PHASE XIV






Watching the speech at their party conference of Menzies Campbell in 2006, I heard nothing to remove what I have stated in relation to how the Crown Temple are ensuring you vote for the Liberals having destroyed both the Tories and Labour in the eyes of many  British people as we get ever nearer to 2012. You can see this playing out in how the Liberal Party is structuring itself along the American model with their creation of a President of the party currently Simon Hughes. The reason Charles Kennedy was removed was to prevent the Liberals gaining power to soon, which if you follow the poles, was looking better for the Liberals under Kennedy because of his stance on the war. This could not be so at this stage in the military game, not at least until the Labour party has been crushed in the eyes of the people as were the Tories. Since Campbell took over their popularity has waned considerably He talked about the over taxing by Browns policies of stealth, yet I heard nothing of how they are to remove what has already been placed in this over taxing burden, only peripheral alterations that would change nothing, we will still be taxed to death by the Crown Temple. Have you ever known a new tax to be repealed once it is introduced? NO is the answer. Just take the council tax. This agenda was allowed to go ahead on the basis that it was to shift the collection of tax from many other quarters unto the council tax, yet they continue to put up the council tax along with all other stealth and open tax legislation, surely you who perceive yourself to be intelligent can see this agenda as nothing more than ‘tax them then tax them and tax them again,’ it will never end until we are again in the situation as was this nation at the time of King John. Since 1997 we all pay an extra £40 billion in tax! This figure was released on 31st January 2007. But all these changes once complete will be un – changeable because it is all part of the New World Order which I state again is to put us back politically and economically to the system we know in history as the middle ages, those at the top with everything, the administrators of this system, and the rest of mankind in absolute poverty. All these extra monies collected in tax are to place us into war mode for the foreseeable future, and to pay the £76 billion for Trident upgrade. Don’t forget  ‘the administrator’ of this system will be the computer mainframe, so all you lackeys who are in these orders and societies having been told  you will be looked after for the rest of your lives, understand with the next inquisition and purge will end rather abruptly once the system is in place. So your life span of being ‘looked after’ is only valid until they have instilled the New World Order.

 Campbell’s excitement in the environment agenda is enough to further tax you all, this will add astronomical tax burdens to the people and industry of this nation and control of each household via carbon quotering. Not only that one can see how the environment fanatics are becoming the new army of suppression thus, in May 2007 an announcement by the Green Parties Human Optimum Population Trust demand we have no more than 2 children because this is the biggest cause of pollution, ‘O’, so we can cease in all taxation then can we? I don’t think so; this comes straight out of the Club of Rome’s Eugenics programme. If Campbell was an intelligent man he would understand that what is happening with global warming is the natural cycle of precession. If the ice caps are melting which there are no signs outside the normal spring melt, will bring the Earth back to how she was pre 6000 years, proven by official science. The ice caps are the result of the massive cataclysms between 10.500 years BC finally settling down around 7000 years ago. I would like to add that I feel the freeze happened after the flood, especially so if there was great volcanic activity before the flood which would have darkened the sun for a long period of time or as proven, massive release of gasses from volcanic eruption actually cools the temperature on the surface because the gasses repel the heat, not as is being spread across the media, to raise the temperature. So in hiding the true history of our planet through the manipulation of history and education they hoodwink us all and are able to institute more taxation upon the populations of the world, and create new legislation to further take control of our land. To give example; they are currently using the water vole as a means to create legislation to control land around all waterways. They present the cause of water vole reduction to the release of Mink during the 1980’s. I was around Masons at this time through the sport of shooting, and remember well freemasonic operatives releasing the mink all over the common land right across Lancashire. I questioned some of them as to why they were releasing mink when they knew they would destroy wildlife; they said it was for fur?


                                                          GLOBAL WARMING SCAM


What people must begin to understand is that Antarctica holds 80% of the planets ice, but Antarctica is two landmasses in between which is a massive ocean. This means that more than 50% of the ice is already in the sea and would not then add to the sea level rises, at least to a lesser degree than that which they terrify you all with, in there predicting. Failure to understand this point allows the environment scam to terrify you with the current predicted sea level rises and the information relative to the Gulf Stream. There are scientific studies that prove Antarctica is actually gaining ice. With Greenland should all the ice melt on this landmass the effect would in real terms add 1 inch to sea levels over the hundred years they feel it will take for this ice to melt. Again as with combat 18, the unofficial science is then backed by the oil and big polluting corporations to give the idea ‘unofficial science’ is bullshit.  The whole environment scam is to further instil control and fear to the populations. I mean if they can convince you that the information within this work is the same backdrop to which the BNP adhere to, you would cast off this work as that of the highly racist, pig, do not forget the BNP is a front for the Rothschild’s ADL.

Fertilizer is made up of high levels of nitrogen – which turns to nitrous-oxide in the soil, which is then released into the atmosphere. The result is a greenhouse gas 20 times more potent than carbon. Cattle release methane from their gut and rear end at an alarming rate, again methane is a much more potent gas than carbon. This methane release is solely because of the diet of cereal fed to the cattle.  Also in the production of cereal many greenhouse gasses are released into the atmosphere. Between the cattle release and cereal production alone, accounts for 18% of greenhouse gases. On such facts as these, many scientists do not except the truth about the carbon emission fears, are born on scientific fact. When one studies the earths history geographically we find this massive release of Carbon happens in cycles, it is just that at this period we are part of this cycle. The actual controllers of the Carbon Cycle are the oceans which in turn are controlled by the Sun. The real danger to the planet is the de – forestation which prevents carbon re – cycling. The poisoning of the land through our farming methods again is the biggest danger to the eco cycle; this actually alters the soil structure and obviously effects the growth of vegetation. The oil removal again is a major factor in what we are doing that is wrong to the earth, the oil wells act to cool the inner Earth, this is the true reason man is altering the temperature to higher figures. The removal of the inner Earths cooling system is warming the Earth from within; this is what they are covering with the climate scam. What people don’t understand, which is also one of the major factors to consider when understanding how the elite operate against the earth, is the building of roads on the ley line system. This has in the main already been done which has all vehicles operating on these energy lines and thus pollutes them not with carbon emission but electromagnetic energy which then affects the whole grid. So I am not saying we are not destroying the planet, only that how we are destroying the planet is not, as is portrayed in mantra fashion, through carbon emissions, which the atmosphere requires. In the past we have periods of mass carbon emissions via volcanic eruptions which then destroyed many of the forests. This had a doubling effect on emissions as the disintegrating forest matter then creates carbon emissions and prevents through lack of trees… carbon being re – cycled. Carbon is not the cause of climate change and was a fact of science pre-1979, before Thatcher challenged the Royal Society to prove the carbon link which they did through the creation of the IPCC (Independent Panel on Climate Change). The environment scam is to cover the true damage the elite are perpetrating upon the planet with de-forestation and oil removal and to create a new tax burden and means of control through allotted carbon quotas... On December 12th 06 they brought out Professor Peter Wadhams from Cambridge stating regardless of what we do now relative to global warming, we would see no difference for over 100 years, what a cover for the scam? If we look at the governments own figures they show that America which holds only 4% of the worlds population, pumps out 25% of all carbon emissions. That is one quarter of the worlds carbon emissions pumped out by greedy America. Not only does this have massive connotations for the idea of global democracy, in that such a minority of the global population can use so much energy, it shows that Britain which is fast becoming the most taxed nation on the planet without the extra taxes under the environment scam, would make not one bit of difference to the true perpetrators of carbon emissions in this ‘global community’. It would be far more beneficial for the illusory environment scam playing out in Britain to spend monies forcing the Ignorant America to wake up to itself and its puerile attitude to the world in which it lives, or lets just destroy the Crown as it exists in this nation which would free America from the London Black Nobility and thus Rome. We can see the contradiction in American political thinking with the fact that America can be seen to be an operation of Rome in its use of the term ‘Senate’, which has no connotations to the Greek term ‘Democracy’ as they like to promote themselves as imitating, it is time to see. We are all becoming initiated into the elites Modus Operandi through information such as this work, we can see this bullshit ourselves, it is time to rebel against the lies and deceit played out against the populations of the world by the international financiers, that we can destroy their power and grip upon this world for ever. If this nation spent five years of our tax revenue to pay back our National Debt, we would truly be free of the global elite and would truly become the example and adventurer of the world, of which we are more than capable. It is our role with the help of our ancestral spirit to be the bringers of a better way to live to the world and would excuse in the eyes of the world all the elite have done unto the world via this nations ancestry in the plunder of all nations, we would truly become the opposition to the evil empire that is Rome. This could be our true role in this world; do you have the courage to begin the path of destiny?


On question time on BBC1 on November 2nd 06 and was shocked to see the response of the audience when journalist Peter Hitchin embarked on enlightening the audience about the truth of major disagreement within the scientific community relative to carbon emissions. Menzies Campbell and Michael Heseltine, who were on the programme disagreed with Hitchin, but of course they would because they operate for the Crown as do the operatives of ‘Official Science’, which comes from those organisations controlled via the Royal Society, which is the secret society from whence this whole scientific bullshit along with Darwinism emanates. The problem for you the public is that you do not see the whole agenda, you understand issues as separate and not connected, once you begin to see the connection of all current world topics, you then see from were they emanate and can see all are part of one super agenda which I have put together for you in this work. So I say again, for us to care about the planet is good, to re – cycle is good, but unless we begin to understand what it is that is working in dis – harmony with the earth, then nothing changes and the scam of the environment moves on. Both Campbell and Heseltine talked about, ‘not adding to the tax burden’, but shifting the essence of tax to carbon emissions, boring ,boring, boring, can we change the song now? They said this about council tax, yet council tax is going up and up and still they inflict more tax, do you really trust the Crown and its operatives to shift the tax burden. If you do you are of the most blind of people, and quite possibly you are evolved from a monkey! This New World Order is about ensuring life is put back to the middle ages, whereby there are those who have everything, then the administrators, which will become the computer, and the rest of us with nothing whatever, just keep watching the new series of Robin Hood for the true agenda of the Crown but we have better clothes and plastic computers. If you watch TV you will find nearly every programme plays like a mantra the topic of, global warming, climate change and Ice Age. The most absurd of these is David Attenborough with his current programme Planet Earth. This man is so stupid it beggars belief that a man so involved with nature can not see beyond the five sense reality. But of course if he could he would never be seen on your TV screens. The same with the programme, Map Man, the presenter is always carping on about Climate Change Global Warming, Ice Age, Bill Oddie also. But I will state there is a difference between the deluded Attenborough, the Map Man and Oddie. When the latter mention the mantras, they do it in a tone that shows they are not convinced of the fact, yet to be on TV and operate in the media you have to repeat the mantra. If you concentrate on tone or Sonics rather than the verbal diarrhoea, you will understand what I mean, this counts for all programmes, you can hear who is deluded and who is repeating the mantra because they are told to do so. If you take the time to operate this muscle of tone recognition as opposed to content, you will see it as a mantra to keep you all in a trance of fear and worry so they can instil the environment scam and massive tax burdens to delete small business and remove all but the elite, off the roads. This is true for all mantras they operate through the TV and Media. Think hard and good about the information I gave in a previous phase about how they have made the roads more frustrating and gridlocked, how they have cut many routes within towns and cities out altogether, by creating cul –de –sacs and making road lanes narrower. This is all to keep you all in a state of frustration when you use the roads. The industrial revolution was incorporated into this nation by design; it was not as they would have you believe progress which unknown to the elite created the environment disaster. To give example, the river Hyndburn or stink as it is known, was, before they built the mills and factories, a salmon run. This they stopped by creating massive shear level drops within the river preventing the salmon from travelling up the river. I would cite the sixty foot man made drop in the grounds adjacent to express gifts. This was created in order they could lower the river beneath what was the sewage works, before they built the sewage works. Yet if you give it some thought one can ask why they didn’t move the sewage works 100 yards to the right of the river which would have prevented the need for the massive operation that was to lower the river level to a shear drop, ‘WHY’ because it was all created to a design to give the reasoning for the current aspect of the environment scam we are all witnessing, and, so they can lay down the law to developing countries with the mantra ‘don’t make the same mistakes we did’, which enables developed countries to buy carbon quotas from the undeveloped nations especially Africa and India, which is the true reason they promoted nuclear power in India, it keeps their carbon emissions low to be sold to the greedy developed nations. The same with the building of the M6, (and all motorways) this motorway travels along ley lines at differing stages; this has a massive affect on the grid system not just of this nation, but for the globe.

 A farmer told me that in the northern part of Lancashire before they built the M6, his father used to straddle the streams catching salmon with his hands. That this all changed with the positioning of the M6 especially with how they drained the surface water from the motorway into specific feeding rivers which then contaminated all the streams. This is so along the routes of all the motorways and main roads. All is by design headed by the Elohim from outside this dimension operated through their puppets the Nefilim. One of the greatest coupe de tat upon the truth of climate change, is to have the oil companies and George Bush back the scientific data pre-1979, this sort of makes the real truth, a lie, all those environmentalists being used on totally false information to instil the tax, and, to control the movement of people by issuing carbon quotas for each household governing the use of cars and aircraft per annum. The carbon cycle is as natural as the tides of the oceans, and in the climate cycle itself we are still in a very cold time for the Earth, around 20 million years ago the Earth was around 15 degrees warmer and has been falling ever since, we must be on the rise of this natural cycle. The damage we are doing to the environment is via our thought forms and destruction of the lungs of the planet the tropical rainforests, removal of the cooling system, and pollution of the waters. But of course it is not we the people it is the elite. The reason they are chopping down Teak for instance I am told  has a chemical within it that is poisonous to the true dragon and Melchedeken race, this could be what is symbolised in the Vampire tales with the use of a stake to kill them, but it would seem not just any stake, it must be made of teak. Whatever the truth relative to teak what we do know for sure is that they are cutting down teak all over the globe, yet you cannot buy it for construction and such things, so there is obviously some reason the elite do not wish teak to be widely available.

The cash for peerages scandal is rolling on, yet not really going anywhere. This is delay tactics hoping you the public will forget as they cover the scam via the Metropolitan police see protocol 15 on page 39 of this phase. Watching the investigative programme Dispatch’s, on Monday 25th September 06, they were perplexed as to why people are given peerages. Very simple, those who are the greatest servants to the CrownTemple, which is why none but the few understand the true mechanics of who is in and who is out. They are, with the House of Lords in the process of creating as the Americans have, a Senate. You don’t get any more Roman than that. Today is the 8th of November 06 and I heard on a news bulletin that Gordon Brown has been linked to the cash for peerages scam. 30th January 2007 and Lord Levy arrested again as the investigation continues. What I do find not so funny is how he was arrested the night before the ant-terror operation in Birmingham gets underway on the 31st, just a little bit suspect with regard to which topic will catch the media’s attention. People need to begin to understand what America actually is, yes it is a corporation, a company run from London, but it is the biggest mind control operation on the planet. The elite trial their manipulations upon the people in America, if it works they spread it across  the Western nations then as we can see now, via war into countries that don’t as yet adhere to Democracy. Americans are the most media controlled people on the Earth, they are robots deceived by the elite that they are free and so do exactly what they are told by their leaders. There is no wisdom in the power structures of America only intelligence, and as we can see intelligence on its own is nowhere in the scheme of things, it brings only ignorant systems. America under the guise of freedom is the biggest dictatorship on the planet especially since 911 with the powers brought in on the back of the atrocity. We must stop this ever increasing American style fascism encroaching into our law. Watching Tony Blair’s conference speech on Tuesday 26th September was akin to what I have studied about Hitler and how he operates the emotions, not so much with the content of his speech but relative to the tone of his voice or Sonics, better still ‘ MA-SONIC’s’. When you look back at this speech, he is churning out the same old rhetoric of the last nine years which we know now not to be what we the British people wish to be carried in our names, yet for those who are Labour because there mum and dad supported Labour, didn’t listen to his words but became engrossed in his emotional tone. He could have been saying anything to the extremely well selected conference audience, and still they would have cheered him as the Germans cheered for Hitler.


In Scotland there is a castle called, ‘Blair’ Castle. It is the seat of the Dukes of Atholl.

When certain ritual is being performed the chief demon is called by the names: Bilair, Bilar and Bilid.


What the Blair government has given us up the Queens speech in November 2006 is :


300 acts of parliament

59 bills

53 law and order bills

Dependant upon which statistics you take between 3000 to 4600 new offences

 Two insane invasions and thus wars

Managed to convince most MP’s the slaughter of thousands of civilians is a good thing.

The Civil Contingency Act (emergency powers)

Tax increases the likes we have not seen since King John, extra £219 billion tax collected since 1997. An extra £40 billion per annum collected in taxation which Gordon Brown has stealthed into the economy, massive tax increases.

 Council tax is up 84% since Blair and Brown took office.

Nanny state intervention down to how you organise your rubbish.

Installation of poisons in our food chain and trials of GM crops.

Murder of innocent civilians under the anti terror legislation.

The ability to remove British people from British Justice and to send them to the USA

The ability to choose who attends political conference, (yes men & women).

Centralise power like Stalin and demand absolute obedience of his MP’s.

Create Paedophile mania with them all being released into the community for the

Microchip agenda, “paedophile’s will go underground”, is the call, perfect for the introduction of the human microchip.

Immigration out of control.

Asylum seeker abomination.

Removal of children from parents and then adopted quick smart.

More cameras than any other nation in the world 4.2 billion to be exact

Insane alterations to our roads.

Massive bankrupting of genuine farmers.

The creation of more quangos than any other nation outside the USA.

Further enslavement of the UK unto the European super state.

Created an agenda of political lying to galactic proportions.

Almost demolished the TV Company’s minuscule remnants of factual journalism.

Created more fear out of thin air to equal Adolf Hitler.

Ensured the news from all outlets is all bad.

Demonise all the youth of a generation.

Expand the debt scam beyond belief especially to students.

Ensured the investigation into the death of Princes Diana didn’t happen as well as enabling the murder.

Further corrupted British politics, it makes the mafia look straight.

Further destroyed Britain to the eyes and ears of the world.

Turned parents into potential criminals.

Turned schools into machines to the cost of £370 billion since 1997.

Half of all heroin in Britain now comes from Helmand Province, Afghanistan.

Destroyed communities beyond belief.

Destroyed nightlife in most towns and cities.

Licensed alcoholic pop to attract children to alcohol.

Lost our economy £2 billion with the sale of our reserve gold

Stolen £22.5 billion they immediately got their hands on from the mobile phone networks, or where is it? Is it paying for the firework displays they have going on in Afghanistan and Iraq?

Wasted £billions on upgrading computer systems within almost all arenas of government, health, policing. The systems are not fit for purpose and will require billions more to have them properly operational.

As a symptom of family break up and immigration, by design…we find ourselves with a 60% rise in people waiting for housing since 1997

People in temporary housing such as hostels and B&B’s up 135%

35% rise in homelessness under labour.

The current MP responsible for housing is a very interesting girl called Yvette Cooper. I say interesting in that she in 1992 was advisor to Bill Clinton, then became such to Gordon Brown. I feel we shall see her in Browns cabinet. This girly either knows what is going on or is very controlled, I wonder if she has any links to the Tavistock institute?

In fact I owe them big thanks. You the Labour party more than any other have proved this operation completely.


Private Equity Hedge Funds.


We have also seen Blair pandering to Private Equity Companies, most notably with :


Nigel Dowty           Nottingham Forrest owner

John Asbit              former Goldman Sachs operative.

Sir Ronald Cohen   Apex partners, very close to Gordon Brown.


You have to see these types of people as the proxy’s they are. They represent big corporate partnerships. John Asbit represents the Illuminati via Goldman Sachs network. They are front men for the Illuminati.

Other private equity companies include :

Apex Partners

Carlyle Group


CVC            (part of Primira)

Duke Street Capitol

3i Group      (Philip Yea is an executive)

Hermes        (trying to force break up of the life insurance group the Prudential)

KKR            (purchased Boots) described as ‘Barbarians at the door.

PPR             (currently after Puma sports)

Primira         (purchased AA)

Terra Firma  (Guy Hand) (current Tory foreign minister William Haig is an advisor)

                    (Purchased EMI)


What these frontmen for the elite do, is buy up large FTSE and shareholder companies for other people making them private companies...

Take on massive low cost loans attached to the companies

Turn the work force of these companies into slaves then sack many of them

Asset strip and sell the rest

Leave the companies debt ridden

Do a runner with massive almost tax free fortunes.

They have great interest in Pubs and Breweries, Theme Parks, all companies that have massive property assets.

These companies need tell no one save their investors and the taxman what they are doing.

When private equity companies take money out of the business it, unlike for you and I is not classed as income.

It is classed as capitol gains. Thus evading the 40% tax rate on monies taken out.

They also do not pay tax on their debt interest, which is thus the reason they acquire so much debt.

So the banks make billions in debt interest

The investors make billions

 The purchased companies are left debt ridden

Some of the main investments into these private equity operations are the pension funds. These funds will be left debt ridden and worthless, all the money siphoned off to the Financiers, but more importantly all assets of all companies purchased by private equity companies will no longer have ownership in Britain.

These companies are speculators not investors.

If they purchase a company for £100 million they borrow two thirds of this amount @ £67 million.  The investors put in one third.

£32 million of this total then becomes ‘Loan Stock’

So in affect £99 million of the company is classed as debt.

Only £1 million of the company is equity.

The company then ends up paying ‘Zero’ in tax.


During the tax year 2005-6 private equity companies in the UK paid only £57 million.

When the equity company sell the newly acquired company say they sell for £120 million, they have made a profit of £20 million. This money then goes to the investors in the Private Equity Company. In effect these companies are sucking equity out of the economy without putting anything back into the treasury. In effect sucking monies by avoidance of tax payments belonging to the tax paying population’s economy, out, never to be seen again. So it is a double whammy in the first instance buying out a British company then removing all its revenue and capital, and then avoiding tax payments on their transactions, this is another way the banks are stealing real assets.

In truth these equity companies use a tax installed into our system by Gordon the Satanist Brown in 2002 called the Taper tax which in reality ensures these pyramid schemes pay no more than 5% in total. Just to prove size of these companies and to what degree they have the power:

Private equity companies generate 425 billion

Employ 2.5 million people.

Private equity companies handle a £500 million turnover in China. They are also after B&Q which owns £6 billion in property alone, it is the property and land they are after we must stop this type of business dealing immediately.

That is a lot of people on the line with the business strategy of the private equity companies. Private equity job growth last year was 9%, while within the FTSE growth was a meagre 1%. This surely proves the private equity pyramid schemes are created and operated for the international financiers, or such percentages difference would not be seen against the companies on the FTSE, very powerful forces are protecting and promoting private equity.

There are two types of buy outs:

The first is known as a buy out which the management have no inclusion to which on average we see a18% loss of staff.

The second known as a buy in which includes the management remaining usually gains staff. This shows the mindset of the investors of these companies in that left on their own they demolish the companies, while with management remaining they are forced to ensure the business expands.

In the UK Private Equity companies employ 80.000 people.

Companies such as Debenhams, Birds Eye and Nabisco to name a few have been purchased by private equity companies. During the Nabisco purchase the company KKR (Kohlberg Kravis Roberts) were described as ‘the barbarians at the door’.

 It is the second stage in the strategy we suffered in the 1980’s with the massive asset stripping of our national companies by. We are once again heading for disaster especially with the move to force us all to take out a private pension, at least now you can see why they want more of your money for pensions to then be invested in such scams as private equity, giant pyramid schemes, through which they are sucking out massive amounts of our monies from out of the economies of the world into the hands of the super elite. The private equity companies are buying up companies and moving them to the new worlds on behalf of the Nefilim, this is what the Crown is doing to Britain as I write. Private Equity is also trying to takeover Morrisons supermarket chain. To conclude; the private equity companies are the facilitating entities for economic destruction and theft of assets into the elites ownership, What is very interesting and further proof of Blair’s satanic links is the fact that over the festive season Blair stayed with the Bee Gee Robin Gibb, who on a talk show some years ago stated his wife is a high priestess of an order he refused to name. I am not for an instant claiming Robin Gibb is a satanist, but in understanding how these priestesses operate, his wife for sure is his handler. This is how they control souls with a higher state of consciousness, they ensure they either meet an Illuminati operative before they win success or, to take John Lennon as example, ensures they divorce from their none Illuminati operative and take an operative for their spouse or close friend, this could also be the same situation with Elton John. They tried to play this scenario against my wife and I in 2003, luckily for me I was fully aware of the situation and they failed to force me to take up their offer of the drug addicted whore of the sickest mind, they wished me to take into my confidence and bed. The day after Blair’s we had Bill Clinton speaking and the opposite was taking place. With this I mean his delivery was piss poor, but his rhetoric was probably one of the most threatening New World Order speeches (he used the term

), I have witnessed in this nation. He made it quite clear that we are not as a nation in a position to opt out of the New World order whether we wish to or not, in his words, “you cannot get divorced from the World”, he was explaining what the term interdependence really means. He also gave a big threat in the terms of, “or financial change will be thrown at you by the financial elite,” and he cited how the US is currently borrowing from Mexico to make ends meet. What he didn’t say was Mexico borrows off the World Bank as does every nation on the globe. I saw in this speech the most blatant threat to the British nation, do as we say or face the financial consequences. I would answer; do your best you banking elite, we will create our own interest free money, then watch your house of cards fall across the globe. His constant use of Africa also made me shiver in that it must be getting ever closer to upgrading the slaughter in Africa, as I have stated the aim is to create a bloodbath on an enormous scale. Bill Clinton the friend of the Labour Party. Let’s not forget Clinton was very involved in the Iran – Contra scandal during the Presidency of Father George Bush. Clinton at this time was Governor of Arkansas and it was the Mena Airstrip in Arkansas that payment in drugs landed, payment for hostage release and arms. George Bush senior took Clinton under his wing many moons ago, and still today Clinton is a pawn for Bush senior. This all made possible because Clintons wife Hilary is very high level Illuminati. If you people of the Labour Party took the time to study the unofficial life of both Clintons, you would certainly not see them as friends, but insist they be put I prison for life! From the time of Ronald Reagan to the current president, America has been under the control of George Bush senior who himself takes his orders from Henry Kissinger, and the Rockefellers. Kissinger operates for the London black nobility as shuttle diplomat to the world. The Intermountain regional airport at Mena, Arkansas is central to the drug operations of both Bush and Clinton and the CIA. This airfield is also a pivotal point in the network for the Rockefeller family, the Wal-Mart stores, and China. Both George Bush jnr and his brother Jeb, (former governor of Florida) had left this airport when they had gone to pick up 2 kilos of cocaine from drug smuggler Barry Seal at the Tamiami airport just outside Miami, in which they were compromised by the US Drug Enforcement Agency in 1985. Barry Seal was murdered when he began to speak too much, and this information was exposed in a book, ‘Compromised: Clinton, Bush and the CIA’ by Terry Reed who had taken part in the drug running operations for the CIA and the Bush family. Mena airport comes up time and time again in the drug running operations of the Bush’s Clintons and all the big drug lords.  At a press conference around this time Clinton said he knew very little about Seal, but a number of people had reported seeing them dining together at Clintons favourite restaurant Fu Lin’s, in Little Rock Arkansas. Private Investigator Stewart Webb has spent a lot of time uncovering the Bush family’s connections to the drugs trade, and most importantly the major American financial firms who launder the money for them, he says of the Bush’s :


“George jr., Jeb and Neil Bush were all party to the crimes involving drugs and gun money laundering through Silverado Savings in Denver. They were all aware of ‘Poppy’ George’s schemes using CIA, Israeli Mossad, Homestead Air Force Base and Mena, Arkansas to import drugs and ship weapons.”


Webb also highlights Bush family involvement in financial fraud and murder.


Also on the day Clinton made his speech we had Jack the Straw member of the Inner Temple going on about how Al Qeada was formed way before 911, Afghanistan, and Iraq, I agree Jack, so lets take a good look at who Bin Laden was operating with all this time ago. In the period 1987 to 1989 the head of the American visa bureau in Jeddah was Michael Springman, he told Newsnight :


“In Saudi Arabia I was repeatedly ordered by high level State Department officials to issue visas to unqualified applicants. These were, essentially, people who had no ties either to Saudi Arabia or to their own country. I complained bitterly at the time there. I returned to the US, I complained to the State Department here, to the General Accounting Office, to the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and to the Inspector General’s office. I was met with silence.


“What I was protesting was in reality an effort to bring recruits, rounded up by Osama bin Laden, to the United States for terrorist training by the CIA, who then returned to Afghanistan to fight against the then Soviet Union.”


During this period father George Bush officially took office as President, bearing in mind he had been the unofficial President throughout the Reagan administration. Bush had tightened up restraints upon the investigation and reporting of the Saudi Royal elite and is said to have got a lot worse under George Bush Jr. The way in which the elite have covered the true connections between the Bush’s and the bin Laden family, has been to speak the mantra that the bin Laden family split from Osama, disowning him because of his views. This cover has been broken with the investigating and tracking of the Islamic organisation ‘WAMY’ before 911.

