ARK Schools and Academies Hedge Fund front.

        Military Industrial Complex takeover.


    Please Note. The elite are doing all they can to prevent this information reaching councillors, they are

     quarantining emails, changing websites so one cannot copy the contents, thus allowing themselves

                     opportunity to change their sites removing information we have exposed.

        This is power operating TREASON against our constitution and nation, we must not accept this.


Involved in the planning application for the BrentARKAcademy is yet another suspicious company; ‘NAVIGANT CONSULTING’.  This company promotes itself as; consultants in Conflict, Performance, Risk, with a team with deep experience, and industry insight.


Navigant Consulting Inc (NYSE: NCI), with more than 1900 global consultants, is the team. We provide customised services and support to address critical business issues and enhance stakeholder value. With offices throughout North America, Europe and Asia, we help clients respond to industry and market factors that create uncertainty and corporate exposure. The result is conflict resolution, optimised performance and effective risk mitigation for clients.


So here we have a company with a network that ties into all aspects of industry, and to have the ability for conflict and risk consulting, they must have ties to the international banking system which means the Inner City, Wall Street, Holland and Switzerland; this would also suggest links to the Vatican Bank.

So in Navigant Consulting we have a Hedge Fund connected network with placemen and women who advise all industry and business to move in the direction the Hedge Funds wish for the future of finance. To promote oneself as Navigant Consulting do, these connections would be essential to have the influence this team has.

This also shows itself in the fact Navigant are also involved in consulting to the Building Schools for the Future programme, and its challenges, and Navigant is also involved in the London 2012 Olympics.

Navigant is also involved in the transformation of health, and many other public services within the UK. So we have here a big ‘New labour’ affiliated Company with a massive influence in the restructuring of the British system. We have a big banking player in Navigant Consulting, I wonder how much money has been paid by the UK system to this banking consultancy company to date?

Navigant also sat on the board of Judges for the :

 BRITISH COUNCIL FOR SCHOOL ENVIRONMENTS (BCSE) deciding which companies were awarded based on best practice in school design and construction. The interesting aspect to this is the fact familiar names appear as winners of these awards :









Navigant Consulting is a sponsor of the BCSE Awards also.

The BCSE says of itself :

The British Council for Schools is a membership organisation, made up of schools, local authorities, construction companies,  architects, and all those involved in, and passionate about, designing excellent learning environments.


Full document HERE.


Pointing out the connections of such companies is very important because what we have here is the exposure of the banking cartels hand, via the hedge Funds, as a means of ensuring the EU monster is put into place, they are all forming a completely new financial system with all their own companies controlling and manufacturing all aspects of what we call western civilisation.

With the current crash we are seeing the same banking cartel remove all assets of the world into their hands by first nationalising all banks into the hands of all governments. With all the assets of each bank now within each government portfolio, all these governments which are in debt to these same bankers are set to default on their national debts, the international banking Cartel scoops up the lot.


So what we are seeing here is the agenda played out from the 'Thatcher Reagan' years of 'Deregulation' giving Hedge Funds the way into all that was belonging to the public sector of all economies and therefore belonging to the people of each democratic nation. The international bankers have stolen  all assets from within each nation through privatisation in the first stage of the move, then scooped up by the Hedge Funds in the second stage which was launched under Clinton and his Free trade agenda, carried forth by Blair and Brown. The Hedge Funds have been around for a while longer of course, but from the introduction of free trade agenda under Clinton this agenda took great leaps after removing many protocols which blocked the International bankers from taking full control.

Just to break at this point, During the 911 event there was a third office block that fell with very dubious aspects to its demolition. The first was the fact the BBC reported the office blocks collapse, some 7 mins before it actually came down, the second was the way in which they came down, the third was the fact that all Hedge Fund documents up until that date September 11 2001, covering the whole of the 1980’s and 90's…were thus destroyed in that collapse. So from that point on the Hedge Funds gained a clean bill of health, and people are working with them, thus giving them power.


So in understanding the Hedge Fund connection we can begin to unravel the whole network created by these bankers to ensure all companies who wish to survive the credit squeeze, again created by the same bankers, do so by joining the new system, with everyone else sidelined destroyed and then purchased at rock bottom prices by the same Hedge Funds / Private equity Companies… the AA, Woolworths etc...

Thus the International banks through the IMF World Bank control all, and by having a few NLP taught organisations advising all industry and business, in which path to take to ensure credit and contracts, they have shifted the wholes business system into their web. We must cease in using these agents of the EU and banking Cartel, to stand any chance of breaking the mind control programmes being instituted into our education system by private racketeers, not to mention the creation of networks for child, organ and people trafficking.




So In Arpad Busson we have a major Hedge Fund front man, so to what lengths does Arpad Busson the Chairman of ARK Schools actually fit in with the Hedge Funds? We have to look at his company; EIM.

On the EIM Homepage they state :


Tailor made hedge funds portfolios

Private independent and objective

Allocating over USD 10 billion to external managers

Focused on qualitative and quantitative due diligence and monitoring

Access to exceptional managers

Founded in 1992 (EIM SA)

Over 210 employees

Global presence

Full site : HERE.


Within the EIM website we have the page about EIM : HERE.


Which has at the top :

1992 Mr Arpad Busson founded EIM SA. In Switzerland to facilitate construction and management of tailor made funds and portfolios of Hedge Funds.

EIM claims to be : one of the largest, and with ten years of history, also one of the most experienced teams in the sector.

EIM on that basis is the coordinator of all the Inner City banking cartel's doctrine in what is to be invested in, and to which companies the contracts will go. Of course this means companies who agree to all the insane legislation set in place from Thatcher through Blair and Brown, especially in relation to health and safety.

So we can be no clearer in understanding Mr Busson’s calling in life…to create and expand the hedge funds for the private racketeers.

So we are back to the idea that through Arpad Busson and his ARK Schools, the bankers are privatising the education of our children, a move that can only be catastrophic not only for our children’s education given the head teachers of these Academies can determine what these Academies actually teach with no recourse from our political system whatever, and so yet again the taxpayer will have absolutely no say whatever in yet another sphere of taxation for which we by law have to pay. Our whole system is being demolished and you seem not to care, we pay tax for particular services, in ARK we are having this service removed from our control while still paying whatever these Hedge Funds scream for each year in subsidies.

