PHASE XIV


There is only one source but an infinite number of Gods, Life....


Date : 21 September 2007

Dear Sir/ Madame



Please feel free to discard if no longer a representative of the people. 


First they came for the communists, and I did not speak out because I was not a communist. Then they came for the socialists, I did not speak out because I was not a socialist. Then they came for the labour leaders, and I did not speak out because I was not a labour leader. Then they came for the Jews and I did not speak out because I was not a Jew. Then they came for me, and there was no one left to speak out for me.

                       Reverend Martin Niemoller: spent seven years in a concentration camp.




Insiders call the people born with blue blood as having the ‘hybrid DNA corruption’.

Most people born with this DNA corruption have no idea, as until this corruption is activated it has no affect upon the person.

It is only when that person comes into contact with specific vibrational codes that the DNA corruption is activated and possession by the other dimensional entities is made possible. On a frequency level it could best be described as a corruptional resonance within the DNA which once activated makes the whole body DNA resonate with these lower frequency entities.

This specific vibrational energy or code is created during the rituals carried out by the Illuminati right down through the secret society networks and religious ritual.

The Illuminati know who all of the people born with the bloodline corruption in the world are, which is why at one point in your life for many of you, you are approached by one secret society or another and encouraged to join, you are special to them no matter which society you join only because you are a possible risk to the agenda if you are a strong and courageous soul, and so they approach you. You would either serve as a front for the organisation; of course I am assuming you are a person of good intent for this to be the reason of interest. For those of you to be used as fronts for the orders, you would tend to benefit financially with a much larger network of opportunity, yet you would rarely come into contact with the darker elements of the order, this being essential if you are to promote your order with good intent, yet you would be heavily influenced from the ether in all you do and short term possession as and when required. You can and will be used as the order or lodge requires, you never know what the true intentions of your society towards you, are, nor do you understand the real role you are playing in their agenda.

For those with the purer corruption and the right attitude, you will be earmarked for activation of your DNA corruption for the appropriate energy to take possession of your body permanently.

Each entity is itself part of the hierarchy of its race and your position and role will depend upon the position and role of the entity that is to possess you, the more powerful the demon the higher you go.

With me when they were forcing this possession I will state for you all that the entity set to possess me was of a high position hierarchically, this showed itself by the response I was getting from very high ranking operatives within the elite that I met. This did not surprise me given the knowledge I was given during my term in the mystery school, I was set to enter  into the  levels of Illuminised Freemasonry , yet this was within the English Lodge, the York Rite not the Scottish Rite, although they are the same operation at high level as are all the secret societies. It is only because of my personal journey that I offer this operation to you, it is not a belief it is my fact I offer to you as I know most of you have no idea how all the orders connect at high level but this is the most important point for you to grasp. You work for the Vatican all of you and I know many of you would despise this truth but truth it is.

I will say this. I know most of you are set for rebellion, well here is the rebellion, have you the balls to take it up, or are you as I suspect only courageous with the knowledge of your current back up? Because that ain’t courage, it’s a cop out to the force you ‘think’ will win. 






I feel very strongly from what I understand about Egypt, that a slight of hand was being played, a negative hand I will add, in the truth surrounding the French genius Champollion who first deciphered the Rosetta stone using the Coptic language and thus on his way to breaking the lie of the Nefilim. Incidentally the Coptic Church only this year celebrated the year 2000. The fact and way in which the widely accepted Prussian Scholar Lepsis became the prime source of released translation and, through this, a false history through false interpretation, is it any surprise the finest minds still cannot make sense of the Egyptian knowledge? I would also state the reason they chose a Prussian was to act as if the new translator was scuppering the then known fear of the Roman Illuminati Church’s horror at the consequences of Champollion’s correct translation, thus manipulating a strong belief and acceptance of the work of Lepsis for those who opposed Rome, continuing the perceived division between Rome and German (protestant) elite, and thus involvement in his murder thrown onto the back of Rome, all who oppose Rome then accepting the work of Lepsis believing it to be in opposition to Rome, thus believing Lepsis to be giving a truer picture of Egypt than Rome wished. The Egyptian root of Biblical patriarchs continued to be hidden. It was Wilhelm IV of Prussia that commissioned Lepsis to the task. For the sharp mind it is further proof of the connections at Royal level between the European Royal Houses and the Roman Church. You just need to allow yourself to look at the game in the way I am proving. For those with closed minds one would need access to the full and complete works of Champollion before the elite removed him from the game. I feel he was being poisoned slowly while in Egypt, which gave the cause for what happened to him when he went home. They, upon him arriving in France had him locked up under quarantine laws; yet his Italian partner, who also operated for British intelligence, was received as a hero, Champollion then died in very mysterious circumstances twenty seven months later age 41, the official reason was put down to a massive stroke. The play here is to create the fact to the masses and those high in the social hierarchy that France, Italy, England and Germany are believed to be separate nations. This creates the idea that the plunder of Egypt since Napoleon has been a separate individual nation plunder of the Temples and tombs of Egypt. This then, portrays the idea purposefully, that the truth cannot ever be found because the knowledge has been dispersed unto each individual nation. When you understand that the elite of each nation involved in this plunder are one and the same, it proves the fact that although seemingly separate nations plundered Egypt for themselves, it was a single co-ordinated collection by the Illuminati of the last proof of true historical fact beyond the flood and the Biblical Patriarchs Egyptian roots, which in turn would show the history I have offered in this work, especially relating to the connection of the Pharaohs to the Biblical patriarchs, which would prove the fact that the three pillars (Judaism, Christianity and Islam are an invention incorporated into the Earths history via the Egyptian Hyksos ( Elohim/Melchedekans). Of course the co-ordinated collection of artefacts was under the control of the elite bloodlines that are one family and force, above the illusory separate nation states. So Champollion was a danger to this manipulation. Here we have a point in time with the opportunity to affect the history of Egypt to serve as it has in the world of the secret societies, but especially in preventing the truth coming out through the plunder of this civilisation for the future years. The Frenchman’s work and gained knowledge had he the chance to fully publish, which of course he would after his return to France, would have freed us, whereas the Prussian’s work has taken us down another dead end for the acquirement of knowledge, and another nuclear strike for the elite relative to hiding the true historical Egypt. Is it any wonder we understand nothing but the nonsense the Illuminati have allowed out to the world, which would equate to all ‘experts’ dealing in nonsense.

Egyptian Royal emblems include; the dragon, the snake, the sphinx, plumed serpent or the tree cross or ankh.

The royal court of the dragon was formed in 2170 BC under Ankhfnkhonsu and more overtly by Queen Sobeknefru in 1783 BC,  (the last ruler of the 12th dynasty) to provide an institution for the pursuit of the work of the dragon of al-Khem best known as Thoth and Hermes. I state categorically that the original Thoth of Atlantis is not the Thoth of current knowledge, which the original Thoth has been entwined with a lower representation of that energy or entity whichever you prefer. During the 13th dynasty Egypt had a mass influx of aggressive Asiatic Semitic peoples who had full confidence they could defeat the Egyptians.


The symbol for the Hyksos (Aryans) was the snake and their colour was red.

When the Aryans mixed with the Dravidians in India they created the Hindu religion.


Blood that inherits the DNA corruption has more copper in its chemical structure which is why it turns blue upon oxidisation. Copper is an excellent transmitter and receiver of frequencies and is why those born with this DNA corruption have extra sensory abilities once it is activated, yet if one is strong in spirit one can by – pass the negative transmissions from the lower fourth and proceed into the higher frequencies and thus dimensions, one has to know the negative to balance ones knowledge.

The normal blood group for the Middle East is ‘O’ and accounts for 40% of Global population.


The ‘A’ blood group is of the northern tribes of Scandinavia and northern Europe.


The rhesus negative blood group is native to the Eus Cara who held as their important deity Votan the Atlantean Fire God, settling in Northern Spain, Southern France and Britain after fleeing Ancient Egypt as the Hyksos took over Egypt, many other bloodlines escaping Egypt came to Britain and Ireland.


Up to the eighteenth dynasty the ‘A’ blood group was found in the royal mummies.

Also found in Inca mummies, this is strange when one considers the A blood group is found in the main in fair skin and blue eyes.

I would cite the Rhesus Negative blood group has its root from Thoth, the original Atlantean priest king pre-flood. That through the invasion by the Hyksos, this line was superimposed by the bloodlines created off planet known as the Melchedekans / Elohim, who have the similar appearance as the Pleiadians, but are said to be Lyrians either in league with the reptile race or a genetic mix. I shall expand on this theme later.

It must be understood the DNA corruption has been bred into all blood groups over ancient time.


The term Neter was the Egyptian term for their deities, all of them, as today we use the term angels, and is said to be the root of the word Nature a more Earthly Goddess.


Amon the ram headed god arrived in Egypt with the Hyksos and would therefore equate with Yaweh-Jahovah. Again we see the ram connection with the Hyksos with their title ‘Shepherd Kings’ or true interpretation ‘King Shepherds’ which gives light to their true role that of collecting and controlling Kings...


Amons biggest antagonist (manipulated and thus allowed by the Hyksos) was Amenhotep IV, better known as Akhenaton. Who is also of the Hyksos bloodline and adorner of the Uraeus (cobra). I would state this heresy was the play by the Hyksos in ensuring they controlled the rebellion against them at the time by creating and thus manipulating the opposition to the despised Hyksos power, enabling the split movement to build the new Temple and religion for the future Monotheism. This would make the one god idea massive in the minds of all those who opposed the Hyksos creating an underground movement. More so in that they created the illusion, the idea of destruction of Akhenaton’s heresy through Tutankhaten on the orders of Eye who operated for the Hyksos agenda, changing his name from Tutankhaten ‘Living Image of the Aten’ to Tutankhamen ‘Living Image of Amen’. All the while the scarlet priest craft made central office in the new Temple created by Akhenaton, while to Egypt the old ways returned through the manipulation of Tutankhamen back at Thebes. All the while at the new Temple the scarlet priest craft continued the new one god or Monotheism, and so became the overlords of the monotheistic underground cult, in secret. I see this one god creation as the play to hide the ancient knowledge of the earth’s history pre-flood to the human race especially for our time now, and perhaps more importantly to cover the re-entrance of the Melchedekans (the Elohim). They of course instilled their own deities and ritual in preparation for the formation of the Old Testament for the state of play we see today. So the Hyksos allowed the formation of the heresy, yet after Akhenaton’s death continued the new religion instilling the Elohim as we know them today. This is the point at which the dark force instils the one god idea into post flood, with Anu as the chief deity or God.

Relative to the battle between the worship of the bull and the entrance into the age of the ram, the division it caused as the bull priesthood would seem to hang on to its power would to my mind be the cover for the creation of monotheism as it formed itself in Egypt using Pharaohs as the Patriarchs for the future religion we know as Judaism. That with the formation of the Old Testament in Babylon the Babylonians naturally see those great Hyksos pharaohs as heroes in that they succeeded in taking over Egypt for the Sumerian / Babylonian Illuminati Nefilim bloodlines and thus ‘their own’.

In today’s climate the priesthood associated with Jesus and thus the age of Pisces is being re –asserted through his second coming, through the Merovingian claim into the new age. The films ‘The Lord of the Rings’ play into this agenda in a subliminal way yet incorporate these subtle negatives entwined within an ancient myth that in many respects rings true. This of course would ensure the status quo for the ruling bloodlines, all the while to the populations the Hyksos brokers of power where seen to be defeated. It’s the manipulation they have used with total success throughout the ages. They are now moving to lay blame for ‘divine’ figures squarely at the feet of Alexander the Great, I am sorry Egypt had this instilled onto the Pharaohs from Babylon millennia before old Alex, the Pharaohs were known as the priest of the Gods (plural) chosen by the Gods and born of the Gods as DNA hybrid bloodlines to interpret the Gods will to man.


                                            Egyptian links to the fabricated Abraham.


Hyksos Pharaoh Sheshi, throne name of Mayebra or Mayebre.           Abraham


Son of Sheshi; Anather                                                                         Isaac


Son of Anather; Jacobaam                                                                    Jacob    

  (The Biblical patriarch, having 12 sons,

   creating the 12 tribes [DNA strains] of Israel).


Son of Jacob and chief wife Rachel; (the 12 & 1)                                          


                                                                                               Coat of many colours

                                                                                       (Or body of many DNA strains)


From 1785 BC up to 1570BC (215 years) most of the information has been removed from circulation... This is the timeframe the Hyksos / Nefilim bloodlines make a big move on Egyptian Royal bloodlines, giving the move from overt to covert manipulation taking their own blood operatives in the Egyptian royal lineage and re-packaging them with the hidden Egyptian links via transformation of their origins with false Semitic names. Not forgetting of course that according to history the Hyksos are said to have been removed during this period, we can not of course verify the claim the Hyksos were removed due to lack of information. Highly suspect. Psusennes II, of known Hyksos bloodline and a man who heralded a major Nefilim move in the scheme of the agenda was given the name change ‘King David’.

I would also state that the clash at Kadesh between the Egyptians and the Hittites of 1274 BC was to fill the Egyptian civilisation with the Hittite clan to strengthen the Hyksos grip on power. A bit like what is happening now with the influx of Hyksos from the former Russian states. So I conclude the Hittites disappeared into the Egyptian civilisation and became Egyptians only in a nationalistic sense.


           XVIII Dynasty.

Daughter of Joseph’s line marries Amenhotep III                                    Father of Moses

(Hyksos bloodline re-asserted in Royal line of Egypt

 through breeding covertly.)


         Brother of Amenhotep III; Amenhotep IV Akhenaton                            Moses

         Brother to Akhenaton; Tut-ankh- Aten, later Tut-ankh-amen


         Pharaoh Psusennes II        Hyksos    end of XXI dynasty                   KIng david


         (Seizes King Saul’s unified monarchy of the Israelite tribes)


         Son of Psusennes II; Sheshonq I                                                    King Solomon


They then invent and steel older stories many pre-flood, and invent lives for their new patriarchs for the coming monotheism or one god prison.


The symbolism of Isis and Osiris relative to the death of Osiris and how Isis could not find his Phallus, to my mind represents the implantation of the Anunnaki / Elohim seed into the womb of Isis creating another stream of DNA corruption into the Sirian or Atlantean bloodline that had entered Egypt and thus the entrance of the Melchedekans into Egyptian bloodlines. Also symbolising the corruption of Isis as Mother Earth by the Anunnaki, therefore re programming nature into the rather violent expression it is today. I do feel however that the Hyksos are the representations of the Anunnaki / Melchedekans (Elohim) from pre-flood and post flood regrouping represented in Sumer. It does feel right that virgin births and un-human phallus tales are symbolic of the DNA corruption as it was bred into ancient ruling bloodlines, an earlier representation of the Mary/ Jesus idolatry or breeding with the Elohim / Melchedekans and Earth races ...  Again we can see the same symbolism as with the Babylonian Semiramis and Tammuz, and again with Queen El and Tammuz, all these triads the elite are so obsessed with show  the symbolism as it relates to the intervention by the dark force into the ruling bloodlines, with the exception of Mary and Jesus to which I would state are a fantasy imposed to carry through into the modern day religions, the story of the bloodline corruption as it was first portrayed in the tale of  Isis and Osiris and Horus and, blanking the true nature of Y’shua. They certainly could not have formed the Old Testament which would spawn Judaism, Christianity and Islam using the Egyptian names for the old trinity of this genetic interference, not when there aim was to deny the world was older than 6000 years, thus total denial of history pre flood could and was accomplished, and the ability to prove the new root of the present day religions to be in utter opposition to the Paganism that pre-ceded the Old Testament, when all along they are totally pagan in their knowledge and ritual, with a change in the deities to be worshipped from earth spirits to Elohim naughty boys and girls. What we term paganism has within it a much more meaningful act of connecting with natural forces and energies, of course emitting the negative and  blood rites which are the injection by the scarlet priest craft in the times of Mu and Atlantis by the Anunnaki who would return in the form of the Melchedekans/Elohim to history post-flood. I would suggest that hidden within the ancient Druid knowledge was the balanced form of knowledge we call Paganism carried forth from the time of Atlantis, which was also found in some of the Native American cultures as it was in ancient African and Aboriginal cultures pre Melchedeken interference. If this is so then in Europe, Britain would have been the peak of this knowledge to which Merlin was certainly the highest initiate and thus representation of an infusion or remembrance of pure consciousness, in fact the term 'Merlin, is a term used for light beings. Of course the truth of Merlin has been lost via the nonsense and fantasy added by the French under the commission of Eleanor of Aquitaine. The highest symbolism in the tale of Jesus is to show sacrifice of the I, the me, the ego, is the only way to enter heaven, to become harmonious with other beings.

What I will say to you all is, whichever race you have been convinced you belong too yet still find yourself stuck to the will of the Nefilim, you must understand it is your DNA corruption and the programmed memory of the DNA that keeps you fixed into this agenda. Bloodlines are important only to this dimension, consciousness is way beyond bloodlines, yet dependant upon which bloodline individual consciousness incarnates into in this third dimension, is important only in the types of programming the consciousness must conquer, to enable pure consciousness to become the rider of the horse and thus act out its incarnation above and beyond the programming of the specific DNA programme, and the added genetic corruption. The Nefilim corruption is not your whole blood, it is a corruption. You do not belong to the Nefilim unless you believe that you do. The true reptiles are those behind the Elohim, the Anunnaki, even the Nefilim are only the purest of the hybrid mix not the original Dragons. This means that none of you are in fact of the dragon race only that you have the DNA corruption which the Elohim, either direct, or, through the Nefilim incarnate (via secret society allegiance), can manipulate your mind and emotions if you allow it. Learn to say NO in your mind when your emotions are saying YES only then can the heart come into play.  This is the true meaning of defeating the dragon.

So to look at St George and even Merlin, the conquering of fear is the message given out by all the great ones because fear creates isolationism and the ‘I’. Only when you become the rider of your DNA programming can you be utilised by the forces of light in defeating the dragon in the outer reality, better put in terms of re-connecting with your higher self. Until you as an individual conquer fear, you exist and are thus a puppet of the dark forces regardless of how you perceive yourself to be. Sitting on the fence believing you are a good person changes nothing, become Humpty Dumpty and allow yourself to fall off the fence remembering “all the Kings horses and all the Kings men, will never put you back in the egg again.



I would like to add this for the chronological format of phase XIII :


6000 BC

Nefilim re-group forming the Capitol city Babylon

as in today’s climate we have Rome.

possible re-entrance of the Melchedekans.

 From this

period until 4240 BC they invade by breeding into

 all the surrounding elite leaders creating

Troy, breeding into China, southern Russia and

beyond. Instilling their navel force in what was to

become Phoenicia.



The Babylonian army known as the Hyksos openly

invade Egypt, itself a great civilisation, a legacy

not an evolutionary nation. As was done in

Britain by Rome to create the image of separate

Empires, but in this time hiding Babylon’s control.



                3322BC                                          3000 BC                                       2600 BC

        Chinese civilisation                          Phoenicians invade                       Crete’s civilisation

        going strong as the                             Britain’s coast.                          begins, known as    

         Nefilim create the                                                                                          Minoan

           ‘Li’ bloodline.

       Colin Luther Powel 

       is of this bloodline.


2500 – 2200 BC

Priests of Mendes create Royal Court of the

Dragon, clearly having now instilled themselves

in the priest craft of Egypt which of course is the

power in Egypt. Over the next few centuries they

re-organise the religion to serve the dark ones.

in the same way as we have today, Egypt now

serves Babylon covertly as Britain serves covertly

the Vatican. So to the populations of the then world

they are separate empires fulfilling separate agendas.



2360 BC

The Nefilim successfully instilled the new deities to

be worshipped with focus to the very Nefilim Horus.

Perhaps the real unrest reported in history as the battle

between the bull and the ram is the cover for the forcing

of the new deities unto the populations of Egypt, this would be

further accomplished with the next move.



1720 BC

Second wave of Hyksos invade Egypt, and slowly but surely

the Egyptian populations are swamped by the hybrids

we know as the Hyksos the Shepherd Kings and their




1345 approx BC

Amenophis IV or Akhenaton is used to form the beginnings of the

“One God” idea we currently have today. (The best and most successful way to divide the masses while controlling all from the same source form the lower fourth dimension (or lower world).

                   I take the original Thoth, St George, and Merlin to be the same force all representations of men who have become the riders of their Horse becoming pure consciousness as it operates through humans, pure consciousness which reprogrammed the DNA of their physical bodies or horse. That all that has gone on in what we know of Egypt has been the superimposition of the fake Gods under Anu on top of the deities of the old world. All the pain and death in this frequency has been carried out on behalf of this dark and misguided creature Jehovah in this very agenda, or the battle between the matrix of fear and pure consciousness. Is it any wonder those who purport to represent this deity bring nothing but hell to this Earth, as can be witnessed in all culture’s histories, and in the current nations who claim allegiance to the three pillars chief deity. The same can be said through Atlantis and Mu since this creature and his army of criminal elements of the universe that bred into the blonde haired blue eyed race, landed in Africa thousands of years ago. Previous to this I would offer they did the same in the Sirius system which would explain why so much of the ancient knowledge is centred on the outer constellations that have been represented with many of the ancient massive structures around the world. I would offer the fact that Sirius was or is one of this creatures outpost bases in the wider universe as it relates to the story of Earth, which is why so much ancient knowledge of this evil bunch is centred around the Dog star Sothis (Sirius), and why the cataclysms this Earth suffered pre flood are ascribed as emanating from this star system, and how after the Earths shift on her axis we now have the same 365 day orbit of the sun as we aligned with that system and not our previous 360 day cycle made of 12 months of thirty days that so many ancient cultures prove was this planets previous calendar. The main base or home of the Dragon race is within the constellation Alfa Draconis; Northern Ireland has links to this constellation as does Angkor Wat. So we can if we need a central point for the false matrix, look at Alfa Draconis.


                                                     UNDERSTANDING ISLAM


If we are to attempt to understand Islam it is essential we are able to cover this subject from a western standpoint. Islam needs to understand that the western mind needs to know everything about the subject it is to study, Islam cannot expect the western mind to accept all that your religion teaches on the basis ‘God said’. The reason Christianity has not the power it once had in this nation is because of this doctrine. With the doctrine within Islam relative to how the females must cover up to my mind would show an aversion to nurturing self control which we in the west take for granted. It would seem logical to understand this rule having its roots in preventing men from acting out their thoughts in relation to the sight of women, so the women bear the brunt of this and are forced to cover up. When I see young Muslim girls covered up and explaining to the west how this is not a form of female suppression, I feel they misunderstand the fact that to a people from the west see nothing other than suppression of women. Having worked in the past for the Muslim community as a builder I first came across the veil issue when I was working for a friend who is on the Muslim Council of Great Britain, this was in 2001. What happened was I had scaffolders erecting a scaffold on the job and one of the young Muslim girls had left the property with full veil. This prompted the young scaffolders to laugh and they called the young lady a ninja. This of course upset the lady and she later told me of the event. I had a good relationship with this lady and although I was pretty upset that the scaffolders had not kept their remarks to themselves, I could however see what they meant and so I asked had she seen what a ninja looks like, she replied yes. We talked about the issue in depth and I said I felt the boys should not have voiced there opinions yet also suggested that this would be the response of many non Muslims to the sight of the veils. I suggested she should just laugh such comments off, but this was not the response she was prepared to use in such situations. This section of information was written in July 06, and with the subject in October 2006 having been raised by Jack Straw I am going to be proved correct and such a none issue has been used to flare up heightened feelings and fear. We all have to face the fact that with consciousness re-asserting itself in our world, it is the opportunity for us all to face and examine everything we all hold as truth. We can either respond in anger or be honest and face this new knowledge with open heart and change, If I was a Muslim leader I would encourage the Muslim women to rise above such a segregatory form of dress for the sake of your community, or use your sense of humour to the response of non Muslims should this become an issue again in the future. Taking the hard line will not serve peace. We in this country I would claim have progressed as a society without the need for such repressive across the board rules, which is why we have let go the need for Christianity in a physical ritual, we have the capacity to conquer the fear in ourselves to a degree beyond the fearful need of ritual, what the world is witnessing is this nation growing above even Christianity which is a sure sign many souls in this country are evolved beyond the need for ritual. Unfortunately the leaders of this nation and the hangers on are not free of fear to the point at which the people in this nation are, the new world order is the elite’s attempt at re-installing the age of Pisces, control, through into the next age, but on a global scale, which is why the old fanatical mindset of the Christian ideology is attacking its old enemy the Muslim. The age of Pisces was the age in which the waters were split asunder, the age of Aquarius as the water bearer; will channel all the waters back into form, the New world order brigade are pre-empting this by trying to gain  total control before the new energies they cannot affect (because of the low frequency range from which they operate), fully come into play upon this planet, they are therefore trying to force the waters together to fit their agenda of total fascist control of this frequency, blocking the higher vibratory energies from affecting physical change, they label the new energies ‘do-gooder’. This of course can be achieved by control of administration, those who administer yes or no to the requests of the people rule all, and the stifling of this planets journey back up the spiral demolished for another age or permanently.

My message to all Muslims living in their cultural country Britain would be; “you have seen that the British people do not want this war that is currently playing itself out on our TV screens, unfortunately this nations people are only just beginning to see how they themselves are not free of the Temple, and how democracy does not equate to freedom”, so Muslims will have to bear with us. But along with this Muslims are going to have to cease with this old world  attitude that they alone have the ear of the loving God and therefore anything carried out by themselves is ok because they operate for God, this attitude I feel makes you no better than those you hate, you become George Bush and Tony Blair. In reality all religions operate from a book, rules and laws of an old time, I feel the rigidity of religious doctrine has to be re-examined for this time now, necessities of millennia ago do not hold sway today. Whoever controls the interpretation of a book controls your perspective about the world in which you live, and whoever controls the Church/Mosque controls your youth’s minds. Through the Age of Aquarius the world can become areas of cultural belief, there would be no need to suffer the rules and regulations of a culture or creed you did not adhere to, you could choose how you wished to exist by moving to the nation or culture that best served your beliefs. The elite are pre-empting this by destroying a place for Islam to have as their own and so scuppering what would be a natural consequence of human nature,’ we would all move to the place we felt best comfortable. The fear of the western mind is that each nation would conspire to take the other, this would be so if the fanatical minds that control the world presently are not removed from power positions, but if this happened naturally over time there would be no fear to hold as each individual would be inclined to less fear and thus less movement in politics governed by fear which would naturally play itself out in the physical fulfilling of the wants and needs of the people of the world and we would all be able to live by the more loving teachings within each culture. The elite fully understand this knowledge and are going against the natural order for their own ends, they are in full knowledge of what they are doing and that to me needs to be judged by every individual soul on this planet to become a collective judgment by the people.


