The Accrington Pals Join the Adventure



A very important phase as I worked with the Accrington Pals remaining at the Chapel designated for them in the St JohnsChurch in Accrington. They guide me to the very capitalist manipulations by the Bishop and Vicar from the Church of England towards the very Church holding the chapel set up for them. This phase also placed me in line for some devastating information relating to Blackburn Cathedral.

With this Phase we enter the horror time that was the First World War, and why we had the Second World War.

This Phase brings the very secret society, The Round Table into the light and its power to control nations.





                                                                   PHASE VIII




Dated: 03: March 2004


Dear Sir/Madame.


I will begin this Phase of operations with a subject that is important to our town and the whole of Lancashire regardless of religious denomination. The plight of St JohnsChurch on

Dowry Street
which as you all within the Lancashire area know, houses the Chapel for the Accrington Pals. The Church itself has had a structural survey carried out by the Diocese architect who has stated the building is saturated with wet and dry rot, and that the spire is extremely unsafe, stating its internal steel structure must be replaced with stainless steel.

I visited the Pals Chapel on Friday 06-February 2004, on the invite of one of the parishioners, and although I could see damp on the walls I could not see any signs of the dry or wet rot saturation within the timber to the roof structure. I was also inclined to see the damp on the walls as either lead or slate failure to the roof or possibly pointing failure. Upon inspection of the external stonework to the spire I found no evidence whatever of movement within this structure. I would therefore have to conclude there is a hidden agenda with the survey offered by the Diocese. This could be either to use the congregation to earn monies for the Diocese or as I suspect they have already decided to close this Church which would explain why they have created a situation whereby the colossal amount of monies required to carry out the Diocese survey are way beyond the reach of the congregation and thus a none viable option. Also as the building is a grade II listed building, all works carried out have to be to a standard set by the Heritage board, this again is proof of the true reasons bodies like the Heritage and National Trust organisations were set up in the first place, it gives the Crown total control of the peoples assets. I would point out at this stage the current agenda in relation to organisations like Sure Start which is currently purchasing some of these buildings at knock down prices and using them for their satanic agenda as it relates to opening access to your children as day care centres, nurseries etc, in the same way they are opening community centres. In truth the religious flocks are falling away and they are finding new ways of gaining access to your children and to yourselves but this time you have to pay through the nose. This Church is directly connected to the Accrington Pals in that they set off from here on their last parade before they headed off to Caernarfon, this in itself shows why the Chapel must remain in this Church. The calls that the Chapel can be placed anywhere is nonsense. I know most loyal to the Diocese would be inclined to obey its Bishops commands, but you have to begin to see that these organisations care not for you the people; they care only about money and control. I have been informed that these troubles have been brought to the fore with the posting of the current Vicar and that the congregations complaints to the local Bishop about the disinterested current Vicar have gone unheeded with the Bishop backing the Vicar on everything. This shows an underhand agenda in relation to the church as a whole, and from the level of Bishops. I understand that some would disagree with the conclusion that Church buildings belong to the people, to which I would answer the Churchs only exist because the people have been putting monies in the coffers from the time dot. Just stop and think for a moment most of these men died or suffered for the rest of their lives because of the war and this is how they are repaid with deceit and underhand behaviour of the utmost kind and this from the so called spiritual fraternity, what a joke. The Toc H lamp sitting in the corner of the Chapel donated by the Earl of Clarendon has on it the Double Cross of the House of Lorraine, when one understands the true meaning of the Double Cross all becomes clear and this is the greatest of all the insults to the Pals, they certainly were double-crossed. They do not like the lamp in their Chapel.

As a man initiated into the workings of the elite, this is for sure the signature from the Illuminati. I have not at any point given the impression I am a religious man in fact to the contrary, however I do understand the Ley line system that covers the Earth and that most churches are built on places were these lines cross which creates an energy vortex so I am interested in what these most remarkable buildings are used for and do not wish them to be used by satanists at any costs. If the congregation could arrange for the ladders and scaffolding required I would gladly conduct a free survey for you in relation to the buildings state of health.


Now, many people have asked me to elaborate on the manipulation of the First World War, I will keep it as brief as possible yet to the point. I would also like to point out that as more and more of you are visiting me for information I would ask that you leave your questions with your address so I can hand them to you once completed, it tends to stay in your minds if it is written rather than spoken, also I have no problem with people coming to me on behalf of people high in this social structure who for now wish it to be unknown that they are grasping the conspiracy. The construction of the Temple required the Global war to totally destroy the status quo thus allowing them to build the post war world in their image. It worked absolutely as after the First World War, power was in far fewer hands than before the war commenced. One researcher calls the stratagem Problem-Reaction- Solution  this is a very convenient way to grasp one of the strategy’s of the Illuminati, which one can see employed in everything, they create the problem manipulate the reaction then as if by magic offer the solution. The Round Table leadership controlled the British and American governments in the immediate aftermath of the war period. In Britain these were people like Alfred Milner (Round Table, RIIA, and Comm 300) and Lord Balfour (Round Table Comm. 300) and in America, Colonel House (Round Table, CFR, and Comm. 300) and Bernard Baruch (Comm. 300). Baruch (a Rothschild agent) was head of the US war Industries Board and had stated that he probably had more power than perhaps any other man did in the war. Baruch and Mandel House were the day-to-day decision makers in the American branch of the London based Round Table. In the 1950s, yet more confirmation of how the First World War was manipulated was revealed by a US Congressional investigation into the Tax Exempt Foundations in the USA, like the Rockefeller Foundation, the Ford Foundation, and the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, which the investigation found was manipulating WAR! In Britain the Tax Exempt Foundations have a different name we call them CHARITIES. The Committee of 300 was born out of the East India Company and incorporates the opium running families from the installation of opium upon the Chinese race. This again brings us back to the reverse symbolism, the elite name organisations contrary to there true agenda, for instance: if you want to run drugs without being suspected do it through an Anti-Drugs Agency, if you want to destroy or steel land and kill wildlife do it through a wildlife protection agency, if you want to run a satanic ring run it through Christianity and all the Religions and on and on. Interestingly in the USA the Congressional investigation by the Reece Committee found that these Foundations had an interlocking leadership and that they were funding education and science to advance there agenda for the centralisation of global power. Can you see why you have been manipulated to get over exited about education and climate change science? The outcome of scientific research is always agreed before the funding is handed over; it has always been so, no agreement on the outcome ‘No Cash’! This is how secret science is suppressed.


Kaiser Wilhelm II grandson to Queen Victoria was ruler of Germany in the early years of the last century, but elite placed men in his administration were manipulating policy, just as they were in Britain (Milner) and in the United States (Colonel House). Another point worth noting is that with the exception of the Tsar of Russia all the personnel advisors to the monarchs at the time were hand chosen by Queen Victoria herself. The assassination of Habsbergs, Archduke Ferdinand, the heir to the Austro-Hungarian throne, was used as the excuse for war, but the conflict had been decided upon long before. The Austrians accused Serbia of the Murder and declared war. The assassination was carried out on June 28th 1914 by a Serbian secret society, controlled by the elite, the Black Hand. The Black Hand was formed in 1911 as the Order of Death and its seal was a clenched fist holding a skull and bones and alongside that a knife, a bomb and a poison bottle. Leading personnel of the Black Hand met with French and Grand Orient Freemasons (Bavarian Illuminati) at the Hotel St Jerome in Toulouse in January 1914 to arrange the assassination. Ferdinand went with his wife to Sarajevo in Bosnia. Six assassins were waiting for him, as his car was driven to his appointment. As the car drew past, all six assassins failed to kill him, the Archduke appeared to have survived the attack. But then his chauffeur either working for the elite or confused took a “wrong”? Turn, and stopped the car slap bang in front of the leader of the assassins, one Gavrilo Princip, who took full advantage of this second opportunity. A point worth noting is that all of the assassins were suffering from TB, this is a classic manoeuvre of the elite, to recruit assassins who are going to die anyway and therefore have nothing to lose, with promises of cash for there families, men with no hope of a future are persuaded to do one last thing for their kin. Ferdinand had told his friend, Count Czerin that he knew an attempt on his life was in the air because he had been told a good year or so before that the Freemasons had decided to kill him. All the while - at exactly the same time in Russia- Grigory Yefimovitch Rasputin, the Tsars most trusted and influential advisor (not chosen by Queen Victoria and totally against the war) was being attacked with a knife in an unsuccessful assassination attempt in Pokrovskoe. The author Colin Wilson says in his book Rasputin:


“There are fifty degrees of longitude between Sarajevo and Pokrovskoe, which means that eleven o clock in Sarajevo is about 2.15 in Pokrovskoe. It is a strange coincidence that two assassins struck at almost exactly the same moment- a coincidence that makes one inclined to doubt the blindness of history. Ferdinands death made war probable, Rasputins injury made it certain, for he was the only man in Russia capable of averting it.”


Kaiser Wilhelm, urged on by his hand picked advisors; hand picked by Queen Victoria, supported Austria, and declared war on Russia and France. The Great War was underway. Kaisers “minder” was the leading German Freemason, Otto von Bismark, the architect of the German Empire. One of the wars main architects was the Kaisers Chancellor, Bethmann-Holweg, member of the Bethmann banking family in Frankfurt and a cousin of the Rothschilds family. Britain entered the war against Germany, and the United States followed suit in 1917. America of course was always set to enter the war, as the media whipped up public opinion.

 Kent Cooper, the President of the Associated Press, wrote in the November 13th 1944 issue of Life magazine:


“Before and during the First World War, the great German news agency, Wolff, was owned by the European banking house of Rothschild, which had its central headquarters in Berlin. A leading member of the firm was also one of Kaiser Wilhelms personal bankers Max Warberg. What actually happened in Imperial Germany was that the Kaiser used Wolff to bind and excite his people to such a degree that they were eager for World War 1. Twenty years later under Hitler the pattern was repeated and enormously magnified by DNB, Wolffs successors.”


In his autobiography, “Barriers Down,” Kent Cooper added that the House of Rothschild bought an interest in the three leading European news agencies: Wolff in Germany, Havas in France, and Reuters in England. Its worth noting that on April 28th 1915, Baron Herbert de Reuter, the head of the Reuters agency, “committed suicide.”  This followed the collapse of the Reuters Bank. Suicide is the most successful deception the elite have for the Murder of people who they for whatever reason need out of the way,” “David Kelly?” Especially within the prison system. The Baron was replaced by Sir Roderick Jones, who reports in his autobiography that:


“Shortly after I succeeded Baron Herbert de Reuter in 1915, it so happened that I received an invitation from Mr. Alfred Rothschild, then the head of the British House of Rothschild, to lunch with him at the historic New Court, in the City.”


What they discussed, he declines to reveal. Let me point out at this stage, that in the hierarchical structure of the elite the House of Rothschild stand as the second level down to the Royal elite and are used in such a way as to take the rap so to speak as you investigate the conspiracy, this is then used in sync with the anti defamation league or anti Jew organisations to quash those who get to close to the super elite with the cry “ANTI SEMITIC!” so as powerful as the House of Rothschild are, they are only the lackeys for the Royal Full bloods. It was part of the elites strategy to involve the US, and increase the post war demands for a world authority to stop further wars. This was not much of a problem because the President, Woodrow Wilson did whatever his chief advisor, Colonel House told him to do. The sinking of the ship the Lusitania was the manipulated event for America to join the war. This ship was sent into the German U-Boat patrolling territory, there is more evidence, but I do not wish to bog you down in details. The manipulation of America’s entrance into the war was co-ordinated through three main organisations:


The Council on National Defence

The Navy League

The League to Enforce Peace

(Enforce being the key word!).


Among the members on the Council on National Defence was the Rothschild agent. Bernard Baruch. The Navy League was dominated by JP. Morgan. Among the principles of the League to Enforce Peace was Elihu Root, JP. Morgans lawyer; Perry Belmont, the Rothschilds US agent; and Jacob Shiff of the Rothschilds Kuhn Loeb and Co. The assistant secretary of the Navy during this time was one Franklin Delano Roosevelt, who was awarding large Navy contracts well before there was any talk of America joining the war - just as he would a few years later, when he was President before and during the Second World War. Another confirming point that the First World War was engineered for longer-term strategy came in the 1950s, with the findings of a US. Congressional investigation by the Reece Committee into the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace. As stated it was found to be an organisation dedicated to creating war. This organisation is one of the large networks of the tax-exempt foundations, which are specifically formed to fund the New World Order agenda or the Great Work into physical reality. Just take time to think how much money has been collected through the Cancer Research Charities alone and yet they are still no closer, at least in the publics consciousness, there is evidence to show they have had the cure for Cancer for years. Looked at another way, if you are told you have Cancer “YOU HAVE CANCER! And into the hands of the Medical Mafia you go.


 Norman Dodd, the Reece Committees Director of Research, reported the findings of his investigator Kathryn Casey: Dodd said that at one meeting of the Carnegie Trustees, the question was asked:


“Is there any means known to man more effective than war if you want to alter the lives of an entire people?”


It was decided that there was not, and so the next question for the Trustees was:


“How do we involve the United States in a war?”

 Dodd continued:


“And they then raised the question: “how do we control the Diplomatic machinery of the United States?” and the answer came out: “we must control the State Department” .at this point we catch up with what we had already found out… that through an agency set up by the Carnegie Endowment, every high appointment in the State Department was cleared [or controlled]. Finally, we were in a war. These Trustees in a meeting about 1917 had the brashness to congratulate themselves on the wisdom of their original decision because the impact of the war had indicated it would alter life and can alter life in this country [USA]. This was the date of our entry into the war; we were involved.

They even had the brashness to word and to dispatch a telegram to Mr. Wilson, cautioning him to see that the war did not end too quickly


Dodd said that Casey then found other minutes, dealing with the work of the Carnegie Endowment to prevent American life returning to its pre-war state. Changing the way people lived and thought was a major factor for the war. Dodd reported that:


“They came to the conclusion that, to prevent a reversion, they must control education. They then approached the Rockefeller Foundation and they said: ’will you take on the acquisition of control of education as it involves subjects that are domestic in their significance. And it was agreed. Then together, they decided that the key to it was the teaching of American history and they must change that.


So they then approached the most prominent of what we might call American historians at that time with the idea of getting them to alter the manner in which they presented the subject.”

