciousness into this false matrix, this is the reason the elite are basically at all out war with our children, it is these young generations that are infusing our world with higher expressions of love and oneness. So for loves sake do not give up the right to bring up your own children to this nanny state bullshit, they are trying with success at destroying your children with drugs, character assassination, basically convincing you all your children are bad. Yes they are bad for the lie we have all been living through the millennia, see this and we can free the consciousness that is pouring into this dimension to free you all. Allow them to demonise the youth and you sentence all to hell in this cycle. This is the reason they have removed the ability for the generations since the war to subsidise themselves and incorporated the criminal world to keep them under the influence and thus re-programming of the DNA to live like animals. Then bring in foreign older minds to steel what trades many of them could accomplish. I know this sounds harsh but it is the truth relative to the present immigration agenda, which of course is not the fault of the immigrants. The reason immigration will remove jobs from us natives, will be because of the greed of native company bosses, especially the agencies further pushing down rates for men and pushing up profit for themselves. So as previously stated our DNA has all the memories and thus reactions to experience that have ever been since the DNA in each bloodline was created, it also receives constantly new information put out by the fear matrix from the media and thus constantly being re – written with the collective reality created by the collective thought patterns of each generation. That is a lot of bombardment of nonsense to the DNA, you stand no chance of evolving while you exist under the control of your DNA programming, there are no half baked measures it is all or nothing. Failure to become the rider of your horse (body) leaves you at the mercy of the illusion forever. This battle on individual level between pure consciousness (the rider) your DNA programming (the horse) is the only battle, but for millennia we have projected this battle outside of ourselves and created a battle field we know as history, and we are fast heading to  repeat the historical choices once again. Only when consciousness enters your make up can you begin to see outside the realm of the five senses and thus understand the knowledge offered in this work. For those of you who struggle to grasp the information within this operation it is because as intelligent as you perceive yourself to be you are only intelligent at the basic level of the five sense reality. Those who have studied the Eastern esoteric knowledge should be able to grasp all that mumbo jumbo given out relative to the eastern mystics as this work offers the same knowledge in a way the western mind can grasp. This knowledge is the same as that of the eastern mystics but in the western language, it is the bunch of keys you have never had to unlock the mysteries you have become trapped within throughout your lifetime of study and seeking of knowledge. One can better understand that the elite in giving out to the western mind the eastern philosophies have been able to hold you in the mystery school without giving the true answers you seek, playing on your ego in the sense we do not like to admit to ourselves we do not in truth understand, they have played this agenda against you all like a violin, go on admit to yourself I am correct, for to truly accept this fact puts you on the true path and you will gain what it is you seek. Failure to face this truth will keep you forever trapped in the illusion and nowhere, and ultimately under the control and manipulation of the elite. I am not beckoning you to admit it to the world, just to yourself, everything else will truly follow you can wave goodbye to frustration and dependence on anything save what comes from within. One of the most difficult hurdles to overcome when you receive knowledge from within yourself and then come across it from another source is not to get angry, because it sort of cheapens it unto yourself, but that is the great I am at play and must be conquered, I did it in laughter at myself each time laughing at how I wanted to be the hero. All who take the journey of the self are a hero unto ones self only, be happy in that fact alone, do not crave more, because freedom from this great ‘I am’ brings exactly that, ‘freedom’. The spiritual warrior is at war with his or her horse in full awareness of this fact, the only aim is to bring forth within your individual being pure unadulterated consciousness, in order you become pure consciousness in all you do, that is how you defeat the dragon, you then become one with the source of all and truly become one with the ultimate being while alive in the now, and as night follows day this is the union you will keep after your horse gives up in death. As you learn to control each DNA reaction and the mind you undergo symbolic deaths as you travel the journey cancelling out disharmonious fear responses, you become re-born as a higher representation of yourself. The length of this journey is of course dependant on how much you can handle at any given time, so even the speed at which the journey fulfils itself again is down to how limited you are as a thinking feeling being, open your mind and the journey quickens, let fear in and the journey becomes stalls. To stand still and centred one can absorb many more truths, thus death to individual fear based limitations, you grow in sprit. As you balance your existence within, the growth in spirit becomes reflected as spiritual power, great feats can then be accomplished as you activate beings on higher levels, your live becomes energised, you become ‘spiritualised life’.


Let’s go a little deeper into the DNA


The RNA ‘laser’ reads the DNA ‘software’ and passes the information to the cells.


Which part of the DNA disk it chooses to read and communicate is controlled by the force controlling the RNA. If you are a slave to your DNA then the Matrix of fear is in control and deciding which information to communicate to your cells. If you are operating with consciousness, then you have become the rider of your horse and thus consciousness decides what communication is transferred to your cells. This is how it is possible to understand greater knowledge in that consciousness is determining which pieces of information to access from the massive library held within your DNA. It’s all in you, you just have to re-connect with you and by-pass the programming sent out by the false matrix to your emotions which creates the false or illusory you. The god programme is there to limit the communication to the cells keeping this communication beneath the level of the middle world and limited to lower world knowledge, one then becomes in service to the lower world matrix as it exists in this middle world, and under the will of operatives who run the religion programme through fear. The money gathering programme again entraps you in the illusion because it is a religion. Everything we understand in this five sense reality is a programme sent out from the false matrix to enslave you and prevent you from re-connecting with who and what you really are, “pure unadulterated consciousness.”

 The media especially the TV is also limiting your communication to your cells by re – activating the memories held within your DNA from its beginning. Forever churning out visions of war, death, sex, the need to survive at all costs, a constant re-

affirmation of division, constantly promoting, all that is false as REAL. With this information one can better understand past life memories, that they are in many cases memories held within your DNA of its past experiences, and not necessarily your own personal past lives but the memories of lives lived through your particular confluence of bloodlines which are ancient, that’s a lot of memories and experience reactions to overcome, and from the elites point of view, to re-activate..

To understand this point, one has to see your two stranded DNA makeup as the lower aspects of the full amount of DNA we once had limiting the consciousness to this third dimension and thus forgotten its connection to wholeness. Only by infusing consciousness into this illusory matrix can man re – claim its connection with the one, or love, we must understand we can, climb out again, out to a less dense reality, or become fourth dimensionalsed, or as you would understand it create heaven unto the Earth. But remember it is not a climb but a journey within, moving from the solar plexus to the heart. So the need for physical bodies is the result of this false idea of separateness which is symbolised by the fall of man. This then explains the denser reality requirement we call the third dimension. Through the false idea of separateness and projection was this third dimension created, and thus individual human and infact all physically tangible life in this dimension, is the collective thought projection projected into what seems a very real reality, not quite the densest to be known, but fallen all the same. All this marked in scripture as ‘the fall of man’.

In that respect we truly are aiming to quicken our frequency vibration on a personal level to join the collective forth dimensional connection to speed up the frequency we call the third into a higher representation of man. Thus breaking the hold of lower frequency resonance currently controlling the frequency to which this dimension resonates. Moving from lower world frequency resonance as our matrix, to the higher world frequency resonance to act as our matrix.


An even closer look at DNA


On the left we have an extremely magnified look at DNA, and sure enough it looks and is dragon or serpent like. With this one can better understand what it is I have been moving towards all along; the battle between the human race and the dragon is between pure consciousness and the DNA’s current limited access by the RNA. Because we have projected this battle outside of ourselves we have created this dense reality and as the story goes fallen, and thus we have nothing but toil and war, when all along the battle is within.

So the information relative to the whole conspiracy is our own projection, it is what trapped consciousness has created because it holds on to fear, and of course it needs sorting out. That having been said because of this projection we have the world in which we live to deal with, its not just going to disappear we have to will it back to a higher form of itself  through individual self change. Only in understanding how the dragon operates and how it has control of this physical world can we defeat the agenda of the fear matrix known by many names, and re – link with pure consciousness or the love that resides within us. Only with the expression of this love can we hope to defeat the dragon by re – programming the matrix for the middle world out of its delusion that it is separate.

The picture on the right above is of course the symbol for the medical profession, there is your proof of what it serves, and thus you can gain the answer as to why it, through doctors, is one of the biggest killers of the human and animal alike in this dimension.

Along with war, we can see the biggest enemies of life are the medical and military agendas operating for the matrix against all life and thus consciousness. And standing above both these professions stands the banking system which funds all that operates for the matrix of fear, the banks are controlled and owned by the Black Nobility or the ROYAL bloodlines of this dimension, themselves allied to the reptile or dragons, whose sole agenda is to turn man against man to create more fear to feed the matrix and further into density goes this dimension.


 Genetically Modified (GM) Crops Agenda


I have stated in earlier phases that the GM agenda is about control and finance via patents to the modified crops, but this is only on one level.

If we take Canada as the example, the GM agenda has been a disaster, a disaster for none GM farmers. A report in Mexico in 2003 revealed it was much worse than was believed possible. Analysis showed the presence in none GM crops, that up to four GM varieties had cross contaminated none GM farmer’s crops. As I have already stated these GM strains are patented by transnational biotech corporations. To those farmers who have suffered the cross contamination which in itself is one hell of a nightmare was not the final nightmare. What happened next was that these biotech companies then demand royalties from the farmers for having through no wish of there own, had there crops contaminated by the GM farmers crops. So to all you organic farmers in this nation who I know many of you to be Freemasons, once the go ahead is given in this nation you will all pay massive royalties to the biotech companies for growing their patented strain of crop. The only reason we in this nation have not yet allowed this agenda to roll on is because of pressure groups. But there has been trials in this nation so the cross contamination has already begun.  Michael Meacher the Minister of State for the Environment, sacked by Tony Blair in 2003, highlighted the lack of research and the serious risk posed by GM food let alone the patent agenda, he also stated Blair was totally un- interested in the science showing the dangers and was determined that GM be given the go ahead. This brings me again to Lord Sainsbury who has massive investments in the bio tech industry, and state again, Sainsbury is an operative of the Illuminati and will be a benefactor of the royalties to the GM agenda. Another Blair advisor is Sir Christopher Evens another big bio tech operative he is also involved in the ‘loans for Peerages scandal. GM crops are a major Illuminati agenda. This agenda will only be stopped if you the people create such massive protests that they cannot expand this agenda. Again for the GM agenda to be stopped we must remove ourselves from Europe. It will be under this, ‘super fascist dictatorships orders’, that the forcing of this agenda en-mass upon Britain will eventually become reality, removing as it does power from the British democracy to decide its own policy, and to instil the global policy of the Illuminati. To beat this agenda we must remove our subservience to the CrownTemple and thus Rome.