Newsnight reporter Greg Palast presented an FBI document with the code 1991 – WF – 213589, which revealed how agents of the Washington field office were investigating Abdullah bin Laden, the president, treasurer, and US director of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY) on the grounds of national security. WAMY has been suspected of funding terrorism, including the network of Osama bin Laden. Another brother Omar bin Laden is also an FBI suspect. There is much more information about WAMY, but through this investigation there is solid evidence to show the bin Laden’s were always in contact and operating in unison.  George Bush Jr has not frozen the assets of WAMY, while preventing the investigation from continuing. Joe Trento, a national security expert, claims he obtained a secret file that revealed that the FBI investigations considered that WAMY fitted the pattern of organisations funding terrorism that had been bankrolled by the Saudi royal family, (who incidentally are advised by George Bush senior) and some of the 20,000 Saudi Princes. So as early as 1987 Bush senior and the CIA were operating with Osama bin Laden and the Mujaheddin backing them totally through the CIA against the Soviet Union. Osama bin Laden during this period was given the construction contracts to rebuild everything that was demolished in operations, given by, or authorised, by George Bush senior. Newsnight continued to uncover the fact that immediately after 911 as the FBI were rounding up all possible suspects, the FBI found their investigations into the bin Laden family were blocked by George Bush jr, and worse within a few days of the event a special charter flight flew 11 members of the Bin Laden’s to Saudi Arabia from the same Boston airfield the attacks had began.

The director of the House Task Force on Terrorism and Unconventional Warfare, Yossef Bodansky stated at this time that Osama bin Laden maintains connections with some of his two dozen brothers, but would not elaborate further. John O’Neil the FBI former deputy director and head of anti – terrorism, resigned in July 2001 because the Bush jr’s State Department was blocking the investigation into the bombing in the Yemen of the USS Cole, an attack blamed on Bin Laden, O’Neil was quoted as saying “the main obstacle to investigating Islamic terrorism were US oil interests and the role played by Saudi Arabia in it. John O’Neil left the FBI to become the head of security at the world trade centre and died on his first day when the buildings were destroyed? Why would the US government and CIA wish to block investigations into Osama bin Laden and the Bin Laden family, while they murder across the globe in this hunt for the said man? All makes sense when you look at the business dealings between the Bush family and the bin Laden’s. When Bush jr followed “Poppy” into the oil and gas industry he formed his own drilling company ‘Arbusto energy’, one of the investors in this company was Salem bin Laden, himself a close friend of King Fahd of Saudi Arabia, and brother to the worlds most wanted man. The Saudi Bin Laden Group, formerly Bin Laden Brothers Construction, is one of the biggest construction companies in the Middle East with some 40.000 employees. It has long associations with the US government and prominent American families. This company was heavily involved in the construction of American airfields in Saudi Arabia during the first Gulf War, and get this, this company also built the cave complex in Afghanistan, the very caves the Americans attacked looking for Osama.

The patriarch of the Bin Laden family was Sheikh Mohammed Bin Laden. Upon his death in 1968 in a plane crash, the Sheik left his industrial and financial empire to some 54 sons and daughters. Salem bin Laden as the oldest son took over the estate in 1972; this chap was one of the financial partners to George Bush Jr during the 1970’s.

In 1978 Bush Jr ran for governor of Texas, he was unsuccessful, this campaign was bank rolled by Salem bin Laden. The middle man between Bush Jr and Salem was a chap named James. R. Bath, a very close friend of the Bush family. In 1976 after father Bush became director of the CIA Salem bin Laden appointed Bath to represent his business interests out of HoustonTexas. The bank BCCI comes into play again here, the bank that funded all dictators and organised crime syndicates, globally. The Bush’s were massively involved in this bank along with the Bin Laden’s, Sadam Hussein, the Medellin drug Cartel, Khun Sa (a major player in heroin trafficking out of Asia), Manuel Noriega (another friend and business associate of Father George Bush), and terrorists like Abu Nadal who is known to be an asset of Mossad (Israeli intelligence). The BCCI was the main route for the funds of CIA covert operations that involved the Iran – Contra scandal, the funding of Osama bin Laden during the war against the Soviet Union during the Bush Reagan administration of the Eighties. The BCCI actually funded the Taliban into existence. One of Father George Bush’s men White House Political Director, who sat in presidential meetings went to work for Sheikh Kamal Adham, the American representative of the BCCI and significantly a former chief of Saudi Intelligence, also the friend of Adnan Kashoggi, the infamous arms dealer close business associate of George Bush senior, and one time brother in law and business partner to Mohammed Al Fayed. The main base of the BCCI operation was in London. The BCCI blew up in scandal in 1991 and previous to that in 1988 the Chicago branch was seized by federal government, and within the records of this branch were the deals between father George Bush and Sadam Hussein. A Chicago journalist, Sherman Skolnick made a detailed study of the bank; these are some of his statements and findings :


“The BCCI was formed in the 1970’s with seed money from the Bank of America, the largest shareholders of which are the Rothschilds of Chicago, Paris, London, and Switzerland. The bank is also linked to the financial affairs of former President Jimmy Carter and his friend, and one time budget director, banker Bert Lance.


“Some of the Democrats who have been involved in this whole affair have been published, for example, in May 3rd issue of the wall street journal, during the 1988 presidential campaign, additionally, BCCI was one of the major financiers of the Michael Dukakis campaign…. BCCI financed the Democratic Party in the United States and arranged deals for Republicans outside the United States.”


Jimmy Carter was very close to the BCCI, they donated $8.5 million to Carters favourite charity after he dedicated a number of branches. The Trilateral Commission and United Nations also had personnel involved with BCCI, the scandal with this bank and the operations it uncovered are immense Sherman Skolnick goes on :


“The same bank has records showing joint business ventures between General Manuel Noriega, the former dictator of Panama, and George Bush.  In January of 1990, the federal prosecutor in Tampa had former top officials of Florida’s branch on trial. They were allowed to escape prison with only a slap on the wrist and a small penalty. Here’s why:  they told the justice department that if they were going to prison, they had documents from their bank showing that George Bush had private business ventures through their bank with a series of dictators including not only Sadam and Noriega, but others as well…


“…Sadam’s oil was shipped to Texas. In 1985 a Texas jury, at the behest of Pennzoil, issued the largest damages verdict in American history against Texaco. Pennzoil claimed that Texaco damaged them in a deal with Getty Oil. Who owns Pennzoil? George Bush and his friends… as a result Texaco fell under the domination and supervision of Pennzoil. Where did the kickbacks to Sadam reportedly come from? They came from deals between Texaco and its subsidiaries purchasing oil from Iraq.”


An official investigation was ordered to investigate BCCI scandal and was chaired by Democrat Senator, JOHN KERRY, of Massachusetts, another member of the Skull and Bones Society and George W Bush’s opponent in the last election, and of course it exposed nothing. Both Bush and Kerry were asked about their Skull and Bones membership during the election campaign on the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), both refused to talk about it. Bush did say “it was too secret”, the whole of the American nation via the interviewee, let them get away with it. The Prime Minister in the UK when this investigation was going on was John Major. Not such a working class lad now. He is a business associate of George Bush senior and is the European representative for the Carlyle Group. The British inquiry into the BCCI by Lord Justice Bingham decided that the collapse was due to “a tragedy of errors, misunderstandings, and failures of communication”. John Major must certainly have been involved in this cover up which was polished off through an arrangement with Abu Dhabi, the banks principle owners at the time of the collapse. This agreement allowed important records and witnesses to leave Britain.




The Carlyle Group is one big company, here’s just a few of its directors :


John Major                              British Prime Minister

Lord Howe                             deputy Prime Minister & Home Secretary under Major

Fidel V. Ramos                       former Philippines president

Richard Darman                      Budget director for Bush senior  

Robert Grady                          assistant to Bush senior    

Park Tae Joon                         former Prime Minister of South Korea

Arthur Levitt                            former chairman of the Securities and Exchange 

                                               Commission (SEC)

Michael Orloff                         former general director of the World Health


J.H.Binford Peay                      retired US Army general

John Shalikashvili,                    former chairman of the US joints chief of Staff

Karl Otto Pohl                         former president of Germany’s Bundesbank

Sammy Baarma                        director of Pakistan’s Prime Commercial Bank

                                               In Lahore, this bank is owned by Khalid bin Mahfouz

Bin Laden Family

Frank Carlucci                         chairman of Carlyle Group


The Carlyle group has also been buying up all the bottling plants around the world perfect for the poisoning agenda I have shown throughout this operation.

Khalid bin Mahfouz, the financial backer of Osama bin Laden and George W Bush, is a major investor in the Carlyle Group, the international consulting and investment firm of father Bush. The Group was founded in 1987 and named after the favourite New York hotel of the company’s initial investor, the Illuminati’s Mellon family, who are close friends to the British Royal family. The Mellon’s if you remember are the family responsible for the lie that fluoride is good for you. The Carlyle Group has very close links to the Bin Laden family who have been both clients and investors. Father George has been a paid consultant to the Bin Laden Group. Reports in the Wall Street journal say these Carlyle investments have been earning the Bin Laden family some 40% a year on their money since 1995. So when the US military boosts its military spending, as has been done with the war on terrorism, the Bin Laden family investments in a defence contractor like Carlyle clearly benefit. According to the New York Times, “Carlyle has ownership stakes in 164 companies which in 2001 employed more than 70,000 people and generated $16 billion in revenues. About 450 institutions – mainly large pension funds and banks are Carlyle investors…” Carlyle owns a wide range of companies involved in health care, real estate, the internet, bottling plants, the media (including, it is reported, the French newspaper, Le Figaro), also companies producing tanks, aircraft parts and a long list of other military equipment. It is now a major player in defence contracting and telecommunications and invests in companies that do business with governments or are affected by government regulations. The Wall Street Journal called the Carlyle Group “a well – connected Washington merchant bank specialising in buy outs of defence and telecommunications companies that are fundamentally affected by changes in government spending and policy because they know they can influence both, especially if one of your leading lights has his son in the White House. Bush Jr, himself, was an investor and board member of the Carlyle subsidiary, Caterair.

Father George sat on the Carlyle board and is still very much involved as a constantly active senior consultant who nets, apparently, between $80.000 and $100.000 for every speech he makes on its behalf. He is also senior advisor to Carlyle’s Asian Partners fund. Another Carlyle boy is James Baker, Bush’s Secretary of State at the time of the first Gulf War, the leader of the current report on Iraq as it enters the second phase, and the man who was allocating contracts to American corporations to clear up the oil fires in Kuwait even before the conflict began. Baker (of the current Iraq study group and report) is on the Carlyle board, as is former Reagan – Bush Defence Secretary, Frank Carlucci, who is the Carlyle chairman and managing director. Carlucci was number two at the CIA during the Vietnam War, assistant director of the CIA during the Jimmy Carter presidency, and both Secretary of Defence and National Security Adviser to Ronald Reagan. He is also a past chairman of Nortel Networks Corp, which has been a partner of the Bin Laden Group in telecommunication deals. Karl Evanzz in his book, The Judas Factor: The Plot to Kill Malcolm X, says that Carlucci’s appointment as consul and second – secretary of the US Embassy in Stanleyville the Congo, was a cover for a CIA operation that included the plot to assassinate the elected President Patrice Lumumba in 1961. Of course when someone is freely elected to serve the people and not the Illuminati they have to be killed. Five months later Lumumba was assassinated; Carlucci was arrested, expelled from the Congo, and returned to the US. He was later expelled from Tanzania in 1965, after he was implicated in the CIA assassination of the Burundi Prime Minister Pierre Ngendandumwe. This is the man who heads the Carlyle Group and buddy to John Major. Mahfouz along with Enron funded George Bush Jr’s run for presidency. The Carlyle Group is a massive entity buying up companies and stripping them, then using what networks had been formed with each of the companies for all the illegal activities of the elite. The Carlyle Group is also one of the largest defence contractors and benefits from war. The Carlyle Group also is a major investor in the company BioPort as are the Bin Laden’s surprise surprise, BioPort just happens to control the United States supply of Anthrax Vaccine! This vaccine after 911 shot up in price as it was very widely used because of the scare in the US. BioPort has only one customer, the US department of Defence, Carlyle Group also gets much of its investment from AmericanUniversity pension funds. This again shows why the pension funds were ‘freed up’ to be used to invest in Illuminati ventures, this is the reason the pension funds are coming up short, the controllers of these pension funds have been Illuminati operatives investing in illegal drugs, arms deals, coups, funding of terrorist operations, in fact they have funded a major percentage of the New World Order agenda with your pension funds aimed ultimately back at you with the global fascist state ever creeping above us and of course the pension shortfall. Barclays bank plc is a core investor in a merchant bank set up on Guernsey in the Channel Islands in 1996 by Khalid bin Mahfouz who just happens to be Osama bin Laden’s brother in law. When names like Barclays and the like are named in works as this, it is not an attack on the staff and such people, but it is essential information in proving to you how all the major institutions connect at the highest level. How they all finish in the end in the hands of a very small group of people. How these companies are unwittingly used to invest in illegal activity, and give Illuminati operatives titled positions to further there portfolio. I say again it is a small number of people in relation to the masses who carry out this agenda in full knowledge of the true or inner circle’s agenda. The agenda can and will I hope be prevented from completion when enough of you see how the players at the top are acting in their own interests against humanity and freedom, remove the dark players and job sorted. Colin Powell described Carlucci as “his mentor” and Donald Rumsfeld has very close connections to Carlucci also. In 1981 a National Security Council derivative was issued in the US whereby the president or a senior military commander in the Presidents absence can proclaim Martial Law should there be a breakdown in government functions. This was signed by, yes you guessed it Frank Carlucci. Under this derivative FEMA and other agencies will take over the country and determine where people and children live and work.

Burma is an interesting tale and involves Dick Cheney’s Haliburton.

Haliburton has both denied involvement in Burma and said that it has not tried to hide its involvement in Burma. What do you reckon to that then? One of Halliburton’s partners in Burma was the construction company Alfred McAlpine, so we have here two extremely satanic operations working together. Haliburton under Dick Cheney’s chairmanship was involved in the construction of two pipeline projects and during the building of these projects Haliburton has been accused of mass rape, murder, indentured labour, forced relocation of villages and a host of crimes against the population, but then I would expect nothing less from this organisation. The strategy used is to use food as a weapon against the populations. The Burmese military enter a village remove all their food then demand to know where the rebels are hiding. If the villagers refuse to say or do not know, they are forced to walk in the mine fields created by the military to prevent the villagers farming crops. I wonder from whom they purchased their landmines? Over half a million troops have forced moved one quarter of a million people off their land. The regime in Burma has been condemned constantly by the UN General Assembly, the International Labour Organisation, Amnesty International, the European Union and the US Government which withdrew its ambassador and imposed sanctions. And for yet another example of double standards the work being undertaken by Haliburton and McAlpine are specifically exempt. This of course is no surprise when you understand the Burmese military dictatorship operates under the control of the Illuminati. Of course Burma is another mass producer of the opium poppy supplying the Asian Market, as Columbia supplies America and Afghanistan supplies Europe and the UK. So with Burma we have another Illuminati drugs factory protected from outside interference because it is classed as a renegade state by the CrownTemple and so media blackout that is of course until they decide to invade with their troops of the fourth Reich, NATO. One needs to remember this kind of information to show how the elite create then operate with regimes of terror which creates a pariah nation and gives media blackout and future reason for invasion, then they start to speak about  such dangerous terrorist nations fuelling the call  ‘something must be done’. Because the nation has been shut down relative to what is going on in these nations to the outside world, we only begin to understand what the Illuminati have created within such nations when the Illuminati begin to attack them.

So last and pathetically the least, we have the Tory conference. The biggest agenda here from all operatives of this Crown battalion is the word CHANGE. This again plays into the speech of Bill Clinton. The word change they are all using as the new mantra is the cover for: “let us instil the New World Order”, ‘the third way’ ‘Globalisation’ without telling you what that means, so, I have told you on their behalf. Cameron uses the mantra; “before you start a building you have to build the foundations and then brick by brick you build. Cameron you deluded little mind, I am a builder, all buildings about to be constructed have a very very intricate and detailed plan, which first has to be approved by planning officers. What you are asking me and the nation to back is a construction without planning approval from your party members and the people? You fool. Get off the Crown and I will back you, you show me nothing other than a CrownTemple operative saying nothing because his agenda is identical to what the fascist Blair and Brown and his goblins are doing and you dare not let that secret out of the bag! Well I have done it for you. David Cameron is serious bloodline claiming ancestry to William IV. He was part of the Bullinden Club at Oxford a serious toff society. He is certainly not a man of the people he is a puppet of the Crown and will carry out the orders of the Crown. I have no problem with his bloodline but he as obviously lived and will continue to live in the world of the elite standing over democracy, dictating to democracy, he knows nothing else. Cameron’s speech, what can I say, I will begin with Lean Mean and the added Green. What you must focus too is what Green means, it means tremendous tax increases and control orders aimed at the lower bracket of earners first, thus freeing the roads for the well let’s just say richer sycophants of the New World Order, and to instil a layer of control you would be hard pressed to imagine even with the information I have supplied. The upland peat bogs in the UK hold more carbon than all the forests in Britain and France combined, the carbon cycle is as natural as the sunshine itself, don’t let them use this scam to tax us to poverty. What I do know to be fact is the Krakatoa Volcanic eruption of August 1883 affected the climate and made it colder right up until we saw the change in the last century 1975 when we began to move back to a warmer climate or back to how it was pre Krakatoa. This eruption killed 36.000 people and was heard over 2000 miles away, that is one big eruption. This is proof that carbon released into the atmosphere actually acts in the opposite to what current so called ‘experts’ claim today. It does not affect climate in rising temperatures but the exact opposite, it cools the temperature because all the noxious gases are still in the atmosphere acting as a barrier to the heat of the sun reaching the planets surface. What they are hiding is the fact that the Earth is warming from the inside. So you must begin to see the contradiction from the Royal Society via the IPCC who are responsible for official science and its conclusions. These are the so called experts advising politicians and the world in general on climate change. Cameron has offered small and meaningless sound bites, ‘to give back power to Doctors’, fair enough, but only when doctors educate themselves about the real effects of the substances they dish out like candy. It is not good enough that you doctors study your copies of the British National Formulary books and ‘The Guidelines’ which advocates each doctor prescribe to you the patient ‘Unlicensed Drugs’, you doctors must study chemistry in its true form to understand the true reactions when many of these drugs are mixed, these books you use as your bible are full of untruths to promote these poisons. Most of the new money put into the NHS pays for white collar operatives and the centralising of GP’s surgeries into one big building so the Illuminised medical operatives can see and affect all, which does nothing but continue the massive amounts of our tax to pour into the biggest drug dealing machine on the planet. The massive amounts of money will still go to the wrong people within the NHS, the white collar administrators, when it should be for highly educated doctors and nurses first, and the whole basis of the NHS, the Patients. Nothing will change in the NHS until we remove the drug and administrative costs for this giant of a killer of the people. But he has stopped this in its tracks with the statement “no more changes to the NHS”, which of course they can now say in that the change in financial focus has been accomplished, from medical staff to administration. Watch these white collar operatives steal the NHS from under our noses when they begin to privatise. Don’t try to tell me Cameron does not understand this fact, which then contradicts his statement of how telling the truth is the main issue in his Politics, sounds familiar, didn’t Blair spew this lie too? Politics is 100% bullshit, the better the bullshiter the higher you go. The statistics played out on the TV news on 22nd November 06, show that the five worst areas for life expectancy in Britain are in Scotland. This goes hand in hand with the fact that these five areas have the biggest NHS spend in the country. They of course put it down to ‘lifestyle habits’ a buzzword, ok so we know the Scot’s like a drink but it’s about time you started to grasp the fact that because of the additives in food and water many people are finding they require MEDICAL DRUGS , which are killing more people than anything else, here is your proof. Stop believing believers, think and see for yourselves, don’t be afraid to see that what I am exposing to you is the ‘reality’, not the illusion created by buzzwords, spin and PC. The reason many of you except this crap is because yet another abomination of a person, expert in Sonics of the most patronising kind, we have Patricia Hewitt. This thing loves to speak down to you like you are some sort of backward imbecile, this woman turns my stomach each time I hear her voice, she needs to be placed on a lifetime course of every drug available within the medical profession to get her to see what a ignorant patronising fool she is, I am just glad she is not my mother. Looking at Cameron’s audience of middle class dropouts of the spiritual path in favour of the comfort zone makes me sick especially the fact that most of them where 50 year old, “I have a car on my drive and holiday twice a year type people.” The real sickness of your kind is that you are closer in memories to the last great slaughter and “O” how you despise the Germans, you are the people dragging us all directly into the very same attitude that Germany had in enabling Fascism to take total control of it’s power structures, blind as you are with racism to the true plight of the Muslim race. I am the same age as Cameron and see nothing other than the old Tory attitude, he does not represent my generation, how could he, he is just another servant of the Crown as was I in my youth, the difference between us could only be counted in light years in the present. Look carefully at this years conference agenda of the Crown, only one party is talking the language of its people on the biggest topic concerning the people of Great Britain, the wars, or rather invasions of other nations… the Liberals. I said in earlier phases that the choice of the Crown for power towards the latter end of this decade as we hit 2012 is the Liberals. When this is accomplished we will see the death or stepping down of Campbell to be replaced by the mindset of Paddy Pantsdown. A new Churchill controlling the party most inclined to the will of the Nephilim and the war of the great ages will be upon us. Whichever party is in power at this time will have all the fascist laws brought in since 1979 to play with. Cameron speaking on the report into the “Northern Race Riots” I noticed he didn’t mention the fact that special units from the Metropolitan police started these riots; well of course he wouldn’t in that his understanding of these riots comes from the report by the Metropolitan police.  I know from the statements of people involved in the riots both white and Asian, the Police began the riots, which if the same strategy was used as with the miners strike, the agent provocateurs are Metropolitan Police Units, made up of ex- Special Forces. On the whole Cameron’s speech was an excellent adventure in peripheral sound bites, yet the Crown agenda rolls on. He is as right wing as you can get with a nicer smile than Tony the Blair. 11 February 2007 and blasted across the tabloids, “Cameron smoked cannabis at Eaton and Oxford”. This is to try and gather the youths vote for the Tories. What you older generation needs to understand is that around 80% of the eighties and up to today’s generation are users if not hooked on cannabis or use class A drugs namely cocaine with the death of ecstasy. The state of play in this country in the present is that drugs have not replaced alcohol, they have joined it. Cannabis in the main is used during the week; class A’s come out alongside alcohol for the weekend, the cocaine allows massive consumption of alcohol without feeling the effects of the alcohol. So I would offer the scenario, this subject is not a problem for Cameron but a political strategy to gain the vote of the younger generations. Of course because the first great use of drugs came in, in the 1960’s, the main block of outer circle elite are of the sixties generation and are more inclined to see drugs as a none- issue. Once people become users of cannabis, they tend not to trust folk who have not used cannabis. I am speaking from experience as a big user of cannabis and ecstasy during the 1990’s as I operated within the music industry, most people using cannabis see themselves as distinct from society and on the path of revolution against society. I was in the same mindset until I began to see the true agenda with the revolution which is to replace what in hindsight was not a bad state of affairs at all compared with the New Fascist Order, to which I oppose completely and utterly. To all users of drugs you need to see my work to free yourselves from the immediate lower fourth dimension which is the first frequency breakthrough that speaks to you all while under the influence and how the lower fourth dimensional entities can lead you into their game without giving you the facts and full connotations to what you actually serve, you know what I am talking about…the chatter that does not cease to bug in your head.. I would cite LSD as the worst concoction placing a person directly into the hands of the lower fourth and its inhabitants.

A very important subject that requires an alternative view from me to you all would be the dragging out of Henry Kissinger on the Sunday AM programme on the 19th November 06. This man again is a master of Sonics due to the deep voice he has. He is also the master when it comes to manipulation through words. He has been dragged out in light of the Republicans losses in the mid term elections in the USA. Or so the illusion goes. Not that it affects the politics in the USA, given that the majority of Democrats in the current state of play in the US are as right wing and conservative as the Republicans, but they have heard loud and clear the change wanted in the politics of the American people. They are waiting he said for the disclosure of the Baker report. He gave credence to the new idea of bringing in the nations surrounding Iraq in dealing with the problem in Iraq, placing great stress upon Iran, yet in the same sentence continuing the stance that Iran must change its stance towards the new world order, or as he put it in joining the international community. What he didn’t play into was the spin with Israel. He called for an international conference, which of course he himself will dictate the outcome, behind the scenes of course. What we must grasp is that to include Iran in the politics of Iraq would inflame the Shiite power in the region and expand the civil war between Shia and Sunni. This is all part of the strategy to so split Islam, that as they are taken to the brink of all out civil war between each faction of Islam, they change tack and blame the western Democracies for the trouble and Jihad would be called by the topmost Imam’s. This would force all Muslims across the globe to consider becoming as was done in Kosovo, jihadists against all their neighbours in all nations on the planet. I have simplified this agenda but you must keep it in mind over the coming months and years. Also on the programme we had Sydney Bloomintine giving us the spin that daddy George and his gang are sort of coming to the forefront, as he put it “the father taking over from the son”, this could well be the interpretation of Bush Jr’s Skull & Bones name ‘Temporary’. What you must not lose sight of is that it has been Daddy Bush in control all along, since Reagan, through to Clinton and Bush Jr. He talked of how Colin Powell addresses Bush Jr, as ‘Sonny’. This is big time initiated symbolic speak, as they speak directly to all initiates in relation to what they are doing. He also stated that all those around Bush Jr are telling him what he wants to hear, including Condoleezza Rice. They are I feel moving into the idea at least unto the people of the world that they are preventing the mad Bush Jr from continuing his policies when all along they were never his policies at all, but the policies dictated via George Bush Senior via Kissinger and the Rockefellers and ultimately from the Crown Temple.

I am noting the re – build of the agenda about missing persons in this nation. On Tuesday 14th November 06 we awoke to the news story that Paedophiles should be tagged so there movements can be tracked by satellite. You must see this as the first stage to instil the microchip unto the populations. If they get the go ahead to tag they will use inferior electronics within these tags to create another problem which will herald the next stage, which will be to demand we place microchips inside there bodies. Remember people I told you it would begin with the criminals then move to the children for there safety but I suppose they are using both at the same time in their use of paedophiles. This means they plan via operations like the Golden Dawn to kidnap your children to create the fear to ensure you scream for the protection of your children and the microchip agenda will be on the move big time in this nation. On Christmas Eve 2006 the first use of the word ‘microchipping’ in relation to criminals. With the May 2007 kidnapping of the little girl in Portugal, the game has begun.

 I am also concerned about how at certain times one particular breed of dog seems to hit the headlines as an attacker usually against children. This precision of attacks by one particular breed at any one time could with my knowledge of the occult, quite easily be accomplished with the arts, providing the magician has access to the families concerned either directly or indirectly, through proxy. There is a second possibility. If it could be proved that these dogs that attack have been microchiped, we could well be seeing the first examples of the microchips ability to receive harmful and emotional changeability frequencies in use among living creatures. If I was a journalist I would be :


A : looking at the dog’s history from birth, which people have been involved in the     dog’s history?

B : and most importantly of all, which canine organisations have been involved in the dog’s history, vets and organisations such as RSPCA and kennels.


With this information one could better find the reason for the odd and in most cases all happening within a very small timescale, the reason for such same breed attacks.





Today is October 2nd 2006 and we awaken to; “not enough flu vaccine for the autumn winter”. This is classic scare them into rushing for the vaccine manipulating the “get there before they run out Doris”, and most of the pensioners rush off quick smart for their annual psychic, DNA dysfunction injection so they continue to be sedated to the real machinations of the intelligent monsters.

Just to give you an insight into the contents of vaccines I will show you some of the contents of the Diphtheria, Pertussis (whooping cough) and Tetanus vaccine;


Sodium Hydroxide : among other things this can burn internal organs, cause blindness, lung and tissue damage, and be fatal if swallowed. It is found in oven, bathroom and toilet cleaners.


Formaldehyde : a neurotoxin known to cause cancer. Also said to cause; insomnia, coughing, headaches, nausea, nosebleeds and skin rashes. It is appropriately used to embalm corpses. This is found in all flu vaccines.


Hydrochloric Acid : destroys tissue on direct contact and is found in aluminium cleaners and rust removers.


Aluminium Phosphate or Hydroxide : toxic and cancer causing agent.


Thimerosal : a mercury derivative and extremely dangerous preservative. It is made from a combination of ethylene glycol (antifreeze) and ethanol, thiosaliclylic acid, sodium hydroxide and ethyl mercuric chloride. These chemicals are deadly and can cause cancer together with brain and liver damage.


Phosphates : these suffocate all forms of aquatic life and are found in laundry and dishwasher detergent and cleaners. And wait for it found in our water supplies.

How lovely!!


If we take information from the book issued to all doctors called British National Formulary (BNF) which is put together by both the British Medical Association and the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain it has this to say about vaccines :


Vaccines may consist of :


What they call a live attenuated form of a virus, they then offer examples of the virus’s thus: Rubella and measles. They also name another possible ingredient they name it, ‘bacteria’ with the name BCG vaccine.


