Smoking Ban, an Exercise in Fascism?

                                                          The theft of our council properties.


As the council properties in this town came under the agenda of convincing the populations to basically give away the assets we already owned to the elite fat cats, I thought it only fair I expose such a fallacy to the so-called representatives of this boroughs population. Of course the last thing the councillors were going to do was include my information in the debate because the conclusion had already been drawn up by the  councillors.

Of course in hindsight to the eventual handover of the properties, given the fact I had informed them all of such a scam, the people of this Borough would have understood the real meaning to such a move before this theft could be carried out by the fat cats. In not enlightening those they purport to represent, the councillors act treason against the British constitution by representing big business.






Dated: 30 APRIL 2005


May I begin with an apology to any persons receiving this document who are no longer a representative of the people? If you are one of these people you may discard of this document as you deem fit. I have continued to deliver to all persons who were carrying the mandate when I began this operation as you then have the choice to keep up to date with this information if you so wish. I do not think it a good idea to thrust it on those who are new to the role of councilor; I would leave that to you.

I would also state this phase was due for release on the spring equinox; therefore I missed my prophetic window on certain subjects. This being said it was missed for specific reasons.


I would take this opportunity with the current agenda in Iraq clearly now showing the same unchanging pattern and sequence of events as was undertaken to create the two world wars. We can now clearly see how the chosen faith to facilitate the violent response to the elites Islamic brigade of their terrorist operations on these and other nations shores, Yes the ever faithful to the call to terrorism the Irish Catholics. This is plainly the agenda, as the main thrust of hostage taking will in many cases target the people of Catholic decent, as was carried out with 911, they made peace in Ireland to utilise the IRA through the Gypsy camps throughout the UK, and are thus agitating the Catholic peoples as a whole.  As stated in previous phases of this operation the elite control all terror groups, which begs the question “why did Blair release the IRA prisoners?” why have such men as the loyalist leader Johnny Ahern been placed in Manchester if we are trying to calm violent gangs? May well have placed in the centre of Rome, yet if maneuvers are being implemented as I feel to meet Muslim terror with fully fledged Irish terror, again backing what I have thus far shown that we are to be turned into a nation of gangs against gangs with you all in the middle terrified. This would create a situation that you the people would begin to give grace to murdering gangsters. Do not allow this to happen. So the creation of hatred for the Muslims within the white nations will primarily be aimed at the Catholic communities which as stated in my earlier work all Muslim communities were placed within the catholic communities especially in the North of England. This shows another reason the north is not yet Fluoridated they dont want everyone sedated. So Boris Johnson has hit the nail on the head what better a community to fire up into hatred than one so closely knitted together in faith and in full knowledge of active intimidation by the British crown against themselves… which by its nature leads that community to feel the victim psychosis, a very volatile energy indeed that the Gods will manipulate to bring about this agenda, but to see the game we can change the game all of us. The options are; do we want to continue living our lives on this planet played in the way we all are by the elite, now you have glimpsed their mindset.

Or do we wish to be free of the Nefilim mind that the human mind can take precedence in the creation of better systems we can all agree benefit all of us… instead of the few.


 The state of play from the Vatican will change dramatically when the current Pope John Paul II dies and is replaced with a much more fanatical expression of the Catholic faith, mark my words. (This paragraph was written in February 05). With the recent death of the pope I ask you to look closely at the new elected pope and see the change necessary for the revived Roman Empire to openly show its hand in exercising its will and dogma to back the new world order.

The elite over the last four or so centuries have ensured the Muslim world has had the weaponry to war against each other, installed their placemen or mad mullahs who have inflicted dictatorial regimes with fanatical expressions of their faith which in turn frightens the west which enhances the Tower of Babels divisions and cultural and religious oppositions or rather contradictions. So as with Hitler who only had power because the bloodline families funded armed and controlled him (I say controlled via his bloodline DNA being it is now almost certain he was an unofficial offspring from the Rothschild lineage), so it is that the same lines have done so all over the Muslim world and thus totally control the key players throughout the Islamic world ensuring the ability to buy arms and the science to build what we already have. To give example of the breeding programmes of the Nefilim one need only look at the forced kidnapping of the Africans who went to America to become the slaves of the Southern elite bloodlines. On one level for public consumption to be told in history lessons and books this kidnapping for slaves is correct. But a higher level fact is that through the rape of the slave girls by their masters created the stream of offspring with African DNA mixed with that of the Nefilim creating the mad black gangster movement and thus the gangster rap scene that is picking up your children, grandchildren and making the life of a gangster look cool and normal which with most children growing up with no other hope of earning money than to join the hell that is the world of gangster. But more importantly it instills the idea that the whole of the African race are like these people and will not act to help Africa. So with this knowledge one can see that it is not something new taking place it has always been, but just outside your frequency of understanding or “VIZ”. The current and blatant next monster to fear will be China, with the knowledge of how the elite arm monster nations but more importantly how they control these nations does create concern that in purchasing almost anything in the west we may well be funding our next elite controlled monster. With Iraq the elite have created conflict within a country which for decades had a minority tribe ruling, now the two factions who under Saddam were the victims of the regime are now the majority, also backing Shia rule in Lebanon there splitting Islam to turn upon itself, but this is the way of religion set by the gods to turn man against man and how readily people are to oblige. Thats a lot of revenge to be played out whatever government is in power. So just as Islam is about to turn upon itself the newly elected George Bush and whichever of the three parties, probably Blair, will put on the pressure against their imaginary ‘axis of evil’ forcing Islam heightened with violent tension, to regroup as one, with the west as the target and hey presto we have the beginning of the next world genocide, and yes it will be your younger generations conscripted into certain death in the war games of the Crown. These are the higher true agendas as set by the elite in relation to Iraq creating a nation of focus for all who wish to war, a giant training ground for years to come. And so in people believing the war is about oil as the true reason hidden by the governments, people are deceived in thinking oil is the highest possible reason we went to war. With all I have written about Iraq and the troubles in the Middle East as important as they are brings about the situation that all media attention is focused to these topics while they prepare Africa for the bloodbath that is to come, they have begun the begging of your monies to fund this destruction of Africa be aware of this for Africans sake.

 You have to think higher than what is given out on TV, look at the Freudian slips in the leaders speechs its all there you have to look and listen when people are speaking. To look beyond the manufactured delivery of a speech can show you many things; work your muscle of intuition that you may learn to trust that which comes from within yourself. When judging people listen to what your fear based mind has to say then feel with your heart then make judgment.  Learn to use your heart again it fears nothing and guides you through the transcendence of your personal fears which brings you to a state of gradual release of fear as you face that which triggers fear and have the courage to keep walking you see the mechanism of fear as it is, a rush of energy to be used as you see fit, the trick is to harness that energy in calmness only then do you begin to see your true potential and power as a human being and how weak is the power of all that is negative when confronted with the light  and love  that is within every heart on this beautiful planet of ours the Earth. They know how beautiful this planet is which is the reason they never show on TV more than a glimmer of this wonderful great soul that is the Earth from the space programmes we pay for. Dont let them wreck her with war while they sit pretty on Mars watching like a movie the hell they wish to create on Earth. It all goes a bit off planet now, 100 years ago we the human race would have laughed at such knowledge, but we are now at the time when we can grasp higher truths of this universe: genetic engineering, cloning, space travel, Sodom and Gomorrah type bombs, Gods as extraterrestrials, radiation, mind altering drugs which in turn means many people have been able to glimpse that which through the last thirteen thousand years has been the privilege of priests and the elite bloodlines, no wonder they kept way ahead of the game, but the experiences are opening to more and more people naturally as the veil thins more between the third and fourth dimensions and the Earth becomes fourth dimensionalised, people like myself are here to cut down the fauna in the jungle  spearheading the way out of this labyrinth of the DNA… pathfinders if you like, but out of the maze we must walk head high with faith in love and light  as protection but do it we must. People will say to me in quieted voice “and do you believe this to be true” I cannot stress enough it is not a belief, the people that have died and suffered to bring this knowledge into the open the sacrifices people have undergone to show hidden truths if you only understood the battle between what is termed dark and light has always been. It has been fought in ignorance by the masses but it is now time for this other side to this world be brought to your attention, it is time for you to glimpse the world of the Gods, or to see the workings of the fourth dimension as the veil thins yet more. As already stated, it is not as if this is something new happening, this is how it has always been what is new is that you are becoming aware of what is going on.


The no smoking bans that are being peddled are blatant attempts at stopping people from gathering together and thus speaking that which does not come from within your TV and media in general. Just think how many more people will cabbage on the couch in front of the TV with twenty cans for 10 pence watching 6 billion channels of dross because the world has shut them out on account of the label “killer of the innocent” non smokers are no more innocent in life than smokers it is an exercise in the control of information keeping people in their homes not talking anything not peddled by your TV. So to you middle classes “its time for you to stop espousing your fear based values above you and below you. You are not playing a good military strategy for your own survival.” The facts speak for themselves; over half of working men’s clubs and pubs has already closed in the last ten years. This has the knock on effect that those who are just below the financial threshold required to eat out, now in most cases order fast food. Many people who do quit smoking replace it with over eating added to the known effects of smoking which speeds up the metabolism, you have obesity. Smokers cost the NHS around £1.5 billion per year, yet the treasury collects £8 billion in tax revenue. I do not see a real problem relating to banning smoking in establishments that serve food, but to ban it in pubs and clubs is ludicrous. Not only that, but the people who do smoke find themselves being moved into the realm of the untrustworthy and diseased. The majority of you middle class drop outs opt for the easy life by offering a big yes to whatever crap is pushed out by the politicians, which in most cases becomes the cause of the unbalanced disease you lot die from after the cost to the NHS for your treatment equating to billions of taxpayers money, not to mention the fact that the majority of you are the addicted drug abusers which again costs the NHS over 7 billion in its drugs bill. You are the folk who go running to the doctor at the first sign of a snivel costing me as a taxpayer lots and lots of money. With your immune systems the lowest one can achieve you then catch every bug going then pass it on to the rest of the family including all smokers, so we must give serious thought to banning all people who are on a course of medication from leaving their homes full stop, because I do not want to have to breath in medical drug addicts second hand germs which can cause me to have lots of time off work thus costing the economy again billions of tax payers money… where does it end? The best way to deal with your middle class sad rather ignorant attitude would be to keep your prejudiced and fascist opinions to yourselves because you are the cause and requirement for the NHS which is killing more and more people every day, and the very mechanism which is murdering by the million third world humans with your vaccination programmes. It is only because of extreme ignorance that the middle class drones suffer from,, so they are positioning you in position of scapegoat see it and do not follow the path to your gallows, because by your yes attitude it allows the Illuminati to instill fascism. The underclass are far to busy surviving to be adding to this weapon of fascist busy body interfering, in the main they need a cigarette to calm their nerves. The middle class are the bullies with a bit (I use the word lightly) of intelligence and so use authority to bully others into obeying their insidious demands. The super intelligent dragons ensure the mechanisms for such bullying are in place a sort of race relations for the middle class to use and abuse. For the none intelligent bullies the intelligent dragons create the world of the gangster. All these tiers of fascist bullying are used by the Nefilim to create division and instil the fascist rulings, business men use the gangster to frighten folk into abeyance, they use the law again to gain compliance, the businessmen in many cases belong to an order or society of some description and are thus controlled via that mechanism all heading to the controllers of the religions and societies, the Nefilim. So absofuckinlutely… the no smoking ban along with many other fascist agendas are playing into the global fascist state, can we not just chill out again as we where pre 1979, there… sorted.

We now have the latest move on our civil liberties the “KILLER BIRD FLUE” you must begin to look at the broader picture with all these moves against what bit of freedom we have left. We first have the fear, the killer flue, along with this they offer the solution, buy the vaccine, seem fair enough (not with my knowledge of course) but tagging along with this, the stopping of gathering at sporting and musical events theatre and cinema. So whenever they need to put you behind closed doors they need only kill a few with the bird flue and A, they can frighten you into taking the vaccine (stop the release of your melatonin) or B, keep you all indoors while they are doing whatever they are doing outside, we must not allow them to change any laws that will give the Crown more powers over your lives none whatsoever wake up and act now. For me this nation is the key to everything. We have global influence through our Commonwealth, to remove the satanic personnel from the networks within the empire that is still within Britains control would free a massive network in the world to lead the legal case to show that America with its latest real choice by the American people to vote in the most Fascist administration openly so in the western world, is a ticket for Bush to do anything on the orders of our current London branch of the Black Nobility. To call for United Nations control you have now seen is to play the agenda of the bad boys and girls, nothing in its present form will defeat the darkness it controls all the current paths, we have to become pathfinders create a new way, yet using what we have thus far created, its systems, its laws, If we had intelligent minds with hearts open in all our positions of power and we the people ensured our systems protected these people we would change the world. We are being de-militarised which reminds me of a conversation I had with an old gent when I was a young lad, he was ex S A S and told me that our military was being run by Nazis, but would always laugh and say  the boys will sort it. Make of that, as you will. I didnt understand what he meant and out of respect never questioned him, he always did all the talking and always told me to keep talking never let em shut you up, al alwis bi wi thi lad, lots of strange events like that followed me around as a child, only in retrospect and with what I have been led to experience and study does it all make sense, the more you push to seek and in parallel understand yourself, the more the light presents itself to you. The most remarkable for me is how what we know as heaven has been so mistranslated and turned into something mysterious and not to be understood by all, they have over the millennia diss-enfranchised human beings from the knowledge of themselves and how we connect to other dimensions now, not when you die, it is there now you visit that place each night when you dream, you still function in dream yet you have not the bondage of your physical body, yet you still see yourself as your physical body. You are thus aware of the dimension they call heaven they have stolen that truth. The mystics bring that dimensional awareness into their physical consciousness, vice versa would be lucid dreaming when your awakened consciousness is aware within your dream state. Magic is not magic it is knowledge, awareness and at their behest, communication with the fourth dimension and its inhabitants which would be heaven as you may best understand it, the mechanism of which is unknown by the five senses and so becomes mysterious when studied from within the five sense third dimensional frequency. The problem arises in that between this the third dimensional reality and heaven, the fourth, there is what is termed the lower fourth dimension, the place of shadows this is the first set of creatures to flood this dimension the black magicians work for these creatures and thus are gaining power it would seem faster than the light, but this is only temporary, it depends how far the negative can build the temple before this cycle is blasted with the true fourth dimension or Heaven energies as you would know it. This work is part of that influx of new energy exposing the shadow to prevent it completing the temple. I am unsure of the time span of the dimensional shift but some must know. All esoteric works are shielding this type of truth yet hinting at it. All ancient history speaks in the language of higher knowledge, which is the reason we are in the fix we are in today, trying to understand higher frequency knowledge with the five senses, we knew for more in our ancient past than we do today, tablets claimed to be from a priest king of Atlantis who began the Egyptian Civilisation “Thoth,” these tablets, “The Emerald Tablets”, speak of such things, but in reading the tablets I would advise you ignore the babble of the written commentary he is trying to lead you into false interpretation, better to read the tablets alone and make your own interpretation.

