Fear Turns to Anger



At least for two members of the council and one crusading husband!

The fear on Malcolm Pritchard face, and worse for Jean Battle.

Is it because both these names are on the response from Moorhead?







Dated: 12 December 2003.


Dear Sir/Madame.



The security breeches at the Palace with the Daily Mirror reporter exposed during the Bush visit is one of many planned in the future. This is co-ordinated throughout the world in order that the elite and their lackeys will convince the people that they need the military to take over all security for the elite. This is the reason they were attacking the Metropolitan Police for the vetting of the said Mirror reporter, claiming incompetence by the Polices security arrangements, so big changes on the way.


 You have now seen that the leaders of our countries take no heed of what the people want, we did not want the war, but they went ahead anyway, we did not want the council tax, they went ahead anyway, we did not want the privatisation of the energy companies, they went ahead anyway, we did not want the privatisation of the railways, they went ahead anyway, we do not want the privatisation of the health service, it is speeding along anyway, we did not want the privatisation of the Bank of England, it went ahead anyway, we did not want the release of the northern Irish terrorists, it went ahead anyway, (makes a sham of the war on terror?) we did not want the Millennium Dome, we paid and are still paying for it anyway, we dont want the death of the Post Offices, they are disappearing anyway, and on and on and on.  We are beginning to see with open eyes that the global fascist state is almost upon us and the elite are afraid. We in England have lived with terrorists for thirty years we are not afraid, no calls for all these laws before why now. The peace process in Ireland is in part to show Britain and the USA to be peacemakers in preparation for the invasion of foreign lands to bring peace? To give England a break from terrorism so that when the elite’s Muslim terrorists attack England they can raise the shock horror mentality and shove more of the Fascist laws into our system WAKE UP FOR ENGLANDS SAKE! Just because America has had a taste of terrorism and is terrified do we the British people have to share in Americas fear? It is about protecting the fascist elite and all the collaborators as we pass through the most dangerous part of the Great Work of the Ages for those who control, because we can and will see the game, but they are ten steps ahead of the game you must begin to listen to the conspiracy as it is exposed now.


Now back to Hyndburn. Out of the twenty-six councillors who have received my operation only two have reacted with outright fear that turned to rage. The first was Malcolm Eric Pritchard  who on the 31st of July 2003 after I had posted Phase III to his home came terrified from his house stating he no longer wished to receive my operation, this man was afraid and as I reached my vehicle he shouted “Mr. Young” he then promptly tore up Phase III with the words “you f*^@ing got me last time you bastard”, to which I replied he did it to himself by lying and reminded him that while he used the title peoples representative in the Borough of Hyndburn it was his duty to look at the information as I am one of the people he purported to represent, he then gave me the middle finger as I drove away.


The second incident was far worse and happened in front of two of my children. This happened as I tried to post Phase V of this operation to Councillor Jean Battle. This woman opened the door as I was putting it through her letterbox and screaming like a banshee stated she no longer wished to receive my operation, I placed it in her porch stating that while she was using the title Hyndburn Borough Councillor she had a duty to look at the information, she continued to scream like a banshee as I walked to my car. Then a deeper scream of abuse came from inside her home and a very irate little man came running out of the house screaming at me to piss off, I tried to ignore him by again speaking to his wife again stating she had a duty to look at the information because she was a councilor. I then saw the faces of my two children and decided it would be better to leave, unfortunately Mr. Battle had other ideas and ran over towards me posturing, I then in a understandable reaction headed to him and placed myself in front of him and told him to do what he wanted to do, it was obvious he was not going to hit me so I again turned towards my vehicle. Mr. Battle then as I had my back to him grabbed me and tried to push me towards my car, I turned and made it clear he had better let go, this he did then realising what he had done very pettily said I had threatened him, this was nonsense. I then got in my car to try and settle my children, but Mr. Battle had not finished he again began to scream saying he had read my shit to which I replied it did not matter what he thought of my operation as he was not a councilor and if he did not wish his wife to receive information from the people he should persuade his wife to resign. He then stated that she did not represent me as I lived in Springhill to which I replied I lived in Hyndburn and he should look at his wifes title. This took place through my car window he did not care how this screaming of his was affecting my children. He then again told me to piss off as I had already been told by another councilor that evening that they did not want my operation he then tore up Phase V and threw it through my window all over my youngest son.

Upon completing delivering Phase V of my operation to all councillors I rang the Police and asked what constituted assault, I was told that any touching whatever including spitting constituted assault. With this I reported the assault by Mr. Battle yet stating I would not press charges but needed to report the incident, as I would be giving this information in the next Phase of operations. The case number is 320 EQ should anyone wish to confirm this incident. The other councillor Mr. Battle was referring to would be a young councillor named; Graham Peter Jones. Although the conversation was bizarre this man at least had the decency to debate with me for around twenty minuets and had the respect for my effort and thus took Phase V from me to read. So I must conclude that Mr. Jones rang Jean Battle, which would explain why she was at the door as I arrived.

Again as stated only two out of twenty six councillors reacted with fear and anger to my work what I will state is that in the reply from Moorhead high school dated 08 November 2002 titled photocopy 3 from Phase II of this operation two of the names sealing this reply are :

 Malcolm Pritchard 

 Jean Battle.


I feel at this point I should inform you that this operation has not been given to the councillors of this borough alone this operation has been sent to all strata of our society, and you will note that throughout this operation I have stated that to understand this knowledge one has to have intelligence, much of this information is for those high in the understanding of occult knowledge, so understand, you the Peoples Representatives are being watched by your peers and I am not speaking of your immediate superiors, as I have informed you, they are part of the satanic network and are leading you into their web of deceit, and thus you are by none action collaborating with the Nazis as they instil the very system they installed in Germany from 1923 with the German mark plummeting to 4,200 billion mark to the dollar thus demolishing any hope of the German Democratic Republic functioning. This created or paved the way for the rise of the Rothschild Adolf Hitler to power. The Dawes plan and the Young plan facilitated the collapse of the economy thus enabling Wall Street and London to lend money to Germany adding to the debt. So poverty and desperation suppressed the German Nation created by Wall street on the orders of London to pave the way for Hitler, in todays climate they are using fear to facilitate the systems required to complete the Temple, you are collaborators with the Nazis as they take over England I dont think your ancestors who died to fight Fascism would appreciate your ego trips undoing that which they died for. But while they focus your attention on BNP and others as the only Nazis you are deceived.