In the words of George Orwell from his book, 1984:


  “Those who control history control the present and those who control the present control history”


Norman Dodd reported these findings in an interview with writer, William H Mcllhany II, for his 1980 book, The Tax Exempt Foundations, published by Arlington House, Westport, USA. The Special House Committee to investigate Tax Exempt Foundations reported in 1954. It was named after its Chairman, Representative B. Carroll Reece, of Tennessee. Harriman money was used to fund both sides in the First World War, as it was to fund the Bolsheviks. Edward Harriman and the Rockefellers provided part of the start up capital for the Morgan Guaranty Trust, which was to be the vehicle for enormous manipulation of World events. Edward Harriman had two sons, Averell and Roland, both pillars of the Skull and Bones Society. If you remember in Phase V, I stated the fact that Averell Harriman preceded Henry Kissinger as the shuttle Diplomat of the London black nobility. The JP Morgan Empire began in 1838 trading as George Peabody and Company in England. It had major liaisons with the firm, Brown Brothers, later Brown Brothers Harriman; George Peabody worked secretly as an agent for the Rothschilds as early as 1835 and became known as Queen Victorias favorite American, a statue of George Peabody can be seen opposite the Bank of England. Remember in Phase IIII, I showed how the JP Morgan Empire was really controlled by Daniel Payseur which again shows the whole American country is in reality The Virginia Company, controlled by the British Crown on behalf of the Vatican, its a great big game of chess played by the Gods and the Human Race are the Pawns but as we know, it is very real.

With the information in relation to America you can see how infiltration is incorporated for the New World Order of the nations seats of power. This is done with ease because America is completely Masonic in its formation, with Europe it began with the Aeneas bloodline marrying into the Latins to form the Roman Empire, with Britain it began with Brutus setting the stage for the invasion of Rome, then with William the Conqueror, then the invasion of the Templars, King John, then the work of Henry VIII this creature raped the wealth of this nation sacking all the true Masons Guilds, all the churches were stripped of their wealth and the lands given to loyal knights. This was all preparation within this nation for the murderous division of the people with the division of the same indoctrinated Religion. Then Elizabeth I through her son Francis Bacon created the foundations for Freemasonry the higher Protestantism. The Civil War was to initiate the change from overt control by Monarch to covert control via credit and debt, and to hide the manipulation and Nefilim takeover of Britain complete… for the creation of the Crowns legislative Trojan horse we know today as Parliament. To ensure  William of Orange and the perceived takeover by a northern European branch of the bloodlines to further enhance the idea of true separatism for Britain from Rome, concluded with the signing of the Charter for the Bank of England expanding the weapon of control that is ‘debt’, which gave the root for Capitalism ‘V’ Communism, or Banks against dictatorship as the Vatican represents, we can see this duality being used once again  by the Illuminati in our present time... also starting the Irish Conflict which has ensured the division between Protestant and Catholic in these Islands remained right up to today . So in Britain the networks are so embedded in our system it is our system, yet hidden in the shadows. The pathetic strategy of the First World War or slaughter can be grasped when one understands the reason it was manipulated into existence, and how just to keep the slaughter going on, the most pathetic tactics were employed. All who study the war have to conclude it was a war of the most incompetent and backward strategy a human being could possibly take, but with the conspiracy becoming further exposed one can see it was not human beings dictating strategy but the Nefilim bloodlines. The war of course was deliberately planned that way for maximum pain and suffering for all the Pals regiments in this nation, so not a family in the whole of the United Kingdom escaped the pain and loss of a loved one, thus creating the hatred required towards the German race ready for the second slaughter with great cohesion in Britain among the demolished families, a great community held together with great pain. It worked in America with their Civil War why not have a big one in Europe, and because of the European colonies, it spreads to a world conflict. With the stringent dictate and financial rules placed on Germany and the default on payments called by the French, the same hatred was manipulated in Germany towards the victorious European nations ready for the Second World War, for them blame lying squarely at the feet of the Bolsheviks. If you still do not understand mind control, think of it like this:


Somehow through all the pain and death this nation suffered during the First World War never did any people blame the British war Commanders for their incompetence in slaughtering their husbands and sons, they blamed the generals…who were dishing out orders advised by Illuminati operatives and the weapons dealers who had this war try out the new mechanized forms of warfare, it was one big experiment and whats more terrifying the same old conclusions are held by those who claim to be intelligent today? That says it all about you in positions of power who are chasing the carrot dangled in front of you by the elite representing the illusory gift of power, which your egos do chase to the destruction of the human race, as it proves all your research is limited to the World War I ‘official story’.


The so called special relationship that politicians speak of between Great Britain and the United States is between the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) and the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR), the latter being subservient to the RIIA. Yet both are satellite organisations to the Round Table. One of the founders of the Round Table was Cecil Rhodes, the man who so accelerated the economic takeover of Southern Africa and the genocide of many African tribes. I could write twenty pages on this man alone, but this phase of operations is to show the manipulation of the First and Second World Wars, with the focus being on the Round Table, take a look at fig 1 at the end of this phase which is a diagram showing the Round Table and its satellite organisations. Incidentally Gordon Brown is a member of the Bilderberg Group and The Trilateral Commission so he is a high placeman of the elite. The Round Table elite operating for the Nefilim were the manipulators of the First World War and the creators of the Balfour declaration which was a letter sent by Lord Balfour to Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild which did have the affect of changing Americas stance upon helping Britain and from this time onward the State of Israel in its creation and control falls to the House of Rothschild, under the political movement ‘Zionism’. Here are some of the known members of the Rothschild created and funded Round Table:


Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild chief financier in the creation of the Round Table.


Bernard Baruch.                      Comm. 300, member of the Council on National

                                               Defence as head of War Industries Board. Rothschild

                                               representative. US representative at Versailles on the

                                               Economic Committee, deciding Germanys fate. Close

                                               Friend of Albert Einstein. Baruch set himself up as the

                                               head of the United Nations Atomic Energy Commission

                                               in 1944, sixteen months before the US cabinet, including

                                               the then Vice President Truman, knew the Bomb Existed

                                               and before the official founding group of the United



Cecil Rhodes.                         Member of the inner circle.

Lord Alfred Milner.                 Member of the Inner Circle, Chairman of Rio Tinto

                                              Zinc, RIIA, Comm 300.


Lord Arthur Balfour.               November 6th 1917 the Balfour Declaration with

                                              Britains backing for the State of Israel, said to have

                                              been written by Lord Victor Rothschild and

                                              Milner, RIIA, Com 300.


 Colonel Mandel House.           CFR, Comm. 300, Rothschild representative.

Earl Grey.                               Comm. 300

Nathan Rothschild.                  Comm. 300

JP Morgan.                             Became a member in 1889.

Sir Abe Bailey.                        Owner of the Transvaal Mines, worked with Alfred

                                               Milner to start the Boar War, one of the founders of

                                               the Royal Institute of International Affairs.


Geoffrey Dawson.                   Lapdog of the elite, Editor of the Times from 1912 to

                                               1941- covering both war periods. This was the

                                               propaganda machine of the Round Table. He left the

                                               editors chair for three years between 1919-1922, after

                                               disagreements with the then owner, Lord Northcliffe.

                                               He went back when the Astors took over.


John Jacob Astor.                    Director of Hambros Bank, owner of the Times

                                               Newspaper after 1922.

J.W. Wheeler Bennett.             General Eisenhowers political advisor for the last two

                                               years of the Second World War.

Lord Halifax.                           Supported the appeasement of Hitler, met Hitler

                                               November 19th 1937.

Lord Lothian.                          Supported the appeasement of Hitler, met Hitler in


Leopold Amery.                      Supported the appeasement of Hitler.

Lionel Curtis.                           Supported the appeasement of Hitler.

John Foster Dulles.                  Rockefeller agent was secretary of state.

Allen Dulles.                            first head of the CIA, served on the Warren

                                               Commission for the Investigation into the

                                               Assassination of John F Kennedy.


I will now offer a list of the Black Nobility Bloodline Families who in each generation are of the most Nefilim pure blood. They are the most prominent in the agenda of the Global Fascist State we know as the New World Order. The name given to this tier of control is The Community of 300 (comm. 300) also known as the Olympians:


Lord Lionel Walter Rothschild.      Founder of the Round Table.

Lord Victor Rothschild.                 Controller of British Intelligence for decades, named

                                                     as the fifth man in the Burgess - MacLean - Philby

                                                     Blunt Communist spy scandal.


Queen Juliana Netherlands.             Married to the SS officer and close friend of Prince

                                                     Phillip,   Prince Bernhard, he is of the German

                                                     Hapsburg line. Bernhard Along with Joseph Retinger

                                                     (a Polish Socialist) were responsible for The

                                                     formation of the Bilderberg Group in 1954. Bernhard

                                                     with Prince Phillip set up the World Wildlife Fund

                                                     (WWF), which has stolen great Masses of land in

                                                     Africa for big game hunting and to train terrorist

                                                     Groups for genocide and suppression (reverse

                                                     symbolism). Bernhard Was a German spy working

                                                     for NW7 intelligence department Operating within

                                                     the unspeakable Chemical giant I.G. Farben which

                                                     Ran the Auschwitz concentration camp (more on

                                                     I.G. Farben later.) Interestingly Pope John Paul II

                                                     worked within I.G. Farben.


Houston Stewart Chamberlain.        Writer of “Foundations of the Nineteenth Century”

                                                      Kaiser Wilhelm II and Adolf Hitler said he was a

                                                      Prophet, he was an advisor to Kaiser.


Lord Edward Bulwer Lytton.           Colonial Minister heavily involved in the

                                                       imposition of Opium onto The Chinese, close friend

                                                       of the Prime minister, Benjamin Disraeli, Grand

                                                       Patron of the English Rosicrucian Society, Grand

                                                       Master of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry, and

                                                       head of British Intelligence (or the worlds

                                                       intelligence). One of his operatives was Helena       

                                                       Blavatsky. (Bulwer Lytton is referred to frequently

                                                       in her book Isis Unveiled).


Lord Kitchener.                              Freemason, creator of the concentration camps in

                                                      Boar war.


Lord Palmeston.                            Queen Victorias Foreign Secretary and Prime

                                                     Minister. Grand Master of Grand Orient

                                                     Freemasonry at the time of the Opium Wars. The

                                                     Grand Lodge of England Freemasonry, established

                                                     Lodges In China at, Amoy, Canton, Foochow,

                                                     Swatow, Chefoo, Chinkiang, Hankow, Newchang,

                                                     Tongshan, Wei-Hai-Wei, two at Tientsin, three

                                                     In Shanghai, and five in Hong Kong, for drug



Averell Harriman.                         Skull and Bones, CFR, TC.

Bertrand Russell.                         Of the Russell Bloodline, creators of the Jehovahs

                                                   Wittinesss. The Russell family made their fortune

                                                   running illegal drugs from Turkey to China

                                                   with the imposition of opium onto the Chinese

                                                   during the Opium Wars. The Russell line fused their

                                                   drug operations with the bloodline Families of

                                                   Coolidge and Delano. The Russells are a big Skull

                                                   And Bones Outfit.


Lord Halifax.                               RIIA, Round Table. After meeting Hitler in 1937, he

                                                   called for a deal To be made with Hitler.


Lord Balfour.                               Round Table inner circle.

 Lord Milner.                                Round Table inner circle, RIIA. became Head of

                                                    the Round Table in 1902 after the death of Cecil



Lord Astor.                                  Financial backer of the RIIA.

Lord Salisbury.                             From the Cecil Bloodline.

Colonel Mandel House.                 Round Table, CFR.

Jean Monnet


1.Count Richard N Coudenhove. These three were behind the European Economic Union 2.Joseph.  Retinger.

3.Montague Norman.                    Governor of the Rothschild controlled Bank of

                                                    England, one of the Masterminds behind the funding

                                                    of Hitler.


Walter Lippman.                           Founder of the American branch of the Fabian



Winston Churchill.                        Arch Druid, Freemason, interestingly and a little

                                                    known fact is that the satanist and investigated child

                                                    killer Aleister Crowley was an advisor to Churchill

                                                    as he was to Adolf Hitler. Crowley had welcomed

                                                    the coming First World War Stating it was necessary

                                                    to sweep away the old world and to usher in The

                                                    new one. When he made this statement public he was

                                                    made Grand Master of the German based Order of

                                                    the Oriental Templars (OTO). This gave him great

                                                    influence among German thinkers. He and this

                                                    organisation was advising the Nazis. Crowley was a

                                                    33rd Degree Mason of the Scottish Rite and an agent

                                                    of MI6. In 1930 Churchill wrote an article for the US

                                                    publication The Saturday Evening Post

                                                    Called “The United States of Europe”.


Sir Henry Deterding.                     Met Hitlers representative Alfred Rosenberg in May

                                                   1933, head of Royal Dutch Shell.


Geoffrey Dawson.                        Met Hitlers representative Alfred Rosenberg in

                                                    May 1933.


1st Viscount Hailsham.                  Met Rosenberg in May 1933. The Secretary for War.

Walter Elliot.                                Met Rosenberg in May 1933. British MP.

Duke of Kent.                               Met Rosenberg also, Brother of King Edward VIII.

King George VI.                           Met Rosenberg also in May 1933.

Henry Kissinger.                           CFR, TC, BIL, RIIA, Round Table.

Lord Carrington.                           TC, BIL, President of RIIA.

David Rockefeller.                        CFR, TC, BIL, RIIA.

The Keswicks.                            Comm. 300.

Jardine Matheson.                         Comm. 300.

Calvin Coolidge.                           President of the USA.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt.            President of the USA.

Peter D Sutherland.                       Irish Family, first head of World Trade

                                                    Organisation (WTO), BIL, TC, Director of General

                                                    Agreement on Traffic and Trade (GAAT),

                                                    Commissioner of European Community (now

                                                    Union), Chairman of Allied Irish banks and

                                                    Goldman Sachs, Head of British      

                                                    Petroleum (BP)


Aurelio Peccei.                             BIL, Freemason, and No2 at Fiat to Giovanni



Dennis Healy.                               TC, RIIA, Fabian Society, Minister of Defence

                                                    1964 - 1970 and Chancellor in the UK.


Maurice Strong.                             Rockefeller puppet, BIL, Canadian Oil Billionaire,

                                                     President of the World Federation of United

                                                     Nations Associations, Co- Chairman of

                                                     The World Economics Forum and a member of the

                                                     Club of Rome.


There are many more names to these very secret societies, yet with those listed you can see that the power of the world is in the hands of a very small number indeed, therefore these people are responsible for all that goes on in this world which as we know is all bad. Look at it this way, these people kill millions to serve the Temple are we really saying that, should the Temple be completed, these are the kind of minds we want controlling the world? The answer is an unequivocal NO. These people need to be on the go all the time, what will they do with themselves once the Temple is complete? They will have there satanic fun sacrificing the human race, and taking the Planet MARS.