The biggest and loudest voice for the agenda of GM foods is Monsanto of St Louis, Missouri, one of the most important Illuminati corporations on the planet. These were the guys behind Agent Orange, used to grotesque affect in the Vietnam War; this is also the company marketing the horrific brain scrambling (and then some)  trio of chemicals we know as ‘Aspartame’. Bill Gates of Microsoft is also a big player in this agenda. The chemical poison aspartame was manipulated through the American FDA by Donald Rumsfeld. US Air Force Pilots are not allowed to consume Aspartame, period. It is the chemical Methanol (wood Alcohol) that scrambles the brain found within aspartame, a poison that causes blindness and death; to consume two teaspoons is a lethal dose. another chemical  making up this poison is Phenylalanine, this depletes the levels of serotonin, a brain chemical and neurotransmitter that regulates among other things behaviour and sleep patterns. This aspect of aspartame is responsible for psychological problems.

So as you can see the   aspartame agenda is to directly alter the RNA, DNA operation and thus re – programme your whole system. So please for your own and your children’s sake understand that this chemical alters your DNA in a negative way. There are no positives to this poison whatever. I have listed this chemicals affects in a previous phase, I will not go over them again. The GM crops act in exactly the same way, re – programming your DNA to further disrupt your consciousness, this is the true agenda of the massive supermarket chains becoming the only source of food purchase for the masses, and of course perfect for the destroying of human life via the food chain. We must act against the GM agenda NOW before all crops are cross contaminated to the point they will be unable to be altered back to there original genetics. This really is a nightmare scenario of the utmost calibre, you must grasp this. This alone will change the eco system with consequences for all life.

There are many aspects to this attack aimed at dis – functioning human life, there is a cumulative affect with the contamination of our water supplies and operating in conjunction with all other additives in our food. With the trials already carried out with GM crops in Britain you can bet your life they were positioned in the places that would best serve this cross contaminating of the whole nation, taking into consideration the wind.

December 1st. 2006, the government announced trials of genetically altered potato crops  to be carried out in the spring, carried out by the chemical company B.A.S.F, better known for its audio cassettes and currently advertising itself as, “thee…  chemical company”, perhaps the new IG Farben. What was laughable yet proves my point about the environment agency, is the environment spokesman they wheeled out to speak about the proposed trials stated “the environment is our prime concern”? I rest my case your honour!! It was then announced that the farmer involved in the trials has pulled out? Good on you!

The manipulation of the debate in Britain on genetically modified food is a classic of its kind. Blair said he wanted a public debate on the issue and then delayed all scientific reports into the potential lethal dangers of it until after the debate had taken place. This is what Michael Meacher was hinting at. This same tactic was used by Blair with the first vote on Iraq and just recently with the vote on Trident.

GM food worldwide is a plan via the Club of Rome, because it will create the health and genetic changes in humans that they want to introduce; it will undermine the human immune system; and make every grower on the planet regardless of how poor, dependant on the seeds of the Transnationals which of course are the banks, and the prices they will charge for them?  It’s a swindle . Control and population dysfunction is what GM foods are all about.

When you question the Blair line, as with Bush in the USA, the consequences can be brutal. Dr Arpad Pusztai is considered the world expert on GM Food with more than 270 published studies relating to the subject. He was working at the Rowett Institute in Aberdeen, Scotland, when he was interviewed for a World in Action television documentary on August 10th, 1998. What he said was to destroy his career because of the reaction of Tony Blair. Dr Pusztai told the programme that rats fed on GM potatoes had suffered stunted growth, damage to the immune system and their liver, heart and other organs got smaller.  He said this was also the case with the brain, but he had not mentioned that to avoid being alarmist. He said of GM food, “if I had the choice I would certainly not eat it”. On the evening the programme was broadcast, Dr Pusztai was congratulated for his contribution by Professor Philip James, director at the Rowett Institute. The next morning the institute issued a press release highlighting that a “range of carefully controlled studies underlie the basis of Dr Pusztai concerns.”

Forty eight hours later he was suspended and ordered to hand over all his data. His research team was disbanded and he was threatened with legal action if he spoke to anyone on the subject. Even his personal assistant was banned from talking to him and he was alerted to an Institute press release that his contract was not being renewed. His wife was also sacked. Dr Pusztai was to have two heart attacks and his wife was put on permanent medication for high blood pressure. The Rowett Institute lied and lied about the reasons for their disgraceful treatment of Dr Pusztai, as was later proved. The truth was that his comments on GM food, coming from such a world class source, had threatened to blow apart the Illuminati plan, and so he had to be destroyed with the usual vindictiveness. Dr Pusztai is certain his demise was caused by Tony Blair. He says the day after the World in Action programme, two phone calls were made from Blair’s office to his boss, Philip James, and the next day he was fired. Dr Pusztai says he was told by a senior manager at Rowett that Blair’s intervention was prompted by a phone call from the United States President Bill Clinton. The story was confirmed by Professor Robert Orskov, one of Britain’s top nutrition researchers, who worked for Rowett for 33 years. He said he was told that phone calls went from Monsanto to Clinton and then to Blair. “Clinton rang Blair and Blair rang James”, he said, “There is no doubt he was pushed by Blair to do something. It was damaging the relationship between the USA and Britain because it was going to be a huge blow for Monsanto.” David Hill, the director of ‘Good Relations’, the Monsanto public relations company in the UK, ran the media campaign for Blair’s Labour Party in the general election victories of 1997 and 2001. Another eminent researcher, Stanley Ewen, said that he was told the same story by another senior figure at Rowett :


“That conversation is sealed in my mind. My jaw dropped to the floor. I suddenly saw it all, it was the missing link. Until then, I couldn’t understand how on Monday Arpad had made the most wonderful breakthrough, and on Tuesday it was the most dreadful piece of work and was rejected out of hand.”


The vicious campaign against Dr Pusztai was as coordinated as it was callous. Reports attacking him were published by the Illuminati’s Royal Society, which is ‘the scientific establishment’, and by the Science and Technology select committee of the House of Commons with its pro-Blair majority. Cabinet Minister Jack Cunningham, another Blair lapdog, condemned Dr Pusztai’s “wholly misleading results” and said that all GM food in Britain would be safe to eat. So Cunningham knows more about the GM trials and results than the leading expert in the world? Bollocks.

As far as the Illuminati are concerned, “GM food is a done deal”.

This pathetic idea of a man they call Blair, has presided over the most corrupt and untruthful government we have had for a long time and has fundamental ties to the Bio-tech industry. In the first two years in office Blair’s government had 81 meetings with GM food companies, and of course when Blair’s un-elected Science Minister, Lord Sainsbury was appointed he held massive shareholdings in the bio-tech companies, Diatech and Innotech, which were placed in a blind trust, so that he could not knowingly benefit from decisions he makes in government. Does that mean such a shrewd businessman as Sainsbury has forgotten he has them then? Bollocks.

 He had made £20 million profit in four years from Innotech and such wealth allows him to be the biggest single donor to Blair’s Labour Party with payments of more than £8 million since it came to power. But what of professor James, the head of Rowett, who also felt the wrath of Blair? At the time he enjoyed good relations with Blair and had been chosen to head the planned Food Standards Agency. But that changed after Dr Pusztai made his comments. “You destroyed me” he told Dr Pusztai.

In the pre budget report from Gordon Brown on the 6th December 06, a point that was not taken up by the majority of the analysis on the TV programmes and news reports, was the subject he quickly breeched about changes to the copyright and patent capabilities to companies to protect their ideas and ownership. This is the move towards the ability to these biotech companies to collect the patents for the GM crops from all you farmers that will find their crops in the position of cross contamination. This shows the real power of the controllers of the media in not highlighting these points and thus they will be missed by the majority of the populations. That is power ladies and gents, this is the reason empires like that of Murdoch and GEC have to be broken up and removed from the monopolies they are, enabling the suppression of important facts we in this nation need to be debated through the media and TV in order you can see the bigger picture and how these changes now, will affect and play into the new world order I have exposed over these years.

He also expanded the spend on intelligence and security to 2 billion per year, of course this does not include the illegal monies collected via the illegal drugs trade to create the private security companies and operations operated by operatives from the world of the gangster, the Gestapo.

 I do not know if you noticed as did I, the extreme ritualistic almost robotic hand movements of the highly suspect Gordon Brown throughout the whole of his speech, this is an indication to an initiate like myself of dissociate identity disorder, or to the esoteric religious people, the sign of possession.

The statistics Brown likes to use show us that in this nation 25% of carbon emissions come from vehicles, 30% come from homes, leaving 45% from chemical, gas , oil used by industry. Why can we not force industry to use solar and wind energy to power the plants? Is it because this would free companies from the handcuffs of the elite in their power requirements? This is why all wind farms link directly into the national grid to prevent people being free to create their own power. If we could all have the right to power our own communities we would be one hell of a lot freer than we have ever been. Instead of the way this agenda rolls on ensuring the destruction of the population’s chance at financial survival.

This chancellor has spent 4000 billion pounds since he took office. Why do we still need to borrow money from the World Bank?

I would include in the formation of a body of people above 250.000, an investigation into why all these so called intelligent men who become chancellor of our exchequer, and operate within the Rothschild controlled Bank of England, are in fact stupid beyond belief. That with such massive spending power of this nations economy, why we are still paying back a debt which began to fund a war with France in the 17th century creating the Bank of England that through obedience to the controllers of this debt we form all our laws and political decisions in line with the financiers agenda, which certainly does not benefit the people of this nation but the bloodlines of evil outside of this nations boundaries. What the hell kind of a bollocks is this? We need to address this nonsense immediately so we can truly be free of this bunch of arse holes who like nothing better than to create war and thus death not for them but for us.


Mmm, quite an outburst there, I need a fag!



 Monosodium Glutamate



Another of these additive weapons is; monosodium glutamate, or MSG. you will find this in almost every mass produced foodstuff, especially in crisps and foods aimed at children. It tricks the brain to taste more flavour than is actually there. It is often disguised in the list of ingredients as, ‘natural flavour / flavourings’, when in fact it is nothing of the kind in the form it is used. MSG also hides behind terms like ‘hydrolyzed’, autolyzed, and yeast extract or nutrient, and this is only a few of its pseudonyms. The good old yanks are consuming 160 million tons of the stuff every year without knowing it is a brain poison.

Dr George Schwartz, a toxicologist and author, says two tablespoons of this stuff will kill a dog in minutes. Some of the health effects linked to MSG includes,


Heart problems





Birth defects


Brain damage.


You will note that in Britain they are blaming alcohol, cigarettes, lack of exercise; in fact they blame everything other than the real cause for all these conditions. I am not saying fags are good for you but if you go along with the elites story of what is cause, it hides the fact that these and many other additives in your food are doing the damage they absolutely are. Many of the Alco pops have aspartame within them. It is the same with the bullshit surrounding weight gain, they have you all concentrating on the wrong substances and habits (addictions) covering the real perpetrators of the causes of these problems.