What also needs to be taken into consideration here is that with the current financial problems, these Hedge Funds are going to fail to get credit, because as the banks dry up, then ever more we are heading into the situation in which the whole banking system is transforming into a 'One World Bank'. Thus the Hedge Funds will be forced to liquidate assets at rock bottom prices which will thus be purchased by this One World Bank. So the Hedge Funds are only a means to an end, which is a total global asset grab by the International Financiers (their posh title), and all assets and wealth will be under the control of one massive bank; The Bank Of International Settlements. Thus if this one bank makes a mistake, it affects the globe in a much bigger way. So it is not in our interests to allow our education system to end up in the hands of the Hedge Funds, for they can only end up in the hands of the One World Bank, and the elite bankers will have achieved their goal of total control of global finance. We must of course remember we are speaking about handing all these assets into the hands of the same families who have created every war in history, every famine, every global crash, every evil unto this Earth, we need to stop and take time for great thought before we follow the path of the bankers, and, I am reminded of the sentence within the Protocols of the Illuminati; " once we have all we want we shall claim something went terribly wrong". Please understand this fully by watching this short video : IT IS NOT LIKE BEFORE.


So in Arpad Busson we have connections to some seriously unsavoury networks indeed, all working to the betterment, not of our children, but to ensure the very banking cartel currently demolishing the global economies, can fully and completely control and make all the money out of our children, that cannot be a good thing in any sane  human’s mind. Here are some links to help one better understand Mr Arpad

Busson :





The government have just released a briefing in which Lord Adonis, the Minister For Schools said :


                   "A crucial role for Academy sponsors is the development of Academy chains"


So we can see they intend to completely replace all current schools with the ARK system, and yet more proof of full privatisation of our education system.


In the briefing under Chains and Federations of Academies, was also stated :

A number of Academies opened in 2008 are sponsored by organisations and individuals that are already involved in the Academies programme. This includes the ARK Academy in Brent, sponsored by the charity Absolute Return For Kids (ARK), the Oasis Academy in Bristol, sponsored by the Christian charity; Oasis Trust, The Merchants Academy in Bristol sponsored by the Society of Merchant Venturers and the Harris Academy Falconwood Bristol, sponsored by the Harris Federation of South London Schools. There are now more than 40 multi-Academie sponsors. Some multi-sponsors such as the Oasis Trust, The Church of England, and ARK, are developing more than 10 Academies and their chains now account for more than half of open Academies.

Lord Adonis writes further in relation to the chains :


Academie chains are able to leverage excellent leadership, ethos, branding, and curriculum across more than one Academie and to do so rapidly - are guarantors of quality, accelerating the expansion of Academies because of the ease and reliability with which the chains are able to take on new projects.

Just to re-enforce the claim this whole hedge fund agenda is a Labour government directive, which equates to an EU dictation, we have this :


The Government has long sought the involvement of the Church of England in Academies. In February 2004, the Times educational supplement reported that the government was lobbying the Church of England leaders to play a leading role in the Academies programme. Andrew Adonis, senior policy advisor on public services, and Neil Flint, head of the Academies programme, told a meeting at the general Synod, that the Church should become a major partner in creating Academies.

Now in 2004 I exposed the evil workings of the Church of England as they lied and damaged a Church building to steal the Church from its Protestant congregation, to make into a money making scheme. The Bishop was the commander and the Vicar the puppet. After a long battle with the Diocese at Blackburn Cathedral, it looks like we have saved the Church, but not without one hell of a fight with an organisation that has no energy one would equate with Jesus.


For the full story : HERE


So again we are seeing the move to turn our children onto commodities, to be bought and sold on the stock markets.




Within our school the same bankers are installing a virtual reality world for our children to become more and more involved within, and therefore reliant upon. Having looked at the ideas being promoted in schools such as ‘Queering The Body’, and the BBC virtual world teaching our children how to best finger a girl, from the age of 5 I might add, then we really need to understand what this virtual world they have named ‘SECOND LIFE’ , actually is.


But to just recap here on what we have thus far ascertained in this new agenda pushed by the bankers. We have a total 360 degree turn on how man is to understand its sexuality, which takes us back to the Greek culture carried through into the Roman empire, so what we have here is the reversal of the moral code enshrined in the balanced aspect to Christianity, so it is a move against the moral fabric we have in this nation gained from accepting the basis of the Christian ethic. I do not wish to preach, but we need to keep everything on a balanced keel, and one thing Christianity gave we the people, was a means to a balanced cohesion, irrespective of  whether one attended a Church or not, so it was not all bad under a moral code.

The same bankers are privatising the education system, while the taxpayer continues to pay for the cost of the education system.

The charitable organisations being thrust upon our education system have within this work proved to have very sinister and dark associations directly linked as a ‘threat’ to children’.

We are having forced upon us a system which gives the institutions that have carried out the negative aspects of the Christian ethos, across the globe… full control and to be the beneficiaries of all financial returns from our education system.

So we are witnessing the total demolition of our education system, not in any way for the benefit of the children’s education, and indeed for the country, because by destroying the education of our children we destroy the future of the country. This of course is the covetous agenda of the European Union, so we can tie all this directly to those pushing for the full fascist state that is the EU.


So we are at the point at which we can see without doubt, that all these moves are not to benefit this country but to destroy it to enable her to be absorbed by this monster of a state we know as the EU, and to do such a thing, the populations have to be re-educated, totally.

So what is this ‘Second Life’, and how will this further the control for the bankers controlling the EU, to gain yet more control over the future of this globe, through our children?

Second Life is being pushed by ‘INNOVATION’ here :




Under their link titled; ‘EDUCATION EXPERTISE’, they claim :


Next Practise in Resourcing Personalisation – SCHOME – NAGTY.


NAGTY are collaborating with The Open University, the universities of Warwick, and Liverpool and the National Physical Laboratory, in exploring whether Teen Second Life will afford the development of networked learning communities.

The aims of the pilot are :


Explore the potential and limitations of second life from the technical and educational perspectives.

Investigate young people’s engagement within second life in relation to their engagement with the existing NAGTY online community tools.

Investigate the learning that takes place in second life.


Of course this links into the ARK Academies and the ULT Academies and the idea of ‘Chaining’ the schools together, all learning whatever is deemed suitable by the heads of these Academies, remembering the state has no recourse to alter the subjects to be taught. It sounds a little 60’s Hippy commune to me, which would make perfect sense given many in high positions today are from this era and with Laura Huxley involved in Teens and Toddlers, my point is further supported. This is looking more and more like the creation of laboratories in the place of classrooms, with our children being the guinea pigs, the question again begging is for what?


SCHOME, which is the overriding coordinator of Second Life, has purchased an Island especially for children between 13 to 17 years of age, just looking on their site has me seeing the creation of such establishments as Bohemian Grove in the US but, who are known as ‘Grovers’, created for children to be taught as Barack Obama has put forward, to teach them to become what amounts to the ‘Hitler Youth’ for today, dividing our children from the older generations and thus giving control of the children by this new world order attitude which is; be afraid of everything and let the state do everything for you. The children of this island are called; ‘Schomers’ and the staff are known as; Sparkers’. Schome Park website : HERE. Note the logo, the eye in the hand

It looks like Second Life are creating their own Wikipedia within their own virtual world : HERE. And we have Reuters involvement in the virtual world : HERE.