We can now move to the manipulation of the Second World War, which was planned before the First, which was made absolute with the Versailles Treaty. It was at the Versailles Treaty that the Rothschild - Wall Street - Colonel House - Bernard Baruch - Round Table connections imposed the impossible reparations on Germany, which were sure to destroy the new German Democratic Republic, and prepare the way for the dictator Adolf Hitler. Added to this colossal debt, other decisions at Versailles had cost Germany75% of her iron ore, 68% of her zinc, and 26% of her coal. Soon France announced that Germany had defaulted on reparation payments and French troops occupied the Ruhr. This defaulting turned out to be a small shortfall in deliveries of coal and telegraph poles. The French move sent the German Mark into freefall and it plunged to 7,592 marks to the Dollar. This is hardly surprising, given that the Ruhr produced 80% of Germanys coal, iron, and steel. By November 1923, the Mark had plummeted to 4,200 billion to the Dollar. Now for those who would accuse me of being a German sympathiser know this, I am showing that war is not normal human behaviour, and that all the hatred on all sides is created by the elite who are not what we would call human, that  all wars are created by the bankers who have the power and money to create the foundations of conflict, pre - empted from the elite bloodlines creation of division… the Tower of Bable and the emotional prisons we call religion, hence the division of the human race since the deluge we know as the Great Flood. Just to clarify Phase VII, with the symbolic story of Noah, the dove symbolises the womb of the Nefilim, as the Olive Branch represents the family tree or bloodline decent of the Nefilim, the male seed, together representing the bringing forth the womb and seed from the flood the Nefilim bloodline. The Book of Enoch explains quite clearly that Noah was of the Nefilim blood; he had the mark of the Priesthood. So the whole of our Religious scripture taken by the masses to symbolise the story of the Masters of light, are in fact the story of the survival of the Evil Ones as they have spread across humanity since their initial DNA inference within the human 418.000 years ago, calling themselves the fifth root race, this is why these so called noble men act in the way they do on this Earth using the human race to carry out there agenda, WE ARE AND HAVE ALWAYS BEEN DECEIVED.

 What then followed was a double strike by the British and Wall Street banking cartel, which first financed German rearmament and enabled Germany to prepare for the next war, and then collapsed the German economy to bring Adolf Hitler to power. These strikes were called the Dawes plan and the Young plan. General C. Dawes was appointed by the US government to propose a solution to the German reparations fiasco. He introduced a series of short-term loans from Wall Street banks to bail the Germans out. All this did of course was to add to the debt and put off the moment when the German economy would collapse, a collapse that was timed to bring Adolf Hitler to power. Lloyd George told the New York journal American of June 24th 1924:


“The international bankers dictated the Dawes reparations settlement. The protocol which was signed between the allies and associated powers and Germany is the triumph of the international financier. Agreement would never have been reached without the brusque and brutal intervention of the international bankers. They swept statesman, politicians, and journalists to one side, and issued their orders with the imperiousness of absolute Monarchs, who new there was no appeal from their ruthless decrees. The settlement is the joint ukase of King Dollar and King Sterling. The Dawes report was theirs. They inspired it and fashioned it. The Dawse report was fashioned by the Money Kings. The orders of German financiers [led by the Warberg Bank] to their political representatives were just as peremptory as those of allied bankers to their political representatives.”


That of course was because the Allied and German bankers were one and the same. Of course they were we are dealing here with the Illuminati; they are the international financiers... The short-term loans issued under the Dawes Plan went in to specific companies vital to rearmament. It was this money, which created the pharmaceutical cartel known as I.G.Farben, which was, in reality Hitlers war machine. The rest of the money went to other German cartels or the German subsidiaries of American companies. These included A.E.G. (the German General Electric, United Steelworks, and American I.G. the wholly owned subsidiary of I.G. Farben. These loans, which included some from Morgan and Rothschild companies, and the technology transfers from America to the German cartels, made the Second World War possible. Without that help, there could have been no war. The US Ambassador to Germany, William Dodd, said in communication to President Franklin D. Roosevelt on October 19th 1936:


“At the present moment more than a hundred American corporations have subsidiaries here of co-operative understandings. The DuPont’s have three Allies in Germany that are aiding the rearmament business. Their chief ally is the I.G. Farben Company, a part of the government, which gives 200,000 marks a year to one propaganda organisation operating on American opinion. Standard Oil Company (New York sub-company) sent $2,000,000 here in December 1933 and has made $500,000 a year helping Germans make Erastz gas for war purposes… The International Harvester Company president told me their business rose 33% a year (arms manufacture) but they could take nothing out. Even our airplanes people have secret arrangements with Krupps. General Motors Company [Morgan / Payseur] and Ford do enormous business here through their subsidiaries and take profits out. I mention these facts because they are complicating things and add to war dangers.”


So we have a shocking story of involvement with Nazi Germanys rearmament by US major companies and all the more compelling in that it came from the United States ambassador to Germany. What did Roosevelt do? Nothing. Franklin D. Roosevelt a distant cousin of an earlier President, Theodore Roosevelt, was brought to power through a Wall Street - created depression in the United States, and was ensured of election when Wall Street put its financial and media power behind him. Once more the people of America were conned. Some of his prominent backers set up an organisation to oppose him (recent top up fees manoeuvre with Nick Brown). This was called the Liberty League and its pronouncements ensured that it would be branded extreme right wing and anti Semitic This allowed all the main opposition to Roosevelt, especially the genuine people, to be dismissed as right wing anti - Semites. The Liberty league was funded by Pierre and Irene DuPont ($325, ooo), JP Morgan, the Rockefellers, J. Howard Pew, and William J. Knudson, who was later given the top job by the President the Liberty League opposed. In the same way the political left and the right all over the world are used today to thus label ideas as one or the other to discredit genuine opposition to the Illuminati’s agenda. The preparation of America and Germany for war and the rise of both Hitler and Roosevelt were extremely similar. You have seen how the elite collapsed the German economy; they were doing the same in America. During the 1920s, they encouraged the stock market to overstretch itself, then, the Federal Reserve issued a series of strict new banking laws, which put the smaller banks under massive pressure. This was the time known to history as the Turkey shoot, when the Global banks destroyed the small banks and massively increased their power. When this strategy was over, the Federal Reserve withdrew the new banking laws. The Wall Street crash of 1929 plunged the country into economic depression. In the United States and Germany the same solutions were offered, borrow more money from the banks. Roosevelts National Recovery Act or NEW DEAL (that phrase is still ringing in our ears eh Blair!) was offered to the American people as the way out of depression. Thousands of miles away across the Atlantic, Hitler was offering the same plan under the same name to the Germans. Roosevelts new deal was the work of Gerard Swope, a member of many Roosevelt organisations. He was the Chairman of the Morgan controlled International General Electric, and a director of German General Electric (A.E.G). Roosevelt was another version of Woodrow Wilson. Like Wilson he would be elected by telling the people that America was not going to war while knowing that was exactly what was going to happen. Again Colonel Mandel House was behind the scenes, visiting Roosevelt at his home in 65th street, New York, almost every day in 1932. What a coincidence that both Roosevelt and Hitler came to power in the wake of economic depression with the same basic New Deal type solutions, and that both were advised by people connected with the American - German cartels, the London Round Table and the elite controlled Bank of International Settlements, whats more they both took office in the very esoteric year of 1933. Hitlers rise to power was made certain after 1929 when the Dawes Plan came to an end with Germany owing an extra $16 billion to debt. One of Roosevelts main financial backers, Owen D. Young was appointed to propose solutions to Germany’s inability to pay. Young was a Morgan executive and the head of the Morgan controlled General Electric. The Young plan of demanding payment in cash, not goods, demolished the German economy almost over night. That is why he did it. A major financial supporter of Hitler, Dr Fritz Thyssen would say under interrogation in 1945:


“The acceptance of the Young plan and its financial principles increased unemployment more and more until a million were unemployed. People were desperate. Hitler said he would do away with unemployment. The government in power at the time was very bad, and the situation of the people was getting worse. That really was the reason for the enormous success Hitler had in the election. When the last election came he got about 40%.”


A man named Hjalmar Schacht was the major go between, connecting the Nazis and the City Of London - Wall Street Elite. Schacht became Hitlers financial advisor and President of the Reichsbank.  In 1930, he also founded the Global Elites bank of International Settlements in Basle, Switzerland.  In England, a key figure was Montagu Norman, governor of the Rothschild-controlled Bank of England, and a close friend of Schacht.  In fact they were so close that Schacht named his grandson after him.  It was Norman who pressed for and supported the raising of the U.S. interest rates by the Federal Reserve, which was the final move that led to the 1929 Wall Street crash, the New Deal, and Franklin D. Roosevelt.  Norman was the most influential central banker in the world at that time and his actions, in league with Wall Street, were crucial. Once Hitler was safely elected, the attitude of the Bank of England and the Federal Reserve to Germany was transformed.  Credit was offered to the Nazi regime and after the Nazis successfully invaded Czechoslovakia; Norman released £6 million of Czechoslovakian gold to Hitler, which was deposited in London.  This was done with the agreement of the Prime Minister, Neville Chamberlain.  On June 11th 1934, and again the following October, Norman and Schacht met in secret at Badenweiler in the Black Forest to arrange loans for Hitler and the Nazis.  But who was behind Norman?  His family almost turned the Bank of England into their personal property.  One grandfather, George Warde Norman, was the governor from 1821-1872 and his other grandfather, Lord Collet, was governor from1887-1889.  Montagu Norman spent a period in the United States at the offices of the Rothschild-funded Brown Brothers (predecessor Brown Brothers Harriman) and was befriended by the family of W.A Delano, relatives of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the President of the United States at the same time that Norman was head of the Bank of England.  This all-powerful banker was actually a “yes man” for the Rothschilds, and here again, we can see the scam at work.  He was portrayed as anti-Jewish. Today the Bank of England is still the fiefdom of the global elite; the Bank of England collaborated with the leading Zionist, Lord Bearstead of Royal Dutch Shell, arranging the transfer of assets of wealthy German Zionists to Palestine. It was these transfers that helped to build up the economy of the embryonic Zionist State. They were the privileged émigré class while Jews without property were refused asylum and murdered in the holocaust. I have on many an occasion throughout this operation spoke of the Nefilim hybrid bloodlines having been created so that the demonic creatures from the fourth dimension can possess its human host more easily, take a look at this:

This is an extract from Hermann Rauschnings (who was an aid to Hitler) book “Hitler Speaks:


“One cannot help thinking of him as a medium. For most of the time, mediums are ordinary, insignificant people. Suddenly they are endowed with what seems to be supernatural powers, which set them apart from the rest of Humanity. The medium is possessed. Once the crisis is passed, they fall back into mediocrity. It was in this way, beyond any doubt, that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself - almost demonical forces of which the individual man, Hitler was only the temporary vehicle. The mixture of the banal and the supernatural created that insupportable duality of which one was conscious in his presence, it was like looking at a bizarre face whose expression seemed to reflect an unbalanced state of mind coupled with a disquieting impression of hidden powers.”

I understand this last paragraph better than you would know.





German production of steel and other products needed for war soared through the period leading up to the outbreak of the conflict in 1939. At the centre of this rearmament was the chemical giant, I.G.Farben. As Senator Homer T. Bone would say to a Senate committee in 1943 “Farben was Hitler as Hitler was Farben”. This immense cartel was as we have seen created by American loans under the Dawes Plan. In 1939, with Wall Street investment, it had become the biggest manufacturer of chemicals in the world. Among the German bankers on the supervisory board of Farben into the late 1920s was Max Warberg, the brother of Paul Warberg of the Manhattan Bank, who was sent to the United States by the Rothschilds to install the Federal Reserve System and to take over the U.S economy. These were quite a pair, operating in concert in the US and Germany. The US Naval Secret Service Report of December 2nd 1918 said, “Paul Warberg. German nationalised US citizen 1911, decorated by Kaiser, handled large sums furnished by German bankers for Lenin and Trotsky. His brother Max is director of the espionage system of Germany”. Paul Warberg was on the board of Farbens American subsidiary, American I.G. Sitting along side him were Edsel Ford (son of Henry) of the Ford Motor Company, Charles E. Michell from the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, and Walter Teagle, Franklin Roosevelts close friend from the Rockefellers Standard Oil. All this top American influence and support for a company of which an American War Department report said:


“Without I.G.’s immense facilities, its intense research, and vast international affiliations, Germanys prosecution of the war would have been unthinkable and impossible. Farben not only directed its energies towards arming Germany, but also concentrated on weakening her intended victims, and this double-barrelled attempt to expand the German industrial potential for war and to restrict that of the rest of the world was not conceived and executed in the normal course of business. The proof is overwhelming that I.G.Farben officials had full prior knowledge of Germanys plan for world conquest and of each specific aggressive act undertaken”


The IG Farben Empire became a state within a state and in effect ran its own economy. Reports and conclusions of investigations, during and after the war, prove that Farbens role, with Wall Street under the orders of London and with direct support from London, was to ensure Germany became almost fully self-sufficient in all Hitler needed for war: products such as rubber, petrol, oils, and explosives. The major problem Germany had as a nation was the required supply of oil to fuel the war machine. All supplies came from outside Germany and in 1934 something like 85% of German petroleum products were imported. This would obviously dry up and shut down during the war. But this is were it gets interesting…a deal between Farben and the Rockefellers ensured a constant supply of oil to Germany. Farben began to invest vast sums from the Wall Street loans under the Dawes and then Young plans into research aimed at developing processes to make oil from the German reserves of coal. What they couldn’t discover for themselves, the Rockefellers Standard Oil gave to them! In January 1933, just before Hitler came to power, a report from the commercial Attaché at the US embassy in Berlin said:


“In two years Germany will be manufacturing oil and gas enough out of soft coal for a long war. The standard Oil of New York is furnishing millions of dollars to help”


The Rockefellers also helped I.G. Farben with chemicals essential to aircraft fuel. The American representatives of American I.G. tried to hide their companys involvement with the German war machine by merging American I.G into another company and changing its name to the General Aniline and Film Corporation. In fact, the personnel of the American I.G. board of 1930, with Farben already five years into its preparation for war, gives the real story of the network which was leading the world into another massive conflict. Among the board members of American I.G were Carl Bosch (German) from Ford; Edsel B. Ford (US) Henry Fords son; Max Ilgner (German) director of Farbens Nazi intelligence office in Berlin; H.A. Metz (US) director of I.G.Farben and the Rothschild / Warberg Bank of Manhattan; C.E. Mitchell (US) Director of the Federal Reserve Bank of New York and the Morgan National City Bank; Hermann Schmitz (German) president of American I.G. and I.G.Farben and on the boards of both the German Central Bank and the Bank of International Settlements; Walter Teagle (US) director of Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the Rockefellers Standard Oil of New Jersey, trustee of the Roosevelt Foundation, and close friend of the president; W.H. von Rath (naturalised US) director of German  General Electric (A.E.G.); and Paul M. Warberg, of the Bank of Manhattan. When the war ended the investigations into its background began, three German members of that American I.G. board were found guilty at the Nuremberg War Crimes Trials. The American representatives such as Paul Warberg were left untouched, as was his brother, Max Warberg, who even though a Jew, was allowed to leave Nazi Germany in 1939 without any restriction. The elite even controlled the arrests and trials resulting from the war and the horrors they themselves engineered. Such operations were not only between two companies; they involved other elements of the global elite brotherhood in other companies and governments. The president of Standard Oil of New Jersey (now Exxon) at this time was William Stamps Farish. During the war, a letter was released by the US Justice Department from Frank A. Howard, the Standard Oil vice - president to Farish. It was dated October 12th 1939, and it said:


“In England I met by appointment the Royal Dutch [Shell Oil] gentleman from Holland and a general agreement was reached on the necessary changes in our relations with I.G. [Farben], in view of the state of war. The Royal Dutch Shell Group is essentially British; I also had several meetings with the [British] Air Ministry.