The most contested verse within Islam is one which speaks of the goddess or feminine as part of Islam in its beginnings, this verse was said to have been received by Mohamed but he claimed it was from the devil and so denounced it.

The Sufis of the Arab world took the feminine goddess into their bosom as it complimented their, at the time beliefs. This verse would give the Gods the very weapon to split Islam, ‘division’. When finally the British and French colonised the Arab world a second time, the Muslims would suppress the loving goddess in Islam because their mind was turned to fear and thus they called upon the secretive and manipulating aspect of the negative feminine, which has been continued possibly out of the fear of the Christian invaders and to differentiate themselves from the said invaders into the present day. I see this play to ensure Islam became the faith it is today, which ensures it remains suspect to the western mind. The Nefilim were successful in this split creating the Sunni doctrine whilst the Sufi sects were more open to the feminine and difference in their understanding of Imams. Sunni doctrine denounces the feminine principle, as the Shia doctrine is not so ambiguous to her. So in the Muslim world this split is playing itself out with the West backing at one level the Shia over the Sunni, as we see in Iraq, while for the last 100 years they supported the Sunni. This is one division created by the Gods through the Temple in the crusades, enabling the manipulation of Islam completely as it plays itself out today in this third dimensional reality. You must not with the known return of the Goddess allow this slight of hand by the Illuminati to subjugate the Sunni, violence is not the way of the goddess.


   The difference between the sects relative to the Imamah (Imams) is that the Shia (Shiite) differs thus :


The Shiite faith of “Imamah” implies that after the prophet (pbuh), there shall be no other prophet but, the only true leader of the Muslims, at any given time, is an “Imam”, who like the prophets of God, is directly appointed by God. The appointment of the first Imam was made by God through the last prophet (pbuh), while every subsequent Imam is appointed through the Imam, who precedes him. Another qualification of the Imam, according to the Shiite belief is that he shall belong to the family of the last prophet (pbuh). The Shiite belief holds that the Imams, like the prophets of God, are “ma`soom” (sinless, innocent) and, therefore, should be obeyed in all matters and under all circumstances. The Imams, according to the Shiite faith, are thus not just the political leaders of the Muslims but also their religious leaders and clergy. The Sunni school however, does not ascribe to any such belief.


 I understand many military minds may see this current strategy as the weakening of the enemy, but this is not so, the war machine we have all globally created is not a war machine at all, it is a machine of annihilation there is no need to weaken Islam, the real agenda is to manipulate Jihad in the minds of the Islamic leaders and thus the Muslims as a whole, in order the machine of annihilation can commence with the backing of the non Muslim masses. So terrorism and violence in any form is no better than Bush and Blair, it is the same; ‘an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind’ to quote Ghandi. How the Christian religion can claim better treatment of the feminine principle is beyond me, it, as all religions, uses the negative aspect of the feminine in its use of secret manipulation to bring about the negative aspect of the masculine. I will cite the recent comments by the new Pope about Islam, if that isn’t manipulation via the negative female principle to bring about the masculine negative, I don’t know what is? Remember I stated in an earlier phase how things would change against Islam with the new Pope, who incidentally was a member of the German SS not to mention his leadership of the presently existent remnants of the office of the inquisition.

What I would offer to all Muslims for them to ponder with seriousness is that before the emergence of Islam, the Persian Empire was far in advance of the European civilisation. Would it not be pertinent to suggest that the destruction of the Persian race to which the core Muslim faith is  related, began with the introduction of the third pillar to emerge from the tale of the Old Testament Patriarchs, that of Islam.


A Muslim friend who visited the homeland of his parents, Kashmir, told me on his return that when he arrived over there he was looked upon with distrust which he later learnt was because he was British. He laughed as he said “so out there we are called British, I come back here and I am a Paki”, I laughed in his dilemma as we realised a profound truth. The youthful generations of British Muslims are British born, I then pointed out that he drank loads of beer and had a lot of girlfriends, “your British I said”. If only the Muslims in Britain came in to the fold as it where and became British in their hearts along with their faith everything would change I feel, we are all humans after all.


The announcement by the government to close 3000 Post Offices on December 14th 06 and that the majority of these closers will be in rural areas. This is part of the electronic currency transformation that the elite financiers are forcing very stealthily upon the world. What other way would people without transport from within the rural areas have to collect their monies, either pensions or benefits. I know I bleat on and on about the electronic currency agenda but it is because I have given this forced removal of cash a great deal of thought, it will be catastrophic.



What I would ask you to consider in light of the changes to the age limits to joining the military from 26 to 33, is that this will enable the government to conscript a larger portion of the youth once the second phase operations in Iraq is gaining momentum, including females. For the most serious information relating to this I would ask you take great care in studying the next page.



Possibly the most important information of this whole operation thus far, please I urge you to concentrate your minds to this :


With the Baker Hamilton report now coming into play, what you must understand is that since the initial invasion of Iraq we have the situation whereby Shiite are pitted against Sunni, and vice versa, we have the Kurds also in the mix, we have elements from all individual Islamic organisations like Hamas, Hezbollah, and all the rest, active within Iraq. We even have the state whereby Shia is against Shia and Sunni against Sunni. This is FIRST PHASE OPERATIONS.

With the Baker Hamilton report we are witnessing the commencement of SECOND PHASE OPERATIONS.

Second phase operations is to widen this conflict to incorporate the whole of the Islamic world dragging in Iran to back the Shiite sect, Pakistan and the Arabs to back the Sunni sect, the Turks to claim the Kurds land. This also plays out between the Middle Eastern countries, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, North Africa and Egypt.

Baring in mind Pakistan is a nuclear power; will bring Israel as another nuclear power to this conflict as it is smack bang in the centre. This will then bring in India. We will witness the release of nuclear weapons perhaps in the third or fourth phase of this manipulation of the third world war. The quatrain of Nostradamus would then come into play, ‘it will come through Turkey’, and so all that is created in Iraq/Afghanistan will enter Europe via Turkey.

What you must understand is the fact that the group of operatives that are sort of positioning themselves to take over from Bush jnr claiming to be ‘sorting out this mess’, are the very same people that have created via total control of Bush Jnr this first phase operation in Iraq.

 911 being the event to begin first phase operations of this conflict as was the murder of the Archduke Ferdinand for the First World War, the invasion of Poland for the Second World War, the invasion of the Falklands for the Falklands War, the invasion of Kuwait for the First Gulf War, add infinitum. This type of manipulation is what they are hiding relative to the bombing of the Russian building which gave reason for the Russian invasion of Chechnya in 1999, this is the true reason for the murder of Litvinenko more of which later, and it could trigger an energy war towards 2010.

Second phase operations will bring every nation they are now involving in the sort out of Iraq into total conflict. Just sit back and ponder the consequences of allowing this second phase operations to go ahead. WE are witnessing the manipulation of the prophesised THIRD WORLD WAR, not tomorrow, but as I write on this day December 7th 2006.


 Once the world is forced on the war footing it will be upgraded to Armageddon proportions with China and America going head to head. It will be the handling of North Korea or economics that will agitate China. This section was written early 2006 and as we awaken on the 9th October 06, North Korea has undertaken a nuclear test, the day before the UN meet in South Korea to debate a new Secretary General. This of course is no coincidence; North Korea is controlled from London via China, Kissinger being the main facilitator. Isn’t it strange that Kissinger looks no older than he did in the 1960’s or for that matter since the 1950’s? Not when you understand the occult. 



What also needs to be understood relative to Afghanistan is that when UNICOL discovered oil in Turkmenistan and announced the fact through the Times newspaper almost immediately the Russian army was deployed by the Illuminati into Afghanistan. This was the reason Russia fought with the loss of over 160.000 Russian soldiers made up in the main of conscripts against the Mujahadin, which then bankrupted Russia to create the canvass for Soviet dismantling. The Mujahadin who are an American backed expression of the Shia faith while in power, destroyed almost totally the opium production within Afghanistan, this only changed slightly after Soviet withdrawal in 1989 when the vacuum created placed tribal leaders against each other while the Illuminati began to back the new Saudi version of Islam through the Taliban, which is the Sunni expression of Islam, which of course demands an Islamic state.

                                             PUSHING FOR AN ATTACK ON IRAN

On Sunday 11th February 2007 it was announced on the lunchtime news 24 programme that Iran has supplied the insurgence in Iraq with sophisticated weapons the US estimates has killed at least 170 Allied forces and wounded 620 more. These are said to be Iranian created weapons. Also this day we learn that Russia has sold Iran £1 million worth of sophisticated rockets. Russia claims to be with the US in its war on terror, and it is currently slaughtering Muslims in Chechnya. Why would Russia sell Iran weapons? It sells such countries as Iran with weapons because as I have said, Russia is 100% Illuminati controlled and does what the Roman Illuminati Church tells it to do. Think about it, for this second phase Iraq operation to work, they need the insurgence to be capable of fighting their war. Also yesterday to hide this scam, we have Putin attack the US for its wish to dominate the world.

When you begin to look and fix together the international political moves as they play themselves out, and not just be happy to see them all as separate and individual moves, you certainly do not require people like me pointing out the truth about the New World Order, you are initiated and can see for yourself.

Not forgetting that George W Bush in his Skull and Bones title or initiate name is named ‘Temporary’ I still feel this has connotations to a future attempt on his life whether in office or not. Regardless of whether the attempt be successful or not would give the scenario that those with Baker take control because they dictate to the Democrats also. Of course by this time the situation would be out of control and the Baker team which is in truth daddy Bush’ team, would have the green light to up the anti on a colossal scale. All that is happened since 2003 is Phase I of this agenda. There are 28 levels of secrecy above the position, ‘President of the United States’, to which Daddy Bush, Baker and the other sick idiots are initiated into or cleared as the term goes, and at the highest levels we have the Rothschilds and Zionism, Kissinger and Alan Greenspan yet still shielding the European Royal bloodlines.


George W Bush is the 13th cousin to the Queen of England. He is 13th cousin once removed to Prince Charles. Hope this helps you to understand why it had to be through him the third world war comenceth.


Just to take this subject a step further; in the book the Bible code, the author claims; ‘nuclear war 2006.’ With the information I have just offered 2006 could definitely be the year when the road to nuclear war was set in motion. Also do not forget many intelligent men in the occult see the actual zero point given as the birth of Jesus, to be four years behind, which could in fact be the true birth of Y’shua, this would on this day 20th December 2006, to the other chronology, have us at the point, 20th December 2002. The Coptic Church counts 2000 this year 2007 as the true millennium, so differing levels of illuminisation work to different calendars. With Bush’s announcement of a further 22.000 troops to be sent to Iraq we can see the commencement of phase II, the inclusion of all Islamic nations into this hell.

 What we have for sure is a further move in the oil aspect of the Afghanistan war, which on one level is to build a pipeline from Turkmenistan through Afghanistan to the sea, this with the recent death of the Turkmenistan President who was the puppet dictator for the last 25 years, and the problem at least from the perspective of the population of Turkmenistan is that the wrong person has taken control instead of the protocol replacement. It is not surprising then that there has been a news blackout, with all press attention especially the TV being focused to the murders in Ipswich. Having now proved surely the ways of the satanic elite, are you not just a bit more than suspicious relative to the murderous events of the last quarter of the year, especially in the way in which the Metropolitan police were introduced to an outside investigation. We are seeing the Metropolitan police begin to act as the American FBI, if this is successful say goodbye to justice completely. I would suggest leading the elite outer circle of the Met; we would find P1, the forerunner to the European P2, as the inner circle.


With the DNA corruption passing through the female bloodline, from this very knowledge, Islam has suppressed the female with its doctrine. This in itself is the proof of how a great fact of knowledge at the top of the pyramid becomes so miss-translated as you go down the chain and creates such misplaced beliefs and the excuse to violate women, on every level; of course that’s the aim, to keep out the feminine response of understanding which would demolish all the religions.

 If Muslims could understand how the race hate laws as with the race relations act have been created to continually give you the reason to accuse a none Muslim of these crimes. This then keeps a division between us, because everyone knows someone that has had such an experience. The way to defeat laws and rules brought in to create division is to ensure you never use such laws. White Britain does not use such, ‘so called rights’, because there are more important issues in our lives than persecuting people through the courts on trivial experiences. We can all suffer racism it is certainly not one sided. We should all take lesson from the reaction to what really happened in the celebrity Big Brother house in 2007 by its Indian winner Shilpa, who in direct contradiction to our so-called leaders take on the matter, did not see the arguing within the house as racism.  The elite were trying to further destroy this nations reputation to the Muslim world to add to fear and distrust to that already existent with the current wars.


We should remove the variable interest rate on loans, credit cards, and mortgages, this would destroy the control the Rothschilds have on the global economy and thus remove their power from each nation. Yet until this idea works itself into your minds, the same interest rate for borrowing as for saving must be demanded.


The problem with prison overcrowding is down to all the criminal offences brought in since 1979. But especially with the 4600 new criminal offences brought in under Blair and Brown’s premiership. If you were to count serious criminals in the prisons, or the crime we used to jail folks for, pre 1979, you would find the majority of prisoners are so because of all new law since 1979. Today is 9th October and you can now see that the prison agenda is to create training grounds for crime which gives small time offenders the opportunity to upgrade and enables the elite to build more prisons ready for the global fascist state’s coupe on the people of this nation. With that I am talking about the plan to scoop up thousands of people they consider a risk to the New World Order, not just persons like myself but from all levels of our society, this will be done in one foul swoop once the new prisons have been given the green light and are completed. So when the green light has been given we have only the time between them completing the prisons before they begin to collect all dissidents to the agenda, take a good hard look at the words of Reverend Martin Niemoller at the heading of this operation, this is a high level agenda relative to the prison overcrowding that began in 1979, the human microchip is another. It is the same with the riots we have seen in prisons in the past, gives the elite the excuse to refurbish old buildings. What you will find is they release their own very dangerous operatives from prisons to make room for the political prisoners, or why would anyone allow murderers to be held in open prisons? See it now. To those of you who will be involved in this agenda keep this in mind when you are calling for more prisons to be built, ‘we certainly do not want ‘PLC’ Prisons’. We would all benefit if we were to concentrate on the misuse of prisons and why people in there for drug rehabilitation, drink rehabilitation, foreign nationals overstaying there sentences, and the many petty criminals we are currently spending £37.000 each prisoner per year to keep locked up. Once the cry for prisoner release reaches a peak, and they have settled the Russian underworld operatives, they will release massive amounts of serious violent men and women and we shall see a crime wave like has never been witnessed in this nation, an underworld war on the same level as in America and it will be the fault of the legislation and lack of professional help outside the prison service for putting in prison, people who are not a threat to society, that are not violent. You place a none violent man in jail, he will come out a despiser of the society that placed him in the midst of nasty people. That I would claim is reasoned logic. On another level keep your eyes on the agenda of private prisons. They will look at leasing out the prison service to private enterprise creating perfect private army recruitment. It will be the private security companies that take up this agenda in a big way.


They are using Japan to create one of those subjects of none importance for the media and thus populations to worry themselves about. Remember this Whale topic began in the seventies and is playing itself out as I previously stated through this decade beginning 2000 equating to 1972 in numerological terms. When the Japanese people were interviewed on the streets of Tokyo about Japans wish to begin whaling, they had no idea what the interviewing journalist was speaking about.


The same with the January 2007 topic of adoption and should the Catholic Church be able to opt out. On the one hand it is gaining far too much media time while they put phase II into operation in Iraq, but they are also using the Catholic Church to help this legislation through, in that many will just agree with the position of the government because it is against religion. The danger to my eyes is if this none-discrimination gets out of hand, I can tell you for sure their will be many more satanic members applying to adopt, be careful with your emotional response, because of the word religion. I understand some could see this as a contradiction given my position on religion as an organisation, but there are many balanced ideas within religion, I am certainly not encouraging we cease to behave in a balanced way because certain ideas are within religion.


What you should all start to see is that when they are talking of knife crime and such, most of the statistics come from the Metropolitan Police. If you have been to London in the last decade you would be a shocked, it’s a very strange place and not surprising that London has so much violence, guns and knifes when you consider the planning. What must not be allowed is to blanket the nation with laws based on what is happening in London based on the statistics from the London police, but this is exactly what is taking place. This is the reason London has been allowed to be swamped as it has, to prove the need for new law and legislation.


Have you ever given serious thought to why they have made it mandatory that all car radios switch over to the traffic news? It is for when they have reached the point with you all in full acceptance of the emergency powers being used they will use this scenario to ensure they can herd you all into whatever orders they are to give out at each particular time.


The elite level agenda regarding housing associations is three fold. First to compensate for the fact they are to out price everyone save the super rich from owning homes which is necessary to put us back to the Middle Ages, secondly to ensure all the banks re-claim all the housing when the associations can no longer afford the interest rates on their properties, and third, to enable the controllers of these associations to place criminals and drug dealers into parts of the community that would by cost of housing, have prevented these type of people from infecting such communities. This happened in the Avenue Parade area of Accrington during the 1990’s.


Blair starting debates on criminal justice system, yet another example of nonsense to concern the media and minds. Again they are trying to re-force the anti terror legislation that was defeated by the commons, they need this legislation to remove people like me, who in no way backs terrorism of any kind, the same with the legislation against religious debate which Brown states we have to look at again, the truth is hurting the agenda, only by having their religious legislation can they prevent the truth about religion and its history and more importantly which tribe is en masse moving into this country and across Europe reaching you all for open debate.


The faith schemes offered to paedophiles is to enlarge the network to access abused children. Abused children are a safer bet for continuing the abuse than to begin with a new, and so this is an expansion of the paedophile network within the faith organisations.


                                                     MICROSOFT CORPORATION


The idea that Bill Gates owns or even runs the Microsoft Corporation by his own will is akin to saying the people own democracy. With the mid-2006 20 billion dollar donation from an American philanthropist into the charity of Gates, ‘the Gates Trust’, one would be better informed looking at what links the donor has to the elite and what agenda the charity actually serves, and not as it covers itself with its public persona. More money into the building of the global mainframe to which they intend us all to be connected via the microchip implant would be a more accurate observation of the true machinations carried out through the Illuminati front man Bill Gates. His charity links to the Genetically Modified crops agenda and medical research which links with the World Health Organisation, more on these topics towards the end of this phase. Almost every computer in every home and business use Microsoft software as do global communication networks. This software gives the means of complete archiving of everything you do within your pc directly to Microsoft the moment that pc connects to the web, remember when you take your pc to the doctors they connect your pc to the web, and job done, the fact that you yourself deliberately did not connect that particular pc to the web, the doctor will. This also can be collected via your mobile phone, as the telecommunications global network links, in fact is controlled by, Microsoft engineered software. More and more people awaken to the double edge of the ‘IT ‘technology and do not connect a sensitive or personal computer to the net.

 Also it would be good business advice for you all who understand the stock markets to incorporate the fact that the next Global crash is on its way, beginning with an August rise, the five months up to Jan 17th 2007 we have had 3 rises, £16 per quarter % on an average mortgage of £100.000, that’s around £64 per month per 1% of full rate rise the Bank of England produces. When they near 10%, you house and business owners are in for some big trouble. Keep a very close eye and ear to the machinations of the Rothschilds you might just see their play before it’s too late and give them a terrorising for a change?  It’s time for you of power and wealth who have shown me you understand this journey, to come together and use those hearts of yours to guide you to the demolition of  the financial hold the scarlet priest craft have upon this world. Failing that aim make sure you make as much as them to offset their gains.


With the MI5 and MI6 field squads being positioned around Muslim communities this gives the elite the opportunity to make it normal practice to have these spooks around us. To parallel with Hitler’s Gestapo, this is how it begins don’t react in fear and allow this to become normal practice within our society.


Through 2006, we have the nuclear power station issue, the oil crisis, both being used to fuel the hike in energy costs to consumers.


The self service tills at our well known supermarket are in sync with the no cheques accepted at its London branches, another stepping stone manipulation towards the electronic currency.


The Nat West three extraditions to the USA is surely proof enough to show you how legislation set up for terrorism is being used against the population, as with the labour party conference pensioner removal. Fascism brought in for terrorism now being used to remove British citizens to the harsher judgments of the USA.


With the Afghanistan military agenda we have had talk of the TA to be called up thus bringing the war effort to the scale of the first Gulf war. Half of all heroin in Britain since the invasion now comes from the Helmand Province which is the area our soldiers are operating.


A very important fact for you all of intelligent minds to grasp, would be that we stand on the precipice of another holy inquisition. With all I have said in this operation thus far should be enough to cause serious doubt on the language and speak of the current world leaders as to why we are being forced to war. I have attempted to show how all secret societies interlock at the elite level, I have shown the bloodline connections from the flood to today, I have shown a truer profile of the elite and their mindset, I have shown the agenda of these bloodline brethren which of course is the agenda of the Elohim. What must be grasped by you is the way a lot of the conspiracy information is being promoted which is just a bit to close to the witch hunts and inquisition language. I before undertaking this leap of exposure knew I would have to as it were, re-enforce this language, yet only to bring you to the point of educated balance in the hope one could better define ones actions accordingly. This operation is not promoting, ‘go get the Freemasons,’ but the standing of the network that is Freemasonry requires a lot of information and thus attention from myself in order those who are Freemasons can understand better the organisation they serve. To grasp this operation as a whole is to understand that the elite create the separatism in order they gather the rebels, whom once scooped up into societies the inquisition can commence, the last holy Roman Illuminati Church’s major inquisition began with the First World War, climaxing with Hitler to which many thousands of Freemasons were killed this is essential in taking countries such as Britain and Germany because they wield such power. Once again I see this play beginning, but as always there’s a twist. The Roman Empire has ensured all the light workers born to this world over history have either been trapped by Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and all others and thus become paralysed, for those of us who do not adhere to the dogma they create the Templars, the Teutonic Knights, Templars re-emergence as Freemasonry, Knights of Malta and all the rest, but then they slaughter all those they control via secret society allegiance, who of course are the largest threat before the secrets explode,  which of course are those who act without so much fear, you of the latter type orders. You have to grasp fully the fact that all the empire operates for the Roman Illuminati Church, and that the State that is the inner city of London, the Knights Templar Church, is but a state belonging to Rome. What this is not is an ‘all the people of Rome and Italy are the enemy’ type scenario, but that the power structures we have today are ancient in their formation, but are still ‘valid’ today. That the force who operate this ancient power structure are the Nefilim and see themselves as the elite over the human race, not at all part of the human race, exactly as a battery style operated poultry farmer looks at his hens. The majority of Freemasons Knights of Malta etc are herded into those orders for the collection, analysing, and for control, all the while in one big swoop they rid themselves of all enemies as was done through Philippe the Fair and Hitler; of course Hitler had to demolish Freemasonry to take control of Germany. So if you are of a good heart within these organisations you are for the chop, and you all know well the power of your organisation to carry out its leaders will. So again I say you are all building your gallows because of your rebel nature. I have hinted at this during the course of this work for those who can see.

 I have stated in an earlier phase how I am helped from within all communities and orders and understand well that you are in the main decent people misguided by belief alone, but that is enough for your total control by intelligences way beyond most peoples comprehension, it’s the buggers at the top ladies and gents, lets not take up this dance yet again lets change the tune. This next section is for a chap who was under the impression I had blanked him while in a salon in town, hope you understand this next topic sir; it’s for those like you.

As I have grown up essentially around Freemasons these are the types of people I know. It is therefore essential I shout loudest to the people I know are not, regardless of their allegiance, minds that would back the agenda I have put forward.

 I don’t know if you remember in the late nineties a brutal murder of a young boy in a flat in Clayton. The one were this lad was brutally raped and had something not very pleasant pushed somewhere you wouldn’t want it, and then they threw him in the canal. This is no surprise when you consider the flat in which victim and perpetrator were situated, is within the grounds of the Clayton Freemasonic Lodge, the leaders of this Lodge are certainly playing the game, and receiving their human sacrifice for whatever machinations they were attempting. Yet in the minds of the law, they have victim and they have perpetrator job sorted. Not so, this is the black arts at work when you understand the occult, a master ritual playing out without any connection to their lodge to the minds of the law, this makes the law unjust and untrustworthy and not from love, it protects the Illuminati only.




Freemasonry in its current form expanded through the 18th century into Britain among the middle class’s with the arrival of the Hanoverian bloodline and dynasty. So from the time of Francis Bacon and John Dee when Freemasonry was being formed into the physical network it is today, it was mainly spread amongst the land owning aristocracy. Along with the marriage manipulations within the Royal Houses which paved the way for the German Hanoverians to be welcomed to the throne of Britain. With the knowledge of who Oliver Cromwell served in Holland, it can be seen that Freemasonry was spread amongst the European Knight Orders and aristocracy thus enabling the movement of Rome’s financial centre from Holland to Baby-Lon-don (London) without much opposition, in that all the major players in Europe at the time were connected to Freemasonry. Also the openly Catholic nations France and Spain were embroiled in their own troubles which of course they would be in that Rome controls the new manipulated split under the umbrella of the network Freemasonry as it does all Catholic nations, ‘perfection!’

If we take a look at the British State which is a Freemasonic structure, yet remembering the state of the Knights Templar Church belongs to the Vatican, or the Roman Illuminati Church, you may get a better picture:


The Queen is the Grand Patroness of Freemasonry. She is served by the 390 members of the Privy Council which connects with its equivalent in all other Commonwealth Countries. The Privy Council is ‘LEGALLY’ above Parliament because of its prerogative powers. Its members, who are appointed for life, include Prince Philip, Prince Charles, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Prime Minister and many others. They hold nine official meetings each year and the government (Crown) minister’s stand to attention while the Queen is told of the government measures they are asking the Queen to approve, which are nothing other than what the Crown dictates via the elected leader and via the Whips of whichever political party has power... After taking their bow to the Queen and shaking her hand they are sworn to conduct their business in the utmost secrecy.