MSG attacks what is called ‘the brain – blood barrier, a defence system that normally prevents toxins entering the brain. Even tiny amounts of aspartame and MSG can cause the brain cells to so overreact that they become exhausted and die. Hence the reason they are called, get this ‘exitotoxins’. MSG is a crystalline substance in the same way DNA is structured and attacks and damages parts of the brain like the hypothalamus which governs many systems in the body.

It also works in the same way as aspartame in that it causes food cravings hence the weight gain. So the epidemic of obesity which as we all know is rampant in the USA began side by side with the introduction of these substances in 1985 into their food chain, introduced en mass in the UK in 2003. I brought the aspartame introduction to your attention a few years ago and stated they would up the dose as you got used to it in your favourite products, and sure enough after around a year or so after they en-mass introduced this substance in the UK, they go on and on about the problem with obesity which has surely followed the introduction of both of these substances into the British food chain, especially put into the own brand products of all the supermarket chains. This anti obesity legislation works in sync with the World Health Organisation’s ability to force medical intervention by the State.

Back to Jamie Oliver, he operates only on the back of substances that are blazoned across the tabloids, never to substances that are yet to be understood by the tabloids. This is Sainsbury’s attempt at playing the caring good guy in the hope you will run to Sainsbury’s, and for many Catholics this has worked.

 Always remember this; Lord Sainsbury is the biotech emperor that means GM, Aspartame, MSG and all the rest are created and manufactured by the biotech king’s companies. So he doesn’t give a shit about anybody only that you don’t find out any more about the holocaust against the masses. Once again no offence to Jamie Oliver who’s heart is in the right place, but alas you are being played. Only when supermarkets stop selling all the chemicals I have covered and more, should they be looked at in any other way than active destroyers of the human chemistry.


If we take two more substances added in many foodstuffs


Sodium Benzoate

Ascorbic Acid


When these two chemicals are mixed, which they are in many processed foods, the chemical reaction is carcinogenic. That means to the layman ‘Cancer Causing Agent’


What you have to understand when it comes to why these substances, and many more, have managed to get into our food, is because all tests are conducted by organisations and individual researchers that take there pay from, or are linked in other ways to the food giants. This doesn’t just apply to foods; it is endemic with all ‘Official’ scientific data...

So what we in affect have is the situation whereby the big food corporations say all these additives are safe showing us data they have funded and approved and that we must believe them, what a load of old crap?

It’s the same with the vaccines, many of which contain mercury. This substance even in miniscule amounts is known to damage the DNA and impair its ability to repair itself. It also destabilises the neurotubules that are fundamental to normal brain cell function. Mercury activates microglial cells and this, as with aspartame and MSG, increases exitotoxicity that adversely affects brain function. Don’t forget this stuff is still used in dental filling mainly aimed at the poorest of our society who put their trust in professional people, who as with the doctors believe what they are told instead of learning for themselves.

The same with fluoride, yet another brain scrambler. Fluoride inhibits the enzyme, acetylcolinesterase, big word I know Councillor Myles, get the wife out!. This is involved in transmitting signals along the nerves. Russian studies, both clinical and physiological, established that patients with dental fluorosis also suffered from disturbed nervous activity and brain dysfunction.

Chinese scientists reported in 1995 that fluoride lowered the IQ. Fluoride also attacks the immune system causing what is called autoimmune disease. Cancer, rheumatoid arthritis, and sclerosis, and these are just some of the conditions resulting from such a malfunction. The effect of fluoride on the thyroid, which regulates the metabolism, can cause endless problems throughout the body and in 1995 a report in the New England Journal of Medicine showed a 400% increase in cancer of the thyroid in San Francisco during the period its water was fluoridated. Within fluoride we have lead, arsenic and radium, and you’re telling me that your toothpaste is good for you with this shit in it? The majority of fluoride additive comes from Tampa Bay, Florida smokestack scrubbers. As I have mentioned arsenic it would be pertinent to know that when the Nefilim eat their sacrificial victims they also ingest arsenic which is the residual element created after the smelting of copper ore.


                                                                          IVF Nonsense


During the week ending 18th November 06 we had a major news story relating to a young woman Natalie Evens trying to overturn Howard Johnson her ex partner’s refusal to allow her to go ahead with the implantation of fertilized eggs  she has had in frozen storage for almost five years. I could not believe the insanity of this woman’s argument demanding that her ex partner had no say in the matter because he had signed a contract. If this man who was her ex partner does not wish to have a child with this woman any more, then it would be preposterous to go against this mans wishes. it would be like an ex partner of mine going to court demanding although we were no longer together, the fact that In the past we had tried for a child a court could force me to copulate with this ex partner to give her a child. Absolute nonsense yet what idiots persuaded this young woman to try this case in the first place? Errmm the IVF. Thankfully this was backed in Mr Johnson’s favour by the European court on April 10th 2007. The question I would ask would be “who persuaded this young woman to go ahead with the case and why?”

 All those people who have children in this way do not in fact know for sure that the eggs being implanted into the womb are in fact ‘your eggs’. You have to understand how they operate their breeding programmes to create more pure types of human with the DNA corruption. In the past they used to swap babies when they took the child away immediately after birth, then bring one of their own bloodline children back to the mother. The original child would in most cases end up on the sacrificial alter. This still goes on especially in third world countries. The introduction of this agenda enables them to implant foreign eggs directly into a un -suspecting parents who would then because of their already heightened need for a child, bring up a child that is not, of either of the parents DNA. This enables pristine placement of a specific DNA programming into people they feel will best serve the programming the child will require for the elite to pick up at the determined time, for the determined role.


                                                                       Mobile Phones


Mobile phones are another attempt at short circuiting the central processing unit (brain). Dr Gerald Hyland, a British physicist, said that if mobile phones were a type of food, they simply would not be licensed.  Too right they would, but I understand his message.

Dr Hyland’s findings were published in the medical journal, ‘The Lancet’, and reflecting a gathering concern about the effects on the brain of mobile phone frequencies. One of his concerns is that cell phone use can be linked to aggressive behaviour in children, but it goes much further. A study by the Spanish Neuro Diagnostic Research Institute showed that a two minute call can open the blood brain barrier, allowing toxins within the blood stream to kill brain cells. Again this is what aspartame and MSG do. Even such a short call as two minutes disrupts electrical activity in a child’s brain for up to an hour. This has the potential for psychiatric and behavioural problems and impaired learning, the Spanish study said. Sweden’s LundUniversityHospital supported these findings and claimed that radiation emitted by mobile handsets and relay towers can destroy cells in areas of the brain responsible for memory, movement and learning.



Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto exposed water to the electromagnetic waves of a mobile phone; you can see the impact below :



The picture on the left is a water crystal when exposed to frequencies of a balanced nature. On the right the same water crystal exposed to the cell phone frequencies. When you consider the human body is made up of almost 90% water you can understand how radiation and frequencies affect the human body and all its components.


With this diagram one can see that the water crystal was obliterated by the cell phone frequency, this happens each time you put the phone to your head, but also remember this is what the cell phone relay towers are pumping with massive amplification, and many of these relay stations are situated on schools and hidden within petrol station and road signs. In November 2004, a report by the BBC, also detailed in the mail on Sunday, revealed how Britain had 40.000 mobile phone masts, and that one in ten schools had a mast located within 200 metres of the classrooms. St Christopher’s in Accrington is one example. A Central London school had 27 masts within its vicinity, many of them hidden within road and petrol station signs. This will become expanded with the introduction in schools of cordless computers.

Just to give you an idea of what we are up against, when the three giant mobile phone  companies; T Mobile, Orange and Hutchinson 3G, were allowed to erect a 25 metre mast near three schools in Harrogate, North Yorkshire, a group of parents took the case to court. The local council had refused permission for the mast and the phone companies went to the high court to have the decision overturned. The parents didn’t want it the local council didn’t want it, yet it was forced upon them by judges hundreds of miles away in London who of course will never go near the place. The parents challenged the decision in the court of appeal, but Lord Justice Laws decreed that perceived health concerns would only be considered (by Illuminati Judges) in exceptional circumstances. Even the National Radiological Protection Board advises a precautionary approach to locating masts near schools, but Illuminati puppet Lord Justice Laws knew best. He said; ‘it remains central governments responsibility to decide what measures are necessary to protect the public health’ O well, we are well safe then? The Village of Silverdale in North West Lancashire successfully prevented the installation of transmitters on a Church of England Church directly across from the primary school, so if you make enough fuss they can be defeated. It does seem to be the Church of England who goes out of its way to install these masts on their schools and Churches so this decree must come from the top of this organisation.

In 2005 Professor Sir William Stewart, chairman of the National Radiological Protection Board, published a study warning parents not to allow children under Eight to use mobile phones and highlighting the potential dangers for all users. The report, ‘Mobile Phones and Health’, said that four investigations had caused concern about the affect on the brain of cell phone frequencies, including a German study that suggested an increase in cancer around masts. Professor Stuart said that ‘the evidence of potentially harmful effects had become more persuasive over the past five years. So in effect the governments have used the populations, especially children as guinea pigs for the transnational corporations. There are around 4.700 new (and rising) cases of brain tumours every year in Britain – an increase of 45% in 30 years, according to the UK Brain Tumour Society.

Neil Cherry, a biophysicist at LincolnUniversity in Christ church New Zealand, considers the proliferation of cell phones, microwave towers and microwave pollution to be a serious contributor to cancer, brain tumours, and increasing neurological problems. Lief Salford, head of the LundUniversity research team, said the exposure of the brain to microwaves from mobile phones is the largest human biological experiment ever. This does not include the 1184 TV transmitters in this nation pumping out frequencies all around us.

Looking at this from the perspective of addiction, the elite have evolved financially from the mass use of addictive substances like tea coffee, alcohol, tobacco, illegal drugs and medical drugs etc, and are now using our addiction to technology to further expand their control and financial return, knowing full well the dis – harmonious or negative aspects of such technology will further their grip on humanity to create the machines they have always required us to be. Like I have said before, the elite are the representation of the lower world incarnate in this middle world, or for you old school, the black magicians operating for the underworld.

Lief Salford continues, as the use of this technology continues to expand, people may drown in a sea of microwaves. He warned that neurons which would normally not become senile until people reached their sixties could now do so in their thirties. ; We can see reduced brain reserve capacity’, he said. This could lead to an increase in Alzheimer’s, or dementia, and at best, people would have a significantly diminished number of none – dysfunctional brain cells and brain subsystems throughout their lives. This of course shows itself quite clearly in idiots like Tony Blair and others who are obviously using these cell phones to the degree he is incapable of caring regarding his ability to bullshit a whole population. Having said that it also goes for the population of Britain who sit back and take it!!!.