I required help to obtain the necessary permission to go to Holland. After discussions with the [American] Ambassador [Joseph Kennedy] the situation was cleared completely. The gentleman in the Air Ministry very kindly offered to assist me in re - entering England...

Pursuant to these arrangements, I was able to keep my appointment in Holland, having been flown there on a Royal Air Force bomber, where I had three days discussion with the representatives of I.G. They delivered to me assignments of some 2000 foreign patents and we did our best to work out complete plans for a modus vivendi which could operate through the term of the war whether or not the US came in”.


William S. Farish refueled Nazi shipping and submarines in Spain and Latin America during the war (and we all know who runs these two countries openly and outright? THE VATICAN). It was the Standard Oil-I.G. Farben enterprise that opened the Auschwitz Concentration Camp on June 14th 1940, and used the slave Labour of the Jews and political opponents to produce the artificial rubber and gasoline from coal. Farish was very close to Hermann Schmitz, the chairman of I.G. Farben. Standard Oil hired the famous publicist, Ivy Lee, to promote Farben and the Nazis in the United States. William S. Farish had a grandson, William Farish III, who was to become a close friend of George Bush senior and has enjoyed the company of Queen Elizabeth II at his home. There horses breed with each other. When George Bush became Vice - President, he had to hand over his business and investments to a blind trust, to ensure that he could not (in theory?) make decisions in the White House, which affected his investments. Who was put in charge of this blind trust? William Farish III.




I.G. Farben worked in concert before and throughout the war with other cartels like the J.P. Morgan-controlled General Electric, a company with which President Franklin D. Roosevelt had many close connections. In 1939, Senator James A. Reed of Missouri, a one time Roosevelt supporter, told the Senate the President was a “hired man for the economic Royalists”, in Wall Street. He added that the Roosevelt family was one of the biggest holders of shares in General Electric. Interesting then, that General Electric was a big Hitler supporter and there is photographic and documented evidence that, like I.G. Farben, both General Electric companies in Germany, A.E.G. and Osram, directly financed Hitler. For a detailed search on this, see Anthony C Suttons superb expose, Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler, (Heritage publications, Melbourne, Australia, 1976) p 121-132. Farben contributed the most (45% of the fund that brought Hitler to power in 1933, but the companies linked to General Electric also made large donations and in this web of intrigue a number of directors of German General Electric were on the board of I.G. Farben. As with other major American companies involved, General Electric in the US channelled its contributions to Hitler via German subsidiaries and cartel partners. Again only the German directors of the General Electric cartel were charged and tried at Nuremberg, not the Americans. To have done so would have exposed the whole story.




Another United States company that was important to Hitler and his war machine was I.T.T. it was the creation of its founder, Sosthenes Behn, an entrepreneur born in the Virgin Islands. By 1924, I.T.T. was closely connected with J.P. Morgan, and the board reflected Morgans control. It has been proved that I.T.T. made donations to Hitler through German subsidiaries and was a significant supporter of the Nazi regime. I.T.T. bought a large interest in German armament companies, most particularly the aircraft manufacturer, Focke-Wolffe. The profits from these investments were not returned to the United States; they were re-invested in further German rearmament. Sosthenes Behn met with Hitler in August 1933. Hitler’s personal banker Baron Kurt von Schroder, a Nazi and SS Senior Group Leader, became the overseer of I.T.T. interests in Germany and a director of all I.T.T.-affiliated companies. Baron von Schroder was channeling I.T.T. funding to Himmlers SS at least until 1944! (Wall Street and The Rise of Hitler, p79. The Schroder banking family from Hamburg had branches in London and New York under the name of J. Henry Schroder. In England, the managing director of Schroder Bank was Mr. F.C. Tiarks, a director of the Rothschild-controlled and Montague Norman-supervised Bank of England. Gordon Richardson was chairman of Schroder Bank up until 1973, when he was made governor of the Bank of England. From 1938 onwards, the Schroder Bank in London was appointed to represent Nazi interests in Britain. In America, Schroder and the Rockefellers merged some of their business interests.




Much has been written of Henry Fords collusion with the Nazis. He was vehement in his condemnation of the Jews. Ford was just as outspoken in his criticism of the Wall Street financiers, whom he blamed for starting the wars and controlling the world money markets for their own ends. He stated J.P Morgan was a man to be trusted, which would suggest Ford to be a disinformer catching those who knew a little and gaining their trust. He portrayed himself as a friend of the people against the elite manipulators while he was in fact part of the accused manipulators, (same strategy as with top up fees debate and Mohamed Al Fayed as chief conspirator in the Diana murder). Ford made enormous profits during the war by supplying both sides. As early as 1922, the New York Times was reporting that Ford was financing Hitler nationalists and anti-Jewish movements in Germany and the Berlin newspaper, Berliner Tageblatt, was calling on the American Ambassador to stop Ford from intervening in German affairs. Hitler was so grateful for Fords assistance, that in 1938 he presented Ford with the highest honor the Nazis conferred on non-Germans: the Grand Cross of the German Eagle; Fords portrait hung behind Hitlers desk in Hitlers private office. The two biggest manufacturers of tanks for Hitlers armies before and during the war were the German subsidiaries of the Ford Motor Company, and the Morgan controlled General Motors (Opel). In 1928, the Ford Motor Company in Germany merged with I.G. Farben. Carl Bosch of Farben became the head of the Ford operation in Germany. And who had the best tanks by far in the Second World War? Exactly… the Panzer Divisions.




Fritz Thyssen was a German steel entrepreneur and banker, who funded the Nazis from the early 1920s. His banking operation in Germany was affiliated - through a subsidiary - with the W.A. Harriman Company in New York (Brown Brothers Harriman after 1933), which in turn was funded (at least in its earlier days) by the Rothschilds. The Harriman family was prominent in supporting both the Russian Revolution and Adolf Hitler. A Thyssen company controlled the Union Banking Corporation in the US, which had E. Roland Harriman on its board along with known Nazis and Nazi financial backers. Prescott Bush, the Father of George Bush senior, was also on the UBC board and owed his wealth to the Harrimans.  Roland was the brother of W. Averell Harriman, who was the director of Morgans Guaranty Trust when it was financing Lenin and Trotsky. Averell Harriman would later make vast profits from Russian ventures and be appointed as the Ambassador to the Soviet Union. He was also a controlling voice in the Democratic Party and extremely close to the President, Franklin D. Roosevelt.




The name Dulles is another, which spans the manipulation of both the First and Second World Wars. The Dulles where from a southern slave owning family, and cousins of the Rockefellers. They were connected with international banking in America and Germany. Statements made by John Foster Dulles as early as 1911 revealed support for the creation of a super race, by eliminating the lower members. The Dulles law firm Sullivan and Cromwell handled the US affairs of I.G.Farben and Hitlers major financial backer, Fritz Thyssen, who introduced Allen Dulles to the Fuhrer to be. John Foster Dulles wrote Heil Hitler on his letters to German clients. After Hitlers rise to power, John Foster Dulles went to Germany on behalf of the Round Table group, to negotiate new loans for the Nazis. The Dulles brothers were appointed to the US State Department during World War I by their uncle and Secretary of State, Robert Lansing, one of the Colonel House/ Bernard Baruch cliques which controlled Woodrow Wilson. The Dulles brothers were at the Versailles Peace Conference where they met the Round Table delegation and became part of the Round Table network. Allen Dulles was, very conveniently, appointed First Secretary of the US Embassy in Berlin in 1920, just as his brother was in Germany, representing the elites bankers through his connections with the Bank of England and the J.P Morgan Empire. Both Dulles were friends of Hitlers financial wizard, Hjalmar Schacht. John Foster Dulles would become Secretary of State and Allen Dulles became the first head of the CIA. The latter would also serve on the Warren Commission, which was charged with investigating the Assassination of JFK. Incidentally the Texans spoken of in the investigation into JFKs assassination, was actually the Prescott bush Clique. This now leads us to as stated in Phase IIII how very little bomb damage was done to all the American - German cartels factories, throughout Germany when the towns around them were flattened, this is all the companies named in this operation, Ford, General Motors including the United Rayon Works, I.G Farben etc, the same in Britain very few of the factories required to continue the slaughter were destroyed, think hard about that one! When the Ford plant in Poissy was hit by the British, get this the Vichy government compensated Ford to the tune of 38 million Francs. In the five years of the Second World War the United States Trusts I have named made a profit of $175,000,000,000 for killing British and American soldiers, women and children, from all nations that suffered this war, they dont teach that in history lessons. To complete this appalling tale of deceit upon the people of the world, the same Wall Street names that created and funded the war were also appointed by Roosevelt to supervise the fate of German industry when the war ended. Top executives appointed to this role included Louis Douglas, director of the Morgan dominated General Motors and president of the Morgan Mutual Life Insurance, and Brigadier General William H. Draper Jr of Dillon Read and Co, another Firm that made substantial financial donations to the creation of the cartels for the funding of Hitlers Germany. Both Draper and Douglas were members of the Council on Foreign Relation (CFR), and Draper, a Eugenics (master racers) fanatic, would later become a leading light in the funding of Population Control (Club of Rome eugenics). Searching within the tale of William H. Draper Jr reveals the scale of the deceit and the cover-up. He joined the Prescott Bush (Percy) circle in 1927, then hired by Dillon Read to handle the account of Fritz Thyssen, one of Hitlers biggest financial backers. Draper became a director and later the vice president and assistant treasurer of Dillon Reads German Credit and Investment Corporation, supervising some of the short term loans to Thyssens German Steel Trust under the Dawes Plan. These loans agreed upon by Draper, helped to bring Hitler to power and fund his rearmament. His partners in this operation were both Nazis: Alexander Kreuter, in Berlin, was president, and Frederick Brandi who moved to the US in 1926 and became Drapers co-director of the German Credit Investment Corporation in Newark, New Jersey.  Draper then went off to become a General in the Pacific fighting for the USA! This man appointed by Roosevelt after the German surrender was to decide what should happen to the Nazi cartels he helped to create. He had the power to decide who was exposed, who lost or kept their business, and who was charged with war crimes. That is some move I have to say. Draper played good/bad guy with the US Treasury Secretary Henry Morgenthau, to complete another mental coup detat. Morgenthau demanded that Germanys industry be destroyed and the Germans reduced to a purely rural nation. Drapers role was to prevent this, but only if the Germans agreed to accept all the guilt for Nazism. The authors of a superb book, George Bush, the unauthorized biography, say:


“Draper and his colleagues demanded that Germany and the world accept the collective guilt of the German people as the explanation of the rise of Hitler’s New Order and the Nazi war crimes, this, of course, was rather convenient for General Draper himself, as it was for the Bush family. It is still convenient decades later, allowing Prescotts son, President George, to lecture Germany on the danger of Hitlerism. Germans are to slow; it seems to accept his New World Order” (P55).


The network has continued through the decades since then, with President Bush appointing Drapers son, William Draper III, to a United Nations job involved in population control. If you want to control population GIVE PEOPLE A LIFE! At Dillon Read, Bushs US Treasury Secretary, Nicholas Brady, was the long-term partner of Frederick Brandi, General Drapers cohort in the financing of Hitlers steel cartel. The same small group of bankers, companies, and political manipulators, were behind the First World War, the Russian Revolution, and the Second World War. Without their money and maneuvering, the two greatest conflicts the world has known could not have happened. It is not Human nature to war, we are relaxed respecters of the social ideal, unfortunately those we have trusted for all time have been playing to a different drum, now we are beginning to see... they are the Nefilim. Now back to Great Britain. For those of you aware of the so-called ‘Masters’ Great plan to create new races, during the early 1930s, the sixth sub race of the fifth root race were said to be appearing in America. (I would ask you to note this; the fifth root race is the genetic interference by the Anunnaki who installed their own dragon DNA into the human form). Also before the 1930’s the preparation was being carried out for the next sub – race which takes us back to the First World War. The men of Great Britain were being slaughtered on the fields of France and Holland, ensuring we had a major shortage of Males when we were again called to fight in the Masters second slaughter, the Second World War. Note that America joined the First World War after most of our boys were dead, wouldnt do to end the war quickly. Now in the Second Slaughter we had suffered Dunkirk, and many of our boys again were dead. Then enter the Yankee Doodle dandies completely covering our nation and what else was going on? Correct they were making lots of love with the women of Blighty. This whole game of slaughter in the game of seeding new races was carried out on this nations soil in order to create a generation of humans more inclined to follow like little lap dogs the perceived imperial shift of power to the New Atlantis; America, and therefore too back the Fascist agenda as it is pumped out of the USA. I dont know about you but the game as I se it played by the so called masters, is one of the utmost insanity one can imagine, therefore I say again YOU ARE ALL DECIEVED, it is the Elohim parading as the Masters of Light who took this Planet during the time of Atlantis, and because of their miss-use of knowledge and energy creating a major imbalance, the Earth shifted in a way as to create the cataclysms ending with the flood. Therefore that which calls itself god… is the evil one we know as satan. Therefore all so called Gurus and Masters of the past unknown to most of them, have and do channel the Black Brotherhood including Helena Blavatsky, in fact especially so. So you can now understand why the Brotherhood slammed the world teacher that was Krishnamurti as a Great soul gone off track. World teachers do not go off track they are killed or refuted by those who are deceiving when they begin to speak the truth.