Another network of this structure is the Crown Agents. Formed in 1833 as ‘Crown Agents for the Colonies,’ to run the day to day administration of the empire and to serve as private bankers to government officials, colonial authorities, and heads of state. It is also an older version of Brown & Root supplying a vast range of goods throughout the empire. Goods that included arms, drugs, Viruses, especially to Africa to create the genocidal wars we are, and have witnessed. The Crown Agents is the network that links the Crown Temple to the organised crime operations throughout the empire, the Golden Dawn being one of the most powerful occult operations to be used in Britain amongst the crime syndicates to ensure the right crime waves are in full swing as and when required. We can see this in the current agenda with guns. The Golden Dawn also operates within legal organisations, but is the interconnecting network across all secret societies and religion. Remember the Crown Agents work directly for the Monarch who works for the Knights Templar Church, which operates for the Vatican, and for added insult the Crown Agents entire debt is guaranteed by the British Government, that means you! In the 1970’s it was bailed out by the bank of England costing hundreds of millions of pounds. For many years the Crown Agents managed the personal wealth of the Sultan of Brunei who just happens to be a great friend of the Queen, and has funded many of Prince Philips, Prince Charles, and father George Bush’s private projects. The Sultan is also the financier of both British and American unofficial intelligence operations as he has backed many of Mohammed Al Fayed’s operations, in fact the Sultan could be said to be Mohammed Al Fayed! After the murder of Princess Diana the role of Al Fayed was for him to hijack the conspiracy and thus lead investigators down the Al Fayed rap of bullshit as was done with Nick Brown over the top up fees debate. Fortunately no one needed to go to him for information because we all in our hearts already know she was murdered.

In 1996 the Crown Agents was privatised with the name Crown Agents for Overseas Government and Administration LTD.  Of course privatisation is nothing but transfer of Power from Crown Temple through Government agency to Crown Temple via direct ownership; they own everything in this nation!

 Just to give an idea of What the Crown Agencies controls here’s a couple of little companies it controls as it acts as a holding company for :


Barclays bank

Standard and Chartered bank


Tate and Lyle


British Telecom

The Prince of Wales Business Leaders Forum

Aga Khan Foundation


I think you get the picture; it’s big to say the least.


It manages the customs services of Mozambique, and through a company called Europe SA, is in charge of all economic construction procurement for Bosnia. It is also in joint venture with Monaco based company ES-KO, to provide all the food for United Nations peace keeping forces in Angola and Bosnia. With this you can see the more war the more profit for the Crown Agents, and if it goes tits up no problem the British Taxpayer will foot the bill!!!!


The queen of England owns the 40.000 acre Duchy of Lancaster, the 44.000 acre Duchy of Cornwall which gives Charles his income. In truth it is the Crown that owns these assets which are assigned to the ruling monarch, so long as they do as they are told. The Crown it transpires owns land in the UK to the tune of 40 million acres. She owns over 300 residencies around the country, she invests heavily in corporations like Rio Tinto Zinc (RTZ), Royal Dutch Shell, ICI, and General Electric. This is no surprise in that these companies are 100% Illuminati operations. Rio Tinto is the largest mining company in the world and was established in 1873 by Hugh Matheson of the Global drug running operation Jardine Matheson. Rio Tinto was in at the start of the North Sea Oil, along with Texaco. They used the refineries of BP in which the Queen also has massive investments, so now you know where all the revenues from the North Sea oil reserves went, to the Crown Temple. This shows insider dealing on an individual basis enabling the Queen to make massive profits. Another blatant conflict of interest to have been identified was Rio Tinto’s involvement in a cartel formed in 1971 to fix the price of Uranium. A Federal grand jury and the 1976 US Senate Foreign Relations Committee, chaired by Frank Church, exposed the sting. It also included a company called Mary Kathleen Uranium of Australia. This company had been secretly encouraging the Aborigines to occupy Uranium rich lands in Australia to take these lands out of production to raise the price on the world market. The manipulated shortage of Uranium had a serious effect on the American Westinghouse company who sought to take legal action against Rio Tinto for price rigging. This strategy has been used in the USA against the Native Americans and throughout Africa. An American court ordered that Rio Tinto officials answer questions, but this was quashed by the British Law Lords. The Australian government passed legislation to the same effect. This was after the Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam, had been dismissed from office by the Queens Governor General of Australia, Sir John Kerr. Whitlam was pursuing a policy of buying out the mining and raw material cartels, like Rio Tinto and Anglo American, to stop them raping Australia’s resource base, while giving nothing in return. The Queen having enormous investments in both companies, removed Whitlam by using some of her wide range of prerogative powers, which by the way she has in all commonwealth countries including Britain, which she can instigate when the Crown deem necessary, but of course in the minds of the masses the Queen has no powers today? Well I suppose she doesn’t in that she is a puppet of the Crown Temple and ultimately to the Roman Illuminati Church. Sir John Kerr, a former high level operative of British Intelligence, was made a member of the Privy Council and the Royal Victorian Order for his loyal and most profitable service to the Queens portfolio. He was later murdered however, when the truth about the removal of Gough Whitlam was in danger of coming out, how they look after their own! He was obviously outer circle and a good man and would have exposed the lies of the inner circle. The Crown Cartels continue through a House of Windsor extremely secretive society called the Club of the Isles. It was named after King Edward VII, Queen Victoria’s son, who was the first to carry the title, Prince of the Isles. The title is held today by Prince Charles. Edward was heavily involved with the Black Nobility barons of the square mile London Financial District and helped them to engineer the Crimean War, the Russia – Japan War, the preparations for the First World War, and the Opium Wars against China. Through the central organisation of the Club of the Isles comes the fantastic web of interlocking directorships which hold apparently ‘independent’ companies in a network of common control and agenda.  Part of the web includes:


The Bank of England

Anglo American Corporation of South Africa

Rio Tinto

Minorco Minerals and Resources Corp

De Beers Consolidated Mines

De Beers Centenary AG

N.M Rothschilds Bank

Barclays Bank

Lloyds Bank

Lloyds Insurance Market


National Westminster Bank

Barings Bank

Schroders bank

Standard Chartered Bank

Hambros Bank

S.G Warburg

Toronto Dominion Bank

Johnson Matthey

Klienwort Benson Group

Lazard Brothers


J.P Morgan and CO

Morgan Grenfell Group

British Petroleum

Shell and Royal Dutch Petroleum

Cadbury - Schweppes

Bat Industries

Assicurazioni Generali SpA (Venice Italy)


General Electric

Cazeenove and Co

Grand Metropolitan

Hanson PLC

HSBS (Hong Kong and Shanghai Bank)

Imperial and Chemical Industries (ICI)

 Inchscape PLC

Inco LTD

ING Group

Jardine Matheson

Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation & Co (P & O ferries)

Pilkington Glass

Reuters Holdings

Glaxo Wellcome

Smithkline Beecham

Unilever and Unilever NV

Vickers PLC.


This is just a few of them. In 1999 Lonrho had 640 subsidiary companies itself; it has many more now, all these companies and more have staggering amounts of subsidiaries, in studying the subsidiaries of the multinationals you arrive at the fact that everything is controlled by the Crown, all lead back to operatives of the Roman Illuminati Church via the Knights Templar Church. A fact worth noting is that just because a company like Pilkington Glass is now perceived to be owned by a none British company, it has only moved from British control, not from the control of the Illuminati who own everything, this type of movement is only a movement within the global conglomerate that is the New World Order and still earning for, and controlled by, the bloodline elite, albeit via a different branch of the elite tree.


              Just look at some of the TV companies owned and thus controlled by General Electric :


NBC network





Sci-Fi channel


WNBC  – New York

KNBC   – Los Angeles

WMAQ – Chicago

WCAU  – Philadelphia

KNTV   – San Jose – San Francisco

KXAS   – Dallas – Fort Worth

WRAC -- Washington

WTVJ   – Miami

KNSDF – San Diego

WVIT   – Hartford

WNCN  – Raleigh

WCMH – Columbus

WVTM – Birmingham (USA)

WJAR   – Providence

KVEA / KWHY – Los Angeles

WNJU   – New York

WSCV  – Miami

KTMD  – Houston

WSNS  – Chicago

KXTX  – Dallas

KVDA  – San Antonio

KSTS   - San Francisco

KDRX – Phoenix

KNSO – Fresno

KMAS – Denver

WNEU – Boston / Merrimack

KHRR  – Tucson

WKAQ – Puerto Rico

Universal Studios

NBC Universal Television Studio

NBC Universal Television Distribution.


This is one company controlling a major chunk of the TV dream state given out to the whole of America. Is it any wonder American’s are completely under the control of the American elite who are under the control of the Knights Templar Church which is thus controlled by the Roman Illuminati Church, and thus the Nefilim hybrid bloodlines who operate for the Elohim under the control of Jehovah.

In Europe we have slowly but surely the Roman Illuminati operative Rupert Murdoch controlling all the media and thus programming of the European Union populations with the same bullshit that has turned the poor Yanks into the obese slaves to TV they are! All in league with GOD of course, so they must be on the right path yeh I don’t think!!! We also have to watch who ends up totally controlling ITV which is still the last independent TV network. It will be Murdoch I am sure who eventually gains control over ITV given that he has the most shares in it now, he is also after channel 5, this will be disastrous for Britain. Richard Branson has the biggest share of NTL which has also made an offer for ITV, but this has been rejected with the statement, NTL have undervalued ITV, but another reason given was the fact that NTL is loaded with debt, and that Branson was going to raid the pension fund. The government are afraid of Murdoch; he owns a share of Blair so of course they would denounce NTL. Britain will have no chance of getting information other than that of the elite if Murdoch gains control of all the UK’s TV programming. This also operates to further entrench the idea of the Roman and Protestant elite as separate entities, especially in light of the current troubles Richard Branson is experiencing as he in his eyes would feel he is going against the Catholic Murdoch. The majority of you ‘Sir’s’ out there are outer circle, you must understand this.  My message to you Mr Branson would be to take extra care with your trains aeroplanes; I feel you are a good man but you are connected to the Illuminati with your title and symbolic name of your company. You do not wish to become the victim of your own club, but the fact you are in touch with the feminine you are the scapegoat for the Illuminati on many levels, you as an individual are the enemy of the Illuminati which is why you have been given the opportunities you have. If the Illuminati can capture good souls, they will, if they cannot, then they will destroy. We then have Network Rail take full responsibility for the crash; the ‘official story’ is born. As protocol 15 states on page 39, the police will cover their actions, this also operates for rail, air traffic and all PLC’s, which are in full control of all our services, and being such massive companies they can take the flack very easily. Network Rail ‘are’ the perfect cover for this sabotage, used to perfection at Potters Bar five years or so ago and the Paddington rail crash, to which at the end of March 2007 Network Rail are fined £4 million… I understand most would see this as paranoid, but as an initiate one can read the symbolism. This was written at the time of Virgins NTL bid, and in February 2007, to me as an initiate your true role unknown to you has begun. Murdoch also has the biggest share in freeview, now! It is also stated that it was Murdoch’s Fox network that won the Presidency for ‘W’ Bush. Murdoch already owns 45% of UK media. Whatever Murdoch actually controls it is more than enough to have our leading politicians running to him for his support, and any policy Murdoch (the Roman Illuminati Church) doesn’t like, is dropped. This includes by the way David Cameron who in May 2007 announced he was to acquire a spin doctor on the low level spiritually as Blair’s Alaister Campbell, the chosen or rather forced operative is one Andy Coulson a Rupert Murdoch man… who runs British political parties leaders?


                                 Let’s re-cap on the Illuminati puppet that is Rupert Murdoch :

He lives in China

He attends the satanic sacrificial rituals

He was awarded a Knighthood by the Roman Illuminati Church at a Catholic Church in Los Angeles along with his mate Bob Hope the actor and British intelligence operative, also named as a handler and abuser of sex slaves. They both became Knights of the Order of St Gregory.

He is a promoter of the E.T invasion through the company he heads, 20th Century Fox, with films like; Independence Day, which itself should prove the links between the Church of Scientology and the Vatican via actor Will Smith, the X Files, Alien Resurrection to name a few. His company also plays out a programme called ‘Conspiracies’, which de-bunks some of the most well known conspiracies and scams. This guy is serious Illuminati. The backer 100% of the Satanic Blair government which has removed the power from the nation of England to its supposed chief bank, dragged this nation into invasion of other states on pure unadulterated lies, re-iterated by the empire of Murdoch. If the British TV and Media had not the influence of this puppet Murdoch, Blair and his sickness would not have happened. One of the links between the Rothschild’s and Murdoch can be seen thus; on the board of the Daily Telegraph is Evelyn de Rothschild who is also the Chairman of N.M Rothschild merchant bank. N.M Rothschild is the banker to the Hollinger Group formerly led by Lord Conrad Black; I used to have a dog called Conrad, what an insult to my dog! A former editor in chief and board member at the Daily Telegraph is Andrew Knight, also a member of the Bilderberg Group Steering Committee and the Ditchley Foundation, also formerly of the ‘Economist Magazine (director, Evelyn de Rothschild), which is a publication set up to end the corn laws and promote ‘Free Trade’. Andrew Knight moved on to become executive chairman of Murdoch’s ‘News International’ which owns the Sun, the News of the World, the Times and Sunday Times. Murdoch fronts an empire that owns newspapers, magazines and television networks that are estimated to have a potential audience of three billion people, which is without the inclusion of his interests in the film industry. He is also linking with the global telephone and communications network, MCI, and has made bids for parts of the vast Berlusconi media empire in Italy. He is also planning and now acting to substantially increase his media interests across Europe. In the Spotlight newspaper headed, ‘What is Murdoch up to and Who is Backing Him?’ the writer Dan McMahan linked the rise of this media mogul to names like Harry Oppenheimer, the family branch managers in South Africa, Armand Hammer (Occidental Petroleum), the Bronfman family who are very close to the Hollinger Group and the Anti-Defamation League who are nothing but puppets and a front for the Rothschild’s. So as stated throughout this work, one need only look at who backs these big or seemingly powerful men, only then can you see the connections and the hand of the Illuminati in everything. Take the financial aspect out of this equation and you have enormous influence to the minds of the world’s populations, perfect for selling- a- vision and suppressing all others. So one must look at the media empires as one and the same at top level, all channelling to become the Global Media Empire, or ‘One Media State’, all under the control of the blood drinking child sacrificing Nefilim.

If we look at another Illuminati Protocol from the 1800’s relative to their use of the media :


“In order that the masses themselves may not guess what they are about we further distract them with amusements, games, pastimes, passions, peoples palaces…Soon we shall begin through the press to propose competitions in art, in sport of all kinds: these interests will finally distract their minds from questions in which we should find ourselves compelled to oppose them. Growing more and more unaccustomed to reflect and form any opinions of their own, people will begin to talk in the same tone as we, because we alone shall be offering them new directions of thought…of course through such persons as will not be suspected of solidarity with us.”


So you can now understand why football and all other sporting events are given so much presence in our society, none of these events will change the world, they have most males so obsessed with kicking a bag of wind around a field there is no room for intelligence, only emotional addiction for those who do not have a life.

This type of operation was played out to exemplary effect with Piers Morgan over the pictures from Iraq, which created the situation whereby we demanded not to know what our troops are in fact being ordered to do in the theatre of war.


Murdoch’s News Corporation has some 800 subsidiaries with close to 200 newspapers worldwide, BSkyB , Twentieth Century Fox to name just a few. Until the death of Labour leader John Smith, Murdoch had always put his empire behind the Conservative candidate for Prime Minister, but all would change with the emergence of the vile man that is Tony Blair who immediately upon winning the 1997 election rang the then Italian Prime Minister and Bilderberger Romano Prodi to help Murdoch expand his empire in Italy with the purchase of Mediaset fronted by Silvio Berlusconi, of course this was always the plan in that Berlusconi was earmarked to become Italy’s Prime Minister. Murdoch’s daughter Elizabeth, a news corporation executive is a close friend of Blair’s ‘Spinner’ Peter Mandelson. In 2001 Murdoch visited Blair at number 10 to discuss Britain’s cross-ownership laws which meant because of his 33% share in Britain’s newspapers he was prevented from owning a terrestrial British TV station. Low and behold in May 2002 Blair and his cult government announced plans to change the rules on media ownership to allow Murdoch to increase his holdings in Britain against all the ‘principles’ (I say lightly) of media diversity. He is looking to totally control; ITV and Channel 5… So who controls Britain under this Blair Cult ‘New Labour’? Exactly, the same freaks that have always held the power, the Illuminati, via operatives like Rupert Murdoch, Lord Sainsbury and all the greedy pigs whom he has offered peerages, for big money donations of course! He who pays the piper calls the tune, or rather they who pay the piper write the tune!


Even the BBC is 100% Illuminati controlled take this for the evidence:

A former BBC journalist said she was told to take the camera out on to the streets and record what the people thought about the Queen mother when she died in 2002 at the age of 101. The reporter found that 99% of those she interviewed said they didn’t like the Queen mother, and they couldn’t care less that she had died. As a journalist of integrity, she reported the truth of what had happened, but found her self severely reprimanded by her bosses, because of course the official line of the BBC was that the Queen mother was adored by the British people. She asked her superiors were they telling her she should have lied, to which they replied “you should have bent the truth,” with this, horrified, she resigned. We can see that the current takeover offer for Reuter’s news agency by the Canadian or ‘new world’ company, Thompson for £8.6 billion, further proving the agenda of demolition of not only British, but European countries big employers and names. All this is preparation for the next Great War to be had once again on European soil, which will be against the Muslim unless of course we see the game all of us and change this path. Now can you see why we have the channel tunnel?


 The London stock exchange lists more foreign companies than any other; they own the world, centred as it is in the Inner City of London. Ninety percent of Cross – exchange trading in Europe is handled by the City and it is the world’s biggest issuer of Eurobonds. The leading commodity futures markets in Europe are based here, as are the London Metal Exchange, the International Financial Petroleum Exchange, and the London Commodity Exchange. It is through organisations like the London Metal Exchange that profits from the Virginia Company (the USA) are channelled back to London and hence on to the Vatican. Remember through all these banks they own all your properties and your businesses, through operations in this nation like, the Highways agency, the Utility Companies, National Trust, Heritage, Military and the Duchies, they own all the land, the Crown in fact owns over 40 million acres in the UK so that is a lot of taxpayers subsidies going directly to the Crown for its dictatorship over the population. This network works the same across the Globe. They are now talking about holding the Carbon levy financial scheme in London.


                                                   THE CITY LIVERY COMPANIES


Another important part of the Windsor network which is part of the Crown Temple are, the City Livery Companies. These purport to represent the various groups of merchants like the gun makers, stationers, newspaper makers, goldsmiths and the like. They are in fact very secret societies fundamental to the control of the City institutions and much further afield. In the 1350’s, in the wake of the plague known to history as the black death, government of the City was passed from the ward councils to the City Livery Companies. In 1979 the year Thatcher took power, the Honourable Company of Freemen of the City of London and of North America, began to hold meetings in New York and Toronto and on October 21st 1991 the Association of Liverymen of the City of London in Hong Kong was founded and all their members were Architects (Freemasons). The late author Peter Jones, researched some of the Livery Companies in the 1990’s for his book,’ the obedience of Australia’, which exposed the manipulation which led to the removal by the Queen, of Australian Prime Minister, Gough Whitlam. These are some of the names he found within these companies:


Engineers:                                 The Duke of Edinburgh.

Airline Pilots and Navigators:     The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Andrew

Butchers:                                  Queen Mother, Lord Vesty (of the meat family and

                                                 Lord Prior of the Order of St John of Jerusalem)


Merchant Tailors:                      Queen Mother, Lord Whitelaw, Lord Hailsham. 


Glovers:                                    Margaret Thatcher, Sir John Fieldhouse (Admiral of

                                                The Fleet during the Falklands conflict)  


Poulterers:                                 Margaret Thatcher, Duchess of Devonshire.

Fishmongers:                             Duke and Duchess of Devonshire, C.E.A Hambro

                                                (Hambros Bank, Taylor Woodrow, and P&O),

                                                 Lord Inchcape (Her Majesty’s Lieutenant of London)


Goldsmiths:                               J.H Hambro. 

Grocers:                                    Edward Heath.

Salters:                                      Duke of Kent (Grand Master of English Freemasonry)

                                                 Lord Armstrong.


Clothworkers:                            Sir Peter Gadson (a Grand Master of the United

                                                 Grand Lodge), Lord Carrington (Thatcher’s handler).


Another name prominent within these companies is McAlpine of the construction family.

 You will of course have noted Prince Philip heading the Pilots and Navigators which gives indication as to who is in control of the current attack on our right to travel by plane and the whole swath of legislation about to come out relative to the air traffic using the environment scam to force it through. Just as a matter of interest, the cheap flight operator Easy Jet is financed by the Warbergs Bank which is part of the Rothschilds empire and proven beyond doubt to have funded the rise of Hitler‘s war machine on behalf of the Rothschilds. The fact they are now blaming these cheap flight operators for the rise in carbon emissions shows you why the Warberg bank has funded this airline, it is the catalyst for the introduction of the carbon scam. Basically they will determine how much you as a household can travel. You have to look at this whole carbon emission agenda as an attempt to instil a massive suppressing layer of control upon families and business via the introduction of quotas per household. This will stifle people movement to unimaginable levels. Don’t forget the House of Rothschild operates directly under the current British chief, Prince Philip. Prince Philip’s whole family were supporters of the Nazi’s as was he. In 1935 Prince Christoph, the husband of Philip’s sister Sophie, was a colonel in the SS of Himmler’s personal staff and head of the Forschungsamt, an elite intelligence operation controlled by Hermann Goering. It was they who carried out the famous Night of the Long Knives when Hitler removed his key opponents. Christoph and Sophie named their eldest child, Karl Adolf, after Hitler, Prince Philip was involved in his education. Christoph’s brother, Philip of Hess, was related to the King of Italy and was the official liaison between the fascists of Italy and Germany. Also at the same time the British King, Edward VIII, who was forced to abdicate in order the Queen Mother could be placed in the position of Chief Toad (remember Diana used to call the Windsor’s ‘toadies’) which meant she had to marry the lesser of the brothers, Bertie, the one she could obviously control. Edward was well known to be a Nazi supporter; Prince Philip kept up very serious connections with Edward even after his abdication in 1936. Another of Edward’s supporters, and mentor to Prince Philip was the known paedophile and Satanist Lord Louis Mountbatten (Battenberg). Mountbatten was Philips route into the House of Windsor. Mountbatten was the grandson of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert and was born at Windsor Castle in 1900. while Mountbatten was supposedly fighting on the British side during the war he maintained serious communications with his and the Windsor’s German Clan via his sister Louise, the Crown Princess of Sweden and wife of King Gustav. Louise was Prince Philips aunt. At the end of the war, in June 1945 the British King, George VI, the father of Queen Elizabeth and Puppet of the Queen Mother, sent the former MI5 officer, Anthony Blunt, to the Kronberg Castle of Prince Philips sister Sophie, and her Nazi husband Prince Christoph of Hess, to recover correspondence between the British Royal Family and their Nazi relatives, for propaganda aimed at convincing the aristocrats of Britain they had not been in contact all along. Blunt was the ‘surveyor of the Queens Pictures’ and a world expert in the paintings of Poussin, the initiate who painted pictures called ‘The Shepherds of Arcadia’ which related to the Rennes-le-Chateau mysteries. If you remember Blunt was named as a member of a KGB unit inside British intelligence along with Burgess, MacLean, and Philby, the fifth man of course was never named, but was in fact Lord Victor Rothschild. If you have seen the latest Bond movie Casino Royale, you hear the Character ‘M’ played by Dame Judy Dench state, ‘ in the cold war days intelligence operatives that made a big mistake had the common decency to defect’, of course they would the intelligence services of the world are one and the same. When Blunt was finally caught in the 1980’s, Queen Elizabeth II demanded he was not questioned on his clandestine mission to Kronberg Castle… So who controls the law?

Another important secret society within the Crown Temple is the Knights Grand Cross of the Order of the Bath, sounds pretty strange until you understand its symbolism. Both daddy George Bush and Ronald Reagan were given this title. The resurrection bath of alchemy symbolises rebirth and purification or absolution. Baths are given to Masonic Knights of the Bath before they perform horrendous deeds, hence the term ‘Blood Baths.

This information in the last few paragraphs still only hints at the true power of the Crown Temple, one also has to include all that the Vatican openly controls to see the true extent of the power of the Roman Illuminati Church to which the Knights Templar Church is subordinate. Through all these networks and more, Thirteen Royal Nefilim families control the world, and it is they who are carrying out all the atrocities in the world at this present time using sad and pathetic creatures, namely fanatics of the human race to carry out the agenda of the Elohim.

The Crown also owns massive parts of our coastline around this nation and 12 miles out to sea, in total about half of the coastline. Some of this is under the control of the Ministry of Defence itself controlled by the Crown. The current legislation in which the National Trust will purchase some of this land from the MOD and coast not belonging to the MOD changes nothing. The National Trust is 100% controlled by the Crown. We have the British Waterways agency, and the railways again controlling massive amounts of land, we are almost back to the middle ages now.

The re-vamp of the Co-operative society especially in Cumbria has as one of its chief investors; yes you have guessed it, Prince Charles. The Crown has its dirty little fingers in every pie, and with that comes the negative energies into all those pies and of course to all other personnel within these operations.

I see the Royals are playing the good guys relative to the Sunni Muslims with the release of the Manchester man after 18 years in prison in Pakistan, this in itself shows you who operates President Musharaff of Pakistan, via such orders as the Order of the Mystic Shrine, ‘Shriners’.

So how does the Crown control all the MP’s?  Answer; via the whip system. All MP’s that you vote in to represent you are told how to vote each day by each party’s leadership via the whips. So when any politician that has ever been and will be while this system exists, tells lies to the whole population the minute he or she opens its mouth and speaks. No matter what it speaks about it is speaking what it has been told to speak, how to speak and when to speak. If it does not obey the whips there career is over. Thus the Crown need only control the personnel at leadership level or the cabinet of each political party and the Whips office, then through that clique of puppets demand obedience from all MP’s down to the nutters sat in each constituency claiming to be acting on your behalf. How you have all missed this one is beyond me.

So the majority of Mundane Persons, oops sorry MP’s don’t even get to see each bill before it goes to the vote, and indeed they don’t need to as they are told how to vote.


On Sunday 11th February 2007 on the political show ‘Sunday AM, Giles Brandreth a conservative party whip stated:


 “As a whip we understand each MP’s marital problems, their drinking problems their financial problems, we know a lot about them. We then advise and guide them to making the right decisions.”