 Although I don know if this is fact, many people have the idea that many elite families are to move to America in due course and from there lead the next explosion of Nazism upon the world. I would go with Mars personally they are way ahead in there space programme than we know around fifty years or so ahead.


With the current fury over relaxed licensing, the agenda to watch is the change in how revenue is collected to fund the councils to give power to basically rob licensed bars of yet more money written in law. The changes in the last fifteen years of our nightlife are in the main to prevent communities congregating and as with the old local pub atmosphere to stop people from hearing information not given from TV land. With bars people tend to just pass through not spending an evening in the company of many different people. All this is to be known if one would study the policies of Germany as they changed to give full fascist control of a nation and not to concentrate on the war itself, but the initial agenda is to allow the supermarkets to sell all night... The destroying of the unions in the eighties was to prevent any organisation from preventing the PLC agenda which has facilitated the selling of Britain’s backbone industries, what is left of these balancing organisations are lead by placemen of the elite and are nothing other than talking shops. It was through the late sixties and seventies when the elite placed agent provocateurs to infiltrate British Unions and turned them into an enemy of the state. To change something they first have to infiltrate and the fact they control all public service organisations they then create an impossible state of financial calamities, which would give reason for unions to act. The placemen would then lead the union response into a position of absolute loggerheads then through the media, TV and such, persuade the masses its all the fault of the unions which after a time the masses hoodwinked demand action from the government and new powers to suppress peoples organisations are implemented, carried out over a couple of decades one never sees the connection of the events only the events.


As we near the vote on the theft of our council properties I note that Avenham park estate in Preston is cited as the showcase success of such a transfer, with this I visited the estate and spoke with around 22 households of varied age the response was the same? I will now list the main thrust of experience cited by those who live in this estate:

As they were renovating the properties they were moving in some very nasty and violent people who affected everyone creating a gangster system of fear and obedience to drug dealers and such. The name most had for the estate was “the Bronx”

The elderly I spoke with said it was by night and the weekends a Police no go area.

The estate looks good but as good people flee more gangster types move in from all over the north. Drugs are a major problem being openly peddled and consumed on the streets and the young children are watching this and becoming involved. People said there was a massive increase in violent loan sharking and violent collection of such debt. This is a clear cut case for all to witness how the elite create these American style fully fledged gangster communities enslaving poor people as the victims of the gangster economies and, proving  the elite are not just reacting to a natural succession of events but creating them. Me being me made sure I met with one of the gangsters running the estate and low and behold I meet o man known to me and working with Brian Meadowcroft, my my we are a busy Badger. Here is a tit bit for ya the company Corbis is a part of Meadowcrofts little brotherhood they certainly are milking Hyndburn council tax payers as they scam you all into giving them the council stock. Orbis advertises itself as “The leader in property protection” theres a lot more done through this company many of Meadowcrofts lower soldiers are employed within companies like this one, so we the council tax payers pay these gangsters who are causing havoc amongst you, and to cap it off, Corbis has a big American financial stake in the company. There is no better way of knowing what properties to rob than to actually fix security in your homes and businesses the “inside job”, as it is to have your men as window cleaners etc. Do you really know who the people with whom you trust, or on the say so of others, or because of which organisation they may belong, can you really know the real agenda of those higher in the game than yourself? no you do not. Some of the worst and cunning members of the ranks of the networks I am exposing work within the medical profession, as midwife, ambulance operatives, and for the most violent operatives they seem drawn to the mental institutions. From an esoteric view this is no surprise, but again not all personnel within these organisations and companies are of the networks but alas because they control them you are all in it but not of it.  With the councils of England having been handed over to the elites placemen, all contracts are then handed to the elite controlled companies. Most personnel of these companies are lackeys of the elite and thus we pay for our suppression The same channeling of monies into the local elites coffers again can be seen with the current seeking of an investor partner in what is the peoples Market hall. It already has an owner, everyone in Hyndburn. I do wonder how many of the bidding companies are companies controlled by the same people to ensure the chosen investor is of the local brotherhood I am exposing. So this further proves the agenda I have exposed that the people you hold in high regard namely the elite, control all sides in everything yet keep up division so they may rule. That all the divisions are controlled from the same source to control the outcome of everything which is leading all into the fear required to instil the global fascist state or New World Order on behalf of the Nefilim. This shows how through secret networks control of all can be accomplished without the knowledge of this deceit being open. It shows how a position in these networks can have such vast influence over a large area i.e. Meadowcroft, whos power is vast, yet he as a man is expendable to the agenda but only if you the people do not understand that it doesnt end with the death of a known negative man, because a replacement is placed to continue the terror. One must understand Meadowcroft holds a position controlled by the elite it is not his power. It could be if he chose to defend himself from his masters by enlightening all his men and women beneath him thus protecting himself from the real enemy and thus placing his army to defend the people of the north against the Nazis, just in case you do not know Meadowcroft, since 1993 karma can be exchanged if one has the courage to change allegiance this comes from the lords of Karma, a touch higher than the Nefilim both in wisdom and power dont you think? To control all who perpetrate the violence gives the power to cease all the violence thats power Meadowcroft, and to all who have power within these networks, break free with your power intact that would be real courage and then a war worth fighting would be at hand. We all have that power of choice. In this little utopia of mine however foolish would leave only one violent gang left, the Police. With my investigations into the Burnley riots I have now heard the same answer by a massive amount of white people that it was the police who began the violence in Burnley as this rings true in Oldham also. I watched the miners speaking about the strike and again the Police began the violence. All the protests that end in violence say the same the Police begin the violence. Something has gone wrong with our Police service that it is violent in a gang like fashion, which is not something I wish to pay for; we must begin to address these damning truths. We are systematically being de-armed en mass as we are being de militarised and our armed forces shamed, do not let them scapegoat soldiers for carrying out orders in Iraq. This goes on while at home we are becoming a policed state with more powers to the police and weaponry, so focus of the media is in Iraq, the crowns eye is on control of our nation by force. A Muslim friend of mine was beaten to a pulp in the greenbank police station in Blackburn I was shocked at the state of my friends head at the hands of three police men, the police lady who took water to his cell after broke down in tears when she saw what she had heard her fellow officers carry out. The secrecy and silence must be broken from within the police force it must. With the recent disclosure of police rudeness especially in the evening and through the night hours, is with esoteric understanding not a surprise. The negative energies have most power during darkness as the energies around the Earth with the Sun gone are more settled; this is also affected by the strength of the Moon as the reflector of the Sun. The police force is a fully fledged division of the elite and the police force is being charged with negative energies upping the anger vibes. Protocol 15. The police are thus carriers which is why more and more encounters with police become heated, the officers become dogmatic in their dealings with the public and when the public rise to the way they are being treated the police spit the dummy out and you are arrested, they are becoming little tin pot dictators and yes they do seem to be the young officers which brings into the light the fact that the police force is actively recruiting the wrong type of attitude as is the same within the military special forces. If you have more personnel of the fascist mindset within your organisations the easier to force fascism upon the nations people. When the service you pay for comes within your space, and, you are not happy with the service you pay for… take the officers number and pass on the complaint to a solicitor with sense and a heart open and make the police change, a change in oaths of allegiance is called for by all this nations democratic purveyors in fact demanded?


I would like to take this opportunity to add to the evidence of how the dark brothers use the positions within the council to place people to the organisations under their control to aim their arts at chosen individuals in order to use them esoterically. It begins with the forced exit from the family home of a young lad which rendered him homeless. Using his initiative he set up tent in the Clough, as it was a weekend. I after being made aware of the lads plight I insisted he pitch tent in my back garden as he had had stones thrown at his tent. This he did and I purchased a stove and some food for him telling him to see the council on the Monday. This he did and the council said they would sort it. I will name no council officers involved in this story as I have stated it is the agenda of those higher. This began at the end of October 04 and at the time there were two empty flats to the side of my flat. After numerous meetings with the council he was offered only one option, the Christian stables at ST Andrews Church on Russia/Swiss street in Accrington, he said he was happy to stay in his tent until the flat next to me became as the council stated ready for new tenants. To cut short he waited a month only to see the flats made ready and offered to other people, with this I prompted he pay them another visit, he did, and returned with the news because he declined the Christian stable they took him off the list. This young lad was in desperate need you cant force people to be helped by organisations that are full of judgment and dogma knowing full well they will insist you become saved its not on. I as a council taxpayer do not wish to pay for such systems its like a meat wagon. On Saturday 19 February 05 this young lad took an overdose of 60 paracetamol was rushed into hospital and has sustained liver damage, I hold all you representatives of the people of Hyndburn fully responsible for this lads plight as you have been put within the light as to how through the council conflict and pain is spread by placement of people on our estates. It is now April and upon returning to the council again they offer only the Christian stables? I have to conclude that esoterically they have wish to use this young chap for their machinations. You are running out of luck as I have had a lengthy conversation from an ex councilor in Hyndburn who has filled me in at length as to why you are silent I now know how most of you are held to silence, this has all been added to the dossier better to trust me than your masters, you have now been warned. A message to you councilor Britcliffe, you have much to worry about sir lest you give up your handlers.


To add comment on the killing of the six RMPs in Iraq and to add insight as to why the parents of these soldiers are not happy that the truth is not being sought by the military. Its a classic mission of provocation to what ends I would point at encouraging the hate feelings for the British nation in order to up the British role from peacemaker to assault mode I have been watching this since the movement of the Black Watch last year which from an occult perspective is very significant. The Black Watch guard the ritual gatherings of the elite which puts them under the influence of the gods, thus had the regiment entered serious battle they would have performed like all elite regiments and done the job well ensuring hatred over there of the British and upping the anti as was carried out in Northern Ireland on Bloody Sunday, creating hatred for the Parachute Regiment, a regiment for which I have total respect.. For whatever reasons this aim with the RMP’s did not come to pass and the placement of both the Paras with their placeman the pre investigated corporal and the poorly equipped RMPs was their next attempt, the fact that the parents of the dead soldiers have not stood down is the only reason we all know the nonsense of the mission with all the information, the written agreement document between the local towns and the army which was in the hands of the high command, as was the intelligence record showing the police station  to be a no go area. To cut short we can now all see that our military is being co-orced by its satanic commanders to become aggressive and not passive while at the same time de- militarising this nation, yet most importantly trying to blacken the respect our armed forces have earned since the First World War around the world. So if you have the vision you can see they are trying to rubbish this nation to the world, which would help further their cause of the demolition of this nation’s way of life. And to prevent the named corporal from becoming a liability, the masters he served so well, killed him outright. The boys of the right order are encouraged to leave their units and work for the private security operations for loads of money, and I mean loads of money. One for all soldiers to be aware of?


While on a military issue I would ask you keep your eyes on the Accrington Pals Chapel I have it on good authority they are still planning to change things, this church is the place for the chapel to remain. All the thought forms within the chapel from all the visitors who have visited the” Pals place” are on an esoteric level sustenance for those yet to pass who are here in spirit to add power to this operation and help for all who live in this town and the Pals regiment catchment boundaries, they are there take it from me.


Many people wish to know more about the vaccinations given to our children and why in their gut they do not want to give them to their children so here goes.  Within our brain certain chemicals are released to give emotional responses. Serotonin is the connection to your heart chakra. In the drug Ecstasy the active ingredient is MDMA, which triggers a massive release of Serotonin and thus the love drug. Magic mushroom, of which LSD is a synthesis, triggers the release of Melatonin; this chemical is your clairvoyant chemical release. So melatonin gives you your psychic connection to the fourth dimension or heaven while conscious. Sunlight depletes the secretion of serotonin, which also has some part to play in stimulating the pineal gland to produce melatonin; this is why through the winter months we feel our lives more intensely, because there is less sunlight to inhibit the production of serotonin which depletes melatonin. Now the inoculations given to your children are in one part to specifically shut down your Childs psychic functions which stops the release of melatonin and serotonin thus at an early age disconnecting them from there true potential through connection to higher dimensions which effects them for the rest of there lives. Its the same with the flu jabs aimed at the elderly who have lots of time to connect with their higher parts and can begin to see for themselves, the elite cant have that now can they. All prescribed drugs are mashing up your connection to your higher parts thus shutting you down to a third dimensional existence as the only reality some even have aspartame at large doses in them. That is on top of the serious conditions these medications are activating within your bodies. One of the hats that priests of most religions use is symbolic of the mushroom. What the Clergy at low level have not understood is that between this dimension and the fourth is the lower fourth dimension, the place of the shadows and it is from this place that all the religions are rooted. I have used the mushroom in the past and I learned much about the pitfalls of dealing with entities on such levels, to say the Nefilim are cunning is an understatement, yet for a true and strong heart not cunning enough by a long shot as they while dealing with me learned to their cost. For those of you who still do not grasp what I am giving you I will say this, that phase VIII and IX were put together by myself working with the Accrington Pals who remained as guardians of the Church.  It is they who exposed the evil workings around their chapel as they have sanctioned all my work, you would be a fool to argue with those who have already given the ultimate sacrifice.