Films like Lord of the Rings, Star Wars etc, although they are great stories loaded with knowledge, the one thing they have in common is that they promote war as the only answer to revolution and therefore change. Upon reading this information one can see that the only beneficiaries of war are those who promote, finance, and feed war therefore playing directly into the arms of the Nefilim, we must begin to make a stand against this current path with a revolution of the mind, to expose what you know to be happening and if necessary name the people responsible, to try, however difficult to change the energy of hatred and fear towards your fellow man, and most important of all to fight against the weapon of fear used so effectively by the elite. It can be done on an individual level, nothing I have ever studied, heard or understood has a truer meaning than this; “there is nothing to fear except fear itself”, then and only then can you see the truth that is hidden, Heaven is here on Earth, in fact it is within each and every one of us most are just afraid to enter into it and “Love“…heaven therefore is love.  To you who carry out the arm of the law, this can only happen if you use your discretion in giving amnesty to those who break this cycle of blackmail and bring evidence to you knowing full well the real perpetrators will at the drop of a hat try to drag them down with them, everything has to change to remove the satanic Brethren.


So with the fall of Troy to Rome, to hide Romes true Power, the deception of shifting power to the British Crown, to hide itself again, the deception of shifting power to the New Atlantis America. Now to all you Historians,




With Love to you all








Information relating to the Zimbabwe agenda, as a supplement to Phase VIII.



I have stated that Robert Mugabe is of the elite bloodlines. According to the Zulu Sanusi Credo Mutwa, he is of the ancient black Royal bloodline of chiefs from the African nation, and as he puts it “he knows it”. I have stated that it is bloodline that determines who the Kings, Queens and chiefs will be in all cultures, and that this has been so for thousands of years. We are now at the point in the agenda of the total control of this planet…the new world order, that the Nefilim have their placemen in almost every position of power around the world, including all the Islamic nations. One of the reasons we have situations like Zimbabwe and Haiti, is to give reason to instil the world army NATO into specific areas of the world ready for the last stages of the New World Order agenda which will require a full military takeover of the world with all emergency powers activated, they are not yet ready for this, which is why we need to wake up fast before it is too late. At the moment we have big bad America policing the world and upsetting the world as it does this, this is part of the agenda so we the people scream that the UN and NATO takeover this role. The real head of NATO is Prince Phillip. Most of the conflicts around the world were set in their current form in the 1970; s and if you remember in Phase IIII, I showed you using the science of numerology how the 1970s are directly connected to the first twelve years of the millennium, which we can now see playing themselves out to perfection enabling the world army and the UN entry into all these places of conflict. This is not saying all the people involved in these organisations are in knowledge of the agenda; to the contrary, they are the masks of goodness the elite hide behind and thus blindly or hoodwinked, carry out the agenda for them. I will briefly show how Robert Mugabe links still with high-level operatives of the elite; I will use the media tycoon (puppet) Tony OReilly. This man along with many positions he has held was chairman of the foods giant Heinz. It was while OReilly was chairman of Heinz that he became close friends with Mugabe. Mugabe still places a giant size can of baked beans on his head to amuse visitors to the State House. Both OReilly and Mugabe are Jesuit-educated Initiates and on a visit to OReillys Mansion in County Kildare, Ireland in 1992, they celebrated high mass in a medieval private chapel built around a Knights Templars tomb. OReilly and his associates have since bought a 60% stake in Associated Newspapers of Zimbabwe (ANZ). I would be very surprised if they do not still have this stake. He owns Independent Newspapers, which includes papers in Ireland, Britain, France, Portugal, Mexico, South Africa, and New Zealand. The former South African President Nelson Mandela spent Christmas 1993 at OReillys holiday home at Nassau in the Bahamas and soon afterwards the Irishman bought the Argus Group, South Africas largest newspaper chain. This is now the mouthpiece for Mandelas African National Congress (ANC). Since 1994 OReilly has bought 60% of the Argus Group, 43% of newspaper publishing in Britain, 55% of Australian Provincial Newspapers, 25% of Irish Press Newspapers, and 44% of Wilson and Horton the largest newspaper group in New Zealand. He also has extensive interests in cable television in Ireland, radio and television in Australia and New Zealand; he like Murdoch is only a proxy or puppet for the elite, so much for a free press! He is very close to Henry Kissinger who is on the board of advisors to many publishing corporations.

When you next see Zimbabwe on the news, which will be quite a lot in the near future, take a look at the State Seal. It is the Double Eagle that is a two-headed Eagle looking in both directions. This is the symbol for the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry and is representative of Nimrod from Babylon, the Romans would call the same deity Janus, symbolic to the initiated of two faced.

I will now use South Africa as an example of changing from overt control to covert control.

During the minority white control over the majority of black people the Oppenheimer family who are the branch managers of South Africa on behalf of the Black Nobility of London controlled some 80% of the companies quoted on the South African stock market, and they owned the gold, diamond and other mining industries on which the country depends, they also controlled the media through various front men or proxys. This was clearly overt control. We then had the change over to black rule and everybody is happy, the blacks now run South Africa? After the changeover the Oppenheimers still control everything they controlled before the change, yet the world has stopped screaming. This is classic change from overt to covert control with the whole world convinced all is fine and injustice has been put right. One of the first things Mandela did when he came to power was to spend £5 billion on arms most of which were to British companies! I do not blame Mandela for wanting release from jail but he has done the black race in South Africa no favour whatever, and everyone is happy, this is mind control through deception. It shows how easy the human race is to deceive as opposed to how genius the elite are, we must begin to change this or we will hang ourselves. The Rockefellers are the American branch managers on behalf of the London Black Nobility







The Occult of the Inner Circle



I aim to offer the councilors insight into the esoteric operations of the elite as I give a deeper insight into my personal experience.










Dated: 21 June 2004.


Dear Sir/Madame.


    This Phase of operations is to give insight into the world of the esoteric or occult world that exists all around you. For those who are unaware of the esoteric I will bring it down to a level I hope you can grasp in its significance as a powerful force that the higher classes utilise in order to create the power structures of the world, the word occult translates as “that which is hidden“. For those of you who exist in the many levelled pyramid of esoteric knowledge I aim to show you how you are so deceived by the very nature of all systems of higher knowledge, but most importantly how in reality all the esoteric knowledge has been collected by the Nefilim since the time of the last great cataclysms, then rehashed and given out in such a way as to make it nigh impossible to find the absolute truth of this planet and its relationship to the universe. The way the esoteric world is structured is to the letter the description given by Albert Pike in relation to the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry. What you hopefully will be able to grasp is that this deceit is at every level throughout all the strands of esoteric organisations, every single one of them. This is the way of absolute mind control over the whole human race and whichever race you understand yourself to belong. Even at the highest levels of the Illuminati, you are still in the outer portico; the inner elect are those who work in the shadows unknown to all, the so-called hidden Masters who are in reality the Elohim who made base in the underground catacombs and caverns. This does not mean that the true Light Beings do not exist, but know this only now do they wish to bring forth the truth. At the time 12 December 2012 this Solar System will have completed what is known as the Dark Cycle. This cycle is 13,000 years in length yet is half of the cycle of 26,000 years. Atlantis with its advanced civilisation was the culmination of the 13,000 year light cycle, yet know that the Nefilim had again succeeded in taking control of this frequency, therefore the cataclysm ensued, the last of which, was the great flood. With the beginning of the cataclysmic events the Earth was thrown out of its natural Orbit of the Sun and thus the Dark Cycle was upon the Earth, (the fall of Man) this prevented the higher vibrations from reaching the Earth and thus almost total control by the Nefilim has been achieved. The Earth will not be lost to the Nefilim the higher forces will not allow this. The Earth will move back to her original orbit the degree to which this event will be destructive is dependant upon us the race Man, to the degree to which we alter the present path we are now on. All thought and action must be brought back to balance and away from the puerile it has become. The Nefilim are trying to create a barrier around the Earth among other things…with the Star Wars Project to prevent the higher vibrations from reaching this Planet you must stop this. This Solar System Orbits around the Pleiades system, this cycle takes 26,000 years to complete.


Now I wish to show you who are of the esoteric stream by my own experience, the nature of how the Nefilim plug you in to their lower vibration, hopefully it will ring many bells for you. I will begin using the last great medium of evil as our example, namely Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was born at Braunau-am Inn, on the border of Germany and the Austria-Hungary Empire. This is an area well known for producing mediums. He was strongly influenced by the work of Helena Petrovna Blavatsky, who was born in the Ukraine in 1831. She is said to have had connections with the Italian secret society of revolutionaries, the Carbonari, who were closely linked to the Black Nobility, she was a member of the Egyptian Society, the Brotherhood of Luxor, which she would later denounce. She arrived in the USA, New York in 1873, and with the help of Colonel Henry Olcott she founded the Theosophical Society two years later. This society is very powerful today.  She claimed to have psychic contact with the hidden masters or supermen, whom she said lived under central Asia. She said her Tibetan master had told her, the Second World War was necessary to defend the plan of God (the Elohim leaders Anu and Jehovah). Another big influence on Hitler was the novel, “The Coming Race” by the Englishman Lord Edward Bulwer-Lytton. In the coming race he wrote of an enormous civilisation inside the Earth, well ahead of our own. That they had discovered a power called Vril, which, by the use of the psyche, could be used to perform miracles. That these underground supermen would one day emerge on the surface and take control of the world, most Nazis believed this. The themes of underground masters and supermen is to be found throughout all esoteric organisations and secret societies, thus preparing all who are within these organisations to except the rule of the Elohim via the more mammalian genetic mix, the Nefilim. This belief is especially true of the satanic; Order of the Golden Dawn, which was formed in1888 by Dr Wynn Westcott, a Freemason, and S.L. Mather’s, who call their masters the Secret Chiefs. Mather’s designed a series of rituals and initiations and designed them to help his members access their full psychic and physical potential. He believed however that, this gift was only for the few and he was a supporter of authoritarian government. So the rituals were specifically designed to plug in each member of this order directly to the ancestral spirit of the Elohim who exist in the lower fourth dimension. In the mid 1890s, there were temples of the order in London, Edinburgh, and Bradford; (this Bradford temple is very important to all in Lancashire, also one in Lancaster) Weston Super Mare, and Paris, were Mather’s made his home. The order of the Golden Dawn also spoke of the Vril force and one of the orders secret signs was the salute, which the Nazis would go on to use when saying “Heil Hitler” So upon esoteric foundations were the Nazis built, and it has grown yet in such a way as to be hidden especially from those within the esoteric organisations. Mathers had known Madame Blavatsky as did the master of the Orders London Temple, the poet, William Butler Yeats, who would go on to win a Nobel prize. Yeats view of utopia mirrored that of Hitler and Josef Stalin. The poet spoke of:


“ An aristocratic civilisation in its most completed form, every detail of life hierarchical, every great mans door crowded at dawn by petitioners, great wealth everywhere in few men’s hands, all dependant upon a few, up to the emperor himself, who is a God dependant upon a greater God and everywhere, in court, in the family, inequality made law”.


 Read that a few times until its reality enters your mind, this is the great work of the ages absolute, unto the letter, the whole mindset of the elite is to create this reality. I care not what your position is now, none of you are of the super rich who control the wealth of the world, you could have a billion in the bank yet with this reality have nothing, so to all you who think you are in, dont be silly, you are deceived while they have a use for you in building the Temple, you shall be cast aside the moment you are surplus to requirement, but you can dream on if you so choose. The original order split when a row erupted between Yeats, Mather’s and Alaister Crowley, which split the membership into quarrelling factions, classic infiltrate, divide and thus rule, and to the people its power would have been seen to have been weakened, not so, this made it more powerful and underground, a classic manoeuvre of the Illuminati. Other significant esoteric thinkers and groups that influenced the gathering nazi philosophy included the Order of the Oriental Templars, which uses sex as an integral part of its rituals to create and harness the energy known as Vril, (Kundalini) and two German esoteric magicians, Guido von List and Lanz von Liebenfels. In his summer solstice celebrations, List used wine bottles on the ground to form the symbol of the Hermetic Cross, also known as the Hammer of Thor. It was the badge of power in the Golden Dawn, we know this today as the Swastika. The two Vons, List and Liebenfels, were to have a massive influence on Hitler. In 1932, with Hitler on the verge of power, von Liebenfels would write to a fellow believer:


“Hitler is one of our pupils…. You will one day experience that he, and through him we, will one day be victorious, and develop a movement that will make the world tremble”.


Two others who would influence the thinking and beliefs of Hitler were the Englishmen Alastair Crowley and Houston Stewart Chamberlain. Crowley was born in Warwickshire in 1875. He rebelled against his strict religious upbringing and was initiated into the Order of the Golden Dawn in 1898, after leaving Cambridge University. He left the order after the row with Yeats and Mather’s, and then travelled to Mexico, India, and Ceylon, where he was introduced to yoga and Buddhism, he became a record-breaking mountaineer. Buddhism replaced his interest in the occult until an experience in Cairo in April 1904. Crowley was asked by his wife, Rose to perform an esoteric ritual to see what happened. During this ceremony, she entered a trance like state and began to channel the words of a communicator. “They are waiting for you”, she said to Crowley. The “they” Rose said, was Horus, the God of war and the son of Osiris, in Egyptian belief. Crowley did not accept any of this and asked his wife a series of detailed questions in an effort to trick her. But Rose, who knew little of the esoteric, gave the correct answer every time. The communicator told him to be at his desk in his hotel room between noon and one o clock on three specific days. He agreed and in these periods he wrote, via automatic writing, a document called The Book of the Law. Crowleys communication said that the old age of Osiris was being replaced by the new age of Horus. But it said the old age would first have to be destroyed by barbarism and the Earth bathed in blood. There would be a world war, it said. The Book of the Law talked of a race of supermen and condemned the old religions, pacifism, Democracy, compassion and humanitarianism. “Let my servants be few and secret: they shall rule the many and the known” the superman said. The message continued:


“We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit; let them die in their misery. For they feel not. Compassion is the vice of Kings; stamp down the wretched and the weak: this is the law of the strong: this is our law and the joy of the world... Love one another with burning hearts; on the low men trample in the fierce lust of your pride, in the day of your wrath… pity not the fallen, I never knew them. I am not for them. I console not; I hate the consoled and the consoler….”

“I am unique and conqueror. I am not of the slaves that perish. Be they damned and dead. Amen… Therefore strike hard and low, and to hell with them, master… Lurk! Withdraw! Upon them! This is the law of the battle of conquest: thus shall my worship be about my secret house… Worship me with fire and blood; worship me with swords and with spears. Let the woman be girt with a sword before me: let blood flow in my name. Trample down the heathen; be upon them, O warrior, I will give you their flesh to eat… Sacrifice cattle, little and big; after a child… Kill and torture; spare not; be upon them!”