 Do you still feel MP’s operate by their own mind and emotions? Of course they do not. This is the best I have witnessed from a politician handing you on a plate how the game of politics in truth operates. They are all via fear of their personal information being leaked; totally afraid of the whips, and so do the whips bidding, which of course is the Crown’s bidding. All MP’s that speak at the box in the commons do so under oath to the Bible that ‘lies’ under the box, what does that tell you about those who operate as very religious people (Blair) when they spew the bullshit, or, what does that tell you of such operatives knowledge of what the Bible actually serves? Blair is a member of the Illuminati that is why he can lie as he speaks to the house and the people, with ease.


As already stated most personnel within Freemasonry go no further than Master Mason. The Master Mason degree links with the Hyksos deities through Sekhmet who is a lioness Goddess of demolition or destruction, also the same deity known to the Hindu as Kali, the Irish Morrigan, and the Scottish Cailleach. Sekhmet beloved of Ptah the Master Mason is her consort or puppet. Thus the master mason rebuilds the destruction of Sekhmet; this marriage creates a third force or son that of Nefer-Tem better known as Imhotep. Thus we have the symbolism of the chaos / order principle.

You, who are the Master Masons are in affect the puppets who cover the destruction of truth by your superiors, as you are the scapegoats should the game be rumbled, as was done to your degree and all the way to the top of un – Illuminised Templars, by Phillip the Fair and Adolf Hitler, you take the rap for the elite of your order, we are again on the brink of this agenda, wake up boys and girls to your fate before my prophecy plays itself out. In this way this nation will be handed over directly overtly, to the Church of Rome and you who are not allied with her at least in your minds will be ever more cornered as the Roman Illuminati Church gets rid of all who will to the death, never ally themselves to the Roman Church. This is being achieved by the influx of underworld Eastern Europeans KGB trained killers and intent on taking over the criminal underworld. More and more we see the English fleeing to the USA, Canada, and Australia, this is by design, these nations are not named ‘the new worlds’ for nothing. Europe is one big problem to the elite in that it is difficult for them to gain absolute control of all the people because of our long DNA memory, this is why Europe is the chosen landmass to once again suffer the great war because of the massive Muslim population within Europe once Jihad is called, they need to destroy almost all populations of Europe to totally control us. The ‘new worlds’ are perceived none Vatican controlled nations, which I hope I have proved is nonsense. Come back, England needs you all. Most people in this nation who are Catholic are no longer allied to the Vatican. And so it goes on through all the levels or degrees of Freemasonry, you are the scapegoats to protect the elite or Illuminised personnel of this serpent order. This really can be understood when you fully grasp the nature of the purge of the Templars by the Roman Illuminati Church through Phillip the Fair. All the Illuminised operatives escaped well in advance of the purge to Scotland and Portugal and possibly to Texas in America. When you study Native American culture, one finds Texas to have been around and populated by the white race a lot longer than is given in history. The first law men came out of Texas because of course this was an early breeding ground for the Nefilim. The purge by Philip the fair, found none of the wealth of the Templars nor any of its navy, of course it didn’t, the Roman Church controlled all that was the Templars anyhow, they just sacrificed all you lower none Illuminised ranks to rid the ever increasing threat via number of souls allied to the Templars, to give the idea of Templar survival in an underground mode and in order to create the idea that Rome truly had an enemy thus capturing all who despised Rome in its new split movement that would become Protestantism and  Freemasonry, and the takeover of the world as history shows us commenced from one power structure, that of Rome controlled today by the same bloodlines from Babylon through Egypt.

Let’s come together and destroy this agenda before it destroys all human kind.

When you become Perfect Master or Mark Master you are in affect truly in the position of scapegoat sworn to absolute secrecy. And on it goes. Only the Illuminised operatives escape the blood bath. So as I have stated, understand this knowledge and remain who you are as a group of people keeping your business and power but remove yourself from the command of the Grand Orient. The same is so for all Catholics and all others, leave your prison and become free, yet keep what you have in your possession; just make it work for the good of all. This is the only way out of this mess without world war. Study Protocol 15 on page 39 of this phase to truly understand my point.



The Pyramid of Freemasonry Left.



Every single soul allied to this structure regardless of degree is a puppet of the Queen and thus the Knights Templar Church and thus Rome.  More already stated, the majority of souls pass no further in the pyramid than the third degree, that of Master Mason. Only the really sick people enter Illuminised levels. I know this to be true as I was totally sick when I was to enter the degrees of Illuminised freemasonry as an operative of the Golden Dawn which stands above, although within, the degrees shown in this illustration. The Illuminati also operates in a pyramidal structure. During the early 1990’s Hillary Clinton was a sixth level Illuminati operative. The fact that she and her opposite Condoleezza Rice are earmarked for candidates for President in the future, the Democrats will be victorious in late 2008, I would suggest with the disgust at the Republicans,  and as long as Hilary is in there somewere, the ritual is on target.

Now 20th January 2007 I am proved correct with Hilary Clinton putting herself forward as a candidate. More on the Clintons in one of the supplements to this phase.

To go back to Christopher Columbus. He was funded by the very Catholic King Ferdinand of Aragon, Spain, and his wife Queen Isabella of Castile, again Spain. During the Vatican purge of the Templars the pope outlawed the Red Cross on the white background which as you know is the symbol for the Knights Templar. Columbus sailed to the Americas flying the Red Cross on the white background backed by two Vatican allied monarchs, and don’t forget the de Medici family and Leonardo da Vinci also backed this voyage. The contradictions to show how the Templars and the Vatican at elite level are one and the same are everywhere, you just have to see with your own eyes and not ask those you feel are higher in the esoteric pyramid than yourself for the answers. Also remember that the Freemasonic historian, Manly P Hall, whose position was at 33rd degree, states in his book ‘Americas Assignment with Destiny’ that John Cabot, the chap who was to find North America in 1497, setting off as he did from the Templars port of Bristol was in fact named Giovanni Caboto. Born in Genoa, the same city in which Columbus was born. Both these men visited the so called ‘Wise Men of the Near East’ (Caucasus mountain area) before the undertook their voyages, not to mention both these chaps were connected to the secret society networks as were all the males in these families. Caboto became a naturalised Venetian and was known to be connected to the secret society called the ‘Johannites’, which we know to be influenced by the esoteric doctrines of the Templars. Columbus was involved with a society which followed the beliefs of Dante who was a member of the Cathar Church and an initiate of the Knights Templar. Both these orders were purged by the Vatican. You have to begin to understand that purges against such orders are essential in communicating the message that there is an enemy to the Roman Illuminati Church, both at the times of each purge but more importantly for history, which serves to entrap the intelligent mind, it opposes Rome with its choice of society or order, dependant to how you understand the game is dependant to which order you would feel is with your understanding on your side, and for Rome to covertly collect and control the rebels into groups and eventual culling.

Columbus was also known to wear what is known to be the dress of the Franciscan Order. Columbus’s son had said his father was buried in such attire and interestingly the ancient Egyptian Brotherhood at El-Amarna also dressed in this attire as did the brotherhood group called the Fraternites, named so at the time of Columbus.

You have to understand that such purges and wars are operated from outside this dimension, only the Illuminated ones know this game to be so, which transpires to be within 13 Royal bloodlines.

 One researcher Stewart Swerdlow in his book ‘Blue Blood, True Blood’ names the top Illuminati bloodlines as :





Cavendish (Kennedy)

De Medici


Hapsburg (Habsberg)

Krupps (controlling family of I.G Farben)




Sinclair (St Clair)

Warberg (del Banco)


You will notice missing from this list are Italian names, is this strange or to be expected? The secrecy further highlights the power of the bloodline Thurn und Taxis, which is left out of the majority of researcher’s conclusions. Thurn und Taxis hail from Bergamo, Italy, and have spread to Bavaria and Belgium to name a couple of places, a highly significant bloodline, the same with the Agnelli’s. Personally I feel the current representations of the de Medici family are at the highest levels.

Of course different researchers offer different names, yet many of the big family names are offshoots and thus the same as each other. For instance the Windsor’s are Hanoverian. I feel personally that at the top, the 13th family which controls all is hidden purposefully. This would make sense given that many people believe the worst of the perpetrators to be from within the Protestant or Nexus of German families. But to grasp the war between the Hohenstaufens and Ghibellines and the victors moving to Northern Italy and Venice, then given massive financial power, leaves the question, ‘from whom did they receive their power’? Given the fact that the victors from this conflict were allied and fighting on behalf of Rome, would it not be obvious that the Guelphs would then as great servants to Rome, be given second level down executiveship to the controllers of the then Rome, branching as they did to Holland then Britain and finally to America. This initial cover then gave the foundation and ability to split Christianity in the future given that Northern Europe despised Rome but would follow their own elite. Perhaps the defeated Hohenstaufens acted in this capacity to collect the northern European tribes, which over time, Rome’s will became their will. It is easy to forget when you are making massive amounts of money. This is surely the only way the power of Rome could be seen over the centuries to lose power. The fact that the King John Charter and the signing of the Magna Carta which broke the terms of the Charter, handing over the Sovereign rights of England and her Crown to Rome directly under the noses of the so called noble and intelligent families of the time, completely negates opposition at the utmost levels between Roman and none Roman families involved in this game. Or to hold the opposition between Roman and Protestant elite’s as real is outer circle understanding of the true nature of the inner circles game. When you take the Kennedy’s as part of this game, one can better understand the whole scenario of John and Bobby Kennedy, they where the play to terrify anyone from opposing the Nefilim in the immediate beginnings of the change of cycles as we entered Aquarius during the 1960’s and the entrance into the photon belt because both these men purported almost every policy that would destroy the hold of the Illuminati, and so they allowed the strategy into the physical only to destroy it, and to the minds of man all hope swept asunder. This has worked because there has been no real attempt since those terrible events to stop the new world order, there has been no political movement of any kind to oppose it. JFK Jnr has been named as an attendee at the top satanic rituals so keep this in mind. The handling of Arnold Schwarzenegger by his Kennedy wife is further proof of the Kennedy’s active involvement. You have to understand this from the perspective of the Illuminati who have no connection to love or empathy, and thus to kill there own for the agenda means nothing in the same way they actively promote incest and such atrocities upon their own children never mind other peoples children. These families are sick which in truth is an understatement. Names that do come up in all lists are Windsor, Rothschild, de Medici, Habsbergs and Rockefellers. Swerdlow also says that ‘Pindar’ who I brought to your attention in an earlier phase from the evidence provided by the Mother Goddess Arizona Wilder, who said she has seen no one higher in the Illuminati than this man who uses the name Marquis de Libeaux, whom she said even the Queen Mother was afraid and subordinate, also that Prince Charles and Prince William look like him.  Swerdlow states that this Nefilim bloodline operative Pindar or the ‘pinnacle of the Draco’ heads the Rothschild family reporting directly to the pure bred amphibious Anunnaki and the Elohim in the inner Earth or underground world. This Rothschild as supreme controlling family which most investigators see as the top of the pyramid, is as the Illuminati outer circle deceit is ordained, but as I have put forward, in using the anti Semitic card, protects the Rothschilds who stand as second level down from the Royal bloodlines to cover them. So I am of the mind he reports not to the Rothschild family but to the pinnacle of the Illuminati. But of course truth at this level is as yet un-proven as absolute fact, we still cannot state with absolute certainty the exact hierarchy of the utmost levels to which each family fits, but it has to be known at some point in the future as the game is further exposed, so I feel it is worth including in this work to hint at what families or at least the elite of these families are known to be involved at very high levels. It matters not how high you believe yourself to be in your order or society, you do not understand this truth and believe yourself to be un-connected to all other groups and organisations, but this is not the case. What you must understand is that people like me for whatever reasons have been led to this knowledge. If you are honest with yourselves you know why people like me have been given this knowledge, it is because we have the balls and courage to expose it. That is the only reason you have not received the knowledge or come across it, those that have in the past, are usually so full of fear they tell the wrong people of what they know and are killed.

Orders like Freemasonry and all secret societies are so male dominated. Your wives only every once in a while get paraded at your bashes. What these orders do is remove you from the balanced feminine aspect within your being placing you in the negative and because you are successful financially, your poor misses keeps stum and gorges on the trappings, she also denying the balanced feminine she has the potential to be. So not only do you inhibit your own true potential, you commit this atrocity unto your lovely wife and then your children and then your grandchildren. So it is the collective subconscious (heard mentality) reality that keeps this game, this illusion, alive and kicking, and therefore brings in to reality this nightmare we all live and thus the leaders of this nightmare are created by the collective members of all these societies and orders. This reality we now face is of our own making, it could not exist if we loved ourselves. What we have is a physical representation of how we in truth feel about ourselves inside, and thus we have projected this reality into physical form and what we now exist within is the creation of us all. Only we can change this with the cessation of fear and guilt first, all else will follow, and out of this nightmare we can walk. Give In to fear and the Illuminati will have their world war and their Global Fascist State.

In reality one could say the whole of Freemasonry has been taken over, but it was formed by the Illuminati for this very end. The infiltration was done through the Bavarian Illuminati set up as it was in 1776 by German Professor, Adam Weishaupt. This operation is controlled by the House of Rothschild and known today as the Grand Orient. Through this operation the whole of Freemasonry has become a covert civilian military wing of the Black Guelphs (black Nobility). Weishaupt was trained initially as a Jesuit which is short for the Society of Jesus. The founder of the Jesuits Ignatius Loyola, a Spaniard, formed within the Jesuits an inner circle which he named the ‘Alumbrados’ which means the Enlightened, the Illuminated. Many conflicts followed within this organisation between the Loyola’s Alumbrados and Weishaupt’s German version, battles Weishaupt’s version won, of course it did. So with this knowledge even the Jesuit order was created in such a way it could be infiltrated and has been. What I will state however is that from studying my bloodline ancestry I can say without doubt, the Jesuits are at elite level, a major branch of the elite. Once Weishaupt’s Illuminati took over this order he created 13 degrees of initiation for his inner circle and the key personnel are to be found in the top nine degrees. These members were given a special Illuminati name which is normal practice for these Illuminised level operatives. I was told when I was under this nonsense of initiation that I would be changing my name. The names given to Weishaupt’s Illuminati were inspired by ancient figures from Rome and Greece, Weishaupt himself was named Spartacus. It was through these operatives that all the other secret societies were infiltrated and Illuminised especially Freemasonry, which had to be so in that everybody believed the Templars to be in total opposition to Rome. This is the reason Freemasonry is such a massive society, which if you look at it from the point of view of division, shows just how many intelligent people there are in the world  against Rome. Of course with the success of the Illuminati in infiltrating all secret societies it followed that they could takeover governments, finance the military ad infinitum, also the fact that most Freemasonic Lodges affiliated with the Grand Orient (which is the Illuminati), made the task a doddle. It is only the key players of civilisation that need be controlled, the rank and file member’s fall into line due to ignorance via suppression of the bloodline collusion. This is why the elite created the whole of Western civilisation in the way it is structured, it is a pyramid structure. So the real power pyramid hides behind the false veil called Democracy, which is why they are insisting the rest of the world follow suite and are by force instilling Democracies across the world, the system works in hiding true dictatorship, but only while the true power structure remains behind the veil. I and others like me are exposing that which is hidden behind the cloak we know as democracy, which hopefully you can now all see, as they promote democracy by force on the rest of the world, they are fast taking it away in the current democracies. Only now at this time can this expose be of any consequence, because you can see it for yourselves after the prompting by works such as this. With this knowledge you can begin to see that there are two types of Freemasonry, Freemasonry and Illuminised Freemasonry, the latter to which I was being initiated into under the cover of the Golden Dawn. There will be an Illuminated operative at each degree which enables full and complete control of all operatives within Freemasonry without you normal chaps being aware. This also gives the Illuminati immediate knowledge of any discontent by an individual or grouping of operatives.

The Grand Orient Lodges operate the modified Hegelian tradition of infiltrating two extremes and then plays one off against the other, which thus brings forth the desired change. This can be seen in Politics with the Left and Right. Through this system they are destroying everything nations held as there cohesion and identity to dissolve all in the New World Order. Can you grasp my refusal to accept labels? There is a little bit of everything in what I am putting forward.

The Black Nobility are an ancient grouping of ‘Blue Bloods’, congregating  in Europe and are the families allied to the Black Guelphs having their base in Italy, particularly Venice and Genoa. Giovanni Agnelli is known by many to be a line of this Black Nobility grouping and until 1996 he headed the Fiat motor company. He is also a leading Bilderberger. One thing for sure this family dominates Italy. Agnelli had a much publicised relationship with Pamela Churchill, Winston’s daughter in law, before she married Averill Harriman (the shuttle diplomat from whom Henry Kissinger took over). Pamela was a leading fund raiser for Bill Clinton and became US Ambassador to Paris, where she died in the late 1990’s. Many of the Black Nobility families from Venice and Rome claim ancestry to the Roman Emperor Justinian, the man that removed reincarnation from the Biblical texts in the year 553. The Agnelli family controlled Mussolini, and Giovanni’s grandfather was made Senator for life by the fascist Mussolini. It would seem that the Agnelli line has the wish to take the planet back to the sickness of the old Roman Empire. This is I would state to be partly true; you can see it in the world today as it can be seen with the attempt at re-organising the House of Lords into a Senate. We the people are nothing more than slaves, be it militarily or commercially. The move by big industry to third world countries is a step down giving people less and less money to work, we are going backwards. All the Illuminati bloodlines are themselves controlled out of this dimension by the Dragon race through the Elohim who I would suggest are a genetic mix of the dragon and the Hominid during the times of Atlantis. The Elohim as well as existing in their pure form in the underground world operate outside this dimension as the masters to many psychics; I would suggest operating also within the Spiritualist Church who in the early 1990’s attempted to have me join. The most well known operation coming out of the spiritualist Church in the present is the cult programme ‘Most Haunted, through which they are attempting to create a cult perhaps to act in the inquisitions that are planned after the Temple is completed. You have to be aware of this agenda with the Spiritualist Church and other cult’s programming all working in sync.  The Elohim operate within this dimension through the bloodlines we know from ancient history as the Nefilim who are the black nobility families or the elite of the Blue Blood families. All these families are kept in a competitive controlled environment by the Elohim, each family competing for supremacy. This has led to untold wars in history within the powerful families and thus given the idea as you fall down the pyramid of power, of total opposition between the elite Houses. Yet they are all working to the same agenda each wishing to be top dog. By the time you get down to the bottom of the pyramid in the position the majority of all that are reading this work are, you can only fully believe in the total division and  opposition between each society, order or religion you  exist within. This is the meaning of divide and rule. Many of these Black Nobility families as we know them today emerged from the war between the Guelphs and the Ghibellines in the twelfth and thirteenth centuries at least at the root of the European takeover as they travelled out from Sumer and the Caucasus Mountains, that having been said I feel many of these families that held power in Northern Europe are the remnants of fleeing Roman elite families after internal wars and such within Rome as they are representations of the breeding with the Norsemen from Scandinavian countries who became the Normans. This would have been made easy in that many warring generals after the many invasions into the northern tribes would have surely made many allies for trade and would have always had a safe haven to flee. This of course would be hidden as in Rome great families that fell from grace were written out. Guelph as I have also seen it written comes from the German Prince Welf, who was competing for control of the Holy Roman Empire, Ghibellines comes from the name of the castle of his opponents the Hohenstaufen family. The Guelphs supported the Pope and the Ghibellines supported the Hohenstaufen family. The Guelphs were victorious in the end and became immensely powerful through their later control of banking and international trade. They set up great financial centres in Lombardy, which became the name given to all Italian bankers in Florence, Genoa, Venice, and Milan. Eventually they expanded their influence northwards to Hamburg, Amsterdam and eventually London. They also control the financial centre that is Switzerland which acts as banking administrator to the elite for both legal; and illegal activities, the same with another centre of finance, Honk Kong where the spoils of the illegal drug trade are centred. Do not forget the gold taken from the victims of the concentration camps, stolen by the Nazis and all other illegal activities laundered behind the façade of Swiss respectability. These families were behind the slave trade and the trade in all addictive substances, tea, coffee, tobacco, the control of Alcohol, etc. Remember many British and American families made their fortune from the slave trade initially as did the Church of England which not only blessed the slave ships as they left port, they owned massive plantations and actively branded their slaves with hot irons, of course nothing has changed save the size of these fortunes. So one can see the miss-use of asking God for forgiveness for the sins of their organisation because when you control the organisation carrying out the sin, forgiveness is mandatory, you can basically do what you will knowing you are to be forgiven later, if they were truly to repent they would trace back to every African family affected by this horror and empty their coffers to these people as they live today, cant see that some how, can you? Especially in light of what I proved to you relative to St Johns Church in Accrington which is all about money they know they can create with this Church as a community centre and child minding centre.

With Tony Blair apologising for Britain’s slave trade, he certainly was not apologising on behalf of the people of Britain because it was a member of the British people with over 30 years of campaigning that ended this horror. Was he in fact apologising for the still wealthy families who did make their fortunes from the slave trade, who then moved on to the opium trade? No, he was not, he apologises on behalf of the people to ensure the world look upon the population of Britain with disdain, when it is not our guilt. They are doing there best to show Britain in a bad light in an attempt to get us into war mode domestically, it was the bloodlines did it not the people of Britain. When the slave trade was abolished the government set up a massive package of compensation… ‘for the slave trading families’ because of their loss!!! to the tune of £1 billion. The leading bloodline families are all allied to the Black Guelphs after there victory over the Hohenstaufen family, what I would like to know is where are the remnants of the Hohenstaufens? These Black Nobility families are the force behind the Orange Order, everything connects in this game.

 If I am correct in my understanding relative to the current moves against Prince Charles in his exposed negative business dealings as part of the play to by-pass him for the next in line William, then as this agenda takes shape he is also trying to take down good ideas such as alternative medicine practices by claiming to back them, to all business out there be careful who you allow to invest in your company do not fall for this .The accused accomplice to the murder of the Queen of Hearts Diana in 1997 takes a weekly earning of £270.000. Last year his Duchy of Cornwall earned £14 million without paying a penny in tax. This estate crosses over 200 miles of our British land. The estate owns the Oval cricket ground, retirement homes, 2 miles of river bank and a hotel in Reading called the Crown Plaza among others. In 2005 the Duchy of Cornwall was investigated by a Commons Committee over the sale of a forest to the Duchy it already owned for the sum; £2.5million. The taxpayer picks up the tab for his flights to the tune last year or 2005 of £845.000, each time he uses the Royal train it costs the taxpayer £37.000. There is no green in this conspirator’s life. The Duchy also owns quite a lot of properties in the Isles of Scilly charging double the weekly rent as that collected by normal landlords.

He employs the very esoteric number of personal staff of 33. These are the assets we know he owns.

I am not saying the House of Windsor are not part of the game, they most certainly are, but the Hanoverian lines are subordinate to the top bloodlines for sure or Britain would in no way have allowed the loss of America, no way. You have to take the knowledge relative to the King John Charter I have given you, to truly grasp this fact. Never since the invasion of the Roman Empire has this nation been free of Rome, never in the structure of power, only in the minds of men.


For those of you who have heard and seen the Protocols of Zion, which for sure are the Illuminati protocols promoted as those of the Zionist un-initiated, it would be worth a look at Protocol 15 :


“We shall create and multiply Freemasonic Lodges in all countries of the world, absorb into them all who may become or who are prominent in public activity, for in these lodges we shall find our principle intelligence office and means of influence. All these lodges we shall bring under one central administration [of course this is the Grand Orient and thus Illuminati], (my emphasis) known to us alone and to all others absolutely unknown, which will be composed of our learned elders… In these lodges we shall tie together all revolutionary and liberal elements. [Take great note all you Liberal Democrats]. Their composition will be made up of all strata of society. The most secret political plots will be known to us and will fall under our guiding hands on the very day of their conception. Among the members of the lodges will be almost all the agents of international and national police since their service is for us irreplaceable in the respect that the police is in a position not only to use its own particular measures with the insubordinate, but also to screen our activities and to provide pretexts for discontents…”


The protocols in general are describing the recruitment of lower levels of degree initiates, that means most of the Masons, which are only for show, a sort of show army of in the main decent people, who have no idea at all what it is they are the cover for, nor I may add do the majority care. I have been around many Masons who like to call themselves the ‘mafia’. One friend of mine who works out of Manchester, in a conversation we had around a year after I had given him this kind of information in two cassettes over some music, said, that while at work an older fellow in his sixties, out of nowhere befriended him, sort of became his shadow. After a while he asked my friend to accompany him to one of Manchester’s largest Freemasonic Temples, he refused on the first few requests, but after some thought decided to give it a go and went to this Temple on a Thursday night, which is the main evening for Masonic general meets. He said that when they entered the Temple it was full of men talking, that his friend said to him “look at them, all the mafia together”, “we are looked after for the rest of our lives once we join this bunch”. My friend said he was shocked to see such high ranking men, he said this older chap continued to encourage him to join. He then said to me that all of a sudden it all stopped, that he couldn’t understand why. We spoke for a little longer and I suggested it could have stopped around the time I gave him the tapes. After a bit of thought he exclaimed loudly “you are right you know, it was when I received the tapes”! I then asked him had he spoken of the tapes to anyone at the time, he replied “no”. This shows that the entities were already around this chap after his visit to the Temple, or how would they in Manchester have known I had given him these tapes in Accrington? I really do fully understand what I am speaking about when it comes to Freemasonry you would be wise to grasp this. The reason they cut him off so abruptly is to prevent any Masons at low rank from coming into contact with the information I had placed on those tapes, it would have spread like wildfire and demolished the Esoteric levelled deceit, they could not risk this. This happened in 2000, and for my punishment I lost two fingers at the hands of a Muslim operative of this bunch, the doctors did however manage to replace one finger.  This is the kind of brotherhood you have all joined, get the hell out quick. When you become Master Mason you can apply to become a Shriner. During this ritual the operative invokes Allah. This would be abhorrent to many Muslims who believe the Freemasons to be the cause of all the evil in this world.