It has come to my attention that Lancashire County Council is not complying with the safety regulations given out to safeguard the staff but more importantly to cover the organisation against legal action. This is very important in that we the taxpayers are directly responsible at footing the bill each time a lawsuit is set against these organisations. This undermining of the safety laws came to my attention over how they dispose of the asbestos and it is not beneficial to us as taxpayers. I personally see the asbestos fury as a scam, to cover the medical infecting of living organisms with Virus and cancers, and another unit of the ever expanding industry that is the law, as I do with the obsession with the disabled who I have already stated were in many cases created so in their mothers womb with the interference by the medical profession with drugs, interference in what is the most natural experience a human female can undergo, we were giving birth long before the NHS, its the same with the obsession with caesarean sections in the ancient world those born to caesarean were said to be; not born of woman, and had very Nefilim connotations.


Now for a headline that chuckled me to choking point. The Vatican is to fund a course in its university to teach priests to conduct exorcisms to counter the rise in the youth becoming Satanists.


The Levite priests who concocted the Old Testament to continue Akhenaton’s one god idea, became be the root for the three pillars or the three main religions we have today. I will cover in detail later in this work the root of the Levites, and show they came directly from Babylon and using the ancient Sumer/ Egyptian mystery school knowledge and system, they created what we have now, a mess. The whole show from a religious point of view is totally satanic and therefore belonging to the Nefilim, its all to divide the people in nonsense giving total control of all peoples on this planet. So unknowing satanists will exorcise satanists, and my rear end is gold! What is it you think you are symbolising when you eat the body of Christ and drink his blood?

What is going on (or rather not going on) in your mind when you happily symbolise for the elites delectation, an act to which they partake namely the eating of humans or the unicorns (Nordics), and yet more ridicules when you eat the deity you hold so dear. Not to mention the worshiping of the very implement of torture and death that killed your hero. If I was Jesus returned I would shit myself and run at the sight of all these people wearing the implement that killed me last time, wouldnt you? Same again to study ancient Greek historians of the time who travelled to the places of importance within the Old Testament, there is no factual evidence for it outside the Bible in any ancient works its bullshit. Youre not seriously telling me that if such heroes in the form they are portrayed, existed, the Greeks would not have written about them? Of course they would, but they didnt. Take the Greek historian Herodotus (c485-425BC), he travelled and researched the lands and history of Egypt and the near east and yet he heard nothing of King Solomon, the mass exodus and drowning of the Egyptian army, nor did the Greek philosopher Plato. The Old Testament was a rehash of Sumerian deities and Gods put together in Babylon during the captivity of the Levite priesthood of the Hebrews after 586Bc in Babylon. (The captivity is open to speculation more probably the Levite priests were guests in Babylon to learn the art of the mystery schools) The early Hebrews worshiped the serpent God of the Sumer Empire and the Levites were called “sons of the great serpent”. Their God YHVH was depicted as part human, part serpent, and their sacred book of esoteric knowledge, the Cabbala, means Serpent Wisdom. The Levites or sons of the great serpent (bloodline) worshipped YHVH as a dragon called Leviathan, hence Levites, they are also known as the sons of Aaron or Akhenaton. Many serpent bronze and copper symbols have been discovered at excavations on former Levite temples. YHVH, or Jehovah, could actually be the name for the Goddess, Mana, who like queen El, ruled the underworld, the Romans new her as Mana or Mania, her ancestral spirits were called “manes”. So to hide the history of the bloodlines involvement in human affairs they began religion to control the masses with the priests as the middlemen to the Gods, but most importantly to re-create history in their image, a complete fabrication. What is very important you grasp… when the monarchy has fallen nothing in the power structures will change, because the monarchy is only the public face of the Illuminati not the power.  We have to ensure religion has no part in our new constitution, thats not to say outlaw peoples beliefs but remove the nonsense from our laws, keep the system free so the people in time can become free of the sickness that is religion. Jesus never said it was right to kill yet Christianity has killed more souls than anything since the last cataclysms, it is not of the Christ energy ‘LOVE’ but its exact opposite HATE’, the same with Islam and Judaism. The elite know this to be the true meaning of the nonsense and that they represent these gods, which is why the church invests in the war machine it, owns the war machine as it owns everything, the Crown is the Roman Illuminati Church with all the sects acting as parishes. The only thing it cannot own is your soul you have to give that to it and you do. We human s are six billion in number re claim your soul and be free from the Nefilim. Just to clear this in your minds I understand you may be feeling I am part of a Catholic agenda as I have exposed two churches in this town that just happen to be Church of England not so. To make balance I will name the school that is the worst I have encountered for using your children as carriers of the darkness, and I know every ounce of the machinations as they were aimed directly at me. This is over a seven year period and I have watched with the eyes of an eagle how they have expressed there evil at me but also at other families in this area of Hyndburn. The school is St Oswalds in Fern Gore, such a sad sight to see the plight of these children being used so blatantly to further the ends of the Nefilim in creating conflict in the community not good at all. Again just to clarify the CROWN IS THE VATICAN. Again remember I am convinced Prince Charles is to be sidelined in order William  be crowned dont fall for this nonsense they are desperate to keep there privileged parasitic lifestyles, but most importantly, the monarchy is a good cover for the reality of the British Crown, in what it is and what it serves. So naturally the best option they have is to place a man they think we would accept, they killed Diana, and the boys are stuck to the game with dad so no thank you! Again this information was written in February 05, I have just seen the headline “give up the throne,” added to this “give it to William” this on the morning of Charles and Camillas wedding, and the author of this headline, one Paul Burrell the former butler to Diana. I do not like Paul Burrells agenda I have had reservations of his mission since he made a deal with the Monarch to save damaging revelations to the House of Windsor being made public and I am convinced he to save his life has agreed to play the voice of the move to ensure the Monarchy survives in ensuring we except William as next in line which would ensure the current head, the Queen, remains in power for the next few decades, subtle, but todays headline adds immensely to my being correct. While on the subject of the Monarch and with the recent saga that is Maxine Carr and how it is costing us around 50 million to keep her identity secret there is a link to the royal house of Windsor as Carr had been in the company of the Monarch previous to the killing of the two children and is thus a servant perhaps unknowingly so for the satanic brethren which places Huntley a victim of there machinations too. So they must have a use for her in the future or she would be dead or perhaps just to keep reminding you of the terrifying possibilities that can strike you at any moment. They order the killing of the innocent each year to keep you all terrified for your children ready for when they insist you microchip your children for their safety. How can people be used in this way without there knowledge I hear you ask?, simple... they create mind controlled slaves by splitting there minds into what they term alters, each alter is then programmed by there handler to serve in what ever agenda that person is to be used. Each alter has no awareness of the other which shows itself in schizophrenia; believe me I am speaking from personal experience. Most of the big celebrity stars are D.I.D. (dissociated identity disorder) or multiple personalities (Multiples), controlled to marry the right person for the ends of the elite and to behave in the fashion required for the image and to support the cause they are programmed to support and to speak highly, of or ill of, whichever side, group, or idea, the elite wish. Both Princes William and Harry are said to be D.I.D. So in most cases, not one of the above… then not a star.


The agenda with Mars is another question I have had thrown back at me. I would ask you to consider why we the people have paid for the construction and running of the biosphere project in Cornwall?  Simple if the growing of vegetation works in this project then they are building them on mars as we speak. They have been doing military landings for a long time on Mars, they have bases there now, and we are paying for it. What a good strategy for the elite as they dont need to care about the Earth they have a new hiding place, perfect for when they nuke this Earth. So not only must we worry about what they are doing in Iraq and such places, what the hell is going on with Mars? So from the elite destruction of the space shuttle to the earth masses there has been no space travel, but in reality they have been very busy indeed.


A subject that will become high on the agenda and needs to be addressed with courage is immigration, and how the mere mention of the word opens you up to be attacked as racist, we must make those who shout these labels feel shamed not the other way round. We must stop immigration completely as we have not enough work for the existing population.  We have been de-skilled over the last thirty five years so they can allow the influx of skilled Nazis to fill the void of skills we need. Train our own people first, but that is one of the reasons they have unskilled this nation to bring in there lapdogs from nations like South Africa who are running away from Africa because the South Africans moving here were involved heavily in the apartheid system and are fleeing to come here, straight into jobs in banking security and such. Meadowcroft has massive links to the South Africa networks I have met many of them. At first meeting they seem like normal well spoken individuals, its when they get inebriated the obscene racism comes to the fore, and the sick jokes about the dumb black people, most I met were heavily linked to satanic vibe, with the exception of two I met, most white South Africans I met were Neanderthal racist bigots and arrogant with it. This type of immigration worries me the most, fresh importation of the Nazi mindset from the British Empire to further their suppression of this nation. But you are focused to brown and black as the enemy your missing everything whilst you pray to the TV.

A great way we could begin the destruction of the electronic currency agenda would be to use cash again. If we begin to use cash the shops will be forced to take it again. We are much to vulnerable for total control by the banks if we allow total electronic currencies, not to mention the fraud opportunities, the dangers with this agenda are massive you must turn your thought to the implications of no CASH!


There is I feel a much more sinister agenda with the terror laws or control orders. Blair has stated he will not stand for a forth term so if snap elections are called it will be on the premise “back me or sack me!” If he wins a third term he, like George W Bush will begin his last term in the hot seat. Bush has just been handed the green light by the American people to follow the path to war and being his last term what care for the next election? None. The same with his little lapdog Blair. Do we the people of Britain wish to be part of a very right wing neo Christian crusade?


The game against me as played now by the elite is one of character assassination, a better position than previously, yet still a game I have to enter. I know full well they attack with success but this risk is part of the show I understand this; I am on this path regardless and will therefore learn as I go. Last year they were successful at getting their arts to me, my failure was to lose control thus giving them control and I ended up in greenbank. I was watching the astral workings while around the booking in desk, and watched the energies take the sergeants thus manipulating the emotions of the sergeants; they even tried to get me sectioned...that’s another story! There was much more done to blacken my character but this I except as part of the game. I would ask that in light of my all to human behaviour not perhaps fitting the class A member of society mould, that you would understand it is not about personalities but about knowledge and information the fact that it is me bringing you information you need to see, I would ask you would not judge it, by my failure on occasion at letting anger get the better of me, this path is not one of ease. But I am learning. With everything said in this operation I would point out that I have and remain to be helped by people from each of the religions, the attacks against myself and family come from the systems that are the religions, so again I do not attack the people of respective religion but at the systems that is religion, please understand this is the standpoint from which I emanate only by understanding how these systems serve the darkness can you remain who you are as a being but remove yourself from the ancestral spirit of these operations. Energy follows thought so you attract the energies relative to the thoughts you emanate, therefore in calling on the deities given to you over millennia by the priesthood whatever culture, are the names of the negative aspects of the balanced principles and thus total worship of the negative or shadow imbalanced forces in all we think and thus act, they have had 7000 years to instil this mind prison. The only way to war with the Nefilim at this stage is to change with immense will your thought patterns, use incense to cleanse your living space and to activate the spirits of air, check you do not have keys upon your person you do not have a use for, remove from your person and home/ work area gifts given to you by people you do not feel comfy around, check your stairs and bathroom carpets for keys and other charged items you would not usually see, if you find such objects place them under running water (constant) to cancel the hex. These are just a few simple things one can do to remove yourself from the influence of those who work hard to manipulate, try it you will then understand.

 The issue or idea to raise the age for leaving school has nothing to do with educating our children it is about further hiding the destruction of our infrastructure and the fact there are far less jobs available to the British nation, again it would seem we are not catching on quick enough to their left brained new control device the computer, for which the eavesdropping potential is limitless. The reason Microsoft encourage you to put your lifes story into your pcs and connect to the internet is not for your benefit, at the touch of a button the back doors in all Software and computers can be activated and your pc will download everything within your pc to the mainframe and to the beast as they call them, the super computers collecting everything. Forget your firewalls etc your computer doesnt even know this has happened. A very powerful tool to control all your businesses for good or ill! We shall cover back doors later in this work. You have to begin to see the real agenda for the future of this nation from the perspective of the new world order.  We all act according to the information we hold within our being you need only operate your lives opposing this agenda in your decisions I am not asking people to join a military campaign to kill or physically harm folk, just that you change in your own behaviour that would further promote this shadow agenda. As a builder I have seen the destruction of British made building materials in favour of inferior German products, the same would seem to be happening with British Gypsum the plasterboards made by British Gypsum are slowly deteriating in quality while the German equivalent which is by far an inferior product to the British product is slowly ensuring a shift in the choice of purchase by construction companies, which in turn gives the client (you) a inferior standard of construction to your homes and businesses. This is true of almost everything within the world of consumerism; we lose yet pay more as with the decimalisation of this nation we get half the product for the same cost. A great example of this was with cement. In the not so distant past cement came in hundredweight bags. Using the bullshit that is our obsession with health and safety they halved the bag in weight, and within a few years the now halved bag of cement rose in cost to the same price as the hundredweight bag. This gives example as to the reason for all the red tape and heritage national trusts etc, it gives perfect drive for all the fascist laws and rules, it gives them control of every facet of our lives, supermarkets dictate what you eat and through these systems can poison you at will, slowly of course mustn’t have the sheep waking up!