 Of course if you have grasped this operation you understand this is no experiment, but part of the agenda to destroy humanity on this planet and ensure we remain in subservience to the Nefilim.

With this information relative to mobile phones I am just as guilty as anyone in that I use them, but it is important information to be aware of especially as these symptoms begin to take hold of more and more people, we at least will understand why, and then we can make the necessary changes, because it is not so much the emissions that are causing the problems, but at the frequency they resonate at. The frequencies are set at the point at which they interfere with the messages passing between the RNA and DNA leading to cell malfunction. This is why I put forward the idea we can use all this technology to benefit us all, we just have to remove the bitch’s and bastards from the controlling positions then it would only be a case of changing the frequency to one that does no damage. This rings true with all the technologies including the creation of foods that do not require the intensive farming methods we currently have.

It is the same with all our electricity in our homes and buildings, if it worked the other way round it would work in sync with our bodies electromagnetic system instead as it currently works in the opposite. They are now advertising a plug in for your home which creates an energy field living creatures do not like and keeps out pests.  All the knowledge about how to affect the human body with chemicals can also be changed to give us better chemistry we need for the body to survive and keep itself in a state of youth, this would have the potential to free us all from the nature of labouring hard and constant just to survive, freedom for all to enjoy this world as it moves into the fourth dimension. This knowledge is out there just unfortunately suppressed. The elite operate the negative of all knowledge, as they ensure those who could free man are killed or are character assassinated, which serves them well in preventing you the people from seeing how with everything they create, they use in its most negative form.. As long as you all believe only the Illuminati’s version of truths and thus operatives, you have nothing else to hold onto and thus allow there inventions to be brought to fruition in the manner of usage they set down.

So when I keep on stating we can change this I am not joking, all it takes is for enough of you to back this lead and away we go, but not if we allow this war agenda to go beyond the world war scenario, this in one foul swoop will imprison us all in the emergency powers system and we will be screwed, the bird flu is a part of this shutdown.


Just to take this theme a step further :


Governments destroy democracy

Medical operatives destroy health

Judges and Lawyers destroy the law

Education destroys knowledge

Religion destroys the spirit

Food destroys the body

The media destroys information


Another weapon thrown into your homes, a weapon thrust at you using fear, yes the humble smoke detectors. These gadgets give out radiation, all of them. Those of you that are most afraid have one in every room. Let’s get one thing absolutely clear, this radiation DESTROYS human cells, it re-programmes DNA function, there is no safe radiation from these products, and there are no compromises with this radiation whatever. I have never been happy with the excitement relating to these gadgets. When they were first released I felt they would be used for surveillance, either for microphones or video, only recently have I learned about this radiation agenda. They will tell you it is safe, yet on the programme Working Lunch  November 24th 06, there was an expert answering questions about mobile phones, one viewer suggested they could incorporate smoke detectors into our phones. This conclusion was re-iterated by this expert when he pointed out two reasons why this would not be a feasible option, the first was the fact that because smoke rises they would not serve to warn you in time as most phones are left at knee height. The second reason he gave was the fact that smoke detectors send out radiation which would not be conducive to health. Too right it isn’t, and this counts for there placement on the ceiling also, especially with the cumulative radiation of multiple detectors. This is not good for children especially, when you consider there DNA and bodies are growing. This would lead to many malfunctions in their physical and chemical growth. What you have to grasp with such agendas is that once they have instilled a new weapon into your daily lives they will up the amount of radiation as time progresses from such gadgets, with the populations never understanding the true cause of many illnesses and diseases, which enables the medical mafia to lay blame on other habits, usually of the self inflicted kind. When all along the causes of many of today’s ailments come from additives in food, or as you can now begin to understand those gadgets we seem to become addicted too. Not only that, with the technologies they have for military and intelligence surveillance, these gadgets could act as amplifiers for there frequency weapons. They are perhaps 100 years ahead in the technology they utilise, and the technology the populations are aware of. A lot of this new technology was funded and developed in the 1970’s for use in the number seven’s secondary number 2 = 2000 and beyond. We should all demand smoke detection systems are created that work from the electrical mains, as we have in all commercial premises.

Everything under the leaders of the world, the leaders of the majority of big business, are operating in the negative, destroying everything the human requires for its well being, not to mention the animal world and the world of nature, all is being destroyed systematically by the bloodlines that call themselves ROYAL, and HOLY, and not just in the west, in Africa also, the majority in fact all the black African leaders are representatives of their own ancient Royal bloodlines traced back to the mating with the gods. Even in America amongst the Native Americans, their chieftain bloodline fellows are joining the new religion, that of the NEW AGE MOVEMENT again capturing those who think beyond the five sense reality, again trapping you in the matrix of fear and thus bullshit.



Two topics played across the TV and media at the beginning of November 2006 are: drug testing in schools and the danger of crushing medication to make it easier to consume. If we take the first topic that of drug testing in school. On the face of it, this, if done correctly could help to prevent the use of cannabis at least by our children in that cannabis stays within the system for up to thirty days. But what this agenda is really about is the elite by stealth, taking DNA samples from all children that they can better aim or target individuals via medication and additives in food given out at schools via the Illuminati controlled catering companies. I would state this testing to be a good idea only if immediately the test is shown to be either positive or negative, the swabs be given back to the pupils, in fact it would be better to allow each child to perform the test themselves (supervised) then without letting go of the swabs just showing the results to the teachers. This way the elite could not in fact take the swabs away to file the DNA profile of each child. If these types of tests were to be carried out in this way only, it would benefit our children and society, but keep it out of the hands of all save the children themselves under a, ‘none physical contact’ criteria which would prevent the DNA collection by the elite and quash their agenda of precision targeting of your children.


With the leaking of how crushing some medication can cause death, surely you of intelligent minds can see this to be nothing other than proof of what I have been informing you relative to how they are poisoning you slowly with medication. The fact that they claim some drugs slow release is again proof that what your doctors are prescribing for you are nothing but a lethal dose of cocktails which if released to quickly will cause death or massive dis – function of certain organs. SEE IT!

I wish someone would shake the GM TV doctor, ‘Hilary’, this idiot is beyond belief, but he is representative of those who work within the medical indoctrination completely!!


When within this operation I have spoken of the, ‘entering of the light cycle’ to which this dimension is undertaking, I am speaking in terms of higher consciousness being able to enter this illusory world. So the horse that has been created via our DNA or what we have been manipulated to see as the reality is coming into the time when pure consciousness is blitzing this false programming. Therefore destroying the limiting barriers created by the matrix and its operatives. This consciousness overriding has always been accomplished by the mystics and super intelligent people of history but now in this time it is coming through in our children who are from outside the false illusion. This is why the elite are at war with all our children via chemical and microwave technology. The elite are seeking to screw up as many of these children as they can to prevent the re – writing of the false hologram the bloodlines and their masters have dictated for this dimension over the last 7000 years.. Prozac and Ritalin are another attempt at destroying brain function to further prevent consciousness from entering this dimension and destroying the illusion we are forced to live. Prozac is also used in mind control operations such as MKULTRA. Prozac is produced by the Bush family connected Eli Lilly symbolic of queen El’s, Lily or the Madonna lily. If they can ensure all the children become fixed as slaves as is the case with you adults only to the five sense reality, or slaves to the programming of their DNA, then they prevent this dimension from breaking the false hologram... All this nonsense they pour out in mantra fashion about how the kids are very bad indeed is yet another agenda at creating laws that will put children who do not obey their DNA programming into the hands of the prison service which is nothing other than a negative energy field personified, this itself will re –write the decoding via the RNA of the youth to ensure they remain a slave to their DNA programming only. The same with not allowing children to just play out like we did when we were youngsters and have them sat fixated with video games and the internet, again prevents consciousness from shining through these potentially stronger expressions of consciousness and again manipulates their brain function to accept the DNA programming and thus become a slave to the illusion. Basically they elite are at war with our children and because you the parents are stuck in this illusion you do not understand what is happening and you go along with the constant barrage of bad news from the media drone- like news presenters, and believe that all, or at least everyone else’s children, are bad, which allows this agenda to continue, no in fact you police this agenda and ensure it happens!! The same with the pensioners, they are so manipulated by fear because they remember the last murderous war, they are all sat at home shitting themselves and believing every word pumped out of the TV. I am sorry to have to say this, but the majority of you old folks are wiser only in how to obey the illusion, in how to obey the system that killed most of your generation, and has you then backing the destruction of the youth. You old folk should ask yourself this question while your sat bored shitless in front of the goggle box, ‘what has the system done for you?’, answer: it terrified and killed most of your generation  in your youth, worked you like a donkey for a pittance and then shoved you away in your little box not to be heard  or much seen save when you go out to get your pension and your shopping, yet you back the same system that took all your opportunities away and ensure it does the same to your grandchildren. That’s ignorance on a colossal scale. If you stepped out now as the rebels they wouldn’t dare place you all in jail, we need you old timers more than we have ever needed you before, join this rebellion and say bollocks to the boredom you are expected to undergo until your death at the hands of the medical mafia. I promise I will give you all a big kiss, not you fellas of course!!


                                                                  CCTV : Orwelian State


During November 2006, I was happy to see the topic about surveillance UK being splashed across the news. Especially how we are tracked via all electronic purchases, phone, internet use, and the latest drive to track and control our travelling via car and all transport. But the main points brought into the debate were how we cannot stop it and how most people don’t mind. Richard Thomas the spokesman for the privacy watchdog interviewed on the BBC news bulletins was sort of giving the impression we should just accept it. This is utter nonsense. We can stop the electronic tracking of our purchases by stopping the use of Debit and credit cards and using cash again. We can prevent the agenda of mass camera surveillance by making it a criminal offence to fix hidden cameras and to limit the amount of cameras to town centres and around our individual homes. If you take the point the news readers put out in mantra fashion how most of us do not mind, you will notice they used two southern ‘nobodies’  stating quite benignly how they did not mind, this certainly doesn’t show the true feelings of the people of Britain, in the same way the BBC journalist was told to bend the truth relating to the true attitude to the death of the Queen Mother, they offer an idea they wish to promote then with ‘good editing’ give the impression to most people it is not worth trying to stop it because everybody  loves it.

While on this topic I noticed on Friday 17th November 06, they had placed  a load of temporary cameras around Accrington mainly around the roundabout under the arches and around King Street, the van that was involved with this operation had sign written on the sides ‘data collection’.  And during February 2007 I see in the paper, ‘Hyndburn to get 20 more cameras’. This nation as of February 2007 has a staggering 4.2 BILLION (not the 4 million the media is promoting) CCTV cameras watching us.