Lets now destroy any calls that I am promoting a Jewish conspiracy. The Rothschilds are not Jewish they hide behind the Jewish faith while obeying  the Talmud, which the bloodlines have managed to entwine within all faiths, then have those faiths fight on their behalf. The Windsors are not Christians they hide behind the Christian faith, and operate to the Sumer-Akkadians mystery school rites, a purer form than the mix called Kabbala which incorporates the Egyptian Hyksos dynastic pantheon of gods. The Saudi elite are not Muslim they hide behind the Muslim faith. The Bush dynasty is not Christian they hide behind the Christian faith. This is the stratagem throughout the globe they are satanists every last one of the elite of the power houses of the world. This is why such massive group minds we know as the religions were created they are kingdoms of souls under the direct control of the elite of each of the houses standing as the representatives from the deceiver that calls itself God, to each of their respective belief systems, which is why no matter how much we the people try to live balanced lives none of the religions bring this utopia into reality. And so by hanging onto the belief systems of the elite, the very thing we are trying to avoid (namely Armageddon as it is termed) will be the only conclusion these systems can offer as the outcome.


Many people who have visited my home for information stress that the reason we are were we are today is because of the imbalance of the two principles governing the Universe namely the masculine and the feminine, stating we are overbalanced to the masculine, this is not the whole truth, to elaborate:

Each of the principles has a twin, the feminine principle has its twin in the form of the crone or hag this creature has many names we shall use its name Hecate (goddess of the infernal arts) (Barati is another name and from this we get Britannia). This twin symbolism relates only to the third and lower fourth dimension, in truth the principles are a triad, a trinity. The fact that very few operate from the third aspect known as Luna, is the reason it is hardly ever written about. Luna is the higher aspect to the feminine; this is what we are currently trying to draw back into this dimension, ‘the return of the Goddess in her highest form.

The twin of the masculine principle is again known by many names we shall use the term most common, which is Satan in its lower form and the bearded one in its higher form. With man in the middle again we have the trinity but with of the masculine.

The rituals of all the religions including Freemasonry unknown to you all are created to call upon the twin aspects or shadow, of the two principals, or the negative aspects of the masculine and feminine. So the imbalance is to the negative of both principles and not to the masculine alone.

The negative aspect of the masculine principle is violence and aggression facilitated through un- fair uncompromising competition. So the idea that to be a man one is judged by the degree of ones aggressiveness and ability to fight is the negative or shadow of the masculine energy.

The negative aspect of the feminine principle is secrecy deceit, and manipulation thus bringing about the negative aspect of the masculine leading to its only end violent wars.

The elite are masters of the negative aspects of the two principles, this is the black- arts, to go against the natural order of the cosmos is to blaspheme against the balanced order of the universe, this is the true meaning of the word we understand as evil.

A very important point you must grasp is that to be born woman does not insist you are a feminine being, just as to be born male does not insist you are masculine. It is up to us all to bring about a balance within ourselves of the two principles thus creating a third force or enlightened force named Wisdom. This is the true meaning of the triad corrupted by Religion. They use the term the father the son and the Holy Ghost; the true nature of the triad is thus:

The balance of the Father the Mother gives birth to the child ‘wisdom’ or the masculine balanced within your being with the feminine creates a balance through which wisdom will assert itself through you as a sentient being.  A fusing together with the twin aspects or lower and middle or son and daughter create a child of imbalance, yet drawing from the lower world energy can be very powerful indeed. So it is a case of from whence does one draw ones energy, from below or above. I can say with outright conviction I know the difference between the two now, and there is a difference. Although I still seem troubled by some of the actions emanating from the sacred feminine, but that is for me to work through. We have for so long forgotten the sacred feminine in her highest representation there are not many guidelines to follow, I suppose I can expect nothing less than a bumpy ride, I had better get better suspension…I think they call it love!

To hide this truth religion does not to the masses use the term female, instead it terms it the Holy Ghost, and again to confuse and to give the impression it is a masculine institution uses the term son. This in turn gave birth to the Templars with all the warriors of old and present wishing to bring balance by worshipping the Goddess, It is the negative aspect of the feminine principle the Templars worship and thus the deception created ensuring the human race worship as I term the ‘Bitch’ and the ‘Bastard’ from the flood to today, so if the Bitch and the Bastard as the negative forces within each human being are encouraged to the fore of enough people in this world,  then on a collective scale giving  birth to the child of evil within each person creates an army. Even better from the perspective of controlling balanced people to carry out their will unknown to the recipient. (I do not use the terms bitch and bastard in their expletive context but in their true explication).

What does Hollywood, the media, television and most importantly computer games throw into our childrens minds? violence violence and lots more violence, this is the Great Work of the Ages to create a blasphemous world against the true nature of the universe, it is almost complete.


Many people have asked me, what is Freemasonry? I will give the main reason for its creation there are many but its true role is to protect the bloodlines ensuring those born with genetics they fear are channeled into their hands and placed in the positions of power across the globe, whilst taking their orders from the secret society networks, just out of sight for most people, which of course unknown to all except the elite is to protect the force who control the top families, 13 in number who control the banking system and through that the world.


                                                PETROL STATION CLOSURES


The petrol and oil companies are putting such stringent sales targets to retail garages domestically backed with strict government rulings that many of the fuel outlets have and will close. This is to ensure when they put on again the squeeze and create another fuel crisis, there will be even less fuel available and the crisis will be even worse.

If I may I would like to comment on just what is happening in Iraq. The elite are ensuring that all nations connected to NATO and the UN has victims of suicide bombers. This will ensure that when the time to assassinate Arafat has arrived the Palestinians will go ballistic with their only weapon, suicide bombers. This will enable the elite to expand the mindset of the holy war with all nations having been sickened by there own people becoming victims of suicide bombers, and from the Middle East will the war begin, of course the Middle East covers a much wider area than just Palestine it includes all the lands of former Sumer, Iraq, Iran, Egypt the Sudan.


I will add this to the current Iraqi unrest. If any other nation entered England to rape her of her wealth and power I would be a warrior of the utmost calibre to ensure the invaders were destroyed, why can we not offer this as a reasonable response from people in Iraq and in Palestine to what is blatantly about control and provocation.

To investigate the Percys or as we now know them, the Bushs, the family links to Saddam Hussein‘s regime and with the Bin Laden family are immense too great to be ignored, people, it is a very bad game the elite play on us all. Gaddafi is also of the elite as is Robert Mugabe, they all are.

The visit George W Bush made to Sedgefield was a visit to his ancestral home of Northumberland, which explains why Tony Blair represents that constituency; they love their secret language of symbolism the elite, its the higher Latin.


                                           WASHINGTON DC : WHAT IT MEANS


Lets now look at Washington DC. Have you ever given thought to what the DC stands for?