So what goes on here? Why is the Wiki page in Second Life different from the one we all access? The way is now lit, they are creating a fairy story, a fantasy in second life that our children are the victims of. I wonder is this what they mean by  ‘Internet 2’, are they creating a brand new internet world that deals in the fantasy that is the New World Order, if this is the case than we are all going to enter this false  virtual world.


If we look at the website entitled; SECOND LIFE GRID. they say about who uses second life :

Businesses, educational institutions, government departments, and none profits (charities) use the second life grid platform to create public and private spaces for communication, collaboration, and training in the 3d online virtual world of second life.


So here we have the full proof, this whole agenda is only used by the very same networks pushing this, it is not some universal great idea that everyone is wanting to get involved with. So it is the bankers, it is the New World Order who are pushing this, and all governments currently in session are also a part of this by definition of the fact they are doing nothing to stop it.


I ask that you look at the next link and tell me all that has been exposed here is not what all this  is about, Project caressing, Queering the Body, Paedophile Rings :




After watching the video one can see how this virtual world can be abused, and so to create a smokescreen those promoting second life have come up with a genius idea...They have prevented all but the children between 13 - 17, and the teaching staff involved in second life, from entering second life. So you are saying; that is a good idea, but given the fact we have glimpsed the reality of what is being taught in these virtual worlds, I cite the BBC fingering info, which is available to children from the age of five, then we the parents of the children have absolutely no access to see what is being taught in these virtual worlds. Having studied many case files relative to child abuse and satanic child abuse, placing pictures of obscenity and horror is a part of the ritual abuse. All these tactics are used to de-sensitise the children and to further terrify them to split their minds, and worse, this diabolical agenda was perfected within the concentration camps in Germany, continued in South and North America. So such visual abuse is an important aspect to scrambling a child's mind to instil in the child what is termed, Disassociated Identity Disorder, (DID). This has also been known as Multiple Personality Disorder (MPD).


So with this second life programme they are creating its security, ie, preventing all but the NLP taught staff, and the victims, the children, from seeing exactly what is involved within these second life virtual worlds. This is an extremely horrific agenda indeed here. And of course the political system has no recourse to check or demand a change to these programmes. Do we really want to go down this road?


Another discussion : HERE.




There is yet another aspect to the virtual world which does not get any coverage at all; this is because it is not even known by the majority of the populations. An agenda so secret, so dire, many people are put off by the complexity of it, A. as a possibility, and B. as an actual weapon, but exist it does and used it is...Ladies and gentlemen may I introduce you to HAARP. I will not go into too much detail here, save to say in HAARP we have the mysterious symbolism within the scripture 666, the beast. In Masonic geometric law, 666 is the key to sound, for the layman, we are talking about the means to manipulate sound itself. Sound is the determining factor in frequency manipulation, or, sound determines the resonance of atoms. Therefore to hold this key 666 is to give the ability to make form, to alter the frequencies of the universe. HAARP is used to create Earthquakes, manipulate hurricanes, and control the weather, to a point. HAARP is also used to manipulate the thought patterns of all life and I cite the curious phenomenon during the second Bush election whereby many American's in certain areas were actually dreaming about George Bush, the same has been reported during the Obama campaign. This system works in sync with the chemtrails agenda and most importantly the mobile phone networks, and the so called energy saving light bulbs. In short through HAARP, the Military Industrial Complex has the means to weaponise your home, to be used against you.

The important factor here is in relation to the WI-FI systems being placed not only in your homes, your work place; they are forcing it into the schools also. The microwave energy produced by these Wi-Fi systems gives HAARP full access into your homes and all areas their are telephone masts, the cell phone itself, and Wi-Fi transmitters. The frequency on which the mobile system operates is the exact frequency at which the brain functions, which is the same frequency at which the DNA operates, so all this microwave energy is part of one massive super weapon based on Tesla technology and describes in so many scripture as the weapon that created the great cataclysms ending in the great deluge. Let us look now at some video s which help one to fully understand microwave energy and its effects on the human electromagnetic system :





In A series of interviews with my good friend Julius, Mona Nilsson, moves us through the reality of ICNIRP, the regulator setting the 'safe' levels for cell phone radiation. Essential study to grasp the reality of microwave radiation and the companies controlling it :


         PART I      PART II      PART III      PART IV      PART V      PART VI     PART VII


In a series of interviews with Julius and electronics engineer; Orjan Hallberg, we are shown the rise in cancers from the 1950's, taking a leap in 1997 :


         PART I      PART II      PART III      PART IV      PART V      PART VI


And in a series of interviews again with Julius, we take a journey to prove without doubt, the effect radiation has on our  electromagnetic system taking electronic readings from the acupuncture points, so sit back and watch Dr Bjorn Johan Overbye :


         PART I      PART II      PART III      PART IV      PART V      PART VI      PART VII


Any Time Any Were Learning (AAL), children carrying Wi-Fi laptops everywhere : HERE. And HERE.

One Lap Top Per Child : HERE. And HERE. The founder of One laptop Per Child Is; Nicholas Negroponte who happens to be the younger brother of John Negroponte George Bush's Secretary of State. He sits on the Board of Motorola. Velti, Ambient Devices, and on board of advisors to TTI/Vanguard, and started the company MIT Media Lab with Jerome B Wiesner on the back of his studies into :

 Human-Computer Interaction. Nicholas Negreponte is also a Yale Proffessor. And if you want to know were all this is heading : BRAIN COMPUTER INTERFACE. Controlled by : The Corporation. How Lovely!

 Mind Uploading. Mind Uploading and Second Life : HERE. 


We now have another company involved with this project; FUTURELAB, describing itself as; 'Innovators in Education'.


MILITARY INDUSTRIAL COMPLEX.      Understanding The Military Industrial Complex.


So as one can see, things in relation to education are not good, but it gets far worse. Overriding this agenda we have the Military Industrial Complex, yes you heard correct, the Military industrial Complex is controlling this privatisation push.