What you must begin to understand relative to the collection of this information on all individuals in this nation, is that all this information will be available to all secret societies, the crime syndicates, the marketing industry, religions and cults, remember it is the Mormon Church that is storing the main body of genetics information, ready for their judgment of all mankind under the guidance of the Melchizdek priesthood. Operations like this are to be the concentration campNazis determining who lives and who dies. This gives all those organisations that aim to manipulate precision information about you one hell of an advantage for what ever they are aiming to do in relation to you, your family and your business.  With this information available, these operations will be able to completely takeover the whole of the countries positions of power right down to where they wish you to live, to poison you on an individual basis, destroy your ability to function in the business arena by destroying your client base, etc the list goes on and on. This is a very dangerous and serious agenda aimed at all individual people across the world.

You must give this information deep thought and then physical action, USE CASH, USE LANDLINES, and PUBLIC PHONES; this would force the cell phone companies to change the frequency they currently operate all our cell phone on. STOP USING the INTERNET for purchases, STOP GIVING your financial details over the internet and telephone, STOP filling in questionnaires whichever organisation they come from.


Wait until you see the questions on the next census, it is extreme and will prove to you what I have been stating relative to the true agenda of information collection by the Illuminati.


                                                      Blair Apologises For The Slave Trade


Blair apologises for slavery? Who is he apologising on behalf of? Surely not the British people? Was it not one of the British ‘people’ that over a thirty year period made sure this abomination was stopped? What he must be doing is apologising on behalf of many of the powerful and wealthy families of Britain who certainly made their fortunes from this trade, who then transferred to the illegal opium trade into China, after Wilberforce shamed them. Don’t forget as I have exposed in an earlier phase the main agenda with the slave trade was to breed into the African races the DNA corruption, which in turn is facilitating the slow but sure murder of the African continent’s race of peoples because many believe the current gangster rap culture to be the mindset of the African race parse, and so many turn a blind eye or take no interest at all in the agenda.. And to cap it off, the government of the day then set up a compensation fund…for the slave traders… to the tune of a billion quid maybe that is what he is apologising for?


A message to all who may realise they too can help in the ending of this dark agenda, never never ever tell people what you are going to do, just do it, for that is your protection.


In the week before Christmas I saw the last half hour of a channel 4 programme about the American ‘End-timers’. This is a very dangerous mindset and these ‘Preachers’ link to the Mormons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses. These are the back door Christian cults that are sprouting up everywhere. The Baptists are a big part of this which they would be considering the American Rockefellers control them. We must begin to take better notice of what ‘Fundamental and Fanatical End-timer’s are really preaching in this country. Do not allow your fears to concentrate wholly upon the Islamic faith. These end-timers are picking afraid and weak people as they leave the mainstream faiths. They preach the gospel of absolute horror in the coming Armageddon and insist members give up everything and just accept the end is coming, sounds a lot like a very sinister cult to me, worthy at least of further investigation.


There is great feeling of unease in this nation, we can all feel it.

You are all aware that things are not what they seem.

There is about this whole message what could be perceived as an Irony. A point that needs serious attention to disseminate what could quite well be seen as contradiction.

It relates to the House of Lords and the fact there are 26 C of E Bishops within it, and because this Great House in many respects is the saviour of this nation in its reckoning with some of the most extreme fascist legislation put forward by this government, offers me the chance to further explain my position beyond the limitations of the five sense world.

I have throughout this work made the point religion should never again hold complete and total power in this nation because at the dictate of any leader in any religion, a whole nation of people can and are dragged into the ideas of this person. I would cite the relationship between George W Bush and Tony Blair which at its core is based on their initiated understanding of God via the Christian religion, and is the nexus connection between these two men. But on that connection has this nation been forced to invade nations, totally against the will of the people. This given the fact that most people within this nation have been indoctrinated into the Christian ethic shows a massive difference of understanding of Christianity between Blair and the population. This I would suggest shows that the majority of Bishops within the House of Lords perhaps are more in sync with the people of this nation and hold the same understanding. Of course it is not necessarily the case that the defeat of the most extreme legislation lies in the hands of the Bishops alone, but we do at present have a very balancing group of minds sitting in the House of Lords. I feel this is the very reason the Illuminati have been destroying religion in the last couple of centuries, we where not in truth meant to understand the message in love terms only in its disharmonious terms which acts in the hierarchical structure all sucking up to the level above. But with the Nefilim not understanding love they never thought the majority would embrace the message of love which prevents access without ritual against good people from an esoteric perspective, hence the growth of secret societies in which ritual in its more Pagan form can and is the basis of such societies and accepted. So all the secret societies operate the pagan rites in the negative of course, and the return of the Gods that created the religions to capture the disgust felt by many intelligent humans against their religious creations as they are in the present, ‘Perfection’. This is the exposing of the works of the Gods and how they control all from the next level or dimension, and because most of the populations in the third dimension understand only the third dimensional reality :


“They know not what they do.”

Seems a pretty reasonable description here!


My main aim throughout this work has been to prove religions for their extreme limiting of individual perception when it comes to the ways of the world, which then enables those who do understand such knowledge to manipulate you who do not. To go one level higher than religion as we know it, we have the realm of the Masters to which all the secret societies in one respect or another affiliate to. Tony Blair and George W Bush are the childish fanatical expression of Christianity, take this truth and place it to all other nations and leading those countries you have this same childish mindset expressing these fanatical understandings of their particular religion. With this fact we can under these types of minds reach only one conclusion, war.

So we have the situation whereby all the leaders are fanatics controlled by the Nefilim Crown and are thus puppets operating for the Elohim, partners in crime with Anu, lord of the Underworld.


I have also throughout this work made it clear that a human can live a good and balanced life on an individual level by taking the basic moral teaching from within religion. Problems do arise only when this teaching becomes a dictator.

So the main point I have attempted to convey is we take the balanced morals without the need to obey the stories, which demands we continue the conflicts. It is not the messenger that you should focus to but the message. The fanatics are obsessed with the conflict of the messengers while the people are concerned with living the message. Because the fanatics control the religions they force the conflict to be part of your concern by spreading their fear to you. This is the natural conclusion of focus to the five sense reality only, symbolised with the Bible and the Koran which in essence are rules relating to the five sense reality. This is because the fanatics are closed off from the heart and operate at the level of the emotions or ‘Solar’ Plexus.

Yet to focus as many do, to the morality of religion without focus to the battles of religion, man can and does live in harmony with his fellow man. So it is the fanatical expression of religion that upsets this balance, or lower world energy creating diss-harmony. So it really is on an individual level that we need to change this current path, a move to more balanced behaviour and thought, to negate the spread of fear from the fanatics or emotion based people. Unfortunately they hold the reigns of power and make up the majority of the populations, so the blind leading the blind.

It is on that basis I see no contradiction with this work, I do see this work as the understanding one realises when one transcends the polarity of the five sense prison. This operation is an advocate of wisdom, proving the wise way to stand against this fascist fear based nonsense the fanatical mind has been imprisoned within since the formation of the Old Testament in Babylon. This was the blueprint for the imprisonment in the realm of the emotions, the Solar World or dimension, whereby consciousness becomes limited to the emotions cancelling out the heart. With the Eastern philosophies they operate to entrap a soul above the heart to create a prison of the mind or in occult speak, ‘an astral junkie’. These truths hidden or rather swamped in masses of knowledge emanating from the mystery schools which facilitated this very drowning. The truth is far simpler than the allowed doctrines purport, which is the whole purpose of the mystery schools, to displace the truth with an infinite amount of rubbish creating division, truth does not divide it is fear that divides.

We should judge people by their actions not their words.

The ruling bloodlines are murdering pigs and should be dealt with as such. This is the story of all their ancestry, which is bad blood regardless of what they say or write about themselves, their actions throughout history prove it.


This autumn in the year 2007 is the time WE all must act against the agenda of the Crown.

What I have brought to your attention with this work, ‘is’ what is happening right now right here. There are no in betweens, you cannot half accept this truth, you must all stop waiting for anymore proof of this agenda. Now is the time to act, and for those who are in there own way moving to this understanding, it is not enough, you must accelerate the move on all fronts now and act.


The highest message I am moving you towards is very simple :

The battle with the dragon is within. It is the battle between who you really are, and your DNA programming.

Every written and oral works ever to be stamped in this dimension is aiming at this simple truth. What a lot of nonsense man has allowed itself to believe through the centuries, when all along one only need learn to see who one really is within. The need for projection would end, back into the subtle frequencies on an individual level would you travel, the battle for you is ended living life in its true sense begins.


All religions are the creation of the Nefilim and have their root from within the lower fourth dimension. Those within the Islamic religion who preach change because of there religious beliefs in this nation, I feel would better settle their dilemma by choosing to live in a nation they would feel comfortable. Religious operatives who preach their faith angrily do so because they live in a nation that does not promote their particular idea of what should be accepted and thus obeyed. It seems odd to me that a religious person who feels his/her beliefs are under attack would wish to stay in such a country. When your religious beliefs are being challenged and you cannot accept this, a balanced person would question whether or not he or she should stay in that country. If this nation ever again became full on Christian in its forcing to go to Church and obey its doctrine, I would leave this nation. If I found myself in any country that again forced strict religious doctrine upon its population again I would leave that nation.

 The radicalisation of Muslims in none Muslim countries is the result of two points.

First the allowing of idiots like Hamsa to preach religious superiority and separatism in none Muslim nations, and laying sole blame to the ills of the Muslim’s outside their own leaders who are part of the global elite gang of fanatics.

Secondly on the back of such stupidity with the first point, none Muslim nations then go off and invade Muslim nations, then demonise those Muslims living in none Muslim nations.

It is the powers that be that allowed this type of preaching, in fact promoted it in this nation. It is the powers that be that then invaded other nations, not you the people not I the individual.

It is the powers that be that are instilling Fascism in this nation; it is the powers that be that are the Nazis.

Nothing will change this agenda unless the people change it.

The whole basis of this work is to show how the elite of all nations are working as one as they did with the two Great Wars against the populations of the whole planet, that because of religion the elite have the very means to do such things, because of the nature of religion itself. . I am attempting to show how we are all being played by the elite. I have to show how the elite can manipulate you all; I include the Jews to show how the last Great War was created via all hatred and blame of all the worlds’ ills being placed upon one section of the global community with disastrous results. The fact I am showing how the Muslims are being used in this current time, to again lay blame for the worlds ills, does not in any way equate to me having sympathies with their religion. My sympathies lie with the human race as a whole. Failure to grasp my message will condemn each and every one of us in the world to suffer the next planned Great War, which we all know through prediction to be the worst to be inflicted upon the human since the flood. Those whom the elite will allow to remain will be those who submit to their will.

Any fanatical mind  after reading my work would by definition of their understanding  place me in the category of the devil; I leave the ultimate decision as to my position up to you as individuals without prejudice, yet as I know myself, your decision will be exactly that, ‘your decision’.


