A Journey Through Democracy



The Chronology of Topics Covered so far in this work


Phase XIII


The Chronology



Studying history in story format can become confusing, so I put the topics covered into chronological form for the left brain to absorb with ease.




Dear Sir/Madame

Dated 18th May 2006


If no longer the peoples representative please except my apologies and discard if you so wish.

I will begin this operation with a diagraphic chronology of the events I have covered in this operation thus far. It will use our known or fabricated history as it will in parallel show the hidden events thus creating a more balanced chronology one hopes would help you better understand the bizarre and unbelievable work I have put forward.


I would offer this to my piers.

The purpose of this operation is not outright attack upon any religious group. It is an exposé; it is my attempt to show to you of intelligent mind how all religions connect, and why they connect. In undertaking such action it would be impossible not to lay accusation towards individual religious groups to clearly state my position. I throughout this work have repeated how I feel towards people who are trapped by religion or indeed culture, I have made it clear I look upon people of religion not with hate but understand they are more trapped through fear than those more inclined to live their own spiritual determination.  I would hope you understand that in putting together this work the whole foundation of it is to make change through the Democratic system within the law. That in naming people outside our locality in the bigger game is not my expose, it is based on enormous research done and already exposed by better men than I. I have made my thoughts known towards terrorism, it is not the way. Indeed I hope I have added to the idea that terrorism IS the very act that is perpetuating the need for the new laws, so I in no way wish to promote anything other than behavioural change in people who really can make the difference. As an enemy of the state, ‘who cares’ if the state is crap then it needs righting… I wish to protect the Britain although I except Scotland have probably gone. I feel it is your right to see what kind of knowledge those higher in the social structure live by in their decisions and prejudice, when dealing in the world which we all in the end pay the price for as we experience the suffering, be it with more tax and more interest, giving our limbs and lives in their wars, or just having to live by their oppressive rules and obey their organisations. How many times do they invent new bodies relative to any good idea that rises to the surface, they immediately create an organisation to control the new idea out of nowhere then stifle the idea through regulation. These questions when considered with seriousness bring about the question “WHY”. This operation is aimed at giving you the reasons all this fear, regulation, and war is as it is in this time now, both in a physical historical journey as it is a spiritual or mythological journey. I first had to gain a heightened understand of knowledge as it is understood through all our levels of society before I could express it in this journey you have all witnessed. I do not in any way claim to understand it all nor have I touched on what is really to be known. I also when reading this operation from the beginning can see my prejudices within the work coming to the fore as I have seen myself change for the better during this operation being able to feel facing back at me the reaction to the way I communicate to the world, a little less anger for me in the future will be the order of the day. This operation has laid blame to named persons and organisations in this world to help you understand this journey which leads ultimately to how such a deceit could be carried out, this would be the most important fact to be first pondered with seriousness having reached the point we have within this journey. I would suggest, that at the point in time given to us by our ancient ancestors through the astrological clock symbolised by some of the great structures on the Earth, namely pointing to the fact that they each align with there respective astrological houses in positions they were in times past, do seem to give us a time 10.500 BC. I would take this to be a point at which they wished us to focus, which could be the beginning of the dark cycle, that 2012 is the end of the dark cycle. Whatever the reason it is an important time in history, one that our ancestors wished us to understand. The history of mankind as a whole is one of total suffering at the hands of the elite bloodlines. From Babylon the solar temple inflicted the tale that enslaved mankind to the will of the. Isis - Ra - El-ohim/Nefilim empire, giving birth to the three pillars (Judaism, Christianity and Islam), which in their limiting has seen god at a level beneath the heart, and thus serves madness, made far worse in that they have enforced their dogma upon Africa, Asia, the Americas and most importantly as it is the root, Europe. The root of the Nefilim after the flood was the Caucasus Mountains and yes the white races have been used in the main by the Elohim/Nefilim from the time of the flood, as is the same with the Persians who became the Muslims and of course for the Lemurian race the Mongols. As I have already stated, the Nefilim feed off the Aryan race on many levels which is only natural as the Nordic race has been fighting this war for aeons. I on the other hand know from experience that the dragon race is not in itself bad, only that to be born to this world with Dragon DNA makes these types the target of this faction of evil ones, so to be of the Dragon race and not to become bad shows you the world who the great souls are as they are born within these bloodlines to try and break the power of the dark ones. This is why the elite use trauma based mind control upon their own at an early age in order to ambush the warriors who choose to be born into these bloodlines in an attempt to demolish the hex. Take China pre British invasion. This nation is 100% built upon the way of the Dragon, I have studied her culture with joy and learned much. The Dragon way in itself is not the evil way, yet a dragon with fear un-controlled will become black as it runs back into itself or to its R complex. With emotion and love cut off, intelligence runs the show for this being… it becomes reptile in its patterns or limitations of existence and becomes extremely ritualistic. It then has only three impulses: to fight all not like itself, to feed gathering all it can to itself and to F~ck its progeny en mass to takeover the planet on which it lives. Is it really surprising that the elite families are the most afraid on this plain as they have been deceiving all for millennia? So it must be understood that it depends on the qualities of the soul being born to this world, some are more aligned to the vibrations of the Elohim, as the Elohim incarnate direct to this world. This is why in ancient times the God lived at the top of a pyramid, or ziggurat within the South American cultures, that no man could see the gods, nor could they depict the Gods and live. The Maya after they were taken over by the Nefilim through the priest’s of Mendes instilled the blood rites of kingship and human sacrifice into their religion, as the Nefilim mated with Maya women and created hybrid bloodlines into the race to continue the horror and ensure the race as a whole would be Childs play to takeover in the future… The white priests then left stating they would return, and they did, the Spanish! Within there corrupted religious rites the tell tale sign of the Elohim was everywhere to be seen, most notably human sacrifice. The sacrificial victims would be taken to the God at the top of the pyramid by the priests only to be taken the last level by the high priest’s (or in today’s climate Cardinals), only they communicate Gods orders to the people as they alone know the truth and see the gods. Young virgins were taken to the top for breeding with the gods and for sacrifice. So we are dealing with an evil force that aeons ago began to inflict its will in the natural order of the universe and have chosen its methods of war well by infiltrating all races then playing them off against each other. They form each race into a strict hierarchical social structure and force a religious doctrine to capture any individuality and create a herd mentality under the threat of obscene violence be it physical or financial. The story of the Maya and the Inca is the same story for all races and tribes… at some point post flood history all have been infiltrated through either violent war, or forced religious imposition. The story of mankind through the dark cycle has been one of fear which is not surprising as the moment a mind deceives another it becomes afraid of being found out. The Nefilim are fear personified as they are deceiving all, thus the moment fear enters your mind, your heart is cut off and the vibration is lowered, the magician takes over, that is pure Tarot. When it comes to the Anunnaki Race the only fact to concentrate your mind would be that the leading faction of beings who knowingly carry out this agenda in physical form are bred from within the 50 sons of Anu, which has interbred with all races as we are today. That their infection of everything we know today has enabled them to take control of all the physical reigns of power in this world by deceiving the world through religion which has exited the submissive populations of the world enough to kill, persecute torture and enslave everything on this planet on behalf of the “wizard of oz,” “eh who’s he then,” he goes by the name, ‘The Great Architect’…. well this is how I currently understand the story.