District of Columbia is what the abbreviation stands for. The constitution of the USA stands over the 50 states of that country.

Washington DC is not a state within that country and therefore does not come under the jurisdiction of the Constitution. In Washington we have the Whitehouse, we have the Pentagon, we have the Federal Reserve, what a joke, as there is no reserve because the banking system deals in figures on computer screens and not hard cash, and if being owned by 20 European Banking Families interprets as federal, I will begin the task of eating my car. If the agenda includes Britain becoming a Republic or we demand a republic, then the Inner City of London will act in the same way as Washington, as it has since the Magna Carta, standing outside the constitution, we will again be deceived believing (that word again) we would be living in a more free society when in fact we would be further shielding the Black Nobility in its dictatorship of this nation believing ourselves to be free, you must investigate this truth for yourself.


                             THE BRITISH CROWN : KNIGHTS TEMPLAR CHURCH


A question again asked by people is to explain how the British Crown could work under the control of the Vatican system. On October 3rd 1213, King John, as King of England Corporation Sole, claimed autonomy over all sovereign rights of England and assigned them to the Pope with the signing of the Magna Carta. The Pope of course claims to be Vicar of Christ, and thus claims dominion over the whole World. In return, the Pope granted executiveship to the English Crown over all these dominions. In other words, the English Crown is the chief executive and the Vatican is the chairman, of course the true owner is whoever controls the Vatican, which in physical form are today known as the Black Guelphs. The Magna Carta which is based on Common laws created before the Norman invasion and used in its true form, is the greatest means of preventing dictatorship by not allowing the crown nor parlaiment to judge the people, only to carry out the judgement by the people. Yet since its conception it was abused by the barons who were Templars, and thus never served the people, only giving the impression it did to create the smokescreen the elite required to promote the idea of freedom in the minds of the English people, thus transferred to America and accross the empire to enable the cry for empire expansion on the basis, we are civilising the world.  This ties in very neatly with the suppressed European race, suppressed out of existence altogether, the Khazars, of which we will explore later in this work, suffice it to say the thirteenth tribe hails from this mix.. The British Crown owns all the lands and the institutions of the USA, or the Virginia Company. Who controlled King John? The Templars, via Americ de Saint Maur. Take your time with this revelation.

Also King James I as chief executive of the Virginia Company decreed that Admiralty Law, the Law of the sea, would control Criminal courts in the Colonies. What Admiralty were they talking about? The British Admiralty Law, of course. When a court is open under Admiralty or Maritime Law, the flag in the court has to have a gold fringe around it. Look at any criminal court in the United States and you will see it has a gold fringe. So the law of the world is headed from Temple Bar in the Inner City of London. The same strategy is used with the East India Company.  Notice that in many American programmes depicting the flag in a court room now have their fringes hidden?


                                                     CONTINUE STUDY HERE


I heard Councillor Peter Britcliffe the leader of the council on 2BR stating he was not happy with any of the three options given out by our satanic Prime Minister, Tony Blair, in relation to the restructuring of the county councils, at last I have heard sanity from the council. The question is what he is going to do about it. I speak directly to you sir, have the courage of your convictions and tell them you dont like any of the options, and that Hyndburn Council will not take part in any of their options, take it to the people of Hyndburn and become separatist, de- link from the dictatorship and fight the Nazis from Hyndburn. I offer myself at your service to bring together a legal case showing the fascist agenda for what it is, go Sir LEAD a rebellion against Fascism instead of leading us into it.


Another question I have been asked on many an occasion is do I see myself as a Christ figure, in a word no. The programme as handed out by the elite in relation to a saviour figure in all the cultures is to stop you all as individual human beings from standing against what one knows to be wrong and to wait for the return of each cultures Messiah figure who will do it all for you. And what organisations claim to hold the ear of each particular Messiah figure? The religions, so you all hold fast to your indoctrinated system which hands all power to each cultural belief system and no longer do you act outside of what your peers claim to be ordained from each figure head, thus complete control of your being is handed over to your system of belief. And, as explained, the power positions of these systems are controlled by the satanic brethren, so one tribe of satanists control all the belief systems and you the people allow this deception because you are weak and afraid to argue against knowledge you are told is from the source.

My understanding of the way of the universe is thus :

The saving aspect of all the cultures of this world is not an individual, it is not one man as it is not one woman, it is not one system over another, it is not one nation over another, it is not one scripture over another. The saving aspect we all await is the return of ‘truth’ in all its forms. The Sword of Truth, which cuts through the bullshit, slices at the veil of untruth throughout the whole, I am a man who has brought about the balance of the polarities within my being at the higher level and the Sword of truth is mine to wield and wield it I shall without fear of anything or anyone. This is the true aspect of Excalibur, only those pure in heart shall Excalibur be drawn and it is not to one alone it is to all who are warriors of truth over untruth. Truth resides in the return of the Sacred feminine and the higher aspect of the masculine, coming together in man

Now to you all who accept the story of Jesus as saviour, the only lesson to be drawn from this concept is what the people of the time did to a man through which truth did shine, truth of the lies peddled by the priests and the Temples authority. What did the people do? They condemned truth they killed the light of the world, and condemned the world to continue in the darkness that held sway. No one was saved the world shunned the light of truth and here we are once again standing on that very same precipice but at this time the darkness has almost total control of the worlds systems and should the human race once again ignore the call for action against the evil then this whole World be condemned once again until the next time we the Warriors of truth be born to this world.


The only label I accept for myself is Life

How else can any man explain it?


        For those who follow their spiritual life through the symbolism of the Grail, understand this :


“ you have remained in a castle, be it the castle of power, the castle of security, the castle of wealth, the castle of sensuality, the castle of respect, the castle of fame, the castle of isolation, the castle of escape.

 All lie within the castle of ‘Illusion’. There is only one part of you that will continue the journey and that is the fearless aspect of your being only fearlessness draws down providence as you have to travel through your personal hell  your fear has created, remove all third dimensional attachments all leading to the door behind which stands your Nemesis:


“Your ultimate antagonist, the limited RNA reading from the limitless information held within the DNA shows itself to you, ‘I am fear’, the fear of free thinking, free understanding without conforming to beliefs, and ultimately the fear of being different all emanating from the fear of being alone, of not being loved.


“The being that you are, in truth terrified, to such a degree it demands it remains ignorant of the true nature of life and commands or limits through lowly resonance, the reality it forms within its mind, happy in numb-ers, a tale of so many through the ages and imprinted as an easy path to follow carved as it is in the programme like the groove on a record.