                                                           Exposing NSPCC And RSPCA



In an earlier phase I attacked the NSPCC for its advertisement on the Freeview channels, using the heartbroken child Tom. Within days of that phase being released the advertisement changed massively. They have however as time as moved by re used the horror and pain of this child. What kind of sick, sick minds would actually stand and film a child in such obvious pain and heartbreak? What sick repulsive minds would then use this footage to beg monies from you all? Pretty simple really, the NSPCC. I am so angered by this add it is beyond explanation in words. This shows you all what type of creatures control such organisations, to gain the biggest share from generous and caring folk they use the sickest satanic methods to grab your emotions.


Also I attacked the RSPCA with it’s add admitting to you all how many pets they kill each year, this add was never seen again. Do not forget that according to its own figures it slaughters 2000 pets in most cases picked up by these fanatics, each year, without any attempt at finding the real owners of the animals. Again another sick bunch of people doing all they can to take your money. It must be investigated, the topic of certain breeds of dog attacking children, we must see how many of these animals link back to the RSPCA that have been microchiped. I know this goes on. At the end of March 2007 I received a questionnaire through the post from the RSPCA. From the line of questioning I got the distinct feeling they are fishing for our thoughts relating to animal welfare which I feel hints at lots of legislation on its way which will give organisations such as this great powers in busy bodying into our private pet owning lives.


What we possibly face is the use of China’s economy to destroy America’s economy in the future which as the so-called ‘motor’ of the global economy will be blamed as affecting all economies, so I ask you not to forget what we have learned during this current market destabilisation by Greenspan, because we learned that China’s economy does not in fact affect the big western economies, of course it doesn’t… the international financiers via the Opium wars completely took over China, and modelled her economy and thus systems on statutes to satisfy them. Basically the international financiers control the world economy including ‘China’s’. Watch this play as it begins the crash. The only way to scupper this is for all members of the human race who deal in the stock markets, to cease in panic, cease in greed and fear and this crash will not happen. This whole operation to this point has been to expose the international financiers, who are in fact the Royal Houses of the world with all their proxy families like the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers. Extremely famous family names, yet mere proxy’s, just puppets of those who stand in the shadows, those we believed we had cast out of power with the perceived capping of Royal power with the creation of parliament and government. It has all been a super scam of monumental proportions, the idea of freedom is the biggest scam perpetrated to us all, made far worse in that to cover their hold on power our ancestry has killed murdered and died at the behest of these families for what they believed was the seeking of freedom. When all along they where being slaughtered by the very people they served so the elite could survive to the end of the game, hidden in the lies of many conflicts to create the division and a fabrication of outrageous proportions.

Accusation of such a claim ends directly in the hands of the Super elite; who call themselves the Illuminati, the inner circle of all the religions, the bankers to the world. It is time for them to answer to this charge.


I would take this opportunity to request from all decent farmers who find themselves at the mercy of the Illuminati supermarkets and other forces, to write down your experience and send them to me that I can put it to the people.




As I was completing this phase of operations I came across a man named David Boyle. David Boyle has a conspiracy exhibition in Blackpool, almost directly across from the Central Pier. I visited his exhibition and met with David on May 1st 2007 and found him to be a very interesting man. For those who take their esoteric learning from the Cabbala and the Hindu I would advise a visit to this exhibition. My main reason for visiting this exhibition was to learn more about the work of David Percy, who as co-author of a book ‘Two Thirds’, proves the connection between the face on Mars and its surrounding pyramids and craters with, Avebury, Stonehenge and Glastonbury. He also puts forward possible connection to the pyramids at Giza especially relating to the chambers within the largest pyramid, Khufu, at Giza, and to the meaning of the Sphinx. He puts forward explanation for the cause of our atmosphere to precession controlled by the retrograde movement of the moon, and very interestingly puts forward possible false atmospheric creation for a short term on Mars in times past. With the information and connections made by David Percy to the chambers in the largest pyramid, I would elaborate in relation to the Templars installation of the same chamber set up, into the loop on the Egyptian Ankh, which is representative of one of the elite bloodlines from Atlantis in its pure form without the chamber symbol. The installation of this symbol within the Ankh is representative of the corruption via breeding with the Anunnaki into the original bloodline of the Atlantean Thoth in his true form pre interference by the Anunnaki. So I would expand on David Percy’s findings adding more proof to my insistence that all the information relating to the mystery school doctrine in circulation since at least the formation of Judaism which was the means to which much of the old knowledge was removed from circulation by military force expanded with Christianity. Because it included a more loving message made it more successful because it gathered many loving souls to the cause, people who understood the message, and as such became an enormous organisation which allowed the fanatical leaders to collect gold and eventually money to fund the agenda of the fanatic controllers. Christianity the corporation as it gathered souls was able to remove 95% of historical fact and the true story of man, and to ensure only the tale of the rise of the Anunnaki and their allies exists in the minds of man as supreme deities. All allegiance whatever your religion and culture is given unto the false ancestors of man in that they are a later and invading life form to this the Earth and wider universe’s story, and a parasitic life form at that.  And of course we then have the limited doctrine of Islam to do the same upon the Persian minds.  If the connection between the Mars complex, Stonehenge, Avebury, and Glastonbury is in fact how we should perceive the mystery, I feel it was the temporary base of the escaping elite before the flood from whence they returned after the flood to create the history we know, and perhaps the initial root of the breeding to create the Nefilim Hybrids that would take over the remaining tribes and mass of people after the flood. David Boyle further expands on the importance of the Mars complex by connecting the Cabbalistic Tree of Life to this complex and for this information one would have to visit the Blackpool exhibition. I have offered Camelot’s reference to Mars and other such Mars root meanings as they relate to certain esoteric symbolism, so David Boyles information is extremely relevant to all students of these systems, he is a very learned man.

Having come through the mystery school and the Masters, I know what I am speaking about when it comes to the Masters, so I would advise all to keep in mind they are dealing in all the knowledge relating to the negative creatures who control this world, and to understand they will find no light in this knowledge save to prove its negative nexus to enable one to move out of the lower world bunkum. When you take as truth the translations of Zachariah Sitchin to the Sumer Tablets you fall foul of the Anunnaki’s deceit that they created Mankind in its genetic structure, to take the timescale given via Sitchin to the Anunnaki’s genetic interference with Man, it is only that, ‘interference’ not as is claimed by Sitchin the actual creation of Man. This shows itself  with archaeological finds which show Man in existence hundreds of thousands of years before the Anunnaki claim to have created Man. Taken with native cultures histories which all claim their ancestors where descended upon by the Anunnaki proves the claims by Sitchin to be a fantasy. I see the game in terms of the Anunnaki as top dogs allied with the Lyrian crossbreed Dragon hybrids, the Elohim, are responsible for infusing the DNA corruption into the Human via in the first instance genetic mutation with all the genetic strains, the Lion race the race of the Unicorn etc. in the second instance breeding with the Earth women thus creating the hybrid bloodlines known in ancient times as Giants / Nefilim, proving themselves today as Royal. As these hybrid bloodlines bred and created a tribe, this genetic breeding would then take the form also of more laboratory type operations and he hybrid offspring placed in the positions of power. We also know the creatures known as the Greys are the genetic creation of the Anunnaki to operate as purely psychic slaves, this information gained from African accounts exposed by Credo Mutwa. So this would be the slave race of which the Anunnaki speak, not man in its physical structure, they only instilled a corruption into the human form and perfected it over the millennia to enable a more acceptable hybrid they use as their mask, so as to man they look like man. They have however created Man’s visual cortices vision of itself and the universe which has been created in the image decreed by the Anunnaki via the Elohim, so we have become their slave race, and as such as man exists today we are their creation, but only in the realms of how man sees itself, they are not the creators of the human form.. They have removed all knowledge outside of Anu and his offspring’s battle for supremacy, therefore hiding who we as the human race actually are, giving focus only to the battle between the offspring of the Anunnaki as they have used man as their pawns, when all along it is they who are operating against humanity, but man bewitched only sees in terms of the Anunnaki’s division and sides, we have missed the point all these long centuries, the human has a much longer history than 450.000 years ago when the Anunnaki arrived. The opportunity that fell before the surviving elite of Atlantis, the pinnacle of society before the final cataclysms pre-flood who having escaped with their advanced technology it would seem to Mars, upon their return had the chance to create the post flood era in their image, that is to say leave out all knowledge of their true identity and their role in the destruction of the pre-flood age, and offer to the surviving humans only their own sordid history since they infected man with genetic interference in Africa all those years ago then to Lemuria and finally into Atlantis. All we have known post flood save for highly secretive initiates is rule by the dark force. So they are responsible for how man in the present sees itself and its place in the universe, which as we know is limiting in the extreme. So the human is a slave to the implanted vision of reality, we where turned into slaves with the interference by these amphibious dragons, we are slaves still yet.

So I see David Boyle as expert in the mystery school knowledge as created by the Anunnaki and the Elohim and as such for students of Cabbala and the Grail should consider a visit to his exhibition. Where I differ with David is in the understanding of Anu and his sons Enki and Enlil. Zachariah Sitchin promotes the idea that Enlil is the super bad guy opposing his brother and good guy Enki. David feels Enlil is the dark one known as Jehovah, but when you study the origins of the name Jehovah it has very feminine connotations especially relating to the Moon so I am not of the mind Jehovah equates with Enlil directly but could very well be one of the offspring of Enlil’s line in Inanna/ Ishtar the warrior Goddess, the daughter to Enlil’s son, Sin, her symbol being the lion symbolising the DNA corruption into the leonid race So on that basis it would show Enlil’s line to be responsible for a lot of naughty behaviour. Another son to Sin and grandson to Enlil is U-TU known as Shamash (Baalbek), whose symbol is the Christian cross. So we can see a link to the religions coming from the bloodline of Enlil. you must not however count out the possibility of Enki and Enlil playing ‘good cop bad cop’ with the minds of man, while as with the Illuminati at elite level they all operate for their daddy, Anu, who in his Hyksos Egyptian incarnation became ANU-BIS, giving you his true position as God of the underworld or Lower World, so in dealing with Anu, Anubis, we are dealing with the God of the Underworld, what we have as the mystery schools are nonsense holding together the Illuminati but most importantly all the personnel within religions and the secret societies, so it is imperative we all finally understand the doctrines to prove this truth should it be the case. This is continuing in the present through another of these corrupted idolatry born children, Jesus, or John the Hyksos Egyptian Baptist. Of course this is the case if you follow the New Testament which hijacks the story of an adept who left and gave great secrets (exposed) from the inner circle of the Osiris cult to his fellow man from within the Egyptian Gnostic Nasoreans, which until his death had John the Baptist at the head. We can see Ishtar brought forward into the new age religion as Ashtar.