 Dont know about you but that sounds pretty shit to me, yet very much the language of the Old Testament creature Jehovah (moon, possibly female consort to Anu). This is the mindset that has began many a war in history and is the mindset that holds with a grip of iron the elite and all the collaborators of the New World Order, and is found within all the religions when they wish to kill another race. Nothing in this vein of a way to exist comes from anything other than satan itself. This is the mindset of the All-Seeing -Eye Cult going way back in history, which continues through the Illuminati, as it exists today. Worth noting, on the back of an American Dollar bill is a pyramid with an eye in the capstone, this is their symbol. Until you begin to understand the language of symbolism then as a language it does not exist, but it does and it’s everywhere. The communicator said Crowley was the “Beast 666” who had come to destroy Christianity. With the revelations I gave you in Phase VII you could well accuse me of being in the same vein as this idiot, not so I am offering information that is hidden, all conclusions to be drawn lie with you. The Illuminati have kept all the knowledge of the planets and their affect upon the Earth and therefore their affect upon the people, as the holders of these truths they know when an old institution will begin to crumble because of the influence of certain planets upon the Earth, bearing in mind that all systems of control have only a certain length of time before the people begin to see the truth of how the systems control. Therefore they have to pre-empt this awakening by creating a similar system or new system to capture the shift in consciousness (same strategy as with the top up fees debate with Nick brown, they knew it would be opposed and on what points it would be opposed, therefore one of their own men stands as the most vocal opposer stating all the points they know will be the core of opposition, therefore gathering behind their own movement so to speak the rebels, and knowing human nature to be as it is, their man will lead the opposition to the Bill. So knowing full well as we began the cosmological shift from the age of Pisces to the Age of Aquarius was to come in the 20th century, the Nefilim had to ensure they captured the shift in allegiance by offering the opposing system the New Age Movement exchanging Jesus for the Masters, and it has worked. If we go back to the elite as the masters of the negative aspects of everything. I am an Aquarius by birth sign, I know it is the bottom end of the science of Astrology, but in the bigger concept of changing ages I know what the negative aspect of the Uranus/Saturn energies are, they are of the most pitiless and merciless one can imagine, so in creating the new opposition to Christianity they have created a force which is the negative aspect of the Aquarian age which is revolution through war, and again they have been successful to this point. So with this knowledge one can understand that if the next war as they are doing their best to bring on, happens, it will be by far the worst we have seen, to create the Holy war with Islam and to agitate China into war mode. (I am not saying Muslims or the Chinese are not playing a part in this, of course they are,) One has to study the opium wars to grasp how the elite control China; Kissinger is a major connection in the climate of todays politics of China. Only by understanding that everything we hold as truth from within the old order is in reality the creation of the Elohim via the Nefilim to bring us to the point we now stand, only we the people can stop the divisions sending us all to hell. So to you all no matter what your society, your Order or your Religion stop and think about that one. Crowley tried to ignore what he had written with his guided hand, but it would not go away, and from 1909 he began to take it very seriously, very seriously indeed. He said:


“After five years of folly and weakness, miscalled politeness, tact, discretion, care for the feelings of others, I am weary of it. I say today: to hell with Christianity, Rationalism, Buddhism, and all the lumber of the centuries. I bring you a positive and primeval fact; magic by name; and with this I will build me a new heaven and new Earth. I want none of your faint approval or faint dispraise; I want blasphemy, murder, rape, revolution, anything, bad or good, but strong.”


What I will say is that unknown to himself, Crowley while a member of the Golden Dawn had been what is termed plugged in to the Elohim on the lower fourth dimension, and although he left the Order he was already (not completely) open to the vibration of the Elohim, which is why they were waiting for him in Cairo. Crowley left his former tutor, Macgregor Mathers, a broken man as he embarked on a psychic war against him. They both conjured up the demons to attack the other, but Mathers lost out. Remember people this man was an advisor to Winston Churchill as he was to the Nazis. This is the way the elite attack me, and anyone they choose to attack, hence out of character suicide, the murder of ones children etc, its all very real people, they have just kept it from you all. The British intelligence operative and author of the James Bond 007 stories; Ian Fleming was a friend of Crowley. The original 007 was Queen Elizabeth I, personal astrologer John Dee.


Now we shall take a look at Houston Stewart Chamberlain. He was born in England in 1855, but moved to Germany in 1882. He married Eva, the daughter of Richard Wagner, in 1908, and became a prestigious writer. His best-known work was Foundations of the Nineteenth Century, which ran to twelve hundred pages and sold more than 250,000 copies. It made him famous throughout the country. He was however a troubled man who had a series of nervous breakdowns. He felt himself to be taken over by demons and his books were written in a trance and a fever, (automatic writing) which suggests he was locked into the lower vibrations. In his autobiography, he said he did not recognise much of his writing as his own. The themes of his work are very familiar: all civilisations come from the Aryan race and the Germans were the purest of all; the Jews were the enemy who would pollute the Aryan bloodlines bla, bla, bla. A point to note is that Hitler had said “that to understand the Nazis one had to understand Wagner, so to me it is no surprise that Chamberlain being married to Wagners daughter did not recognise his writings as his own. Chamberlain was said to be a prophet by Kaiser Wilhelm and Hitler and he became the principal advisor to the Kaiser and urged the Kaiser to go to war. Incidentally when the First World War ended, the Kaiser abdicated to an estate in Holland where he realised he had been manipulated. He gathered together a mass of books on the occult and German secret societies and was convinced that ‘they’ had conspired to create the First World War and cause Germany to be defeated.

Back to Hitler. He hated school and wanted to be an artist, an ambition that took him to Vienna. It was there that his political vision was shaped and his dislike of the Jews grew. So did his interests in the esoteric. He spent hours in the libraries reading books on astrology, mysticism, and the religions of the east. The books of Blavatsky, Chamberlain, List and Liebenfels fascinated him. He picked out bits from each of them to produce his preferred mixture (that which the Elohim would guide him to grasp) to create the cocktail of horror and hatred that would manifest as Nazism. His passion was the power of the will. The potential of willpower to achieve anything it desires, or to create your own reality. He then began to practice the esoteric arts to gain access to the consciousness level of the supermen in which his belief was absolute. When Hitler moved to Germany, he spent a lot of time in Bavaria. After the First World War Hitler returned to Bavaria, and a year after he came across a tiny and rather pathetic political party called “The German Workers Party.” This was an offshoot of an esoteric secret society called the German Order, which was fiercely nationalistic and anti-Jewish. Out of this order sprang other similar societies, including the Infamous Thule-Gesellschaft or Thule Society, and the Luminous Lodge or Vril Society. Hitler was a member of both. Two other members of this society were Heinrich Himmler, and Herman Goering, Goering, and Rudolph Hess were members of the Vril offshoot The Edelweiss Society. Hess worshipped Hitler as the Messiah. The inner core of the Nazi Secret Society network was called the Black Order, which continues today and is said to be the inner core of the CIA. The CIA was set up by British intelligence through the OSS which before the Allies reached Berlin carried out an operation called “Operation Paperclip” which removed all top Nazi Scientists, Rocket engineers, and occultists and yes including Hitler, to the Naval bases on Antarctica, America and all over the world to be found in Universitys and the medical profession. Immediately after the war the philosophy of the Nazis continued upon the peoples of South America under the control of the Vatican. So with Blairs announcement of the formation of a British FBI aimed at attacking organised crime, read, “an organisation aimed at protecting organised crime’. Consider it like this; the Mafia is under the direct protection of the Freemasons via their control of the law, as the Freemasons are under the direct control of the Royal elite, therefore this new FBI will also be working for the elite. One of the founders of the Thule Society was Rudolf Glauer, an astrologer, who changed his name to the grand sounding Baron von Sebottendorff. Another committed occultist and friend of Sebottendorff now becomes highly significant. This was Dietrich Eckart, a heavy drinking, drug-taking writer who believed he was to pave the way for a dictator of Germany. He met Hitler in 1919, and decided he was the one, the Messiah, he was looking for. It is Eckart who is credited with Hitlers advanced esoteric knowledge; the rituals set by this man would plug Hitler completely into the vibration of the Elohim. From this time on, Hitlers power to attract support grew rapidly.


 Eckart wrote to a friend in 1923:


“Follow Hitler! He will dance, but it is I who have called the tune. We have given him the means of communication with them. Do not mourn for me; I shall have influenced history more than any other German.”


Hitler was totally obsessed with the Spear of Destiny, the weapon said to have pierced the side of Jesus at the crucifixion. He stole what was said to be the Spear when the Nazis annexed Austria in 1938 and it was taken to Nuremberg. The legend says that whoever has the Spear and decodes its secrets will have control of the world for good or evil. (This is the story of Romes Legions employment of blind soldiers? I think not!)

We talk of people having magnetism and magnetic personalities and that is exactly what they have. We are all generating magnetic energies this is the Aura, these energies although one normally cannot see them (mediums of that vibration can),  are collected by the energy vortices known as the Chakras, they are the energy vortices of the subtle body and are the connection points we have to the energies of the Universe, this is in part what the religions are created to disrupt, and therefore create imbalance within ourselves at each Chakra point as the energies enter our Subtle bodies, therefore DIS-EASE, which naturally in time manifest as physical disease. Now, negative energy is just as magnetic as positive. Therefore those connected to, or generating the extreme negative vibration would be extremely magnetic, a sort of fatal attraction. So with the rituals created by Eckart to which Hitler was exposed would create the same magnetic negative vibration as the Elohim and therefore become a powerful attraction to others who would then become in-sync with his vibrations and therefore with the Elohim without one necessarily being fully aware of this. This is what happened to me as I was thrust into the hands of Brian Meadowcroft and thus the Golden Dawn; they constantly spoke to me as the Saviour and were constantly trying to get me to Bradford to a Club named The Twelve and One, more on this later. So you can now grasp how only after the rituals he attended with Eckart was he to become a channeller of the negative vibration of the Elohim, before this he was just a ordinary man having endured the trenches and studied the darker aspects of the occult, which prepared his own vibration to enter the satanic vibration through ritual. So when he would stand on a public platform, with the contorted face and crazed delivery, he was channeling the Elohim’s consciousness and transmitting this vibration to the vast crowds, with each persons aural field becoming an amplifier to this energy, the Pied Piper Principle, using frequencies.

 As one writer said of Hitler:


“His power to bewitch an audience has been likened to the occult art of the African Medicine Man or the Asiatic Shaman; others have compared it to the sensitivity of a medium, and the magnetism of a hypnotist.”


Hitler appeared to live in perpetual fear of the supermen. Herrmann Rauschning (an aid to Hitler) told how Hitler suffered from terrible nightmares and would wake in terror screaming about entities that were invisible to all but him. Hitler once said to his aide:


“What will the social order of the future be like? Comrade, I will tell you. There will be a class of overlords, after them the rank and file of the party members in hierarchical order, and then the great mass of anonymous followers, servants and workers in perpetuity, and beneath them again all the conquered foreign races, the modern slaves. And over and above all these will rein new and exalted nobility of whom I cannot speak… but of all these plans the militant members will know nothing. The new man is living amongst us now! He is here. Isn’t that enough for you? I will tell you a secret; I have seen the new man. He is intrepid and cruel. I was afraid of him.”



And again Hermann Rauschning said in his book, Hitler speaks:



“One cannot help thinking of him as a medium. For most of the time, mediums are ordinary, insignificant people. Suddenly they are endowed with what seem to be supernatural powers, which set them apart from the rest of humanity. The medium is possessed. Once the crisis is passed, they fall back into mediocrity. It was in this way, beyond any doubt, that Hitler was possessed by forces outside of himself - almost demoniacal forces of which the individual man Hitler was only the temporary vehicle. The mixture of the banal and the supernatural created that insupportable duality of which one was conscious in his presence.. It was like looking at a bizarre face whose expression seemed to reflect an unbalanced state of mind coupled with a disquieting impression of hidden powers.”


To be cruel from Hitlers perspective they have to be infinitely cruel. The point to be made here is that the whole Nazi movement in its entirety was conversant with the black arts, especially in its ritualisation of everything from using pendulums to establish troop positions, to the reversing of ancient symbols to call upon their negative aspects, for example the sig rune which in its true form represents wholeness, the Sun, Himmler bastardised this by doubling and reversing it for the insignia of his SS. So in esoteric terms the whole show was Black. Esoteric knowledge is in itself neutral it is the mind behind the use of this knowledge that determines its outcome; in the same way as a gun is a neutral object, tis the mind behind the gun that determines its use. I used to indulge in shooting and therefore met many people who enjoyed clay pigeon and target shooting, they were in the main decent people, those who shoot animals for sport are a different kettle of fish altogether to which I did not associate myself, but we must begin to see that to blame the gun as evil is to take away responsibility of the persons using guns for a negative use, in the same vein as blaming systems and Police as cause, prevents us from placing the blame on the elite who create and force the systems onto the human race, this is mind control in dictating what and whom we should blame which is then a shield for the elite thus wars and revolutions take place yet still the same creatures stand in power after all the death and devastation.

In the book Satan and Swastika, Francis King says:


“Hitlers public appearances, particularly those associated with the Nazi partys Nuremberg Rallies, were excellent examples of this sort of magical ceremony. The fanfares. Military marches and Wagnerian music all emphasised the idea of a German military glory. The massed Swastika banners in black, white and red filled the consciousness of the participants in the rally with National Socialist ideology. The ballet-like precision of the movements of the uniformed Party members, all acting in unison, evoked from the unconscious the principles of war and violence, which the ancients symbolised as, mars. And the prime ritual of the rallies - Hitler clasping to other banners the “blood banner” carried in the Munich putsch of 1923 - was a quasi-magical ceremony designed to link up minds of living Nazis with the archetypal images symbolised by the dead National Socialist heroes of the past.

“ The religio-magical aspects of the Rallies were emphasised by the fact that their high points were reached after dusk and took place in a cathedral of light - an open space surrounded by pillars of light coming from electric searchlights pointed upwards to the sky. If a modern ritual magician of the utmost expertise had designed a ritual intended to invoke Mars he could not have come up with anything more effective than the ceremonies used at Nuremberg.”


And what applied then applies now, the esoteric knowledge used by the Nazis for the mass hypnosis on the German people, is being used today to expand the global hypnosis on the human race. Symbols, words, colors, sounds, and techniques of which you the public are totally unaware exist, let alone how they are used in advertising, the media and especially through the TV. The TV is very important as certain ideas are used like Mantras to change or to add new concepts into your everyday discussions, which then become reality, very slight but very powerful and effective, still think you are a free thinker?