If we begin with the Rand Corporation, the think tank which from as far back as last November, has been lobbying the Pentagon to start a major war to save the American economy : HERE. Rand and the War on Terror : HERE. Rand in the Curriculum : HERE. Why would the Military want complete control of our children? Well the plan is to attack Russia and China, an agenda I exposed as far back as 2003, of course at the time people thought me crazy, as if the elite would wish to create a war bigger than Afghanistan and Iraq?? Ladies and gentlemen, the plan is to begin the Third World War, slaughtering defenceless Muslims is not a Third World War, it is just a means to getting NATO surrounding Russia and to have NATO in place ready for the Chinese to enter Western Asia from Tibet. Now In Barack Obama, the biggest fraud since Hitler, the elite plan to have the Muslim nations fight on behalf of the NATO, countries who have just suffered the slaughter of men women and children, now want those same countries to fight on NATO's behalf against China and Russia : HEREYou see through the Carter administration, which was controlled by the Trilateral Commission, Zibigniew Brzezinski as one of the founders of the Trilateral Commission, created the Mujahedeen to fight against Russia so the elite could remove a mountain of Uranium ore, the war of course the smokescreen for this move while creating the required hatred against the Russians in the Muslim world. The House of Windsor's Inner City banking cartel also controls the monopoly in Uranium, so all this madness from the time of Carter has been a Round Table agenda, and yet another hell created by the banking families. Let us consider for a moment the power of this Military Complex, It Killed JFK, it Killed Princess Diana, this operation is one evil organisation, it needs to be stopped in its tracks as far as entrance into our education system period. If we all move as one in this country against it, we will defeat it, and our children and grandchildren will be thus saved from this monster of a killing machine and the coming conscription will be halted in its tracks. Look into the eyes of your children and tell me we need do nothing?


Here is investigator, Web Tarpley's take on what Brzezinski and the Trilateral Commission are in the process of creating :


Brzezinski Seizing Control
Over US Policy In
Slow-Motion Coup
By Webster G. Tarpley

WASHINGTON DC -- Events of the past few days indicate that the Zbigniew Brzezinski faction of lunatic Russia haters have now won the upper hand inside the secret councils of the Anglo-American finance oligarchy, displacing the hitherto dominant George Shultz-neocon faction. Although George Bush and his cronies still occupy the White House, the policies that are being carried out are coming from the Brzezinski left CIA machine. Brzezinski has returned to public prominence in recent months due to his role as top establishment controller for the Obama campaign. But Brzezinski is not waiting for the outcome of the November elections to take over key parts of the US government. Brzezinski and his left CIA allies are already moving to assert their strategy, even as the neocons and their characteristic obsessions are moved to the back burner. The probability of an attack on Iran or Syria is declining, even as the danger of confrontation with Russia, China, and Pakistan * all much more dangerous targets to trifle with * increases exponentially.

KOSOVO - The independence of Kosovo has opened a new crisis front in Eastern Europe, with the potential for very nasty complications in regard to Russia. This is the essence of the Brzezinski anti-Russian policy. Kosovo independence is of course a flagrant violation of all existing norms of international law, most notably the Helsinki CSCE treaty of 1975 which finally put an end to World War II by declaring that all borders in Europe were to be considered final unless and until any changes had been agreed through mutual consultation of the interested parties. Since the Serbian government in Belgrade is vehemently opposed to Kosovo independence, the unilateral actions of the US, British, and NATO are the very essence of international anarchy. The new regime in Kosovo goes far beyond the usual kleptocracy of NATO puppets favoured by Brzezinski and his circles. The new regime in Kosovo is essentially the terrorist KLA, an organization devoted to gun-running, drug-running, and trafficking in human slaves. The KLA is a Balkan version of Al Qaeda, and both are wholly owned creations of the CIA and British intelligence. With Kosovo independence, the US, British, and NATO stand ready to use armed force to defend the right of a terrorist gang to assert sovereignty over a segment of modern Europe. The criminal obscenity of this policy could hardly be greater, but for Brzezinski all methods are legitimate provided that they increase tension with Moscow, and in that respect Kosovo independence is already a glowing success.

2. US EMBASSY, BELGRADE - The attack on the US embassy in Belgrade, Serbia by gangs of drunken students is a classic Brzezinski operation. The tactic of having an incensed rent-a-mob of swarming adolescent patsies attack the US Embassy in order to gin up a crisis is one of Zbigniew's signature specialties. During the time that Brzezinski was running the foreign policy of Trilateral puppet Jimmy Carter, there were bloody attacks on the US embassies in Pakistan and in Afghanistan, both countries that featured prominently in Brzezinski's arc of crisis theory. Most famous of all was of course the attack on the US embassy in Teheran, Iran, which led to the taking of hostages and the huge international crisis which helped to doom the Carter administration to extinction at the polls. If US diplomats or State Department personnel are taken hostage anywhere in the world in the weeks and months to come, this must be attributed to Brzezinski.

3. SPACE WARFARE - The shooting down by the Pentagon of a US satellite over the Pacific is a very provocative military stunt designed to intimidate both Moscow and Beijing, who happened to be Brzezinski's immediate targets. This reckless and irresponsible action has raised the spectre of an uncontrolled arms race reaching into outer space.

4. SYRIA - Zbigniew Brzezinski himself, fresh from addressing a retreat of House Democrats in Williamsburg Virginia, is now in Syria at the head of a RAND Corporation delegation. The purpose of this mission should not be construed as peace in the Middle East, although some foolish observers may read it in that way. Brzezinski's goal is immediately to lessen Russian influence in Syria, including the closing of certain naval facilities that the Russian navy has maintained in that country. In the longer run, Brzezinski would like to turn both Syria and Iran into components of the ring he means to forge around Russia for the purpose of the strategic encirclement of that rival superpower. Zbigniew's argument against the neocons is, why attack Iran and Syria, when you can turn them into kamikaze stooges, play them against Russia, and get rid of all of them that way? Europe and China are destined to play similar anti-Russian roles in Brzezinski's playbook.

5. BUSH IN AFRICA - President Bush may not know what he is doing on his current visit to five African countries, but Zbigniew Brzezinski knows exactly what the mission is. The Brzezinski policy is to foment destabilization and chaos in Africa under the auspices of the new United States African command (
US-AFRICOM), all for the purpose of driving the Chinese out of Africa. As Zbigniew announced on November 30, 2007 in the Washington Post, he intends to cut off Chinese access to oil, other energy sources, and strategic raw materials on the African continent. Since the Anglo-Americans control the Persian Gulf by direct military occupation, this is tantamount to a policy of driving the Chinese in on Eastern Siberia. Brzezinski believes that if the Chinese cannot get their oil from Africa, they will be forced to attempt the military seizure of Russia's oil wells in the Far East, where there is much oil and very few Russians. Both Moscow and Beijing know exactly what Brzezinski is doing in this regard. This is the kind of harebrained scheming by Lord Astor, Lady Astor and Sir Neville Chamberlain which helped to bring about World War II. The idea then was to play Hitler against Stalin and get rid of both of them that way. When that blew up in the faces of the British, the result was World War II. This time, it may well be thermonuclear World War III.