 There is the literal interpretation of the books and the true understanding of the books. Only the literal interpreters of the books of religion stand as opposites, by design, the Illuminised operatives are one and the same operating for the one that has demanded we call him GOD. Freemasonry holds as one of its heroes a chap called Hiram Abif. This chap according to the indoctrinators of this order, has ancient links to the building of Solomon’s Temple,  representing the Sun as in Sol as in Om and On, three names for the sun in its esoteric symbolism the one that shines in the sky! It also at its highest levels represents the unifying of the Israelite tribes by seizure carried out by Pharaoh Psusennes II the Hyksos Pharaoh given the name King David, handing this throne to his son Sheshonq I, renamed King Solomon, and the foundation for the creation of the Temple in the post flood age. Anyway back to the nonsense, the Bible from which this character is taken, describes a very different man. In the first place his name was simply Hiram, the addition of Abif came from the founders of the Masonic myth or miff!. Does the Bible state he was the most accomplished mason as in stone? Afraid not, it says he was neither a mason nor was he an architect, he was according to the Bible a worker in brass, brass = mason, never learnt that at tech college! According to the Book of Kings, he arrived from Tyre after the Temple was finished.  Here we go for another contradiction from the great book, The Book of Chronicles says he came before the Temple was built and was an ornamental metal worker, no wonder you chaps of the cloth get confused!! Just to make matters worse there is another Hiram in the Bible, ok not the same man, he was the King of Tyre. This man is also held in high esteem by the Freemasons because he supplied Solomon with Lebanese cedar wood for the Temple, wait a minute I’m confused, because the Bible also states that the Temple was built almost entirely of wood and was no bigger than granddads shed, sorry no bigger than 30 by 90 feet, fweew, its hard work this knowledge seeking. Anyway what the hell, they certainly did not require a stone mason. They needed a carpenter. So in the times of Jesus it was the carpenter, today it is the Mason, in the next age it could well be the plastic moulder or the computer programmer, who knows? So obviously this Hiram Abif chap is a bit dodgy to say the least yet all these chaps with funny handshakes trousers rolled up to the knee and such look on this man as the Jesus for the masons. In his form as understood by the majority of Masons Abif is a miff, but could relate to ancient Egypt when King Seqenenre was murdered for refusing to reveal the most secret esoteric knowledge to a rival. Freemasonry like all other secret societies has nothing knew to offer, they are a mishmash of Knowledge from antiquity and even beyond, brought together in unfathomable systems to hold each degree in anticipation of learning something groundbreaking, and of course this never happens unless you are earmarked for the Illuminised levels, which 99.9% of you are not, nor ever shall be because you are good people. If through all our seats of power, military, police, big business etc, all personnel were forced to give the information as to which society, order, religion and such they belonged too, punishable with long term imprisonment and the barring from employment, we would be in a much better place, but alas this is not so because when an organisation is deceiving all from its true agendas, it requires utmost secrecy, we should stamp this out completely. Just remember the Widow’s son is Hiram Abif.  So when I state all secret societies link as one, I am speaking in terms of at, Illuminised level they are connected as one.


                                                               The Elohim (plural).


In phase XIII I spoke of an entity called Melchizdek. This was the creature named by a group of Americans in the threat, ‘Melchizdek is watching you’ aimed at Credo Mutwa when he began to reveal his journey through the many initiations he has experienced throughout his long life. I also stated that the Mormon high priesthood is called the Melchizdek priesthood. Also how this ancient order used lambs wool for their aprons.

I will now offer a deeper insight into this information.

This information is from an operative within British government and the intelligence service. This information is relative to the civilisation of Sumer and to the agenda of extraterrestrial takeover of this planet.

He says that in the 1960’s British intelligence agencies produced a secret report detailing claims of extraterrestrial sightings. This involved interviewing 1.800 people in Europe and Scandinavia who claimed to have seen a UFO, an extraterrestrial, or had contact with beings from another world. At the same time, he says similar surveys were being compiled in the USA, Soviet Union, Australia and Japan. Eventually they pooled their findings and this made available some 62.000 interviews with people across the globe. Firstly, the vast, vast majority of the stories told of positive loving communications with the ET’s of various races. This is so different to the “evil aliens” stories we see on TV and the media. Secondly about 75% of those interviewed all over the world told the same basic story. They said that the ET’s told them how a planet called Melchedek had once existed in our solar system, but the Melchedekans had become obsessed with the material world and they destroyed their environment. In the end they exploded so many nuclear devices during tests and conflicts that the planet broke apart and it exploded. That the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter is part of the remnants of Melchedek. (I have also studied information claiming the Moon is also part of this planet).

According to the stories of the contactees in the survey, about 5.000 of the Melchedeken ‘elite’ escaped and landed on Earth in the place we know as Sumer, now of course Iraq. The Melchedeken race were described as ‘blonde haired and blue eyed’. This would then be the Aryan master race of the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. These are the Gods described in the Sumerian tablets who could be a mix of reptile and Lyrian genetics. This story continues that as times passed they used there advanced knowledge of genetics to create a new race of Earth people – the white race we are today. This is symbolised by the story of Adam and Eve forbidding them to eat of the tree of knowledge or the knowledge of our beginnings. I would add also that Adam and eve are also symbolic of the previous 12 strand DNA being reduced to two. As it is symbolic of why they have kept the Earth races ignorant of whom we really are.

In effect they are claiming they created the white race as the slave race which if you’re honest, is exactly what we are, slaves to the will of the elite bloodlines who act for the Elohim, but we are not their creation, they have interfered with the genetics only. From the many native cultures we understand the slave race of which the Sumer Tablets speak to be referring to the Greys not man as the creation of the Anunnaki, with man they introduced a corruption to the bloodlines of the Earth people... The contactees said it was the Melchedekans who became known as the Elohim in the Biblical texts. This tribe of course has called itself by many names as they split the inhabitants of the Earth with different languages and instilled each race’s cultural and religious beliefs, but all in essence worshiping this one tribe of extraterrestrials or Gods as they liked to be known. The Hebrew Elohim is not singular as in one god, but plural as in gods. These contactees reported there to be two streams of the Melchedeken invaders: Those who only interbred with each other, thus keeping their genetics pure. These the ET communicators said were still living on the Earth out of sight underground. The others interbred with the Earth races, but again they sought to keep their genetic stream as pure as possible by interbreeding only within the family or within a small circle of similar genetic background, this stream are known as the Nefilim.


 It is of course the latter who overwhelmingly make up the Illuminati families we can see in the physical sense, or that is how it is meant to be seen because many elite families end up with a child bred and born within the underground bloodlines given to them to bring up having been swapped at birth, with stem cell science and the IVF programmes this can now be done at conception within the test tube. The Illuminati are the Nefilim who breed from within the underground bloodlines and the humans to balance the genetics whichever way they wish the child to be used. Then in many cases the children are brought up among the elite families or the un registered families who in many cases have no idea of their blood origins, but when these children mature they are if they are taking the programming, slowly awakened to this fact, they are thus Illuminised into the first stage of Illuminati knowledge and their connection to this very secret world  expands through initiations into their awakened consciousness, thus the term ‘Illuminised’,  this is the mechanism through which they have interbred with the human race completely you must see this. In this way the underground pure bloodlines control the world’s societies unknown to man at least until now.


 The twist Sir Larry Gardner and Zachariah Sitchin are playing is promoting these nasty buggers to be accepted by the white races to allow the slaughter of the African and Asian peoples. Yet a word of caution, we know they are to use the ET threat to further build up acceptance of the world army and to allow the emergency powers at some stage in the agenda to be activated, so while it is important you begin to allow the ET involvement into the tale, we also have to be aware how they can manipulate this aspect of the secret knowledge against us. There work is to commence the fourth Reich to allow its next slaughter of all peoples as did Hitler to all peoples they deem inferior, remember it doesn’t and wont stop at the Muslims, as it didn’t end with the Jews in the last slaughter. And of course their work is aimed at all intelligent operatives of all the orders and societies on this Earth to allow this slaughter to begin, on the orders of GOD. Surely we learnt something from the Nazi ideology not so long ago; we must not allow this agenda to continue for all our sakes.

According to the majority of the 62.000 interviewed, there are also five other extraterrestrial races operating on this planet trying to help humanity prevent the Melchedeken agenda from succeeding, but it is up to us, the more we fight this agenda in change of our behaviour the more help they can offer. This is not a time to sit down and let someone else do it for you, there is no one else only we the human race together. I feel the Melchedekans are a pure breed of the dragon DNA with that of the race of fair skin blue eyed race who do not originate on Earth. And are sort of super soldiers created and operated by the amphibious race or Dragons. I feel they are the elite of the scarlet priest craft from Atlantis who left this planet before the flood to return to become the overlords, and that the creation of the white race on Earth was created in the times of Atlantis. That a lot of the white hybrid bloodlines escaped from Atlantis along with the Native Americans and those we know as the early Egyptians. That with the return post-flood of the Melchedekans; they proved themselves falsely as the ancestral spirits of the surviving white race and began to take the survivors over. What would seem to be the case is that the white race is not native to this planet, and because of this truth we can better understand the fact that through the manipulation of our race, these dragons have been able to inflict this fascist agenda unto this planet. Of course as we stand today all races have been corrupted so the idea that it is the fault of the white races is true but mainly to history, not as it plays itself out today. Now that we as an earth race mixed as we are can see this truer version of history, we can understand that it is up to us all as the human race, to negate the ability by the dragon race to operate through us. It is no point holding blame via this knowledge to any particular race based on colour, we need to understand the history of this planet in how we differ in race and colour excepting the possibility that the original white race is not of this Earth, while understanding this counts for most races we have today, including the African when you take into account many of each tribes histories. Basically all races at some point in time has arrived from other parts of our wider universe, even the word Zulu means from the stars, so in truth we are all alien to this third dimension, because of the fall into this denser frequency. That this frequency density we call the Earth was chosen as the last place of battle from which all the varied representations of life would congregate under a common physical form, that of the hominid or human, in order to destroy via co-operation and inclusion, the lower aspect of consciousness that has forgotten its connection to the one source and has thus believed itself to be the actual source thus attempting to drag this whole universe further away from the true source, in order it can rule this separated aspect of the one consciousness, using its own reality that of fear to control all life to feed its illusory reality. If you take the fall as a frequency alteration  one can better understand what is meant, we shall not be allowed to fall further into denser frequency than this current third dimensional; resonance. The negative or fear driven force is afraid of re-connecting with love because of its fear of consequences from its own actions against all life in general, this is so because it has become governed by fear and therefore operates under the rules of fear, they do not believe forgiveness exists which it does not within the rules of fear, and so are trapped and thus fixed to the creation of a separated illusory universal existence. To them this Earth is far greater than the abyss in which they currently exist, trapped as they were in times past by representations of pure consciousness. Sort of programmes deleted to the recycle bin but not out of the computer, but they have found a way to escape from the recycle bin back into the computer acting like a virus with only one plan, to takeover the computer while believing itself to be top dog. What we have all witnessed in the study of history, is that belief alone brings nothing but the mechanism for manipulation. For this illusory universe to begin its journey back to a higher frequency all life needs to understand and thus KNOW itself, only then does a mind operate with true faith. The world as we are today, understands only the mechanism of their DNA programming which is full of recorded programmes of belief and reaction. Dependant to which culture you are born will determine which DNA memories are triggered via society doctrine and experience creating your beliefs, you then become part of the collective culture until you seek beyond the boundaries of culture and religion. To operate from belief renders one trapped between fear and hope, a manipulators dream. Religion is belief and holds a mind in fear of not believing, and in the hope those who control your belief are what they claim to be. The main problem with getting to grips with the true history of the ancient world is chronology, we do not understand at what points in time many events actually took place, this is made worse once you understand that most of the great religious books are tales pulled together from many differing periods of what we call time, all working together to hide the Egyptian origins of the Biblical patriarchs. Many of the stories in the Bible are stories from times beyond the ages they are said to have happened, then placed together into a book, so it is difficult to say the least to pinpoint chronology. But a story none the less is emerging. I know for most of the folk reading this work it sounds completely bonkers, I stress again this the kind of knowledge those at the higher levels of society operate with, yet even these people are held with untruth relative to this information. The fact that I come from the standpoint of no religion,  I have the capacity to see beyond the normal limits of perception, I have no belief to promote only my experience and thus no barriers to where my intuition may go and change, I am not afraid of change. What I do have that many of my piers who are stuck in the pyramid of knowledge do not have, is my own mind and an open one at that, not that of a superior from a  society or order telling me what I should believe, I see for myself with the guidance of energies I have learnt to trust.

What I will add to this last piece of information is that not all Blue eyed none terrestrial beings are of the negative, this I know from personal experience so I would head caution. I do however hold to the information put forward in phase XIII that the reptile race has in the past conquered a big portion of the Blonde haired blue eyed race and through genetics has taken control of portions of the race before they landed on the Earth, there has also been collusion. So if we were to take this information as possible fact, I would put forward the fact that the Melchedekans are beings of another race who themselves where taken over by the dragon race or are allied, but are part of the root white race because those on the planet Melchedek suffered the same agenda as we now face with the takeover via possession and breeding of our own human species many thousands of years ago. This reptile takeover of the Melchedeken hominid race would have enabled the beginnings of the takeover of this planet in that the indigenous race on Earth was hominid. I would add that only after the initial interbreeding between the genetically altered hominid Melchedeken race and the Earth race did the reptile race in its true form physically show themselves upon the Earth. That St George was the most successful or in fact the first major battle to free the white race while existing on the Earth from the grip of the Anunnaki, in that the man St George was operating with pure consciousness. If you take the information relating to the Melchedekans splitting into two groups, then St George perhaps did defeat the over ground representation only to have those underground infiltrate during his sons reign. This is the knowledge as I understand it presently, because I know not all blue eyed beings not of this Earth are operating in the negative.  But these I understand are from the Pleiades system. I have been told the origin of the Blue eyed race is from within the Pleiades system and that colonies from this world have been created in other parts of the universe outside the Pleiades, and on some of these colonies marked the beginning of the takeover by the reptile race. That what is happening here is a consequence of these colonies as they have moved from planet to planet trying to escape the reptile or Dragon race. What I have also been told by a friend is that the negative Melchedekans operating outside the third dimension are enormous in size set against the human population, sort of incredible hulk type size; but of course they are not green, but they do ware a hood and according to a witness’s who is also a friend I interviewed, the hood makes it hard for full viewing. Also that three of there symbols worn together or separate are, the chain, the spider, and the sig rune, also known as the sigel and sowelu. I had further proof of this when a chap I know explained to me that while he was under the influence of butane gas he met one of these beings who adorned these and more insignias, this chap knew nothing about these symbols and asked me if I could help him understand what he had experienced, I tried but even though he himself had had this experience he struggled to face the fact he had had this experience. He said that the being spoke in great detail about the coming judgment. I think this is were most of you prevent yourself from understanding outside of the five senses, you will not acknowledge strange experiences that you yourselves have had during your life, putting them down to nonsense and unreal, they are real, it is the fear of how you might be thought of, that prevents you from excepting and speaking about such experiences… he continued, this being asked him if he could control him until the time of judgement of mankind after giving him much information relative to this agenda of judgement, this young chap unfortunately said yes.

When the elite have manipulated wars of independence I will cite the war of American independence, what they have in fact engineered through the secret society networks, is only independence from the British government not the British Crown as is understood by the masses in each nation. New York was named so after the York rite of Freemasonry. The English Lodge is known as the Mother Grand Lodge of the world. The English Lodge is the centre of Freemasonic manipulation also around the world. When it was set up in 1717, (this is when Freemasonry was becoming overt) it encouraged lodges to be set up in America, Europe and throughout the British Empire through which recruitment of successful personnel from each nation created the networks behind closed doors through which secret manipulation could be accomplished, and nations controlled via the global secret societies high level interconnection, again refer to protocol 15, page 39 of this phase. So these events basically transfer power from the Crown’s control via government agency to the Crown in direct ownership. This is how control of the British Empire shifts from government to Rome while keeping the façade of British government. To the world Britain has lost control of its empire, when all along Britain was used to kill and die, for the very organisation she believed herself to be in opposition. All the nations under the British Empire could then be seen to be given independence, either in manipulated war, or as we saw with Hong Kong, in a peaceful changeover. The same in South Africa, only independence from the British government not independence from the Knights Templar Church which after the signing of the Magna Carta by Prince John handed over the sovereign nation that was England and then Britain to the Roman Illuminati Church. So with the American war of independence we had the Mother Grand Lodge in London, agitate, via all the Masonic Lodges in the colonies of the Americas, to plot against British rule. In Britain an economic crisis was engineered by creating war with France. This created the situation whereby Britain needed to raise monies to fight the war, and so they imposed higher taxation and duties upon the American colonies. Remember then as today, government leaders are ‘ADVISED’ by operatives of the Crown Temple as to what action they should take in all events, so we have the situation whereby the people operating the agitation in the Americas against British rule, are the same people advising war+ against France, and, are then advising the British government how to react to fund the war against France! Impose higher taxes upon the American colonies!!! The opposition by the American colonies led the British government to withdraw the new taxes, except for those on tea, but of course the elite were not going to let the anger subside. Members of the St Andrews Freemasons lodge in Boston, led by the Junior Warden, Paul Revere, dressed up as native American Indians and threw the tea chests into the harbour to protest at the tax on the tea, the Boston tea party as it became known, was hatched during a supper at the home of the Bradlee brothers, who were both members of the St Andrews Lodge

Bang! The catalysts for the American war of independence, and further into hiding go the true power brokers of this world.

 This strategy is described very well by P. Sedir in his Histoire et doctrine des Rose-Croix, published in Paris in 1910 :


“Unable to control destinies on Earth openly because governments would resist, this mystic alliance can act only through secret societies… these gradually created as the need for them arises, are divided into distinct groups, groups seemingly in opposition, sometimes advocating the most contradictory policies in religion, politics ,economics, and literature; but they are all connected, all directed by the invisible centre that hides its power as it thus seeks to move all the sceptres of the Earth.”


So the Elohim and those other  partners in the game control the elite bloodlines, who in turn control all the secret societies whose operatives are in all global controlling positions of, banking, military, politics, media, education, religion, medical, transport, planning, councils, police, private security, aviation, space exploration, employment, intelligence, in fact every single organisation on the planet.


                                        Let’s go a little deeper into the banking scam.


If we go back to the time before paper money, what began to happen is that owners of gold and other precious metals began to deposit their wealth with the goldsmiths who had suitable strong rooms to ensure its safekeeping. The goldsmiths then began to issue paper receipts for the gold and silver deposited with them, the owners would pay their debts by withdrawing portions of their ‘deposits’ as necessary. It was obviously an unwieldy process to move all those metals around, and the paper receipts slowly became accepted as currency. The gold and silver were rarely moved, but the ownership of it changed with the issuing of receipts (later to become money) to pay off debts. It is the same today; vast fortunes are made simply by moving numbers between one computer file and another.

The goldsmiths and other owners of the strong rooms began to realise that, at any one time only a fraction of the gold and silver was being withdrawn by the owners. “so” they thought, why don’t we issue notes (money) to other people who don’t own the gold and charge them interest on the notes?” the only way the scam could fail was if they used too many notes and everyone came along at the same time to cash them in for gold and silver. They began to issue notes for the ownership of the gold and silver greatly in excess of the amount of gold and silver they had deposited in their vaults. Most of the notes they lent, and earned interest on, were related to gold and silver the banks did not actually have. But since only a small amount of gold and silver were being withdrawn at any one time, they were in the clear. They could offer lots of bits of paper for gold and silver that didn’t exist and charge interest for doing so. There in one sentence, you have a description of today’s banking system, which controls the world, because all governments are in debt to this scam and ultimately the Nefilim bloodline families. Everything on this planet is paid for with money operating out of the banking system. These operatives are way past greedy, there is not a word in the English language to describe these controllers, not only do they make all the money from the banks they want more with the environment scam which will create unbelievable taxation on the populous and governments on top of the insane taxes we already bleed to pay now, they will also create an environment police force.

If I knocked on your front door and offered you nothing and demanded you pay me for it, I think you would be calling the police.

If I came to your door and offered nothing and demanded you pay me interest on this nothing, with the threat I was going to take your home and all your assets away if you didn’t pay me, you would have a fit. Yet this is what the law and civilisation ensures happens to all on this planet through the banking system, think about that one for a while.


Just to give insight into the workings of the financial elite I offer you a truer version of what really happened after the Second World War :


September 13 1945 John Maynard Cains, an elite economist was despatched to America in an inner- circle manipulation to create the outer circle play to prove to history it truly was the war that destroyed Britain, or rather gave the idea that we had no choice but to dismantle the empire on a single basis, ‘money’. Cains was to try to persuade the US Federal Reserve elite to grant monies to Britain playing the justice card, I.E we had held the fort in the fight against fascism before the US entered the war, and this was the reason Britain was bankrupt. When you have grasped the inner circle connection via the Royal bloodlines, and understood the fact that the Federal Reserve belongs to European families, you can then see that only the American mind, was being co-orced into believing it was the new power, the new holders of the reigns of empire. With this Cains failed, of course he did. Meanwhile back in Britain the outer circle politicians and Lords realised they would have to give big concessions relative to the trade and currency empire. The elite have already designated that Labour will win on the grand plan of welfare state which was essential due to the fact Britain was to be dismantled as a power at least as far as the populations were to believe. Of course the biggest weapon was the creation of the greatest drug dealing and silent killer of the populations of its time, the ‘National Health Service’. With this weapon could Britain be brought to its knees with the greatest machine of death ever created, ‘A Giant Machine of Addiction and Control’. It has served its purpose well; almost 80% of the British population in our times are in a constant need (addiction) and are subservient to the will of the doctors in how they should live. Of course the doctors poor things are so indoctrinated into the medical programme, need a constant supply of books and courses to better inflict the agenda as handed down via the pharmaceutical and Royal agencies, instead of thinking for themselves which from an intelligent minds perspective given that they see first hand the end result of massive drug intake, makes you wonder, have they lost all sense of individuality to the point they may as well be in the military?


So Labour in on a landslide based solely on the creation of a welfare state and promising full employment, take power. There is a hint of hypocrisy in this statement alone, why the need for a welfare state if you are to give full employment?, but of course contradictions such as this are easily hidden when a nation is recovering from hell. Yet if you see with open eyes, this is the way of the Nefilim, ‘get um while there down’, be it to instil a new religion, start a war, or just lead the blind with false illusion which hides the real agenda. So in the midst of colossal despair be it financial or military threat, they make big moves in the agenda of the takeover of the planet, and so they first have to create the despair. Then behind the immediate focus for the populations they strategically operate the hidden agenda. Just as is being carried out now in Afghanistan and Iraq or the ‘Axis of Evil agenda’.

 November 6th 1945 Attlee summoned Parliament with the terms for a loan from the European, sorry American Federal Reserve with which they would pay for there election pledges. To understand the state of Britain financially at this time would it not be unbelievable that the Labour Party could have claimed to bring to fruition what it pledged before the election? From where was the monies to come from given that Britain was on its knees to pay for their promises? Not when you have grasped how via organisations such as Opus Die, the Fabians and other such groupings the Labour party is totally controlled via the leaders of these groups by the elite bloodlines. This pledge of a welfare state and NHS where pledged precisely because it was the elite or inner circle plan to borrow this money with terms that would destroy Britain’s governmental power, planned well before the First World War, at least from the British government’s power position but not the Crowns.

The American public saw Britain as the leader in Communism which again was re-enforced with the landslide victory by the socialist Labour, so to bring America on side they sent Winston Churchill to satisfy the now activated American fear of communism. During this visit we had the famous speech, “An Iron Curtain has been drawn across Europe.” The fact that the elite had ensured Stalin got greedy and took Bulgaria and Rumania into his fold just before the visit of Churchill, the inner circle manipulation of all the outer circle response was assured and America shit itself at a bigger threat, ‘Communist Russia’, and the American fear shifted away from bankrupt Britain and projected all its venom at Russia, perfect, the American mind softened. Meanwhile back in Blighty victory at obeying the inner circle manipulation and excitement takes over, blind as they are to the inner circle agenda and play, the loan is agreed on December 5th 1945. The manipulated handover of power to the minds of the outer circle operatives, which of course is the human population of the world, is complete; America is now the brand new power in the world!

As we approach 1948 the next phase in world domination operated as it is by the Nefilim bloodlines begins to take shape, ‘fear the new and evil enemy, Communist Russia’. By this time they now have the IMF and thus the World Bank, ‘Capitalism Reigns’,  as the only opposition to the new great enemy of the world ‘Communism’. With this great fear the new branch of the empires financial and military wing, America, offers billions of $ to all the nations of the war who are broken and bankrupt including Germany and France as well as many nations of Europe and in the wider world, to prevent them being taken by the new monster Communism. This works and to the tune of 13 billion Dollars (that number again), America or rather the financial strategy America represents, is spread across Europe and parts of the world in the new war against communism, all under the direction of the IMF and World Bank, the very elite level operation 100% owned and controlled by the elite Royal bloodlines of Europe. What a brilliant tactical manoeuvre by the European Royal families in taking full control of the European landmass including Britain by using America as their proxy, an absolutely fantastic deceit.

 During December 06, we have just paid the last payment on this 50 year mortgage which was agreed at 2%, what they won’t tell you are the full consequences of our loss as a nation to the financial strategy that is America since we took out this loan.


With the so-called mass murder terrorist plot having been seen to have been thwarted in 2006, and,  the weekend of the most intense fighting  on the 12th and 13th of August in Lebanon  just before they halt on the orders of the United Nations, can be better understood from an esoteric point of view in that we are in the seventh moon, but most importantly the decision as to weather the Israeli’s will acknowledge the U.N’s resolution to stop hostilities, is to be taken as their army makes a major push for land on Sunday the 13th of August which is the high feast of celebration to Hecate. Hecate’s ritual sacrifice day is the 13th reversed or mirrored giving the 31st of August, the day they ritually sacrificed Princess Diana nine years ago.


With this August 06, Israeli holocaust against Islam in Lebanon being backed by the west based on the fact that it is in retaliation for the kidnapping of two Israeli soldiers is again a monumental lie! The two Israeli soldiers were kidnapped in retaliation for the kidnap by the Israelis of a Lebanese Doctor and his son! Yet we have Blair and Bush and the other sycophants stating the lie to justify yet more military action. All military action in which this nation is currently involved has been made so with lies of the most absurd one can imagine, yet you all do nothing? Is it any wonder the elite look upon the masses as they do, and treat us as many look upon the animal world? I am not giving them an excuse but they can only play these games if you let them by doing nothing.

A fact not often reported through the media, is that Israel is currently holding 9000 Palestinians in its jails without charge.