They go on to say that the vaccines may also contain inactivated preparations of the virus, and then offer again examples thus: influenza vaccine or bacteria.

 If the vaccines do not contain the latter then they may contain parts of or detoxified exotoxins, which they state are produced by a micro-organism, they again give example thus: the tetanus vaccine.


They then explain that extracts of or detoxified exotoxins which are ingredients in vaccines better enhance the immune system, they use the term ‘more immunogenic’ if they are used in conjunction with another chemical, they use the term ‘absorbed onto an adjuvant’. This is where it gets interesting because most of these ‘Adjuvants’ are known poisons such as Aluminium Hydroxide, Aluminium Phosphate. If Doctors understood chemistry they would know these substances to be toxic. They then describe how these vaccines are to be administered thus: they require a primary series of injections, and worse, to be followed by booster doses.


 It also states that the flu vaccine contains residual egg protein (as do most vaccines) which can cause anaphylactic reaction, what’s that all about then? Keep reading and I will show you!


You can see how doctors know nothing what ever about chemistry, they follow a book after being told that what is in the book is absolute truth, when it skims over the real truth. Any doctor worth its salt would understand completely what every chemical actually does to the cells and body as a whole. If I came round your house with a concoction I had taken from a book, then, managed to blagg you to take it for some specific condition claiming I was an expert on the information in the book, and you took the potion then became ill, you then rang me and I said it was a side effect, what would you do? You would be on the phone to the police, I would be in court charged with administering to you a mix of chemicals I was not fully educated to its implications, I would claim I believed the information I had learnt to be correct because if it was not so the company giving out the information would be accountable for giving out false information. Do you think I would get away with this cop out? I think not, I would be thus sued and probably banged up for many years, and the same would be done to the company putting out this information, probably on a multiple charge if others had followed the same action as had I… The point I am making is that doctors do not have the right to claim “I was only carrying out as is protocol relevant to that which I had been educated as correct”. When you are actively almost demanding another person ingests or has injected a foreign substance into their physical body you are fully responsible on an individual basis for everything that happens to that person. Yet you have had your conscience removed by believing you are doing the right thing because the medical mafia tells you to believe their conclusions. In true moral ethics, do you really feel this covers you? I would say it covers you in law only, certainly not spiritually. Maybe that will help to re-activate your conscience.



Vaccinations as effective, is one big lie which has been perpetuated for 166 years. This is the conclusion of Guylaine Lanctot MD.


Let’s offer some facts :

In 1905, the Philippines had a mortality rate of 10% due to smallpox. After an enormous vaccination programme, it reached epidemic proportions, killing 25% of the population, of course at this time vaccinated. Despite this, the authorities stepped up the vaccinations. In 1918, the worst epidemic killed 54% of the people there, at a time when 95% of the population had been vaccinated. Manila, the capital city where everyone had been vaccinated, in fact many had been re-vaccinated, was the hardest hit with over 65% dead. The Island of Mindanao, where the inhabitants had refused to be vaccinated, was the least hit. Only 11% died. Despite this evidence, anti smallpox vaccinations continued, in fact where stepped up, and in 1966 the World Health Organisation (WHO) launched a world wide campaign which would last 10 years. What does that tell you about W.H.O. it speaks volumes to me, it is part of the Round Table, via the Club of Rome’s, eugenics agenda.

We shall now look at information relative to the uselessness of certain vaccines thus :



Tuberculosis and Tetanus :

Both these virus’s one is never immune. It also stands that to get Tuberculosis does not prevent us from getting it again. On the contrary, a first case of tuberculosis in many cases caused by the vaccination itself renders one utterly more vulnerable to a second attack. And one which in many cases can be fatal.



German Measles :

We have the situation whereby 90% of women within a population are naturally protected. The medical profession state that women are more at risk from contracting this disease during the first three months of pregnancy, yet they vaccinate everybody. This shows the nonsense that all so called professional Doctors are fed during there indoctrination or as they would call it ‘education’ into the uses of vaccinations. These so called professional folk then expect you the people to see them as intelligent people. Why then can they not see as can I, that there is a massive contradiction in the facts about this vaccination, while continuing to vaccinate everybody? In fact if they fully understood the implications of vaccinations, which one would expect them to have accomplished, why do they not stand up for the client, or as they would term it ‘patient’ and refuse point blank to administer these poisons? The simple answer is, they do what they are told without ever questioning the ethical part played in this game of human destruction.  I am sorry in that I know this offends doctors, but I would be as guilty as you of extreme negligence if I did not show the truth of your occupation both to you and especially my fellow human beings, the patient’s.



Diphtheria :

This when there is a full even the biggest epidemic, is only contracted by around 7% of children. Yet they go on and on about how all children have to be vaccinated without any sign of epidemic. Not only that; but parents and children are vaccinated over and over again. Of course what do the doctors preach, “Your child once vaccinated is immune forever!” Sorry to keep on upsetting you doctors, but the nonsense and contradiction in your profession is beyond belief.


Influenza and Hepatitis B :

Both these virus’s become extremely and strongly resistant to the antibodies in these vaccines. Thus these vaccines are totally useless, but more importantly extremely dangerous.

Yet we have operatives of the Illuminati preparing for war against all the populations of this nation via the ‘Experts’ blazing across the TV and media the lie that is Bird Flue. What will the doctors do? Exactly enthusiastically inject as many people as they can! Lovely.


All the evidence to best immunity is natural immunity. By that I am speaking about your body’s natural immunity. It is found in 80% to 90% of the population under the age of 15. This is because the contamination of a person by an illness mobilises all the bodies defence systems, natural immunisation goes hand in hand with being sick.

 What I mean by this is that children build up their natural immune system by catching when youngsters as many illnesses as they can, which creates the natural immune system. Contamination from Vaccinations on the other hand, short circuits all the bodies’ first line defences. Artificial immunisation adds to the disorder. When you understand this knowledge is it surprising one needs constant vaccination?

That’s only on one level of course. The real reason for the whole vaccination weapon, is to destroy the human form to the point it becomes dependant on the medical mafia, and a constant form of control for all who are afraid not to trust that your God gave you all that you require to survive your reason and time span for living. So to all who believe in religion, why do you not quite trust your object of worship? Just a thought.


What also must be understood is that dependant upon your child’s and even your own body DNA structure, the vaccinations work differently thus:


Short term complications either problematic or serious, even death. This would explain in an instant why babies die for no apparent reason, cot death etc.


Medium term complications, whereby a child shows no reaction to vaccinations short term, but a few years’ later complications begin to appear, again problematic or serious.


We then have long term again in the same context. What is for sure, no doctor would diagnose vaccination to be cause especially after medium and long term complications. Usually they would find some fault with the parenting and habits of the family, which gives understanding to why ‘Experts’ like Sir Roy Meadow have been incorporated into the Law Courts. Even after all the cases this Illuminati operative has been found to be talking nonsense, he has been acquitted, and even worse this agenda of ‘experts’ will continue with ‘Experts’ from within the NHS. What bollocks!

The game goes on.





We shall now look at some short term effects of vaccinations :


The sickness itself or its atypical forms:


Whooping cough

Paralysis (polio like.)




Urticaria (giant)


Exanthemes (rash)


Discomfort and feeling faint

Painful inflammations

Local reactions

Swollen ganglions

Anaphylactic shock which can result in death



Renal attacks


Edema (swelling)


Gastro-intestinal problems

Unexpected infant death (1 to 3 weeks after vaccination)


All acute illnesses of the nervous system:

Serious to mild encephalitis

Pan-encephalitis (measles vaccine)


Irreversible neurological attacks


Cerebral paralysis

Major cerebral damage


Vaccinal infarction (30 and 40 year olds)


Hepatitis B


Change or death of the foetus






Mid Term:


Neurological disorders




Cerebral damage


Hyperactive children

Incessant crying

Appetite problems (anorexia, bulimia)

Attack on cranial nerves (blindness, deafness, dyslexia)


Delayed development

Cerebral palsy


Mental problems

Late mental development

Behavioural problems

Personality problems

Intellectual problems

Learning problems

Hyper sexuality

Emotional instability

Juvenile delinquency

Sociopathic personality

Criminal behaviour


Child leukaemias

Repetitive infections


Numerous allergies





Long Term:


Definite Effects

Unbalancing of our body (individual ecology)

Weakening of our immune system (natural defences)

Upsetting the interior of our cells:

Permanent alteration of chromosomes (DNA) or malformations

Introduction of foreign proteins transmissible to the genetic code of a species (new mutations)



Multiple sclerosis




Congenital malformations



Chronic tiredness syndrome


Parkinsons disease

Cardio-vascular illnesses



Degenerative illnesses




Re-appearance of old illnesses that are resistant to medications and drugs

Appearance of unknown illnesses

Congenital malformations

Hereditary genetic defects

Mutation of the human species

The possible extinction of the human race as we know it


Take your time over this information which as I stated is the conclusion of Guylaine Lanctot MD, author of the book ‘The Medical Mafia’. This is what is termed unofficial science in that it is not accepted by ‘official medical science’. Of course she is not in the business of selling you drugs, I wonder if that has something to do with it? This information is known and accepted at the peak of the elite in medical science, because what they are doing is by design. While we have the situation whereby all medical staff accepts the nonsense handed down from the elite levels of the medical world this holocaust upon the populations of the world will continue, unless of course you the people stop running to the doctors at the first sign of a snivel. The whole issue I have with the medical profession is in the handing out like sweeties, very dangerous concoctions, better known as medication. To look at all these conditions, virus, and diseases carefully you will note that the main thrust that is allowing the legislation in place against all our children in terms of, according to the elite, “the youth and children of today are bad, not conforming to their systems and something must be done.” Most of these problems in the main are caused by the vaccination programmes they have you in fear of not inflicting upon your children.

It is the same with the pensioners and elderly, you are systematically destroying your children out of nothing but fear, and you elderly are destroying your own health because of fear.

Once a person is diagnosed with any of these illnesses you are then bombarded with hideous amounts of drugs and treatments, can you see why the government bleat on and on about the NHS as the supreme importance on which all British people must concentrate their minds. A sort of new God to be worshipped by throwing £billions at it each year to perpetuate. Apart from the catastrophic consequences to health, this machine of death generates £billions and £billions for the elite, not just in drugs, but in all services and equipment this monster requires. It also serves to ensure many like minded operatives to the New World Order have safe employment.

To all you who send monies to charities specifically aimed at vaccinating the populations of the third world, take this into account, for they are certainly at elite level of such operations, not in any way concerned with the peoples good health, but the opposite. This of course is not an attack on those who work tirelessly for such operations; of course they do not know this truth to be fact. You are of course better informed now.

Not only that how can we possibly expect our schools to perform properly when these vaccinations are causing untold harm to children which then show themselves in unruly behaviour and lack of understanding skills to which many children are suffering. The knock on effects of the vaccination programme are so massive I have barley touched on the true consequences of this horrendous agenda, but it doesn’t have to be like this, if you the people of this nation and then the world cease in your fear, the control in this agenda of the elite, will crumble, and what a better family life we all shall have in the first instant, its that simple, it is up to us as human beings to take back the control of how and what our children do and do not have to endure.

The facts speak for themselves, take this, 45% of all UNICEF funds are spent on vaccinations for the third world, this compares to only 17% for clean water and sanitation. How the hell can an organisation such as this claim to be acting for health when we all know one of the biggest causes of illness and virus’s ‘IS’ dirty water and bad sanitation? Especially when UNICEF itself claims that one person in five in the world is not always served by clean water and reliable sanitation systems. There are only two possibilities:


1. Those that run this organisation are absolutely stupid and probably are evolved from the Chimp, or

2. Those that run this organisation are ensuring that as many people as possible die of the most easily preventable diseases and virus’s they can, and are thus part of the eugenics movement operated via the Club of Rome. You decide.


Whilst on the subject of UNICEF on Wednesday 14th February 2007 the United Nations Child Welfare Report was via UNICEF, blasted across the media. In truth most of what was said I fully agree with, but, I am very worried in relation to what super new legislation will be suggested to combat this. On the Newsnight programme of the 13th February, Jeremy Paxman held a forum to discuss child poverty in this the fifth richest nation. He spoke with the Conservative minister responsible for this subject who in response to Jeremy’s points about Thatcherism or as I have informed you, ‘Carringtonism’, and how the promotion of individualism and the push to place mothers in employment, were completely ignored by the Tory MP, so I see no encouraging signs that the Tories would solve this current problem.

In previous phases of this work I have shown on many levels the true reasons for the placement of children into care while mothers are sent to work. I have covered the real reason this satanic government has forced our babies, yes babies into nursery school age four, I have covered the true reason for the encouragement of the break up of families. In today’s report many of these topics have been reiterated, not the esoteric points, but the problems of such policies attributing to the hell that most children find themselves to be living.



Just to break here, I would like to re-iterate the abominable truth about the Red Cross. In a Newsnight edition December 19th 2006, the stated the fact that the Red Cross relative to all monies collected after the Tsunami of almost two years ago, have used almost none. They are holding £1.3 billion of your money in bank accounts. 8 out of ten homes gave monies to help those without homes. Up to the date 19th December 2006 which is almost two years on, they have handed over only 16 houses!

Out of the £6 billion pledged by governments, only £2.2 billion has been collected :



Spanish pledged £60 million; they have sent £1 million.

France pledged £79.million; they have sent £1 million

Chinese pledged £301 million; they have sent £1 million


At least for those of you who are grasping the agenda as it speedily chugs along, have now a better idea of just what most charity monies, ‘siphoned  off’ are used for? You got it, the New World Order requirements using the interest, and to give the holding bank licence to lend a further 10 times and more the balance held on such collections. This is just the tip of the iceberg.


Whilst on this theme of withholding monies the national lottery is holding £2 billion in its accounts, we all know where this is going? The London Olympic requirements...

Monday 12th February 2007 and the charities announce a scheme to justify and explain how charity monies are collected. I would much rather see a full and open disclosure of how charity monies are not in the first instance spent on the themes for which the monies are collected. I would insist we see a full account of how much money is spent on wages for the fat boys and girls, how much money is wasted in general before the figure is achieved for actual spend on the very issue the money is collected and how it is spent. I do not give money to charity because I understand how it is spent. When confronted with the collectors I always ask them to send me full and detailed accounts for the last six years of the charity. As you can imagine the look of absolute shock horror of the collectors when I request this, says it all. Stop trusting the status quo in every aspect of our so called civilisation, demand information in writing for all charities claims for collection but most importantly how it is spent or not spent. This is the play of the Illuminati to sideline the spend issue which is by far the most important issue, to look as if they are concerned about your concerns. Bullshit with a capital B. they are of course concerned because they are not able to live the wealthy lives most of the big wigs of such charities actually live on the back of your money, and the new world order shits get less money. Make these sick people pay with their own money if they wish to continue running the world! I say this with confidence they are going to fail, better they spend their money trying, which will leave them with nought when humanity claim the light for this beautiful planet we call the Earth.

Worse than that all the world authorities have launched the expanded programme on immunisation, the objective of which is to vaccinate all the children of the world against six illnesses that are most common among children :






Whooping cough



If this is not more proof of the connection of all the power brokers of the world under the umbrella of the United Nations, World Health Organisation (what a joke), the World Bank, etc I do not know what it will take for you to awaken from your slumber. Of course that is not strictly true, what it takes is for you to re-claim your whole being from fear the rest follows naturally. What was it Bill Clinton threatened we the people of Britain with? “You cannot divorce yourselves from the world community”, well we better bloody well had or we are in big trouble that is the truth of the situation. The World Health Organisation operates under the command of the United Nations and its role is to remove the right of authority from parents to be replaced with a duty to obey the administrative authorities. Failure to comply with this duty would render the parents in the eyes of the authorities as, ‘neglectful parents’ which would then give the authorities the right, in fact command, to remove the children from its parents, don’t forget they have already attempted this in this nation with the asylum seekers to which Manchester rebelled. This order was instigated in 1989 under the United Nations ‘Convention of rights for children’. This of course imposed without any consultation at all with the populations of the world; do you still think the United Nations will be in any way democratic? Absolutely not this ladies and gents is Fascism.


Under this directive which is in fact a law governed under the W.H.O. operation, will determine what freedoms of expression, choice, thought, and spiritual convictions each child is allowed, based on whatever ‘health laws are in place at the time.

The convention of rights allows the authorities to impose by force, against the wishes of the parents :


Forced blood transfusions

Vaccines for immunisation

Scientific medicines to those who would prefer to use alternative medicines

Severe medical treatments to those who refuse them, such as AZT for Aids more on which later..


To be blunt it is not children, parents, patients, doctors, nor is it the authorities of each nation that will determine and control these directives, it is the international financiers, that my friends means the Rothschild’s and all those Royal Bloodline banking families, the Rothschilds protect, the same people who have given us world wars, 911, all terrorism, Israel, Sadam Hussein, Adolf Hitler, Stalin etc, In fact everything we know since the flood, in fact beyond that event also. Can you now understand why one group of people have, and are, used in the most grotesque ways under the cover of the Second World War’s Holocaust?  to hide the role of the international bankers and the fact that they control every single nation and thus government of each nation including all the horrendous regimes that have ever existed, and those that exist today, created by the same bloodlines, operated by the same bloodlines to instil the New World Order we are witnessing today, to serve not the children, not the people but the Nefilim, who are mere puppets for the Elohim. On that basis I do not in any way like the Elohim nor do I obey their orders or wish’s, does that really make me evil as religion would have me labelled for such an attack?

Well sod em!

In America parents are being taken to court for refusing to give their children these vaccines! And as always what goes in America transfers across the democracies.

More than 100.000 people are killed each year in America from the miss - use of Pharmaceutical drugs. This makes doctors prescriptions the sixth biggest cause of death in the USA. This figure does not of course include the 2.1 million people seriously harmed by the same prescriptive powers of the medical mafia in the USA.

Now can you see a bit more clearly why the medical profession attack alternative medicines as wacko, the more of you who chose to use alternative medicines destroys  one of the  Nazi’s silent weapons in the latest holocaust against the masses.

The information relative to Influenza vaccines again from the BNF book states that each year the World Health Organisation recommends which strains should be included in each year’s flu vaccine. So you have direct proof that W.H.O. is dictating policy across the globe as to what you are to have injected into your body, it is therefore not even up to your doctor on a one to one patient- doctor relationship.

It states that the influenza virus’s A and B are constantly altering their antigenic structure relative to changes in the haemagglutins represented by the letter H, and neuraminidases represented by the letter N. these are present on the surfaces of the viruses.


There are 16 types of the H protein and 9 types of N protein existent upon the nebula of the virus. The H protein is the important one because it is the protein that will attach the virus to the cells of living organisms, i.e., birds or humans.


On the 3rd of February 2007, as the outbreak in Suffolk continued, we had Professor Sir John Skehel state, that with the virus H5N1, they have seen two out of the believed three required mutations within the virus for it to be able to affect humans as they have followed the virus since its outbreak in 2003. He continued that for the possible third mutation to occur, we would require the scenario of a human already infected with a normal flu virus to be infected with the virus H5N1, only then could this third mutation ‘possibly’ take place. This would then cross contaminate into the human population. So far only two of these mutations have occurred, and the H5N1 virus is as yet, until the predicted third mutation, no real danger to humans for an epidemic. I will cover the Suffolk outbreak as it happened in detail later in this work.


The BNF states that it is essential that both H and N components are present within whichever strain they are vaccinating against each year. So on this knowledge of the H and N proteins present within a virus, do the W.H.O. decide what you will have injected into your body each year. The BNF states that the strains of vaccine are grown in the allantoic cavity of chick embryos. This means that the vaccines are created inside chicks embryos, and are then injected into your body.




 What the hell are you doctors doing with your intelligence that you cannot see the connection here? And why are you keeping your mouths shut? Might you lose some money?

I am not a doctor yet just from reading your drug Bible and other works, have I been able to find this link, you have no excuse on this one whatever, any flue epidemic will be at your feet for not having the balls to bring this information to the public. In your ignorance you are collaborators through silence to the Nazi regime as it continues in the present. So we all now know where this bird flue is coming from,  it is created at the  source of the vaccine, they only have to contaminate the birds from which they are using the eggs for the creation of the vaccines, and bingo we have the forecast epidemic. Now we can look at all the past epidemics including plagues in a totally different light. Come on you Doctors show us you’re not just about MONEY, STATUS, MONEY, STATUS, MONEY, and STATUS… remember doctors, you can only continue your ignorant silence while the secrets are in the bag, reading your books I can see straight through the nonsense, I am compelled to report what I have found. You cannot keep your silence about what you know about the truth of medication, I know many of you know this kind of information from conversations with you out of practice, you have to begin to speak in order you can redeem yourselves to the public. The drive to prove these and many other facts about the medical profession can only gather momentum, you are much better off joining this expose before the tide of understanding within the masses crashes on the shore of  knowledge which will show the fact that many of you knew! and for the sake of Status and Money collaborated.

Just because you are doctors doesn’t exclude you from ingesting these poisons when your ill, does it? You will also be microchiped, scanned and all the other technological nasty stuff being implemented via the New World Order, if we cannot trust you to act on our behalf you leave yourselves wide open to blame, you then become the scapegoats.

Through December 2006 they are promoting yet another World Health Organisation directive, that obese children should have stomach surgery or slimming pills to combat as they claim, a more serious risk to health than smoking, poverty and alcoholism, that of obesity. Worse than that, they include the fact that it is parental responsibility for children’s obesity. I don’t think so; it is the agenda of the food additive programme hushed up via the World Health Organisation. December 24th 2006, Xmas eve and the Blair government decide they want all under twelve year old girls vaccinated against venereal disease with the sounbite scare, “to prevent cervical cancer!”

There was in Decembers 2006, released information relating to a stem cell treatment company, ARC. This company is run by Laura Brown and a male partner. They have been offering injections unfit for humans in that they contained animal cells, and, the doses given where for experimental research. These have been offered and taken by people suffering from conditions such as Multiple Sclerosis and people with spinal injuries. One of the major controllers of the stem cell agenda are the Welcome Trust, which hands out over £500 million per year to biochemical companies for stem cell research. This is about placing animal cells with human embryos and vice versa. They have been doing such experiments for years in underground bases such as Area 51 in America, and from leaked information from very brave operatives have created some abominations of cross breeds in the hunt for the creation of the perfect soldier. They have covered this research with the Extraterrestrial scam which to all those who are following the UFO’s agenda, believe bases such as area 51 in Nevada, Dulce in New Mexico, Area S-4 near Groom Lake in Nevada, Mount Weather in Bluemont, Virginia and RAF Rudloe Manor in Wiltshire England are covering up such extraterrestrial activity. I also feel that the 13 American bases we have on British soil are of the same agenda and what we see on the surface are only a physical cover for the massive underground bases they actually are. That it is from these bases that the private army of the Illuminati we know as the men in black operate and are to emerge with the planned military coupe upon nations for the future. What I do however understand is that if they are successful in creating mass global fear they will have the military all over each nation as we have already seen with the released information relative to how they plan to have the military guard power plants in the UK now. Once we have this situation in place which of course will have the TA and even cadets guarding facilities, it will be then and only then that this secret army will emerge in the same way as the SS and Gestapo held supreme power over the German military, they will place themselves in superior position dictating to our military. It is in this way they will take over each individual nation militarily. They for sure are using extraterrestrial DNA with such stem cell research and have created horrendous creations, but the current agenda with overt stem cell research is to bring into the mainstream what they have been doing since the end of the Second World War. I will offer all relevant information to such bases such as area 51 in a future phase, but breech it here to give you a truer reason to the stem cell agenda as it is being brought into the public arena with all its secret connections. This also links into the laboratory human fertilisation through such organisations as the IVF treatment for couples who cannot have children, again the reasons for many such couples being in this situation has been manipulated through medical drugs and treatment via the medical profession. With the agenda of stem cell research they are placing embryos with all sorts of DNA directly into these types of couples, be aware.


I would re-iterate the importance from the perspective of the Illuminised medical operatives in pushing all the local GP surgeries into sealed units so to speak. This will totally remove individual doctor’s capacity to act in a one to one friendly consultation. What will happen over time is for all the doctors to become subservient to an elite clique of consultants, thus manipulation of individual patients by this clique without the GP’s own method of personal treatment for the patient being allowed or even taken into account, doctors you are about to be turned into robots on a medical checkout shopping line the only difference would be the inability for the patient to actually choose the products as it were off the shelves, but be made to pay for medication and treatment dictated by the cliques via you the scapegoat doctors. So understand that while I make you face your own contradictions I do so to prevent you becoming the scapegoats for the Nazi’s amongst the consultants, you as individual doctors will get the blame for every incident that gets out into the open when in fact it came from the higher levels of your profession. Position of scapegoat is written into the new world order completely in every profession.





When you actually study the ‘unofficial science’ and conclusions of many operatives in the field of medicine and operatives directly involved in the Aids anomaly, one is surprised in the extreme..


HIV was officially ‘discovered’ in 1983.

Those in the know relating to virus’s and the human body have made astonishing discoveries that have lead them to understand that HIV was and is, a pure Laboratory creation, and not as is claimed the discovery of an already existing virus.


In 1982, Robert Harris and Jeremy Paxman published a book entitled ‘A Higher Form of Killing: The Secret story of Chemical and Biological Warfare’ which exposed the secrets of chemical and biological warfare. They denounced secret experiments carried out on humans by the Army and the CIA during the 1950’s. They also reveal the work done by the Army’s Department of Biological Warfare at Fort DetrickUSA.


In 1985, Robert Strecker, a doctor in gastro-enterology and doctor of pharmacology, concluded that Aids had been deliberately provoked, as a result of testing the vaccination against hepatitis B on homosexuals. He was also convinced that the African continent had been contaminated in the same way, at the time of the vaccination campaigns against smallpox to study certain effects of bacteria and viruses at the request of the World Health Organisation. He explains that HIV cannot come from nature, as it is so radically different from all other known viruses. He states it is the result of a cloning of animal viruses, inoculated into humans, which thus provoked a new illness.

In 1987, Alan Cantwell Jr, doctor of dermatology and researcher, reached the same conclusions as Strecker, in his book ‘Aids and the Doctors of Death’.



In 1987, The World Health Organisation officially declared that :

“HIV is a natural virus of unknown geographical origin”.


In 1992, Eva Lee Snead, holistic doctor and researcher, wrote two books, ‘Some Call it AIDS: I Call it Murder,’ and ‘The Connection Between Cancer, AIDS, Immunisation, and Genocide’. She stresses the similarity of clinical syndromes between HIV and SV40, which is present in African green monkeys. The only way that a human can catch SV 40 from a monkey is through physical contact, eating its body meat, or by receiving it via inoculation via a vaccine. It is the same SV 40 that one found in the vaccine Sabin against Polio (‘monkey soup’ Sabin) which was used to vaccinate millions of children over the years. Indeed it has been found that SV 40 causes congenital anomalies, leukaemia, cancers, and serious immuno-suppression. Which just happen to be similar to those of AIDS? She establishes the relationships which exist between leukaemia, SV 40, and AIDS. In her opinion AIDS is another form of leukaemia. She demonstrates the responsibility of vaccines in the appearance of AIDS and in the increase of forms of leukaemia and cancers.

6th of July 2007 it was announced that 1.5 million people have been miss-diagnosed with heart disease that’s a lot of miss-prescribed drugs.



We Shall Now Catalogue The Story Of AIDS :


1952: Meeting behind closed doors in Ottawa, Canada, of Canadian, American and       British researchers studying retroviruses.


1959: The World Health Organisation warns of the dangers of using vaccines derived from monkeys.


1960: The World Health Organisation announces the presence in vaccines of      unexpected and undesirable viruses.


1960: The presence of the virus SV 40 is found in the cell cultures of the African green monkey and one learns that SV 40 was present in the majority of anti polio vaccines manufactured from living viruses before this date.


1961: Vaccination by living viruses begins.


1963: The world learns of a tumoregenic virus, which causes tumors, originating from a monkey


1963: It is reported that the number of cases of leukaemia has increased in States where the anti polio vaccine containing SV 40 was administered.


1963: A biological research programme is launched under the auspices of the CIA and the US Army at FortDetrick, in Maryland. It is attached to the National Cancer Institute.


1964: The presence of the virus SV 40 is discovered in children vaccinated against polio with Sabin vaccine.


1964: It is found that viruses of vaccines (living viruses) give malignant illnesses. The following problems occur more and more frequently among the general population :


Deficiencies in the immune system

Congenital anomalies

Different forms of leukaemia

Malignant illnesses among young children


1968: American virologists set up their sophisticated equipment in Zaire.


1969: President Nixon announces his intention to suspend the manufacture of biological weapons and to destroy existing stockpiles. [Take this as the reverse speak and you have the announcement they are ready to explode the biological attack on the populace.]


1969: The beginning of another strong push on cancer research. Retroviruses are in the spotlight because it is known that they cause cancer in animals. So why not also in humans? They quickly succeed in cultivating these retroviruses on the human cell, they now know how to cancerise human cells, in other words they have learnt how to manufacture cancer.


1970: The World Health Organisation and the National Institute of Health decide to inject the virus and the bacteria into children during vaccination campaigns, to conduct a study.