I would now turn to the obsession the government have with your obesity. It certainly is not for your better health, in fact it is the exact opposite, allow me to clarify. We must first return to the poison aspartame. Coca cola openly objected to the approval by the Food and Drug Administration (F.D.A.) to re license aspartame, (yes re- licence, this substance aspartame (trade name is nutra sweet) was given its licence then had it revoked after massive studies showed it to cause brain tumors and seizures in animals. The approval was restored in 1981 despite massive unanimous opposition by a public board of inquiry; easy to get what you want when you control everything?) Coca Cola being that it was a member of the National Soft Drinks Association which opposed the re issue of a licence, they new the dangers of it, yet you are all encouraged to go Diet on everything when you see the word diet on any consumable foodstuffs it means take our alternative to sugar and ingest aspartame or saccharine so diet coke becomes a bringer of poison into your system. The objections were published in the congressional record of July 5th, 1985. It said that aspartame was inherently unstable and breaks down in the can, decomposing into formaldehyde, methyl alcohol, formic acid, diketopiperazine and other toxins but its in your can of diet -coke right now and many other diet products. When diet coke was released sales went up on a colossal scale, why? Because it is highly addictive. When you intake aspartame you gain weight because it increases the craving for carbohydrates by suppressing the production of serotonin. Aspartame is also found in many prescription drugs at a higher dose no wonder most are on some medication or other, madness! They will up the dose of aspartame in all foodstuffs over a period of time so you weight watchers keep watching as you begin to balloon and your addiction of products with aspartame increases, no use going to the doctor, what do they know except” you need this drug my dear” etc. this is the New World Order agenda being carried out on behalf of the evil bastards and bitches through your “Government?” whichever party is in power parliament serves the crown and always has, time for a new idea. Most people who speak with me about the information I have brought to your attention have asked to understand the subject of mind control usually with the expression “Eh”, please understand I also when learning about this subject had the same reaction and it took many years for the understanding to become a reality, but it is an essential subject to grasp in order for the hidden agenda of which I speak to be understood so here goes. Joseph Mengele the angel of death in the nazi concentration camps, the creature that performed the horrific experiments on twins, pregnant women and others. In the camps he perfected a technique called trauma based mind control in which they manipulated a mechanism of the mind that shuts out memories of extreme trauma. This kicks in when people have a serious road accident or any traumatic event, yet can never usually remember the actual impact or the immediate aftermath because the mind forms an amnesic barrier around that memory. This in turn gives us the ability to function in our everyday lives without having to relive the event over and over. So the actual process of amnesic barrier creation is a good thing we humans possess but the illuminati particularly through Mengele perfected it for there own uses. This knowledge has been known to them for thousands of years; its just that its widespread global use began to return en mass during the twentieth century. As I have stated in previous work it is known as trauma based mind control which requires them to take the children before the age of five or six (just think about those ages poor things) and subject them to the most unimaginable violent, sexual, satanic, and emotional abuse, all chosen by bloodline, everything is bloodline. This is the origin of the paedophile rings the internet keeps on exposing, they are set and protected by the illuminati which is why when good people expose such goings on, the famous or elite names are never allowed to see the light of day. To take example we can go back to the north Wales scandal (not sure of the year) when Lord McAlpine was accused of forcing a former resident of Bryn Alyn childrens home to perform oral sex on him. Anyone can throw accusation you may think but in 1965 he was accused by the investigative magazine “scallywag” and publicly named as a paedophile by the same for having oral sex with an under age boy and was formerly cautioned by Strathclyde police for sexual offences against a minor. So easily controlled and covered when you control the key positions in society. McAlpine heads the massive construction company, former chairman of the conservative party, and heavily involved with the Knights of St John of Jerusalem (An order controlled by the Order of the Garter). The unbelievable trauma these children are subjected to, including satanic ritual, splits the mind into compartments- amnesic barriers that imprison the memories of the trauma and do not allow them to enter the conscious mind. In the illuminati mind control centres like the Tavistock Institute of Human Relations in London, these compartments are called Alters. You might imagine a mind broken into a honeycomb of self-contained compartments, each holding individual memories of trauma. Within that honeycomb is a full personality encased and isolated from all others. It has all the memories and reactions the person had within the timescale of the traumatic event, so almost total control of the chosen child’s life has to be accomplished in order they capture the correct mindset and emotional characteristics for that particular alter, which is thus closed or encapsulated within the amnesic barrier brought on by the traumatic event they experience. So those who are chosen to act in many different guises for the Illuminati would undergo a series of lifestyles all leading to individual traumatic events. This is how they create multiple alters within one human, each with differing specialties. Whichever personality is to the front of the mind will be the personality that directly interacts with the world. They call this the front Alter. This alter is completely unaware that all the other compartments exist as are the other alters unaware of all other compartments. Therefore, the front alter the one we take to be the real person, has no memory of what as happened to them, or what is still being done, until the barriers begin to break down releasing the memories into the conscious mind or front alter, for many this begins two years either side of the age 28, this is when Saturn reverses on your chart having fulfilled four cycles of seven, it is the natural reappraisal of experience thus far experienced, therefore ones past comes back to them including many traumatic experiences. Using hypnotic keys and triggers (words and phrases, colours, sounds, beeps to mobile phones, flashing lights etc), mind controllers or handlers like Mengele move these compartments around, pushing the front alter into the unconscious and bringing forward one of the back alters, the victim is then sexually abused by people like Ted Heath or the likes of George H Bush, then the alter is programmed to the task of assassination or message carrier to become a sex slave to gain information from who ever they are to form a relationship with, to pass on the satanic energies during sexual intercourse upon the chosen recipient of the machinations of the elite either for control of that person for temporary or permanent reasons baring in mind that through sexual intercourse between a person of the satanic vibration and one of not, gives access to the victim through the sexual union, this is basically an event of such energy sharing that the negative energies enter the victim giving access to your electromagnetic bodies (astral body) by the entities existent within the dark mass, the lower fourth. And thus a subtle energy exchange giving control of the victim totally unawares as it is to the agenda of the dark lords. The saliva of a sexually aroused woman because it contains DNA, is a very potent carrier of magic to link an unsuspecting victim to a magician of any sort dark or light, a good example of this would be the kiss between Madonna, and Brittany Spears live on TV for you all to see. Immediately after this event Brittany wore the bracelet of the Cabbala to which Madonna is connected as Brittany then began to imitate the image of Madonna, simply understood when one understands knowledge of the Occult. (There is said to be a video of Madonna being brutally raped and then the perpetrator of the rape being ritually sacrificed when she was a young girl; this is within the satanic snuff video networks, although I have not seen this myself I care not for such things). The mind controlled operative then has the programmed alter returned to a none conscious position within the mind, the front alter being oblivious to what has just happened, is brought forward again. If you can grasp this you can well understand why most of the top stars act so bizarrely in their personnel lives they are D.I.D. Putting people in the path of the media is very dangerous for the elite unless of course you control them totally, not controllable not a star. If a controlled star begins to recover their mind they are ousted in scandal or killed, its that simple when you understand. Those programmed for assassinations will not have a clue what has been done to them. Their assassination programme to kill a famous person or dangerous researcher will lie dormant within the compartment until the trigger is given. This as said could be a word, phrase or sound. When that happens, the dormant compartment swaps places with the front alter, takes control of the body, and carries out its programming. I personally think with some events it would take more than just a word or phrase to swap the alters as with the murder of the Princess of Wales, the driver disappeared for two hours before he drove her to the crash. So to understand this subject is to understand the events Thomas Hamilton (Dunblane Scotland), Martin Bryant (Port Arthur, Tasmania), Michael Ryan (Hungerford). This I hope would help you to see the picture I am forming, and by what means they have at their disposal to coerce this nation into the political situation faced by Germany that give the laws necessary to instil total Fascist control upon a nation, in order to wage war to the point of conscription. That through mind controlled slaves the fear required to force the disarming of a nation can be achieved without any suspicion to either the true agenda or the true perpetrators of the deed especially when each event is carried out as an isolated tragedy. The fear generated in this nation is real it is real in the minds of our controllers they are terrified of human beings because potentially we are far more powerful than they because we inherit love, fear inhibits love, tis their fear that keeps them below the threshold love do not take into your being the fear which is the mindset of the elite, destroy it with sound judgment, action, and courage to face and work with truth, this is not an exclusive battle it must be inclusive, every little builds a lot. With the esoteric knowledge I have of the lay lines within this town I am deeply concerned over the sale of the old fire station to be used as a special school for children age 11 to 16. The police and fire station sites are important in esoteric terms, not to mention the tunnel system I brought to your attention in a previous phase, these facts alone have my full attention and I shall be looking closely at all concerned with this venture. As energy is high on the agenda at the moment or rather the ways in which we produce our energy are to the fore I think it a good time to speak about rapeseed oil. I run a diesel vehicle and could actually run my car with 100% rapeseed oil now. The main problem with this oil is that the pump in the vehicle clogs after a while. The point here would be for us the taxpayers insist the government put money into Rover to focus on nothing but creating an engine that would run perfectly on all grow able oils, then instead of subsidising farmers to not farm we could pay them to farm these vegetation on a massive scale and we the taxpayer would make massive profits for centuries on the patents alone, pay off all our debt to the world bank which would enable us to lower taxes by three quarters and with our profits from our venture pay off our personal debts to the current banking system  and hey presto job sorted, thats the kind of revolution we want not one of war, but of intelligent action. When I had Meadowcroft and Skinner all over me in the ninetys it is imperative for them when attempting esoteric control upon a person, to instil as much property and effects within your home as possible. All this property has been hexed and when in your home (keys are a favourite object they use it means you are carrying such objects on your person always) these objects keep the vibration around you negative enough to keep you negative and thus the correct alignment of dark energy is upon you and access to your home given to the entitys working under the command of the black magician. I witnessed this many times during my training and I will give example:  A second hand dealer in a Luton type transit with a ladies name written on the sides of the vehicle called to my home trying to sell me a rather nice suite for the pitiful sum of fifty pound, I declined. She tried again a few weeks later again I declined but took detailed notice of the suite. A few months later I was given the suite for free via one of Meadowcrofts men. I took the suite in full knowledge of the machinations not wishing to give them my true spiritual level so I went along as grateful as I could pretend hiding my wish to do serious damage to this man. The point I wish to share with you is that the real victims to all this are in most cases people who for no apparent reason do extreme out of character deeds either to there own siblings or to others. That these kinds of events are for the most part machinations of creatures like Meadowcroft, Skinner (when alive) now continued on his behalf by all to whom he left his dirty empire, with Kevin Horkin taking the power aspect of this empire. And the perpetrators (if this sort of thing is out of character for the said person) of such events are themselves victims of these creatures, sick is not the word. I would cite two cases that spring to my attention: the young chap who slit the throats of his children in the late nineties in Accrington, and more recently the chap who killed his police officer wife in Altham. So with the understanding of how this sort of manipulation is carried out I would hope you would begin to see that we are not begetting more and more evil people, but are becoming more and more the victims of Meadowcroft and people like him who are evil and are spreading the energy amongst us at greater capacity on the orders of the crown. I will stress again I know of many more creatures like this not just in Hyndburn but in this nation as a whole, I understand the way in which they carry out these operations via the secret society networks and most importantly all the religions, cults whichever term suites you best. Again I have chosen not to reveal more names in the hope that many who are in will step out and trust that help and protection is there for the offing from forces more powerful than the negative but this is not a game to play with fickle mind only for the strong and spiritually evolved mind is this path open. Whatever fear you have of your masters know this they do not frighten me and I know a lot more than you of what these creatures are really capable of!

I would now return to our old friend Aspartame. I have watched the game played at our local “very well known supermarket” since they began the assault upon your bodies with this substance and have this to report: They last year introduced a lovely cordial drink made under the name Robinson. It was natural orange juice and sold out almost immediately. This product then did not return to the shelf. I would conclude this event as the testing of the water, so to speak. To see how many people are aware of the additive dangers? They have over the last four months began to remove the most beneficial choice of cordial left on their shelves namely their own brand high juice summer fruits. This supermarket chain since its takeover is the worst purveyor of this agenda out of all the chains. I would conclude this organisation has completed its takeover of power positions within, and is now in the position to poison its customers at will. This then shows that the construction company building for this chain having bought the name of probably the most workman friendly construction company for the grand sum of one pound, is also 100% controlled illuminati operation which brings into question why in the poorest areas, this particular chain of supermarket is the only one offered through the people in each town who decide the planning applications so you can see how the targeted areas are to be quashed into madness of all kinds from all directions by all the kinds of people you respect. For Catholics out there it is important you understand that Southern Ireland is the most fluoridated country in the world and mile fore mile the most secret society run country, again in the world, because of the Irish character and gentleness they have been taken without knowing it. Yet all who claim to be rebels living outside of Ireland still take information and orders from here, you may as well ask the queen for your orders. All who listen and understand my work have the same answer, ”what do we do?” the answer I give now is back me; I have the courage, the knowledge and most importantly the will. If that is to terrifying an option for you then look at it like this: The elite whether of this town this county this country right up to the Bloodline families themselves delude themselves that they are something important. This delusion is backed because you all believe them and so the delusion for the sick creature continues. Stop believing and begin to see for yourself what these people are, the delusion for the elite will continue, but the less their delusion of grandeur is backed by you, the less power they have and we can watch them shrivel into the evil that they are whilst we all gallop to the light and love we have within us… poetry.


I will end this phase of operations with the words of a man who claims to be the unofficial son of Philippe de Rothschild of the French Rothschilds. Now living in America Phillip Eugene de Rothschild lived and worked within the Illuminati network for most of his life. These are subjects to which he offered information relevant to subjects I have thus far covered in this work. On the Bloodlines:


“The key Nefilim bloodline is connected to a figure called Aeneas, the alleged head of the Roman Empire through his descendants Romulus and Remus. [The latter are codenames for the bloodlines and not real people as would be the same with Aeneas, Noah, and King David etc they are not necessarily people but bloodlines. As the Aeneas bloodline was fused in Troy it gives understanding as to why the Merovingians and the Knights Templar are so obsessed with Troy.]


 Phillip says that this “Aeneas” bloodline became what he called the “Rothberg dynasty - the union of the Bauer-Rothschild (same family different names) and the Battenberg’s. [This is the Merovingian / Carolingian bloodline and also the line of the Hapsburgs, the leading family of the Holy Roman Empire for hundreds of years. This was the medieval state that embraced most of central Europe and Italy from 962 to 1806 ad. The Dutch researcher Franz Kamp suggests that the Habsburgs were originally Nordics who bred with the Nefilim in the ancient past, and that they are connected to the House of Lorraine (Orion).] Phillip says that this Rothberg bloodline within the Illuminati is called the “Gens” [this is a Latin word meaning race, tribe or male line of descent and comes from the term gignere- to beget.]

 Phillip says about the Aeneas bloodline:


“Apparently Aeneas embodies all the various bloodlines that must trace their lineage back through Charlemagne because in him is embodied the confluence of the lineage of both David (Jewish) and Alexander the Great (Aryan). It is the modern day representatives of these Roman Gens or European Monarchs that make up the ruling Aristocracy of the revived Roman Empire. These Royal families maintain their pedigree through endogamy (inter familial marriages). The first prototype of the Antichrist [the purest bloodline] was Nimrod, the founder of Babylon. The historical and seminal nexus of this last Roman Empire is Charlemagne and his descendants, people like Prince Philip Mountbatten (Rex Julius Alexander Battenberg) who is one of the ruling heads of the Julian Gens.”