The information beyond forty eight thousand years BC is of course conjecture on my part. Yet there is plenty of information to form such an idea when you pull together the native cultures of America, Africa, Australia, India and ancient Greek, to reach these ideas of possibility. There is even more information relating to such matters the higher you clime in the elite structure especially within the Occult. Probably the biggest debunking of our true history is the positioning of the ice age or rather its chronological entry, but that’s another story. One can understand why the Creation story claims the world is only 6000 years old; it is speaking symbolically about the Nefilim creation of the social world, not the Earth. What I mean by this is that through the Nefilim the Anunnaki/Elohim leader Anu set out the Tower of Babel for the structure of the world after the flood with him as this God creature. The Elohim descended unto those people who were building in the early Babylon, great structures, because they were afraid of the success of the surviving peoples, they decided to spread these ‘building’ people across the globe giving them different language that they would not become a threat to the Elohim through cohesion. It is the same with the story of the end of the world; it is speaking symbolically about the end of the old world order not the end of the Earth. So this new world order we are currently witnessing is the Nefilim agenda or Temple moving into its final phase of complete control of the Earth and its inhabitants on behalf of the Amphibious race the Elohim, through its hybrid bloodlines, the Nefilim, or the Dragon race however you would best understand it. The aim is to hopefully assist you in understanding the big lie by showing you how through the creation of the hybrid bloodlines they have ensured have the power positions in the world, an extraterrestrial race of non human structured beings can an have been controlling mankind by controlling all reactions available to man, to their machinations, and have through religion, the occult, and satanism, hidden the true history of our planet and ourselves, but more importantly they have been able to control all. If you can grasp the knowledge I have offered, you can therefore see that by necessity such a great conspiracy would have to be created in order to rebuild there past technology pre-flood once again upon the Earth, in readiness for the return of the original Anunnaki. It is these nasty originals who are coming back to judge mankind based on how ready we are to accept their rule. So the Hybrid bloodlines the Elohim and Nefilim, are the creation of the original Anunnaki and through whom the temple or pyramid of control is to be created, that in times past the Elohim/Nefilim walked openly in their true form, but after the routing by St George, the Elohim/Nefilim went into hiding and underground and have been breeding better cover DNA ever since. The Expose is to show who the representatives of this race are today, and to follow their ancestry as they have taken over each countries power houses from the end of the flood, based as they were in the Caucasus Mountain area of Southern Russia, and riding on the back of the Phoenicians / Egyptians, after the breeding with the Nordics. From an esoteric point of view it has been essential to cut us off from our ancestral spirits pre-flood. This has to be done to make us forget our true past and to ensure we disconnect from our blood spirit subconsciously, this is accomplished by deciding which DNA memory within each race is activated in each generation… achieve this and one can then manipulate the conscious world via fabricated history and a false interpretation of time, made easy in today’s climate with the television, in the past through religion in all its forms. So it is imperative to control the archetypal dimension of the world you are manipulating. I feel this has been made easier because we have been living the dark cycle be it because of the fall of man or the Earths shift in either orbit or on her axis Whichever may be true we are entering a new cycle and it is one of light, we need only prevent the completion of the new world order now, to prevent our total subservience to the force that has destroyed everything throughout history.