1971: It is proven that SV 40 cancerises the cells of mice.


1972: The World Health Organisation transforms the 1970 study into the study focussing on viruses which weaken the immune function.


1973: Berg and other leaders in biochemistry reveal the general principles of a ‘new’ science, Genetic Engineering is born.


1973: A new retrovirus is isolated, BVV (bovine visna virus).


1974: The hereditary transmission of a foreign gene is a success.


1975: Gallo, an American researcher, announces the discovery of HTLV and states that this virus gives leukaemia to certain population groups.


1977: First case of immuno-deficiency, acquired by a young African woman doctor. Followed by many cases among Blacks, drug users and haemophiliacs.


1978: Vaccination against hepatitis B of homosexuals in New York.


1980: Vaccinations against hepatitis B of homosexuals in five American cities.


1980: The appearance of more and more cases of immuno-deficiency which fall into no formerly known categories.


1981: The official debut of the AIDS epidemic.


1983: Official discovery of a retrovirus, which is held responsible for AIDS, it is given the same name as the illness HIV.


1992: The following is the conclusion by Robert Root-Bernstein, a biochemist and immunologist, Professor of physiology at the University of Michigan:


“Despite ten years of the most intensive and costly research ever conducted on the same illness, we are only beginning to realise how little we know about AIDS. The most disturbing aspect of this observation is the possibility that our ignorance results in large part from the great faith that we placed in the HIV theory. As well as the little confidence shown in this theory’s critics. Moreover, every year has served to reinforce the cause of those who proclaim that there is more to AIDS than HIV, and that, as a result, there are better ways of controlling AIDS than vaccines, medications and public policies regarding HIV.”


To put this into perspective, what is being said here is that to state HIV as the cause of AIDS is a very convenient cover for the fact that vaccinations, poverty, heroin and fear are the real cause of the disease we know as AIDS, in that all these conditions construct the situation of depressed immune systems in the human form. That it is a created killer operating the eugenics agenda straight out of the Club of Rome via the United Nations, W.H.O, and UNICEF. I have stated throughout this operation that it was inflicted into the homosexual community on one level because of the religious connotations, and would thus help in the cover of the fact that this is a weapon of the elite to cull the populations targeting the known incarnation to Britain of ancient Greeks. The same with Africa in that we all know the cultural difference in attitude to sex within the African race which the religious ministers have used so well in convincing the west they need ‘civilising’, thus facilitating the takeover and destruction of a once great race of spiritual people outside of course the inflicting by the Anunnaki of the blood rites.

Not only that, the financial bounty of attacking the virus HIV as the only cause is massive and yet more people are forced if not by fear, by law to be vaccinated. What these experts are also stating is the fact that when one is diagnosed with AIDS they literally have no chance of getting better because of the fact they become the consumers of so many medications their immune systems never get the chance to re-build to strength, especially with the drug AZT. This has now ben proved with the young boy having been diagnosed with HIV only to become clear, more information needs to be brought into the public arena about this boy’s case.

 For example Lauritzen, an analyst in polling research, the author of the book, ‘Poison by Prescription – The AZT Story’, exposed the fraud relating to the research into this drug which led to the acceptance by the American Food and Drug Administration (the same organisation that via Donald Rumsfeld  licensed Aspartame), for the usage of AZT. This drug is medically ineffective and extremely dangerous in that it causes cancer. So once you are diagnosed with HIV the medical mafia ensure you die of AIDS. The same with cancer. Just to further express the deceit, you have the poor people who are diagnosed with AIDS demanding they are given AZT; this manipulation is used so effectively in Britain when the elite release a new drug and all sufferers of whichever condition the drug claims to help, scream and demand it be available on the NHS. They also have new drugs to treat HIV like Stockrin, again through WHO directives people will be forced to take.

This is now made even easier by allowing its use in Scotland first, thus creating demand in England and Wales, the pharmaceutical companies or cartel make billions, and more and more people become ever more dependant on the medical mafia thus creating more fear and depression not only for the patient, but also for the families and friends of those suffering these conditions, and the spread of fear and thus depressed immune systems rockets throughout the populations. Then the additives, the radiation and electromagnetic waves in the food chain begin to take effect within those depressed immune systems as do all the frequency weapons via mobile phones etc, is it any wonder the world seems to be going crazy? It is, but by design.

If you ceased to take vaccinations across the board this alone would destroy the eugenics agenda across the world.

The elite have created the situation whereby everyone sees the AIDS epidemic as a homosexual creation which for the elite is the scapegoat for the truth that it is a vaccination creation, the same is true of cancer and all so called incurable diseases.

 The same with the condoms agenda, the elite make massive amounts of money, back up religious doctrine and further hides the truth about vaccinations as cause. All this hides the fact that the World Health Organisation is the biggest killer of the human this planet has ever seen, and it can only get worse until you stop existing in a trance of fear which puts you at the mercy of those who created and perpetuate the lies, the illusion of illness treatment.

To all homosexuals, with the AIDS agenda I have exposed you can now see truly what Christianity thinks about the truth you offer to the world, they have created an horrendous slaughter against your kind secretly while pretending to debate whether or not you are to be accepted into their flock! Do you really wish to be part of a belief system that is systematically blaming and destroying your kind?

 In Zimbabwe there are five and a half million people suffering from Aids yet the Catholic Church throughout Africa continues to prevent its flock from using condoms while crying about abortion as the ultimate sin.


 In the 1980’s the Trilateral Commission determined the ideal desirable population for the United States would be 100 million people only, now can you see who the eugenics movement serves? 

All new vaccines are basically vaccines to fight viruses propagated by other vaccines.




If I may take you back to the agenda of poisoning you the masses via our well known supermarket, in which I catalogued the adding of a poison to their own brand summer fruits cordial drink in an earlier phase. The added ingredient was Sodium Metabisulphite which I can now inform you is a preservative.  Strange though it is that for all those years before this preservative was added, the drink was fine. Since the takeover of this giant supermarket chain this agenda has come into force in a big way. Again it is strange that as sensible companies are beginning to go against the additive overlord agenda the big supermarkets are instilling more and more of these poisons into your diets in their own branded products?  The tests I have completed with this cordial show that what they term a preservative actually after around 7 to 8 days destroys the water and sort of crystallises giving off a noxious smell and of course taste. This was carried out using Evian mineral water. This did not occur previous to the addition of Sodium Metabisulphite. With this knowledge one should question more, the true agenda being played out by Sainsbury’s operative, Jamie Oliver, on the one hand this operative for big business is preaching good sense, while his handler company is part of the poisoning agenda through the supermarket chain. Answer: a good soul that is Jamie Oliver is being used to cover the satanic agenda of his handler! No offence intended Jamie, but you should question what it is the elite want from you before you consider your bank balance. It’s no good ensuring good food is cooked in the schools until the schools themselves stop employing satanic controlled dinner staff. This dinner staff agenda I breached with the head of one of our schools in this town. The head then retired and I am waiting to see how the game plays out with the new head, I am watching.


The Walmart global empire is 100% Illuminati. It is one of the first companies to use R.F.I.D. microchips on all its supermarket goods. This is the same chip that you find on your new passports, they are not on the UK individual supermarket products yet, but it is coming. These chips will transmit information held upon each sold item bought from the Walmart stores. It will they say transmit up to a 10 metre radius from each individual item. They claim it is for tracing of their products from manufacture to sale, yet once you have purchased these products your home will have a massive amount of frequencies transmitting from your home. It would only require a chap with an instrument you see the traffic wardens and the utility meter readers carrying to stand within ten metres of your home and they immediately know every product you have within your home. This will add to all other frequencies you have transmitting from your home and basically with this type of chipping of produce, mobile phones, passports, ID cards etc, one would only need to stand within ten metres of your home with a scanner and they could down load all your personal financial, lifestyle habits, medical, tax, and biometric information into their laptop and what an advantage these types of people would have in manipulation of you and your family. The same with the microchip implants or VeryChip, which I covered in the last phase. These chips are again read by a scanning device, the chips hold a 16 digit number which is your file number in the mainframe data-base which can be accessed via the internet. Once they have this number they can literally open your file on the mainframe which has all your personal details and your electronic transactions data from each time you have purchased via credit or debit card. Worse than that is the fact that with a scanner I could read your implanted microchips number then create a copy of that chip and insert it into myself or another, I would become you each time I passed a scanner hidden in the speed cameras and all other hidden scanners around the country. So if I then robbed a bank or killed someone, and wearing your copied microchip I was scanned, you would indeed have the police at your door, the problem then would be for you to prove you where not there at the scene, total reversal of innocent till proven guilty, do you trust the legal system?


 They are using the, ‘released Paedophiles will go underground’, in their defence of why they should not release offenders whereabouts to communities in which they are placed. They of course through public outcry have to change on this stance in the future. What they will do is link this ‘going underground’ with the absolute necessity for these people to be microchiped. This is the beginnings of the move to instil the microchip agenda via sex offenders into this nation.


There we have it, Christmas Eve 2006 and we have a ‘leaked’ document from number 10, “crime is to soar within the next five years’, and to combat this they announce some possible measures, two of which are :


IMPLANT OF ID CHIPS (the very chip)



So it is finally announced in public on Christmas Eve 2006, ‘the human microchip’.

On Saturday 6th Jan 2007 we have the release of information relative to open prisons, and the fact that there is no current system of knowing how many prisoners have absconded. This again is all part of the play to instil the human microchip. The agenda is on now; watch it with your now opened eyes.


With the right knowledge and equipment anyone can hack into the global surveillance camera systems both outside and those inside buildings. This would enable a person to utilise the whole camera network to follow and record your every move and conversation. Remember I am speaking about anybody not from within the police or intelligence agencies. This will be open to all organised crime operations and anyone who has the equipment and know- how. That to me is rather more frightening than any terrorist threat. Not only that, but that thing you cannot do without, ‘the mobile phone’ is a terrifying piece of equipment. Not only can they record your calls via a scanner, with the use of a laptop and Bluetooth technology, all the modern 3G phones at the pressing of a key on a laptop can turn all your phones into microphones and even video cameras that can then be picked up on the laptop. So for instance you are in the board meeting and one person in that meeting could have his or her phone accessed via this method and the whole board meeting has been heard and perhaps watched by your competitors, that is not good I care not which secret society or order you belong there will be no such thing as secrecy in your lives once this technology becomes widespread. So once we are forced into the ID card scenario, all terrorists and assassins, all underworld operatives will be travelling with YOUR ID card and YOUR passport and your microchip code, who does the Chip and ID card agenda serve/ exactly, the Illuminati and its terrorist and underworld networks.

In America after 911, Bush introduced many bills and laws to destroy liberty. One of the worst was under the patriot act which has allowed the intelligence agencies to intercept E mails and landline calls. Brought in with the claims ‘it will only be used against suspected terrorists’ what we know now is that over 300 million Americans are being eaves dropped upon as I write and rising.

The most interesting aspect to this data base mainframe agenda is that celebrity’s politicians and higher operatives of the New World Order are exempt from having their details on the data base. So it will be the masses that are open to this type of potentially nightmare scenario of information miss-use, and not of course those who are using this information and technology against you. Still believe the elite are operating for you in this democracy? Still believe the law works for the people in democracy? Still believe they are invading other countries for your energy needs even though they have owned all oil and gas reserves since the Second World War? Of course not, have the elite ever operated on our behalf? No, they operate for the agenda we know as The New World Order, the Great Work of Ages, and it is against the populations of the world, we are the enemy to these people every thing they do is to steel the planet from the human whilst manipulating the populations to carry out the task, only we can stop it but you have to first allow yourself to face this scenario and cease in your fear of seeing, only then can we prevent the global fascist state.


A topic that on the face of it seems normal practice but when you understand the occult practices of the Golden Dawn it makes ones alarm bells ring.  Why is Hyndburn council selling land and property to the traveller community for Cash money? The answer is quite simple; the Golden Dawn operates extensively throughout the traveller communities. I would point out that information I gave in an earlier phase about Gypsies, does not carry for the travelling community who are not Gypsies; their leaders are operatives of the Golden Dawn or connect with such operatives. I know full well the kind of machinations carried out by these traveller people I had one on my back in the 1990’s. This practice needs to stop immediately. Who In the Blair government is responsible for communities? Exactly the Bolton Opus Dei operative Ruth Kelly, that says it all!!


On the morning of 5th October 06 they are further laying the whole re – cycling scam upon you the public. I have said I fully agree with the idea of recycling but not in its current form, whereby we are forced in law to operate this agenda for free, and if one does not comply we are then fined. And as announced during early April, they wish to charge us per kilo of waste we throw out. The true facts of this agenda are floored in that all plastic waste is sent to China and is burnt or placed in landfill. In an earlier phase I said they turned this plastic waste into plates, but upon further investigations I found this to be a monumental lie, they burn it and bury it. I pointed this out to a chap from Hyndburn Council Rob Jones, a nice chap, when I had requested a larger bin for my family who created more refuse that would fit in the bin. His response was to show me he knew of this. I would feel the council in Hyndburn would serve the people better if they instead of playing this game of deceit actually began to fight this whole agenda as it affects even council operatives in that we all pay council tax, and are therefore all subject to this deceit laid out from central government. We are all being hoodwinked with the fascist agenda; you do not have immunity just because you operate for any government structure. The fascist state only serves the Nefilim against all the people.






I will only briefly cover this topic and wish it to be known it is for scholars of the Bible who are not of the satanic vibration.

If we look at Solomon’s Song of Songs, the singer sings :


“And a woman was brought unto him

And she lay with him

But he get no heat”


What we are looking at her is the practice of rejuvenation, practised by Constantine the great..

This is practised by the Illuminati and many initiates for their attempt at longevity of their own personal life.

It has nothing whatever to do with sexual intercourse, nor does it have anything to do with Mary Magdalene. It is basically an act at the level of human knowledge for humans.

The actual sacrifice of humans takes this ritual of Shunamatism one step further, which of course it would when you understand the needs of the Nefilim hybrid bloodlines that require the actual murder of the human for reasons I have already covered in previous phases. I hope this gives you people of the cloth who have not attained initiations beyond the literal interpretation of the Bible the extra bit of information you would require to help you see past the level of your understanding offered to you by your Bishops and Cardinals or whatever name your religion gives to your superiors.


Interestingly during the month of October I was speaking with a gentleman, who works for a pharmaceutical company, and he was rather annoyed at the fact that he knows of certain drugs that can create this longevity of human existence and that it is kept totally secret from the populations.



So what is actually happening in Accrington, Nelson and other surrounding areas?

Quite simply these areas are to become centres for the racial violence, and to become centres for organised crime on a global scale from which the European crime syndicates can operate. This will be proven within the current wave of European immigrants to enter these shores, whereby amongst the settlers in our area will be gangsters of the most inhuman kind linking with the traveller communities as have many of the Eastern Europeans already here. You have to be very careful with this agenda. We have had the Russian mafia connection to Accrington throughout the 1990’s, trust my words when I say this is the agenda relative to Lancashire. There is a very well known Great Harwood man who inks to the Russian mafia especially relating to human trafficking. This is why on Xmas Eve 06 the leaked document from number 10 can claim there will be a crime wave in the next five years. That and the fact they are going to begin the demolition of the welfare state through 2007. This is what is being played out of Nelson with Hyndburn council, benign in its power having Stuart Nevison and Barnfield operating in parallel selling land and property to the travellers. Barnfield allow these traveller people to stay on their construction sites as they build, so you can see from where this agenda is coming from.

 What I must ask you to understand is that I am not being racist in any way, but this topic needs to be addressed to help understand how the European Union is, and will, continue to affect the labour force in this nation. I have stated in a previous phase that the beginnings of the destruction of the working class in this nation began in the 1980’s via the Youth Opportunity Schemes to which the House of Windsor took and still do a very large interest. They basically ensured that the majority of skills this nation requires were demolished. They were ensuring people were offered apprentice ships into trades they did not want, ensuring dis-interest in each persons given ‘opportunity’. This has created the situation whereby each trade especially within the construction industry, has only a small number of extremely professional tradesmen throughout each trade. They then created thousands of employment agencies which in the first stage created animosity on building sites in that agency workers tended to earn more than company operatives, the agencies themselves are not necessarily working to this agenda knowingly. This enabled the agencies to scoop up many of the best employees from many companies, which gave a big rise in these agencies. What we have in the current situation is that the Eastern Europeans are flooding the agencies because they will work for less money than our own workforce. This in turn is destroying small businesses as larger companies take on these immigrant workers, via the agencies. The knock on effect is that to stay in the game many smaller businesses are also employing the immigrant’s workers and more and more of our own tradesmen are finding themselves out of work. November 22nd 06 I was speaking with a HGV recovery operative, a chap who recovers HGV’s when they have been in accidents and such. What he told me as he was recovering a vehicle that was stuck at the top of Peel Park Avenue, was that he and his company are loaded with work because the HGV companies are using more and more immigrant drivers who are extremely dangerous in that they haven’t the first clue how to operate the wagons. This has major implications for road safety, but worse than that…who is going to act against the Crown when all the HGV drivers are Polish? The same in the construction industry, most of these immigrants are not up to scratch by a long stretch in quality, and in many  cases you the client are getting an inferior contract which many unscrupulous companies then cover up just to have the contract passed for payment.

Of course the main objective from the elite’s point of view is to demolish the native working class of this nation; they are doing a bloody good job too. In Liverpool according to two joiners I spoke too recently, the immigrants have pushed down tradesman’s wages to £8.50 an hour. This according to two plasters I know is happening in Manchester also. They will when the time is right demolish the welfare state which will create the Middle Age scenario I have exposed, not only that, the loss of jobs to the native British will place British citizens in a class below the immigrants, that is not on by any Human Rights laws I have looked at we are again having an influx of a foreign race who are hell bent on taking over, and it certainly is not the Muslims on this occasion. This must be grasped by you agency companies, don’t let your greed destroy this nation by driving down wages. With the importation of Eastern European Khazars who take the Catholic religion, again the Khazars are able to head here without the anti Jewish sentiments rising to the fore in the British populations. Again proof of the elite level connection between the religions.


What needs to be understood is how they are playing off against your seeing the game with the use of those organisations and groups of people that were slaughtered during the Holocaust. We all understand that Gypsies, Jews, Freemasons, communists and homosexuals were targeted by the Nazis. I have already stated that those in this nation who are calling themselves gypsies are not so. They are almost completely controlled by the Golden Dawn. It is the same with a large section of homosexuals, with this I am speaking in terms of many of the operatives of groups such as the Golden Dawn are homosexuals; all of the operatives they have sent against me from childhood, save one, had this theme in common. I am not in any way attacking homosexuals; I have given you my understanding of homosexuality in a previous phase. But we have to understand the elite are operating through groups of people that we would be less inclined to accuse, based on the atrocities idiot people have inflicted upon such groups in past times, this also carries for some mentally ill people as I breeched in a very early phase… so they are hiding behind differing groups of people they in the past have made suffer horrendously.

 Many of the operatives working for Meadowcroft indulge in mass orgies including women, these are carried out at the gatherings when drugs are in use and portraits of the lizard are placed upon the walls of these events. These rituals serve as food for the entities and also to further re – code the DNA of the participants in these orgies. You would be very surprised indeed where these events take place. What I will say is there are a massive grouping of these people in Accrington and the surrounding areas, I will state that I have never participated in these events but have been there before the orgies begin. I know this information could be taken in the wrong way, but I will treat you as intelligent human beings and not shy away from it. It is not in any way neither offering nor backing the idea that homosexuality is wrong, but to enlighten you how they are using operatives who are known to be of such groupings of people in the spreading of the energies. It all boils down to the rituals brought fourth by the satanic prophet Alistair Crawley, it is sex magic at work, be very careful you do not fall victim to this ritual. If out of the blue you have become more sexually engrossed in your mind at any point while you serve in power, then understand you are coming into contact with operatives of such orders as the Golden Dawn, and they are bringing you in, which opens you to blackmail because of your sexual adventures.


With the interview late 2006 with the most senior British General Sir Richard Dannatt in the Daily mail relative to Iraq. What we are seeing here, is that phase I military operations have been successful, and massaging the populations egos playing as though Baker and Daddy Bush are listening and going along with what the voters wish, this gives the sanction to move troops into Afghanistan ready to bring in Pakistan.


 The expanded threat of terrorism will place this nation under the emergency powers set within the Contingency Act Brown is going to push through once again this autumn. We will then be in the situation as was Germany giving this nation over overtly to the dictatorship we have always been, and there would be not a thing we could do to change this scenario, nothing at all. Everything they then did would be in the name of security, we could do nothing. The problem we face is you cannot accept the fact that this will happen. There is no difference between the middle ages and today in that the trees looked the same, the land is as green as was the middle ages, we adorn different clothes and live in different houses, but the power structures are exactly the same. The minds holding the power are exactly the same. This is the whole aim of the New World Order which is a mirror image title, or reversed speak of the true agenda which is, “The Old World Order.”

To become a General one has to be a complete machine. One has to be a ‘no person’, a vessel of the Crown. When you admire high ranking officers what you do not realise is they are machines who operate only on command, they have no thought mechanisms of their own. The perfect soldier is a robot whose only role is to shout yes sir no sir then pass on the command to those below. This is the whole essence of the military; you give away your mind and thus your decision process to the higher rank. This is also the role of secret societies, a military operation in Civy Street.

 Towards the end of November 06, we have Military leaders demanding a detailed plan of operations and aims in Iraq and Afghanistan. The real plan is top secret or it was until I and others brought it before you, do you really feel they would have enlightened British military officers of the real agenda in these nations, NO, of course not because the real agenda is as I have put forward. We have in Iraq, the situation whereby Shia are now fighting Shia, and Sunni against Sunni, it is working like a dream for the fascist elite with the knock on effect of instilling fascism in this and all other democratic nations, all the while it expands the opium trade and re structures the oil business for the Nefilim. Mark my words, the Arabs will be turned into beggars in the near future. There are 37 countries operating as I write in Afghanistan, is that not a world army? They are joining UN peacekeeping forces with those of NATO, see it.

We then have on December 6th the Jonathan Dimbleby Debate, where they drag out General Sir Mike Jackson. Did you notice the symbol they had strewn around the hall in which he spoke? This chap is totally Illuminati controlled and I can tell you now that what is perceived as change in policy driven by the mid term elections in the USA is not what it seems. This is second phase operations in its commencement for the magical year 2007 which is also the Golden year of the Boar in the Chinese Almanac, a very rare and significant year, and as already stated phase I, the initial objective has been accomplished. That the Baker report is only to manipulate the idea that the Policy of Bush jnr is flawed and that daddy and his team, of which Jackson is part, are taking over. They have been in control throughout this campaign or rather agenda. The Baker report is to commence second phase operations which will drag the whole of the Middle East into this conflict and via terror; it will spread across the globe engaging all emergency powers as active and the world shut down under military law. Just think of the criminal activities that will go on in this present in Britain if this war is achieved, as bad as it was during the blitz of the Second World War, the underworld is a much greater force today. This is how the Illuminati have learned to control the home nation parallel to fighting great wars abroad. The next section of work was written on the day of each date, as I saw the whole game and as I understood it, see what you think.


H5N1 Better Known As Bir Flu And Bollocks.


Tuesday 7th November 06

Here we go the game comenceth, the horizon programme lengthened to one and a half hours dedicated to terrifying you to death about the bullshit that is Newcastle Disease, or as they have named this new monster “BIRD FLUE”. First I will begin with the numerological significance or signature.

 This day the sun number breaks down to 5, the moon number breaks down to 8, we therefore have the culminative number 13, adding the five and the eight =13, that’s the Illuminati’s signature for initiates. Second point for initiates, is that this programme follows the 6th of November which esoterically is a very important ritual date, named: Lord Lyons Special Court.

What this programme has actually done for my work is show you how they are preparing you for the operations  I have offered information to how FEMA operated during hurricane Andrew in America in 1992, which is existent in various forms within each nation to be put into affect here and across the globe. They spoke of the refrigerated trucks to deal with the bodies. They showed you how they will use the military to cordon off areas they say are contaminated. This is one hundred percent preparation within your minds to except this FEMA type behaviour in this country, so it follows we are nearing the first outbreak in this nation. They spoke absolute nonsense relative to the genetic mutation of the avian flu to give the idea its understanding is beyond normal medical personnel and that we all must believe the experts within this programme. They then gave in depth information relative to the symptoms we should expect which of course were horrendous. What I will state is, to undergo chemical and biological warfare education the symptoms they in this programme were offering, where identical to certain chemical agents used by the military. Chemicals that can be administered to populations via food, water and through the mains gas pipe network directly into your homes. This is the most frightening aspect to this programme for me, in that they could administer these chemical agents into certain parts of the nation, and then blame it on bird flu. This would then give them the opportunity to close down this nation under the emergency powers and this nation would become totally militarised in a couple of days.

They then went through a “who would be eligible for the vaccine” scenario. This is to create demand through fear that the government ensure there is enough vaccine for all, and that they are trying to manipulate you all to start scrambling for the vaccine named Tamiflu. So the first stage of this agenda is to drive the vaccine programme, while also paving the way for the introduction of the FEMA style operations in our case Defra. The programme then ended with a website address for all who have sucked into the fear to gain more information, then, they offered a phone line number for all who are worried to, “call in confidence.” Both these were offered with the narrators voice in the “extremely worried type tone.” Anyone who has studied the art of marketing can see that the agenda with the web site and phone number are to gain information relative to how many people are falling for this manipulation which will give the elite an idea how far off they are in implementing this whole agenda into practise. The fact that the phone number is open 7 days a week, this testing of the water so to speak, is to be continuous. This means they are to continue the fear and mantra type indoctrination of the BIRD FLUE agenda using the web site and phone numbers to guide them to when this manipulation and agenda can safely be implemented, they are their guides.

If you can see this, then for you the deception and thus fear will be broken, do not fall for this one at all costs.

Monday 20th November 06, we again have an, ‘Official Scientist’, Sir John Skehl, terrifying you all once again about the bird flue with the call ‘the government aren’t ready you know’, this is to try to get you all to push for the vaccine in order you are all excited about this scam.


 The figures at 20th November 2006 are :


56 deaths in Indonesia

4 in Turkey

153 deaths worldwide since 2003.


Of course we have to take these figures on trust from the very people and organisations that are desperate to have you all vaccinated for the winter!

What you all must remember is that the autumn is the beginning of the Christian Ecclesiastical year, or put more bluntly, the start of the Christian esoteric or occult year. We have been bombarded with fears and worries through topics they wish to legislate into reality in 2007, and so as the autumn begins in 2006 they begin to give out the game plan, in fact it began at the end of August. All topics they release during the autumn are to gain momentum during the winter and in the spring they become activated, whilst during the summer of 2007 they will hopefully have all machinations began this autumn playing themselves out like a violin, and of course the harvest or Autumn of 2007, whilst setting out the next years manipulations, they reap the profits or fruits of their game and re-group for the next adventure, which of course have been planned for a long time. Once you understand the year in these terms you need not be a prophet at all. It is like reading the annual business forecast of any company for the year to come. The spring story is how they prevent most of you fully grasping this knowledge, in that you believe it to be the start of the year so to speak, it is not, Autumn is the start of the Christian esoteric year. Spring is the start of nature’s outward cycle.


In 1991 on a Bernard Mathews farm in Norfolk the disease H5N1 was discovered. It affected only one shed. Not a sign of this outbreak was covered in the press or on TV and it was dealt with without a problem as are any such problems in times before the Illuminati decided to incorporate this common disease as it is found among intensive farmed poultry, into their New World Order agenda.

Now in this time, there is a massive difference in the response of the Illuminati across the world to this very same virus which has a direct link to the contingency act brought in by Blair relating wholly to the Emergency Powers which on the say of any one Minister will bring this nation to a complete standstill overriding all our democratic law. The other aspect to this act was thrown out of the Lords but Brown is going to ensure it comes back  it is called the Legislative and Regulatory Act which will completely demolish all laws and rulings we know as democracy. I will catalogue this latest outbreak as it happens see if you can understand the difference between the 1991 outbreak as I attempt to help you see why.



                                                                Candlemas Quarter

2nd February 2007 New Moon 16.14pm

Moons New Year


Here we go, there was obviously enough of the population shiting itself and using the phone line numbers and the internet sites given out on November 7th 2006, and:

 On the Newsnight programme on BBC2 they briefly announced that a Suffolk farm at Holton had a problem with over a thousand Turkeys. That they where being inspected for signs of a new strain of avian bird flue. Then something very odd indeed. The newsreader then said there would be an announcement at midnight.

To anyone versed in the occult, the 2nd of February is one of the quarter days. Its name is Candlemas. It is a very important ritual season. The midnight announcement is very significant as the peak of the ritual. While I was under the manipulations of the darker element of the elite, this quarter day brought some of the worst events before me, it is very important to these people, as is the following Monday to each quarter day,  known as Frith. These are days of openness between the dimensions and are thus powerful days for ritual and manipulation. This is very Illuminati. Interestingly this aspect to the bird flu scam was played out in France, again in February, but during 2006. Touch down in Britain was in April 2006; with the Swan. Esoterically we are dealing with a ritual carrying through the quarters for maximum affect. Not forgetting the massive ritual sacrifice of all the birds over this quarter. This culling also helps the patents to the new genetically altered genetic streams of poultry, all patented to the Crown bio-tech companies with which they intend to replace all current stock, also the death of the birds strengthens the satanic aspect to this scam as the blood offering.