Just to bring this down to a more human level, you are all aware of the R-complex within our brains, this is the most basic of our brain structure, it is the Fight, Feed and Sex aspect of our characters. It is the part of our nature that is obsessed with territory, hierarchy, and ritual. Thus the Anunnaki are a part of our history from the intervention 418.000 years ago, which gave us the fifth root race and communion with the dragon Gods, looked at from the perspective of the evolution of the physical bodies we now exist within. So the strength of the Nefilim can be likened to human nature refusing to evolve beyond the animal or lower aspect of our nature and thus giving power back to the primal instincts of our nature, so if the Temple be completed it is a ‘De-volution’ of the human form, but evolution for the Anunnaki and not as portrayed by the elite as the evolution of Civilisation, although in relation to what we have now it is just that. So symbols, colors, words and sounds are used as mantras to push us back to the primitive R-complex of our brains and its working.

The human form is, within the universe a prized incarnation. To understand the symbolism of the Mandala or the tree of life, only from incarnation within human form with the senses of emotion and love can, can specific spiritual evolution on an individual basis be accomplished, that equates to command of your DNA programming and re-connecting to who you really are… the oneness to which we all belong or, the source, pure consciousness. This place Earth is the stage or, the battleground between the forces of light and dark, better described as the battle between the false programming held within the physical DNA and your true self all going on within the Universe. This is why between Mars and Jupiter we have the asteroid belt ensuring the dark forces from this cycle can in physical form go no further and thus spread their nonsense outside of this cycle. All who are born in this time have chosen to be here to fight this ancient battle. The Nefilim have created the situation through the dark cycle that we, once born, are conditioned to forget our purpose, we have no time outside of survival to contemplate the truth of our reality, even down to which religion we are to be baptized within this is the illusion created by the Nefilim. We must all look deep within ourselves to decide on a personal level what we wish ourselves to be. Is it with the dark or the light? Once your decision has been reached you must without fear live that choice now and through whatever may come in the future? We in truth do not know if this is the end of days time or just another age of man. But this fight is the purpose of all who exist in this cycle whether now or again, lets make it count NOW.


I have tried to show in this Phase of operations how a man albeit a negative man, namely Hitler, would have been just that, an ordinary but strange little fellow. That had it not been for the evil ones plugging him in to the Elohim vibrations we would not perhaps even have heard of him, I would now give my spiritual journey as it progressed from around 1992, this is the time from whence the elite came to ‘Claim Me’ so to speak.


I was working for John Laing Construction; the rock band I had managed and played the drums for, for three years had just come to its conclusion. I was earning my wage only to hand it over to the Halifax and various debt collectors having been stung with the massive interest rates from the 1987 crash. My wife and I were about to have our second child, the fact that I had almost single handily run the band only made our financial situation worse. It was a sad time because as a band we were extremely good and had a large following but clash of egos had ruined everything. So my head was totally up my rear end. At work the company was being demolished under the agenda of PLC, and the way the long serving men were being treated did not bode well with my way of living, I was coming to a dead end in more ways than I thought existed. I ended up pulling my back, and for the first time ever I was on the sick. Without going into detail, I was lost and for the first time and had no direction whatever not knowing what to do with myself. Then out of the blue an old friend called, we fell back into old times when he mentioned a book he had read, it was Chariots of the Gods by the author Erich von Daniken. I was intrigued and borrowed the book. My wife had since leaving school, worked in nursing homes caring for the elderly, and nurses being nurses were inclined to the esoteric or fortune tellers, I on the other hand was of the mindset if I couldnt see, feel, hear, taste or smell it, it wasnt there. The book however to say the least made me think. Nothing much happened for around a year then my wife had made an appointment to see a medium who was from South Africa.. She had been told quite a lot indeed, yet me as sceptical as ever took no notice. Not long after this I began to utilise the Library, in short I was eating books by the hundred, it was bizarre, yet I was absorbing information in a way I didnt know possible. I was reading many books yet the crutch of my study began with philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Spinoza, and Locke, to Kant. I enjoyed immensely Socrates, Plato and Spinoza yet with Kant I was rather annoyed as he was in most cases talking absolute crap just to verify his own doctrine, so around half way through Kant I finished with philosophy drawing the conclusion that reason was limited to the field of reason and only part of the picture of the human condition I have to say I think we lost the plot by holding Aristotle in such reverence? But from the elites point of view this had to be so as he was the teacher of Alexander the Great and they must promote a conqueror. My conclusion with philosophy as a whole was that all who worship reason as supreme deity are inherently afraid of the complexity of life. With Darwin most of the idea for me fell flat on its face with this, if we are evolved from apes, then why are their still apes left? I also felt that the strong are supposed to help the weak not trample and kill them, the whole basis of this twaddle is to appeal to the baser instincts. How well it has served the elite to encourage mankind to see itself as an ape? While they stand high upon their perches? Utter claptrap!

 Again I was reading many books in all subjects but I am trying to show the main thrust of the Brotherhoods attempt at coercing me to their train of thought. Next I came across a book “The Initiate in the Dark Cycle, this really caught my attention, expanding my intuition, which I followed, to all sorts of concepts and a particular voice within my mind became clearer by the week. There was however one problem with this book, it spoke of a man whom I had only briefly encountered, his name, Krishnamurti, so until this book I had not really known of him. This was the man said in esoteric circles to be the pre-curser to the second coming of Christ. The Lord Maitreya is said to overshadow every two thousand years an especially prepared medium to bring a new suitable teaching to the world for the future development of humanity, and that Jesus was his last chosen medium. Now according to the master in this book, Sir Thomas, the world teacher had gone off track with Krishnamurti stating that man did not require masters for his-her spiritual evolution that, all a person requires is to be found within ones being. Forgive me my insolence but if world teacher is teaching, then who the hell is this Sir Thomas, and if Sir Thomas knows more than world teacher then what the hell do we need world teacher for? Can you grasp my reasoning, not only that, most scripture speaks of all to be found within ones own being. I am giving this information because this was profound for me and I think the main reason I was not fooled by the subtlety of the mystery school, yet still drawn to the fact that I was an initiate into something powerful. This brings us to Nietzsche, who said one must discriminate absolute when one is confronted with so called knowledge and fact, one must never ignore ones own feelings when confronted with a supposed spiritual or third dimensional proposition whether from a king or the men in frocks. One must remember these people have a vested interest in you believing whatever they hand down, to ensure you are the sheep as they are the shepherds. This brings us to Nietzsches Anti-Christ terminology, for me the Christ energy is one of freedom working within a moral structure, do not kill, steal, covet, etc. To grasp the true way to exist towards your fellow man and to the Earth would be to incorporate the so called commandments but not insomuch as a religious doctrine, but from the standpoint, do unto others as you would have done unto yourself, and none would wish any breech of the moral concepts to be transgressed against oneself. So one should live with that understanding without the need for a authoritarian indoctrinated system we call religion which cancels out ones individuality and forces an absolute existence as an sinful and worthless shit in service unto the elite, backed with the idea that to be meek will ensure you inherit the Earth, rubbish rubbish rubbish. So Nietzsche as I understand him would be showing that to follow the religious doctrine is in fact the Anti-Christ agenda which has reversed the true meaning of the Christ energy which is moral individual existence in order one can evolve through experience beyond the programming of the DNA, so existing within the ten commandments teaching, we would have less need for the energy of fear, which would cancel out the weapon of Satan and his minions. ‘First step to this is to ‘Know Thyself’. So we now have the situation that to be an Anti-Christ one has to hate anyone who is stuck fast unto the religious doctrine, therefore becoming that which you hate but with a different label. So when studying scripture one has to discriminate against that which the elite wish you to follow, and to have the courage to follow the path your intuition is leading you, as much scripture states, follow that which from within yourself does speak and you shall find your heaven in balance of your being. (Before you enter societies and orders etc). With all books there is very little fact wrapped in the most stupendous lies, one has to first use the muscle of ones intuition in order to discern the wheat from the chaff. I learnt early on with my study, do not read to remember, read to be moved.  If I was to find fault with Nietzsche it would be that he allowed his subconscious indoctrination of Lutheran ethics to be compared with the other systems of religion which as he opened his mind must have come across as more fulfilling than his own indoctrination under his Father and Grandfathers. Had he the benefit of hindsight he would probably conclude it would have been far more balanced to lay siege to the systems of religion as a whole as the emotional and mind prisons they become, yet for his time he was a very enlightened mind albeit hanging to fear unresolved. But more importantly not having grasped the truth that it is his idea of the strong who have forced the concept of weakness upon mankind, that we are not all by our nature weak at our birth, but have our will broken by the powerful in order the perceived strong stay strong. I would conclude had he understood these points he would conclude the elite are not his strong men but the weakest of all mankind in that they, to feel secure, must torture and enslave all life they fear. It is easy to feel powerful when born into power. This having been said I do not agree with all his doctrine, yet understand his enlightened view of Christianity as I endorse in part his critique of Socrates.

 I had also been studying Cabbala to the point that I was writing the whole script by hand to help it go in. I had also at this point read a few books on the conspiracy agenda but only in relation to politics not to the elite, as through all books within the mystery schools the elite are painted as the good guys preparing to remove power from religion and politics. I enjoyed the science of Astrology and numerology and made these a constant study. From this point also I had realised that certain books were placed on the shelves in the library to which I was drawn when they knew I was coming, I had at this stage accepted that much happens in this game from the astral plain and that the more you let go of control and flow free with whatever comes the more interesting it becomes. Now at home my wife was on the verge of a nervous breakdown to which I myself contacted a medium who visited my home. This was my first contact with a medium. Without going into detail the medium informed me that the South African medium was of the Black order and that what had been set going had only just begun, she herself didnt go into too much detail but using my intuition I got a picture. She gave me that which I needed to help me through the most pressing issues then returned three weeks later, I had been successful and more information was given to me this was 1995. The game was hotting up and I had to give up drinking as I was feeling more inclined to my violent tendencies towards certain people who through Fred Skinner and his Shits were throwing lots my way, also my next door neighbors were connected as I found out later to Brian Meadowcroft as was the South African medium. Refraining from alcohol had the desired effect. I then began to open my rehearsal studio to a group of lads who were into the dance music scene, which thus helped me make the shift to this new music scene. I was now going through the Eastern religions, Buddhism being the first, then the Hindu Sanskrit. I will say now that this journey put me in direct contact with my higher personalities, I became vegetarian which for quickening your vibrations is essential, I have to say this period for around three years was total bliss and made what was going on from the Blacks a positive learning curve. Studying the Maya culture taught me about the Sun and its cycles with a deeper understanding of larger cosmological cycles.  I then began to study the Chinese Almanac, which is a very old and precise calendar, which includes the twelve animal signs. The Almanac shows how we in the west are so deceived in relation to what I thought was the Julian calendar which is in fact the Gregorian calendar of Babylon which was instilled in October 1582 by Pope Gregory. This was to further remove our link to the cycles of the moon and to give a false understanding of our relationship to the cosmological cycles but more importantly to the Earth herself and thus nature. Interestingly the name the Greeks had for the Gods that bred with human kind was the “Grigori” who created the Titans or Giants, and who was the chief of the Titans? Zeus. This is why the months do not fit neatly into our year, some having 30, 31 and 29 days with a leap year. I have also read that they have removed a Lunar month completely from our calendar that the moon has a cycle of 13 moons, so to prevent the masses from working with the natural energies the whole calendar of which we use is total rubbish, I would bet they work to the correct information. So one can see everything we hold as true and correct is not so thus enabling the elite to use correct knowledge against us with the people in total ignorance to these truths and misinformed or deceived.

In 1997 we finally gave up paying through the nose to the Halifax Building Society and gave them our house back, and we moved to Spring Hill. At the Library I had ordered a book from London which I received but after two days they demanded it back, I was angry but then drawn to a book outlet and low and behold the very book was their to be purchased. Other things happened to which I understood I was being passed from the Library to this book seller, also right in front of me were the other two Initiate books in the series of three so I knew this seller and those in the library were connected. What I will say at this point is that I was continuing for want of a better phrase to be “away with the fairies” as I was refusing to come back down to Earth in connection to my higher parts, the higher aspects of ourselves are so much more pleasant one is reluctant to ground oneself back to the physical realm.  In relation to the Buddhist teaching, it is a teaching of the mind and its parts and pitfalls, also describing your multi-dimensional self or higher more subtle bodies, with the understanding we are perfect always not the sinful shits of the main religions; I certainly did not see it to be a religion. As with the Vedas, again I understood it to be a teaching of the metaphysical aspects of the interplay of Universal energies and how through the Chakra system of the subtle body we connect to all the multi dimensional energies within the Universe, using deities only as representing the forces in a physical form, I certainly did not see a religion. Both are teachings of the way to exist in harmony with all your parts physical and none physical. To exist in perfect harmony from the heart Chakra thus balance of earth and universal energies expressed in all you undertake with the power of the universe at your disposal.  I had started to promote dance music nights in clubs, and was always on the look out for new D.Js, this took me to a very well known Hotel in Hyndburn. The game was thus, they would come round with what would appear to be innocent head massagers then promptly push it on your head, what they were in fact doing was collecting you hair. They had a massage quarter to which I found myself in after they had collected my hair. I informed you of the requirement of hair and nail clippings for them to perform their arts on you in Phase III. This I now understand to be a point at which they began to plug me in to the Elohim vibration. At the same time the book seller began to sort of insist I had asked for books I had not, yet I felt compelled to take them, Dion Fortune was one set of books, as where some very dark demonic books listing Demons and their specialty etc. things were beginning to take a turn for the worst I would speak words that were not my own yet once I had said them they were mine if you know what I mean. The violent machinations from Fred Skinner were coming to a head; this is when, enter the Knights in shining armor or Meadowcrofts army to rescue me. I had become so psychic at this point it was harder not to speak what was in my mind rather than keep what I was seeing to myself, I could see the game as plain as day as one branch of the lunatics becomes your enemy as another branch of the same lunatics offer to rescue you, either way you become part of the lunatics being thankful to your perceived heros, and your in. Not this man, I had learnt to trust my psychic abilities and new I had to finish the game as yet not knowing why but knew I had to. There was a dark aspect to this, I had for a long time began to feel I was the Christ and my new heros had my name tattooed on their bodies and were speaking to me as the Savior, but do you know what, they were not joking. Had I at this point entered into the deceptive “saved by my heros” line, it would be the point at which all fear is removed. But this is not the true spiritual release of fear, this is the release of fear as you realise you are part of the largest most ruthless gang on the planet, and therefore only a created mirror image or shadow of the true spiritual path. Or to utilise the tree of life analogy, one never knows at which level on is experiencing the journey. Well at the level at which Meadowcroft and all like him operate, would be the level a slug could not pass beneath, such is the deceit. They were constantly trying to lure me to places and to get me to fit in so to speak which became harder to decline the more I was around these people, I also new that some of the books I had purchased from the seller had had ritual performed over them to further plug me in. eventually the power to decline their requests began to diminish and I went with them to a few private raves, some to a farm at Ribblehead, but the ones I knew I was further being plugged into were in Bradford, to a Club called the Nexus, a very dark place indeed.  I could feel the arts from a certain group of people within the place. An Asian fellow, who would just stand there all night smiling, ran this club. They had also tried to get me to go to a club in Nelson, but I refused. By now I was in a real state I was no longer recognising my own personality and was in a state of constant fear, which is how they control you. By the year 2000 I had gathered enough information as to the network and was relieved of my hex placed upon me by the dark brotherhood with the help of those who represent as I have said the light force that is existent upon this Earth. As said I have created a full account of all the people and organisations that are involved with the satanic brethren in this locality, yet most are under the influence of these sick creatures and it will not without good reason be released. I will say this the network is throughout all the religions and local business especially regarding certain so called ‘Career’ operations which work in co-operation with the job centers. Also the Police the Ambulance service, and the Council, basically everything.