 “The human soul cries for redemption, then follow the groove no more…”





Only by following your true nature can this be done to undo that which is false within your being, only by facing your fears can you remove the veils of deceit from your being and with love as your guide you shall redeem yourself from the un- understood aspects of your soul journey or KARMA as it is better known… yet another creation of man.

This World was not created by the evil it is a denser low vibratory school that through your existence here as a human being you feel emotionally, spiritually, physically, and mentally the reaction of your every action, what better way to teach the soul that which it is to learn than by feeling its movement through space and time. And the reaction to the sources plan in this cycle, FEAR, FEAR, FEAR, and the natural order of this world for which this world was created has been removed, so understand this, the higher you go in this material system the more you are afraid, the more you repel from your lifes task, while seeing only with the five senses… then its back you  incarnate, because you cannot pass the barriers, back into the system you are now creating, so there is no escape from your purpose, you are putting off what you should be doing today until the day that never comes ‘tomorrow’. By definition the elite are the most afraid creatures in this World, and with what they do to us and to themselves I would expect nothing less, but it is not hate I hold to you but compassion.


Wishing you all a happy season with the hope for an outbreak of courage for the New Year

We are running out of time people with love to you all






Satanic Ritual and Blood drinking


This Phase of operations would be delivered on my birthday. After running the gun with Councillor Battle and Pritchard this was a good birthday present indeed.









Dated: 04 February 2004.  


Dear Sir / Madame.


With current media coverage you have now been brought further into the light as to who the chief instigator into the ritual murder of the Princess of Wales was, well not quite! In Phase V of this operation I stated that the house of Windsor will throw the blame outside of itself, and with the latest revelation in the enquiry would in affect show the current power aspect of that House to be blameless. The evidence I hold is video evidence I have had in my possession since January 2002, in which a lady with the title Mother Goddess speaks in great detail of the rituals including child sacrifice, she herself carried out for the elite. It was at one of these rituals in the late 1980s that she witnessed the conversation between the Queen Mother and Mohammed Al Fayed in relation to the future Ritual Murder of the Princess of Wales and his son Dodi. And yes this triple murder (the Trinity) could not have been carried out without the full co-operation of Mohamed Al Fayed, so this was his price to enter the Illuminati the sacrifice of his first-born. Remember people the sacrifice of the first born is in the Bible in the story of Abraham, only the shadow requires blood sacrifice, the only sacrifice the true and loving source mind requires is the self sacrificing of all that is false within your being and would certainly not ask you to kill or harm anything outside of yourself for personal gain in knowledge, material power or wealth. Also nothing from within the House of Windsor can take place without permission from its head Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Phillip in truth after the death of the Queen mother.  It was never intended that Charles would be King, which is why Princess Diana constantly spoke of being nothing but a breeding mare for the Windsors. The bloodlines every so often need to be infused with the genes of a more human specimen or they would not be able to perform their task correctly. I ask you remember Phase IIII and how the British and French elite are one, which is how this murder was so easily covered up. This is why in the Bible Yahweh- Jehovah is constantly repeating “ you cannot see my face, for man may not see me and live”, they are serpent headed, the Anunnaki, the Watchers, the Nefilim, the Giants, the Dragons, the awwim, whichever name you understand them to be. It is through genetic engineering in the ancient past and direct breeding with the Earth women that they have created the Hybrid, bloodlines which enable concealment of their true nature to the world. The blood drinking is required to enable them to keep their genetics stable, thus child sacrifice, there is much more to this subject, but I still remember how I felt when learning about this most abominable subject so I will say no more. As stated you are all being prepared to learn the truth of what controls this planet, dinosaur programmes, the Tweenies, what are these if not colourful lizards. This may all sound mad to you, but reveal themselves they must because the earth is changing as we enter the Photon belt around the Pleiades and head into the light cycle, because of this they will not be able to conceal themselves with their Glamour. This is why the temple must be completed; no one will be able to do a thing to fight their rule. As stated in phase IIII the information I have thus given is nothing, yet I fully understand well that I have stretched your minds with secret and suppressed knowledge up to Phase VI. I am compelled to stretch it further. The religions have two meanings, one for the masses and the truth for the Illuminati. Which is why people high in Christianity can carry out such atrocities as the Crusades, the inquisition, the slaughter that was the First world war, the second world war, the splitting of India to create Pakistan and thus the conflict over Kashmir, the creation of the state of Israel and all that followed, the Korean conflict and thus the North South divide and every conflict this earth has known since Thor/Indara/ Indra who are the same person, defeated the Serpent cult of Queen EL (Elohim) or Semiramis and her son Tammuz, this serpent cult, the Nefilim, then re-joined their underground purer brethren, defeated. After the death of Thor/Indara/Indra (St George) the serpent cult once again gained power and can be traced moving from the fall of Troy in possibly Babylon (Troy or Troia translates as “three places” in Greek and in Hebrew and is an allusion to the trinity, but more importantly, Troy was central to many trading blocks, the very reason the Zionist’s chose Palestine for their homeland), to the Roman bloodlines taking over all the European Royal houses until finally they took the English which would become the British Crown and together with the French and Spanish, created the new Atlantis, America. A point unknown to most is that London was founded around 1200 BC as the new Troy after the destruction of Troy in either Asia Minor (Turkey) or quite possibly Babylon. From whichever part of the Sumerian empire Troy actually has its root… the story goes thus. Aeneas, born of, or a, royal bloodline itself, fled with the remnants of his people and settled in Italy. There he married the daughter of Latinus, the King of the Latins, and through this line emerged bloodlines Romulus and Remus and the Roman Empire. Within many traditions the grandson of Aeneas, ‘Brutus’, is said to have travelled to Britain around 1103 BC with a battalion of Trojans including men from the colonies of Spain. They referred to Britain as the “Great White Island” because of the white cliffs off the south coast. In the south west of England is the town of Totnes in Devon, a short distance inland from Torbay, the oldest seaport in the area. Here there is a stone called the Brutus stone, on which the illuminati legend states, the Trojan Prince stood when he first landed. Welsh records say that Brutus was met by three tribes of Britons who proclaimed him King. (Totnes is a major satanic place of pilgrimage, and a very important Tavistock Institute theatre) Brutus founded a city he called “Caer Troia”-New Troy. The Romans would later call it Londinium. Why London? London sits on a very important energy centre as does most of southern England, but it is the Inner city of London of which I speak, so the Inner City of London is the operational centre of the New Troy or Babylon along with Paris and the Vatican City which acts outside Catholicism yet controls it, as Washington DC stands outside the Constitution yet controls the USA, as the Inner City of London stands outside the British constitution yet controls it. In her role as chief executive for the Babylonian empire, the British Crown controls; America, India, Australia, New Zealand Canada, South Africa and all the countries of the Commonwealth.. For those of you who again use the symbolism of the Grail for your spiritual journey, King Arthurs eastern gateway city is ‘Troynavant’ or London the New Troy. Incidentally King Arthurs Camalot can be seen to mean Martian city or City of Mars, this is how the French poets and storytellers on the orders of Eleanor of Aquitaine as the wife of Henry II, created a fable to surround the hero of the Briton’s ‘Arthur’ because things were so bad back in 1154 the people where talking about the return of Arthur. It also leads back to the new Troy, London, for all who work with the Grail as their spiritual canvas. But some of the Mars connotations lead into another level of knowledge as you clime up the mystery school. It is a canvas written by the Nefilim superimposed over a real human myth, legend, and belief. So you can now understand why the Roman church emphasises the importance of Mary as the chief Goddess figure who is fast transforming into EL or Queen Semiramis. At the highest level Mary symbolises the negative charged and therefore positive energy of the female Ley line, Michael representing the positively charged Ley Line. EL was also known as May or Mother May which gives us May Day one of the most important ritual days of the year for the Serpent cult (the cult of the All Seeing Eye) which is the Illuminati. (For further study look into the work of Jordan Maxwell) What I would infer is that the Church of Peter having full knowledge of this energy system and building upon the vortex points on these lines, respectively named the  Church of Mary or Michael, to denote symbolically to those who can see which energy each church was operating. So on that basis one would expect the Church at its core to be the church of Mary and Michael: HERE…so where does Peter come in, is he the gatecrasher, the point at which the illuminati were able to control all Pagan knowledge by superimposing the system Christianity onto the populace? So the three main religions symbolise the rise from the root or Earth Chakra, Judaism, through the second Chakra Water, Islam,  completing itself in control of the lower three bodies with Christianity accomplishing control of the third Chakra the solar Plexus or Fire symbolised with the sun gods. This is of course relating to the esoteric systems of the religions which speak in symbolism as a secret language. All three operate the pagan rites.