Today is 3rd September 2006 and watching the programme Heaven and Earth show at my daughter’s house I see the beginnings of yet another attempt at bringing through the bill criminalising legitimate intelligent opposition to religion. Using the ever faithful Jewish community to back up a legislative ruling to stamp out anti-Semitism within this country. There are around 250.000 Jewish people in this country, yet such a small grouping of people have the ear and arm of the Prime minister, who is to personally receive the findings of a committee of MP’s on Thursday 7th September 06, which just happens to fall on the eighth full moon. Bet Lord Levy is in the thick of this manipulation? This is completely, blatantly in fact, Anti – Democratic to give such power to such a small grouping of people to form law for the remaining 64 million people of this nation. They will operate this agenda to re-insert the religious legislation. We can see this agenda taking shape with the Channel 4 programme put out on Monday July 9 2007, presented by the not Jewish Richard Littlejohn who was excellent in the emotion Sonics. It put out statistics as they do; 594 reported anti-Jewish attacks last year etc. John Mann the chap heading the Parliamentary Committee on Anti Semitism was distraught at the rise in such attacks, and reported that Jews had become open to attack in the last ten years. They slated the Protocols of Zion as a fabrication by Russia, which I have stated previously in this work are without doubt the Protocols of the Nefilim Illuminati placed into the arena to promote the Nefilim’s second level scapegoat as the pinnacle of the game. They told us of the fact that Jewish schools which I presume are part of the national curriculum, has accepted funding from the Jewish community to install bomb proof glass and practice evacuations. If nothing else this terrifies British citizens forming in these children the terrified mindset of their mother country Israel, which further installs the idea that real Jews all over this nation are in total agreement with the policies of Israel when as the program itself proved, is not the case. So we are witness the beginnings of manipulation of the Jewish communities in this nation by the Khazar or rather Ashkenazi leadership. If you watch this game play out in this frame of mind you will see what I mean. We also learn of an organisation called CST which liaises with Greater Manchester Police advising them what to do. What this says to me is that Greater Manchester Police are taking operational orders from a Ashkenazi grouping, what does that say to you in relation to how such a small group of people can place itself into the power structures of our democracy; this does not happen unless backed from the top. I bet CST connects to the ADL, we shall see. I will cover in great detail this subject later in this work.


I formally request from you the public and all who would like to create a body of people above 250.000, that we can form a committee to give our recommendations as to the consequence of this nation’s security status after military action since 911.

To look at the reason we have massive overcrowding in our prisons and the link to the invention of all the new crimes, and to consider other important topics that would benefit this nation.


 (This, the eighth moon of 2006 is numerologicaly very powerful, in that we have the trinity from the 1st September in this moon. What this means to the lay-man is that the date, sun and moon numbers are the same, example: 1st September gives the number one, the sun numbers or day numbers break down to 1, and the moon day number also breaks down to the number 1 , this continues through the numbers 2,3 and 4 etc for the rest of the eighth moon.. A very powerful moon especially so being the eighth moon. The good news is I see major moves from the light against their agenda, this is good but we must keep and accelerate this move.)


Yet most important of all, why it is essential people like myself can continue to bring to your attention information that you would not under normal channels nor even through circumstance come into contact with. To prevent the flow of information is Anti – Democratic, should the flow of information be prevented we in this nation could no longer claim to be a democracy.

To form such a body of people we would expect and demand the same attention to our findings from politicians and the media as will be given and thus played out through the winter through 2007 to this anti Semitic committee conclusion. This agenda is to push into the open a British Anti Defamation League to prevent debate about the financial elite and to prevent real information relating to whom many of the Eastern Europeans actually are and how they connect to the elite...

In this programme the chap that commissioned this committee was working the new mantra of how the rise in what he terms anti-Semitism within Britain has nothing whatever to do with the fact that the youth of this nation are watching what is the pinnacle of the Jewish faith, ‘Israel’, as it acts out genocide that has dwarfed the Holocaust of the last slaughter, in souls lost and timescale? This constant bleating from the media and ‘experts’ that we the people cannot make our own minds with what we are seeing, I would call this internal terrorism, this happens within Islam, and Christianity also. What we the people do understand is that all who back these wars are sycophants of the way of ignorance and stupidity, and are weak in soul and spirit. That just about covers the majority in all political and business personnel currently running this nation. You are collaborators with the Nazis, regardless of how expensive the suit and tie you adorn upon your body. You are the enemy of peace and love and sanity. You are the manipulated souls I have spoken of throughout this operation. When you take your oath to the Crown you have sold your soul to the devil. At least have the decency to face your bullshit and to face what you have become, and remove yourself from this evil before you are marked in the eyes of the sane people on this Earth as the collaborators.

Hand on our hearts we all understand that within religious doctrine there are great ideas of the better way to live together, yet alas all religions whatever their intentions always end in destruction, first within families because of religions hierarchical structure which pans down into the family structure, for instance within Christianity one of the biggest suppressors of moving up on the spiral of life is that it removes power from the wife and gives it to the mother, by the time the mother dies the wife poor thing is brainwashed and has become the mother preventing movement of the next batch of new souls to dare think  outside the emotional prison of religion and stuck upon the merry go round that is the wheel of life, round and round and slowly down on the spiral. This cancels out the will of every other generation and carries forth the ancient understanding without compromise.

We have to begin to understand that the emotions are the transmission from the matrix of fear into your DNA, controlling your reactions to experience ensuring you become afraid, your DNA (RNA) transmits this fear back to the Matrix and feeds the Matrix and the reality created by the Matrix, ‘Fear’, continues to feed itself and the illusory reality barriers we all live within continues to limit, but only while you are a slave to your emotions and DNA programming. The false Matrix or God connects and manipulates through your DNA creating emotional responses, as you allow that emotion to grab you, you give it attention and it becomes you completely as you then become it, more on this at the end of this operation.. People like me are tearing holes in the fear matrix, re programming the matrix to which you are all connected, a sort of upgrading of your software, some of you are able to control or better select the information that flows through your mind and solar plexus, which is  the seat of your emotion via its Chakra, once you give it attention you connect to that thought and it engulfs your being, porn is used in this way, taking over your sexual chakra and thus focus, and to some it becomes an addiction on the scale of addiction to opium. This is done to children at a very early age focusing the child’s attention to that Chakra eroticising the child which will govern the though patterns of the child even into adulthood. They attack your heart Chakra with trauma in childhood, they attack your throat Chakra with false communication, as they attack your third eye Chakra from birth with illusions and force the denial of  your own intuitions validity through education especially mainstream science, not forgetting the goggle box (TV) with which the elite have successfully replaced the priest’. And because our parents were thus attacked, it spreads through the new generations and the human becomes dysfunctional to the point of just knowing how to take a breath. This ensures your true potential as a sentient being remains unknown unto yourselves, in fact totally alien to you. The elite stay happy! The fear matrix sends out these software programmes throughout the universe which are then picked up by your RNA, the fear matrix is the veil standing between this dimension or universe and the source of all. The fear matrix stands as a circular barrier at a low frequency and its aim is to fully entrap this universe (consciousness) to feed itself eternally, this is the agenda with the human microchip to ensure a black hole for consciousness, which entraps all minds in this universe to constantly remain in loop form, eternal damnation to use the term of religion. This matrix is the false God or the deceiver standing between us and the one source of all, we call love. Fear is the slippery snake to frustration then to hate, the opposite of love.

To try and give a modern explanation of the great ages, a loop lasts a certain length of cyclic revolutions then the loop opens and the transitional frequencies flood in transforming the previous loop into another loop which will be formed  dependant upon the imprint created during the last loop (magnetic activity within that loop), which is not so dissimilar to how a CD and DVD would operate in constant record and play mode, but operating at a level wherein all actions within each loop are creating and forming the experience within the next loop. This is true only while you are a slave to your DNA and thus the matrix programming.

Man has measured these cycles within cycles with astronomical symbolism, also explaining the basic rules that each cycle employs to contain the life-force, giving colour, number, symbols, and sound to represent meaning for each cycle or age, in the hope future generations can grasp and to be able to measure where we are in the great void, of course this can and has been used in the negative and has because it is the negative, created the life we experience today, the dreaming of a nightmare.

So when ritual is used within all religious ceremony they are calling upon particular thought forms (programmes), anything requiring blood sacrifice is of the lowest frequency range and can only connect you to what I would call, ‘downward spiralling.’ Ritual performed without blood or life death sacrifice, but perhaps the offering of a personal sacrifice, will connect to higher frequency ranges and so higher energies, either way you go you will become part of those energies. There is however a great truth to be taken into account here. As you break through into the alternate dimensions as a spiritual being you learn greater truths of this dimension as you learn truths of those above and below, it is fact that many who are born to this world are born to sacrifice themselves for the greater good and so the decision was made on another cycle or dimension before entering this world. Thus what seem great tragedies  in this dimension, the people involved could have chosen to make that brief entrance to this life in order to give their life to help humanity focus to a subject requiring attention, or to prevent worse things from happening. This is the opposite of ritual sacrifice where man is requesting something then killing someone or something else’s genetic body for its own gains. The problem here is that blood offering is laced within all the religions and it is this falsehood that has been the gate and passage of the lower frequencies into religion itself, so they are double edged. What better way to truly test the worth of man than a piece of absolute virtual reality programme wherein every thought that is given attention by each individual shall become the reality of that individual, then collectively dependant upon the most popular thought patterns also becomes the reality of that dimension, cycle, or solar system. But of course it is not really a test at all, we are as we are because we fell into this denser dimension by our own fear and in so doing we allow the existence of the Illuminati because you believe they are there on our behalf actively preventing such nonsense when all along they are the controllers of all that is negative. This is what the Illuminati are doing, deciding which thought patterns are put into the arena. When you break through the five sense illusion you connect with higher information and thus a greater truth, this continues as you break through higher dimensions and thus higher truths of reality, but they are not really higher but inner truths, beyond the outer DNA to the inner reality or consciousness. Now you can understand why they have systematically suppressed psychics and mystics who bring those higher or expanded truths to man.  This current reality we see as real I would cite began with the event recorded in history as the fall of Man, falling into this denser form of matter or slower frequency as we projected outside of ourselves at the shear fear of the truths within, which formed the DNA programming or physical dimension within which we live. Blood offering brings forth the denser programmes or energies because blood is the core of the physical bodies and thus can be understood as the tip of physical or organic matter. So with blood ritual you are calling upon the programmes (demons) that deal in matter, and of course these programmes are centred upon the survival of matter alone, and are the programmes created for this purpose alone which is why one can understand them to be the problem for mans resurrection back into the realm of the spirit or less dense frequency. It is upon points like these that I call for people to stay as they are yet disconnect from the institutions and societies. Cease to feed the matrix of fear and it shall surely disintegrate to be replaced by, well, whatever we collectively feel, it really is up to us as a collective humanity to change the programme of fear which is an illusion created by the operators of fear the Nefilim bloodlines who are just a programme operating on behalf of the Elohim. Many would claim blood offering is not within the Christian religion, to which I would answer; the fact that Christianity has incorporated the Old Testament into its book, it most certainly has, and is carried out at elite level, or what the hell do you think the Crusades were in the 12th century, the Inquisition, the wars across Europe when the elite split Christianity and with the current crusade against Islam. That’s blood offering. Of course those instigating these blood rituals offer your blood and not there own, twisting the symbolism of self sacrifice.

If we go back to the commissioner of this committee, he also mentioned how it is terrible that Jews in Britain have to spend money on defence, sounds a bit like the motherland language of Israel, how they bleat about defence defence defence while they attack attack! This is clearly a case of, ‘mass hypnosis of fear’ spread from Israel into Jewish communities across the globe; using the DNA memory of the holocaust and beyond that, constant persecution, this is the programming of the Jewish DNA programming. Would it not be pertinent for Jewish people to sit down and ask themselves why they have been persecuted for so long, perhaps they would reach a point of cause as emanating from how they are used and by whom? This need of defence is mass hysteria by a collective mass of people held within a religion, which acts as further proof of mind control or DNA control on its own! On a lighter note it could of course be the fact they have to spend money at all!!!

My advice to the Jewish community in Britain and around the world would be to stamp out this attempt at hijacking your communities into becoming the voice of suppressing intelligent debate on behalf of the House of Rothschild, which through the history of their conception have terrorised the world’s Jewish faith and thus people. Do not become the voice backing annihilation of the Muslim, or to continue to exist with this victim mentality, you are way above that I am sure.




                                                         The Church of Scientology.


This operation was formed by L. Ron Hubbard a science fiction writer in 1952 in Phoenix Arizona, accused by a US Judge of being a pathological liar, the religion incorporates quite a lot of the negative aspects of the Buddhist religion, and outer circle Victorian morals. The cult is 55 years old and uses mind control systems in which they encourage people to block out all memories that do not concern the Church’s agenda. They use what is called an E meter which tests skin while enduring self awareness courses. This organisation was named by former CIA officer, Miles Copeland, as one of two religious type groups with which the CIA made ‘arrangements’. The other was called ‘Moral Re – Armament. What we have here is two seemingly opposite cults, operating against each other, yet both controlled by the elite, in this case via the CIA. In Britain its headquarters are in East Grinstead. The Church claims 120.000 members in the UK (most of them immigrants) my emphasis. The Church asserts that 75 million years ago an evil galactic war lord called Xenu rounded up 13.5 trillion beings from an overpopulated corner of the galaxy, dumped them on volcanoes on Earth, then vaporised them all with such weapons as nuclear bombs, thus creating the nasty entities called ‘thetans’ in the lower fourth dimension. I would certainly like to see the scripture or ancient finds that speak of such events, for I have never in all my studies come across Xenu. I am with Nicole Kidman on that one I feel!! A lucky escape albeit a very painful one. Juliet Lewis the star of so many violent movies is a thetan level 7, so is Kirsty Ally. These Christian Church of Science, as they call themselves in the UK have been popping up all over the place in the last ten or so years.





Sunday 13th of August 2006, I have just listened to Home Secretary John Reid; dismiss a question asked by a BBC newsreader with the very famous phrase “Ongoing Investigation”. This was the mantra used to perfection in the USA after 911 when investigators and journalists would ask questions that would break the elite’s ‘official story’ which becomes a constant mantra which re-programmes your mind to accept the story repeated through television and the press and the films and documentaries which follow very soon after. In fact most of the spin documentaries and films are created before the events. Manipulation on a scale until now that wouldn’t be perceived by the masses, as was inflicted upon your ancestors before every conflict man has ever known, but this time we are all better armed and so must act now, not tomorrow which never ever arrives. John Reid also used the term “Judicial Process” to dismiss having to talk facts. Probably the most important lie released on this day the 13th August before 10am, was John Reid’s claim that the first plot to have been foiled linked to Al Quada was in Birmingham in 2000, to which I would again repeat, “David Shayler the MI6 operative stated in his Expose, that MI6 created and were funding a terrorist organisation named Al Quada! John Reid, this man has me very worried in that he is a master with words, but especially with tone or Sonics. On November 5th   which in itself is symbolic of the fact the Labour Party is blowing up Parliament, Reid speaking on the Sunday morning programme on BBC1, again talking about Iraq stated “this conflict is about those who wish to impose their will through violence and murder and those who wish to act under democracy”. Isn’t the first part of his statement exactly what his government did and are doing in Iraq, Afghanistan, and preparing to do in Iran, North Korea, Burma and Africa? Like all politicians they put their own grip on power before the good of the country and regardless of whether they understand my work, they will hang to power rather than grasp the metal in realising their political party is 100% Nazi controlled, see it. This talk was in response to the interviewer’s question relating to the death sentence this very morning being announced against Sadam Hussein. What is important is that on this morning of November 5th 06 in which this interview with Reid and the sentence being announced, is also the 10th full moon. One could not have chosen a better time in occult ritual to create the anger in Iraq at this sentence. This section relating to John Reid was written through 2006. In January 2007 we have the Sun newspaper doing all it can to destroy John Reid’s chance at leader. This makes sense from an occult perspective in that Brown is the choice of the elite because  all the manufactured ill will between Blair and Brown has been the play by the elite to persuade you all that because Brown and Blair are portrayed as antagonists you would allow the elite’s choice of Brown to go ahead, he has made the sacrifice and is thus the man who will ensure the second phase of operations in Iraq continue, which allows the continuation of the closing down of our democracy via the threat of terror. It has to continue in this way for the elite agenda to continue. I do still feel Reid would be an asset to the elite if he was leader, but the elite operate to precise ritual to which Brown has been undergoing to take the reigns of power, it would be a lesser man in office from the perspective of the elite if they had to go with Reid, but they always have a second plan ready should their plans be defeated. I feel Reid is this second plan.

 Having said that, the position of Home Secretary given to Reid to my mind is the play of the elite to ensure Reid is not the choice of the Labour party. Giving him this position in the state it is in, has given the media the ability to destroy Reid, when in fact the Home Office has been systematically destroyed since 1979 and the beginning of Carringtonism through his puppet, Margaret Thatcher. Blair, Brown and Reid are puppets of the Crown, Blair is a full blood, Brown and Reid are possessed operatives. None of these people are fit to serve in Democracy. The proof of the elite play against Reid, shows itself by the fact they are blaming him for the ills of the Home Office when in fact all he is doing is stating what he thinks is wrong with the Office having told us all his feelings from the moment he took the post. What made me laugh to choking point was watching Blair’s statement upon the actual hanging of Sadam as he chuckled to himself as he spluttered the words “Sadam’s crimes against his people”, knowing full well his crimes against the British nation far outweigh Sadam’s. Those who might see Sadam’s hanging as barbaric, understand that Sadam was sentenced to death by the Crown, just as the scapegoats for the Nazi regime of Adolf ‘Rothschild’ Hitler were so sentenced after they had had their testicles kicked so far up into their stomachs by the American soldiers, it was said had they lived they would never have had sex again. One very interesting point to give thought to is, that the Sadam Hussein who was hanged had a far larger nose than the Sadam of the 1980’s? You have to look at Iraq from the elite’s point of view. To the masses Iraq is seen as one hell of a mess and a big mistake. From the elite’s point of view, Iraq is a total success. It has brought about exactly what it was planned to create the beginnings of massive split within Islam. What we have now is the beginnings of a much wider escalation of violence in the Middle East. We will have the Kurds bring in Turkey, the Shiite’s backed by Iran, and the Sunni backed by Pakistan and the Arabs; of course Israel will ensure the Western powers are also constantly involved. This is the true agenda of the Nefilim, the installation of complete dictatorship within democracy on the back of the fear of terrorism. That is it ladies and gents in a nutshell, see it, know it and act. Many of the planned terrorist outrages will be carried out through the intelligence agencies using Mossad and the Russian FSB, of course made easier when we allow the influx of Rumanian and Bulgarian Russian mafia operatives.



Mini Mottos, yes they are a nuisance but nobody is being mugged, murdered, nor are they on the thieve, why, because they are riding dinky motorbikes and having fun! I indulge my sons in this hobby and low and behold a few weeks before the TV got exited about mini motto’s they shut every track that was not causing nuisance to folk that we could legally use through the land farmers allowed youngsters and me to use being leased from United Utilities. I have pointed out in a previous phase how they are collecting land via highways agency; it is so with the water authorities including the environment agency. So they have made the problem worse by preventing everyone from using legitimate fields. It must be time to re-create the nineties with another crime wave, first they remove the drugs from the people they have managed to get addicted, which is happening as I write, and remove any chance of legal fun, off they go ticked off and angry and begin to annoy everybody because they are back on the streets.


                                                   ELECTRO SHOCK TREATMENT


A conversation I had with a lady who was 63 years of age during the month of August 2006, shocked me to the core. She told me she was and had suffered from depression for most of her life and around six months ago she had had electric shock treatment at Queens Park Hospital. I asked why she had had this and on who’s recommendation? She replied that she herself had asked for the treatment! What I find hard to accept is that a lady whose medical record from what she had told me would have shown the staff at the Hospital that she was imbalanced and consuming massive amounts of prescribed drugs. This in itself would have had my alarm bells ringing in that she is certainly not in a balanced position to be requesting such a barbaric form of torture. I was surprised to learn this treatment still continues in that I thought it was carried out in the now closed mental institutions, and even more surprised to learn this treatment is carried out in run of the mill hospitals? This lady should in no way have been accepted for this treatment by the staff at the hospital at her own request. She went on to tell me how since this treatment she cannot remember how to do as she termed it,’ silly little things you take for granted’ and that she forgets what she is doing. She also said she has been so unbalanced since this event she cannot bring herself to go home to her husband.

On Tuesday 13th March 2007 I was shocked to see a programme with the Comedian Stephen Fry who was explaining his condition of manic depressive. He was looking at the treatments offered by the NHS and specialist GP’s which included Lithium and electric shock treatment. He was speaking to a fellow sufferer who had undergone around 20 sessions of this shock treatment and was promoting it to Fry?

After the Second World War many Nazi-mind doctors entered the United States bringing with them an unspeakable programme of mind control called MKULTRA. MK stands for mind control using the German spelling of kontrolle. It was headed officially by Ewen Cameron, an extremely sick man, a member of one of the Scottish Nefilim bloodlines and a man who as a boy said his favourite film was Frankenstein which he said inspired him to follow a career in psychiatry. From his base in Montreal, Canada, he coordinated the infamous MKULTRA mind control operation with funding from very familiar names such as Rockefeller, Dulles and of course the CIA. One of Cameron’s institutions administered 60.000 electrical shocks to patients in one year alone, 1961. Cameron’s code name was ‘Dr White’ and the esoteric aspects of colour were a big part of his research and from a physical aspect relating to changing brown eyes into blue and vice versa.  Many of the mechanisms and rituals employed in mind control projects have their basis in the ancient mystery schools. Admiral Stanfield Turner, the director the CIA, admitted publicly in 1977 that millions of dollars had been spent studying Voodoo, witchcraft and psychics, and during the Senate hearing on August 3rd 1977, he said that the CIA had been mind controlling countless people without their consent and knowledge of such control.

MKULTRA had involved at least 185 scientists, 80 US institutions, consisting of Prisons, pharmaceutical companies, hospitals and 44 medical colleges and universities. There are some 700 drugs used by the Illuminati’s mad scientists and professors in the mind control projects to create the human robot. Drugs have been used since ancient times to mind manipulate people opening specific chakras for manipulation; they give the ability for will suppression to enable possession. The CIA-British intelligence networks fund drug research, or we the taxpayers do, to find more effective ways of suppressing consciousness at the third eye / primal visual cortex chakra and the Solar Plexus the seat of the emotions. We are talking here about vaccinations, food additives the electromagnetic assault and of course medication legal and illegal. In America the CIA operate within hospitals and one example exposed in a TV documentary is the California Medical Facility at Vacaville where the work was done by Arthur Nugent. Countless experiments have been carried out and continue to be so. Some of these experiments using drugs are used in the military on service personnel one example is the Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland. Another experiment goes on in Haiti where the voodoo cult which is used as a CIA front, has turned most of the people into little more than zombies. Prozac is one of the drugs form these experiments that has made its way into mainstream medical treatment but there are many others which of course emanate from the Frankenstein experimentation that these projects are set up to achieve. Eli Lilly the company to which the Bush family have very strong links are seeking to market a version of Prozac for children in peppermint and orange flavours. Already some 400.000 youngsters under 18 are being treated with Prozac in the US alone. Eli Lilly also connects with the Morgan and Rockefeller networks and intelligence agencies. Other pharmaceutical companies involved in drugs research for mind control include Sterling Drug which is a spin off from Hitler’s I.G Farben belonging to the Nefilim Krupps bloodline, the CIA’s Tinker Foundation, the Order of St John of Jerusalem and Monsanto Chemical Company where the president Earle H. Harbison Jr who, as director of the infamous Bethesda General Hospital is responsible for all the slaves coming out of the mind control programme known as Project Monarch. Monsanto is very heavily involved with genetically modified foods. So we can see from what minds electric shock treatment emanates.


The lady I was speaking with went on at length about her failing relationship with her husband and mentioned the Jehovah’s Witnesses. Well, she immediately got all my attention as I gently pressed her for more information. It was clear to me that this couple had began to have problems when one of her husbands friends had joined the Jehovah order which in her words, “a lot of strange people who seemed to do as one particular man dictated arrived on the scene”, and that this man who she named, had claimed to be a Freemason. She said they sort of just took over their lives and that her husband became very domineering and judgmental of her and all the new friends seemed to back his behaviour towards her. It was when this was at its worst that she had requested the electric shock treatment. Understanding the occult practices of the Freemasons and the Jehovah’s Witnesses, which are one and the same, this lady’s plight was obvious to me and I gave the advice I thought would best help the lady, I will not give any of the names this lady gave to me in this phase of operations, but I will take a look at what she told me and if I conclude she is correct with the people she named I will offer it in a future phase.

I have noticed an upsurge in the activities of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, as I have seen the same with the Mormon Church (the church of Jesus Christ and latter day saints).

This brings me to rectify information I gave you in a very early phase in which I stated Lostock Hall had the central Temple to these two orders. As it would transpire it is Chorley that has the major Temple and it is under the operations of the Priesthood of Melchizdek better known as the Mormons priesthood. So I must offer apologies to Lostock Hall if I caused offence to those who live in that town. I was visited by the Jehovah’s Witnesses over a weekend in early March 2007; it was a young chap and an elderly lady. Both came across as very decent people so I decided to inform them about the Freemasonic connections to their church and the history of the Russell family giving detailed information about their founding father Charles Taze Russell. They listened with intent but as with all religions struggled in the extreme to accept the information. I also spoke of how we on this street had witnessed the destruction of a young son of one of the families on this street as he reached 16 and attempted to inform his mother he no longer wished to belong to the Church. They knew the boy and from their reaction they agreed with the mother who basically threw him out and dis-owned him, this boy was only 16 years of age. It was really sad to see his mother who I feel is a good soul completely blank her son as is demanded by the Church should one of the flock have a change of heart, we all witnessed this terrible event as it played itself out late 2005 into 2006. I hope I have made a difference to these two people that visited my home in that they are now better armed as far as information goes to the cult they have allowed themselves to be used by. One of the strangest things during the conversation was how she was attacking religion?