 3rd February 2007

 We awaken to the news 2.600 turkeys affected by the flu are dead. This is happening at the highly suspect company, Bernard Mathews. The outbreak took hold in one of the 22 sheds on the site. They are still testing to see if what is the H5 virus has changed into the H5NI which is the strain they claim that can affect humans.

Take note, Britain is the 13thEuropean Country to get the virus.

On this morning, News 24 interviewed Professor Hugh Pennington, a microbiologist who stated the danger is slight in that it is mainly children who have died in the world from the flu, and that they lived with their animals and would thus be cuddling the animals. DEFRA using the European strategy has created a 3 mile protection zone around the site, and a 10 mile observation protection zone. They also stated people movement will not be affected. This is the news up to 10.30am on 3rd February 2007.


11.05 am 3rd February 2007

 Via the European Commission they announce that the strain of virus is the dreaded H5N1. This announcement came from the EU labs at Weighbridge in Surrey.

Poultry owners are being told to keep their birds inside and cover the bird’s food.

We can see the fear being promoted and the implementation of the control orders from this point.

The control centre for all agencies involved in this event is at Bury StEdmonds. The next phase of this scam they offer targets for the projection of fears, Egypt is mentioned stating there are fears the virus may have come into the farm from stock imported from Egypt, but they fear it is more likely that it came from a wild bird.

They then interviewed Professor John Oxford a virologist. He claimed they at this stage should pause, because this whole site is basically a laboratory and pause for scientific investigation, now, because everything they need to know about this virus can be found on this site, which, he stated, would be highly significant should the outbreak hit the human. He was hinting at the fact that they will just kill all the birds and then be tempted to dispose of the carcass immediately which would destroy a lot of evidence. Does that sound a bit familiar, 911, the FEMA operational response to hurricane Andrew in 1992 and of course the immediate removal of wreckage after the death of Diana? We know nothing outside of what those on the ground on the site tell us is going on, this will be boxed off when all evidence has been incinerated, and we will be at the mercy of the ‘official story’, this story will then play like a mantra across the global media. Of course what the media says is going on now will be as history understands these events, in times before TV, books and newspapers decided histories understanding of events.


11.37 am 3rd February 2007

They are now testing the virus to see which strain of H5N1 it is. They are to determine whether it is the Asian strain of the virus. They then interview a female virologist and author of a book specifically written with the rules of engagement for humans should the virus hit the human. She stated the immediate available vaccines will be for the medical staff only. She said the vaccine will not destroy the virus but can prevent any complications should a human get the flu. What a load of old crap. This will speed up the fear for people to demand the vaccine.


11.42 am 3rd February 2007

DEFRA announce it is the H5N1 and revoke the licence for any bird movement, including markets and shows and pigeon racing.

One caller to News 24 asked if the poultry in other parts of the country would be vaccinated against the virus. The government’s deputy chief vet who answered the question said :


 “There are no plans to vaccinate poultry because there are problems with poultry vaccination. One of the problems is that it takes 3 weeks for the vaccine to effect the immune system in the birds.”


 Another expert stated :

 “Vaccination of poultry would only be considered if they failed to contain the virus to each particular site of infection.”


The government’s chief vet stated, “all affected birds were incubated within a UK hatchery, and are 56 days old.” All birds are from within one shed.

The BBC’s main expert was Sir John Skehel, again. He explained the situation thus:

In its current form the virus H5N1 would have to genetically mutate at least three times, before it could pass from human to human. He then stated they have witnessed two of these mutations as it has spread across the world and they are waiting and watching to see if the virus will make this third mutation. He said if a human already suffering from flu was to get the highly pathogenic strain of H5N1, then this final mutation could well take place. So they are waiting and on their say, this flu will become the greatest fear and control situation they have created since the cold war, we will have no way of demanding a second opinion. We need unofficial opinion to make balanced judgments but they do not get air time or entry to the reporting of such events.

European Professor from the European university in Rotterdam claimed that, “as an avian pathogen, this is the first time such a virus has spread so quickly and so far around the globe, we are worried.”


This is Illuminati at work here big time. Experts are offering their fears so they become your fears.  At just the right time perhaps not in this current spectacle, they will announce with a body or sick human, that the third and final mutation has occurred. They will then change the whole climate of this nation using this monumental scam that is ‘bird flu’ and begin to shut down the nation and vaccinate everybody. “It’s in the bloody vaccines people, don’t fall for this one.” They are to carry out this shutdown of nations across Europe, not just in Britain you have to see this.


Around 17 46 pm 3rd February 2007

DEFRA announce the strain is the Asian pathogen H5N1, the same found in Hungary and that found in Asia. This is the highly contagious strain they say.


19 08 pm.

Enter World Health Organisation; with the announcement, ‘Nigeria’ has confirmed their first human death from the H5N1 strain of bird flu.

The remaining 160.000 birds are to be gassed. The bird’s corpses are to be taken to a rendering plant in Staffordshire. Throughout the day all experts were saying ‘people need not worry’. By the late evening they added the word, ‘yet’. Also around this time DEFRA announced a 2000 Km zone around the outbreak after finding the virus to be the Asian strain. You must focus to the size of the zones.


Sunday 4th February 2007

Through the morning things calm down reiterating what we already know. They put focus to the search for how the virus got in the site.

I know miss? The Illuminati put it there!


Monday 5th February 2007 Frith

The government committee met today under the code name, ‘Cobra’, how apt.

David Milliband announced all DEFRA’s operational practices are being carried out promptly.  Japan and Russia ban import of British poultry, followed by Ireland.

They had a female expert on BBC News 24 stating, “Vaccination of the human is the only way to prevent the final mutation”. This being the following Monday to the Candlemas quarter on the 2nd Feb, and is the main message pressed to the populous, the creation of the fear of not having enough vaccine, thus the cry for vaccine will begin to simmer and burst at some point perhaps in the next outbreak. They have created the problem, ‘bird flu,’ coerced the reaction, ‘the vaccine’. On the say of the elite that the third mutation has occurred, the cry for vaccine will be deafening. This up to the time 2.30 pm on the 5th Feb. still the lorries chug along without a sealed top over 200 miles of English countryside. Making a mockery of the 2000 Km Zone.

Towards the end of this day I noticed they are carrying out none- infected birds to the now covered wagons in sealed plastic tubs. What kind of organisation is DEFRA? It foolhardy tips the initial infected birds into canvas covered tipper wagons, which then drive 200 miles… then with the movement of the none- infected birds they use proper plastic sealed containers?

It also showed footage of operatives at the Staffordshire rendering plant with their overhauls round their waste ready to put it back on after their brake, ludicrous.

 Does DEFRA expect to be taken seriously?

This is again proof it is just a scam. The elite are spending as little money on their pantomime as possible, but remember they are learning, we shall not find such mistakes being made the next time.

They also talk about the cause of the outbreak, was it:

Contaminated egg brought on site.

The wild bird scenario.

Brought to site by an employee.


No, no ,no, it was the Illuminati did it guv!


DEFRA around 7pm state all wagons involved in the transportation of the carcass have been approved by DEFRA. Then they say they are not sealed because of the nature of the carcass? Eh! They say they do not want the build up of methane? What a load of bollocks. What is more important, the build up of a miniscule amount of methane or the spreading of a hellish virus (according to ‘Official Scientist’s’), across the wild bird community? Give me strength.

See it for the scam it is.

Having worked in Suffolk I am not surprised this county of good people are being used in this way by the Illuminati. Because of the general easy going nature of the people, and the adding of fluoride into the water, they have become very easy to manipulate. I would cite the events in December 06, the murder of all those ladies and of course the bird flu in Feb 07. I would ask you take my word for it, the fluoride added to the Suffolk water supply was horrendous to the taste. More on which later.



 I, at this stage I have three major problems with the operation :

The first is the repeat news clip of a tractor tipping the carcases of the initial contaminated 2600 birds to die, into a 20 tonne lorry not in a sealed environment. The plastic curtain which is dragged over the top of the wagon was fixed on the side of the wagon, the tractor was tipping the carcass into; this plastic curtain would have picked up the virus. What we then saw was the truck driver without overall, pulling the curtain over the top of the truck over onto himself. Surely he would be contaminated on his upper body totally. He then got into his cab, and began the drive to Staffordshire.

The second is the fact that ‘none sealed’ Lorries are whisking at speed on the roads all the way to Staffordshire, around 200 miles away. Neither of these facts shows a major panic with this disease, yet they have been scaring the world in preparation for the emergency powers that can be brought to bear in the population with just such an event. There is certainly double speak going on with this scam. Perhaps they will blame this silly move in the future claiming this unsealed transportation infected a wider area? Then say ‘sorry’, but they will as always get away wit it. Towards the evening as many viewers had offered the same complaints, they tried to explain the curtain to the top of the tipper with, “there is a metal sealed cover under the curtain! This is bullshit absolutely.

Thirdly, the first deaths happened on Tuesday 30th January, where was DEFRA and its leading light David Milliband?

They where waiting for the scam to play out over Candlemas on February 2nd, for greater esoteric power.


I would however hope you understand I am coming from the perspective of knowing this whole show to be a farce of the utmost calibre, every single last bit of it. I have put it in this phase to help you to see it ‘too’ on the back of all the information I have now given in relation to the vaccines, and of course the eugenics agenda carried out via the medical establishment on the orders of  the United Nations, World Health Organisation dictating to DEFRA. And above those two tears of control ‘the Club of Rome’. But more importantly, this is an exercise in preparing you the public to allow the elite to cordon off areas of the nation at their discretion. It is to instil the idea of evacuation and control at the given order of the elite via whichever illusory ‘emergency’ they create, and they have ever increasing choices, terrorism, chemical leaks, large fires, and of course the big one, ‘bird flu’. If you look closely at past chemical leaks including last years Hemel Hempstead explosion. You will notice that even in the case of large fires, the police and Fire Brigade love to evacuate larger areas than required. All these seemingly separate events are at high level one operation to ensure the people allow such closing down of very large areas of this nation, without any fuss, we must expose this and make the fuss now.

Also throughout this quarter weekend, all other news has been blocked because of the bird flu coverage: Blair’s second interview with the police in the cash for peerages, Bush threatening Iran, curriculum changes in education, killings in Palestine, changeover to American command in Afghanistan, (I remember when this conflict began we where assured British forces would not be commanded by American’s). Call me suspicious but as they change tactics in Afghanistan and Iraq, there is very little news coverage, all debates are on ‘bird flu’. The week before this, the media was focused to the arrest of nine terror suspects; previous to that the Ipswich murders, which will play again across the media when the time is right to cover international events with the trial. So many domestic issues are being created to blackout international events.

Not forgetting another major agenda with this scam is to further destroy genuine farmers so the land steal can continue in earnest. By the end of the day there are six nations refusing to import British poultry.


6th and 7th February 2007

The red button reports on news 24 operate a double standard form of reporting.

One the one hand they promote fear continuing the third mutation scenario, the fact we are due a pandemic in the world, all people under the age of 40 will have no immunity at all, the elderly will be at high risk and that both these categories of people will require vaccination...


The other side of the reports give hope. They say the fact this disease has spread so far around the world without this third mutation, and the fact that avian flu is so endemic within the wild birds are  positive signs the third mutation will not take place. The H5N1 is and has been endemic amongst the wild birds for ever. The vaccination of poultry could mask the disease and therefore not a viable option. With this information you find differing conclusions relative to the use of vaccines coming from different countries. What must be understood is that this scam is coming out of one operation globally. The contradictory statements are there to confuse the masses to the point that WHO, will manipulate the idea, ‘what have we got to lose we should vaccinate the whole populations and all poultry.

What they are aiming at here is for the populations to give the World Health Organisation (WHO) the power to force this vaccination upon the populations.

They are clearly using ‘Fear and Hope’ to confuse the populations and encourage constant conversations between the populations of the world. When the time arrives for the big move with this agenda all bets will be off, and we will be at the mercy of the WHO’s conclusion and thus dictate. With the fear created since 2003, the populations will be so confused, the WHO will force the agenda playing on the confusion and fear of the populous, and vaccination will be forced.

Fear and hope people see the mechanics.


One must also include the mass slaughter of poultry carried out on the back of such scams. In 2003 in Holland, 30 million chickens where slaughtered. This as stated in previous and the current phase of this work, are to instil the genetically modified livestock, the new patents of course belonging to the elite.

We also have the testing of a vet involved in the bird flue outbreak, he tests negative.

We also have the release of the video relating to the friendly fire incident in Iraq in 2003, they are focusing the media to domestic matters, what are they hiding?


Also on this day we have the third letter bomb sent to motoring organisations, this third sent to the DVLA in Swansea to which a female member of staff was taken to hospital. In the initial report on news 24, they interviewed an ex Anti Terrorist operative who served during the 1970’s IRA letter bomb campaigns. He stressed the need for the police and such organisations involved to not overreact to such incidences in that it feeds the terror aspect to such events and plays into the hands of those who may choose to take such an extreme form of action. He said in the 1970’s the strategy to such events was to evacuate a 360 degree area above and below the room to which the letter bomb was situated. He said the fact the police have evacuated the whole building and surrounding properties in this case is a massive overreaction and plays into the terror aspect of such events. He said it is not the explosion that creates the terror but the fear of the explosion which creates massive disruption, which is the aim of such bombs. So with this evidence what I say about current gradual overreaction to events in general by the forces and agencies involved, is reiterated here.


Quick Everybody Hide Indoors...It's Snowing.


8th February 2007

News 24 spent almost the whole day reporting on the snow as though we have never seen it before. The elite almost closed down the south of the country with over 800 schools shut down. Why make such a fuss, why all the insane media focus to an inch of snow? Could it have something to do with the continuing news black out on the real important issues relating to Iraq?  And to the purposeful ‘overreaction agenda to all events that happen? Absolutely your honour! They seem to be making massive efforts to report events of none importance to the point of extremism. During the afternoon news 24 interviewed the Birmingham councillor who gave the order for 400 schools to shut in Birmingham. I have never heard such bollocks in my life. He said: “it is essential that with an inch of snow the council ‘protect’ mothers and children from having to travel to school in such conditions”, rubbish. It is all about the shutting down of this nation on the word of the councils who in turn take their orders from invented agencies who believe themselves to be important and protectors of the people. If the powers that be are concerned for our people, bring home our soldiers before the private army of the Illuminati scoop up the best of them and leave Britain with a ‘Dad’s Army’ and a cadet force, not to mention the fact that when conscription begins in Britain there will be no native British youth in this country, the populace will be at the mercy of these immigrant KGB trained Khazar operatives.

One subject of substance that was reported were the remarks of one of the released Muslim terror suspects who claimed Muslims are living in a policed State in Britain. I would go along with that because this is how many Muslims feel, and would re-iterate the words of Reverend Martin Niemoller at the top of this phase.

 A policed State in the first instance for the Muslims, but it will not stop there. Which politician answered the accusation, Jack the Straw member of the InnerTemple who just happens to be the MP in one of the largest Muslim communities in the country, call me a cynic but is this not an attempt to further create hatred in his own back yard?

 This overreaction is by design on all events that would in the past only perhaps get a mention. You never hear good news on the news reports whatever medium the news is reported. Even small crimes are blazoned across the radio and TV to hype the idea we are heading into hell. On the one hand this overreaction ensures all media focus to the event which then prevents more important international and domestic events being given air time. At a higher level of manipulation we have the scenario whereby the police are overloaded. This agenda is creating the path for the call that the military mainly the TA, must be allowed into domestic control, as was done on the back of 911 in America. This then also plays in sync with the bird flu agenda whereby we have closing off of massive parts of this nation which will eventually, to help police such situations, have us accept the military into domestic affairs. See it.

On the Newsnight programme on this day Charles Clarke calls for NHS charging.

We have here another scam as was and is the theft of our council properties. All NHS hospital buildings, all the equipment and all wages for staff are paid for by us the people. The NHS belongs to the people of Britain we cannot allow the elite to steal what is ours and make money out of us twice, in the first instance we pay for it with our National Insurance payments, to make us pay for treatment is the most insane idea I have ever heard. If they wish to go ahead with this first the companies involved would have to buy all buildings and equipment from the people at profit, make that a big profit. Then National Insurance would have to be scrapped. Watch this one.

Of course this could be just another of those un-important issues to take up your thinking time and keep the media happy, but it aint.

Late evening news report about another of those government quango’s we see for the first time in existence called, Children’s Accident Prevention Scheme.

The report said the government has been attacked for its failure to prevent accidents happening to children. That accidents are in the main more common amongst long term unemployed families.

This is blatantly to instil the busy body freaks into families to cause chaos.

Another of these quango’s we hear about for the first time is called, Anton Setchell, Domestic Extremism.

 I wonder if I shall be hearing from this bunch  some time in the future?

 So as part of the Candlemas quarter manipulations we can also include the emergence into the public domain of invented organisations to get nosey into peoples lives.

You have got to cease in seeing all this government intervention as ‘nanny state, or big brother’. It is all part of Fascism, why won’t you use this word? Are you so terrified of looking at what is right beneath your nose, that you dare not mention the word, well I will. Fascism, Fascism, Fascism. Ignoring the facts will not make them go away. The elite depend on you not facing the facts, that way they get their way. It’s the hear no speak no speak no see no scenario.



Friday 9th February 2007

So after a three day break on bird flu we now have the next stage in this scam.

It looks like the virus came from Hungary. Worse than that it may have got into the food chain. That’s the decent poultry farmers screwed then, as everyone stops eating poultry. they are so predictable,  Anyway, it could also have got into the wild bird population, this is the very excuse they need to shut down bird reserves and bring in those protection zones around all the countryside, It has always been in the wild bird population.

 All this because that super outfit DEFRA, left carcases outside the sheds, oh dear. Let’s get rid of DEFRA as the Illuminati freak show it is, because all these agencies and quangos are paid for by us. Surely you can see this scam now.

And just to make matters worse, they have found the virus in three other Turkey sheds! What a good job they sealed the ‘un-affected’ carcass’s in their movement to Stafford, even though they did not care for the known contaminated initial 1600 they carted off to Staffordshire un-sealed.

DEFRA is also responsible for the mess that is the farming subsidies which changed from the growth of crops to land lying bare. Margaret Beckett was in charge of DEFRA when it set out payment plans to farmers which as of March 2007 most farmers have yet to receive payments from 2005; this is the SFP Single Farm Payment. This has led to an extra £22 million in interest payments for farmers. This whole mess is going to cost the taxpayers at least £500 million. Beckett is now Foreign Minister, O dear I think we are heading for trouble.

DEFRA has stated that it is not concerned with food security, which for the lay man interprets that they care not whether food within Britain’s food chain comes from Britain or in fact anywhere in the world. So they do not act to ensure that food imported into this country is of the finest quality, so who the hell does?

We then have a vet from the British Vetinary Association, named David Catlow who after we have just been reminded that to vaccine the birds will not work, he states:

“This virus can survive ‘off’ the birds for around 30 days if the conditions are right you know.” Idiot, take a look outside its snowing and freezing they have shut all the schools you dipstick. So you can see them leading to the only solution,

 “All humans must be vaccinated”

And just to cap off the day, we have Israel digging holes and shit, to the side of the third most sacred Mosque in Jerusalem, but as their spokesman said, “This is not an attempt at upsetting the Muslims; this work needs to be done!”

Ooh, that’s okay then.

We know the Israeli satanic government manages to persuade the population of Israel, ‘they are good murderers’, do we as a people who are adamant we are chasing a better civilisation have to follow this insane line too just to keep our peace?

I rest my case your honour.


Saturday 10th February 2007

We have the changeover of Control in Iraq to the American General Patraeus who led the initial invasion; this is the preparation for the second phase military strategy operation in Iraq and the surrounding area, this general is not a peacekeeper he is a full on attack general.


Sunday 11th February 2007

Today we have the release of information that the government allowed Bernard Mathews to continue to import meat from Hungary even though H5N1 had been discovered in Suffolk.  They blamed this on EU rulings that prevented the government from banning it. Why did this EU ruling not stop Ireland from banning imports from Britain then?


Monday February 12th 2007

The EU is to officially announce if the H5N1 virus did in fact come from Hungary within the next 24 hours.

DEFRA blame Bernard Mathews for withholding information relative to export of possible infected meat. This is to tighten up and expand the powers of DEFRA so they can demolish none Illuminati operated farms when the next big catastrophic attack begins on good farmers, given they are almost bankrupt because they have not been paid for 2005 yet?


Push For Moves Against Iran.


With Bush accusing Iran of supplying bombs to the Iraqi insurgence a few days ago we have Iran categorically denying supplying weapons to insurgence in Iraq. The plot thickens because in April 2003 Iran offered to stop backing Shia insurgence if America did something to stop MEK. MEK are a group under the protection of America held in camp within Iraq. This group was formed with American CIA backing when the US wanted rid of the Shah of Iran to be replaced by the sick man that was the Ayatollah Khomeini. The MEK operating for the CIA terrorised Iran to bring about the fall of the Shah. Sadam Hussein gave MEK on the orders of America safe haven in Iraq when the Ayatollah turned against the MEK.

Also in 2003 as part of the same offer, Iran’s president Ahmadinejad offered :


Transparency in its nuclear programme

To stop its nuclear programme

Cease to back Hezbollah in Palestine

Full support to help stabilise Iraq.


These offers of obedience where turned down by Colin Powell on the orders of Dick Cheney’s office.

This had to be turned down or Phase II of the Iraq agenda could not get under way which requires the demonising of Iran. The Illuminati need to be in the position to blame Iran to broaden the madness.

America this day called for regime change in Iran as the only possible way of ending the current problems. This is very dangerous talk, just the kind of talk required for commencement of military action against Iran, they will still require a catalyst event so we can expect one in the future.

The President of Iran denied all allegations against his government.


Tuesday 13th February 2007

The Bernard Mathews plant in Suffolk has been given the green light to resume the slaughter and processing of poultry under the EU directives. Birds have been transported into the plant all day.

If I may take you back to the 9th of February, we had the British Vetinary Association representative telling us, “this virus can survive ‘off birds’ for around 30 days if the conditions are right you know.” So who is right? Is it the EU or the British Vetinary Association? And they are not trying to create confusion! We will learn much about this event when we see from whom the compensation will be paid and how much Bernard Mathews gets out of this scam. We can almost certainly conclude Bernard Mathews the company is Illuminati controlled, and with 50 such farms around this country we can see it will be child’s play to infect this nation via this company alone.


Wednesday 14th February 2007

 Today UNICEF release league table information placing Britain at the bottom as a nation in which to bring up children, we also have another shooting of a young boy. This is no coincidence, this is by design. You cannot ignore the Black rap music and culture that has been backed by the biggest music companies which in turn are controlled by the Illuminati, in many cases via Time Warner. Those that suck into this culture are in the main black people, who then follow the lead of these rap stars and try to imitate them. You have all heard of the white rapper M&M and heard his music in the charts and such, what you don’t hear on the radio is his album material which goes on and on about raping and then killing women. You are always going to get idiots who begin to see this type of lyric as the green light to then live in that way. It’s all by design.

We also have W Bush in a live announcement and questions relating to Iraq, Iran and North Korea. Of course he answers none of the important questions relative to Iran and possible military action.

We then have Blair with the Afghanistan President, make an announcement from Downing Street. We have the Afghan leader grovelling at the feet of Blair with great thanks. I wonder what we are being softened for.


All 'Your' Children Are Bad Says The Government


Thursday 15th February 2007

Here we go second phase operation in Iraq begins with the closing down of Basra and the borders with Iran.

We also have massive media coverage of the killing of the boy in London with the announcement, “there will be more armed police on the streets in London” this is the stepping stone system of full armed police across the country. They then go on and on about how this is not just a London phenomena and drag out the Manchester killing of Jessie James. If you have been to London in the last few years it is a place of madness. Just walking down the streets you are bumped and banged by illiterate none English speaking people. I do not like London one bit; it has been destroyed to give the Metropolitan police the lead role in deciding the whole nations policing strategy.

In Sheffield there is a well known club to which many Muslim lads from this town go too. What they say about this club is that the Asian’s and Whites are sorted, that it is the blacks who are killing, shooting and knifing each other.

 If you watched the BBC2 programme Top Gear which was repeated this night, the trio of presenters drove across the American South. The South of North America is the Bible belt created so for the government to ensure they have enormous army recruitment opportunities because of the backward attitude, jobless and gang ridden youth. This again is by design and the very plan for all the shires outside the cities in this nation. If the political party that is UKIP gets any more power, this agenda will move along with even greater speed. UKIP are so far up Americas arse it makes Tony Blair look standoffish in the extreme towards America. UKIP is an Illuminati strategy to capture those who do not like the Europe that is forming as we speak. This plays off as I have stated previously, either Europe or America, can we not just be Britain again; with our own brand of what we feel is the best way for us all to live? Be very wary of UKIP.

The black rap culture is the end product of the breeding into the African race of the DNA corruption during the slave trade, but this is only one aspect to this agenda. The other, and just as important an agenda, is to create the picture in the minds of none blacks, the idea that the whole of the African race are like these gang culture people, which in the eyes of the Illuminati will allow as it has, the demolition of the African race from within their own country. This will be done once the war in Iraq takes up pace to the point of conscription, you have to see this. I am not a racist I am a realist and an initiate into the workings of the elite. Most of the black killers are not home grown they come from Jamaica and North Africa.


We can now see from the outbreak of the bird flu for the full moon Candlemas quarter, on one level has been the event for the media to focus in preparation for the second phase move in the war on terror to upgrade the legislation requirements for the fascist state in the domestic agenda, coupled with the continuing call, “your kids are evil”.

 I have covered this agenda as a day to day news reporting to give you insight in how the Illuminati play the game over a period of important ritual and esoteric dates. How they control media coverage of events at home to cover international moves and vice versa. This began in truth with the Ipswich murders. We have also had media coverage of domestic terror arrests and release of previous terror suspects. We have had child murders in London and a myriad of domestic subjects covered by the press. I state again via organisations such as the Golden Dawn they create the domestic murders and nonsense through the Satanic happy clappy Christian movements to keep the media focused while there is a blank on major moves either domestic or international. It also ensures the police and agencies can ever more encroach into our lives away from the glare of the media.  That ladies and gentleman is the power of the Crown, not the power of the Monarch. You can surely see that the Monarchy and the Crown have lost not one ounce of power since the time of the Roman Conquest, they have increased it. Once the limits of your Visual Cortex are stretched beyond religion and secret society doctrine, it is very easy to see this whole operation as not only possible but reality. This is where real courage shows itself to you as a human being and not the idea as promoted through the dark cycle that to be courageous is to be a macho man or woman. Having grasped this work you are now faced with the true meaning of courage, have you then got it? Can you act against everything you have been conditioned to accept as truth. Have you the strength to destroy the programming of your DNA memory and become who and what you are and always been? Anything other than a yes to the latter leaves you as a slave, a pawn for the force that has inflicted all the hate, all the pain for you now and for all your ancestry since the infusion by the Anunnaki’s Hybrid Atlantean priesthood the Elohim. You can no longer if you are an intelligent mind hide from the truth, have you the balls to follow truth against the lie, the illusion, come on lets change this shit once and for all, before they get there next great war.


Friday 16th February 2007

Today we have Blair and Cameron playing the game together. Blair announces the London murders and gangs are not a representation of Britain today, and not representative of Britain’s youth.


Cameron says it is, to both Blair’s denouncements


John Reid enters the game and puts blame on families, “families are responsible”.


All three blame families. Mmm, both these sick political parties have been destroying families since 1979 through the courts. The next wave of legislation will be brought in by Blair or perhaps Brown as either one pretends to be working with the Tories for the good of the country.

When my ex wife and I split, she used the Blackburn solicitors Roebucks incorporating Singletons. The solicitor she used was a female Julia Watson who said to my ex, “give me six things and I will destroy him”, she did!!

 It is not about truth and justice with people like this, it is about winning. Fathers are removed from there families thrown to the dogs on the behest of in many cases, vindictive wives, because the law listens only to the mothers. I was not even listened to in court as six extreme situations from a sixteen year relationship were dragged out of the cauldron. To act in favour of families one only need change the current one sided legal game in the family courts.

 Cameron now suggests absent fathers have to now pay for the step fathers to drag up their children. Rubbish. This creates massive amounts of animosity for already broken families.


We then have the bird flue. Both pigeons and crows were eating contaminated meat at the Bernard Mathews farm! Here we go, the proving of the next aspect to the scam, “it’s in the wild birds Doris! And the next phase of this scam begins.

Bernard Mathews has 50 farms throughout Britain; we have not heard the last of the very suspect operation that is Bernard Mathews, suspect as in was it the victim or perpetrator.