                                        WALPURGIS NIGHT : USURPING BELTANE


 The Illuminati-created creed of Communism has its day of celebration and military parades on May

Day for the same reason. On the night of April 30th, satanists perform the Ritual of Walpurgis to the Goddess of Walpurgisnacht or May Day Eve. She was such a popular deity in Germany as the May Queen Walpurga that she was encompassed by Christianity under the name “Saint” Walpurga, and a fictional story produced to justify this. Morgan La Faye in the King Arthur Stories is another version of EL, as in Maer (Mary) gyn (woman) of the Fey (deadly Serpent). So Mary Woman of the Deadly Serpent is one aspect, the lower aspect of Mother Mary of Christianity. Morgans were known as “Sea Women” amphibians. The Dion Fortune series of books operate this for this cult. The way in which the Illuminati operate using symbols is quite ingenious, they use what is called reverse symbolism, i.e.: the dove to the human race is a symbol of peace and love, but to the satanic brethren this symbol is a sign of hatred and destruction, this being so means the Illuminati can signature an event or use the symbol to represent say a company and to the masses it would mean love and peace and would be accepted by you all and you would work with this company, ‘Tesco’ reversed gives; ‘set &co’. On that basis the reality would have the company  operating under a blanket of what is understood to be balanced, but would be promoting secretly hatred and destruction and thus you would be deceived yet still toil for this company not knowing you were promoting death and destruction somewhere in the world. Its the same with the lighted torch at John F Kennedys grave as with the Princess of Wales, to the masses it represents the eternal flame when in reality it is the signature of the Illuminati. The four black swans on the lake were the Princess of Wales is supposed to be buried, is to the Illuminati symbolic of sealed for eternity never to return, sealed at each of the four directions and as the black swan is the symbol of Hecate the goddess of the infernal arts, is also her signature as to the methods employed (the black arts) to the murder and who had the idea of the swans? Only her repulsive brother who said the idea came to him in a dream, this little creature is in with the elite or wants to be.


                                      MOTHER GODDESS SPEAKS HER TRUTH


 I would now ask you to focus to a lady who was one of only three females in the world to hold the title Mother Goddess. She states that the Princess of Waless father was part of the Illuminati and attended before his death the ‘Satanic Rituals’, she has seen him there, and that the death of Diana was planned even probably before her birth. Its all about hiding behind a mask of goodness and once Prince Charles has been sidelined who then will the Illuminati hide behind? And would we not the British people accept the next in line after Charles with all the sympathy we hold for her children of course we would but it is only a puppet position or the mask.


 People the Mother Goddess names that she has witnessed attending the satanic rituals are :


George Bush senior.        His Skull &Bones title Magog is representative of the giants, 

                                      Protector of the land. If you study the Greeks testimonies

                                       relative to the giants, they were known to be blood drinkers

                                       and cannibals. Bush is a known paedophile.  Magog is of the

                                       Hun, later to become the Khazars. A very important race. 


George W Bush.

Jeb Bush.                         Current Governor of Florida.

Ronald Reagan.

Nancy Reagan.

Lyndon Johnson.               Former President of the USA

Gerald Ford.                      Former President of the USA

Jimmy Carter.                     Former President of the USA

Henry Kissinger.

Zechariah Sitchin.               Disinformer relating to the Sumerian tablets.

Sir Laurence Gardner.         Current head of the Ancient Imperial Royal Dragon Court 

                                          and Order. Created in Egypt around 2200 BC by the Priests

                                          of Mendes. Initiated into this order was Vlad Dracul, the

                                          father of Vlad the Impaler who signed his name Dracula

                                          the devils son. Vlad Dracul was initiated into the order was

                                          arranged by the Holy Roman Emperor in 1431. Its emblem

                                          at this time was a dragon, wings extended, hanging on a

                                          cross. All members of this order use the dragon on their

                                          coat of Arms.


Bob Hope                          Hollywood actor, Knight of the Order of St Gregory.

                                          He was awarded this honor in a ceremony in Los

                                          Angeles in the same ritual as Rupert Murdoch. He was

                                          later awarded an honorary Knighthood by the Queen

                                          which puts him in the same league as Kissinger and

                                          father Bush


Hilary Clinton.                    To study the Clintons murder, drugs, and extortion

Bill Clinton                         surrounds them both.


Madeline Albright.   


Newt Gingrich      

J. Rockefeller.

George Dukemagian.          Spelling may be wrong; it is hard to hear her pronounce

                                         this one.


French President after De Gaul.


Most of the Rothschilds.   Stating the chief English Rothschild Jacob attends most rituals.