We must stop this war from escalating, it will become a war of DNA i.e., it will be your DNA that determines who survives the next round of mass concentration and slaughter.




Unknown history


                                                        450.000 years ago start of Golden age


This would be the height of the experiment with all beings living without the need for Gods. That during this time there was no interference by the original races that initiated the experiment, meaning no race came to man to offer help other than those representatives left in control of the colony in physical form. First wave of Anunnaki arrived in Africa to mine minerals, I would also add the operatives carrying out the mining to be the criminals and outlaws from the Anunnaki home world shipped to Earth as the British Empire shipped criminals to Australia and the Americas thus giving the psychological propaganda required in the mindset of the Colony when the future fabricated event of independence was completed, and thus the outlaws believing they have really gained independence from their jailers and masters, thus creating the mindset of the ‘independent’ Colony to drive fourth with zeal in grabbing the biggest share possible in the game to ensure their ‘freedom’ from the Anunnaki elite, and the empire of the Elohim expands yet more. . I would suggest Atlantis and Lemuria as individual colonies each governed by their respective extraterrestrial race, with the rest of the planet inhabited also by Homoerectus. I would go with the Nefilim taking hold in Africa first then attacking Lemuria with their interbreeding finally destroying her as they took over the reigns of power with their arts over thousands of years, then attacking and spreading to Atlantis, until they gained hold of the reigns of power in Atlantis. An idea of timescale can be ascertained if one excepts the migration stories from the native Americans, and from Tahuti, (Thoth) to be around 36.000 years BC. So this was a turning point in the civilisation of Atlantis which became highly negative under the rule of the Solar Temple. If it was as I suspect normal practice to cremate the dead we would find no remains to say different. I do feel that the Temple of the Sun origins in Atlantis came from Lemuria.

This Criminal element that worked as slaves for the Anunnaki under the command of the brothers Enki and Enlil, who for the time post flood at least, became known as the Elohim, and are the secret chiefs in this New World Order, who, as is the constant theme with the Elohim/Nefilim Earth empire, where given the idea of independence from the Anunnaki homeland and tasked to create what we know as the New World Order and have it in place for the return of Anu, so he can step in at the tip of this fascist pyramid operating the Anti-Christ, thus ensuring the Earth remains in its current dense frequency, which goes against the fourth root races law of one, which was a higher frequency dimension…the fourth or heaven. So not only are we dealing with a low frequency race, we are dealing with the worst elements of a bad race who themselves are acting for the originals who are returning to judge mankind based on how accepting we are for their fascist system.

The other side to this coin is that the golden age represents the greatest time of power for the Anunnaki which would equate with the last few millennia before the cataclysms. The Anunnaki are obsessed with the word gold especially when symbolising their penis, so this could yet again be part of the recorded journey of the Anunnaki written down as though it is mans history in its totality, when in reality it is all about their invasion into mans world creating the genetic infusion for mans communication with the dragon gods which has been the ability of the fifth root race. This changed everything and the original extraterrestrials that did begin the hominid experiment in Lemuria and Atlantis also began to breed their genetics into the human so we could thus communicate with them also. This is the battle, between the original three races and the fourth and uncomforting breed, the Anunnaki. What makes it confusing today and the reason the Elohim have advanced this far, is because of the breeding into the Nordic race by the Elohim through Queen El after the death of Saint George. This concealed the dragons directly within the white race of Saint George and the reason the white race has been used so effectively to build the Elohim Empire hoodwinked to the real controllers, symbolised with their coat of arms with the dragon tethering the unicorn. The fact that 50 of these slave masters are the sons of Anu makes the idea of independence completely nonsensical to me…so I see nothing other than a play of the most grotesque deceit. The help man is getting today comes mainly from the Pleiades, but there are many others helping man to break the nightmare that has ensued with the arrival of the Anunnaki.