In the evening the BBC put out a documentary, ‘Nuclear Secrets’ in which they offer a new Osama bin Laden, ‘Abdul Qadeer Khan’ or A.Q Khan the dealer in Terror. So on the one hand  British and American Intelligence agencies want us to put our whole trust in their abilities which took us to war and for their gathering of domestic terrorists. Yet they also want us to believe A.Q Khan managed to ensure Pakistan got the Nuclear bomb right under there noses. Either they are shit hot or just shit. The ‘Third Way’ of course which is absolutely the more truthful of the scenarios, is that Khan was allowed to operate as he did, ensuring all the countries the Illuminati required to have the nuclear ambition for this next stage in the new world order. Khan sold secrets for nuclear technology, unknown to himself of course he was played to be the scapegoat to further the war on terror, as were all those linked to Khan, that of course does not let him off the hook for his selling the secrets.



Saturday 17th February 2007

We have another shooting this time in Manchester. An 18 year old is in hospital fighting for his life. Surely you can now see what I mean when I talk about organised crime waves coordinated by such organisations as the Golden Dawn. One more thing to note with all these events, it is always a back street Christian Pastor who was close to these youth gangs and thus a spokesman for what is going on. In most cases they are not mainstream Christian groups but the back street happy clappy Puritan variety. I say again these back street churches are satanic cult operations with their roots in the American Puritanical mindset or programming, the remnants of the New Model Army put together in this nation under Cromwell, we are about to be bitten once again by the sickness that was born here in the 17th century then exported to America to upgrade the culling of the Native Americans to genocide proportions. On the morning of today we have yet another in Hackney in London. They are moving to place armed police on all our streets. We shall see attempts on my life I shouldn’t wonder, given the event a couple of years ago when through a Masonic operative named Shaun Callon, the bird of prey abuser who runs the Preston bird of prey centre and  visits schools to give talks. I used to frequent the tops of Ozzy; they set him up on the Masonic operative Wilf Rhode’s farm, knowing full well I would stop and watch. After a couple of weeks of me getting to know Callon, he told me an Eagle had escaped and he was trying to catch it. That the police are going to shoot it. This was symbolic to my escaping the clutches of the Illuminati and an attempt to scare me from continuing my operation. I answered they had to catch it first! Big mistake, they threw massive effort from an esoteric aspect against me, again using their plant in the flat next to mine, and I ended up once again in the hands of the police, bugger! So if at any time in the future I become the victim of a shooting by the police or an underworld operative, you know from whence it came. You schools should be aware of what types of people you are bringing into our schools that by law our children have to attend.


 Also on this day we have Condoleezza Rice visiting Iraq in a six day unannounced visit of the Middle East ending in Jerusalem. Things will get worse after this visit, as is the case when big names visit these war zones. We also have an announcement in America that Congress and the Senate are against the policies of George W Bush with his extra troops to be sent to Iraq, they want a withdrawal timeframe if he is to receive his extra $124.2 billion for his war and medical treatment of casualties of his wars. You have to see this as the play to convince you all second phase operation in Iraq is the attempt by the West to sort out this mess, not so, it is phase two that will ensure commencement of the next great war to which all your children and grandchildren will be conscripted to fight under the control of the Illuminati’s private army made up of personnel recruited from our and other national armed forces during phase I operations in Iraq. Thus leaving Britain with no native youth only the recently arrived KGB operatives who will build their army from the many Eastern European immigrants and yet another takeover of this country by a more backward mindset than its natives.


Sunday 18th February 2007

 With the agenda to the changes to policing, education, and social services well under way, in direct reaction to the UNICEF report, in sync with the gun murders domestically, we find everyone in the media interviews calling for change in all these areas. This evening while helping my seven year old son with his homework, I noticed the way in which children’s work is set out. They ask specific questions relating to the child’s home life, for example, what time did you go to bed? Describe your bedtime? This is the collection of information about your family. This is part of the data collection that will determine “should the state step in”. This is what is meant when politicians, especially Blair, claim intervention at an early stage is required. The data collected will be available to all agencies, medical records included. On the schools request, will bring the state via social services, into the homes and lives of many families. This is what they have been installing for ten years since this labour government took office. The child care agenda as I explained in the earlier phases plays into this same agenda and will open parents for blame for the esoteric operations carried out at some of these centres, probably instigated by over zealous teachers as was attempted to two of my children who they claimed required special needs.  Which according to one of the best teachers I have known who knew both my children and taught them, very concerned at the call replied, was nonsense? Do not forget many special need schools have military cadet operatives encouraging already broken and confused children to join up. I have nothing against our military I feel it is the greatest bunch of people on the planet, but I despise what our forces are currently and planned to be operating in the future. One thing this war on terror has shown the elite is that not many young men in this nation agree with what is going on in either Iraq or Afghanistan, hence no interest in joining up.

Take care to observe this with your primary schools children’s homework.


Also during the evening, BBC2 had a programme called ‘911 Conspiracy Theories’.

This programme covered topics I had not come across. Of course true to form they always lead you out of any thoughts of conspiracy fact by ending the programme with doubting scenarios they know you will fix too because they are the last ideas you will hear. What they did do however was to instil the idea and lay blame for the lack of trust in politicians and politics abounding in the present, squarely at the feet of ‘conspiracy theories and those who deal in them’. They then as with the initial bird flu scam, offer a website to gather information as to how the mood is here in the UK. Are you still limited in awareness or are you getting the expanded visual cortex’s vision required to see past the ‘official story’ nonsense via nutters like me on the many and varied subjects I have covered? Mmm.


Monday 19th February 2007

We awaken to the facts that in talks for possible ‘coming together’, we have the Anglican and CatholicChurches. This is in disgust at the homosexual invasion.


We have more on the bird flu scam, with 130 possibly up to 600 staff, are to be laid off for twenty days form the Suffolk Bernard Mathews plant.


Tuesday 20th February 2007

Blair announces withdrawal of British troops from BasraIraq. This is clearly an Illuminati strategy to remove Britain from Iraq because of the public backlash, don’t let them convince you it is okay for our troops to concentrate in Afghanistan which is another un- holy, un- moral mass murder.


Thursday 22nd February 2007

It is announced that Prince Harry is to go to Iraq. He is a soldier and of course he wants to go to Iraq. We all have our thoughts on who Harry’s father is. Knowing how the Royals love their own? My feelings go in the direction of possible ritual here. One that would so anger the population of this nation it does not bare thinking about. I hope I am wrong. But Blair’s rescue would be assured and our troop involvement and attitude would also change, I don’t like it.

Also on this day Michael Meacher announces he will stand for leader of the Labour Party.


Friday 23rd February 2007

Blair’s government announce 1000 extra troops to go to Afghanistan.

Star War Defence Systems could be sited in UK. But US may prefer Eastern Europe.

This move is not to safeguard against Russia but for China when they have upset them enough in the future. The nuclear strike as predicted could be symbolic of some kind of financial move that destroys the American economy.

Also in the evening we have one of Richard Branson’s trains careering of the rails. As soon as I heard it was a virgin train I felt had resonance with his current fall out with Murdoch and the empire. But I see a game brewing here, a game that Mr Branson is totally unaware We shall have to see.

Should Mr Branson require my help in a consultancy position regarding the occult games of the Illuminati, I would be glad to help. In the following days we have two more rail incidents, this is how the Illuminati remove focus to their initial machinations. This is not paranoia it is knowledge of how the Illuminati operate.

Also for the last few weeks I notice Blair as changed his stance on the reason we went to war in Iraq. I am pretty certain we went to war on the 45 minute threat posed by Saddam’s weapons of mass destruction? But alas this seems to have changed in the mind and speak of Blair to getting rid of Saddam for the people of Iraq? I sense this man is losing it big time. He is desperate to be loved. My message, had you of been born a couple of hundred years ago Blair, perhaps you would have been able to fool the much suppressed Christian nation we used to be, that your religious crusade was ordained from your God… might just have gone down a bit better!!!

 Thank the heavens we no longer obey the sick creature that is God in this nation, save those fresh imports of old school minds from around the world who seem to be leading the governments reactionary policies... usurping our nation.


Sunday 25th February 2007

We have the Oscars, totally controlled by the Freemasons who then honour Helen Mirren for her abominable propagandist role giving a false portrayal of the actions of the Freemasons Grand Patroness, the Nefilim Queen Elizabeth, during the death of our true Queen, Diana Queen of the Hearts of England and the world.


Dr David Kelly.


We also have the BBC programme, ‘Conspiracy, The Death of David Kelly’.

This was a very good programme indeed save for the way in which it was typically ended.

David Kelly was arguably the most accomplished man in his field and had top level access to all relevant information regarding nuclear, chemical and biological warfare. So much so he was the man that briefed, MI6, MI5, CIA, Mossad, Bossa, in fact the world intelligence organisation as a whole. David Kelly had made 37 visits to Iraq inspecting for weapons, all these visits under complete threat to his and his accomplices lives, in very dangerous circumstances. That is not the traits of a frightened and easily perturbed man to which the Hutton cover up purported. It is the trait of a very determined and brave man, a man unflumoxed by danger and a man used to dealing and living in stressful situations.

David Kelly’s body was initially found by Paul Chapman and Louise Holmes, who state he was sat with his back against a tree.

The first Detective on the scene was DC, Graham, who states when he arrived on the scene Mr Kelly was led on the floor away from the tree.


Somebody moved Mr Kelly between first sighting and arrival of police.


The first Paramedics on the scene were David Bartlet and Vanessa Hunt. Both stated there was in no way the amount of blood one would find either on the body or on the floor around the body from a death from a slit wrist. A human body has to lose at least five pints of blood for it to be fatal; you pour five pints of water on the floor and I will bet your wife gives you a kick up the jacksy.

This totally contradicts what Hutton the Illuminati operative concluded.


John Skurr a medical expert states, if David Kelly had wanted to kill himself he cut the wrong artery. It was the small artery that was cut which would only have lost at the most, a couple of hundred ML of blood before the bodies natural systems kicked in and stopped the blood flow.

There is then the consumption of the painkilling drug Coproxomal. A drug which it would seem is a popular choice of those who wish to end it all, we then get much data as to how much of this drug is required to be fatal.

The toxicologist report levels state the actual amount of this drug found in David Kelly’s blood is only one third the amount required to be fatal to a human body.

David Kelly’s friend, Alaister Hay, who is also a toxicologist stated, there would have to have been ten times the amount actually found in his body for this drug to have been the cause of his death. He also stated that a full enquiry was not carried out on David Kelly relative to toxicology.

David Kelly’s body was found on 18th July 2003.  Two months after this date, David Kelly’s daughter was to be married.

In an E-mail sent to his friend Judith Miller before his death he said, “There are very many players playing dark games.”

David Kelly had said, “If we go to war with Iraq – he would probably be found dead in the woods.” This surely was the sort of threats issued to David Kelly during his Intelligence interview.

Given that David Kelly was a man used to operating in extreme circumstances under great pressure, and with his daughter about to be married, I do not see a man broken by the stress of what was going on in Britain to the point he would kill himself.


Michael Shrimpton, a lawyer to the intelligence organisation States he was told by an intelligence agent, whom he trusted and knew this operative’s position would place him / her in the know, that, “Kelly was Killed”.

He also states he has seen evidence at the scene of the murder not included in the ‘official enquiry.’ He states with his vast knowledge of intelligence operations, that in his view ‘David Kelly was injected with a poison and to cover the point of needle entry, he would have been cut,’ in this case on his wrist. The wrist is a classic point on the human body where direct contact with arteries can be accessed.

Another man stated, he had been told it was a Waq or Wet – disposal, meaning an assassination carried out in a hurry. For me it would be assassins who didn’t listen properly in fieldcraft studies. For the body to have been moved between the initial find and police arrival would for me show the assassins were still on the scene and perhaps were ensuring they had left no clues, moving the body from the sitting to the lying position during this rushed job.


The Inquiry.


Lord Illuminati Hutton and his noddy style enquiry in the first instance cost the taxpayer £2.5 million.

This enquiry had less legal powers than what is normal for such enquiries.

In Illuminati Hutton’s cover up, sorry enquiry, all those giving evidence where immune from ever being prosecuted for perjury.

The enquiry was set up by Tony the satanist Blair.

Statutory powers where not used in the enquiry.

Enter Lord Illuminati Faulkner.

The Lord Chancellor Faulkner stopped the Oxford inquiry – stating the Hutton enquiry would takeover. He also told the coroner to make the autopsy “as brief as possible” I wonder, was he going on holiday or was he trying to save us taxpayers money? Absolutely not, this is classic cover up in preventing the least amount of facts that would be contrary to the ‘official story’ from getting out into the open.

The main thrust of Hutton’s cover up, sorry, enquiry, was that, ‘David Kelly’ a man with a wishy- washy character, felt he was no longer trusted by the establishment, that he felt humiliated and this was the cause of his suicidal thoughts and thus actions. This led him to ingest a miniscule amount of painkillers that would be hard- prest to kill a flea, and to cut the wrong artery. Then while dead, he decided to cease sitting with his back against the tree and chose to lie down on the grass. But, we all have to accept the findings of this enquiry because it cost £2.5 million and was headed by a very trust worthy chap who exists to serve the people. Mmm!


David Kelly was the biggest threat to the Illuminati’s murderous war on the Iraqi people. Part of this threat was that David Kelly was about to state that one of the plants Blair was using as an example for Saddam’s creation of biological weapons was in fact a plant for filling balloons with helium.

That David Kelly the foremost expert on Saddam’s capability for the production of such weapons was in fact the source for BBC journalist Andrew Gilligan’s claim that Blair’s 45 minutes timeframe for attack upon our shores was in fact nonsense. This if you remember was the main fact on which he went to war and invaded Iraq.  David Kelly was the only threat to the Illuminati’s invasion of Iraq.


Thames Valley police or the Metropolitan Police declined to take part in the programme.

Lord Faulkner also refused to take part in the programme.

The inquest took none of the medical expert’s claims relating to not enough painkillers in his system to have been the cause of David Kelly’s death nor did they investigate the facts relative to his body having been moved.

They did not take into account the Paramedics facts relative to very small bloodletting around his body.

They did not take into account medical facts relative to small artery incision which would not have allowed blood loss greater than a couple of hundred ml.


What Did The Enquiry Enquire About?


It, like the death of Diana and all other ‘official enquiries’ carried out by the Illuminati, enquire about nothing, they cover up the operations of the Illuminati as portrayed in Protocol 15, page 39 of this phase.

Norman Baker MP stated “the enquiry was not performed properly.”


Dr David Kelly was told by Warren Reid that some people in British intelligence said he was to have an ‘intelligence’ interview.

He was called to this interview by John Scarlet.

Knowing the game played by Illuminati operatives against their own, I would state David Kelly was not his normal self during the Parliamentary High Court questioning on 15th July 2003 because of the threats made to him during the Intelligence interview. I would also cite this to be the reason and meaning of the E-mail sent to Judith Miller, when he wrote, “There are very many players playing dark games.”

 Also I would claim the possible reason his widow is going along with the ‘official story’, is again a direct result of the threats issued during the intelligence interview.

The programme as is the norm from the BBC, ended with the facts they hope you will fixate to in your minds and forget the facts from the majority of the programme.

They drag out fools and sycophants like Richard Spurtzal, who claims :


 “I worked with Kelly both me and David Kelly were on an Iraqi ‘hit list’ because of past investigations in Iraq.”

 He said he knew he was “higher on the list than David Kelly.”

 Why then would Iraq kill the only man who could have stopped the invasion, and not the higher listed operative, Spurtzal who couldn’t?

Then another idiot John Morrison, ex intelligence who stated :

 “I have never known British intelligence to operate a licence to kill agenda, especially so in the last ten years.”

Why give special focus to the last ten years.

So they end the programme attempting to instil to your memory, “it was the Iraqi’s did it guv.”

And the last words given to the comments of an obviously hurt friend of David Kelly who asked we don not remember David Kelly on a conspiracy.

For me if you take the positive aspects to Dr David Kelly’s death it shows you all the game of the Illuminati and moreover, to show you what kind of people operate for the Illuminati, how at the drop of a hat they will kill you if it threatens or serves their agenda regardless how well you have served the game unwittingly or in full knowledge.

What I wish to make perfectly clear to you all is that I would never commit suicide. I can state this with absolute certainty because I have been because of the Illuminati, the lowest a man can get, yet never did I contemplate such nonsense. So if ever I am in this type of situation know this:

It wasn’t me!




Tuesday 27th February 2007

Alan Greenspan occult master and high Illuminati initiate announces:

“The USA could face a recession because profits are levelling out”

At the close of trading

FTSE fell by 199

DOW fell by 419

On the Newsnight programme the first ‘official story’ or excuse was:

Private investors have cashed in £10.9 billion thus removing that amount from the markets.

£6 billion taken again from the market in dividends

Totalling £16.9 billion.


Wednesday 28th February 2007

The fall continues affecting many more stock markets :


FTSE fell by lunchtime 2%

China fell by lunchtime 9%

DAX fell by lunchtime 3%


The second claim for blame is issued on the BBC Working Lunch programme stating:

“Rumours of a new capitol gains tax to be implemented in China.”

Claiming this affected the Chinese stock market which then affected around the world.

They then point out that when you take into account differing economies ‘Trade Balance’, then China’s economy plays no effect to the big economies.

Britain’s economy is affected in the main by the USA and Europe.

So the Chinese problems are not the cause.

So both of these shall we say ‘official’ ideas for cause are floored. £16.9 billion is pennies in the stock markets and would not blip the stock market. China because it exports more than it imports ensures its affect on the big economies is very minimal.

What is happening in the stock market is a play which of course is secret, known only to the Illuminati financiers, announced by just such a financier, Alan Greenspan.

Greenspan was thus giving the go ahead to commence this secret move... On this mans spoken sentence big moves are commencing with the stock market. One of the first policy changes to keep your eye on will be the banks change of mood to lending, thus the squeeze on nation economies will be mirrored in domestic lending to both private and commercial borrowers. These moves could be to create a big cashing in and create a crisis to change the banking mood and bring about this very policy of capped lending proving the control these financiers wield, take note. [As of May 2007 HSBC has tightened its lending criteria, negative equity will be the next big worry, so we can see with this squeeze on lending beginning, a carbon copy of the 1980’s manipulation. Do not forget on the back of this one they will push for the electronic currency and great changes to the financial world all linked to the aims of the new world order.]

The Newsnight programme reinforced the China to blame scenario, also talking about Alan Greenspan’s speech about possible recession in America this year.

So far I still hold to the Greenspan comments activated all this movement. The markets towards the end of the day were :


FTSE      down by 115 points.

Hansang down by 19.4 points

 DOW              up   71.3 points

NASDAQ up by    11   points


So it looks like the panic and fear could subside, an expert on BBC News said they would know by Friday how it is to pan out in China. This Greenspan comment could be to pre-empt big financial changes to governments, a change to the rules of the financial game to place a cap on borrowing. On March 1st, Brown announces he wish’s to keep civil servants including medical staff’s wage rises, in line with the governments 2% inflation target. I feel the Illuminati are beginning the parallel move to the commencement of the military phase II action in the Middle East, with the further creation of fear and uncertainty within domestic politics, including as with the seventies, a lot of industrial action, with the main worry to personal and business finance to focus your minds to cover the phase II military operations. If those who deal in shares would cease in the panic and greed scenario, we could cease to operate in the way the Illuminati are counting on, and counter their move by keeping the stock markets stable.


Later in the evening the BBC had a documentary, ‘the DaVinci Code the greatest story’.  This has been a great scam in re-enforcing the Protestant Catholic divide. The whole thing is floored in that the Merovingians are descended from Merovee of the Sicambrian Franks.

With people like George Bush born from the Merovingian bloodline, whatever this line represents, we know one thing for sure; we are doing our best to get rid of it!

This book is based on knowledge straight out of the mystery school doctrine to re-enforce Christian division for control. All the Orders are religions, and all of them controlled from Rome. Outer circle gobbledygook for the literal understanding masses. It will be the idiot happy clappy Christian cults that accept this crap.


Fuel Contamination.


Also this day we have major problems with vehicles filling up at Tesco and Morrison supermarkets.

The fuel testing is at present proving negative for contaminants, at least according to Tesco.

Meanwhile Tesco have big marketing move to gain vehicle breakdown cover at its petrol outlets.

Possible problems are stated to be:

High levels of methanol in fuel

Water in the fuel

It seems all vehicles are having their engine management systems switched off, which then costs from a couple of hundred pounds up to over a thousand for expensive models.

At this stage I would not count out possible interference by telecommunication transmitters in these petrol outlets.

Illuminati operation to disrupt domestic travel again furthering the media to domestic issues.

Some form of action aimed at the supermarket petrol outlets for under pricing. I am not claiming the latter possibilities as fact, but I would include these types of topics in an investigation. I would however at this time lean to the domestic disruption to fix media minds and thus airtime.


Thursday March 1st 2007

Esoterically we are now entering the next stage in occult practice for the Illuminati in its global agenda as we head to the Spring Equinox. This will continue the occult agenda from Candlemas, with the beginnings of the next stage operations for the equinox agenda. Today it is announced that 600 British troops are to leave Bosnia. So we can expect a massive change militarily in all current conflicts, remember all movements carried out now will fall under the watch of Blair, thus sort of distancing Brown when he takes the reigns giving him the excuse, ‘he is only dealing with that which his former leader left him.’ Brown will use this mantra to the point of boredom.


Morrison’s supermarkets having tested all their fuel agree with those tests carried out by Tesco and find nothing wrong with the fuel.

Mechanics are of the mind because it would seem they have been receiving complaints of this nature for around a week, that a bad batch of fuel that entered the fuel chain around a week ago. That the reason Tesco and Morrison’s are showing no problems with their fuel is because the bad batch has already gone through, that they are testing fuel without finding any problems.

I have to say this sounds the most plausible explanation.

What I would focus too is the fact that most of the vehicles affected but more importantly, damaged, do seem to be newer vehicles which points to new and recent changes to the engine management systems. When you accept the facts relative to remote control technology within the aircraft with the fly by wire systems, you can understand what I mean relative to how far in advance of technology in the public arena the Illuminati are operating with. Of course once the current fuel crisis has its ‘official story’, be it findings of contaminants in the fuel, or possible fault with electronic systems, will end at just that, ‘Faults’. We have to take into account how the Illuminati by design can affect electronic technology to their own advantage, and the ability contaminate fuel this could have been a test of some sort.

What I am doing with this section  relating to fuel is to hope you expand the boundaries of possibility or field of vision with such ‘problems’ that on the face of it are accepted as the ‘official stories’ portray. There are many more trains of thought to be applied to such events if one is to see the bigger picture and piece together the true power and influence the Illuminati actually have over our lives and the physical world in which we exist. It is more the fact that this is happening now along side many other so called ‘problems’ domestically.

Around 3pm it is announced by the AA, that silicone has been found in some fuel tested from damaged vehicles. Don’t forget the AA is now an operation under the control of Private Equity working in sync with the Illuminati giant Aviva.

During a BBC News 24 afternoon report, they had a man involved in finance state clearly that he placed the stock market falls squarely on the shoulders of Alan Greenspan who “no longer being the Chairman of the Federal Reserve, should keep his comments to himself and let the current chairman do his job.” He said.

He also stated too much emphasis is being placed upon the fall in Shanghai which is nothing to worry about because China’s economy has grown 100% in the last year and a fall of 9% is nothing to concern.

He actually called Greenspan ‘A Tsar’ whom he said “we worshipped at his feet for 20 or so years, but he is no longer in the job.” He was quite angered by the comments made by Greenspan and the ensuing panic it triggered. So I am proved right with my immediate understanding of what caused the losses, Alan Greenspan who according to the Philip de Rothschild is a very high ranking Satanist and occultist, purveyor of mighty occult power, enough to have the likes of the Bush family and younger Rockefellers scouring from a mere glance...


The question still remains, why and what, are they up to with such a statement. One thing you soon realise when it comes to the Illuminati, they never act irresponsibly, certainly not a man like Greenspan.

I will offer my take on the game. This announcement will cripple consumer confidence which will slow down the consumer boom. Inflation will begin to rise because this is the start of the banks changing to less lending, not straight away mind, but this slow stop on lending will hide behind the media focus to the slowdown being directly at the feet of consumer insecurity and in controlling inflation. You must remember why this insecurity began in the first place, do not lose sight of the fact that it was on the statement of a very powerful satanic international financier, himself still a puppet of the Royal bloodlines.

This statement by Greenspan is the pivotal turn in what they call the ‘natural cycle’ of finance, and should be seen as it is, it is not a natural cycle but a very contrived move to make this change. Do not let the media override this event, if you can hold this truth in your memory they will not be able to deceive you as to the play of the international financiers when it comes to the global and individual nation economies, using the tale ‘Economic Cycles’


There is no such reality as a ‘natural’ cycle when it comes to finance.


We also have the kidnapping of British Embassy staff in Ethiopia close to the border with Eritrea. This is surely the move in the first instance to focus media attention to Ethiopia ready to include this region into the current wars to implement UN and NATO into this region at a future date... This on the face of it would seem dis-connected from the Middle East, but when you understand the implications relating to Egypt one can see this is part of the Illuminati military move to the ancient empire of Sumer and thus part of phase II military inclusion operations surrounding Iraq.

In Iraq in the BaghdadMuseum before the 2003 invasion, there where kept 750.000 clay tablets known as the Sumerian tablets. These tablets were about to be released to all museums and such for translation and study. Written in Cuneiform, these tablets destroy the lie that is history. The first place the American troops went on invasion… you’ve guessed it, the museums. The tablets are now in the possession of the Illuminati, so the bullshit translations given out by Zachariah Sitchin and Sir Laurence Gardener can continue still yet. Where are the largest pyramids on Earth? Exactly… Bosnia, “what Ethel”, yes not in Egypt but in Bosnia, you know that place we invaded during the early 1990’s. All the great structures on this Earth interconnect and are a mathematical language which once deciphered offer a truth that cannot be denied or suppressed, it can however be mistranslated, with this years events I feel this mistranslation is already upon us, we shall have to see...  So the wars since the mid 1980’s are to in part prevent us from understanding the universal language left to us by our ancestors, made in such a way they would last until the time we need them, now. These Tablets are the written history of the Sumer Empire which just happens to be the Middle East especially Lebanon, Egypt, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Ethiopia. There are also many of these monuments in North Korea, Burma, Cambodia, Mexico, and South America. So one can better understand why such countries have been kept in turmoil and out of circulation for the prying humans to piece such knowledge together.

After the 1990 Gulf War, Saddam was bringing together all the artifacts in his country from the times of the Sumer Empire, he was re-creating Babylon, the mere thought of the idea, was enough to have the Judeo-Christian institutions flapping like flappy things, they saw their world crashing around them....he had to be stopped. Still think it is about oil?


Friday March 2nd 2007

With the pay row brewing over Browns announcement of pay rises for the public sector we are looking at the creation of industrial action by design. Brown has been fixed by the unions for at least the last 13 years, what he is doing is in sync with the unions, this is a game of unrest I would conclude to fix media attention and thus peoples minds away from international focus  to domestic issues, of course created by the Illuminati for just such cover. And as is usual, to cause as much chaos as possible foe us mere mortals during the summer as possible.

 The figures as announced by Brown stand :


Inflation is at 2.7%, point 7 over target

Nurses are to get a rise of 1.9%

Civil Servants to get          1.5%

 Judges are to get                2.4%

 Prison Officers to get        2.5%

Soldiers are to get            3.3%


I know what to do. Let’s cease with all military operations saving billions. The billions Blair inherited with the telecommunications windfall could be used for domestic services instead as it is currently being used for murder.

All this tax we are overwhelmed with at the present is to fill the war coffers which will spiral out of control in the coming years if we do nothing. If we were to cease in military operations we would have more than enough in the treasury to dissolve the national debt and re-build this nations infrastructure, we should leave the wars of empire long behind us and lobby against war full stop.


We also have what seems to be a victory for Mohamed Al Fayed with the announcement there will be a jury sitting in the Diana inquest.

This is all part of the play to decide what evidence is allowed into the inquest. When Al Fayed is defeated the media will try to draw a line under this murder. Do not let them implement laws on the back of this to prevent mention of Diana and the word conspiracy, and keep your eyes on the stream of legislation that will materialise relative to investigating people in power under the labels , stalking and intrusion. Take note of this paragraph.


Saturday March 3rd 2007

The fuel contamination has been traced to four tanks in Essex, provided by a company called Harvest Energy.

You should look at this play as a portent of that to come as they shut down this nation under the control orders. In an earlier phase I spoke of the closing down of petrol stations both because of legislation relative to upgrading the forecourt tanks and because of oil companies refusing to sell to stations who did not sell a certain amount of fuel per month. I was happy to see this topic played across the TV in which they stated that still, nine stations per week are closing. That 400 closed last year alone and we are at present left with only 9000 in the UK. This is not a good situation but further proof that the Illuminati are going full steam ahead with their removal of poor people from using the roads and preparing for more fuel troubles.


We have the industrial unrest taking shape with the cleaning staff and others threatening action in sympathy with Browns so –called tightening of the money pouch with his announced pay rises.

Why do those who have work not just think for a minute, think not just of your own bank balance but for the country as a whole, let greed take a back seat, the Illuminati depend on your greed to implement their agenda. Remember they operate your negative traits, and an outcry as we are currently witnessing from NHS and Civil staff, is exactly that, Greed! Be content with what you have got for a while.