Joseph Mengele.                 The angel of death from the concentration camps who was

                                          her handler until his death in 1989. Since his death the

                                          Programming he instilled has begun to break down, hence

                                          her leaving the Illuminati and speaking her truth.     


The Marquise de Libeaux.   This mans Illuminati name is Pindar and translates as

                                          Penis of the Dragon. She also states that Prince Charles

                                          and Prince William look like this man.


The Queen Mother.

Queen Elizabeth II.

Prince Phillip.

Prince Charles.

Princess Anne.

Prince Andrew.

Camilla Parker Bowles.      She states that Charles and Camilla had a child together

                                         and that this child was sacrificed at a Ritual she

                                         performed, her price to be with Charles.

Princess Margaret.

Earl Johnny Spencer        Princess Dianas father

Charles Earl Spencer          Princess Dianas younger brother and current Earl


Pope John Paul II               mainly in attendance at rituals in France

Rupert Murdoch                 media tycoon, Knight of the Order of St Gregory

Mohammed Al Fayed.        She said he looked uncomfortable couldn’t believe it

                                          went on at first.

Tony Blair.                         She said he was very comfortable and is hybrid


I have only reiterated the names she speaks in the video evidence, (added more as I studied in depth the conspiracy) but from many other sources many of the world leaders past and present attend these rituals. It is the same with big industrialists and the business leaders; you only get your positions by doing as you are told without question, and within whichever belief system you adhere to, you are all willingly carrying out the agenda of the satanic elite. But until now you were carrying out this agenda unknowingly so you were in it but not of it, but you must begin to see that I am dealing in fact and as the exposing of this agenda gathers pace you are going to be classed as collaborators with this agenda so whatever your thoughts about me at this present time I wish you to know this, I am trying to help you. I know of at least four councillors amongst you in Hyndburn who are knowingly working for this agenda.

                                               DEMOLITION OF UK NIGHTLIFE


Another important subject I wish to expose is the true reason Accrington town centre has had its nightlife demolished and shoved into what is known as a power square around St James church. I know you have been told it is for easier policing of the town, this is nonsense. Firstly I would ask that you between yourselves investigate who controls the Arcade Bar, the Bees Knees, and the Baileys, also the New Era youth centre. Investigate these places and you will be very surprised indeed. Also the Opium Club which set a ritual through Fred Skinner aimed at me some years ago, it is no wonder Frank Bruno finally went over the edge while in this place. Each person that enters this power square once inebriated becomes open to the negative forces that are pumped out from this square. Alcohol weakens your auric defences and the negative entities have a field day. Its the same around abattoirs, the negative entities flock to these places feeding off the fear energy at the death of the animals. In the same way these entities feed off lustful sex, which is why so many sexual offences are carried out while a person is using medication, illegal drugs, or alcohol. This is why the Medical Mafia are instilling drug addiction to the masses you are weak in your auric defences and are easily taken by the entities that exist on the astral planes or dreamtime, not to mention the affect upon the weakening of your immune system. Fear also weakens your defence which is why fear is the weapon of the Illuminati. The New Age we are entering is a step up for the earth a sort of frequency shift. The earth is said to be becoming fourth dimensionalsed, or less dense, which is why some people are becoming so intelligent in their chosen fields. Balanced human beings can bring the knowledge from the astral planes into this third dimension, which began with the beginnings of the industrial revolution. In suppressing esoteric knowledge the illuminati have limited the scientific research to third dimensional exploration in the search for energy, and thus a revolution based on combustion via fossil fuels, with all the ramifications to environment and health this limited scope of research allowed. From tales of Atlantis we get the picture of harnessing natural energy with use of crystals, so the suppression of truths the ancients understood used by the Illuminati against mankind in order they can rule, is the cause of all environmental problems the Illuminati are currently promoting we pay for in tax, of course that counts if you except the global warming data, to which I do not.

 The Crusades were to gather hidden knowledge from the Holy Lands using the Knight Orders as their mask, information left scattered by the surviving Nefilim from the ancient world. And with there detailed works on sacrificial rituals they have gathered all these years, they call upon the demons trapped by the past Masters of light in the lower fourth dimension, or void, what we could term a linking with the negative ancestral spirit relating to each nations history, or to be more precise linking to the ancestral spirits relating to each landmass, this is symbolised within the Lord of the Rings trilogy with the underground mines, finding a demon. To gain knowledge of were to look and how best to do it. So although the Masters of light cast out of this frequency (third dimension) the demons in the ancient past, the hybrid bloodlines have been calling them back for millennia for the information required to continue building the Temple of complete control of this planet In the same way when a culture was invaded if that culture wrote down its knowledge then it was only a matter of stealing the written works to be stored in the Vatican, then to instil the Nefilims power structure over that race. If a culture spoke the knowledge then in the words of the Zulu Sanusi (keeper of the Zulu knowledge) Credo Mutwa, the missionaries would milk the minds of the Shaman then kill them, also they steel the religious artifacts from each culture removing there ancestral link and thus power. In the case of the Mayans and the Native American cultures the races had to be wiped out because they passed their knowledge to all the peoples of these races in stories, and so nothing other than almost total annihilation (after milking their minds) was necessary in order to remove the true history and knowledge of this world and its relationship to the Earth and the wider Universe, these cultures had.

With this transition for the Earth come great dangers. As the earth becomes fourth dimensionalised the protective veil between these two dimensions will disappear which will then releases all the demons and negative entities that exist in the lower part of the fourth dimension. The Illuminati know this which is the reason we are legalising Cannabis, and the promotion of the drug addiction programme, you will be so weak in your auric defences the entities will create madness through all who have been weakened. It is the same with the religions and Freemasonry, each time you visit your temple if it is negatively charged you receive a blast of the negative energy from ritual and are thus weakened. Its the same with the Altham/Clayton, estate Sefton Park there must be so much negativity in that area for whatever reason, that so many out of character murders are taking place you must try to understand these points. The same reason certain public houses are known for violence, just take a look at the Churchills in Accrington, it closed but now your children are using this building, same with the child care centres they are all in or near religious buildings Wake UP, same with the primary schools and all schools. Ask yourself this do you know what goes on in these buildings when the gates shut? Of course you dont, just think back to the Vibes when you were at Primary schools. Its the same with none Church schools with the lowering of the age to four the reception classes are in some cases taught by religious fanatics who have our children singing nothing but Jesus songs, madness! I am keeping my eyes on this agenda. The same with the education systems they are encouraging the left brained logic only, and those who are more creative and thus right brained are being demonised as stupid and put into special needs classes, thats evil.

So you may be thinking I do not drink to excess, I do not take medication, and I certainly do not take illegal drugs. Who do you think all these maniacs who do are going to target? Precisely you!