There is much more to be known but my aim is to show that it is only a small number of people who are installing the satanic vibration to you all, and that these people are in the controlling positions throughout our Democracy which is the reason it has so much power. It is not as the elite would have you believe, bad people on a massive scale which plays right into the fascist agenda of instilling all these controlling laws and Cameras, and thus the New World Order. A very important point to be known is that Brian Meadowcroft as well as having power through his secret society networks and his businesses hidden by proxy, he is a master in the satanic game, using ‘Sex Magic’ he has what is termed an army of Whores who target known warriors and thus gain control over many good men, also these whores cause chaos amongst groups of lads using their arts with no one knowing were the trouble came from. With Fred Skinner it was of the same order yet his whores are boys yet the same tactics are employed. Sex magic is the main weapon used by these whores against all who enter their circles, people it is so powerful you must understand that most of the people involved are held with a grip of iron with the black arts and are used to shield the satanic operatives, with religion a grip upon your emotions is the weapon, so fear is not going to be a successful weapon against the darkness, brave action to expose is now required. They will still be negative themselves but they will have to face the music on their own. One of the main current aims of Meadowcroft and specifically with his whores is to stimulate the kick off between the white gangster groups and the Muslim groups. They tried to do this with me. I used a petrol station in Accrington run by Muslims, one of his whores became very friendly with the boys at this station and upon her visits would leave an entity at the premises ready to lower the vibration for when a problem arose which it did between myself and one of the staff, to ensure it would escalate very rapidly into a major conflict, it did and only by the intervention of a very inebriated man was the hex broken to which I calmed myself grasping that which had been set. This whore then tried to do the same at another fuel station I had began to frequent, but once you can see the game the hex is broken. This could only be accomplished because the proprietors of these stations have links probably unknowingly to Meadowcroft and Skinner. What makes this even more difficult to grasp is that to the Muslim communities Meadowcroft and the late Fred Skinner are seen to be none racist, you are very very very deceived, which is why their arts are effective. I have not tried to hide my past connections to what is termed rebel groups but what must be grasped by you rebels is that amongst you all are a very dark bunch who are causing conflict between yourselves with you all totally unaware of who the real perpetrators are, they are full blown satanists and most link to the Golden Dawn, this is throughout all and every secret society and organisation, you have been infiltrated and almost taken, you all must begin to awaken to this fact now. To those who class themselves as society, I will offer this, the majority of people within the rebel groups are not bad people they are just sick of the ever increasing control and law dished out from the government, yet do not realise that they are controlled by the very same creatures that pump out the New World Order. So instead of fighting the battle lines as painted by the powers that be, we need to come together through the knowledge of the deception and fight the real enemy of us all, the satanic networks. So the Golden Dawn from the Bradford temple are very involved in this agenda as it relates to the north of England, also a temple in Lancaster the Ashworth Memorial in Williamson Park to which Meadowcroft and his army are connected, and who owns the Duchy of Lancaster, Queen Elizabeth II, managed on her behalf by Prince Charles. A very important point you should know is that the community of Baxenden is a target for the Satanic networks and has been slowly pushing the vibration amongst you for around 15 years, (maybe more) I know who they are, and from which centre they operate As stated I have all the personnel fully documented which is out of my jurisdiction, I have named those who I have named as they have been by far the most successful in using their arts against me and my family, yet I also know of higher personnel above the ranks of those I have named again included within the fully documented dossier. It is my sincere hope that those who at the higher levels in this locality would have the intelligence to grasp the deceit of the Temple, only with people at your level of the social order understanding that which I have brought to your attention, do we stand any hope of changing the course we are now on, and hope you grasp the fact that I am not the enemy of any persons or organisations who do not attack me. I am not purporting we begin a class war; I do not label myself as one class against another and fully understand that a coming together is what is required, not more divisions. I fully understand that not all of the Blood are with the Nefilim in their agenda, but now is the time to act or defeat is assured.


If you require a blueprint for the agenda for England then look at Italy, when overt control was replaced by the perceived passing of power to the British Crown and thus to covert control, the nation Italy was turned into a country of a million gangs pitted against a million gangs, or chaos with consent. Look at Holland.  Before the financial network moved to London, Britain went to war with Holland, we then had the plague, then the great fire of London creating a blank canvas for Sir Christopher Wren to rebuild London with the sacred geometry and hidden knowledge, perfect for the Inner City of London to become the centre of global financial control, befitting the role of Chief Executive of the empire.. Wren and one of the three surveyors, Robert Hooke were both members of the Royal Society and high degree initiates in the secret society networks. Holland then became a nation of flower growers and a nation hooked on drugs divided with a million gangs against a million gangs perfect for covert rule. The very same is happening now here, the overt control of the Crown has to you all with the creation of the Crowns legislative Trojan horse, Parliament, convinced you that the Monarchy has no power or super wealth, and thus the transition to covert control was going along smoothly, with you all believing (that word again), that power has passed to America. To look you can see all around you this nation is following the same plan as Italy and Holland, this nation is being destroyed as a nation of freedom as they hand administrative power to the gangsters and satanic executives of the councils and all organisations that dictate to the people, or as they will soon become known, the collaborators, all working through the secret society networks completely controlled by the Crown and thus the Vatican, to ensure the destruction of England and Wales as a true Democracy.  I care not your position you are not totally inept, I have given it to you in the lowest possible breakdown in language possible. Are you in all honesty saying you care not for England, the English, Welsh and Scottish race as a whole, because I would not believe it? To you the councillors. This is an insight to what is going on all around you today, nothing in relation to my personal story is false, I know, I have experienced it. Of course you must make of it what you will that is your choice, as it is my choice to use Democracy in the spirit for which it was created. Many may feel I have a nerve, to which I would say, “you are all in positions of power in that you have been elected by the people of Hyndburn on the understanding that you will do everything in your power to represent the peoples views, and to act in the interests of truth and justice,” so, here is the truth. You can choose to ignore this truth to which you will be in total breech of your contract to all who gave you their vote and trust. This would give the people the right to take you to law for all monies you have earned as a councilor since you first received information of corruption within the council offered by Mr. Adrian Shurmer. Or you can choose to investigate that which has been brought to your attention as it relates to the Council of Hyndburn, its all about choice with the understanding, we reap that which we sow. To you all who understand exactly of what I speak, not only as it relates to the bigger picture, but from what you know about me and for what you were told would be my role, you now understand the game in a new light, I care not for a man or womans history, only for what one will do from this moment.

What is it to be?


To further the subject many fear to touch, the future of Islam in the west.

I will begin with this. As a religion or culture Islam is 700 years or so behind the Western peoples experience with religious doctrine…700 years is a very long time indeed, especially when it comes down to being less afraid to think out of the boundaries from within an indoctrinated belief system, so we have had longer to break away from the control. To attack me as racist would be the most ignorant view any mind could allow itself to take. It is because I know your culture so well that I have chosen not to be excluding in relation to you as a culture, yet feel I must bring some very important facts in your reality that you must now begin to face. The white races are slowly awakening to greater truths of the foundations of our culture, we are and have been for a full century more inclined to free thinking amongst ourselves yet still understand that many of the white races like yourselves are not as fear free and therefore not ready to hear the truths that have slowly but surely been rising to the surface. You are aware of much of the conspiracy yourselves, yet it has been ensured you receive certain aspects of the conspiracy in the way you have for two reasons:  


    1. To ensure you become the enemy of the white races thus facilitating anger and the energies of violent reaction brought to the fore from idiots like Hamsa, further strengthening the perceived notion that you Islam have a deadly secret agenda, aimed at the west.


      2. To enable the elite to throw the accusation of allegiance to you as a culture, anyone who speaks the conspiracy subjects you yourselves are known to understand, that do not come from within your culture, but from within the white race culture.


Each soul born to this world is responsible for its own actions and thoughts, we in the west are further in that understanding as a natural conclusion of taking responsibility away from religion and unto ourselves for our lives, yet still cohered in the idea of separate nations. You on the other hand are by your choice what one would call a group mind, yet as individuals you choose to be of a group mind, you must take responsibility for this your choice as the reality. In reality you as a group mind see the west as becoming evil because we have let go of allowing the group mind (Christianity) to dictate its control over every facet of our lives, which in turn naturally creates the situation whereby you feel yourselves closer to the truth of how the human race should live, and by definition you feel superior to that which you see as a fall of a people, namely the west. Your conclusions are so because you refuse to look deeply at your own social structures under your religious dictate…things are certainly imbalanced. So naturally you group closer together in opposition to that you perceive as your enemy, which then opens you as individuals to the dictate of the movement through fear your group mind is leading you. This is the consequence of giving up responsibility for what you know to be right over wrong to the group mind. Again the reality of today is that Bin Laden, Abu Hamsa and such calls are slowly but absolutely leading your group mind into action of the very sort you as human beings know goes against what is right over wrong. So you will become that which you hate.

If I may I would know turn to the Islamic secret agenda issue.

The responsibility of this subject lies with you in Islam. If there is the secret agenda you must know this, the white races have it totally covered in every way, the situation now is that many who are racist are waiting for you to begin, in fact they are doing their best to force you to begin. You will be thrown into concentration camps overnight, and regardless of how great you perceive yourselves to be warriors you will be warriors in concentration camps you must take responsibility for this reality. Should you begin you will have no one to blame but yourselves, in the same vein as the Palestinians protect themselves against the occupation, should you begin the violence in any of your host nations across the globe the host nations will react, you would be seen as an aggressive attempt at occupying your host nations and no host nations people will stop the reaction against your behaviour, this is the reality. If there is no secret agenda, then again it is your responsibility to show this to be so. You cannot any longer shun your responsibility for the way you are perceived.

This whole operation is to show people that which they do not know. I have shown that it is the Nefilim that are creating the hell on this Earth on behalf of the Elohim, it is they who are the creators of all the conflicts and the cultural divisions going way back in history, yet we the people make it work by reacting in fear thus playing into the hands of the created conflicts. Everything they have worked so hard to achieve is for this time NOW, all the divisions can be seen as very real NOW. If you cannot grasp the revelations of truth then you will become the sacrificial race to the Elohim, THAT IS YOUR REALITY. The Muslims that have lived in the West know full well that the message of Abu Hamsa is false; you know that the white races are not in his words “White Devils”; you can see that the majority of people in this nation are against the Israeli occupation as they were against the Afghanistan war and the Iraqi war. You also know that before the riots in Burnley and Oldham, Hamsa had preached his race hate in both these towns you cannot deny the link to the unrest and this mans visits. Silence to situations like these from yourselves as a community to the white people rightly or wrongly are perceived in the way as to think you all back this mans teachings and further isolate yourselves from the none Muslims. This again plays directly into the hands of the white racists who are trying desperately to kick off the violence in Accrington NOW. You have to take responsibility as a community to refute this kind of hate. You cannot just sit back and do nothing. If we are to calm the current rising animosity we all must show we are not for this madness whatever. We have the opportunity as a multi-cultural society to live together without hate, if we fail in this endeavour we all lose as martial law will be implemented under emergency powers within the Contingency Act. I for one do not wish Britain to become another Northern Ireland with everyone afraid to leave their homes and giving the outside of your homes to the gangsters and idiots. It is the same with the elite created Race Relations rules, they are one sided in your favour, and as you use these organisations in the way that you do further isolates you from the none Muslim communities. We all must grasp how the anti race card is used to quash all debates that bring important points to the fore in relation to facing certain facts that we all need to address, in order to show how our own behaviour is further creating tensions that will surely boil over into violence. The way you as a community play the system of social security again gives ammunition to the racists, this is your responsibility it is not the fault of the white races. To the white communities you are seen as all take without putting anything back, this is your responsibility. These facts are perhaps hard points to face but these are the points on which the racists are building their political movement, the fact that they are 100% true does not help you the Muslim communities, or the nation as a whole. Study the rise of any fascist dictatorship in all cultures and one can see that it is a failure by all concerned to debate the points of conflict before they become points of violence. We have to start somewhere. Fascism is within us all; you must fight it within yourself before it can be fought on the outside. It is only through the exposition of that which is hidden In relation to whom and to how our systems are controlled to ensure we accept the New World Order and what the New World Order actually is. The information through the whole of this operation as it stands is information from a staggering amount of testimonies from insiders, former satanists from within every conceivable occupational vocation. Whistleblowers although rare, when all their evidence is placed with that of other similar sources of information they further back up with the most astonishing evidence that, this very let us say agenda if you do not like the term conspiracy is very fast as I write, being implemented all around us. Even with the claims laid against these organisations and societies as they are from many quarters, these claims are refused to be printed within the current media conglomerates, yet if shown to hold more than just grounds for suspicion we must all each of us be aware of what it is we are actually facing in our very current now? As far as the conspiracy charge standing before the elite, it is for the elite to disprove its existence, do not allow them to say or do nothing insist they answer the charges brought against them from varied and expanding irrefutable sources. As I stated in a previous Phase the saving aspect we all await is the return of truth in all its forms, we must not refuse to look at it on the grounds of fear, nor must you accept all within this operation as fact just because I have written it. I have put this operation together as a means of giving you, the people with the mandate of this councils population a more informed picture of what we all now face, all the subjects I have included can very easily be studied and evidence collected for those who are serious about this nations future and also the world, yet to understand is not the only requirement, we all have to get up off our proverbial backsides and act in the light and knowledge of truth, I am not expecting a miracle, but, if all do their bit a bit will become a lot and we can finish what all the warriors of both wars began and kill the Nazi ideology.


With love to you all





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