So to take the Illuminati agendas played out for the Candlemas quarter :

Massive domestic trouble to focus the media away from foreign affairs.

We have the bird flue scam play itself further into the minds of the populous.

We have the illusion of change in Iraq, all the while 22.000 more US troops announced to join those in Iraq.

Movement of British troops from Bosnia and Iraq into Afghanistan.

Massive efforts to undo the exposure of the murder of Diana.

Massive efforts to undo the exposure relating to 911, David Kelly and the Okalahoma bomb.


We have the stock market scare again to focus the media and to create an air of uncertainty in the markets which of course has worked a treat, they are preparing to launch phase II military operations, sorry for keep repeating. Remember I have stated throughout this work the Illuminati make the news, then report the news, thus total control of the media via collection of ‘their news’ from news agencies assured, thus enabling media blackout on issues and moves the Illuminati are carrying out they do not want you to know about of course better covered without the glare of the media. But I would point out the main points to be taken with this event to be the facts I have offered relative to Greenspan and his absolute power to control stock market minds.

As we head into the Vernal Equinox they launch the first phase in the dismantling of the welfare state. I would advise you all think very carefully about this topic, you might be in employment now, but you never know what tomorrow may bring.

With the fall in markets around the world, all on the comments of satanist Alan Greenspan, I would hope you can now understand how the markets operate not to natural cycles but to precision moves by the international financiers. All the information within this work relating to the Jewish people is to show how this world in ignoring the role of the financial emperors has thus missed the most important facts when trying to understand the world in which we all live.

The entire current move against the banks relating to their overcharging is a jolt for you all to focus to the banks control of your individual lives, and with the hope you will allow your mind to see their control of the world. With  claiming your monies back from the banks they must not be allowed to be quash this right on the basis they may close your account. What must now be brought into the game is to prove in the law that banks should no longer be able to act as private companies because you can no longer exist in society without a bank account. Therefore banks must in no way be able to penalise us for claiming our legal rights against their excessive charges. In no way should they be allowed to charge for running accounts, again on the basis we cannot exist without a bank account. Should this fail then we must call for a national bank that by law must offer accounts for all with a fixed interest rate both on borrowing and for saving, perhaps offering differing rates for personal users and for commercial users A National Bank that is de-linked from the global market and therefore unaffected by any such nonsense as a variable interest rate which is one mechanism through which the international financiers control the global economies. The variable interest rate is the enemy of every economy on the planet. The law cannot any longer be allowed to protect unjust international rulings at the expense of the nation’s people. The law therefore should be looking to change to begin to operate for Britain and not pandering to international law at the expense of our democratic right to decide as a people which path this nation is to take. It is illegal for British justice to allow the dismantling of this democracy by any government and by the Crown. The majority of this nation believes its power structures to be free from the control of Rome, and squarely in the hands of those who claim to be acting in the people of Britain’s interest. This is clearly not the case, and has been so for almost 1000 years.

To create a national bank in this format would be a licence by the British people to the government to create a bank that the British people’s treasury, our tax would invest in massively, setting the interest rate in the favour of the treasury. What I mean by this is that the interest rate for borrowing perhaps set higher than for saving, set at a rate that gave great profit to the British peoples treasury and remove the need for investment in less balanced driven sectors with our tax monies. This would begin to demolish the hold the international financiers have on this our economy. If we kept our saving rates competitive then it would not demolish the need for private banks in the economy. This scenario would work entirely in the favour of lessening population and business debt interest and would keep the monies inside the nation or at least a lot more than is currently invested... This would have profound kick backs in less stressful business requirement and strategy. This would further free this nation in an inventive and creative atmosphere, the direct result of lowered stress levels currently existent in accomplishing targets and league tables currently controlling all.

If you take away any labels of Communism to this idea and give it serious thought on its merits alone, it would be a great opportunity on many levels. It would not destroy Capitalism in the economy but would bring back true power to this nations will domestically. It would place the power back in the first instance back in the hands of politicians, so it is essential we come together to create a new political grouping, a movement that incorporates all that can be seen operate for us as a nation and not continue to hand our power and future determination into the hands of the international financiers.

 With the international bankers and aspects to their networks now exposed, it is our only path in removing our nation from their hands. We have to see the battle lines in these terms. This enables energy to be focused to that which it needs to focus. In changing our thoughts and expanding our awareness we become enlightened to the manoeuvre we find being played against us, and from which quarters.

 So we have to have real ideas to counteract these moves. So to change the whip system and create a national bank, in quick time, would be two very strong and decisive moves for this nation to protect itself from a very secret war. So it can be done without violence in fact this is the only realistic type of political change.

 The fact we are now better informed as to the greatest conspiracy ever inflicted upon this nation, by those families who claim to be acting always in the British people’s interest, we can clearly see, are in fact playing quite the opposite. That is conspiracy in the Oxford Dictionary’s terms. Are there no intelligent good natured people, courageous purveyors of the law, who would take this accusation to the law on behalf of the people of Britain? Do not look upon such a challenge as pointless. The way in which the law is being exposed in the present, is in how at the behest of the Monarch or some other so-called VIP, injunctions and outright interventions as to what evidence can and will be seen by the jury and placed in the media. We can see how nonsensical the law actually is, and who or what it serves. This will be the case with the inquest into Diana, which as of March 5th could be delayed until October. Baroness Sloss has already stated she will only allow aquasations backed up with evidence to go before the jury? It is floored before it begins. We are being given the chance to re-evaluate our systems; the elite are doing there best to silence such thoughts because they are correct. To know something needs change we first have to see and understand why we need change and what changes need to be made. Blair’s government have so accelerated new law to protect those already protected by the law it beggar’s belief. We need to call for great debate and call for change to what in a true democracy should be ‘the people’s law’, laws the people wish to have as their governing rules of society. What we have had for centuries is powerful self obsessed delusional bunch of control freaks dishing out the law against the people of this so-called democracy. Surely you can see my point. If we are to claim freedom and democracy to the point we are prepared to invade nations and murder civilians and children to promote and protect this ideology, it is then our responsibility to ensure what we claim as better for others, is actually that.

It is not; as we have falsely been led to believe to be the case that democracy is freedom, the truth is far from it. We must demand changes to this nation’s power structure and means of control by the financial elite. That is true revolution, not to draw swords against another, but to demand what is by right already ours, to be given immediately a true and representative form of government, a government that under no circumstances would ever consider going against the will of the collective people. This would mean an end to quangos and the whip system but most importantly a new oath of allegiance not to the Crown, and to come out of the European political union in the immediate present. Domestically the whip system is the weapon of blackmail the Crown has over the people’s representatives, the MP’s, it is nonsense.

Everything carried out under the rules of the Crown are Illegal Null and Void.


Wednesday March 7th 2007

You can now see the calm between Candlemas and the up coming Spring Equinox. The markets are stabilising and the government and media are focused to welfare reform. We basically have a blank on military operations save the reporting of soldier deaths and the worst car bombs. In real terms this lull is when the Illuminati make monstrous moves in their international agenda, always when such moves are being made we have an almost media blackout. I have documented this Quarter in the hope you can see what I mean.


Monday 12th March 2007

There is trouble in Zimbabwe; some call it a crisis as government troops round up political opposition. When you put this together with the focus to the Kidnappings in Ethiopia we can see a play relating to Africa. With all the troubles and violence going on in Zimbabwe to which the politicians pretend concern, we have on March 18th four Zimbabwe officials one of whom was banned from entering Europe, fly on Zimbabwean Airlines into London. They allowed this banned official, entry. On Monday 19th the same four men flew from Britain to Brussels for a meeting. Again this banned official gets through customs.


 We also have the disappearance of BBC reporter in Gaza Alan Johnson. This man is an investigative journalist of the utmost calibre this man has always had the balls to report what he knows to be happening so they need him out of the way, hopefully not permanent, at least until certain moves they need to remain secret have been accomplished in Palestine. They are clearing the way for phase II military action in the Middle East which will have Israel acting in a much more aggressive manner within Palestine, and so they are removing all who could and would report the actions of Israel, he may however be the prise release as the changes currently going on in the Middle East are completed to help people forget, focusing as they will to the joy of his release. So we are seeing signs of what topics are to be pushed and played through the next quarter. Topics that span the Equinox are to play the next chapter in international and domestic events.

We also have the start of the inquest to the death of Luke Day who died in February 2005 from MRSA. Just to keep you in fear and another shot for the privatisation of the Health Service.





We also had the programme repeated from the weekend on Channel 4 “The Global Warming Swindle”.

I have written about the scam that is ‘man made climate change’ throughout this operation. I will reiterate some of the main points of the programme.

The whole concoction relating to CO2 emissions as the cause for global warming began with the Illuminati operative Lord Carrington via his puppet Margaret Thatcher when she was pushing for nuclear power domestically in the esoteric year of 1985. She was also reacting to the promoted future shortage of fuels culminating in the destruction of the Mining industry. What this move against the miners also created was the perfect ability to slowly privatise this once massive industry, again thieving what was a national industry for themselves. Take the 8 and 5 from the year 1985 add them together gives that number again, 13. She arranged a meeting with the Royal Society and made it clear there was money on the table if they would prove the link between Co2 and global warming. This made this lie a political subject. She was very specific in that they must prove Carbon release as cause for temperature rise.

Out of the Royal Society was born the IPCC (independent panel on climate change) which systematically and purposefully dismissed all solar science, the science relating to the oceans, carbon release by all living organisms, carbon release by volcanoes, carbon release by decaying vegetation, carbon release from peat bogs and most importantly the scientific data collected via ice samples which give CO2 atmospheric levels held within the ice back to the period 6000 years. They also omit the polar ice seasonal cycles whereby the ice each spring naturally breaks up and floats around; using the pictures of this natural event to claim it has only just begun to act in this way with the fear of catastrophic results.


When it comes to solar activity we are in fact dealing with the nexus of climate in its totality. High solar flares affect all life on this planet from vegetation and the warming of the oceans. When the oceans warm up they release more carbon, when they cool they absorb carbon. The same link is made for trees and vegetation dependant upon solar activity which is again responsible for the amount of carbon released and absorbed by the vegetation. When it comes to the oceans, the affect of solar activity takes a long time to play itself out, i.e. High solar flares two hundred years ago may prove itself on Earth within the oceans in the present given that the oceans being such a massive physical mass change temperature in slow cycles measured within our manufactured idea of time. Time as we understand it is a measure of our own tiny life cycle which is dwarfed by the Earths natural cycles. Clouds again have a big play with the temperature which are governed by the oceans and thus the Sun, as the Sun also directly controls the ice coverage, in fact the Sun controls the whole of this solar system which is there to be seen in the title ‘Solar System or Sun System. Yet all this actual scientific data collected pre- Thatcher pre- IPCC has been dismissed. What does that tell you about the Royal Society in who it serves and how it reaches its conclusions?

Each year volcanoes produce more CO2 than global industry combined. When you add up all carbon from all aspects of carbon creation and release including man made emissions, it is only 00.54% of the total atmospheric gasses around our planet.

The actual link between carbon and temperature operates in the reverse to that being currently blasted across the political spectrum, which can be seen with the effect the Krakatoa eruption had on climate, it cools not increases. This is proved with scientific data collected via the ice core samples, yet even to draw this conclusion is still only a theory as with all scientific conclusions, the end results are decided before the experiment takes place and so the experiments in most cases are manipulated to arrive at the desired conclusions or there is no funding.

The largest mass to effect the carbon cycle on Earth is the ocean that is scientific fact of all climate studies of course pre 1979. That means the Moon.

So it began in Britain with Thatcher, once George Bush senior joined the scam everything went ballistic. Previous to the IPCC reports, in the USA only $170 million was spent researching this increase in temperature, once Bush got on the band wagon he immediately increased the budget to $2 billion paying wages to a very large amount of scientists and journalists etc, basically there are a lot of delusional people with a vested financial interest in this lie, by the early 1990’s this figure ran into tens of billions of dollars as we stand today it is a global industry with many poor little minds making a living from the scam. In the same way there are millions of people with a vested interest in religion. So they have created a new religion, a religion that has converted millions of lost minds who call themselves activists of differing variations. This again is by design and is proof yet again of how the Illuminati create belief systems to capture the awakening to the lies peddled in the past be it to religion or science by the mass of un-thinking  people. So in one big swoop they further expand the New Age movement of minds communicating with Ashtar, the saviour with a spaceship and once again they capture all souls who have seen a little more light as it relates to religion, all the while blind to the fact they have jumped from one set of nonsense into another, the same with the Merovingian Mormons and Jehovah’s Witnesses. Not only that, they have control via the climate change scam of all souls who feel compelled to protest against injustice and the establishment, they have shifted your energy to operate for their new and blatant invented problem that of man made climate change. The majority of these types of people where during the seventies and eighties, those sad souls who visited and joined the happy clappy Christian Churches, if of course they are not currently working with children in primary schools and with special needs children. So this global warming scam plays into the new age movement which is the new religion. See it or fall foul of the Illuminati yet again.

For all you activists take the words of Patrick Moore who is the co-founder of Greenpeace. His major point to the climate change scam is how it is used to prevent developing countries from developing. This is part of the Illuminati’s agenda to stop African’s from utilising there natural resources so they are left in place after the planned bloodbath and takeover by the white races, and to be used for carbon quota exchange. You have to see the game through the eyes of the Illuminati to grasp the reality of their operation, failure to see will condemn the third world to death at the hands of the Illuminati.

We do know that through the 20th Century the intensity of solar activity intensified considerably how could we not then feel the physical connotations to this in a change in climate? It has to be so. What also gets me is why are we complaining, Britain’s climate is changing for the better, we have wanted better warmer weather for a long time hence the reason we enjoy a holiday abroad. Is it not something to celebrate the fact we are enjoying warmer weather in Britain? I feel it is. We all like to moan it is time to moan by your own reasoning not to jump on the Illuminati’s version of what we should be moaning about. This scenario should expand to other nations, why do we care about how Iran chooses to live? It is not our business until Iran makes it our business, there job sorted. If individual people faced there own shit instead of projecting, all nations would sort themselves out in there own time. We do not need to be a world police force, only to be ready for any future problems, a good problem to solve would be top sort out our Navy and Army and Air Force and ensure they are the best they can be as they stand. The appeasement of Hitler was by design to enable the Illuminati to re-arm Germany, had we the British people stood and demanded we attack Germany it would have been quashed because the Illuminati in Germany where not at that time in the position to beat our armed forces. The war commenced only when the Illuminati’s plan to destroy Britain militarily was in place. We the British people did not appease Hitler, the Crown did it guv.


If we go back to the beginning of this current rise in temperature it happened before 1940, for the next three decades it reversed and went considerably colder up to 1975, it then reversed again and as we are now experiencing has risen to very comfortable temperatures indeed. During the 1970’s I worked with my father in the building trade and during the winters we had to dig a good foot or so just to get past the frozen ground. The atmosphere knows how to deal with the changes from the Sun it does not require the expertise of the human to operate, the Earth and her genetic programming have it covered. A lot of scientific hubris is at work with this agenda driving men and women to feel they are so important the universe will fail to operate in its natural way without the meddling of man.

To further back up the oceans involvement in climate control the fact is greenhouse gasses are made up in the largest percentage by condensed water which captures the heat from the Sun, if we had no greenhouse gasses the heat from the Sun would be repelled and the Earth would freeze. This I would cite to be one of the reactions after the cataclysms pre-flood which created the ice caps at the poles and a direct consequence of the overbearing amount of gasses placed into the atmosphere due to the extraordinary volcanic eruptions during the cataclysms, it makes perfect sense to me.

The whole scam at its nexus comes from computer based projections which have as there basic data, information that is totally false, so obviously the conclusions are based on false information created by the IPCC or the Royal Society in 1985 and Thatcher. Please understand I have only ever voted conservative including Thatcher when I actually voted. I am not a labour man at all I have always felt comfortable in the blue. It is only by investigation into the Crown that I prove the change in Crown policy domestically since 1979 which was the physical implementation of the New World Order; it is not on a personal level I show Thatcherism to be wrong. I still hold great respect for the lady that is Margaret Thatcher she reminds me of my Grandma… albeit extremely deluded and used most profoundly by Lord Carrington acting for the Crown.

The computer models on which the future climatic forecasts are based are fed highly inflated CO2 content to arrive at their projections, they are an invention of the IPCC and thus the Illuminati dipsticks who should lose based on the global warming scam alone because as you the people begin to grasp the bullshit that is CO2 and global warming, you will grasp the bullshit that is history, religion and all that has come from the bloodlines of insanity since the deluge. I love it.

You will also begin to see how the media is controlled and manned by idiots. To take the fear based media coverage relating to the scare that mosquito’s will takeover Britain and commence a Malaria epidemic is again bollocks. Mosquitoes thrive in cold climates as was seen in the Russian outbreak of malaria. All this bullshit comes direct from the Royal Society via the IPCC. Do you still wish to have anything Royal in this nation even with William as King? Come on see the crap and the bollocks that is the Crown, see the bollocks and bullshit that is religion, open your mind to the real truths about the world and history and let’s take the toys from the sick boys and girls we know as the establishment and replace them with sound people not subservient to the Crown.

Still not convinced, then you had better listen to the leading British scientist who is saying:

 “The only way the human race will survive is through those who move to Antarctica and breed.”

 This is supposedly the finest British scientific mind; my cat is better educated than this man.

Take great note in how they are using the ‘Bee’ scare to increase the emotional response to accelerate the scam. This is because Albert Einstein made comment about the catastrophe should the Bee disappear. As we entered May 2007 we had very warm weather for the time of year, by great coincidence for around three days I had around 30 honey bees in my flat. My response as always was to help the little tinkers back outside so I can safely say in the Spring Hill area we have plenty of bees.

One other interesting fact about this current furore, what is happening with Bees at present is not as the media are portraying the facts, Bee keepers are going to their hives only to find the Bees gone, they are not finding dead Bees, only the Bees gone. So this idea of dying Bees does not pan out with the actual facts relating to Bees. Do not put it past the intelligence agencies to go to such lengths as to steel Bees to back up their nonsense, but you never know the Bees may just be sick of all the CCTV cameras and mobile phone frequencies, and are buggering off!!


Wednesday 14th March 2007

The trial of the Illuminati operative Lord Conrad Black begins. This is in relation to his theft of monies from the Hollinger Media Group over a seven year period for himself and his two Ashkenazi amigo’s Henry Kissinger and Richard Perle. They sucked $400 million from the Hollinger Group. I wonder how Lord Carrington has managed to keep his name out of this one, he is after all connected in advisory role to the Hollinger Group along side his best buddy Kissinger. The Hollinger Group was born out of the British SOE Special Operations Executive the forerunner to British Intelligence.




We have the start of the Trident issue chaired by Margaret Beckett, and surprise surprise where is the idiot Prime Minister on such a monumental debate which could see Britain in debt to the World Bank to the tune of forever? Well he is giving a news conference at No10 with the President of Ghana. Not only that as the debate began the House emptied. That surely shows that most of the Mundane Persons had already made up their mind… ‘Before the debate’. Not only that, those who had whipped the MP’s to come to their decision before the debate, you got it, ‘the Whips’, also count the votes. Mmm sounds a bit dodgy to me.


The two votes on Trident where :


The vote to delay the decision        yes 167   and no 413

                To accept in principle the move to go ahead         yes 409   and no 161


Listening and watching the Trident debate makes me laugh. They talk of it as an ‘independent nuclear defence capability’. This is complete and utter nonsense as a British weapon. We rent this technology from America. In fact no British General or Prime minister can activate this so called defence system without authority and activation from within the Pentagon, which adds up to 800 nuclear warheads. So why then are we the British taxpayer already paying, never mind about to pay for its upgrade, when no British democratically elected person or from within our own military has the authority to use it? Simple really, the CrownTemple owns the nuclear arsenal whether it is British (800 warheads) French, American (9000 warheads), Russian, North Korean, Chinese, Israeli, Pakistani or Indian. What does that tell you about the real agenda and reason for these nuclear weapons? Who are they really to protect and from whom? At the highest levels of the operatives I have met, they believe or are told to believe they are to prevent the Elohim upon their return from stealing this planet from the Nefilim bloodlines. So even at the highest levels still the operatives are deceived, because the Elohim have been here all along. The Nefilim operate completely for the Elohim who in turn are the Atlantean hybrids created by the Anunnaki who are already returned , I think you can call 7000 years here returned!!, as Adolf Hitler himself stated to his aid when he stated he has met the ‘new kind of man’ and he was afraid. But they wait until the new world order is complete then and only then can they show themselves to the world, the biggest agenda they have to instil for this is the en-mass introduction of the human microchip.

This nuclear arsenal is to protect these bloodlines and their masters the Elohim from mankind, that means us! The private armies operating in war zones actively recruit good soldiers from national armies for loads a money, who do you think these private armies serve?

Let’s just put it this way. This country has a massive change of heart and the people made a great stand against our government and the Crown, we insist all those we can identify as operatives of the Crown be removed from positions of power. What do you think would happen to the four Vanguard submarines each carrying 16 warheads with a range of 12000 kilometres, each warhead eight times more powerful than Hiroshima? The missiles and submarines that have the home run back door computer systems that have been placed in all American built aircraft with the fly by wire system brought to your attention in the 911 information for remote control, but in this scenario using the Star Wars satellite system?... Exactly they will disappear. This in truth is what we currently and will continue paying for,  not Britain’s nuclear deterrent, but more to the tune as they love to mention whenever they speak of Trident an ‘independent’ nuclear deterrent, independent from Britain because when you look closely at the word ‘independent’ it means exactly that, belonging to an independent body the Illuminati. They want £20 billion but it will have a running cost of £56 billion. We would then as taxpayers have the situation whereby removed from our economy the figure of £76 billion, not of course removed from the Crown who will collect the money from their Virginia Company…the USA bringing it back to London...

This country has the legal right to have nuclear weapons. I personally would wish for no nuclear strategy globally, but that is never going to happen while it is the Illuminati that control them, and they will not relinquish what they already have. So I fully understand why the majority of the people in this nation want the deterrent. With that I would see it as foolish to push against what most people would wish if we are to claim democracy. In this scenario I would then promote Britain build her own, a deterrent through which our government and military had control. In fact to vote for the home built deterrent is a vote for a capability for this nation to defend itself and not as it currently plays out renting the technology from America. £76 billion would be massive input into our own expertise. That would be a lot of jobs and I can’t see the British nation ever using them in aggression, but I can see the current controllers of this fleet doing exactly that and if these wars continue they will.

When you look at nuclear weaponry none of the nations control these weapons the Illuminati own them. One can see some of the James Bond storylines around the corner as the Illuminati begin to be exposed and pushed out, big ransoms for governments to solve under the threat of nuclear attack. A sort of Pirates for the nuclear age if you know what I mean.


So as we enter the crossing of the Spring Equinox we have a massive play with the climate change scam.


We have Africa on the agenda with Ethiopia, Zimbabwe and Somalia.

We have the market scare courtesy of Alan Greenspan

We have the Trident debate and decision.

We have the start of the move to inflict the weapon of anti-Semite upon this nation as in America. This will also be the aim in Europe.

And the gun agenda continues changing to knifes and stabbings all for the changes they require domestically to policing and emergency powers… and of course total media coverage to all of the above.


That is a lot of esoteric seed sowing gone on over this Vernal Equinox, seeds that will grow and grow through the summer, for the harvest in the autumn.


The markets again begin to fall the FTSE falling 160 points by close of trading and are now being blamed on mortgage lending problems in the USA.

No sorry, this is all down to the comments of the Satanist financier Alan Greenspan.


Thursday 15th March 2007

On the BBC programme question Time Peter Hitchin was once again on the panel and climate change was again one of the questions. He re-iterated what he had said last year, the programme was in Newport and what he said got a much better response from the audience. That has to be a move in the right direction.

 Later on the programme This Week, the MP who sits with Michael Portilo stated that in the hour before the Trident vote the whips where hysterical and sending people home. What the hell is that all about? The Whips also decide who can and can not miss debates in the commons that is a lot of power for the whips office.


Monday 19th March 2007

Up to this day we have an epidemic of knife crime. Can you not see the connection of organised crime waves I have spoken about throughout this work? Can you see the link between perpetrators and the back street happy clappy Christian movements? All these back street Churches are controlled directly by Satanism, in many cases via such groups as the Golden Dawn. Also if you take the information from Phillip de Rothschild who himself admitted his role was to control a secret layer of personnel within what he termed the body of Christ, one can see the connection between particular crime waves all happening in short periods of time. Who the hell funds these Churches? While all attention is focused to the Muslim Mosques and communities we have the satanic controlled Christian Church’s causing havoc to back the government’s legislation. Am I the only mind in this nation who can see the link, this without my prior knowledge of such cults? I feel that at once, all funding for these Churches should be withdrawn forthwith if it is coming from the taxpayer or even charitable foundations until we get to the bottom of  the situation.  So as  the media go on and on about radicalisation of British Muslims, there is a media black out relating to the most dangerous connection between the majority of recent gun and knife crime and the Christian churches which also operate as community centres and youth clubs. Until you begin to see the esoteric practices of these Christian satanic cults you are at a disadvantage totally, in understanding the operations of the Illuminati. The Baptist’s, the Methodist’s, the Elim centres, the Mormons, the Jehovah’s witnesses, the Church of science and all the other back street cults are and have always been directly emanating from Freemasonry which itself is the controlling layer of Protestantism which is the split movement controlled by the Roman Illuminati Church. This is how the satanic operatives have created the satanic movement throughout society; can you now understand why the Illuminati have so much power without the populations understanding this fact?

The next phase of this agenda is operating through the child care centres, Sure Start and Connexions. These operations are in the main staffed with normal people but set for control by satanic operatives, the majority of whom are unaware of the fact that the energies controlling their decisions and silence are of the lower world. There is no easy way out of this mess, but failure to grasp this information will ensure victory by the lower world in this middle world and we are in a mess on all levels.

Britain is fighting for her soul, but at this stage without the population understanding this fact she is at a disadvantage. We can only express the true British meaning when in the first instance we understand what it is we are fighting against, only then can we hope to change the current path domestically the Illuminati are carrying out against the British people. This is the first stage of battle against the dark forces in all our communities; we have to destroy this agenda before we can see the light once again. We have to attack both the elite operatives in sync with demolishing this back street Christian operation by protest. I have battled against all these operations in one sense or another during my journey; all these local back street cults have thrown their shit at me on the command of the elite operatives. This is the way in all towns and cities throughout this nation and the world, seemingly opposite cults and groups unknown to themselves operating to the dictate of the Illuminati underground.


Also at 3.30 Pm British time, George W Bush addresses the nation from the White House. Calling for Congress not to force him to withdraw troops from Iraq. He also stated that General Patraeus reported back to him that:

 “This is the worst situation he has encountered in his 32 years military experience.”

 So they are preparing for something big indeed, Bush planting the seed as we approach the Vernal Equinox.


Vernal Equinox

Tuesday 20th March 2007

What I found extremely upsetting was how BBC News 24 throughout the day threw survey statistics at us with the claim two thirds of the population agreed with the war back in 2003, and that today two thirds do not want the war. If you want proof that the BBC is 100% Illuminati controlled you can find no better statistic than today’s propaganda throughout this day.

This is an attempt at negating the true feelings as we went to war in this nation and re programme our memory removing the lies and deceit in an attempt at having us forget this satanic government went against the will of this nation trying to have us believe this government has always gone with the will of the nation and to forget the murder of David Kelly. This is reverse psychology in its true form at work, re-creating your Visual Cortex take on the four year murderous invasion in Iraq to the tune of well over 600.000 civilians dead. An invasion that on its own has cost over £250 billion. So you can see for yourselves without the help of the media, where all our tax monies already collected which continues to expand in collection, are being spent. That of course does not include the military invasion of Afghanistan to which our troops will be transferred to ensure the pipeline is constructed without delay and the supply of heroin for the European market expands and become secure.


Wednesday 21st March 2007

What was initially announced in December 2006 we today see a further move to have children at the age of twelve vaccinated for sexually transmitted disease with the great fear, ‘to protect from cervical cancer’. So this is a World Health Organisation directive adding to  ‘vaccination’ as the answer to all our ills, a subject that will gain momentum during this quarter, and in June the government are going to decide if it is to be compulsory. You need to grasp the agenda I have set out in this work relating to vaccinations.




On this day I visited the Job Centre for an interview one has to take after a claim of six months on jobseekers allowance. The best way to see the real procedure within this system is to agitate the job centre staff member, slightly of course. This is how you get the best exposure of just what powers these people have in forcing their will upon jobseekers. Some of these operatives are waiting for the jobseeker to get frustrated then everything changes. At the job centre operative’s whim, they can and do, remove the benefits from very desperate people. They also have security guards, which at the slightest agitated voice are stood at your side; this makes matters far worse in that it creates the atmosphere of an interrogation, and for many people heightens their frustration. It is so sad to see that our tax is being used in this way to make already depressed people in some cases going over the edge on the actions of a civil servant paid for with our tax.