Phillip says he is one of hundreds of thousands of unofficial Rothschild offspring. Stressing that often the most significant operatives within the Illuminati hide behind apparently ordinary lives while dictating the agenda and attending human sacrifice rituals. He says there are many public figures that are very high in the Illuminati - satanic pyramid and he highlights Prince Philip as a major player in the rituals he has attended:


“I can recall the Rockefellers and the Bushes attending rituals, but never having the supremacy to lead them. I still regard them as lackeys and not real brokers of Occult power. Except for Alan Greenspan [head of the Federal Reserve Bank], most of these fellows were camp followers in the occult, primarily for the economic power and prestige. Greenspan, I recall was a person of tremendous spiritual, occult power and could make the Bushes and the younger Rockefellers cower with just a glance. Ex-CIA director Casey (as were most of the CIA leadership for the past forty years), Kissinger, and Warren Christopher [former US secretary of state] were in attendance at none ritual gatherings and some occult rituals as well, but well back in the gallery.

“At the forefront of the rituals [the Royal families of Europe], Prince Philip at the pinnacle. He stands like most of the contemporary European Monarchy, in the Charlemagne, Merovingian, Aenean bloodline. But he is its current head. I am certain that his maternal chromosomes are in the current “antichrist” Nefilim. Prince Philip… is the leading biological descendant of the Nefilim. Immediately below him are the males of my family line [Rothschilds] like a court of ministers in charge of logistics and operations. The current Monarchs of the Netherlands, Spain, and some old Austrian nobility [Habsbergs] are next in occult power and in the conspiracy.”

“All people in the occult except for a very, very small group are fully human beings, with both X and Y chromosomes from human mothers and father. The facial changes you see come from their multiple personality disorder and the demonic spirits manifesting through them. The antichrist and the false prophet are not humans; they are full Nefilim with X chromosomes from human mothers but their Y-chromosomes are from the angels [angel is code for Elohim]. These none human humanoids are born as a consequence of human idolatry with satanic angels, with a little help from the illuminist medical researchers.

He also says that all the top names he mentions, including the Rothschilds, etc, worship the snake in their rituals- “old Satan himself“, as he puts it. He also says that when they celebrated the old Babylonian rites, they worshipped, handled, and venerated the snake and the deadlier the better. He says that all his “former brethren”, including Clinton and Gore, have the worship of the snake in common. “It has always been so,” he adds, “from the Babylonians, to the Egyptians, to the Mayans, the Incas, the Polynesians - the commonest thread of human idolatry is the snake and the dragon.”


This is what he says about his own multiple personalities:


“Like the hundreds of thousands of this occult [Rothschilds] familys other biological children, I had my place and function within this clans attempt to control the world. My efforts and my familys efforts strove to have a member of the European nobility of the Habsburg family assume the pre-eminent position over humanity, a position called the antichrist by Christianity. While others were seeded into government, academia, business, or entertainment, my place was within the body of Christ. I was to be the focus for spiritual power and controller of a cult within this Church. In this Church have lived people who I have known all my life to be the controllers and power centres of both the Rothschild familys false prophet and the antichrist.

“Many dissociated Christians in the body of Christ hold similar corporate spiritual, occult positions as part of the satanic new world order. In my being I embodied the Lucifarian morning star within the Church. I represented the presence of all the other Satanists who were related to me in the morning star; their spirits were present in me in the Church. Constructed through ritual but empowered by legions of demonic spirits, I was a human and spiritual focus of corporate satanic energy into the body of Christ”

“Or the Rothschilds, and for Satan himself I am sure, this was the ultimate sadistic irony in using Christians to bring in the antichrist, but there is certain demonic brilliance to it. By seeding the body of Christ with his occult followers, Satan has been able to generate the spiritual and sociological forces that are required to bring in the false prophets and the antichrists reign.”


The same can be said of Billy Graham and Jessie Jackson.

Phillip also speaks of his close family;


“My father was a decadent dilettante as well as a master Satanist and hater of God, but how he loved the fields and the wines. He used to say it brought out the primitive in him.”


The estates are now run by Baron Philippes daughter, Baroness Philippine, who, Phillip Eugene says, is his half sister. He was, he writes, conceived by occult incest and was one of the hundreds of thousands of both legitimate and illegitimate offspring of this powerful financial and occult family. Much of this is done artificially through illuminati sperm banks.

Phillip also says that for most of his childhood and adolescence he lived with his Rothschild father on his estate in France. They had a physical relationship, he says, and he was held fast in the emotional power of incest, which, in this culture, was normal and to be admired. He says he observed his fathers lust for power and began to desire the same.  He also confirmed the way the occult bloodlines are controlled by demonic entities. “Being a Rothschild descendant”, he said, “I was maximally demonised.” he continues:


“I was present at my fathers death in 1988, receiving his power and the commission to carry out my destiny in the grand conspiracy of my family. Like their other children, I played a key role in my familys revolt against God. When I watch CNN, it startles me to see so many familiar faces now on the world stage in politics, art, finance, fashion, and business. I grew up with these people meeting them at ritual worship sites and in the centres of power. Financiers, artists, Royalty, and even Presidents, all these dissociated people work and conspire today to bring in the new world order. These people, like me, are SRA/DID [Satanically ritually abused and dissociative identity disorder - or multiples,]

“The last non-dissociative President of the United States was Dwight Eisenhower; except for him, everyone since Teddy Roosevelt has had some level of dissociative disorder and some level of involvement with the occult. President Clinton has full blown multiple personality disorder and is an active sorcerer in the satanic mystery religions. This is true of Al Gore, as well; I have known misters Clinton and Gore from our childhood as active and effective Satanists.”


With love to you all





Transport, Satellites and the Jewish Situation.




Dated: 15 JULY 2005

Dear Sir/Madame


If no longer representatives of Hyndburn please except my apologies and discard.


I will begin this phase of operations with a subject I have wanted to cover in earlier phases, and now, with the announcement of the Crowns true agenda in relation to the madness that is Transport, it is time.


Over the last twenty years or so the elite have totally transformed our transport systems:

1: they have closed off all roads within towns and cities under the nonsense, “road safety”

2: de-regulated public transport.

3: hiked up revenue collection to insane proportions

4: thinning our roads with cycle lanes, bus lanes, islands, roundabouts, traffic lights on roundabouts, roundabouts that are too large as we pick up to much speed on them reducing the gaps for each junction to enter the roundabout, speed bumps, priority to business over community with maintenance of verges, road surface and pavement, selling our stone flags, our heritage to America.

5: closing off full lanes for minor works i.e. cutting grass verges, cleaning litter, etc.

6: leaving roads to rot… Why?


If we look at the first point namely, the closing off, of all the side roads and creating cul-de-sacs everywhere. With this all traffic travelling through each town is thrown together with all the local traffic, and even at quite times the main roadways in each town seem busy and for the rush hour solid. This is the same in all towns cities and such, and so the feeling of chaos on the roads is driven within the minds of all throughout the nation, and so all minds focused to something must be done. With the Christian brainwashing we have had, we stop at something must be done, then sit back and wait for someone else to do it. This is the sheep mentality of the flock even if you claim not to be of the flock your subconscious is and requires command from which ever people or organisations you respect. So this is the situation, we are fed up with congestion yet have no suggestions to offer. We are now at the mercy of those who formed your minds to subservience from birth, the people who are creating the false impression of chaos by focusing all transport together, then with the false idea that carbon emissions are doing damage to the countryside and the falsehood surrounding the Global Warming scam they have created a problem, a big problem. Added to this the de-regulation of the buses basically removes the mechanics that such systems require in order to function correctly. When people need to plan journeys to and from work and school, just to take example, they need almost precision timing. This in turn requires the transport concerned to have a near perfect arrival and leaving timetable. It also requires the correct number of carriages or buses to meet demand at the correct times of day, as it also requires a safe and regular night shift, basically twenty four hour public transport that is there when it is to be there, safe, clean, but most importantly “CHEAP”.

We would all conclude this to be very costly, but the fact remains, this is what is required if we are to have the proper means of public transport that to my mind would benefit the inner city and Shires of this nation. So with de-regulation the thrust of important criteria is about how much for less can we get? And here in Accrington we have witnessed the end product of de-regulation, unfit drivers racing to stops with peoples lives taken, unfit transport and higher fares with less routes, so full circle with de-regulation reached and not a pretty sight. Not only that, those who have killed people are the remnants of Fred Skinner’s empire given to the Pilkington family. Would it not be pertinent to suggest transport such as buses, tram systems, be re-nationalised in order to re employ the working class and create big organisations that are not all business plan profit based, but based on bringing to fruition that which the country needs?    I wouldnt begrudge paying tax for an organisation that delivered class AA.

Added to that the rather unjustifiable amount of revenue collected on our fuel, road tax, insurance, parking madness, fines, and levies, this problems getting bigger?

At this point the same force that instilled the subservience mentality, the created gridlock, have also achieved the reaction required from yourselves, something must be done then sit back down and let someone else do it. They offer the solution and this is it:

 We have most roads closed off at one end, we have untidy and huge buses doing there formula one practice sessions with us poor pedestrians and motorists fair game in this amounting to nothing short of a picture from the film Death Race 2000, can it get any worse? Oh yes much worse, they then get artistic and repaint the nation with yellow and white lines everywhere all of a sudden lines appear and change the shape of the road, “eh” says driver “oh shit theres a piece of Stonehenge sticking up in middle o road and they have built a kerb round it, hang on theres a bloody lighthouse with an arrow on it”. Ten feet up road “eh up theres another” passenger says “WO stop, theres a line shooting out here with a bike painted on the road” Not the best use of our roads making them narrower. We have roundabouts everywhere and what sane businessman would wish to send his bus over the vehicle wrecking speed bumps? Shutting off full lanes of very important rush hour routes, to give example; they love nothing better than on Thursday and Friday to shut one lane on the by-pass over the coppice for litter picking and other ridicules pound costing events to ensure there is only one lane open at the very time people have one thing in mind, getting home on a Friday evening! This is the one time each week to thrust the idea of “too much traffic”, into the minds of us all. Not to mention all other roads within each town that are left to rot (except of course those which the HGVs use? This is of course the situation we now have and we have thus far accepted it as a fair attempt at trying to resolve the fabricated transport crisis. But wait, we have now the true reason for the enormous manipulation I have just given to you, the introduction of road tolls completely in the hands of big brother via the satellite systems you have all paid for in subscribing to sky, digital, and the rest.  Having spoken with people on this subject what I find most alarming is the overwhelming response to the idea of the elite knowing were you are at all times is “if your not doing anything wrong you need not worry” okay I understand this response, never the less this is precisely the response the are manipulating, and the bribe they offer? We will remove duty from fuel and road tax… dont be such a pushover and learn to think again.


What must be grasped by you of intelligent minds is that when as Hitler said the underground race (Elohim / Melchedekans) become openly the overlords they will when the new world order is in place announce to the world who they are and they will show themselves as who they are and you will not accept their rule. But it will be too late, the new world order grid around the Earth and full computer controlled technology totally controlling every facet of Earth life will be in place, then you will understand you all would wish to be in a position of doing what is right for the Earth which would in your current mindset be classed as doing what is wrong now.  So when its too late to change it you will understand it needs to change, that is how the elite are playing, mass cover up of the truth while we have the chance to change it, when the new world order is in place they will take great pleasure in their accomplishment by throwing you into fear without end, without escape as you witness the dweller on the threshold made real in the flesh.

Another part to this agenda is to basically turn towns and villages into dead zones, if the roads are full of bumps, the traffic is heavy, and costs a fortune to park then youre going to shop on the industrial retail parks removing revenue from local economies to the fat boys who can barley get into their cars. Ensuring the creation of the Gangster communities I highlighted in Phase X in all towns in this nation. The councils are designating areas a lesser status when it comes to the upkeep of grass verges and larger areas of grass.  With the area of Springhill, its never seen a strimmer on the verges of Richmond road and as you get closer to Slaidburn drive the less they care, yet expect the residents to upkeep their lot. Do you the council not gain the most secure collections of council tax from those who are on benefits, and as such should at least clean and maintain the areas. Only yesterday I heard a road sweeper on Slaidburn Drive, looked out and saw the driver happily chugging along with not a brush or vac on his machine operating, he saw me and after a little panic and red face put all the brushes and vacs down into play. This has got to be Hyndburn Works idea of cost cutting? I have the registration and date- time of event, were in heaven

is our money going? To make matters worse today is Wednesday 6th July 05 and one has just gone down Slaidburn drive again with no brushes active, he did not see me this time! Removing the traffic from Broadway has sucked the energies out of the town. Up to the eighties Broadway was a place of gathering for all the youth, chatting drinking, smoking, shopping but most importantly laughing and joking buying the new outfit for the Saturday night out in Accrington as those with the cool cars would cruise down Broadway showing off to the girls hoping they would be in luck for the night, lots of pennies flowed into this town not as it is today. And yes times have changed and its people like you…you in power that have changed it. Regardless of the future you all go down in history as the benign force that in full knowledge of the truth chose fascism. The real lackey power brokers of this agenda at local level are those responsible for planning; they are the ones up to their eyeballs in corruption, wealthy they may be, but on our backs through deceit. What say you Mr. Brendan Lyons should I put massive effort into your department and see what the picture looks like from 1979? So with the information in phase X relating to the Planners only choice of Supermarket for this town, you can now see who the high level operatives to this agenda are, the planners, in each and every town, go get em? The title, “Sir” that the Crown hands out via its legislative Trojan horse, “Parliament”, is the name of an Anunnaki Reptile Snake Goddess from the Sumerian civilisation, and as the Old Testament is a mix of Sumerian legends, heroes and symbolic stories along with others, the Anunnaki have the new name the Elohim in the Bible. With this you can see that in the times of the Sumer Empire, the knowledge of the Dragon race was in the minds of all its subjects and taught. It was the defeat by Saint George of the Cult of Queen El (Elohim) which changed this because he successfully exposed them as they are. With the concoction of the Bible through the ages they have kept the use of control via religion, and removed masses upon masses of knowledge of the Earth and her history since the Levite Priests concocted the Old Testament. I feel I must again state it is not the Dragon Race Parse that is of negative intent to this plane only that the leading faction of this tribe are of the Dragon race, but there have been deals done at the top to share in the spoils of the New World Order. So Sir Roy Meadows the man who enjoyed destroying families with a load of nonsense was serving his Goddess and Queen Well, it would seem. To look at the athlete Kelly Holmes who harms herself, another classic sign of multiple personality disorder, as is the rolling of the eyes. So not surprisingly she was made a Dame. With Paul McCartney it is clear to me that his wife Linda was his handler and what better way to keep Paul in a constant state of fear and pain than to have his wife choose his next wife who would continue the depression. So again most players in this game are victims themselves, it’s only a case of breaking the spell of mystery in your life which naturally removes you from the machinations of the Black Magicians, be they at local level or at the top. To look closer at the Dunblane massacre carried out by Thomas Hamilton in Scotland it would seem more about this mans connections with elite police and players in Scotland are coming into the fore: there was a story in the Mail on Sunday 5th June 2005 which highlighted a female paramedic who attended the massacre and her attempts at exposing Hamiltons paedophile activities while running clubs for boys and girls and that when accusations were made by children and parents the police and high ranking men of standing covered it up and always granted him immunity. How he was the monster who did the deed so to speak while videos and photographs were made for this satanic ring of high-ranking men, which is why they gave him immunity. How they constantly renewed his shotgun licence after all the accusations, which were constant. The local people in Dunblane all know Hamilton to be connected to the Freemasons.