It could very well be that the Anunnaki were one of the three original extraterrestrial races involved in the experiment, but changed tack and infused more of the reptile DNA into the human exactly to gain access into the experiment to, as they most certainly have… gain total control of this human adventure, whatever the actual truth of the situation, we are getting closer to unravelling the mystery of the ages, but for our own sakes as human beings we cannot trust the Anunnaki at all, if Anu was as he is portraying himself through the Masonic societies, then he would understand this point. we must awaken to this truth.

418.000 years ago Interference with Earth peoples

Begins with genetic engineering and breeding

By those who call themselves Gods; the Anunnaki


Realising their power over the peaceful humans we have a faction of Criminal beings taking over the African peoples by presenting themselves as Gods and Angels to them, it was then just a case of persuading the earth peoples to offer them homage through blood sacrifice in return for appeasement. This obviously worked and from this time the Solar Temple was formed and successfully established itself within Africa, the blood ridden Pagan rites are born…..superimposed over a balanced nature relationship. Many African tribes have many stories about this time and how they were deceived by Gods and became there slaves.  So it began in Africa rings true but only in the sense the evil began in Africa. This contradicts the translations of the Sumerian Tablets by Zecharia Sitchin, but, Arizona Wilder states very clearly that Sitchin attends the sacrificial rituals she carried out for the elite and states that he decides who is to be killed relative to whomever is deemed a threat to his and Sir Larry Gardener’s current bullshit, so I wont be carried away with anything that comes from this chaps hand or gob. I go with the knowledge given to us from sources like the book of Enoch (initiated) which states quite clearly that the Anunnaki/Elohim created their bloodlines by mating with the Earth women who bore giants or tall people, usually too big to birth without caesarean section and that these hybrids became the men of renown, all the heroes. The original Earth people are small in stature; the Roman legions were on average five feet four. The Dragon Bloodlines are in the main tall people.


100.000 BC


Advanced civilisation of Mu / Lemuria is recorded as thriving. This is another sunken continent said to have sank before Atlantis met the same fate, and is said to be the origin of the Chinese and Japanese races. I would state Lemuria to be the second colony for the invasion of the Anunnaki after successful takeover of the African landmass, and that they bred themselves into Lemuria then Atlantis over time, attacking Atlantis from Lemuria as they were destroying Lemuria. That accounts of the Sumerian texts and the Vedas are describing in part, the war between these two Continents as the sons of Anu strive for superiority.


50.000 years ago


Thoth (Hermes the thrice born), is said to have left Atlantis and settled in Egypt (Khem) creating the advanced civilisation working with the inhabitants of Khem after conquering them.  The Emerald Tablets certainly move into very high knowledge of the way through the dimensions. They seem to me to be rules when astral travelling.


48.000 years ago


Native American stories speak of their ancestor’s migration from the old red land Atlantis, as the Solar Temple gained control in Atlantis; they migrated to Turtle Island, America. The Smithsonian Institute is currently de-bunking this knowledge with the Clovis theory, which does not of course take into consideration the mass exodus to Khem by Thoth the Atlantean Priest king, which would give the reason why some Native American DNA is the same as ancient Egypt… both are from Atlantis. This is so in Britain and Ireland from whence they migrated to Britain from ancient Egypt as the Elohim take over. You can see with this knowledge how the Elohim/ Nefilim chase the balanced races wherever they go.

It could also be the time India was settled by the Nagas from the fallen continent of Lemuria.


38.000 years ago


Thoth having built the great pyramid at Giza to cap a porthole leaves the physical Earth. The pyramid at Giza like many other great constructions on the Earth and on other planets lies on the latitude 19.47 degrees the point at which rotating spheres exchange energy so it is capping an exchange. This is also the points at which two tetrahedron reach the surface of the sphere set from inside, again proving an energy porthole. The great pyramid is a stone library of very advanced knowledge paralleled with current science in the outer circle. We are talking serious geometry here. He leaves the Emerald Tablets for future reference. These tablets have been used to great effect with total misunderstanding by the un- initiated giving credence to the third dimensional :

 Priests of Mendes as a force for good as it does for the Comacine Masters, both orders Prince Phillip has links. When it comes to understanding Thoth it is difficult. When you study the Emerald Tablets they speak in the language of knowledge that will be taken or understood depending on your level of understanding. It is very possible the halls of Amenti were turned into the underworld with the construction of the pyramid capping this vortex point. They include a warning to those born to those Nefilim bloodlines and to all man, in how and why not to perform blood offering, for it will call unto them those who dwell in the shadows. If this be the case then Thoth would be of the Atlantean elite, which again shows not all born to the bloodlines are in themselves bad, that you can fight this dark force within by aiming all your energy to focus on love. In fact the whole purpose of the human is to transmute the darkness within each individual, and thus to cancel it out altogether, this is the meaning of the final battle being on the earth, it is through the human form the darkness can be defeated through transmutation at the heart centre, therefore disallowing those energies to ground and act themselves out in physical form. This is what at present enlightened beings are doing, grounding and thus cancelling out the darkness. When as a human being you are not with this understanding you are confined to acting the darkness out on the physical platform, which causes even more chaos and negative emotion in the world. If your heart is not open you cannot transmute the dark energy, it must then act itself out through you.