There is only one option the human race has to prevent this, stop the completion of the Temple and start growing up and change your behaviour towards your fellow man.


Here is one for you satanists, it is a lie, they cannot steal your soul this lie is the uppermost fear control they have over you to keep you in line.

Here is one for you Councillor Tim O Kane. You come across as a balanced individual, I would suggest you form a consortium of good willed persons and get to the bottom of the financial problems our town is suffering. Would it not be pertinent to insist we the people see all the financial accounts complete, giving we the people our right to investigate the pathetic conspiracy with our monies which will further remove all the peoples assets when the council sells our remaining land and properties to the fat cats who control local industry, and the majority of the county of Lancashire. England is dying people were is the fighting spirit we the English are known for, does the spirit only exist when called to fight in foreign lands? The fighting spirit needs to return now or you will hang yourselves as a nation. The lesson should you not act now for this nation will be that you understand how the nation Germany was taken over by the Nazis, you will learn with the utmost pain that it is none action towards Fascism that allowed the Nazis to take Germany and that your ignorance in believing that the German nation as a whole was evil is wrong. One of the first things Hitler did was to disarm the people and arm the police; we are already way past that one. I used to be so proud to be English, but I am beginning to feel shame and sadness at the degree to which you are afraid of the Bullys in your own back yard. I can only conclude that the fighting spirit died with all the Warriors of the two world wars. This confirms my fears in that this is why the elite have been murdering our pensioners with drug addiction and unnecessary operations, to ensure none with courage remain. Just as many inheritances are lost to the satanic nursing homes. There are many more DR Shipmans out there, he just got caught.


If I may I would like to take a look with you at the story of Jesus. This for all of us is the key as all three religions accept this story as fact. While growing up as a child I had great conflict with this Jesus character. On the one hand my heart would not accept story, yet in my mind I could not verify my hearts conclusion, you are all in this position unless you are an Initiate, even then you are still fed untrue information, the only option for me as an Initiate was to follow that which I was being taught as an Initiate yet studying for myself outside of the mystery schools doctrine. This I did by gathering as much information about the time allotted to the man as I could. One of the first important points I found was that Nazareth did not exist at the time allotted to the birth of the man. This is profound and is the first lie. Further in my studies I became aware of a secret sect for this time, which has its root in the Egyptian Mystery Schools named the Nazarenes. So after studying this sect I drew the conclusion that an Adept from the sect of the Nazarenes stepped out of his society and in the same vein as I, chose not to join the elite as the holder of a greater truth of this world, and chose to awaken his fellow man to the lies peddled by the priests and the authority of the Temple. I then began to study the Roman Record keepers of the time, I am sure you all understand that Rome kept Records of its time in the same way we do today, very in depth as did the Greeks. In doing this alone one sees a different picture emerging than that given by our education systems and the TV in relation to history as a whole and not just to the Jesus story. There are no Records whatever of the crucifixion, even from the records of Pontius Pilate and looking more like the second lie, or they have been removed. Remember this study I made separate yet parallel to my studies as an Initiate which was teaching me about symbolism while giving me a higher understanding of the initiates understanding of Jesus. I will break here to give insight as to my brain washing as an Initiate as to the story my scholarship as an Initiate was leading me. It peaked at this: at the crucifixion Jesus was replaced by a follower and thus was not crucified, that he and Mary Magdalene had children, she with Joseph of Arimathea fled to Gaul and to the Languedoc area of southern France. Joseph with one of the children went to England and was given the land at Glastonbury and built the Cathedral. In France we are told that from the children of Jesus began the Merovingians as the true bloodline of the Messiah, which is protected to this day by the Priory of Sion. (Sion meaning the Sun), but of course even that picture is incomplete given the Merovingian’s were usurped by the Imperial bloodline the Carolingian’s. Jesus was said to have continued his work, India being a possible place, but Jesus becomes mysterious at this point and focus is then placed on the bloodline in France, this is in brief of course. And the picture formed when one studies the Gnostic Gospels. They also focused upon the Anointing of Jesus with the Messa fat or fat of the crocodile; this is when you can see the reptile or dragon blood creeping into the equation. Then enters the Gospel according to Thomas again showing the true nature of the elites state of being and it is to create chaos within every family by tempting the women to stray sexually with a man of Nefilim blood thus installing one of there own within each family in order the Nefilim take the inheritance of the Human race and slowly but surely as we can see today the Nefilim have almost total control of the worlds wealth and thus power, so we are seeing in the Gnostic teachings a way in for the serpent cult’s blood rites. This of course works only if the child of Nefilim blood cannot fight the evil within itself when the Elohim from the lower fourth dimension comes to posses its being. So with this information one can see that Christianity has two meanings, one for the masses and its true meanings from the elites point of view, this is a brief insight only. I shall expand on this topic throughout this work, but the main theme would be that the battle is going on inside of ones own being, which DNA does one fall into sync with? The path of the so called enlightenment is to then understand it is the DNA programming as a whole that one has to ascend beyond, to set your spirit free of the slavery of the DNA matrix and all its five sense reactions to stimuli.


He was born to a virgin by Immaculate Conception through the intervention of a holy spirit. This fulfilled an ancient prophecy. When he was born the ruling tyrant wanted to kill him, his parents had to flee to safety. All male children under the age of two were slain by the ruler as he sought to kill the child. Angels and shepherds were at his birth, and he was given gifts of gold, frankincense, and myrrh. He was worshipped as the savior of men and led a moral and humble life. He performed miracles, which included healing the sick, giving sight to the blind, casting out devils and raising the dead. He was put to death on the cross between two thieves. He descended to hell and rose from the dead to ascend back to heaven.

You all are in full knowledge of this tale, and you assume I am speaking of your saviour Jesus, not so. This is the story of a man who existed 1200 years before Jesus is claimed to have been born, his name is VIRISHNA, this is how the eastern saviour God was described to the people of the east 1200 years BC. In studying history of the east I cannot find any part in that period any human beings were saved.