During this interview with a 30 something lady, I commented on what a shambles this system is in that they are forcing people into such low paid work it beggars belief. She got rather offended and took my comments personally. She then went into a very heightened volume moan to get the attention of the security guard. Once he came over she began to go on and on about “do I think it is ok for people to sit at home day in day out while claiming benefit”, then in another heightened volume and pitch said, “claiming your tax money”. To which I replied I have no problem whatever paying for people to sit at home rather than work for a slave wage perhaps in the hope they may find something later. She thought it was disgusting. I said I would much rather pay for people to sit on their backsides than to pay as we currently are, in the slaughtering of innocent women children and men in countries that we have no right to be murdering to the tune of £250 billion to date, and that there is no such thing as a none tax payer in this country. It was quite obvious to me this poor excuse for a human as she described herself as human on several occasions, was having none of it so I ceased in my antagonising before I lost benefit or was man handled by the security guard. She said she was happy with my jobseekers agreement and I signed on. I also had to fill in a questionnaire that used trick questions, when I asked her about this she said it was for them to determine whether or not I needed educating. I was astonished by this and in the way it was presented I felt the majority of people filling it out would fail. This gives the government the opportunity to remove people from the unemployment statistics and force them into education that is not good. During the interview I apologised three times for her getting angry at my questions and still she was exited, I pointed out the fact I had apologised twice to which she replied: 

“Aahh but I am a woman I want blood”, I thought she was joking and so apologised once again I then left having completed the interview.


The current play with employment is to create the situation whereby all workers are paid a pittance. This has gone unnoticed by most because it is then made up into a decent wage with tax credits, currently costing £16 billion per year, a good idea all the same, but the tax credits are only a temporary system which will suffer as part of the demolition of the welfare state as they decrease the tax credits available. Once this is done you will be left with the situation whereby all employment will have been cast down to slave rates and part time with no help from the state at all.

The whole tax credit agenda is to hide the scaling down of earnings again to bring us back to the Middle Ages in how this nation and world operates. What I would state is that this particular operative’s attitude is at present not the blanket attitude, but it is getting that way all the time. I guarantee when the next big job losses occur in this sector it will be the good souls who are binned, which ensures we have a state of bad attitude operatives causing absolute chaos amongst the most needy and poor in this so called civilisation, what a sham. I would still rather pay for those who are out of work than some employed in the job centre.


Also on this day we have the Brown Budget, what a load of rubbish. All this budget has done is to move around revenue collection to favour the big business and the wealthy. He lowered the income tax rate to 20 pence from 22 pence, but then removed the 10 pence lower rate and raised it to 20 pence. He then stated the rise in tax credits and family allowance would have a balancing effect which changed nothing for the poor. What it does do however place is yet more dependence to the welfare state, again once dismantled will create havoc.

So this will add to expand the effect for the poor when as I have stated throughout this operation, they demolish the tax credits system in sync with the welfare state. You have to see much further ahead in this scam to see the long term affects of such mathematics. So in real terms he has further enshrined the middle age scenario I have exposed with a direct hit on the poor for the future. You can see the agenda I have put forward in action as all fiscal moves since 1979 are widening the gap between poor and rich covered in a smokescreen of deceit via the welfare state. What the consequences of the budget means according to Newsnight, is an extra 125 million for the treasury during 2009-10, what a load of old crap!!

More than that the majority of his budget does not come into effect until next year and beyond giving Brown the ability to change his mind once he becomes leader.

With the inheritance tax threshold raised, will do nothing because in the last two years the inheritance tax collected in inheritances over £2 million have decreased massively which squarely lands on the facts that there are loopholes in this tax collection only the wealthy are aware of. Everything is creating the middle age political and social atmosphere to be implemented once the Temple is completed. They are of course beginning this move with the new welfare state legislation in the pipeline announced earlier in the year. This will create an underclass of Rio de Janeiro type ghettos.

 I have no problems with people becoming wealthy I am not a communist nor am I anti -capitalist but there is no moral ethic that can justify policy to operate against the poorest levels of any society in any balanced system, yet this is exactly what we have been witnessing since the penultimate phase of the new world order which began in 1979 giving us three cycles of seven until the last phase of this great work commenced in the year 2000, with the road to World War, the catalyst of which was 911.

We have to demand balance or this economic game will send us all to the hell of the middle ages which of course is the end game for the new world order. It was announced on the Newsnight programme that 75% of people in Britain prefer to use cash, let’s keep it that way.


Friday 23 rd March 2007

To cap of this Candlemas and Equinox seeding of agendas we now head into the very esoteric week number 13 from Monday 26th March. Today is Friday 23rd and we can get an idea of what we can expect in this coming week as the Iraqi deputy Prime Minister is severely injured in a bomb attack. We have the very symbolic HMS Cornwall team of 15 personnel arrested and detained by Iranian naval forces. This was announced by news agencies Reuters and Associated Press at 11am. The media was also playing the footage from a similar incident in 2004 in which the prisoners where hooded and made to believe they were to be executed.

 Earlier this week the American Congress attached a deadline for withdrawal for return of troops from Iraq, if Bush is to get more money… Up to 5pm on this day there is still no response from Iran, although the Iranian Ambassador has spoken to the British Foreign Office after Margaret Beckett summoned the Iranian Ambassador to the Foreign Office., the meeting lasted for around twenty minutes.


Saturday 24th March 2007

The arrest of British soldiers in Iran picks up pace as the marines are taken to Tehran to answer questions about their behaviour in Iranian waters. The Iranians say they have proof that the Marines were operating in Iranian waters logged onto the Marines satellite equipment.

The special reports bring in Admirals and other experts as the rhetoric during the afternoon hots up. We have talk of action quickly and decisively. We then have the UN Security Council meeting to inflict more sanctions on top of those imposed in December 06 on Iran over the nuclear issues that in 2003 Iran had agreed to comply with, refused by Bush’s administration.


Also this day we have Northern Ireland’s assembly running into difficulty as Ian Paisley asks for a new deadline. So by the end of the day we have some pretty big situations with the potential to blow up for the week number 13, which then of course leads to the Easter period. It goes on like this all year long.




Sunday 25th March 2007

Throughout the morning we had to sit listening to Church of England priests, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Archbishop of York preaching how the slave trade must be apologised for by the British people. Can you see how they are moving the blame from their organisation and the high ranking families onto the people?

The Archbishop of York quoting Bob Marley in how we have to free our minds from slavery. What a sad state of affairs that these organisations cannot see that we the population are in the process of freeing our minds from their religion and control. It was the Church of England that promoted and made money from the slave trade, blessed the ships before voyage and in so doing demanded their flocks of the time also accepted the slave trade as a feasible way to treat humans. So given that the Church of England controlled the population’s minds at the time of the slave trade any blame put on the people of the time lies squarely at the feet of this Church for forcing its commands direct from Jesus onto the people.

 So that would be my first accusation against this organisation of Jesus.


 My second would be how they have treated the congregation at St Johns Church in Accrington for no other reason but to make money out of the building by changing its use to a community and child care centre, with the use of the most grotesque deceit unto the congregation and to the people of Accrington but most importantly to the Accrington Pals. With the June 13th call by the Church of England in its row over copyright breech (again about money) that; “Sony and the Japanese people as a whole should cease in putting profit first”, I find it repugnant that this very Church organisation is actually changing the ethos of what a Church building is for, they have thrown out the congregation to use the building to earn it ‘Profit’… give me strength!


 My third would be the fact as now exposed they still have as their head the queen of England who is exposed as a satanist child killer and consumer of humans.


 My fourth would be as to why they are appointing foreign nationals to preach to the congregations by giving them parishes. Is it because they have no takers in this nation at all, or is it as I suspect removing balanced men from within the Church to replaced with lets just say fanatical minds.


My fifth charge against the Church would be the placing of extremely dangerous transmitters on their schools again for money.


My sixth charge would be for their continuing investment in the arms industry again for money.

My seventh charge would be in the allowing of the Golden Dawn to operate within its organisation, I am told the Golden Dawn operate from within Blackburn Cathedral, this if fact has massive connotations for the whole of Lancashire’s Church of England parish’s, but most importantly it would explain the profit grabbing agenda currently emanating from the organisation, all under the dictate of its head;

 Queen Elizabeth II.


My eighth charge which is endemic within all the religions is in their covering up of known child abusers from within its ranks which leads to further children having to endure these sick men.


Okay so it is not the 95 complaints laid against the Vatican by Martin Luther for selling pardons to raise money for the construction of St PetersChurch, but they certainly are abusing their position when it comes to money collection and abuse of the congregation’s good intent, so it is a start. What I do not of course wish for is for another split into this satanic rubbish just its demolition as a power in this nation. Martin Luther was a member of the German secret society networks and a Rosicrucian and of course was playing for the elite, I am not on both counts, and I in the vein of Bob Marley wish to free all our minds from the sickness of religious limitation full stop.

Of the estimated 10 million people sold as slaves one quarter arrived in British ships so there are four other quarters to lay blame, and, let us not forget it was Africans selling Africans to the slave traders not the British people. I came across this scenario at the beginnings of this millennium with a new age lady who was very upset at the fact that the native American tribes for which she felt a great compassion to the point she visited the lands of this tribe bringing back a iron bracelet with which the tribes people where clasped. She was very emotional as she showed me this bracelet. I then asked was this placed on the tribes’ people by the slave traders to which she surprisingly replied no, it was by the tribe itself! It is on such points of emotional short sightedness that traps good people into the new religion called the New Age and is the slippery slope to handing over your soul to the psychic communications from the lower fourth dimension or place between the dimensions in which the Elohim and other nasty demons operate. The problem with such manipulations is for the people themselves to see the emotional garb that holds them into believing any old nonsense as it is pushed out in books and sittings under the guise of the Illuminati’s new age religion. The Native Americans are so blatantly being used to form this new religion for the many who need to believe in something it worries me intensely. That is not to say the Native American culture offers nothing for man in its knowledge, but they are being so miss- used and abused it beggars belief.

The Church of England should look to two of its leading lights as far as repentance and redemption goes, the Ripley Family. Thomas Ripley was born in Lancaster and moved to Liverpool where he and his wife Julia made their fortune from trade with the West Indies and China. This trade involved the shipment of slaves. Upon retirement Thomas having looked again at his wealth creation understood his role in such a barbaric trade and decided to repent, he should do something to make good the best he could the situation he had realised was wrong. Thomas died before he could begin the actual build, but his loving wife Julia ensured the work be carried out and she built an orphanage in Lancaster for 300 children for the children of dead sailors who had worked for their companies both from Liverpool and Lancaster. This building moved on to become a school and continues in this role today, so redeemed this couple are. This stands for us all today as a lesson in once understanding is reached about events and situations we have been involved, we can do all we can to make good the situation as we reach that understanding. We all need to grasp that this is what is meant by repentance and is open to all, not a situation whereby we can blagg it, but if the wish to make good is from the heart it will be backed, and your personal road to balance will commence guided by those forces that already exist in the balance. In the case of Thomas and Julia Ripley as with many families who partook in such business, they did so, on the say and ordainment of their respective religion, the blame lies squarely at the feet of those who head the Church as an organisation.

Inside the local Illuminati controlled Observer, which observes only that they are told they can observe, in the edition Friday 27th April 2007 we have the continuation for the theft from the congregation and the spirit of the Accrington Pals, the Church building that is St JohnsChurch. So the new and immediate fabricated nonsense dished out from the Church of Rome, sorry England, I forget many of you don’t know the secret, is that the review required by the Church of England every five years has found the electrical system to have failed safety standards requirements. O dear, has this conclusion been found by the same idiots who lied in the last review when they found the whole structure to be completely failing in safety? It is going to cost in the region of £20.000. New Vicar Ian Robertson broke the lies oops sorry news, to the congregation during Sunday Mass just to put the boot in for the congregation having the audacity to tell me all about the last load of nonsense, to which we outed the buggers. He was saddened by the decision but I bet he will buck up once this building is earning loads of money as a child care centre or something in this nature which will expand his portfolio and earning capacity for the Church that lost millions with its past investments in the weapons industry. Well done Vicar, Jesus will love you and perhaps will miss your Church out if he once again turns over the money tables on his return…not!


As we head into the 13th week the Northern Ireland assembly is postponed for power sharing until May 8th, so we can count this out as the blow up scenario for this very esoterically important week. We do however have the Iranian arrest of 15 British Naval operatives gaining momentum with Tony Blair on Tuesday 27th March stating “we will enter a new phase of action should diplomacy fail”. The Iranians are adamant they arrested the naval personnel in Iranian waters claiming they have proof of this with the captured equipment that was in the hands of the 15 personnel. The British claim the opposite via satellite positioning technology, so we are at a stalemate.  We did however hear from a British Iranian who stated their has never been a demarcation line between Iraq and Iran, that the allied forces have just made this territorial line up. The 15 naval operatives are currently being interrogated somewhere in Tehran, the Iranians refuse to give access to the British ambassador. I feel there could be an attempt to free the personnel as soon as they find out where they are being held. Are we witnessing the event that will begin military action or at least change the political status to a more military strategy against Iran? I would say absolutely.




Also this week we have Blair announce children who are labelled in schools as special needs and such are to be monitored as potential criminals. This is disgusting because a primary School attempted to label my children in this way based on bullshit from two particular members of the staff. In both cases after speaking to a balanced teacher who had taught both my children involved, said, this was nonsense. I can see this happening again with my youngest child, should this continue I will make this school and in particular the staff involved very famous indeed. That having been said, I still feel this school is one of the better schools in this town so goodness knows what is happening in the other schools, but we have to start somewhere. The fact it was the same members of staff in both cases suggests a religious connotation to this agenda. Once your child has been labelled ‘Special Needs’ they cannot sit for A levels. Not only that, one of the councillors who last year was earmarked for an honour, was a governor at this school, so the plot thickens.





Wednesday 28th March 2007

At approx 11.10 am we had a Naval briefing by Vice Admiral Charles Style in which he gave the British held facts as they relate to the GPS co-ordinates of the vessels captured by Iranian naval forces. He spoke of the GPS positioning backed up with the information from the lynx helicopter crew from HMS Cornwall. From the ships master of the merchant ship the British naval personnel were searching and, that this information was backed by the Iraqi Foreign Minister. He gave the actual co-ordinates as:

29 degrees 50.36 minutes north by 048 degrees 43.08 minutes east, which he says places the ships 1.7 miles inside Iraqi waters. He also stated that the first set of co-ordinates given by Iran still showed the British ships to be inside Iraqi waters, that after pointing this out to the Iranians they offered a second set of co-ordinates which then placed the ships inside Iranian waters. So with this information it would seem the Iranians have been very naughty.

This briefing was played out as ‘the proof’ that the Iranians are in the wrong. It doesn’t actually prove it to me, what they have done is express what they say has happened, they have not proved their co-ordinates to me in the same way they did not prove the weapons of mass destruction claimed at the beginning of the invasion of Iraq…its just the ‘official story’.

What I do know for sure is that the Iranian leadership are controlled by the Illuminati as are the British and American forces. I see this as nothing other than the event to change the stance between the Western forces and the Iranian state. This works in sync with the second phase operations by the Illuminati in its agenda throughout the former lands of Sumer. Neither side in this current game have ‘proved’ anything whatever in relation to this current problem, yet the media now operate as though this briefing is absolute fact just as they did relating to the WMD scare over the initial invasion of Iraq and previous to that to the Afghanistan links to 911 which prompted the invasion of Afghanistan, there is no such thing as investigative journalism they just repeat the line given. During Prime Minister’s question time this whole event is being played under the UN mandate 1723, (adding these numbers gives us 13), also bringing in Germany as the EU leaders at present to further back this UN mandate and action. Cameron asked the question relating to rules of engagement to this event. We can see all parties working together on this game and bringing possible military action into the game. So they are heading into the planned military opportunity this event has opened. Is it not strange that they have a video of the female taken by Iran talking about possible capture before the arrest of the naval personnel?

 Later in the afternoon we are shown pictures from Iranian TV with the female prisoner with headscarf making a statement. The media make a big issue of this with calls for military action now being mentioned in the reports.

We have to face the fact that all our current military personnel are their by choice. None of our military personnel are conscripts. You cannot expect that with all the actions currently being played out against these nations by the Crown governments that such situations are not going to arise. What you must do is look at these situations outside of the emotions. Of course it is a bad situation that 15 British people are being held by a foreign country, but that is the game of war and whether we like it or not, the Crown government has sent all these people over to invade other nations and so must bear responsibility for whatever may come as a direct consequence of their action, just as all military personnel at this stage are by their own choice, members of the military and so expect such possibilities. We have now had 911, the weapons of mass destruction, which we know to have been nothing but complete fabrication. And as a result of these events and lies we find ourselves involved in the invasion of two nations. We also know that Iran  is one of the current war mongers target countries for change, surely we now can see this is nothing other than the manipulated event to instigate military action against another sovereign nation. You must cease in your allowing of our troops to be used in this way, we have to de-link from this agenda of war and invasion now. The elite are using these 15 people as puppets see it.


Also on this day we have the re-arrest of the opposition leader in Zimbabwe Morgan Tsvangirai who was beaten by police a few weeks ago. So Mugabe is rattling his sabre on behalf of the Illuminati to what ends I would cite for media coverage to focus, which leaves the question “what are they hiding from the media”?




Now if I may continue job centre drama as began on Wednesday 21st March 2007. Little did I know what this woman meant by requiring my blood!

After your six monthly interview you have to call at the job centre every week and sign for your money for a six week period. So today I went along to the job centre to sign. Low and behold for my sins of the previous Wednesday I have to sign upstairs with an elderly woman. The interview began with this, “because you have been signing for six months Sean we have to review your job seekers agreement just to ensure you are available for all work we feel you are capable of carrying out offered by the job centre”. I replied I had just had that very review last Wednesday.

She ignored this remark and continued with her pre-prepared speech which she asked “have you got your CSCS card” I replied no. She then said well in that case it is not feasible that you limit your search within the construction  trade alone because all companies now demand you have this card.” I replied she was wrong, that I had never been asked for this card yet knew it was being brought in, that all jobs I had applied for via the job centre had stated CSCS card preferred. She stated I was wrong, to which I insisted she go through some of the job vacancies to prove this fact. After a lot of moaning and my constant insistence she brought up some vacancies four in total. Only one demanded this card as essential which just so happened to be an agency, one said preferred and the other two did not mention the card. So the reason she gave for this second job seeker agreement review was a lie. This prompted me to ask was this a direct result of the previous Wednesday’s interview because the previous psycho (I did not use this term of course) was angry at my conversation. She replied “what, ooh I am not aware of any previous interview”. I said I thought it was extremely vindictive behaviour that just because one of her colleagues was unimpressed with my answers that they punish me by ensuring I work for the minimum wage. That I felt this kind of personal attack was not justified and was disgusting. She left her seat and brought over a security guard. She then said, “I have asked security to witness this interview”. I said no problem.

I would not let this vindictive coupe de tat go unjustified and again asked if this second review was the direct result of last weeks interview, well all of a sudden she remembered the interview of course as relayed to her by the last weeks operative, in which she then said, “yes my colleague felt very threatened by your behaviour”.  So I made it clear that in no way was my behaviour last week threatening and that a security guard was present, that had I been threatening in any way I would have been man handled last week. I took great offence at being labelled as threatening, and turned to the security guard and asked had he heard this elderly operative accuse me of being threatening, to my surprise the security guard did not wish to say, but I insisted, he said he had but was by now more afraid of getting his colleague in trouble or loosing his job. I then spoke with the security guard about why I had an issue with this interview and re-iterated the CSCS card issue, then the old battle axe woman began to lie in the most outrageous fashion claiming she had said nothing of the sort, really you naughty old timer what a creature you are.

The old battle axe then disappeared and re-emerged with Tim Howarth. I told him the tale and made it clear I was not happy with the old girls attitude, poor Tim stuck in between his lying colleague and me. Battle axe then lied blatantly about every point I brought forward, this really is an abomination that we have creatures like this woman and the younger wench playing out their own personal vendettas against the most desperate souls in our society. The battle axe throughout the interview refused to give me an outside superior contact, I asked for an outside superior as it was obvious all the staff within this office would stick up for each other no matter what, as proved by the security guard, she kept on insisting I go through the ‘normal procedure’, well I have shown you throughout this operation how if you want action you never go through their procedure never. Tim however was prepared to give me the name of the Salford chief and with that I gave thanks to Tim and made it clear I was not happy with the old timer’s attitude at all.

So I am now in a position whereby I can no longer seek to re-establish my Plastering Company I now have to go for jobs paying the minimum wage. What a superb civilisation we have built, not!

 You have to begin to grasp the fact that throughout our bastions of power they are actively recruiting idiots and nasty people who take great pleasure in their power especially when it involves making decisions that determine whether a man or woman survives or falls.


Friday 30th March 2007

One week into the Iranian arrest of British navel personnel and a second captive goes on TV with an apology to the Iranian people. It looks at this stage like they are playing down the crisis I feel because the excitement this event was supposed to create in Britain has not been forthcoming; this can only be a good sign. As we end this week number 13 we have a radio announcement by Iran’s Ahmadinejad demanding an apology from Britain. We then have on the Sunday the 1st April, Bush talk in terms of hostages. This game could come to its conclusion as far as what action is to be taken, over the Easter celebration. There is talk in America that this could be the catalyst for war.

Also on this Pagan New Year day 1st April we have the Catholic Church on a fast track to Saint Hood for Pope John Paul II after a Nun was cured from Parkinson’s disease after praying to the deceased IG Farben operative.


Thursday 5th April 2007

We have the release of the 15 Navy personnel from Iran after a 13 day ordeal.

My take on this would be that it was an Illuminati plot to create domestic uproar against Iran which certainly did not happen. This is a great sign that we the people of Britain are no longer the robots of the Empire days and makes us very difficult to control as a mass of people, hence all the cameras and legislation so far instilled.

If you take my line of thought you can better understand that the majority of us all are on the same side which in real terms places us all against the Crown and its game. Once the awakening gathers pace and you let go of the Catholic Protestant divide, we really can destroy the Crown structure within this nation and free ourselves from the sickness that has controlled and dictated our lives for almost 2000 years. This really is a great time to be alive because the potential for change gathers momentum with each move the Illuminati makes in its international global fascist state because you are allowing your being to see through their nonsense. There really is good reason for a feeling of honour amongst the British people, but we must continue to build on what we are doing. Towards the end of the day Blair stated “there where no side deals and no negotiation whatever.” This can place Iran in a good light because obviously they freed the naval personnel with good intention. Then Blair, true to form treats us all as children by stating “ our forces are there at the request of the Iraqi government under a UN mandate.” What an arsehole this man is, we did on no account invade Iraq at the behest of any organisation or body within Iraq. Any UN mandate was based on the lies peddled by this man to the 45 minute threat which was about to be demolished by David Kelly, who was then, to save Tony the Satanist Blair, murdered in the most grotesque manner. The United Nations is nothing other than a 100% Illuminati controlled world government, acting in the manner as does the British government as a puppet to hide the Nefilim bloodlines. So the United Nations is a farce and an illegal body of control, therefore anything carried out on the back of this organisation, is a farce of the utmost calibre.


Friday 6th April 2007 Good Friday

There are some very subversive points being made in relation to Iran again linking Iran to weapons supply to the Iraqi insurgence.

At 15.07 pm (adding these numbers gives 13); seven of the now free navel personnel gave a press conference. They confirmed the British co-ordinates as to their position when arrested, describing the event. They then spoke of their treatment for the whole 13 day period, during which they were asked the question as to whether they had suffered the pretence of execution, the reply was a very bold no, that none of the personnel at any stage suffered such a game. For me the whole day gave me the feeling the media were bursting to make Iran look at least worse than they actually were. Focusing on any points of negativity such as psychological tactics for interrogation. What you must understand is that such tactics are used all the time in our domestic police force towards prisoners they are trying to extract information, so nothing I heard in relation to the treatment of the personnel in Iran differed from normal domestic policing tactics of interrogation including; loss of sleep, creation of fear, create confusion and basically as history has proved recently to force confessions. This I feel especially with the recurring signature of the number 13 with this event is nothing other than a play to persuade the British nation to go along with America with military action against Iran.


We have the UN, IPCC and IGP (Inter Governmental Panel) report in which scientists have agreed on what they say are proven facts relating to the consequences of climate change. They say the most vulnerable areas are :


The Arctic


 Asian Delta

They say the biggest fears are:


Sea level rise (plays into fear big time)

Falling crop yields (plays into GM crops agenda)

Diseases (plays into the vaccination programme).


Do you feel it strange that all the climate change agenda just happens to back up all the Illuminati’s dictatorship plans?

They claim they are basing their conclusions on the last six years science with the claim ‘it is the most up to date information available and is irrefutable’.

They claim to have a base of 3000 scientists agreeing to the thesis which if you remember the recent programme ‘the climate change swindle’ many of the scientist were having their names included in these figures just because at some point they had been involved in climate change research. Included in a way as to have you believe they agreed with the conclusions, when they did not.

They report the finding that the rise in diseases such as Malaria will rise from 45% of the world population to 60% because of the temperature increase, claiming this scenario will in the main hit children. So we can see their use of great fear and emotion to force this scam.

They report the importance of clean water access for third world countries which of course we are aware of, yet UNICEF still only give 17% of its time and money for this very subject, whilst the biggest share of their energy and monies is for vaccinations... This organisation is part of the UN so not surprising we have great contradiction between their actions and their preaching.

 They use the fear driven forecast that should the climate rise by 2 degrees, then the cycle of extinction will commence. Should the rise reach 3 degrees, then extinctions on a massive scale would take place, they state to the tune of 30%.

They talk of changes in the Ph- balance of the oceans again leading to marine extinctions directly affecting fishing stocks. They also state should we all reach the targets we would see no change in the current path of climate change.

The key conclusion of course is they state the worst to be hit will be the poor, and not just in the third world but in wealthy nations.

So they are basically telling you they are going to blitz the poor into the underclass, but of course its all for the good of the planet!! But the chosen ones can continue as normal…because it is good for the planet.

What a load of old crap.

As we move into the Easter weekend we have yet another death with a knife and again it is a Christian priest who answers the call, “what are we going to do”? I know shut down every back street Christian Church that instils this negative energy among our youth. I suppose that would be too easy for you?

We also have the announcement that the 15 naval personnel are to be allowed to sell their stories. This is for one reason only, to excite the British population for war against Iran, propaganda in its most blatant form, I feel should the British government carry on in this light the next captives will not receive a balanced state of treatment. So we have the British government and the military placing all our soldiers at higher risk from this time onwards. Surely you can now see how all are used by the Illuminati to further their own ends.

On the 10th April American Ashkenazi; John Bolton calls for regime change in Iran. On the Newsnight programme on this very subject they interviewed former Foreign Office Minister John Williams; this chap was talking in terms of, “if we are to prevent war” (in Iran). So the move is on for military action against Iran. The best thing about this whole move is that the propaganda spin relating to the released Navel personnel has backfired big time with the majority of British people seeing the media circus as abhorrent.

So this game of fascist installation continues apace as we head to the pinnacle of the satanic calendar the 30th April evening into May Day, then onto the next quarter of Old Beltane on May 15th, then to the Summer Solstice, on to the next quarter Lammas on August 1st through to the Autumn Equinox then to the next quarter Hallowmas on November 11th to the Winter Solstice and back to the February quarter Candlemas.

Not forgetting all the moons in between and all other esoteric festivals. We also have the lesser English quarter days of:


Lady Day 25th March

Midsummer Day 24th June also known as John the Baptist day or Nimrod /Anu

Michaelmas 29th September

Christmas Day 25th December


There are the ides of each month relating to Mars

St Sulpice Day 17th Jan

Midwinter 20th Jan

Pagan New Year April 1st

Day of Sacrifice to Baal 19th April

High Feast of Walpurgis April 30th

May Day May 1st

Summer Solstice high point of the Sun cycle 21st June

Sirius rising 23 July

Feast Day to Hecate August 13th

Osiris birthday 24th August

Day of Sacrifice to Hecate 31st August

Mars end of year Celtic 26th October

Lord Lyons Special Court 6th November

And on and on.




In fact one can say every day is assigned to an entity or energy, down to each hour when you study the Chinese culture. But important they are to the Illuminati and all who operate the arts. This is without the planets significance for ritual, colour and sound, but most importantly numbers. I hope this journey through the esoteric play from the Illuminati from the quarter Candlemas helps to focus your minds to the modus operandi of those who love the secrecy of such knowledge to enable them to play against you while you all remain hoodwinked and therefore pulled along blind by the neck into the global fascist state.


We also on this Good Friday have a big NATO operation taking place in Afghanistan. The news report interviewed a lieutenant Colonel operating within the ISAF force whose role is to stop the Drugs trade. When pressed for what it was they were physically doing he was flummoxed for a while then said “what we do here is very complex”, he then began to talk babble but ended stating they were involved in  security, the security of the individual leaders who were responsible for the opium trade. So as I have said, these forces are protecting the opium routes because what we do know is that since the invasion of Afghanistan more than half of all heroin in Europe and the UK comes from Afghanistan.





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