So considering Barack Obama is a puppet of Brzezinski and his Trilateral Commission (TC), we are seeing the continuation of the Carter which is TC agenda. Thus the Military needs to be in full control of our education systems so they can brainwash poor children and grandchildren to become totally militarised as Hitler  did with the Hitler Youth programmes, to fight in this coming Third World War So let us now explore the Military move in the takeover of all NATO countries education systems.

Rand Europe under the title : Objective Analysis Effective Solutions; is involved in :


Modelling the provision of end-of-life services


Current data suggest that far more people die in hospital than at home or in a hospice as they would prefer. The UK National Audit Office commissioned RAND Europe to provide modelling of the provision of end-of-life care services. RAND Europe's research identifies areas for improvements in the quality of such services within existing resources, and the cost-savings of end-of-life care at home and hospice compared to hospital.


Healthcare interventions insufficient to tackle alcohol-related harms


While some interventions in healthcare settings can be effective in reducing alcohol harms at the individual level, they are unlikely to reduce morbidity and mortality at the aggregate population level, according to a study by RAND for the National Audit Office that examines healthcare interventions in Australia, Canada, the United States, Germany and The Netherlands.

We are talking Military Industrial Complex involvement from cradle to grave in the ‘change’ that Obama, Cameron, and Brown constantly bleat on and on about. The medical involvement is very important because under the World Health Organisations legislation, all humans are to be forced to take whatever vaccination programmes deemed by WHO in each year, based on their own data. The schools are the greatest way to instil these rules en mass, and under the legislation children will be removed from parents who refuse to allow these vaccination programmes. We shall cover the full extent of the medical agenda in schools later in this work. Full Rand Europe page : HERE.


Now we have another branch of the Military Complex in AECOM, the parent company to Faber Maunsell which has a subsidiary : 3es, all of which are part of the Academy project.

Let us look closely at AECOM and its involvement in Iraq :


AECOM-DMJM is in Iraq providing so-called “civilian support services”
to the military (50). In fiscal 2004, AECOM won a $21.6 million
contract to provide, according to “The Center for Public
Integrity,” “support for the Coalition Provisional Authority’s six
sector program management offices.” (51) In fiscal 2005, AECOM had
federal contracts totaling over $159.5 million, about 90% from the
Department of Defense (DOD) (52). In 2005, AECOM-DMJM had three DOD
contracts performed inside Iraq totaling about $50 million (53). In
2006, AECOM won a $50 million contract to “oversee reconstruction
efforts” in Iraq, helping the U.S. put a `humanitarian’ face on its’
oil grab, during which over 600,000 Iraq’s and 3,000 GI’s have now
died (54). AECOM firms PADCO, DMJM and Maunsell are managing the $18
billion post-war reconstruction program (55). Recently, U.S. funded
corporate “reconstruction” projects in Iraq were the subject of a 579
page report by a U.S. Inspector General, charging widespread
corruption and waste.(56)

PADCO is listed under the Inernational Peace Operations Association as a Private Military Company, or private Mercenary Force, we cannot get any clearer than that. There are 35 member companies listed on the IPOA link above :


 Aedion Corporation 

 Agility logistics  

 Ameco       Involved with children HERE.                Suspiciously missing HERE.

 Armor Group                        And HERE.

 Ayr Aviation  Suspiciously missing HERE.

 Blackwater USA          Big picture HERE.  Modern day Praetorian Guard HEREBlackwater Changes its Name : HERE.  Erik Prince HERE.

 Centigon                             More HERE.

 Creative Associates International                 Missing HERE. With Schools HERE.

 Demining Enterprises International PTY. Ltd   Missing HERE.

 Dynsec Group AB            Missing HERE.

 EOD Technology Inc        Missing HERE.

 Erinys International              More HERE.

 Exploration Logistics Group    Not HERE.              In Iraq HERE.

 Evergreen International Avaition    HERE.

 Greystone Ltd                     More HERE.

 Hart Security                    Missing HERE.

 INTAC Security Services 

 MAC International                        Missing HERE.

 Main Street Supply And Logistics   Missing HERE.

 Medical Support Solutions              Missing HERE.

 Military Professional Resources          More HERE.

 Olive Group                                   Missing HERE.

 OSSI-Safenet Security Services          More HERE.

 Pacific Architects And Engineers     Missing HERE.

 PADCO-AECOM                          Missing HERE.

 RA International                            Missing HERE.

 Reed Inc                                       Missing HERE.

 Regis Training                               Missing HERE.

 Ronco Consulting                          Missing HERE.

 SecuriForce                                  Missing HERE.

 Security Support Solutions             Missing HERE.

 TOIFOR                                      Missing HERE.

 Total Intelligence Solutions                More HERE.

 Track 24                                      Missing HERE.  In Iraq HERE.

 Unity Resources Group                     More HERE.


Note the amount of 'missing', Considering Wikipedia is Zionist MI5 controlled.....? HERE.

Just watching the TV and the children's channel CBBC had a gameshow called 'Control a Crisis'. So they are through the BBC outside the Academies programme, bombarding our children with the security agenda.


In the U.S., DMJM’s DOD contracts include supposedly `non-combat’
services like “maintenance, repair and rebuilding of equipment”
and “professional, administrative and support,” and also “utilities
and housekeeping services” contracts, (the latter in Louisiana,
perhaps Katrina related?) (57). AECOM is also in partnership with
the Omega Training Group, Inc., which serves a dozen key Army camps,
like Fort Benning, GA and Fort Bragg, NC. Omega supplies “trained
personnel to manage mobilisation planning” and “full personnel
support for mobilisation, deployment, redeployment, and
demobilisation.” Omega also provides “weapons training,” including
personnel that will “supervise live fire ranges.” (58).

AECOM also provides “blast resistant design” for government and
corporate projects in the Middle-East and elsewhere (59). The 60%
owned AECOM company, “Combat Support Services” (CSA), is in Kuwait,
doing base support and equipment maintenance to the U.S. Army and
conducting “live-fire exercises.” (60) After the `91 war, CSA was
under contract in Camp Doha, Kuwait, a strategic jump-off point for
U.S. aggression against Iraq in 2003. CSA supplies “force on force
training, range control, and camp security.”(61)

AECOM-DMJM as it is sometimes hyphenated provides crucial
transportation, engineering, food, etc. needs of an occupation. Of
course, such private “support” frees more money and personnel for
strictly combat purposes. It also promotes a corrupt and
downsized “private sector” model in occupied third-world countries.
AECOM-DMJM are no less a part of the Iraq slaughter than the U.S.
military brass and war criminals like Bush.