This good cop bad cop played out between John the Baptist and Jesus and vice versa, gave the ability to divide Christianity. John the Baptist was ‘a’ cult leader with Egyptian Gnosis or knowledge known in their time as Nasoreans, although he was not the founder of this sect which was created in Palestine years before John became leader, but its knowledge is intrinsically Egyptian mystery school doctrine. John was regarded as only a great leader and prophet not a messiah in his time and by the remnants of this sect which is to be found in Southern Iraq and Iran. After the first Gulf War this sect it is thought has been almost killed off in a sort of genocide, this mystery school knowledge is the basis of all religion and secret societies across the globe. The Royal Court of the Dragon also known as the brotherhood of the snake, was tasked from its formation to infiltrate all remaining mystery schools which held the knowledge pre-flood and to remove the knowledge only to be re-formed in the nonsensical garbage we have today. Within the secret societies as you move up in the degrees, the exposition of the Egyptian root to scripture is slowly given or at least hinted at in its move to divide your mind against Rome. Thus your unease of Rome becomes backed with knowledge. You only get the absolution of this Egyptian root if you are selected to join the Illuminised hidden degrees and if you climb far enough you get to see the Nefilim in their fourth dimensional form and attend the rituals… The scriptures more or less show that both Simon the Magus who was the chosen successor of John the Baptist and Y’shua who took command, belonged to this sect, with Jesus or Y’shua breaking from the sect to preach against the use of sex magic and other such ritual which was the basis of the Baptist’s teaching or at least this is known of Simon and his partner Helen, if it where not so then John the Baptist certainly would not have elected Simon the Magus as his successor.. Should this be the case then neither John nor Y’shua were in fact Jewish but from the Egyptian lines, with John’s main mission being to change the Hebrew back to its origins, which emanate from within the Egyptian mystery school doctrine, the cult of Isis Osiris mixed in Babylon… this if Wallis Budge is correct and I feel he is, further shows itself with the claim to King David’s line by scholars for Jesus. Rome created a fantasy around an actual rebel initiate; they had to, to hide the Egyptian origins of the Nasoreans. So Y’shua was overwritten with a fantasy figure called Jesus to hide the real meaning and life of Y’shua the Egyptian mystery school adept.

What must be understood here is that sex magic is knowledge of what can be accomplished using sexual energy, and not as is the case with religious literal interpretation which puts all sex in the realms of Satan without an explanation. This religious understanding of sex is of course what the Nefilim require because of the guilt associations. In its true form the understanding to be taken is that through the miss-use of sexual energy great magical feats can be accomplished especially for re-programming and controlling another human being, so the balanced way to look upon sex would be to understand if the union is one of love from both parties then love programming is reached, to use sex for sex opens one to become a victim of those cults who use the whore aspect to transfer energies to others. The idea of Sacred Marriage and not committing adultery has its base in these facts, because one may commit adultery with a satanic operative unknowingly, who then transfers those energies to their marriage or relationship partner and thus children. This obviously works in the reverse and is a way of transmitting love, so one can see on what truths of energy manipulation such a formula was formed, and another truth thrown into the realms of the devil.  Not only that, one can better understand why celibacy is demanded, it prevents the balanced feminine entering the priesthood which would be disastrous for the Illuminati’s control. This can clearly be seen in the difference between a married and unmarried clergy and the reason there are many balanced and sound people within the Church of England, unfortunately this does not hold sway from its head in the very un- balanced Queen of England, puppet of the CrownTemple.


 Would it not be pertinent to conclude the Roman elite in creating the myth around Y’shua symbolised with the idolatrous born Jesus, whose teaching to say the least can be contradictory, and can therefore be all things to all men, either the fanatic or a balanced loving mind can claim allegiance which in turn keeps the balanced people content while offering the ladder for the fanatic to climb in using the ritual magic in secret. (This is so with all religion) So from a Nefilim point of view showing itself in Rome, the creation of Jesus was in fact quite a good move to capture the opponents to the cults of sorcery to gather them unto themselves, while strengthening in secret the rise of fanaticism. That to invent Jesus hid Y’shua true Egyptian origins but does continue a message of love. If John the Baptist was preaching against the lie of the Levites by showing the true Egyptian origin of the Bible Patriarchs to the Jews of the time, then he was preaching pre Old Testament Hyksos thus Babylon’s version mystery school nonsense, post Akhenaton, Perhaps Y’shua was preaching Egyptian knowledge pre-Hyksos, pre-flood, and the reason he became more popular among those who had previously followed John. In choosing Y’shua to bring forth Christianity they had to make Jesus up in the character promoted in the New Testament because had the Egyptian roots been brought forth into Christianity they would not have had the ability to form Hyksos Egyptian mystery school knowledge into the opposing underground which ultimately splintered Christianity in to the many sects and cults and covens etc.  The division between the Johannites and the Jesuses gave birth to the Gnostics, Templars, the Cathars, Protestantism and more, to be followed by Freemasonry yet still the scarlet preistcraft control all because all these mysteries have their entire basis in the Egyptian mystery schools, of course post Hyksos control, and belong in their entirety to the lower world, that is not to say we should ignore the lower world knowledge, it has mush to teach, but is not the whole only a part of the tale to be unravelled. As we know, scripture today takes its root from Babylon through Egypt with the sons of Akhenaton; the ‘Levites’, who formed the Old Testament... Yet again the scarlet preistcraft re-hash ancient knowledge to split mankind while all the divisions exist within the umbrella of one faith in one God Anu. So when you look at symbolic figures such as Mithra and Jesus there is a carrying forward of a better way to exist for cohesion, ‘the message of love’, the problem arises in the creation of a rigid religion all subservient to the head. So they hijack balanced information, form it within a satanic organisation giving the inner circle control. One only need concentrate to the message, not the messengers for the subtlety of this spark of light. The fanatics or people of power are obsessed with the messengers and their battles; all the while the people in many respects have understood the message and do try to live harmoniously with their fellow man. One can see clearly the Gods of the Underworld have instilled themselves around the Gods and bloodlines from Atlantis and Lemuria to become the false deities of worship, so we are at the present fully giving allegiance to the false King spoken in so many of the scriptures of the world, and of course the biggest King of man is God, God is the false lord. Whichever brother you choose to ally yourself with as with the Roman Protestant split, you are deceived and operate for the twin aspects of Anu represented as his offspring Enki and Enlil, further expanded by the offspring of both these brothers.

When it comes to Roswell, David Boyle sees the introduction of our technology as emanating from what NASA learnt from the crashed craft, I however see the technological advances as coming from deals made with the Elohim via their slave race the Greys, and the Illuminati, the Illuminati got technology, the Elohim/Anunnaki got permission to abduct and mutilate life on this planet. Because we have voted our leaders into power such deals can be done in our name, a sort of situation whereby the leaders of our world are in the process of selling our souls to the devil on our behalf, this they can do because they represent us? And so can speak for us...

If we go back to the work of David Percy, he speaks of the true meaning of the Sphinx stating it represents the genetic mix of the Monkey and the Lion. This information relating to a Lion race comes in great quantities in ancient Egypt, which can be glimpsed with the work of author ‘Murry Hope’ among others. I do not however see the face to be representing a monkey, the Anunnaki perhaps, but the truth remains hidden yet to be unlocked.

I differ with these conclusions in respect that this is not symbolic of the creation of Man but symbolic of a genetic mix within the Human form of the Leonid race from Sirius. I feel the Melchedekans are the race allied to the Dragon race in a subservient role and the means to the enslavement of the Human because of their more human features. We also know that the Anunnaki have allies within Sirius and quite possibly what the Sphinx is telling us is that many races have interbred with the Dragons in this case with the sphinx showing the Anunnaki / Leonid hybrid bloodline. The base on Mars was the place of retreat for the ruling bloodlines pre-flood while they demolished the Earth with their negative esoteric and military might to return after the flood to re-organise mankind into the divisions we have today. This is exactly what the elite today are in the process of creating on Mars I fear.

I would also to support my current understanding of this knowledge with the fact as already stated, Sitchin has been named as an attendee of the sacrificial rituals and a man very involved in selecting for murder, those he feels are a threat to his work. So in attempting to understand the Sumerian Tablets we are dependant upon Zachariah Sitchin who is not a trustworthy person and a man we know to be operating for the Nefilim.

What David Percy does however prove is that there is much to be learned as it relates to the ancient structures on Earth and those on Mars. So, on a very high level the current so called nations within the axis of evil promoted by the Illuminati, are also the nations holding many archaeological finds and yet to be found finds, hence the reason such nations have been turned into the gun sporting violent places they are. We have to include Bosnia in this agenda also. Can you at least see how it is all beginning to make sense and an end to the mystery is in sight, this information requires serious contemplation before the Nefilim again hijacks the truth with another mass of lies for the next age as given by Anu, the God of the Underworld?

One interesting point David Boyle brought into our conversation was his placing of nuclear wars post flood in Sumer and surrounding areas, which gave me the idea Anu perhaps did return to Earth after the flood and concocted this whole nonsense we are currently trying to deal with in preparation for his return any time soon or at least should the New World Order be completed. It’s a minefield alright.

I will further expand this information in a future phase.


                                                                      Super Casino's


I would like to make comment on the super casino agenda. I have been working in Lytham for the last few weeks and immersed myself in the energies of this area. I have listened to many views from businessmen in and around Blackpool. My take on this whole game is a super re-affirmation of the Catholic-Protestant divide in this nation. How so? Well… we have all been made aware of the so-called rift between Blair and Brown, yet we the public have been left hanging as to what the rift is all about. With the Blair cult, we all had a shock to hear the casino had been granted to Manchester over the expected Blackpool. We now have Brown operating a review of the whole show. To those a little more inclined to the fanatical programming within the Illuminati religions this move will be seen as proof, Blair operates directly from the Vatican removing a big money scheme from the Masonic controlled Blackpool and giving it to the Catholic Manchester. Brown on the other hand with his change in stance, I say stance because he was part of the initial idea, can now place himself in the position whereby all Masonic operatives feel Brown is on their side and has been all along, which just happens to enlighten us to the true rift between the satanic twins Blair and Brown… this will create excitement…  and I fear, just the scam required to keep this satanic government in power which the Illuminati require to oversee phase II military actions and manoeuvres in the war on terror. This move then secures safe implementation of phase II manoeuvres, and should the Tories get in at the next general election… the game will be set in play and only the reactions of the newly interned Tory party need be manipulated to the game as it plays itself out at this time. Even better if Brown wins another four years, the Illuminati agenda will be Childs play to implement. Do not forget the whole seven thousand year agenda concludes, December 12th 2012, they have to have us in a world war situation, fascist law and structure in place, and most important of all a completely microchiped population. We have less than five years to demolish the new world order’s web of control do not underestimate the importance of what I write or we are screwed and…in rolls the army of Anu.