12.000 BC


Atlantis begins to break up with massive Earth movements, the direct result of the misuse of esoteric knowledge by the Temple of the Sun. they made the Earth so negatively balanced that the Earth had to act to prevent total flip o her axis, This dispersed the population all over the globe


10.500 BC


 A very important mark in time which it would seem many of the great structures of the ancient world seem to align with their specific constellation at the same time which was also possibly the time the landmass remaining from Atlantis because of the cataclysms finally fell below the sea, and could be classed as the end of the old cycle showing itself with the destruction of all that had been created within the light cycle. The Sphinx at this time would have faced the constellation Leo.


10.000 BC


From this time to around 5.000 BC their was a veritable and world wide epidemic of God Kings of the blonde hair and blue eye connection, another pointer to the breeding with the Nordics and the Nefilim, or as I feel… the point at which the Pleiadians launched their Hybrid Nordic race into the fray which lead up to the man Saint George who certainly did route the over ground Elohim. The failure long term for Saint Georges mission, was the inability of his sons to further it. I would suggest it was in the years after the death of Saint George that the Elohim bred directly into the Nordic elite, thus the reason the Anunnaki have concealed themselves so effectively behind the cover of the blonde haired blue eyed monarchs. This is further backed by the fact we know the Illuminati have eyes of the blackest density, empty… windows into the abyss. This was the event that created the hybrid bloodlines within the Nordic race which to the Nordic populations, would be seen as their own. So the race that hails St George for his ability in defeating the Dragon race and their blood connection to the Pleiadians has since this breeding accepted his enemy through each monarch. When it comes to St George what he actually represents is the fact that the dragon race or mindset, needs to be defeated in its agenda, and that we have it within us to conquer our fear and face this tribe of domination, by facing it within ourselves.

In today’s climate we know there have been many deals done between differing races with the Anunnaki at the top.


7.000 BC


The final cataclysm occurs shifting the Earth of her axis and creating the great flood. Noah saves an Atlantean bloodline and brings the imbalance-or balance  forth into our known history with his ark resting in the Caucasus Mountains, or on top of the pyramid at Giza as high esoteric knowledge alludes. (The Ark could well represent an  vessel removing DNA from all species on the Earth and on to their base on Mars, to be returned after the upheavals). Here begins the lie we know as history. I would also suggest that the elite of the solar temple began to construct the tower of bable over the Earth, using the Phoenicians. We all know which families and their hellish creations adorn the Maltese cross; the Royal families of Europe and the fascists who are one and the same, and it is documented that the areas we know as the poles, both north and south, are not the white baron windswept scenes we are given. According to some military reports it would seem to be a fact that around 1600 miles from the North Pole the compass marks the pole, which could be the reason why the pole adventurers are instilled in our history to quash any idea that there is more to the poles than they wish you to know.

As for the light beings and were they went, who knows. But we have been left with two ideas of possibility, the idea of Shambhala under the Tibetan plateau and Agharta. Now you know the true reason for the invasion of Tibet, there looking for Shambhala. What I will add is this. The light beings are no longer hiding if you are reading this they are speaking to you now.


6000 BC 



The first nexus after the flood for the regrouping of the Nefilim, they hail Nimrod, Babylon is born. All knowledge held by the Nefilim concentrated here. The Rome of its time after the flood as it is the Rome of today.


4240 BC


Savage invaders enter Egypt (Hyksos first wave), and they assimilate with the Egyptian natives. I would state the Hyksos to be from Babylon as the Nefilim Empire begins its assimilation with the Egyptian bloodlines. Sekhmet carries forth the eye of Ra. The five neters (axes) are incorporated into the Egyptian calendar recognising the shift of the Earth either her shift in orbit or possibly a five degree shift on her axis. Whichever it is, it is marked in Egypt in 4240 BC. Sirius longitude 13 degrees, 24 minuets of Cancer. That number again!


4000 BC


Sumer (Iraq) began from nothing, an instant civilisation. The Atlantean Solar Temple is reborn in the new cycle.


3322 BC


Chinese traditions tell us their civilisation was founded by an amphibious being named Fu-His or Fuxi. He was said to have the body of a serpent and the head of a man. He is said to have began the repopulation of the world (China), through an incestuous interbreeding with a character named Nu Gua, who was also described as half human half serpent, we are talking Lemurian elite bloodlines here of which the Li bloodline is certainly Illuminised and it is thought to be within the American power broker Colin Powell.