If I may I would like to further enhance the reason given in previous phases to the real reason for the English civil war. I have stated the true reason for the war was to remove the Christian law on usury. That Calvinism supported the charging of interest on loans and therefore change had to be made, which meant an end to a Royal house that was not Calvinist and would never have agreed to the changes on usury. Yet another important fact not to be missed is that in preparation for the change the moneylenders would have to make base and home in this nation. And since Edward I in 1290 had expelled all Aryan (Ashkenazi Jewish) peoples from England, they would also have to be brought back to act as the administrators of the new banking system.

This is an entry for June 6th 1647, from Oliver Cromwell to an Ebenezer Pratt”:


“In return for financial support will advocate admission of Jews to England; this, however, impossible while Charles living. Charles cannot be executed without trial, adequate grounds for which at present do not exist. Therefore, advise that Charles be assassinated, but will have nothing to do with procuring an assassin, though willing to help with his escape.”


Ebenezer Pratts reply was on July 12th 1647:


Will grant financial aid as soon as Charles removed and Jews admitted. Assassination too dangerous. Charles should be given the opportunity to escape. His recapture will then make trial and execution possible. The support will be liberal. But useless to discuss terms until trial commences.”


On September 3rd 1921 the above publication by Lord Alfred Douglas called plain English presented these contents of correspondence relating to the plot behind the murder of Charles I. It said that volumes of records had been found in the Synagogue of Mulheim by a L.A. Van Valckert. They were written in German and had been lost since the Napoleonic wars.

This publication was so revealing that the elite networks had the publisher, Lord Alfred Douglas, imprisoned on the basis of an alleged liable printed in his paper about Winston Churchill. And so on November 12th 1647, Charles I was allowed to escape and was hidden on the Isle of Wight. Charles was then recaptured and when he and Parliament appeared to

be close to an agreement that would spare his life, Cromwell by now Lord Protector dismissed all the members supporting the agreement. History calls what remained the Rump Parliament. Cromwell ordered another trial because his agreement with his backers in Amsterdam was that Charles would be executed. The indictment against Charles was drawn up by Isaac Dorislaus, the agent in England of Manasseh ben Israel, one of the main funders from Amsterdam of the Cromwell revolution, who after the death of Charles would see his mission as securing free worship in England for Jews. The outcome of the trial was for the public beheading of Charles and this was followed by Cromwell allowing the Jews to return to England. After Cromwells death in 1661, most of his Calvinist Puritan followers fled to America to avoid religious persecution following the reinstatement of the Monarchy under the puppet Charles II. The Black Nobility bankers in Amsterdam caused a financial depression in England to undermine Charles II. Eventually a peace deal was struck between Holland and England in 1667 (note 67, the year numerologicaly, add to 13 and thus 4 again every major event in the history of the takeover of this planet by the Nefilim are marked with the number 13 and thus 4, symbolic of the lower fourth dimension and their link to it as it symbolises the fourth force on this plain). This deal would ensure William of Orange (very Black Nobility) would marry, daughter of the Duke of York. When Charles II died in 1685, it was the Duke of York who became King James II. All the Black Nobility needed to do was to remove him and their man William of Orange would be King of England. They began to bribe James IIs most influential aristocratic supporters and the first to bite was John Churchill, the Bloodline Duke of Marlborough. The commission of public accounts revealed that Churchill had taken bribes totaling some £60.000(a lot of money then) from representatives of Dutch and Spanish financial families like Sir Solomon de Medina and Antonio Machado, researcher Eustace Mullins puts the figure at £350.000. These are the lengths the elite go to, to manipulate the New World Order into actuality, beginning after the last cataclysms concluding before your very eyes as I write and with only a couple of years left for its conclusion.


With the re-introduction of the bill to outlaw incitement to religious hatred, I feel I may be running out of time whereby I can safely give information to people like yourselves without the prospect of imprisonment, that being so, I will hit first.

If a Talmud Jew ever accuses you of inciting religious hatred, offer this response:


Just the Jews are humans, the non- Jews are none humans, but cattle.


The non- Jews have been created to serve the Jews as slaves.


Sexual intercourse with non- Jews is like sexual intercourse with animals.


The- none Jews have to be avoided even more than sick pigs.


The birth rate of non- Jews has to be suppressed massively.


As you replace lost cows and donkeys, so shall you replace non- Jews.


These are but a few quotes from the Jewish Talmud which along with the Torah the books of Mosaic Law laid down by God through Moses to be understood and obeyed by every orthodox Jew. If I tried I could not be more racist than this dribble, thats Jehovahs little mind, sick is not the word.

If accused by a Muslim ask that they actually read the book satanic verses by Salman Rushdie, and if accused by a Christian ask that they take a good hard look at George Bush and Tony Blair, It is impossible to be of a religion and not see yourself as superior to all others, that is FASCISM, and with religion I also include Freemasonry and satanism. If they are successful with this bill they can lay down the law without any question of our right to pull apart their foundation of belief, perfect for dictatorship without debate, how quickly we would fall back into the middle ages on this bill alone.


The R.S.P.C.A. last year had an advert on the TV claiming it rescued 3000 animals a year. How wonderful an operation one would think? It then stated it finds homes for around 1000 animals per year. It does not take a boffin to calculate that 3000 minus 1000 leaves 2000 animals slaughtered each year by the R.S.P.C.A. how many of those 2000 are your lost Rover or Shep picked up by these fanatics who immediately microchip the animals and have such a dogmatic approach to the does and dont’s if you want to give a home to their animals, and the fact they can force themselves upon you at will once you take an animal. Not surprising when you consider the connotations of the word Royal as its foundation, just another operation of the elite, a platoon in each area inflicting its will on our pets, probably become an agency in the future?

Its the same with the current add on TV run by the NSPCC, this child is in absolute horror and pain, what the hell have they done to this child to film this scene, it is satanic, I only hope it is not the filming of their satanic activities as they make children watch children kill children or that it is not the aftermath of the kidnap of this child. The board in charge of standards here is to my mind in disrepute in the most horrific way. Giving funds to these organisations, funds the horror. I heard someone on the TV warning Bob Geldof “watch you dont become a puppet of Bush and Blair? He already is a puppet of the Elite and stupid with it. Watching Live 8 was hell opening its doors showing you all it controls be it by purse or by belief. Again you have to understand I am not stating all the personnel are in this game knowingly but the organisations themselves are parts of the elites system, the controllers of such operations are in full knowledge of what they do, not necessarily of the satanic nature of the operation but they are on the take and turn a blind eye to the mystery. If we spent more effort concentrating monies to the causes of family hardships instead of funding care in the aftermath, there would be no aftermath, which would equate to less pain. With drugs to fight this would require a life as set out by the state which abandoned boredom, poverty, no hope attitude, less competition in everything, less of the macho man as the only worth while being, less interference in peoples lives from others. Of course this would mean the requirement of jobs, compassion, understanding, removal of laws that give reason to attack your neighbor because you can, promotion of working together as communities not splitting people with fascist little neighborhood groups stopping people walking down the street on account, you dont live on this street, in fact it would require the removal of all new laws since and including the criminal justice bill in the late eighties or early nineties. It would require all bureaucracy instilled since 1979 within the business world to be removed. The elite are not going to change to our benefit now are they, they are instilling the new world order to protect themselves, it is we the people who must make these changes now.


With the recent blockbuster Troy, these stories have been in circulation for a long time because it serves the current guiding of your intellects in searching for the real good bloodlines, all the bloodlines save the underground Elohim and their over ground Hybrids are now mixed it is down to the individual whether they be good or bad. Priam is seen to be a better example of king within the story, and quite possibly was. The same with the Shakespeare plays put together by Francis Bacon and John Dees circle again shifting allegiance by deceit to the current bloodline families. With the work from Sir Laurence Gardner and Zachariah Sitchin in recent times primarily aimed at the release of knowledge relative to the Sumerian tablets, but most importantly their interpretation of these tablets to fit with the current falsehoods surrounding the elites blood rites in the world, They have sifted through their acquired knowledge and transfixed themselves behind all known good people. This is not hard to accomplish when you control the knowledge of history, because they then decide what is to be in circulation and what to leave out… more a point of leaving out? A member of the local elite once attacked me as he stated what does the common man have to offer in the great game, they have not the intelligence. To which I replied “you so called men of intelligence have brought us to this point…on mere belief, stand aside and let those with hearts open take the staff and the rod” the reply was a very red face and silence. Perhaps there is hope for some of you after all?

 This is how I see it at present in brief of course, yet there is much more to be known if we are to gain a proper perspective of our history… In ancient Atlantis midway through its civilisation there was what is termed the golden age. That this was a time when peace between the Trinity of extraterrestrial races that governed Atlantis and Mu was and had been so for millennia through co-operation, not, through competition with each other. Understanding that everything is part of the whole and is to be nurtured not controlled or conquered. This was known as the law of one, which meant equal respect and privilege to all. Guided by the elders who would have held the advanced knowledge of each extraterrestrial race. I would suggest that higher knowledge to be from there homelands of Orion, Pleiades, and Sirius. . That these three races had after great wars within their own solar systems escaped to mars and colonised it. That they had escaped from a force of creature with the look of a serpent that operated within the shadows of their cultures called out by the offering of blood in ritual for great power and wealth in return. That these creatures once called, become the controller and not the slaves of the persons calling them through ritual and in such a way gain control rather quickly of all the seats of power, because in most cases in the seeking of power and wealth brings them into contact with these shadow entities. It is these creatures from the shadows who put all their trust into the creation of technologies to serve them in their venture to takeover  a planet breeding into the bloodlines with the indigenous populations that they can possess more easily, then place them in positions of power through the formation and control of the secret society networks etc. This force under the command of a leader with many names through history, Satan Anu etc, arrived on this planet around 450- 418.000 years ago and began their breeding program using DNA from a varied number of creatures on this planet. This hybrid race then began to breed with human women as described in the book of Enoch and the Bible. The offspring from these breeding programmes were known as the giants, children of the angels, Awwim, the devastators, Nefilim, the Titans. That in the empire of Sumer which was a global empire from which the Phoenicians were the seafaring or naval branch incorporating the merchant navy, spread the empire of Sumer across the globe via breeding, to re-instate the kingships of the fallen continent Atlantis. That during the Sumer empire the cult of the serpent of Queen El (Elohim) re-gained the empire after the death of Saint George and from this time we can follow this cult as it formed its strongholds of Babylon to Rome, to Britain and finally America, which shows we are at the last stages of this evil empires agenda which through the rule of law and democracy is completing the final stages of its takeover of this planet using terrorism to scare you into instilling the last stages of political, economic and military systems required. While promoting democracy around the world by force they are removing democracy from the current democracies.


The three original extraterrestrial races created the human form because within this form is the trinity of the three races, that each of the individual races has been unable to defeat the shadow race by its own genetic makeup, and hence we are the representative of the original mix of three with the Anunnaki corruption added 418.000 years ago. So this programme was invaded by the non-conforming extraterrestrial race, the Anunnaki which uses all three of the original races bloodlines to cover itself and assimilate to conquer. The hope for the human form is that through this form the way to defeat the darkness can be achieved. We have love within us as we have hate; we have the mind to evaluate between the two. The dark make it painful to love and reward competition, so if you are fixed to the material five sense reality you ignore the heart, they win. Before the story evolved to the Earth, this programme by the three had been on Mars after their escape to continue the human programme from their own planetary systems but the dark force found them on Mars and began again to take over. This triggered a catastrophe some say Nibaru exploding to give us the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter which is said to have put the Earth in the orbit she is in now and pushed Mars to its current orbit. That the Mars colonies escaped to Earth, breeding with homo erectus (in a test tube) they managed to bring about the civilisations that were Atlantis and Mu but the dark force again gained hold in these civilisations from their base in Africa, first breeding into Mu, then attacking Atlantis from Mu. It was the full takeover of Atlantis that brought about the cataclysms concluding with the flood of the Old Testament. After the cataclysms the dark force descended from their base on Mars jealous of the surviving people’s re-organisation. This is symbolised in the story of the Tower of Babel and the dividing of the peoples across the globe in order the surviving elite from before the cataclysms who had built a base on Mars to escape the coming catastrophes became once again the dominant force, that is of course until the arrival of Saint George who was the first of the human hybrid lines to defeat the dark force who up to this point walked openly in their true form. Saint George’s victory pushed the serpent race underground and back into the shadows, so we are dealing with St George as a dragon slayer not in the promoted mythology, but in the defeat of the over ground hybrid Nefilim leaving those underground to re-initiate there over ground force. After the death of Saint George the serpent cult of Queen El and her son Tammuz (Mary and Jesus, Isis Horus etc) regained control over the centuries To this point one is then looking specifically at what we would term our known history, or rather the manufactured history as given out by the elite. With the knowledge now available one can see how the dark force placed itself amongst the ruling houses with interbreeding and took over all the European houses as they moved westwards from in and around the Caucasus mountains, this possibly being the place of rest for Noahs ark which could quite easily be a reference to a space craft and therefore the base for the Nefilim breeding programme after the last cataclysms, using the Nordic race as the cover This gives the true meaning to the man of blood from the east, the men of the Nefilim bloodline who would be from the east, as we in the west would see it. This prophecy is already fulfilled as the men of blood have now all the seats of power in the world, it is now their job to destroy mankind in a pincer movement and the new world order will give them the power to begin the mass conscription from all nations to begin the next and worst mass slaughter of the human, because of course we in the bigger game have been created in order to destroy the evil or negative force from this plain which should affect the wider universe, by cancelling it out within ourselves because inside us is the trinity. With their breeding programmes over the last two millennia it is hard for most to see behind the glamour to distinguish who is human and who is not!  So, here we are today. The Nefilim will fight to the end to keep what they have, or to come to their kingdom, they will spit out the dummy when they lose parts of their empire, they will create as much pain as they can muster, they will drag as many people down with them as they possibly can. We are in for a bumpy ride of that there is no doubt. But failure to fight this war will bring all of the above without the ability to stop it. I link with the ancestral spirit of Britain, Saint George, the Native Americans, the Maya, old Khem, and the white Masters of old including Merlin, all the forces behind all the good ever to have shown itself to you in history. People like me are here to blast the lie with truth. It is time for the spiritual clock within, to awaken in you your reason for being here beyond the material. I have only myself to offer to this cause and so I have, we all have something to offer, and it must be offered now if we are to change this agenda. Learn to exist with a more serious attitude to what we now face, or Britain and all her inhabitants as had their time.