Over the last couple of years I have been led to large quantities of information relating to the network and personnel from the Clitheroe and Blackburn areas, Preston also, it goes further a field than this of course, but I am concentrating upon those areas close to this town as it is the centre of this rebellion. I have a full story to be told but as yet I am not convinced on some aspects and with others I see a bigger picture forming. I have updated the dossier with this information as it forms itself in the present, yet I like to give the information in such a way that all those who are in it but not of it have the opportunity to release themselves from their positions having intuitively understood were I am going next, as it is for those operatives who do understand to a degree what it is they are doing and those who understand fully what they are doing to cease in their operations and another chance at re-considering what they are doing, this way individuals win, we all win the creature doesn’t get its way those who are trapped by the creature keep their anonymity for a while  in the hope they change, “it’s about demolishing the agenda not men and women”, this is the standpoint from which I emanate at this current point in time. I am for the human race and all others; it is the satanic agenda I oppose and nothing else. Of course there are those who will never change but they will destroy themselves as the vibrations quicken. Remove yourselves from these operatives now before they drag you down with them


 I was surprised to see a clip of the new Helen Mirren portrayal of the current Queen of England during the time of the death of Diana. It showed Mirren explaining why there was no reaction from the Palace, and how they were caring for Diana’s boys.

It is proven that the House of Windsor were at Balmoral in absolute shock at the response of the British People towards our loss at the heart level of the Princess of Wales. This event more than all their polls and questionnaires, showed them our true feelings for Diana, and this has terrified them. Not only did she take their limelight, they also began to see how out of sync their ways of existing with all the pomp and ceremony, are. You can bet your life Mirren gets an Oscar in 2007! This fabricated drama was then played on terrestrial TV on the Sunday following the commemorative service held by her two sons William and Harry on 31st August 2007. This murder was certainly double edged for the Crown Temple, on the one hand it fulfilled the agenda of the Knights Templar Church, to in Diana’s own words “use her as a brood mare” and then rid themselves of her, yet they failed to judge the connection at heart level Diana had with all those with hearts open. This is not such a monumental failure in logistics as one may think It is however irrefutable evidence to what I have been saying relative to how those who serve the Temple have had their connection to love blocked and so they couldn’t possibly have understood this love energy and thus it was not within their logistics for them to consider.

If you are looking for the return of  a saviour it has arrived and yet has always been here, and we saw it in no better way than the love reaction the world had when we lost this true Queen, broken she was, but broken by the Temple that ultimately destroyed her.

So I was then completely shocked to see re – runs of documentaries showing this Queen of Hearts in her broken moments, they are putting massive energy and money into breaking your love connection to Diana see the game. As I am writing this paragraph I have just realised the relevance, today is 30 August 2006 and in around 1 hours time we enter the 31st and the ninth anniversary of this assassination, which is of course the day of ritual sacrifice to the frequency corruption they call Hecate.

                                                             Mohamed Al Fayed

This creature’s day of worship is of course August 13th, which reverses and gives us August 31 as its day of Sacrifice. It was announced late November 06 that the next round of Diana’s inquest’s will be January 8th & 9th 2007, then low and behold we have documentaries an the TV doing there best to quash what they see as the main points of the conspiracy, or what I call truth. The use of Al Fayed in this latest round of bullshit is beyond me. It has been witnessed that with the Queen Mother Al Fayed agreed to the murder of his son and Diana in order he enter the establishment. Look at it another way, how the hell would a protagonist who was despised by the British establishment, an enemy to an establishment operative, Tiny Roland, and on every occasion he applied, was refused British citizenship, all of a sudden be in a position to own Harrods? The lies that are purported in these documentaries are beyond belief, and the so called main points they say are continuing the idea of conspiracy are certainly not the main pints at all. They are making a big effort as we come to the tenth anniversary because in assassinations of this calibre the public have usually lost interest in finding the truth, and this is an attempt at dictating to you all that what you know in your heart is false. Remember Al Fayed purchased the Paris home of Edward VIII and Mrs Simpson in the 1990’s and was a place both Diana and Dodi visited on the day they died. This purchase would never have been allowed if Al Fayed was not ‘IN’, his price to enter, the sacrifice of his son. Mohamed Al Fayed was born on January 27th 1929 and not as he has claimed to a wealthy family. He sold Coca Cola on the streets and later knocked on doors selling Singer sewing machines. Things changed for him after an introduction to Adnan Kashoggi, one of the most famous arms dealer /broker in the world. Kashoggi, the son of the personal physician to the King of Saudi Arabia employed Al Fayed or as he was known then ‘Mohamed Abdel Moneim Fayed’, in their business ventures. He supposedly fell out with the Kashoggi’s  and proceeded to lie his way through a stream of business deals taking a commission, the construction company Costain, was one of his main sources of income in the early days. Al Fayed‘s dealings with the Haiti dictator ‘Papa Doc’ gained him the interest of the CIA. One report on him remarked that: “he strikes one as being friendly and evil at the same time”. Al Fayed has never had anywhere near the amount of wealth he has claimed, Harrods was purchased with monies from the Sultan of Brunei, who just happens to be one of the richest men in the world. The Sultan operates with the house of Windsor and the CIA and the Bush’s. We have connections to this chap in Accrington, and I can say, I, when I was in, was on a heading to meet this Sultan of Brunei, for what I have only possible ideas. Al Fayed is a puppet of the Sultan of Brunei, who is a long standing friend and business associate of the Queen of England, and then some.

What I am stating here is that when you are in, you are given massive wealth to purchase that which the elite allow and wish you to purchase for your flash money or as it is termed, portfolio. This only remains while you say yes to whatever the elite have planned for you, when you say no it all goes and you die.

This is some of what Al Fayed has for his flash lifestyle to keep us all in the chase of glittery things: He owns a fleet of bullet proof Mercedes, a £3, 5 million Sikorsky helicopter, a £13 million gulfstream jet, a £15 million yacht, the Jonikal, Castles and 50.000 acres in Scotland, expensive homes in Gstaad, New York, Dubai, Geneva, Gerona, London, Surrey, and Los Angeles, all fully staffed and equipped. Balnagown, his Scottish castle, is close to Loch Ness, which is a very important energy centre to the Illuminati, a place so beloved of the Satanist Alistair Crawley. Al Fayed via his handler the Sultan of Brunei is big in the arms trade also. So what I am stating, which is the Modus Operandi for All the superrich, is… all that Al Fayed owns is really the front paid for by the Sultan of Brunei who is part of the Illuminati. Al Fayed is nothing other than a proxy, a puppet of the Illuminati, and his biggest role is to become the arch leader of the truth that that Diana and Dodi were murdered, thus giving total control of the investigation as it will roll on getting nowhere. And for the elite, who carried out this abomination, they can collect full knowledge of who the people are who are involved in exposing Diana’s death, and control of any new facts that come into play regarding the murder. listen to nothing this lap dog offers, follow your heart when it comes to Diana, as I suspect this lady has not played her last move yet against the Illuminati, we shall have to see, but I hope to heaven she did make video with the information she had wished exposed before her death. We do know the Illuminati are searching the globe for just such tapes.


The link between Freemasonry (Templars) and the Persian world is the ‘Order of the Mystic Shrine’, also known as the ‘Shriners’. Can you now see the connection between the application to become a ‘Shriner’ when you have reached the degree of Master Mason and the Islamic religion? This connects via the Knights Templar and is proof of the elite connections made during the Crusades which stand today. While understanding Freemasonry is ‘an’ Illuminati creation and operation created with the precision aim of re-collecting the Templars genetic bloodline memory of allegiance of the anti Rome type, born again in this time, and, since Freemasonic conception, to those of you who are Freemasons and are thus because of your strong connection via DNA memory to the old Templars, have fallen into the trap of the serpent cult of the Illuminati, and, your horse or DNA programming has deceived you and captured your being within yet another operation of Rome, or your DNA memory has been infiltrated or catered for in the present day organisations by the Elohim matrix and hoodwinked you into the service of your  enemy again. Exactly as has been done in times past to the race that hails ‘St George’, as the matrix has done to all DNA memory programming.

 Among the members of the order of the mystic shrine in the west have been, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt and his successor President Harry S. Trueman. There is also a Prince Hall Shrine for black members of the brotherhood, including the self styled spokesman for the black community in the USA, Jessie Jackson. This if nothing else I have offered in this work shows how all in the Islamic world at elite level including Sadam Hussein and Colonel Gaddafi, Iranian leader and Pakistan’s Musharaff, all operate for the Temple and ultimately the Roman Illuminati Church blinded by individual belief they serve God. So when you look at the Neil Hamilton cash for questions affair exposed by Al Fayed, he was operating for the elite to destroy the Tory Party to enable Blair to begin phase one and two of the road to Armageddon, he was not being altruistic at all. Do not forget, cash for questions was the normal political- business relationship of the time, Hamilton was doing nothing different to what all the other politicians were doing, he was just the scapegoat. Why him? Probably because he and his wife Christine were in fact two of the better souls in politics!


I would just like to state before I enter this next topic, with all I have said in this and previous works about the police, I am not attacking individual people who become police officers. I am speaking in terms of the structure of the police and how it serves the Crown and not Justice for the people but justice for the Illuminati. I would hope you understand in pointing out how the police service works, you would grasp the metal when in terms of getting out of this mess we are heading into, we, under no circumstances, must believe or even think we can leave it up to the organisations we as a society pay for with taxation, organisations we want in order such underhand conspiracies could never become reality, can in any way save the day.  These organisations are the very mask the secret chiefs shield their control and manipulation, there role in the game, and thus accountability, to the people the organisations are supposed to be serving, again see Protocol 15 on page 39 of this phase. This whole operation is to help us come together as a nation of human beings to stop this fascist new world order, coming together is the only way to halt it here in Britain. Coming together as a nation is not nationalist as the Illuminati attack and accuse you of, to come together here and stop it here, would help other nations follow suite via understanding. There has always to be a pioneer, I could think of no better pioneer than the British nation as a people to truly take the lead against the next phase of the Nazi agenda as we understand it from its last sick expression in Germany.


                                                                  UK POLICE


In previous phases I have talked about the changes being made to the Police service

 (fast becoming a force), and how they are setting themselves ready to fund themselves with charges for their service to institutions, I would cite the Premiership clubs who pay the same for their policing of the home match’s regardless of how many officers are used. This was highlighted  by the premiership club manager of Wigan a season or two ago, who questioned why he paid the same as Manchester United for his policing costs when he used only 10 or so officers. Blair has announced how the police forces are to be given the right to keep all crime booty collected in its operations. This will create the situation whereby the Police become a PLC governed by self funding financial conditions and thus the market. Of course with one major difference, it would be in the business of ensuring it arrested persons that would be of benefit to the booty kick the police would receive, a sort of old school naval combat commission, whereby the crew or regional force commanders would keep the plunder. The art of framing would thrive under these conditions, and would be aimed at you in the higher wealth bracket, land owners, especially those of you who own the land upon which the industrial centres are built. At all levels it is essential to see how this agenda of the new world order benefits none at all levels save the super elite. They have now also announced the idea that yobs as they put it, should be charged £200 for a night in the cells. I know it sounds rather far fetched, but this is the agenda they seek to implement, should this type of nonsense become reality in the future you as parents will be paying this £200 on behalf of your children who will be arrested just to ensure the cells in each police station are full to rake in the maximum each station can accommodate each evening, it will become the target of all police stations to ensure all the cells are full every night! You have to see these snippets of what appear to be nonsense together with the big picture which further proves the agenda I have been exposing for over four years now. During my investigations into this dark agenda a name that comes up time and again in this part of England, is Councillor Malcolm Doherty, OBE the current Chair of the Lancashire Police Authority. I would ask you the people if you know anything about this man to pass it onto me as I would need more proof before entering that quagmire. Remember that 41% of police officers time is taken up with processing and paperwork, you then have to add to this the time operated under Radio Shutdown, this leaves little time to investigate anything, now can you see how organised crime is protected and allowed to run riot.


As of January 2007 there are currently 141.000 officers, that’s an increase of 14.000 officers since Blair came to power.

The police force has had a financial rise in real terms; of 45% bringing current police budget to £3.1 billion per year.

There is however 73.000 administrative personnel all paid for from within the police budget.

Only 1 in 40 police officers within each police station are available to respond to 999 calls.


What we have here is covert building of the police force yet to the people there are still not enough police. This is because they do not wish us to grasp the true size of this force until they are ready to operate on the streets as the Gestapo.

With all these changes serious crime has gone through the roof. Officers no longer have the ability to proper investigate crime, are drowned in paperwork and kept under wraps with the radio shutdown system.  So to what agenda has all the money gone? It for sure has not gone on investigating crime, and to cap it all, it is the Crown Prosecution Service that decides who is and who is not prosecuted via the courts. This is the sad truth of our police service and law, regardless of how good the individual officers and teams are, they are knocked back by the CPS and most operatives of crime are not even taken through the courts. To this change in our legal system has the money gone, not to fighting crime.

On Tuesday 27th Feb., we have the new law relating to use of mobile phones in cars taking effect. What blew my mind was a policeman claiming “the message we must get across is that it is dangerous to drive while using a phone, it’s dangerous”. This was immediately after he had told us why it was ok for police to do just that!! And how hand held two way radios was somehow different, claiming “we all know that”!

What utter tripe.


Now, if we look at Tony Blair with him now having been forced to give a definite date for his exit, to me at least shows quite profoundly that before the end of Bush and Blair’s reign we will be screwing Iran to the floor and the move to North Korea before Autumn 2007. They have to leave a legacy that will take the world beyond the threshold of world war scenario emanating from the Middle East.




I am impressed to see a push exposing the fable that is, 911, and the, “Bin Laden to blame”, theory, as given out by the elite since that terrible day.

I will begin with some pretty expert scepticism:


Andreas von Bulow, the former German Minister of Defence and Minister for Research and Technology in the government of German Chancellor Helmut Schmidt, told the German daily newspaper Der Tagesspiegel that the official story of September 11th was nonsense. During official government investigations he learned about the methods of German and American intelligence and security agencies, and he wrote a book on the subject, Im Namen des Staates (in the name of the states). He says that 95% of the work of intelligence agencies is deception and disinformation communicated through the mass media to create an “acceptable virtual version of events”. Von Bulow told Der Tagesspiegel that the planning of the 911 attacks was technically and organisationally a master achievement. To hijack four huge aeroplanes within a few minutes  and, within one hour to drive them to their targets, with complicated flight manoeuvres was unthinkable, he said, without years of support from “secret apparatuses of the state and industry”. He said there are 26 intelligence services in the United States with a budget of $30 billion – more than the German defence budget – and yet they were not able to prevent the attacks and for 60 decisive minutes, the military and intelligence services let fighter planes stay on the ground”. But within 48 hours, he said, the FBI had presented a list of suicide attackers, six of which turned out to be alive. He went on:


“If this Atta was the decisive man in the operation, it’s really strange that he took such a risk of taking a plane that would reach Boston such a short time before the connecting flight. Had his flight been a few minutes late, he would not have been in the plane that was hijacked. Why should a sophisticated terrorist do this? One can, by the way, read on CNN (internet) that none of these names were on the official passenger lists. None of them had gone through the check-in procedures. And why did none of the threatened pilots give the agreed upon code 7700 over the transponder to the ground station?


“In addition: the black boxes that are fire and shock proof, as well as the voice recordings, contain no valuable data…[and]…assailants…in their preparations, leave tracks behind them like a herd of stampeding elephants. They made payments with credit cards with their own names; they reported to their flight instructors with their own names. They left behind rented cars with flight manuals in Arabic… they took with them, on their suicide trip, wills and farewell letters, which fall into the hands of the FBI, because they were stored in the wrong place and wrongly addressed. Clues were left behind like in a Childs game of hide and seek, which were to be followed!”


Eckehardt Werthebach, the former chief of German domestic intelligence, agrees with this assessment. He told the American Free Press that the magnitude of the planning and the “deathly precision” could not have been achieved without support from the state intelligence organisation. The lack of prior warning would also indicate such an involvement, he said. Horst Ehmke, the man who supervised German intelligence in the 1970’s, says the same – an intelligence organisation had to be involved. He said the events of September 11th looked like a “Hollywood production”. Mohamed Atta is the man the FBI claims led the attacks on September 11th. The information relative to this man certainly does not add up. Many believe he had is identity stolen then killed, this thought is a growing suspicion relative to more of the eventually named hijackers.

The first sign of a problem on this day was at 8.13am which leaves a 27 minute gap between problem and the alerting of NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command). This is completely against the rules relative to air traffic control action when they lose contact with an airplane.


Not one of the four planes involved sent the four digit code 7700 to alert ground to a hijack taking place.


When the first names and pictures were displayed on TV, more than a third of them were still alive, some were already dead.

None of the released names were on the official passenger lists.

In fact the FBI cannot actually prove the hijackers were even on the planes at all!

I think that would lose in a court of law.


All staff involved in the checking in of passengers at the airports from which these flights took off, have been placed on a gagging order completely.


There was not a single Afghan name on the list given out by the FBI, they were in the main, made up of Saudi names certainly there was not one Iraqi name on the FBI’s list.

Lieutenant Colonel Steve Butler, a US Air Force veteran and vice chancellor for student affairs at the Defence Language Institute in Monterey California, said that Bush  knew the 911 attacks were coming, but did nothing because he needed his war on terror. Butler sent a letter setting out his claims to the Monterey County Herald and it was published on May 26th 2002. Butler a former combat pilot who took part in the Gulf war of 1991, said, baby Bush was using Bin Laden in the same way his father used Saddam Hussein and Iraq. Butler was soon relieved of his duties and transferred to Travis Air Force Base pending an investigation into his conduct. In fact Bush was told of an immanent attack during an intelligence meeting on 6th August 2001, the intelligence was, that they should look for Middle Eastern trainee pilots as it was understood Terrorist groups were looking at plane hijacking as their main offensive.


Russia’s President Putin said that before 911 he had ordered Russian intelligence to warn the US government “in the strongest possible terms” of immanent assault on airports and government buildings.


The German newspaper Neue Presse reported how a 29 year old Iranian held in custody in Hanover warned US intelligence officials of an attack planned in America the week of September 10th.


More than a month before 911, Delmart Edward Joseph “Mike” Vreeland, an operative with US Navel Intelligence, says he warned from his Canadian prison cell that the attacks were going to happen. Vreeland gave a note to prison guards listing potential targets including the world trade centre, the White House and the Pentagon, and it said: “Let one happen, stop the rest.” Vreeland was in prison on what he says were manufactured charges relating to credit card fraud, designed to keep him out of circulation. He says he was in Moscow working for navel intelligence in the closing months of 2000 on a mission relating to the star wars defence system, and flew to Toronto in December of that year. He said he had a sealed pouch containing intelligence documents that he was supposed to hand over, but when his contact didn’t turn up he opened the pouch and read some of the contents. Vreeland says the documents gave warnings of the planned attacks on the world trade centre. This was nine months before they happened. Vreeland told investigator Mike Ruppert what the documents said:


One document was written in English by a US agent, who had picked up a copy of a document that had been sent to V Putin by K Hussein, Saddam Hussein’s son. This is what the translation of the document indicates. The Iraqis knew in June 2000 that I was coming to Russia. I didn’t get my orders until August. The letter said that Bastien [a Canadian Embassy official later found dead] and Vreeland would be dealt with ‘in a manner suitable to us’. The letter specifically stated on page two, ‘our American official guarantees this.’


Vreeland was held by the Canadians at the request of the US and he says he told the Canadian Authorities on December 6th 2000 that he needed to contact the Canadian military immediately, but he said they “…turned blue, walked away and I never saw them again”. Vreeland said he thought he was dealing with idiots who had no clue what was about to happen, but he added: “it’s been put to me that there were certain officials who wanted the attacks to happen.” US officials have denied that Vreeland is a navel intelligence operative and say he was thrown out of the navy after a few months in 1986. But in January 2002 his lawyer called the Pentagon switchboard from an open court and asked the operator for the office of Lieutenant Delmart Vreeland. The operator confirmed Vreeland’s rank as a Lieutenant O-3, his room number, and gave his direct dial number. There are many more facts like these relative to the US intelligence agencies knowing about the planned attacks, yet if you have truly grasped this operation you would now find it more shocking not to be so. How could they not know, they control all these fanatical people, Blair, Bush, Saddam, and individual terrorists, its all a production of Hollywood calibre on behalf of the Gods, with the secret stars of the show, the ‘Nefilim’ bloodlines, and the cast, the poor old  ‘human race!’ What we have here is the situation whereby the people who are lying about Vreeland and his position within US intelligence, are the same folks telling the tale about 911, the London bombings, the Madrid bombings add infinitum. When you see Bush speak in terms of ; “there are people in this world who will kill torture and maim innocent civilians to further their own evil ends and you see him sort of smile as he speaks, its because they are speaking about themselves and are forced to laugh at how stupid the flock are, they split themselves at the end of each day at how much bullshit they have set off into the world, and are getting  away with, yet while you fail to face these facts onward goes the fascist state. With no one willing to listen to him Vreeland wrote his warning on a piece of paper, sealed it in an envelope, and handed it to jail guards a month before the attacks. They opened the letter on September the 14th and told the authorities. Vreeland would not reveal who gave him the document pouch because it would jeopardise the lives of active agents, and violate the national security act of 1947.

Mike Ruppert’s questioning of Vreeland included the following exchange:


Q:    Your written warning contains the statement “let one happen, stop the rest.”

        Who was going to let one happen? Who was going to stop the rest?    

A:    I can’t comment on the advice of council.


Q:    Does that statement imply that the US or some other intelligence agency had

       Achieved complete penetration of the terrorist cells?

A:    That goes without question. Sometimes certain governments design, create  

       Networks like Al Qaeda, which was really the government in Afghanistan.

       Those entities create specific problems at the creating government’s direction.


Q:    Do you know who had achieved this penetration?

A:    I cannot comment on that.


Q:    Is it possible that the terrorist cells were being “run” without knowing by whom?

A:    Absolutely. 


Even at this chaps compartmentalised position within the Pentagon still has him thinking governments do the ordering, when in fact it is operatives from the Illuminati dictating orders using politics as the cover.

The day before the attacks, the investment company Goldman Sachs circulated a memo warning of possible terrorist attack, advising employees to stay away from American government buildings.

Willie Brown, the Mayor of San Francisco, said he was warned at 10pm the previous night by what he called “my security people at the airport” to be especially cautious about travelling by air on September the 11th.

Author Salman Rushdie told the London Times that he believed that the US authorities knew of an imminent attack when they banned him from taking internal flights in Canada and the USA just a week before the attacks. They have an agenda with you Mr Rushdie if they need you alive, I would suggest you remove yourself from the elite’s protection before you are assassinated to further the hatred against the Muslim’s. It was announced on Tuesday June 19th 2007 he is to get a knighthood; I think you get the picture.


                                                         THE MONEY TRAIL


We then have the stock market trading the day before the attacks involving airlines and companies involved in the attacks. We are told by the elite that Osama Bin Laden while living in a cave in Afghanistan planned and executed the 911 attacks as we saw on our TV screens, are we also told to believe he orchestrated the stock market movements also? Or would such movements require the efforts of the CIA, banking and stock market authorities?

What must be considered by you is the fact that most high level CIA operatives arrive straight out of the banking and financial sector. Of course this is no surprise when you consider the House of Rothschild controls the banking system as it controls the global intelligence service on behalf of the Royal bloodlines, so the two go together.

The CIA claims to constantly monitor unusual financial transactions on the markets to track evidence of possible terrorist and criminal activity, which brings about the question “what do they consider to be Unusual” if not the transactions before the 911 event. The stock markets are not created for the benefit of the people. One could say they are giant casinos. A news report from Wall Street or the London stock exchange is little more than a report from Las Vegas on how the blackjack and roulette tables are playing, albeit with people’s livelihoods.

Two ways of operating with stock are, ‘put’ and ‘call’ options. A put option is when you bet that stock in a company will go down in value; if of course your bet is successful you make big money. A call option is when you bet the company stock will go up. The two airlines involved in September11th were American Airlines and United Airlines. As you would expect the share prices of both these companies would tumble after the attack, as would the share price of all the companies operating within the World Trade Centre towers. Between September 6th and 7th 2001 4.744 put options were placed on United Airlines against only 396 call options at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. Three days later 4.516 put options were purchased on American Airlines on the exchange and only 748 call options. This represents over six times the usual number of put options when trading in other airlines certainly did not follow this pattern. This same trading pattern can be seen among major companies trading from the world trade centre like Morgan Stanley, Dean Witter & Merrill Lynch, both of whom occupied 22 floors. This pattern again, is seen in the major insurance companies that would face enormous claims after the attacks. When these highly unusual trading patterns were reported, revealing as they do prior knowledge of the attacks, more than $2.5 million in put profits on United Airlines went unclaimed.

Michael Ruppert the researcher and former Los Angeles police department drug investigator makes the CIA connection to this evidence of insider trading in the days before 911:


“That evidence also demonstrates that, in the case of at least one of these trades which have left a $2.5 million prise unclaimed – the firm used to place the put options on United Airlines stock was until 1998, managed by the man who is now in the number three Executive Director position at the Central Intelligence Agency.

Until 1997, A.B. ‘Buzzy’ Krongard had been chairman of the investment bank A.B.Brown. A.B.Brown was acquired by bankers trust in 1997.  Krongard then became, as part of the merger, Vice Chairman of Bankers Trust-A.B.Brown, one of twenty major US banks named by Senator Carl Levin this year as being connected to money laundering. Krongard’s last position at Bankers Trust (BT) was to oversee ‘private client relations’. In this capacity he had direct hands on relations with some of the wealthiest people in the world in a kind of specialised banking operation that has been identified by the US Senate and other investigators as being closely connected to the laundering of drug money.”


In 1998 Krongard was appointed as counsel to CIA Director George Tenet and was promoted to Executive Director of the CIA by George W Bush in March 2001.

After Krongard left for the CIA, Bankers Trust A.B.Brown was taken over in 1999 by Deutsche Bank to form the biggest bank in Europe. Deutsche Bank was also used for the highly unusual pre 911 trading and its London branch is frequented, by the Bin Laden family. When the news of the stock trades broke, the CIA announced there would be an investigation, that this would include the market regulators in the US, the UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Japan. Have you heard anything about this investigation since? In the famous scouse; “Exactly”. Pretty sure the investigation to this trading does not lead to a cave in Afghanistan!!!

They mentioned this insider trading in the latest James Bond film ‘Casino Royale’; of course with you all assuming this was done from a cave in Afghanistan, and not as it was by Americans!