 If you want a saviour God who died for your sins I ask you to look at the list I will offer you, here are just some of the Son of God heroes who take the lead role in stories that mirror the tale of Jesus ‘ano-the-r’ Son of God:


Addad of Assyria;

Adonis, son of Virgin Io, of Greece;

Alcides of Thebes;

Attis of Phrygia;

Baal and Taut of Phoenicia;

Bali of Afghanistan;

Buddha Sakya of India;

Cadmus of Greece;

Crite of Chaldea;

Deva Tat and Sammonocadam of Siam;

Divine Teacher of Plato;

Fohi and Tien of China;

Gentaut and Quetzalcoatl of Mexico;

Hesus or Eros and Bremrillahm, of the Druids;

Hil and Feta of Mandaites;

Holy One of Xaca;

Indra of Tibet;

Ischy of Formosa;

Ixion and Quirinus of Rome;

Jao of Nepal;

Krishna of Hindostan;                                                      

Mikado of the Sintoos;

Odin of Scandinavia;

Osiris and Horus of Egypt;

Prometheus of the Caucasus;

Salivahana of Bermuda;

Tammuz of Syria and Babylon;

Thor son of Odin of the Gauls;

Universal Monarch of the Sibyls;

Wittoba of Bilingonese;

Xamolxis of Thrace;

Zoar of the Bonzes;

Zoroaster of Persia;


When one studies the sayings attributed to Jesus, and one studies Mithra or Mithras, who was the pre- Christian Roman- Persian God, many of the sayings attributed to Jesus are the sayings attributed to Mithra, who like Jesus was born to a virgin mother on December the 25th and was crucified but raised from the dead on March the 25th- Easter. Mithra initiations took place in caves adorned with the signs of Capricorn and Cancer, symbolic of the winter and summer solstices the high and low points of the sun. Mithra was portrayed as a winged lion still used today. Now this brings us to the true source of Christianity, that of it being symbolic of the SUN, yes the one that shines in the sky. This is why the number 13 is important in all esoteric knowledge, it represents the 12 signs of the zodiac, and set in the middle is the sun. The sun is then divided into four quarters with a cross; the seasons; this is why throughout the Bible everything is the 12 and the 1, which adds to 13, which in numerological terms breaks down to 4. Now at Noon when the sun is at the peak of its daily journey it is said to be at its Most High, and at this time the sun is going about his fathers work in the Temple. The Bible tells us that at the age of 12 (noon) Jesus was doing his fathers work in the Temple, worshipping the Most High. The mother aspect to all this is the universal female creative force without which not even the Sun can exist, so the Mother Son aspect through all the deities are symbolic of these two esoteric truths, but utilised in the negative by the creators of the shadow system we call institutionalised spirituality. The twelve disciples are symbolic of the 12 houses of the zodiac. The thirteenth sign of the zodiac Ophiuchus is as yet unclear yet is translated as the serpent holder according to one researcher, and could in truth why the infatuation with the number 13. I shall comment no more on this although the spider at the centre of the web could be on the right track.

Now, no one will deny that the SUN is the light of the world? As the Sun crosses the Autumn Equinox it speeds up the journey of receding power in the northern hemisphere, this is symbolised in the Old Testament with SAM the SUN (SAMSON) entering the astrological house of Virgo the virgin or Delilah, in this house Sam the Sun has his Hair or ‘rays’ symbolically cut and loses his strength. According to the ancients as the Sun crosses the winter Solstice in the northern hemisphere, it is at its lowest in power and was said to die remaining static for three days in the dark place before it was born again on the third day giving you December 25th,   when the Sun is risen again… Easter, as the Sun enters the astrological house of Aries the Ram or the lamb is also the time of the spring Equinox when the Sun is said to triumph over darkness, as from the passing of the Equinox there is more light than darkness each day, helped along with the sacrifice of the lamb or leaving the sign of Aries into the house of Taurus the bull, the bull being symbolic of the gaining strength of the sun. And then on to the Summer Solstice when the Sun is at its most high.

In Phase VI of this operation I stated the fact that the elite are masters of the negative aspects of both the masculine and the feminine principles, they also call upon the negative aspect of the Sun as with all the planets within our Solar System. What we have here is a third dimensional understanding of a fourth dimensional system, the system of energy passing through the Chakras, in this case the Solar Plexus, or third Chakra, hence symbolism to the Sun as in the shadow system, Son. So we can see the religion that is Christianity is the requirement of minds that cannot understand the message of love and thus live the message.


So it is representative of the Black Sun.


When in religious art you see people pointing with there index finger, is understood when one studies the art of palmistry to represent the planet Jupiter or Zeus, again remembering to the elite this is the negative aspect of Jupiter. It is imperative you grasp the reverse symbolism; to the masses who see all as positive to the elite everything is representative of the negative aspects. The same with the Swastika, this is an ancient Phoenician symbol for the sun, thus representing growth, the Nazis reversed its meaning and called upon its negative aspect which is destruction. Its the same with the Grail to the elite it represents the womb of the Nefilim bloodline. In the same way Noah was protecting the womb symbolised by the dove his miss’s, which brought back the olive branch (family tree or seed), this is symbolic of the return of the Nefilim bloodline through the flood, and not necessarily in an ‘Ark’ built for the ocean.


Capitoline hill or Capitol Hill as you knows it today is the seat of Jupiter or Zeus.

In Phase V of this operation I spoke of the Cabala (Kabbala, Qaballa), which comes from the Hebrew root, QBL, meaning mouth to ear. This is the method used to communicate the most secret information to Initiates. The Cabala is the esoteric stream of what is called Judaism, but is in fact from the mystery schools of Egypt mixed with the Sumer-Akkadian Babylonian knowledge and the front for the elite per-say, another Latin outside the reach of the profane. The Cabala is the secret knowledge hidden in codes within the Old Testament and other texts. Which means Judaism the religion, is the third dimensional shadow interpretation of energy movement through the root Chakra, the shadow incorporating the Talmud? Islam the second and Christianity through the third. Chakra. This technique is within all the religions, a literal meaning for the masses and the true meaning to the initiated.

An example of the Levite coding is the names of the five scribes, Garia, Dabria, Tzelemia, Echanu, and Azrel, within the second book of Esdras or Ezra.

 The names and their true meanings are:


Garia:        marks which ancient scribes used to indicate that the text is either

                 defective or, has another Meaning.

Dabria:       words comprising a phrase or text.

Tzelemia:   figures, something figured, or indicated in an obscure manner.

Echanu:     something, which has been changed or doubled.

Azrel:        the name of Esdras/Ezra, the suffix el meaning the work of Ezra.


These five names for scribes therefore read as one phrase to an Initiate: “Marks of warning-of the words- figured in an obscure manner_ which have been changed or doubled- which is the work of Ezra. The numbers 7 and 40 are also code numbers in the Bible and the mysteries. Just keep this in mind, whoever the elite put up as the Christ, is in reality the Anti-Christ.

For an in depth study of this subject you should purchase a book The Biggest Secret, by David Icke available from Bridge of Love Publications UK, PO Box 43, Ryde, Isle Of White, PO33 2YL

Tel/Fax 01983 566002.


With love to you all





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