3000 BC


The Phoenicians arrive en- mass to Britain. The white horse at Uffington in Wiltshire is carved into the hillside. To the Phoenicians the white horse represented the sun and we know the religion of the Phoenicians focused to the sun. The swastika was also their symbol for the sun. Science has dated Stonehenge to 3000 BC also, but I feel Stonehenge was not used for good intention. There is a confluence of ley lines that connect in the centre of the structure; this is definitely a structure for ritual, which is why the whole of the First World War Battalions were marched passed Stonehenge before they left these shores for the slaughter. The Phoenicians (Egyptians) spread the Aryan race (Elohim/Nordic hybrids) across the globe as they spread perhaps unwittingly the Hybrid Nefilim bloodlines.


2600 BC


Said to be the start of an advanced civilisation on the Island of Crete, known as the Minoan. With the work of 19th century professor L.A Waddell this culture is shown to be part of the vast Sumer Empire and not separate.


2500 to 2200 BC


The Priests of Mendes create the Imperial Court of the Royal Dragon and Order. From this order the takeover of every tribe and kingdom on the globe commences.


2200 BC


The Priesthood of Melchizedek began to make their aprons with lamb’s wool. This is continued today by the Freemasons, which gives away the true genetics of those who control this serpent cult.. Melchizedek was the nephew of Noah, so we can see from which tribe Noah belongs because the race of gods we know as the Elohim, are the Melchedekans, who like the house of Saxa Coberg Gotha changed their names to satisfy the peoples of the time who still had the memories of Atlantis and the Priesthood of Melchizedek role in its downfall, and of course for historical accounting which would differentiate the returning Melchedekans from the Elohim. According to the Slavonic Book of Enoch had the badge of the priesthood upon his chest... According to ancient texts Noah had demanded that the people must not know about the child Melchizedek as they would kill him if they saw his strange appearance... The Zulu Shaman Credo Mutwa when he began to speak what he knows about the conspiracy was visited by a group of Americans who tried to warn him off with the threat “Melchizedek is watching you”. Ooh were scared I don’t think. The priesthood of Melchizedek became one of the most powerful and famous of its kind. Today the highest level of the Mormon priesthood is called the Melchizedek Priesthood. when you next come in contact with high level Mormons, Jehovah’s witnesses and Freemasons, pay great attention to their eyes, those who are most open to possession by the creature have problems with their eyes or one of their eyes, some even have a film of translucent skin across one of them, the blacker they are the greater their possession.


1720 BC


The Hyksos with the second wave invade Egypt, recorded as a very savage race.

 An author named Ralph Ellis (British) has written books claiming Jewish figures, like Abraham, King David, and King Solomon were in fact Pharaohs of the Egyptian ‘Hyksos’ Royal line that had claimed descendancy from the gods. This would make sense considering there is very little knowledge outside the Bible about these characters. The Hyksos were known as Shepherd Kings and Ellis claims the Hyksos were not in fact invaders, but Egyptians forcing the change from worship of the Bull in the age of Taurus to the Ram for the change into Aries, thus giving the constant bleating in the Old Testament to sheep, lambs and shepherds. The shift into Pisces within this cult can be seen again with the introduction of the Gospels into the tale when focus moves to the fish and the fisher of men as they moved into the age of Pisces. Today we move into Aquarius. Thus the bloodline of the Hyksos is coded within the Bible as the shepherds, Hyk meaning King and SOS meaning shepherd. Everything is about bloodline with the Illuminati. Ellis says that Abraham was in fact a Hyksos Pharaoh called Sheshi, who had the throne name of Mayebre or Mayebra, remove the M to the end and you have the phonetic Ayebram.