Eight months after the attacks, a $7 billion lawsuit was filed against President Bush on behalf of families that lost loved ones. Filed by San Francisco Lawyer, Stanley Hilton, a former aide to Bob Dole. This lawsuit contains some 400 plaintiffs and names ten defendants, including Bush, Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, Condoleezza Rice, and Norman Minetta. If we may we shall run through some facts found by Hilton as he prepares his case.

That Bin Laden died some years ago from kidney failure.

The government have offered each family of the victims $1.8 million if they waved the right to sue the government, security companies, and the airlines involved. Does that sound like hush money or what? Hilton states he has had meetings with contacts that had been in several meetings with the top ‘Pentagon Brass’, before 911 at which the attacks were discussed. He said that air force personnel had told him that when flight 77 entered the no fly zone over Washington it gave the top secret code to indicate it was the president’s plane, Air Force One. The reason he says there was no response from the Capitals ground to air defence system. Hilton said that a flight attendant with American Airlines, who knew many of the attendants who died on September 11th, told Hilton that a pilot on the American Airlines Airbus A300, which mysteriously crashed after take off from New York two months after the September attacks, had some knowledge of what had happened during the 911 attacks. She told Hilton that the pilot had been in the control tower at New York’s Kennedy airport while the hijackings were taking place and he knew the official story was untrue. She said he was having qualms about keeping quite about what he had seen, and Hilton said the “unofficial” rumour at American Airlines was that the plane was sabotaged so the pilot would be killed. Hilton said he learned that many top Bush officials flew on American Airlines commercial planes, but a few weeks before the attacks this stopped. Another highly significant issue relates to the third building to collapse again in a controlled demolition. In the first instance the owner of this building just before the attacks spent $500 million on a new insurance policy which after the event gave him a claim of $3 billion. The BBC announced on that day that this building had collapsed around an hour before it actually did collapse. Within this building was the Mayors office but most importantly this building held all Hedge Fund records which are now destroyed. Hedge Funds are for the super rich only with a basic investment requirement of £100 million. All the shortfalls in pensions and other financial institutions where sucked into these Hedge Funds, which of course we have no records to prove the theft and fraud to which these funds stole. The owner of this building is an Ashkenazi Jew. 911 is Americas equivalent of the Nazis burning of the Reichstag, the consequence‘s which, for civil liberties, disastrous! In Britain on the back of 7 7 we had the Civil Contingency Act and an attempt at carrying through the Legislative and Regulatory Act which was blocked by the House of Lords, thank the heavens for the House of Lords.



Remote Control


The military in the US has been operating remote controlled fully sized aircraft for at least 40 years. These events have had many who are expert in the field of aviation and the military grouping together in the US and discussing the physical flight paths of these planes. The general conclusions are heading overwhelmingly to the idea that either the planes where flown by expert fighter pilots or by remote control from the ground. To be brief: Joe Vialls a former member of the society of licensed Aeronautical Engineers and Technologists in London, claims like a growing number of aeronautical personnel and of course investigators that the planes involved in the 911 attack were indeed taken over by remote control, Vialls writes:


“In the mid seventies… two American multinationals collaborated with the Defence Advanced Projects Agency (DARPA) on a project designed to facilitate the remote recovery of hijacked American aircraft. [This]…allowed specialist ground controllers to take absolute control of a hijacked aircrafts computerised flight control system by remote means. From that point onwards, regardless of the wishes of the hijackers or flight deck crew, the hijacked aircraft could be recovered and landed automatically at an airport of choice, with no more difficulty than flying a radio controlled model plane. This was the system used to facilitate direct ground control of the four aircraft used in the high profile attacks on New York and Washington on 11th September 2001.


Vialls claims that this technology allows specialist ground controllers to hear cockpit conversations on an aircraft and take over its computerised flight control system by remote means. Vialls refers to the technology as “Home Run” and suggests that these top secret computer codes were broken on September 11th to allow control of the planes from the ground. He writes:


“In order to make home run truly effective it had to be completely integrated with all onboard systems, and this could only be accomplished with new aircraft design, several of which were on the drawing boards at the time. Under cover of deep secrecy, the multinationals and DARPA went ahead on this basis and built back doors into the new computer designs. There are two very obvious hard requirements at this stage, the first a primary control channel for use in taking over the flight control system and flying the aircraft back to an airfield of choice, and secondly a covert audio channel for monitoring flight deck conversations. Once the primary channel was activated, all aircraft functions came under direct ground control, permanently removing the hijackers and pilots from the control loop.”


Vialls says this technology “piggy backs” on the planes transponder and this is why he suggests, they were unable to send the hijack code from any of the many activation points on the aircraft. He says the “takeover” technology locks into the frequency of the transponder’s communication channel overriding its use by the pilot. Thus no hijack code is sent because before the pilot realises there is a problem, there is no transponder channel through which to communicate it. The official story states that some transponders were switched off some time after the planes began to act strangely. Vialls says further, that the cockpit listening capability of the home run technology intercepts the microphones in the cockpit, which normally feed the pilots conversations to the cockpit voice recorder in a “black box”. The voice recorders would therefore be blank, he says, because these microphones would have been de activated once the remote control took over.

Vialls also states that Lufthansa, the German national airline, took action to remove the home run technology:


“As long ago as the early nineties, a major European flag carrier [Lufthansa] acquired the information and was seriously alarmed that one of its own aircraft might be “rescued” by the Americans without its authority. Accordingly this flag carrier completely stripped the American flight control computers out of its entire fleet, and replaced them with a home grown version. These aircraft are now effectively impregnable to penetration by home run, but that is more than can be said for the American aircraft fleet.” [And British]


What is being stated here is that all aircraft using the Fly By Wire control systems are open to this type of ground takeover!  That’s Frightening!

Andreas Von Bulow, the former Germany Minister for Defence and Minister of Science and Technology, said in his outspoken interview with Tagesspiegel: “There is also the theory of one British flight engineer: according to this, the steering of the planes was perhaps taken out of the pilots hands, from outside. The Americans had developed a method in the seventies, whereby they could rescue hijacked planes by intervening into the computer piloting. This theory says this technique was abused in this case.

Brian Desborough, an American conspiracy researcher since the 1960’s and former scientist with the Boeing corporation states:


Unlike earlier planes such as the Boeing 747, which are equipped with conventional hydraulically-operated flight controls, the Boeing 757 and 767 aircraft that were involved in the 911 incidents and the Airbus 300 which crashed at Queens New York have fly by wire flight control systems as a weight saving measure. These aircraft types are equipped with a special black box developed by the US Department of Defence Research Agency, DARPA. If terrorists attempt to hijack a fly by wire aircraft and deviate off course, the black box prevents whoever is piloting the aircraft from sending flight commands to the flight control surfaces and engines. Instead the aircraft is remotely flown from a land-based covert Federal facility.”


“In all probability, a Global Hawk remote surveillance aircraft was circling at 60.000 feet over New York on 911 in order to provide the ground command centre a real time image of the aircraft. At 60.000 feet, the surveillance aircraft would be invisible to the people on the ground. I am aware of a very covert research company in California engaged in the development of advanced engines for tanks.”


There are many more expert testaments to this idea of remote control, enough for it to be taken seriously.

What I find strange about the hijackers, is that with the amount of CCTV in and around airports, why have they no more footage of the hijackers parking their cars at the airport, in the departure lounges, and at the checking desks? If they had such footage I am pretty sure it would have been blazoned across the TV networks, for sure.


The Towers


The main points of focus are, the way in which the towers fell, the way in which the whole rescue mission was carried out, and how the debris was handled in the clean up operation. Lee Robinson the structural engineer who designed the towers, told an international coalition on terrorism in Frankfurt, Germany, a week before the attacks that they were designed to withstand a hit by a Boeing 707 commercial jet and this carried about as much fuel as a 757 and 767. Another world trade centre architect, Aaron Swirski, lives in Israel and spoke to the Jerusalem Post Radio after attack. He said the buildings were “designed against that eventuality to survive this kind of attack”. In fact the towers where designed to survive a seven plane impact. The melting point of steel is 1.538 degrees Celsius or 2.800 Fahrenheit, and although it would not have had to reach this to fail we are talking a serious temperature in a building of some 200.000 tons of steel. This is significant because when heat is applied it moves outward through the steel and this helps to cool down the source point by carrying heat away. Structural Engineer G. Charles Clifton said: “in my opinion, based on available evidence, there appears no indication that the fires were as severe as a fully developed multi story fire in an initially undamaged building would typically be.

Demolition experts are of the same conclusion in that to fall as they did, the fact that the second tower to be hit was the first to fall even though the fuel was burned up in an outward explosion thus lessening the heat inside the buildings, do not tally with the concertina collapse of the towers. All are of the conclusion there had to be either fixed explosives which you can see exploding as the tower collapses, or and, wait for it, “one of the military’s newest and most powerful laser weapons.” It just gets worse!

I am a builder and I can say when I enter unsafe buildings I can sense the problem before I necessarily see the fault, a sort of intuitive connection to the building on which I work. When I watched the attacks live on TV when the towers collapsed I actually vocalised the words “no way”, and I stand still today with that feeling and the more I study the information available to the events the more I trust that initial feeling. Fire Chiefs could not believe that the aftermath was not treated as a crime scene that the clean up operation was being done at such speed and the steel was being re-cycled immediately, what were they hiding? Well the new laser weapons of the elite actually turn the target stone like minerals (not steel) into dust. Not a single block of concrete was found in the aftermath, all the concrete had been turned to dust, again I am a builder, this is highly unusual.


                                       ALEXANDER LITVINENKO - CONNECTION


With the recent assassination of the former Russian KGB operative Alexander Litvinenko we are seeing remnants of an operation the same as 911 but in the Russian federation. This assassination is linked to Russia’s 911 events, the bombing of the block of flats in Moscow in 1999 when Putin was Prime Minister and controller of the KGB now FSB, which began the second slaughter against the Chechen people. Before we look at this assassination it would help to understand what was passed into law in Russia in the summer of 2006 by President Putin. It is now within Russian law to allow assassination of dissidents who speak out in any way against the Government and President of Russia, which of course means Putin. This law allows them to carry out these assassinations inside Russia, and, anywhere else in the world; this is now a law in Russian diplomacy! Part of the New World Order is for the United States and Russia to become one power structure in secret of course. This will act in a way whereby Russia overtly becomes the crown of the underworld. This then gives the elite the opportunity to blame all assassinations etc on Russia who are openly allowing this within their political and military policy across Europe and Britain, a sort of cold war but a bit warmer. All western operations of the negative will be thrown at the feet of the Russian federation openly in the eyes of the media and politics globally. We are witnessing the future fear of Europe instilled into the American mind that it has been taken by Communist Russia. In order for this to be accomplished we have the entrance to Europe of former Soviet nations which will allow the movement of these Russian underworld Khazar operatives into every part of Europe. We shall see this from January 2007 with the influx of the two former soviet nations given the green light to enter Britain using the self employed card.  Back to the assassination of Litvinenko, if we begin with the bombing of the Russian block of flats in 1999 which I state was the 911 for Russia to attack Chechnya, Putin at this time was the Prime minister. He was basically the man behind this bombing, which gave him the chance to prove himself to the Russian elite in how he operated the war. He excelled in viciousness and ethnic cleansing, this in turn exited the Russian political and financial elite, and he was backed to become the next President of Russia in 2000. If we go then to the well respected female journalist Anna Politkouskia, we know she was investigating and proving Putin’s role in the bombing of the Russian flats in 1999, she had already stated she new he was the man behind it through the FSB (KGB). With the law as stated passed this summer allowing the assassination of dissidents to Putins regime, she was assassinated in the autumn of 2006.

Alexander Litvinenko was also investigating Putins role in the assassination of Anna Politkouskia and was getting too close, and as we have just seen he too was assassinated. This is a carbon copy of what has been done with 911; people have been killed who could have blown the cover of America’s government’s reason for war. The World Trade Centre disaster has been the catalyst for war in Afghanistan and Iraq. It’s just that we in the west are less inclined to accept that our so called elite are not the same mindset as Putin. Putin is a puppet of the Nefilim bloodlines as are all world leaders. It really is time to open your eyes and ears to the truth of this New World Order. Both Anna Politkouskia and Litvinenko believed unto their deaths that the West and Russia are separate organisations, this is how cutting edge the information I am bringing to you is, it is the top levels of the conspiracy I offer you. On the Sunday Am programme on the BBC Sunday 3rd June 2007, they interviewed Alexander’s wife Marina who like her late husband passionately believes the British Intelligence and establishment to be wholly trusted when in truth British Intelligence controls and always has, the KGB/FSB. The assassination of Litvinenko could well have been carried out by British intelligence; whoever carried it out it was from the top, because the substance Polonium 210 is not in the hands of anyone outside the military intelligence elite. Remember people the intelligence services of the world are one and the same; all controlled from within the top 13 Illuminati bloodlines. The man British Intelligence accuses of Alexander’s murder Andre Lugovoi has retaliated with this very accusation, he said MI6 played a part in this murder to which I would be very surprised if this was not the case. The prevention of both Anna Politkouskia and Alexander Litvinenko’s investigations going any further was in the interests of the American elite more so than Putin’s. I state this because it moves you the Western masses closer to the fact that 911 was the creation of the elite, just as the death of JFK and the Queen of Hearts, Diana. Like the house of cards the New World Order is, it is beginning to fall from the greatest height. We must pull out of the European power pyramid now!! Information I came across early 2007 is the testament from the North Tower janitor William Rodriegus. This man was the only operative on that day with the master key to all doors within the north tower, the other four where held by executives who of course where not in the buildings that day. He led all the firemen into the buildings opening the doors to evacuate the people, he was also the last man out as it collapsed and hid under a fire engine. He says that before the plane hit there was a massive explosion in the basement which sent a plume of dust into the building, he then states there was a second explosion at the top of the building and then the plane hit. He is currently speaking about his information across America because when he was called to the 911 inquiry to testify he told them of the explosions yet this information was emitted within the inquiry and conclusion. This man is gathering ‘A’ list celebrities to his cause with success in the USA. This same type of emitting key evidence has been used relative to the London 7 7 bombings, which I will detail in the next phase of this work.


Federal Emergency Management Agency, FEMA

  And Hurricane Andrew


This organisation, the brainchild of Zbigniew (Ashkenazi) Brzezinski and Oliver North, is the agency created to deal with internal emergencies within the USA. Set up after the actions of Daddy George Bush in 1976 when he was director of the CIA. Bush assembled a group called Team B, which released a report claiming the CIA had underestimated the dangers of a Soviet nuclear attack. The report advised the development of elaborate plans for “Civil Defence” and a post nuclear government, three years later FEMA was given overall responsibility for these plans. Bush signed executive order 12681 on July 6th 1989, which gave FEMA, which is supposed to be an “emergency response agency”, the right to spy on Americans. FEMA can then take total control of all departments in the nation including; food and to decide were the populations should live and work. Basically FEMA becomes the overriding dictator of events in America completely overriding the whole constitution.

What will shock the world is that the holocaust against the American people has begun, I would cite the last massive natural disaster in the Deep South were all the populations were just left to die.  But I will cite an earlier Hurricane in detail, to show you what I mean. Take this section of work to show exactly what it is we are trying to prevent on a Global scale…

 Survivors of Hurricane Andrew which struck Florida in 1992 tell a horror story beyond comprehension outside the Second World War. Far from helping the hundreds of thousands of homeless and injured victims, FEMA cordoned off the area and left the people to fend for themselves. They were given no food, no water, no medical supplies, no shelter and basically no help whatsoever when the disaster struck. One of the victims was K.T. Frankovich who suffered serious injuries in the hurricane. She tells of her horrific experiences in her book, ‘Where Heavens Meet’. About three days after the hurricane had devastated the region, she said a long line of Police cars, around 12 to 15 arrived in her area. Each car was driven by a man in a dark police uniform and they had three other plain clothes men riding as passengers she said. K.T. had a broken jaw, eight teeth knocked out and huge pieces of glass embodied in her body. She begged this FEMA convoy for help and this was the exchange that followed, as she describes in her book Where Heavens Meet:


“Please sir, I need medical help, I begged barley able to speak. The officer sitting behind the wheel sighed heavily. He turned his head away from me and gazed out of his windshield. The other three men in the car quietly looked at me. ‘Sir please I need to get to a hospital,’ I begged frantically. The officer took his time about reaching over to switch off the engine. With another sigh, he slowly opened the door and climbed out. He then proceeded to close the door and stood there with his legs spread astride,”


“Lady do me a favour, he answered. Find yourself a piece of paper and a pencil. Write down your name and social security number next to the telephone number of your nearest living relative. Tuck the piece of paper in your pocket so tomorrow, when I find your body, I’ll know who to contact.”


“No no I cried out. You don’t understand. I need to get to a hospital, I’ve been badly injured.”

“No, you’re the one who doesn’t understand, he hissed back.

“With that he reached over to his holster and took out his gun. He grabbed me forcing me up against the side of the car, and proceeded to put the barrel of the gun against my temple. I heard the hammer cock. From the position he had forced me into, I could see directly into the car. The man sitting in the front passenger seat looked away from me immediately, glancing down at the floor. The two passengers in the back seat turned their heads quickly, staring out of the window on the other side of the car. My son and the other survivor watched as the officer had pulled back the hammer on the gun. So shocked out of their minds by what they were witnessing, neither one could move!


“You don’t belong here, the officer growled, pressing the barrel to the side of my head. Now you get yourself outa here before I blow away your ass.


“He shoved my face into the car window and then released me. Someone grabbed me from behind and whirled me round so fast; I didn’t have time to think. Before I knew it, I was being thrown over a shoulder. My rescuer took off running as fast as he could. I caught a brief glimpse of my son running next to me. With one gigantic leap, he and the survivor that carried me dove behind a pile of debris. All the three of us crashed on top of each other in one tangled up heap.


“I’ll shoot your damn asses,” the officer’s voice rang out.


One has to see these types of organisations as they are, the SS storm troopers of the Fascist State, do you still refuse to except that 911 was the work of the elite using the fanatical minds they have herded into a terrorist cell? This last block of information is the state of play within the United States in 1992. This is ethnic cleansing within their own nation, while at the same time they where operating against ethnic cleansing in Yugoslavia? The official death toll from hurricane Andrew was 26, but K.T. Frankovich says she herself saw 71 bodies taken away from one small area alone. She estimates the dead from this event to number in the thousands, but who save those that were there, know of this, and no one is listening. So again one can see once the ‘official’ story is released that is all the media promote to infinity and thus the masses question nothing. America is much nearer the planned coup than even I suspected. Which strengthens my understanding that events like we saw at the beginning of the year with the blowing up, yes blowing up of the fuel refinery in Hemel Hempstead, was no accident, yet another exercise in seeing how well they can control the people and systems within this nation under “Emergency powers”. See it, see it, see it, or this type of nonsense will lead ultimately to the maltreatment of British citizens by the stereotypical minds like FEMA, yet here using agencies like the environment and anti terror organisations, even army cadets. It is the same with chemical leaks and such these are exercises in controlling the people with evacuation exercises. For all our sakes, wake up now. Back to hurricane Andrew. When you consider how 8.230 mobile homes and 9.140 apartments disappeared in the wake of 200-300 miles an hour winds, it’s obvious that the official death toll, of 26 is bollocks, K.T Frankovich recalls:


“The national guard along with the Coast Guard, the Army, FEMA, Metro Dade Police, state police and local police removed dead bodies and body parts as quickly as possible during those first ten days of the aftermath. Horrified survivors watched as both uniformed and civilian clothed men searched the rubble and filled body bags, which they than stacked in military vehicles or huge refrigerator trucks (remember this refrigerator trucks information for later) they normally used to transport food, only to drive off and leave the stranded injured to fend for themselves.


Not until I managed to escape from the aftermath did I discover that the thermo-king sections of these same refrigerator trucks, jam packed with wall to wall body bags ended up being stored at Card Sound Navy Base, located in an isolated area just above the Florida Keys. The inside temperature was kept cool by portable generators until the bodies were either incinerated or just plain dumped into huge open grave pits.


Those working on the body pickup operation were forced to take what is known as the Oath of sworn secrecy, which is strictly enforced by the government. Many of them plunged into shock, once exposed to the ghastly devastation and countless mutilated bodies. The horrors are way beyond human comprehension. I can vouch for this, as I accidentally stepped on the severed hand of a young child when I initially crawled out of the debris, only to witness shortly thereafter two dead teenagers and the decapitated body of a baby girl.


K.T. says that when she lectured at the Clearwater Convention in Florida in 1999, a man in the audience introduced himself as Chief Petty Officer Roy Howard who said he had spent nine weeks on active duty working in South Dade County amid the devastation. He said he learned that at least 5.280 people had died and that the bodies had been “confiscated” by the National Guard and secretly disposed of in incinerators in a joint operation with FEMA. At least 1.500 bodies were “confiscated” from lakes and other water.

I have stated many times before they have the knowledge of how to create weather, did you think I was joking?

I have stated previously that they have built many of the flood ridden towns and villages in this country so that flooding occurs, changing the course of rivers again creating disasters. Upon these disasters the elite have created such organisations as the Environment Agency and other such groups of people in this country.  So we need to understand the American use of such agencies, as the blueprint for the same here. Remember all these organisations are peopled by ‘those with the right attitude’, many of them ex military and prison inmates. The same can be said of the utility companies, these massive landowning operations are exactly that, an operation controlled by the Crown Temple operating in a stepping stone movement to the same military control of this nation, only the military to operate this agenda will not be a British Force ,but a NATO force. Get this in your heads now before it’s too late!!! Films like The Men in Black starring the scientologist Will Smith and the new drama Torchwood are to prepare you to accept the elite’s private army as standing above the UN and such operations. This it does, but not in the interests of the people, sort of the Praetorian Guard of today protecting the bloodlines operations, or to put it more bluntly the elite of the SS and Gestapo. This private army are known to use black helicopters and black uniforms, and are known to be the units sent out to retrieve crashed UFO’s. This is the private army that recruits our soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan, one of the reasons our boys leave is the lack of equipment, the US forces call our boys the ‘Flintstones’, limited equipment is by design to recruit our boys into the private army. With the tale about FEMA you have just witnessed, the police, K.T describes, are part of this private army, as is Freemasonry and all secret societies that are known to the masses. I remember a conversation with a South African Freemason who was getting very flustered at my responses to his attempts to promote his society to me, all he offered me for reason why I should join the order, I demolished with my knowledge of the order, he ended in total frustration with the words; “well why is everybody throwing their money into Scientology then”. To be honest I said I did not know why, because at that time I understood nothing of scientology. In hindsight I wish I had responded, “Because as always they are blind. This private army carried out the atrocity at Waco, or at least personnel from this army using FBI and ATF uniforms. They could have arrested David Koresh at any time, the guy travelled into the local town most days for supplies and such. They had to murder all those people  as already stated in an early phase of this operation because it was a ritual burning sacrifice to Baal also known as Moloch whose day of sacrifice is April 19th. I know these truths are difficult to accept, but when you look at the dates of major catastrophic events especially involving mass murder, they all tie in to ancient demonic ritual sacrificial dates. Of course how could you possibly see this picture unless you were versed with the workings of the occult, this is why they keep it secret from the masses, and even for those studying the damn subject, are given it in such a compartmentalised doctrine, one still cannot see the true picture.

The film ‘The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen’ can again be put into this category of acceptance of the super elite as ‘acting for our best interests’, against governments. I am afraid I have some bad news for all you ladies of the sixties generation, another name that crops up as attending the sacrificial rituals is, Sir (eventually) Sean Connery. The Temple is not working for the interests of the British Democratic nation, it is the Usurper of Britain and must be disbanded for the Charlatan it is. The deceiver of a nation, answerable not to Parliament, the Monarch, nor the people, but to Rome and thus the Nefilim. How can that be Lawful, it can’t and is not, “Lawful”. When you have a situation whereby to be legal means  using deceit and to break the law, you have a crime of the utmost category. Especially when in real terms this equates to the prevention of an independent nation of people from being the democracy it believes, while forced to promote itself around the world in murder.

 This scenario in which we live makes everything for which we stand a lie of monumental proportions, on this basis the people must take the Crown to the LAW to answer these allegations, we may not win in the law but we can see the game through the elite’s actions in avoidance during the case.


                               AVIVA : TRACKING ALL MOTORIST'S VIA SAT-NAV


There is a massive company called Aviva. This company owns the RAC and Norwich Union, the insurance company among others, and has attempted to take over the second largest life insurance group in the UK the Prudential in a deal worth £17 billion, but this was last year rejected. The game goes on however with the Private Equity Company Hermes trying to force the break up of the Prudential in the present. We are clearly seeing here the attempt by Aviva in becoming the biggest insurer in the UK to force the pay per mile agenda of the Crown. Today is the 20th September 06 and through the RAC they are attempting the move to ensure you pay even more money to learn to drive by making it legal requirement that Learner drivers pay through the nose for one full years driving lesson fees, with a move to make older drivers take this spend orgy also. In a previous phase, I showed how  through Norwich Union they are to make the moves on the compulsory satellite toll financial agenda in which we will have to pay per mile to travel in our vehicles, and thus pricing the poor off the road altogether. Aviva is 100% Illuminati operation. Don’t forget it was the RAC that was scamming all its members by insisting they all required new batteries when in fact they did not.

Friday 06 October and I see they have released this pay per mileage agenda, don’t be foolish enough to go with this agenda. The RAC, proven to be a company of deception and theft of your monies, yet many still operate with it. What this company did is no better than some of the dodgy builders on those programmes on TV, yet our well known supermarket operate with such companies, allowing them to use their premises to gain sales. Norwich Union is also doing its best to have you pensioners hand over your personal property equity to release cash. Sounds pretty good but when you know the crash is on its way, one can better understand these types of scams to enable the Illuminati of which Norwich Union is 100% controlled to remove both your property and most importantly your children’s inheritance. So in one act they will in many cases demolish you pensioners again and also your children. In sync with this we have private equity companies buying up all the competition to all possible companies offering the service that is important to the new world order. If we take the company AA, which has been bought by one of these private equity companies, since it was purchased they have sacked 40% of the staff, at the end of March 2007 they announced they are to stop overnight rescue, bet most of the AA staff end up working for the RAC. This company before it was purchased operated with a £75 million profit each year, since its takeover it now operates with a £1.5 million deficit. This is blatantly to allow Aviva’s RAC to take the majority of business in this field to ensure Aviva can bring about the satellite tracking and road charging in this nation. You have to look at the bigger picture when it comes to the private equity companies of which more later.














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