I would also like to make comment on the BAE scandal. I see an attempt by the Illuminati in removing BAE Systems and all its high Teck systems industries out of Britain altogether using their American branch of operatives to position her in such an awkward position during this American investigation into the deal with the Saudis, that a secret deal will be done removing all the high Teck knowledge and expertise from Britain. This is because we are on the brink of stopping this new world order in its tracks in this country, hence the warning from Bill Clinton, if we go ahead and de-link from the new world order we will need this technology for sure, we must stop any move to move the knowledge held within BAE systems out of this country.


What is currently going on within the world of the gangster...well we have Illuminati controlled operatives in the main ex-gangsters, terrifying all gangsters relative to the influx of Ashkenazi eastern Europeans and how frightening they are. They are promoting the idea all British gangsters should deal with these Russian operatives because they will go a lot further than they would. They then cite the fact that the New York Mafia are so afraid they are doing deals with them. Well… with the knowledge within this phase you would expect nothing less from the New York Mafia given the fact that the whole of New York’s Mafia are under the control of the Ashkenazi Lansky’s Israeli Mossad. So the Illuminati are frightening the British gangster into dealing with the recent and current invasion of Ashkenazi troops into this country… this comes directly out of Prince Charles’s camp. My message to all in the world of the gangster, do not under any circumstances do any deals with these Russian underworld operatives or you will become very quickly their bitch’s. More important than that is the fact that as conscription begins in this nation all native British will be gone from this country and the population will be at the mercy of these Khazars.


                                          Maddie McCann : Human Microchip On The Cards


Over the May Day bank holiday 2007 we had the missing child Madeleine McCann, a three year old little girl who has been kidnapped taking over the media. We are witnessing as I have already stated the beginnings for the move for the human microchip. One can see this in the first instance by the chatter of the media who constantly speak in terms of, “do we really believe our children are safe.” This event is a big one in that because it a storey relating to a holiday abroad it will hit the fears of the middle class in the first instant, in that they have the disposable income for such holidays. Secondly because of its nature this event will be reported in the same way across the globe. So on the back of the fear thus created the idea of the microchip will be instilled into the media banter. This will give the powers that be a testing of the water so to speak, if they feel it is succeeding we will be giving the green light for many more such child kidnap and disappearances carried by such organisations as the Golden Dawn, and using the strategy we know as protocol 15, cover up of such operations will be a doddle. Do not forget they use only safe families, which means families who are esoterically and physically under the control of the Illuminati via its immense organisations especially the religions. This was confirmed on Sunday May 6th when the grief stricken parents went to Church in Portugal to pray for the safe return of their child, the news report focused on the fact they were a very religious family. So as terrible as such events are do not collapse in fear thus allowing the implementation of the human microchip. So we now have the sex offender’s reasoning for microchipping and the current outright child kidnap, and the three missing terrorists watch this agenda with a very open mind in sync with extreme control of your emotional response, or you give the green light for many more such events. You can see the hope and fear game playing out here.

To show this move esoterically we are heading to the quarter festival of Old Beltane which falls on May 1, so we are being pre-empted for the next quarter agenda to play out which will focus to the problem with children’s safety, so we are at the stage of problem creation to which they will manipulate the reaction with ideas for children’s safety, just watch and see. This stinks of ritual, and a sacrificial one at that as it is blazoned across the world media being so close to Beltane and in the Templars second capitol nation as it is from whence the organisation Opus Die has its roots. On Tuesday 1May Beltane, the Portuguese police release Robert Murat without charge. On this days evening of Beltane human sacrifice goes on around the world, we are talking about children around the same age as Maddy. As terrible as what I am hinting at is this is what I see playing out with this event, which has the global community in outright fear and compassion all aimed at the plight of this little girl, for the ritual this is the collection of enormous energy. This is as I have been stating for four years and more, and in operating for you all to see we have the esoteric operations of the elite to form the reaction in the people for the solution that will be offered by the Illuminati, ‘the human microchip’.

Surely now you can see who the enemy of peace and cohesion in this world are, and thus who the real enemy is. It is not a bearded Muslim who lives in a cave in Afghanistan, it is the leaders of the world who take their dictate and power from the ruling bloodline operatives in every nation via the religions and secret society allegiance without question, you have to disband all these groups  not by force but by intelligent  denouncement of all operations backing this agenda it now being exposed, that we can dismantle in the first instance all military actions, all policy forming the world government in its interfering in nations ability to utilise its own resources. We need to look at all policies implemented since 1979 and take referendum on the most damaging to the cohesion this nation once enjoyed and act immediately upon the results whatever they may be, for then we truly would be operating as a full and balanced democratic ideology, all the people would work together to re-form this nations structure to benefit all. Wednesday 23rd May we have the escaped terror suspects three in total, this is the third move towards the microchip agenda; paedophiles, kidnapped children, and escaped terror suspects, it’s coming. The escaped suspected terrorists also play into the Brown announcement to re-look at much of the defeated legislation relating to control orders, racial hatred and incitement to religious hatred.




I would return at the end of this phase to probably the most important topic domestically in the UK, the cash for peerages scandal. If you have grasped the relevance of’ inner circle’ ‘outer circle’, if you go back to Protocol 15 within this phase page 39, then one can understand that in the outer circle we are given the idea of an ‘INQUEST’ or ‘Investigation’ when in truth from the Inner Circle’s perspective, it is an act of ‘COVER UP’. That is what is going on as I write. The same with every inquest and investigation ever to have taken place within this nation, as will happen once again with the inquest into Diana. I have heard the word ‘Senate’ being banged about for the future of the House of Lords, you do not get more Roman than that. It has nothing whatever to do with true democracy which was born in ancient Greece which the AmericanState purports to be based. Yet for all who have studied the Greeks will well know, dictatorship follows democracy so we have known all along to what end we are making in the pursuit of the Greek model of civilisation. What I have offered you in this work is there for you all to see in the current moves in politics. To act in shock that democracy can be turned into dictatorship is a little strange after the study of Socrates who said all those years ago, “the only end for democracy is dictatorship’. Of course that is the agenda of the Illuminati, we the people of this nation can prevent this, we can stop this journey into fascism within this nation first, and then help the world follow suit. I do not claim to be the great I am, but I operate for the force  who aim for what is balanced, the energy within all religions in the outer circle to whom in your heart you all offer prayer and service, not the mask of fear.




In a previous phase I talked about the possibilities for fuel creation with oil seed rape. In a recent Top Gear programme we got some figures:

A 25 acre site would yield a fifteen ton crop.

This would give 3000 gallons of fuel.

 That’s around 90.000 miles of travel for a car.

We can make ethanol from grain also creating a bio-fuel to carry us over until we find an alternative form of energy, not on the back of global warming but on the fact we will eventually run dry of oil.


Still to this day, I have never used the internet, never.

And still received no response from MoorheadHigh School to my second letter to what seems a lifetime ago.


 The information and knowledge within this work has been available for a long time. It is the negative agenda being carried out in this third dimension. It is the information and knowledge pushed under the carpet because we dare not allow it into the light for fear of having to face the reality we find ourselves in. It is not the whole, only part of the whole. You can only recognise the negative by allowing oneself to look at the negative. Only through recognition can one change what needs to be changed. If you do not know what the negative is, you cannot judge correctly. We can no longer fear to face what stands before us. If we remove our troops from all these invasions we remove the terrorist threat from this nation and cancel out the need for any new anti terror legislation and the gathering agenda at removing our freedom and liberty, it is that simple. Brown will act in no way contrary to the Illuminati’s domestic installation of fascism, or its exportation around the world.


 “How deep are we to fall into the FascistState?”




During the days of the New Brewery in Accrington there was a Judge / Magistrate who had a soft spot for boys. This fellow frequented this establishment for this very reason and was not disappointed. The clique who operated from this public house provided this Judge with that he sought, what was very surprising or I suppose not, was the fact that from this event on all operatives of this clique never found themselves convicted when this Judge sat the trials, and stranger still, in most cases when an operative of this clique found themselves in court, this Judge always seemed to be sitting, so the control by this clique rises high enough to the level’s of judge selection. Be very careful what sexual shenanigans you allow yourself to take part in or you may just find yourself under the most intense blackmail and a servant to this satanic cult still very much alive and kicking in this area. You have to grasp the esoteric use of sex magic which creates the situation in which a man or woman finds themselves unable to stop going to a particular place, a sort of mental and physical addiction. While around these people I had many people say to me quietly they could not stop themselves from going to a particular house or pub or any such place no matter what they did to prevent it. This is because of possession by a entity on the next dimension taking hold of your electromagnetic field lasting for how ever long the ritual sent against you is set to last, in most cases it is for the length of a moon, but of course during that moon they further strengthen their hold on you during the full moon when you would find yourself at a particular place of the satanic operatives direction and decree. You are at a disadvantage in not understanding this information and I have stated throughout this work I am available for advice in positions you may find yourself in which you feel the type of energies I have explained around you, I know the majority of you have and are in such positions to which you become the target of these energies.


Another extremely sad state of our present would be every session of parliament beginning with an obituary to your son’s daughters, husbands, wives, mothers and fathers.

One thing we will never witness within the Crown’s parliament are sons and daughters of names such as Blair, Straw, Prescott, Beckett, Brown, Milliband, Hewitt, Usher, Reid, Pope, Cameron, Haig, Osborne, Campbell, Baker, Hughes, within the obituaries which can only get bigger and bigger. We must not become de-sensitised to the death of our soldiers and those our armies have been ordered to kill.


 To continue the exposing of those who hide behind the title ‘Councillor’, whom I know to be operating for the local satanic elite in our borough of Hyndburn. One more name to add to this list is Councillor Anthony Dobson. So it is no surprise to me that he is now Mayor of this little satanic controlled town, nominated by the puppet Britcliffe and all the rest of the councillors in this town.


The serpent has to be brought to the point of its potential transformation. The serpent in its current form is reflecting the subconscious of man, our fear of it must be levelled through understanding, we must change our vibration creating the opportunity for the serpent to transform.


For the final thought for this phase I would ask you consider this:

Now knowing the mindset of the Jesus and his dad brigade as it shines through Bush and Blair, focus your mind to the coming puppet prophet who will be heralded as the second coming, you know what it will be calling for… Judge Judge Judge. War War War


Onward Christian soldiers marching yet again into hell on Earth.

No thanks I say?


 I like the idea of renaming Hyndburn, ‘Accrington and district’ places us back to our original numerological significance, the number 7. Is it I wonder, an attempt to distance themselves from the exposing of the bunch of slaves they are in collaborating with the fascist mindset even though they have been brought into the light to just such actions? Will it not be the same names and faces acting against the people of Accrington and surrounding district once the change is incorporated? Of course it will.


With love to you all




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