I have often wondered if the members of the rock band U2 actually know the origin of their chosen name. I suppose most would take it to be the name given to the American bombers, most famous for dropping the bombs across Vietnam? (How brave we are in the west). But the real origin of this name makes sense when you understand for whom they operate. The true origin of the name U2 is the name of one of the Anunnaki Gods, he was the son of Sin who himself was an actual God. So to take the singer Bonehead, sorry Bono to task with one of his lyrics stating “theres nothing you can throw at me that I havent already heard”, how does he equate that with his personal religion?

The same with Paul McCartney holding the Mull of Kintyre in reverence as one of the landing ports for the Templars after their escape from France. I would ask how he could claim care for debt relief while holding in high regard the very force that invented and inflicted the debt scam. Simple really, the first manipulation from the brotherhood aimed at a target for control is to massage the ego of each individual that they take instruction or learning from no one save those doing the massaging! Can you see your delusion people? This is where courage is born, the courage to face yourself and your nonsense, all else is childish tantrums in order to cabbage in your ignorance.


The company I highlighted in phase X, Orbis is to be taken over by an American company. This company offers its service to housing associations and the council, so not only have you given away our properties to fill fat cats accounts in America, our council tax is also funding the American dream of Hitlerism. Open your eyes people!


If I may I would add to the information regarding tunnel systems. There is a tunnel system under Blackburn town centre, under the Weir Street area. This is said to connect all the undertakers in that area, but is no longer in use. This as with Accrington would tell me they have had new ones built and as with Accrington a lot deeper, I know this is uncomfortable information but essential, nothing must be left out on account of it being hard to believe let alone come across as bizarre, but these systems are important in understanding how this other world so to speak can operate until recent times unknown. You may also have noticed that in the press they focus much more on dangers surrounding your children especially in relation to them being kidnapped, murdered or lost. They have full-page spreads now every weekend on these types of subjects. They are beginning to heighten your base fears surrounding our children, as they will soon begin to speak openly about the  “Blessings of the Microchip” and how with just a little needle your children can be traced anywhere in the world. Of course in parallel up the game of kidnap and murder of children and cutting the throats of mothers etc, to convince you of the need for this agenda. Remember this, they when ordering operations of the killing kind use only “Safe” families. By this I mean families they control via the methods I have thus far given in previous phases. These operations carry great risk and because of the press coverage of such events puts the family under the spotlight which ensures the need for the least possible information about each family leaking as possible, or they attack families who have a great secret the families would not want revealing… wouldnt want a real intelligent journalist doing any off the record snooping, I cite the press release already spoken about in the Daily Mail regarding Thomas Hamilton. This paramedic has been trying since the event to give her story, but of course as they own all the editors of all media, there was up to the Mails story a total suppression of her story or no editors were interested in such important information about the true nature of those who control the Police force.


Watching Newsnight on Tuesday 12th July I was astonished to hear the facts regarding religion in this nation. It transpires that only 8% of the population is churchgoing.  Why then does the Church run this nation? They are speaking for only 8% of the population, get off your pulpits now, and see yourselves as pointless in a nation that no longer requires your services at all! Give us back our heritage, and by this I mean let go of our beautiful buildings and let true spiritual people bring balance to our grid system, remove yourselves to like minded nations that conflict in this nation in the future be removed before it begins? Just a thought!


With love to you all



Just as an added bit of info:


In phase X, I began to catalogue for you the workings of our very well known supermarket in relation to its additives in the pop and cordial, especially to the fate of what was the best of the bunch as far as lack of these poisons, namely their own brand of high juice summer fruits. I have this to report:


 Immediately after my release of phase X, the drink miraculously re-appeared on the shelves, but alas only the one batch. They have now changed all the labeling on their own high juice brand and the summer fruits have returned with new label, different colour cap, and also a new additive. The extra additive is a preservative named Sodium Metabisulphite

I was going to leave this information until a future phase, as I do not as yet know what this new chemical is or its possible negative affect upon our bodies, but then I thought what the hell, I could find out over the summer and let you know at a later date!!!     Have a pleasant summer one and all.



The Duke of Westminster exposed






Date: 11 AUGUST 2005


Dear Sir/Madame.


If no longer a representative of the people of Hyndburn please accept my apologies and discard if you so wish.


I will begin this phase of operations with a subject that affects all in this nation. It affects us all because we all generate the monies called Tax. Be it from income or expenditure we all pay or generate Tax. The latest crown idea introduced by Blair is to scoop up all the land of this nation into the hands of their lackeys. It is the French model of landed gentry whereby anyone owning large tracks of land would need only to cut the grass and once every two years cut the boundary hedges, this would be all that is required to qualify for massive subsidies from the taxpayers. Thus all land ownership would be big business with massive returns for no effort. This would sort out the crowns problem of finding excuses to stop people from walking and using land in this nation, as the conservation rulings still have to give access to the land by the people. Once every millionaire from America has purchased our land we would then not be able to act to protest, as we would be dealing with American Nazis and they won’t budge an inch, and why should they, they have their military bases on our shores to call on to protect our land from ourselves. They wish to form associations, which would govern the land at the whim of the home secretary. But most importantly the wish to further steels our common land. In a speech made in the House of Lords by Lord Inglewood on 21 July 2005, he stated:


 “The common land on the Pennines benefits most from the allowing of shooting rights, of grouse being the target bird”


This brings to the fore the true reason we the masses are being disarmed while those classed as in are allowed to own whatever weapons they wish, or who are the shooting rights for? When you consider which organisation controls the Police force, Religion, most of our land, then the answer “Freemasonry” is the only reply. Freemasons are arming themselves to the teeth while disarming its enemy, namely humans. So we have idiot humans preparing to kill fellow humans on behalf of the Reptile or Lizard race, which by its nature has no emotion in its DNA makeup. Only the mind of an idiot would wish to be governed by an emotionless reptile. Now can you see why the TV is obsessed with reptile programmes and how they constantly bleat “they are so miss understood,” and how we seem to be saving these creatures lives at the expense of the human communities that live in the same environment! We are putting the lives of reptiles before that of the human, and you are funding this physically with money, as you back it with your emotion by allowing it. I have no misunderstanding of the lizard; they have no emotion and no love within their genetic makeup, tis the reptile that has to evolve to the point of the human not the human to the reptile. This is the deceit they operate between your subconscious and your conscious mind, this is how they control you without you being aware, they educate your subconscious from birth with the subliminal or symbolic language. This can be seen lucidly with how the Freemasons are held within each degree of initiation… when they give you a new symbol to work with, you are given false interpretation for your conscious mind, while attracting to your soul its true negative meaning and thus as long as your subconscious gets the vibration you are fully controlled without the ability to change it, because the subconscious controls the conscious mind. Unless of course you can understand the weapons to which I have offered you throughout this operation to be used to help you reclaim your subconscious. While on the subject of land acquirement brings us effortlessly to the local machinations of an elite and respected bloodline fellow, who I have to say, hides himself and his role in the conspiracy exceptionally well, or did? This fellow is the Duke of Westminster of the Grosvenor’s bloodline. The Grosvenor’s bloodline is of the mighty Percy family, or as you would now understand them to be, the Bush family. The English Grosvenor’s’, own prime property in the Inner City of London, headquarters of the London Black Nobility. The American Grosvenor’s founded the National Geographic which is notorious for removing the archaeological treasures of the world, especially those with religious significance, and relocating them at the Smithsonian Institute in Washington DC. The Grosvenor's cousins, the Smithsons, who are also descended from the Percys, control the institute. The ancestry of George Bush can also be traced to Englands Alfred the Great and to Charlemagne. The same genealogical line can be traced to 32 other presidents of the United States, all related to George Bush. Colin Powell is related to King George II. AND ON AND ON.

This story begins with the death of the Earl of Peel around twenty or so years ago. The Earls estate is in what we know as the Trough of Boland. Upon his death in his will he had stated all tenants on his estate should be given the opportunity to purchase their lot. Enter the Duke of Westminster. To cut short he stole the estate for around £1 million then swiftly turned the estate into the biggest bird shoot in the north. It costs £6.000 per day to shoot on this estate and is used by all the elite of the world including the house of Windsor. You know when the House of Windsor are shooting the trough is full of SAS, and your apprehended if they think you are to close to photographing the shear joy on the faces of our “top” Family. The Duke soon capped the livestock of the estates tenants with the excuse, “the cattle are affecting the breeding of our victim birds, this will not do” .he then stole swaths of common land and added it to his estate. His estate borders with the estate of Owen Oysten and the duchy of Lancaster, what a nice chap. This thieving mindset seems to be endemic among landowners and those who build or renovate houses upon the common lands. To take a local example, I used to walk upon the tops of Oswaldtwistle walking up the public footpath to the side of what was the derelict farm Brewers lot. Over the last 4 years this has been rebuilt. He slowly but surly fenced off the public footpath stopping access. You are then forced to walk on the other side of the brook. This he didnt like and released his three dogs to roam on the other side of the brook. One of the dogs is a large Saint Bernard this should not be allowed to go on, and I would presume the planning department turns a blind eye. Its up to you the council to sort this type of behaviour. Its a if they are shutting all the towns in like mini kingdoms that the elite in each area can use and abuse at their will, controlling the legal, the gangsters, police, media and such, gives absolute power to the few. Again this would take us back to the middle ages with the exact same systems overtly in power, the Royal court controlling the shires, yet in todays climate hidden behind the veil of democracy. In the bigger picture they have created a window in which dangerous freedoms for the masses had to be given in order to create the idea of freedom, then called it liberty, thus democracy = liberty. But democracy is but the cover for the very same networks that have always controlled the people headed by the crown. They have under the cover of liberty split us into a billion separatist groups in the outer circle, yet all the leaders of all organisations connect and are answerable to those who act from the inner circle. The inner circle is the Illuminati, and all are answerable to, as Phillip Eugene de Rothschild states, his family who are next in line to the European monarchies acting as the court ministers to the ‘Gens’ or full bloods as they are termed. So they went underground for the industrial revolution putting big name industrialists to the fore as the new holders of wealth and thus over around 200 years we have been hoodwinked that the bloodlines hold no power, but Oo will they show themselves if they create the Temple we know in this time as the new world order.


As we are all being blasted with world debt as the issue of the day, it would be pertinent to look at how third world debt began. When the European countries “withdrew” from their colonies across the world and granted them “independence”, they only did so, on the surface, or to be more precise, independence from the governments of the colonial powers, the Crown or controlling institution of the colonial nations lost not one jot of power. Physical occupation by foreign armies was replaced by financial occupation by the banks, and the plan is to go back to physical occupation through the Transnationals and the United Nations so called ‘Peace keeping forces, which are the cover for the elite networks. This is already happening. The Transnationals pay little or no tax to these countries and as they own all the land they can pay poverty wages to people who have no other form of employment and no land for self-sufficiency. These deals created all the refugee problems from the seventies in Africa, the people were starving as they were kicked off the land by the Transnationals when the deals were done, and of course the government armies had to enforce this removal and were reported as evil regimes, when in fact all they were doing was enforcing the Transnationals ruling having acquired the lands for the supermarket chains also belonging to the Transnationals which has destroyed farming in this and other European countries, and, enabled  almost total control of the land of this nation largely done through the highways agency and other Illuminati controlled organisations.