The growing “privatization of war” began under Democrat Bill Clinton
(62). Military privatisation contributed to abominations like the
torture of Iraqis at the Abu Ghraib prison and widespread corruption
(Halliburton). What do Iraqi’s think of so-called private “support
services?” In 2004, an Iraqi crowd seized four
Halliburton security
guards and had them, “burnt, beaten, dragged through the streets, and…
hung from a bridge.” (63) (Halliburton of course is Dick Cheney's baby)

AECOM, in partnership with its’ subsidy AGS, also has a so-
called “Civilian Police Program” to “recruit, house, equip, train,
and deploy law enforcement personnel…[and] provide logistical
services (in joint venture)” in such banner human rights nations as
Kosovo, Afghanistan, Jordan, etc. (64). AECOM brags it also
works with the U.S. Agency for International Development, a notorious
CIA conduit (65).

Whatever pseudo “Human Rights” goals AECOM might claim, its’ role
helps rationalize and reinforce the brutal U.S. military intervention
in Iraq, Afghanistan and Haiti, etc. and train a new corps of thugs
required to help maintain order, that is, occupation, i.e., profits.

In December 2005, DMJM announced a partnership with Strategy X, Inc.,
to acquire Homeland Security contracts. Strategy X, Inc. is involved
in “security assessments, installations, integration management, and
maintenance on all of the Air Force’s highest priority resources and
security systems including the nation’s highest priority weapons
systems.” (66). Strategy X was also teamed with
L-3 Government
Services, Inc
. to engineer and design systems “for ground combat
forces throughout SW Asia in support of the Marine Corps.” (please
see 67) (Note L-3 site has been reorganised to prevent access).

DMJM’s parent AECOM is part of a joint venture with top high-tech
weapons manufacturer Northrop Grumman (NG), which landed an
incredible $2.5 billion contract in 2006 to run the Nevada Test Site,
a top nuclear weapons facility (68). NG is the world’s #2 defense
contractor (69). NG’s “Vinnell Corporation,” received at least $48
million to train the new Iraqi army (70). Vinnell had previously
trained the Saudi National Guard for the corrupt
Royal Saudi dictatorship (71).


So as one can see in AECOM we have a seriously sinister operation, so why would such a company want to invest in education if not to educate the ideology of the military complex?

Full report : HERE. Keep up to date on military information : Defence Procurement News.


If we go back to the proposed Brent Academy, which is a showcase in many respects, we find AECOM via Faber Mounsill are involved in the planning application itself, and from our research we find the reasons for their involvement very sinister indeed. There involvemernt HERE.


Now we have another very interesting involvement in the Brent affair, a man called Nitin Parshotam, not necessarily directly involved with ARK itself, but in a very interesting position all the same, and during the Brent affair has been let us just say, 'extremely' vocal that the Academy should go ahead. So let us look at :


Nitin Parshotam, promoting ARK at Wembley.


Nitin Parshotam is currently Head of Asset Management Service at Brent Council and also involved in Education Asset Management Plan. He supports the building of the ARK school on the Wembley Sports Ground site. HERE.


Concern was also expressed about the impact of the Wembley Park Academy on local traffic and

recreational facilities of the current site…….Nitin Parshotam stated that traffic impact assessment(TIA) had confirmed that Bridge Road was the site best suited for the Academy.


Lambeth Borough, as Head of Property, Nitin Parshotam, involved in similar : HERE.


Acceptance of a tender from Fennel and King Ltd in the sum of £19, 498.00, excluding

VAT, to carry out the refurbishment works. at HillMeadSchool.

The acceptance of a tender from Bromley Demolition in the sum of £32,140.00,

excluding VAT, to carry out the demolition of 21 and 22 Clarewood Walk, Brixton.

Lillian BaylisPFISchool Project/Land Swap with Diocese of Southwark/St. Mark's Church of England Primary School. HERE.


New ClaphamSchoolBuilding Works – letter of intent re: acceptance of tender

          Acceptance of tender for building works at KingswoodPrimary School

Acceptance of tender for building works at StockwellPrimary School

Improvement works to NorwoodParkSchool

At Brent, Nitin Parshotam advises on the repairs and building of schools across the borough : HERE.


Nitin Parshotam advised Members of the Select Committee that priority

projects had been identified for the first year of the Capital Budget

Programme and that Members would consider the balance of remaining capital spend over the next 3-4 years. At this point the Chair requested clarification as to how the £8.3m 2004/05 budget would be allocated to particular projects. Mr Parshotam confirmed that an asset management scheme and a replacement programme for huts and

temporary buildings would provide the majority of planned works for the 2004/05 period. ….Members noted that £6m would be spent on asset management schemes during the first year, whilst a further £1.7m would be allocated for the hut replacement

programme……Mr Parshotam advised the Select Committee that there was a backlog in repairs and maintenance issues for a number of schools across the Borough but that the AMP Statutory Plan categorised the nature and level of repairs and building conditions in schools across the Borough and provided the Council with an objective criteria. A ranking system enabled the Council to prioritise the repairs that were necessary in schools across the Borough and draft a list of priority repairs.


So I am sure you would agree Nitin Parshotam is a man with power via his influence over assets in Brent, and I have to ask just what the £6 million for asset management went into? So in Parshotam we have a very influential position in our society, allocating funds is tantamount to being the banker so to speak, so we need to know 'WHO influences Mr Parshotam :


Nitin Parshotam and son Kishan:

With respect to the ARKAcademySchool plans:


Although there is only one named attendee from the Brent Youth Parliament (BYP) at the BYP meeting, Nitin Parshotam, along with Bruce Sounes (from Studioe architects, with an interest in ‘euthenics’) and Robert Lanwarne, attend : HERE.


Kishan Parshotam (son of Nitin Parshotam) is a member of the Brent Youth Parliament and also represents Brent on the UK Youth Parliament : HERE.


Kishan Parshotam, 16, from NorthwickPark Youth Club ….. will also represent Brent on the UK Youth Parliament. Also mentioned HERE.


A group of five bright teenagers have been elected as the leaders of this year's Brent Youth Parliament…….Usman Mirza, 15, from John Kelly Boys will be secretary and Kishan Parshotam, 16, from Northwick Park Youth Club and Rizwaan Malik, 13, from Kenton will represent Brent on the UK Youth Parliament.


Now it gets rather interesting indeed, Enter the fray : The Charity Shishukunj. On the 'Just giving' website we learn that Kishan raises money for Shishukunj : HERE.

Shishukunj is an organisation with over 30 years in UK (& 60 yrs Internationally) of working with and for children making difference in their development. Value based environment & education at Shishukunj promotes all to help to relieve poverty, distress


Is it me or do all these pseudo charities have just a little too much interest in everybody else's children? To continue, The charity Shishukunj : HERE.