 He says Abraham’s son Isaac was the Pharaoh Anather, and that Isaac’s son Jacob, was the Pharaoh Jacobaam. Jacob is the Biblical patriarch having 12 sons thus creating the 12 tribes of Israel. He also says that the exodus was a story of two evacuations from Egypt by the Hyksos and their followers, the largest during the 16th century BC when the conflict between upper and lower Egyptian religions, the Bull and Ram were in full swing. This he says led to the people of Abraham leaving to settle in Palestine during the time of the Hyksos Pharaoh Yakobaam or Jacobaam. They left for the Canaan and sacked Jerusalem. I would offer that the first wave of Hyksos invaders in 4240 BC, were already established in Palestine as the Phoenician sea men. Ellis then says the Hyksos bloodline returned to Upper Egypt with the Biblical Joseph, and that his coat of many colours is symbolic of the mix of DNA or his royal genes thus returning to Egypt after exile in Canaan. Although he was not Jacobs first born, he was the first born of Jacobs’s chief wife Rachel and so became heir. When it comes to purity of Nefilim blood it is the female who passes the gene not the male, again you can see the symbolism of this point with focus being to Mary not God as important to Jesus. This is also symbolic of breeding into the Pleiadians bloodlines by the Elohim, who then superimpose their hybrid offspring, ‘the Son’ as the chief deity for the mind prison Christianity. In other words it is the importance of the purity of blood from the first lady so to speak chief wife etc, or what need for importance placed upon Mother all the while suppressing the feminine, as in womb (grail)… and DNA, the spiral staircase, the caduceus. So in one great deception, all focus of prayer and allegiance directed to the mother of the hybrid son and the hybrid son himself, and the father of the Nordic race removed into mythology, so far away one can never see him. Over time the chief male deity from the Anunnaki, the one who claims to be both lord of Light and Dark, ‘Anu, has muscled in quite brilliantly, especially so given that he is portrayed as taking over from his son, Enlil who is the naughty boy, Enki portrayed as the good son. This is classic case of good cop bad cop; in that whichever of the son’s gains mans allegiance…it is Anu who reaps the rewards. With the work of Zecharia Sitchin and Sir Laurence Gardner, this is precisely the play we have had against us since the Anunnaki instilled their upgraded reptile genetics into human form, thus expanding their genetics above the other two initial races that make up the human form, the result of which gave the Anunnaki greater influence in the affairs of man. Encouraging the blood rites into their hybrids religion, linked these bloodlines to those who dwell in the shadows of the Earth, symbolised extremely well in the trilogy of films, Lord of the Rings. So the story of Joseph is the Hyksos bloodline establishing itself as the Egyptian Royal bloodline, first stage was to instil Joseph as chief advisor to the Pharaoh.  Ellis states that the second stage of returning the Hyksos bloodline to rule Egypt not to be accomplished for a further 200 years when Pharaoh Amenhotep III married a daughter of the Joseph’s Hyksos line of Royal stewards and advisors. This would then be why Christians use the phrase Amen, in that this was the start of the confluence of blood between both Bloodlines, which of course are from the same root. Amen-hotep. Both Amenhotep II and III used ‘hyk’ in their Royal title meaning ‘Shepherd King.

 Ellis goes on to say that the son of Amenhotep III “the Shepherd King” was highly likely to have been the Biblical Moses who was from the Egyptian Royal line of priest Kings. He says Moses was the future Pharaoh Amenhotep IV better known as Akhenaton. This would explain why they stole the story of a child in a basket on the river found by a princess from the story of King Sargon of Sumer, and placed it within the new doctrine, possibly to hide this fact. Akhenaton married Nefertiti from the Vizier line going back to Joseph, knowing full well they were of the same bloodline, thus a very pure line would be continued in the new Temple. Moses was said to have been buried in a land called Moab.

Moab is very important to the Freemasons, another point showing what I have said previously, that the secret society networks were created to protect and instil the bloodlines in positions of power to create the Temple of the Nefilim bloodlines operating for the Elohim or Dragon gods. Interestingly Moab is the name given to America’s super weapon, ‘mother of all bombs! The Royal bloodlines marry their daughters and sisters to keep the line pure, yet hide this fact by having children out of wedlock only to marry them later, or breed with them incestuously. Also in the centre of this conflict, it seems, was Akhenaton’s brother, Tuthmoses, who like the Moses in the Bible gave up his Royal birthright to his brother. Moses gave it to Aaron while Tuthmoses gave it to Akhenaton because of wounds that made Moses, Tuthmoses, less than a perfect specimen the Pharaoh had to be(less Nefilim DNA). This relates to the wounded King in the Grail stories. Ellis goes on to say that Mount Sinai is the code name for the great pyramid, and that Moses would have entered the great pyramid, not a cave to receive the Commandments which are very similar to the Egyptian declaration of innocence in the judgment of the dead. If this was to be so then the three pyramids at Giza would be yet another representative of the Trinity. Ellis goes on to say that as the unrest over Akhenaton’s heresy continued, the original priesthood at Thebes put Akhenaton’s brother on the throne in Upper Egypt as the eight year old boy King Tutankhamen, who under orders had changed his name from Tutankhaton. He goes on to say that King David was in fact Pharaoh Psusennes II the last Pharaoh of the twenty first dynasty with his court based at Tanis, that his son Sheshonq I was in fact King Solomon. Interestingly no archaeological evidence has been found relating to King David in lands attributed to Israel, but there has for Psusennes II. He says that Psusennes II of the Hyksos bloodline arrived with an army to seize the unified monarchy of the Israelite tribes from King Saul, and that he passed this on to his son Sheshonq I, or King Solomon.