The illuminati bankers are sucking these countries dry of money, opportunity, and more importantly resources, and here is how it began. The Illuminati bankers told the dictators in the Arab oil countries that they would vastly increase the price of oil on the understanding that the Arabs deposit the profits from this massive windfall in specified illuminati banks. The Arab dictators agreed. Illuminati operatives met together at the Bilderberg meeting in May 1973 held at a Swedish island called Saltsjoebaden, owned by the Wallenberg bloodline banking family. Here they agreed the details of the colossal hike in the price of oil. Five months later, Henry Kissinger, a Bilderberg executive, manipulated the Yom Kippur war between Egypt and Israel. Kissinger in 1973 was the US Secretary of State and National Security Advisor. The United States and the West supported Israel during the war with Egypt, which gave the Arabs cause to retaliate economically. Of course this was right on queue, the Arabs feigned their disgust at the west for backing Israel increasing the oil prices, which brought the economies of the world to there knees. The amount of monies now flowing through the Illuminati banks was enormous and the next phase of this operation can now be seen. They went to all the third world economies and offered them huge loans at low interest rates to “boost” their economies and to “industrialise”. They new the monies would be squandered by their placeman dictators like Robert Mugabe and thus they knew repayment in the normal terms would not happen but of course that was precisely the plan, they still had insurance in the next move. In Britain we had the entrance of Margaret Thatcher and Thatcherism, which was in fact Carringtonism. Her handler Lord Carrington engineered the Falklands war as he handed power to Robert Mugabe to mention just a couple, and is high in the rankings of the Illuminati. A year after the introduction of Thatcherism in the UK, exactly the same policies were introduced in the United States under the name “Reaganomics”, which were in truth “Bushonomics” as father George Bush in the position of Vice President, was Reagans handler. Thatcherism and Reagonomics imposed economic conditions that brought tremendous rises in interest rates. Third world countries didnt stand a chance with the interest rate rises to even meet the interest charges let alone the loan itself. We have now the birth of third world debt. Enter now the Illuminati creations the IMF (international monetary fund) and the World Bank (part of an interlocking cartel between the Swiss, Dutch and House of Windsor). They told the debt ridden and poverty stricken countries they had to cut subsidiaries for food and health care and restructure their economies in line with the instructions of the IMF and world bank, if they did not they would receive no further help. At this stage these countries could not revert to self-sufficiency, as the Transnationals owned most of the arable land, as they were faced with the crushing world trade restrictions and the debt repayments… the starving began in earnest and is still with us. If they cancelled all the third world debt it would alter nothing, they own all the land and infrastructure within these countries. Any leaders that stood up to the bankers would find themselves in a war rather quickly. I see Mugabe as the play, which will guarantee the re-occupation of all the third world by the United Nations calling on NATO; in fact it has already begun. This is exactly the situation most families in the west now face, “survival through borrowing“, they will pull the plug in the future mark my words, I mean why wouldnt they, they have us all in the debt scam. Not only do they have us adults banged to rights with debt, all your children and grandchildren are about to become major liabilities to your savings!! STUDENTS, in debt up to their eyeballs before there wet behind the ears. Its no use thinking “its ok we have plenty” you will have sod all with the next crash. Better wise up to the banks now and see their play before its too late.


I see the assaults upon your minds regarding the microchip are now going strong. Still focused to your pets as yet, but with a bit more energy behind the thrust, and as previously stated more fear peddled regarding your children they will soon open the idea of micro chipping your children. I am waiting to see an episode of my favourite show of the moment, the C.S.I. Series on channel 5, in which I am sure will be planned, a story line which breeches the benefits of micro chipping. This series is so well put together its the Dallas of its time. Of course Dallas helped to fuel the greed of the eighties pushing the envelope of the PLC agenda, as the C.S.I. Series is pushing the agenda of total trust in the power of science and forensics as the new judge of all. With all the nonsense we have witnessed with Sir Roy Meadows, the Irish trials of the past were innocent men and women have been imprisoned to cover the Crowns own brigades of terrorists, and the fact that many of the scientific methods are showing themselves to be floored, we must not let this be, they control the enforcement of who to charge and who not to charge as it is, this science has grown hand in hand with the rise of organised crime, this is because in order to better hide their machinations it is better if we trust only that which the elite wish us to trust. Better in their eyes to trust information they control than from we the people. Its easy to place peoples DNA and prints at the scene of crimes and such, they are masters in the game of framing, if we go totally scientific with law they have licence to destroy all. The main way they have covered their paedophile activities within religion and schools is they are masters at throwing the blame onto other people. Its the same with the new agony aunt show on TV; this show is called “The Jeremy Kyle Show”. This chap is obsessed with the insistence we accept the lie detector test as absolute truth, all these types of programme instil the agenda of the new world order. Science is a tool not a God; do not allow them to instil a computer as God between themselves and you...


Have you noticed how the idiot lackeys keep on telling us, they actually have the cheek to tell us that what we know to be true is not true, yes I am speaking about this obsession they have, this constant bleating about how this war on terror is a clash of cultures, (doing their best to form the path of Enoch Powell) these young men are becoming weapons because they believe that Islam is under attack. This behaviour however is the very behaviour the elite wish to form into being and is the very behaviour that will bring the war of annihilation upon the Muslim. I have witnessed speeches by very high-ranking men who understand this to be the scenario: “That an extraterrestrial race has arrived here on Earth to help this planet by destroying a race of people on this planet, with the emphasis put thus “and it is not white” meaning the target race to be annihilated is not white.” This is the speak of the Nazi, again the speak has moved from underground race to extraterrestrial race. Which would make sense, in that since the end of the last war we have all been brainwashed with space, extraterrestrials, space travel and such. So at all levels of our societies we have the manipulation, to the Nazis of the last century who were rallied with the call purity of race to be cleansed under the command of the underground, it is now under the command of the ET. They capture our minds with a new wave of bullshit as we by our own speed begin to awaken from the old order. And yet they are expanding on the true facts that the underground race has their origins off planet. So the true perpetrators of this agenda in the last century exposed themselves to the chosen few as the underground, in this time now they have given up their true origin and exposed themselves, at least as non terrestrial, but the deceit continues yet as they still have you convinced they are the opposite to what they really are. Total Alice in wonderland, but this is precisely as it is. Britain is now a target of suicide bombers as you have just voted in Tony Blair…again. To the Muslim Blair is the reason along with Bush that hundreds of thousands of Muslims are being slaughtered around the world. Another point I find rather interesting is that the war in Iraq, as with the first war there, does seem to be in parallel with the work of Sir Laurence Gardner who is the current head of the ancient Imperial Court of the Royal Dragon and Order who with Zechariah Sitchin are sort of ordaining this action from a divine right very subtly.


 The Imperial Court of the Royal Dragon and Order was formed in Egypt around 2500 to 2200 years BC by the priests of Mendes, but this was only another skin shedding exercise for a far older order. This is the time when Egypt had been taken by the dark preistcraft, this order is the dark priest craft, yet still they are held in high regard by many, I find it hard that so many refuse to see what is in front of them, I suppose its the terrified rabbit frozen in the headlights of a car unable to face the reality of that which it faces, and so dies. There is a book available with much information relating to Sirius. It is by a female author Murry Hope, the title of the book is, The Sirius Connection. This book when studied from the perspective of its knowledge origin could be taken as directly from the Anunnaki of the Sumer knowledge. This then shows two very different streams of ideology claiming origin from Sirius: the dictate of the Babylonian God, Oannes, and the giving of knowledge of the Earth and the Heavens by the Nommo, to the African tribe the Dogon. This being so we must take great care that the amphibious Oannes, is not entwining himself around the Dogons Nommo, that having been said, I am uneasy with some of the information given to the Dogon by their Nommo. We have to be careful with this release of information, as now it would seem to be the time from the perspective of the elite that they offer an insight into how one should understand this knowledge, but more importantly, how it fits to show to the intelligent mind their divine right to rule. This in real terms would be the right to kill and destroy on the orders of Satan itself parading as the creator God, the only thing it created was its hybrid bloodlines and how it loves to tell you its accomplishment in the Bible. I see Tahuti as being the original Thoth the bringer of civilisation to Khem, Thoth the time lord and not the Thoth of the Phaoronic dynasties.

The Phaoronic calendar, which began in use as the new calendar in Egypt in around 4240 BC after the cataclysms, of which it is said, shifted the Earth from her original orbit, thus the 360-day calendar split into 12 months each of 30 days now lost. This orbit shift created 5 extra days. These days are known as the epagomenal days, or in the language of the Egyptian, the five Neters. So we are talking here about names given to these five extra days in the religion of Egypt thus these days are given the names Osiris, Isis, Seth, Nephthys and Horus. The Syrian (Sothic) fixed year is 365 and ¼ days almost the same as we have now, as it has been since the last cataclysms. This would give the idea that the Earth since her orbit shift or fall has aligned herself with the energies of Sirius or the fall is to Sirius B. The heliacal rising of Sirius is 23 July and is the start of the Egyptian calendar, or New Year.

It is held as most probable by many researchers to this esoteric aspect of the conspiracy, that the dark race or tribe originated from within the Sirius system, I on the other hand would suggest they originate from the Draco constellation and caused havoc in the systems of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades systems coming into this part of the galaxy chasing the escaping races from these systems. It is held by some that the Caucasus Mountains in times of the flood was a dimensional gateway, most agree to Sirius. This would show the gap from the flood to the first large and widely documented empire that of Sumer would have been the time of re-group and of breeding of the Elohim. Sumer began as a very well established civilisation around 4000 BC. There seems to be no evidence of an infant Sumer, it just appeared with unusual state of civilisation. In 4240 BC in Egypt the Phaoronic calendar began, so in Egypt they had measured the shift in their calendar. 240 years later around 4000 BC, Egypt was invaded by a brutal race, and Ra becomes the Sirian star Sirius and not our Sun. I think it not a coincidence that as Sumer is created we have the influx of a vicious tribe into Egypt. This then could be what the Black Sun actually represents the negative Sun is Sirius. That would place the Pleiades system and Alcyone as the balanced Sun in a wider context. The elite are obsessed with the Egyptian knowledge from the advent of the extra five days, so there must be something in this. That Sumer was the new empire stretching across the globe. Yet in order to divide the world they taught different language and religions to create the division in order they rule. That although the religions and cultures were different they had each been given the deities whom they should honour and worship, each cultures religions in truth are calling upon the five new energies which came from the homeland of the victors of the end of the last light age. As such the Earth was forced to align with the dark centre of the wider galaxy, from the standpoint today, we are at the close of the dark cycle and are entering the cycle of light, it is up to humans and all beings upon this planet to move with this shift in consciousness to block the dark lords reign, we really are at a major crossroads in our evolution, “we are at the end of the dark cycle.” This is important in understanding that we can change this agenda. We can stop the agenda I am exposing which is the dark lords agenda in order they can keep their power. We are heading into the change of cycles, but we have to learn to work with the new energies now entering our cycle. We have to fight the elites agenda not only for ourselves but also our children, or we have Nazi Germany on a global scale.

This would mean facing the new energies without fear forcing you to hang on to what you feel comfortable with, namely the old world order.

If we look at the mystery surrounding Akhenaton and Nefertiti with my line of conclusion could possibly have been an attempt at removing the false Gods of the five neters and removing the Sirian sun to return Egypt to its original ancient worship, our own Sun, Ra which would give explanation for the death of Tut-ankh-amon which was his true name and not Amen as later added. The civilisation in which we live today would be from the Babylonian God Oannes dictate and I would thus conclude Oannes to be of the Anunnaki Gods, whereas the African tribe, the Dogon speak of a race of humanoid or hominid peoples from the Sirian system, who visited their ancestors bringing great knowledge of the wider universe thousands of years ago. Knowledge we are far behind with concerning astronomy, yet knowledge that our sciences are proving more and more as time moves forward. I would put this Dogon Sirian race, possibly to have been the representation of the force known as the Law of One, which by western terminology has been named The Unified Field Theory. Remembering great cataclysms happened with the collapsed star Digitaria or Sirius B. I would suggest this to be the War of the Gods that we have found from the ancient world, continuing on Earth with the arrival of the Anunnaki? it would seem this war has been for eons of time. If this is so we are better armed if we understand. The key is grasping how the dark has hijacked and infiltrated the balance over the millennia; still the only way is to remove oneself from the ancestral spirit of all from the past while remaining who you are. The best-known scientific experiments with this knowledge of the unified field theory that we in the west have attempted are known as the Philadelphia experiment. Many Navel men died in this experiment, which is not surprising considering they were approaching this science with the mind of the military! To work with this science to create a unified field upon the Earth, we would each as individuals have to work first upon ourselves freeing ourselves of the fear which prevents us opening up to those less balanced, helping each other to love again, when love is offered love is returned, it is fear that breaks trust, which ultimately destroys love. We have to UN -equate love with weakness; love is strong if as already said, many people love. That of course does not mean you cannot fight with love there is more bravery on tap from the heart than the mind, it is within the mind the magician operates, the magician is fear itself, it is the self without union to higher balanced core of your creation or as you would understand it GOD, I would call it pure consciousness, because God resides within the lower three Chakras, god is only a requirement within the realm of fear, the heart fears no-thing. Life accomplished without the union with your higher self is all EGO, thats the fall. Just to bring this into todays climate. The satanist Alistair Crowley who was one of the last false prophets gave the world two things; he gave those who work to understand the Occult the new law of “do what thou will shall be the whole of the law, this was backed with his own brand of Crowlian Magic which bases itself on the numbers 777. The first London bombings took place on the 7th of the 7th 2005. With this date we have 777 (adding the 2 to the 5 for the year). Thus we are dealing with terrorism using the Crowlian system of esoteric arts. I can assure you no outer circle Muslim (which is about 99% of them) would see Crawley as a prophet; these terrorists are directly under the control of the Elohim from the lower fourth dimension and the Nefilim in the third dimension, together making up the Elite of this world. So the Crowlian The Book of Thoth would be from the version of Thoth in his new role under the new energies… the five Neters. There are many more numerological signs to the perpetrators of these attacks if one has the eyes to see.

One point I would like to bring to the fore is that when they first put out the pictures of the suspected four bombers caught on camera said to be on the morning of the first bombings, I would ask for confirmation if anyone else saw this, but I am positive that the clock time shown on the CCtv pictures read 21:54, if this is so then the four men captured on CCtv were ghosts.


I see the big fuss about 24 hour alcohol consumption is on the rise, what I would aim your attention too, is how they will probably at some point change their minds about 24 hour licensing to the pubs and clubs and they will pull the plug. Why? Simple, the aim is to change the laws regarding the supermarkets being able to sell sell sell 24 hours, once that is accomplished it will be a case of shutting all those premises they do not control within each town etc. they are not about money alone its about control.


With love to you all








`when the two towers came a crashing down in New York, all over America it was 911 terror this, 911 terror that, 911 new law here, 911  new law there, 911 new agency here, 911 more power to police, 911 more power to the state. In fact the American nation was terrorised by its own government who on the back of their own terror event, have managed to almost terrify the whole nation into backing a bigger slaughter of the Muslim.

Here we have 7th of the 7th terror this, 7th of the 7th terror that. Come on people see the game before you allow yourself to become another pawn in the Fourth Reich. You have until the 10th of October to work out your strategy in how you are to defeat the new Bills released before the summer recess, or we are up the Swanny and stuck there!


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