Shishukunj is a registered charity (No. 284206) established in August 1976. 'Shishukunj' (a Sanskrit word meaning a garden of children) is primarily an institute dedicated to the welfare and cultural development of children. It is run entirely by volunteers for the benefit of the children.



According to the Charities Commission website Shishunkunj : Provides activities aimed at 16-14 year olds, primarily on Sunday mornings for four hours. Encompasses holistic development- physical, mental, social, cultural spiritual development in an environment rich in positive values and family environment. Activities run almost exclusively by youth volunteers.

Under charitable objectives :

To advance Indian cultures and religions amongst children and young people.

To advance the education of children and young people.

To instruct children and young people in the principles of discipline, loyalty, and good citizenship.

To relieve poverty distress and sickness.

Parshotam’s son Kishanbhai goes to India with Shishukunj Charity, from the website’s blog : HERE.


Nitin obviously thinks a lot of this charity seen in his words :

To all the Shishukunj Family
I am extremely overjoyed at reading of the experiences and comments from you guys out there. Kishanbhai Parshotam - I am also proud to be your dad. Keep enjoying and keep going.
Nitin Parshotam.


The founder of the charity comes out of the banking system, having worked in the Netherlands : HERE.

Rameshbhai informed Devchandbhai of a vacancy at Netherlands Bank and he was duly employed, so we are seeing something else holding these people together.


The charity Shishukunj works under the ethos; 'BAAL DEVO BHAVA', what does that mean I hear you say.... well if we look at this : maatru devo bhava translates : Honour thy mother as God.

                                          : pitru devo bhava    translates : Honour thy father as God.

So we have here                  : baal devo bhava     translates : Honour BAAL as God.


You can check translation : HERE.


So who the hell is BAAL? Well...


Velikovsky, a contemporary of Einstein’s :

‘Immanuel Velikovsky…..edited, with Albert Einstein, the Scripta Universitatis atque Bibliothecae Hierosolymitarum…..’


Wrote  ‘Worlds in Collision’, in which he states :

p. 182: ‘ Baal Zevuv (Beelzebub)  The beautiful morning star was related to Ahriman, Seth, Lucifer, name equivalents of Satan. It was also Baal of the Canaanites and of the Northern Kingdom of the Ten Tribes, the god hated by the biblical prophets, also Beelzebub or Baal Zevuv, or Baal of the fly.


Baal is the Hebrew translation for Bel, Bil, the ancient Sun god. The founder of Babylon was Nimrod who was given the title BAAL as a lord of the Sun God. His wife Semiramis was thus named BAALTI, meaning lady or my lady, very interesting on this point would be the latin term for my lady which is; Mea Domina which became Madonna. The Phoenicians worshipped Bel as their father God but interestingly called him by the name Indara, so the link to the Hindu Sanskrit Indra has its roots in the Sun God.

Baal has always had serpentine connotations, and Pheonician's, as the seafaring naval force from the Sumer Empire, spread this BAAL worship across the globe, landing in Briton around 5000 years ago, and most probably the holders of this Pheonician knowledge were the Druids. May 1st is BAAL's day, his sacrificial date being April 19th, just Google this date and look at the disasters involving the death of children, especially by fire, this is because BAAL also has another symbol in the Owl. In this aspect of the God he takes the name 'Molech' and demands the burning of children as a sacrifice. Any one versed with the American elites summer camp; 'Bohemian Grove' will know they worship Molech. American investigator Alex Jones infiltrated and filmed the ritual called the 'Cremation of Care' which can be seen :



Brent is a very important energy centre both from a Ley Line perspective and also because it has water running underneath. I fully understand that most people have no concept of such knowledge nor understand the relevance of Temple building on and around such important energy centres, but important it is to those well versed in what is termed 'Occult' knowledge. The proposed Academy at Brent is full of just such Occult imagery and symbolism, and of course Baal, as the Sun God, demands human sacrifice, we have the massive Hindu Temple and quite a ancient history in relation to Harrow also, so the whole area is of great importance to the elite who are fully versed in the secret knowledge, to take Harrow for example :


One of the hills around the stadium is Harrow Hill: Hörgr
In Norse paganism, hörgr (plural hörgar) was a type of altar, constructed of piled stones. It was used in sacrifices and perhaps in other ceremonies.
The term descends from common Germanic religion, continuing a Proto-Germanic *har (u) gaz, attested in Old English word hearg (plural heargas, surviving as the place name Harrow in England and as Harge in Sweden) and Old High German word haruc (plural harugâ). A possible co

So Harrow comes from 'horgr' and means 'a type of altar.. used for sacrifices'. Full tale : HERE.


I sent the email below to Nitin Parshotam on Friday 6 February :


Dear Nitin.

I found it intriguing to find your connection to the charity Shishukunj.

As a student of the occult and religious doctrines for over 16 years I hereby formerly request your understanding of the God Baal. In light of the ethos under which Shishukunj operates : Ball Devo Bhava, translated : honour Baal as God, I feel it imperative we in Britain better understand how you see Baal so we can better understand your interest in children.



Today is 27 May and still I have had no reply. Why would a man so engrossed in the worship of his God fail to jump at the chance to explain the wonder of his God? Interestingly, Karen attended the last Brent meeting which Nitin attended and aknowledged reciept of the email, why he has not answered I leave to your imagination.



So in Brent and surrounding area we have two interconnecting occult ambitions, we have the creation of something new or rather the birth and gestation of...and we have Baal who demands the sacrifice of children, we also have the 2012 Olympics, the symbolism of which is completion of the Temple of the Sun, aka, The New World Order.

There has been a massive campaign against the Brent Academy, and from all accounts there are very dirty tricks are being used to force this showcase Academy onto the people of Brent. That having been said, we placed our own objections to the council in relation to the planning which you can find : HERE.




Around five years or so ago I exposed the changes in relation to the elite removing school controlled dinner staff , to be replaced with private companies, the connotations of which are big and very sinister indeed. Before we go into this aspect it is essential we look at the head of the chosen company to takeover the school dinner agenda, welcome to the world of David Highton, a very sinister little creature indeed.


David Highton was the Chief executive of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Trust at the time of the missing organs scandal, left this post after the revelation of a £20 million debt, chief executive of the Westminster and Chelsea hospital at the time of the overnight closure of a successful Vitamin B12 clinic, chief executive of Ealing Health Trust, involved with Skills Academy and NHS Direct : HERE.

Quote :


"This trust carries out post mortems on behalf of the coroner and also where relatives have not objected, in order to establish cause of death. In some cases, organs will have been removed and retained for further study, teaching and research….."

So David Highton is yet another operative involved in human organs. Highton speaking : HERE.

Highton resigned after it was found that £20 million had gone missing as well as the organs and in the BBC Panorama programme, 'Fiddling the Figures' you can see the transcript of the programme : HERE.


Quote :

PANORAMA Fiddling the Figures RECORDED FROM TRANSMISSION: BBC-1 DATE: 29:06:03 BARCLAY: David Highton told colleagues that meeting every NHS target was almost impossible. The Trust declined to be interviewed. Is the price that's being paid justifiable in terms of the improvements that have been made in the NHS? Former Chief Executive Words spoken by an actor highly debatable I would say, highly debatable. Again, there have been some improvements and it would be wrong to say there haven't. Whether those improvements can justify what has occurred with some individuals and some organisations, I think that's far less clear.

And again in a report from the BBC News : Quote :


David Highton is to leave the role of chief executive of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust in April. The announcement of Mr Highton's departure comes after the trust revealed debts of £20m. One MP has claimed Mr Highton, who has overseen a host of costly improvements at the struggling trust, left before he was forced to go.

So along with David Highton goes missing human organs and the theft of monies... But wait, he is not finished yet. he turns up again this time at a very successful clinic in Chelsea, or at least it was until 'Organs are us' Highton arrives, and the clinic closes almost overnight. Full story : HERE.


Quote :

...they found hope in the pioneering Vitamin B12 Unit at Westminster and ChelseaHospital in London where they were told that Alex, now 13, had a vitamin B12 deficiency, which drastically exacerbated his autistic symptoms.
But as Alex was receiving treatment — including injections of vital B12 co-enzymes — the unit closed without warning.
The closure appalled families who relied on the unit.
Dr Bhatt negotiated with the hospital's chief executive, David Highton, to keep the unit open at a cost of £200,000 a year.
But Mr Highton and the Chelsea and Westminster Trust Board —which has authority over the hospital's £230 million health provision — refused to provide funding and claimed Dr Bhatt's test procedures were experimental and unethical.
The suggestion is denied by Dr Bhatt, who ran the unit for 10 years and is recognised worldwide as a specialist in the condition.
He thinks the closure has more to do with funding and medical politics than ethics.
Parents were outraged not to be notified of the unit's closure. They turned up for appointments to find it shut.


We then find 'Your Organs Are Us'... Highton; on the council of government, 'Skills for Health', also called, 'Skills Academy', as Managing Director of, 'Clinicenta' : HERE , HERE, and HERE.

Clinicentia is connected with : MediHome : HERE.

Clinicentia works in partnership with Carillion : HERE.

Clinicentia the team : HERE.

David Highton is the Clinical Services Director at Carillion, unfortunately the links for this aspect of the tale have been removed but I have a quote :


David has a wealth of clinical management experience from his time spent in the NHS. Initially joining as Financial Director of Ealing Health Authority he progressed to CEO level where he spent 10 years. His last 9 years in the NHS were as CEO of two major teaching hospital institutions – as the first CEO of the new Chelsea & WestminsterHospital from 1994, and at the Oxford Radcliffe group of 4 hospitals from 2000.
During his time in the NHS, David was also a key member of several national working groups and committees. He was on the policy group, which generated the NHS Plan and chaired the London Waiting List Task Force from 1997-2000. He also sat on the National R&D Committee of the NHS for four years, and chaired Healthwork UK and the successor UK body, Skills for Health, seeking to pursue the development of clear and accredited occupational standards and competences for the development of new job roles in healthcare. Taken from link :




David was also Chief Executive Officer at Healing Health Authority from 1994 : Quote :

David has a wealth of clinical management experience from his time spent in the NHS. Initially joining as Financial Director of Ealing Health Authority he progressed to CEO level where he spent 10 years. His last 9 years in the NHS were as CEO of two major teaching hospital institutions – as the first CEO of the new Chelsea & WestminsterHospital from 1994, and at the Oxford Radcliffe group of 4 hospitals from 2000.

Highton has been involved in :

NHS Direct : HERE, HERE, and HERE.

Involved in finance of at least six other institutions : HERE.

Government : HERE.

Acting Chief Executive at St Marys Hospital Paddington : HERE.

Involved in the review of NHS funding : HERE.

The Modernisation Action Team at the Department of Health : HERE.

The editor on the Channel 4's 'The Body Story' : HERE.

Highton at West Ealing : HERE.

Highton wrote a letter in the Telegraph supporting using eight year olds as council snoopers : HERE.

Quote :


As one of the volunteer Streetwatchers for Ealing I'm puzzled by both some of the reporting and the reaction to the concept of local residents taking pride in their streets and trying to help keep them clean and tidy.
In Ealing the Streetwatchers simply report items such as dumped rubbish, broken paving stones, faulty street lights and similar. There is not the slightest question of spying on anyone whatsoever. And in the last few years we have helped make a significant improvement to the look and state of our streets - and I repeat 'our streets'. This improvement is appreciated by the vast majority of the residents who want their streets to be clean.
As for the Junior Streetwatchers - what on earth is wrong with encouraging youngsters to care for their environment and actually do something to help make it better? How many people just walk by dumped rubbish and moan but do nothing and then complain about the state of their streets? If we want our streets to look clean then we need to do something about it ourselves and Ealing's voluntary Streetwatcher programme enables local residents and youngsters to do just this.
David Highton.


So we can see without doubt David Highton is a very sinister organ trafficker and outright thief, given the amount of important positions ha e has held and continues to hold what we have in David Highton is yet another front man for the banking cartel, placed in position at just the right time to get the will of the Crown through all barriers.

Carillion  UK, Carillion’s principal market sectors are Defence, Education, Health, Building, Facilities Management and Services, Roads, Utilities Services, Rail and Civil Engineering. The Group is a leader in Public Private Partnership projects, particularly in the Defence, Education and Health sectors in the UK and in the Health sector in Canada.

Carillion UK have been given the right to supply all catering to schools directly, which given the clinical aspect to Highton suggests they are going to medicate the children through the food they eat, I exposed this some years ago although without the involvement of Carillion, with what we have just put forward in relation to Highton, then why else would the government allow Carillion to take such contracts in the first place? they have to have an agenda that can be securely carried out by one of their own companies, and given Highton is the director of Clinical Services at blood is boiling.

Carillion in catering : HERE. HERE. To grasp the size of Carillion : HERE.



I am not liking what I am seeing here in any aspect of this move to privatise the education system, more so when so much Lucifarian symbolism and doctrine can be found within these organisations, we must halt this before we go too far. 



                                                                 To be Continued


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