With this information one can see that the Israelite / Egyptian origins were removed by the ruling priest craft as a whole, thus creating a new historical story put together by the ruling Levite priesthood (descendants of Aaron / Akhenaton). This happened after the invasion of the Judean lands by the Babylonian army of King Nebuchadnezzar in 587 BC were they were taken to Babylon to put the new religion together and to learn the art of control via interest on money lending, this of course would be the Hyksos bloodline which itself is from Sumer, and so it was a return home to concoct the prison for the ages, during the 70 year captivity period…during this period of ‘captivity’ the Levite priests produced the texts that were to become known as the Torah (the law), and the first five books of the Old Testament known as the Pentateuch, officially attributed to Moses. All this being put together hundreds of years after the events had happened. What they actually did was to give Israelite names to Egyptian Pharaohs, inventing stories and incorporating tales from Sumer, which have origin in Atlantis and beyond. I feel the Illuminati bloodlines which are the hybrids created in Africa 418.000 years ago, bred their genetics into Lemuria and took over, then attacked Atlantis as Lemuria began to crumble again because of the misuse of esoteric knowledge turning Lemuria extremely negative, that Atlantis and Lemuria were two distinct genetic races, both taken over by the Elohim or Anunnaki. The Melchedekans I feel are the elite priesthood made up of the Anunnaki hybrids who ruled Atlantis, and so are the representations for their time of the African experiment, after the flood they changed their name to the Elohim, the hybrids in the next genetic inference would become known as the Nefilim, which brings us bang up to date with this ancient knowledge. The term ‘Angel’ only arrived on the scene after they incorporated the Sumerian Tas Mi-ki-gal, the dragon slayer and Lord of agriculture, later named king of the air and given wings to fly, changing his name to St Michael. The earliest tale is between Marduk who defeated Lucifer-Satan, relating to the battle between the Anunnaki Gods Enki and Enlil. The Babylonian holy days were changed into the Jewish holy days, including the Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles. The Levites relocated the Sumerian and Egyptian stories and themes to the lands they were to call Israel. This is the coded story hidden within the Old Testament known only to initiates.

Cuneiform texts discovered in Babylon show that during the reign of King Kandalanu (648-625 BC) one banker, Jacob Egibi, was charging an interest rate of 20%, now can you see were money lending began in the new cycle..

Going back to Freemasonry, these chaps at high level worship a God called Jahbulon who I cite to be a god of Lemuria… another version of Jehovah.

Zionism is not the fulfilment of the Biblical text as it would be understood by the masses. It is the agenda as laid out in this whole operation for the total control of this planet through total dictatorship by the Sumerian Royal Dynasties seeded as they were by the gods. But most importantly those who call themselves Jews in truth have nothing whatever in common with Zionism which is Babylonianism. Riding side by side with the bloodlines is the solar religion and sun god, Ellis writes that the Hebrew word Eli has the root meaning of ‘ascension’, the rising Sun. The chief Sun god of Egypt was Ra and the  moon goddess is Isis, and the blood rite Earth cult of Queen El-Elohim, thus we have Israel……IS-RA- EL, the Illuminati trinity.


So we have in the Babylonian ‘captivity’, the conjoining together of the three main cults of the day, The Solar in Ra, The Luna in Isis, and the Earth Mushroom cult of the blood rite pagans. Therefore Israel symbolises the fact the Elohim (El) are the product of Earth DNA, the serpent cult of Queen El and her son Tammuz, the very Queen defeated by St George, sending them underground… in Isis and the impregnation with only a replica of Osiris’s penis, in reality that of the Anunnaki, Sun God Ra, thus the trinity DNA confluence, in the Sun God the Moon Goddess and their offspring the Elohim - Nefilim. The moon is but the higher representation of the feminine principle, Isis the Moon, Hecate the underworld or shadow. Ellis states that the Muslim name for god Allah also comes from Eli. [Elohim]


Interestingly the colour red was very important to the Hyksos kings. The crown of the Lower Egypt Pharaohs was the red crown, known as the djesher-t. And very interestingly djesher in Egyptian meant red, and the first born sons of Israel were sometimes identified by a scarlet thread worn upon their wrist (Madonna’s Cabbala). The family Red Shield better known as Rothschild can be traced back to the Egyptian Hyksos Sumerian Kings. We are told how the Hyksos King Apophis was a fervent worshiper of the animal headed Seth; I would cite this to be Baphomet the composite symbol of the malevolent force, I would also add this to symbolise specific genetic hybrids.

In today’s world they have just re taken the lands of their ancestors, Sumer/ Iraq; .Egypt must be on the cards at some point in the future?


1550 BC


Phoenicians arrive in India bringing fourth the knowledge we call Sanskrit, from this knowledge is born the Hindu religion.  The Indian Aryans worshiped the sun as their father god Indra. It is worth noting at this point that the Hittite Phoenicians called their father god Bel, and also by the name Indara, plainly showing the same deity with only slight difference for each culture to create separatism while worshipping the same entity. It is the same with Thor Indara of the Scandinavian Aryans. Also sometime with this century the Order of the Rose Cross is formed, as can be seen in the Egyptian cartouche of Pharaoh Thothmes III. This cartouche is still used today in modern Rosicrucian literature. Some very influential people have been Rosicrucian’s, Johann Valentin Andrea who was Grand Master of the Priory of Sion,  Robert Fludd, again a Grand Master of the Priory of Sion, and Francis Bacon just to name a couple.


1362 BC


The Pharaoh Akhenaton after moving the Egyptian court from Thebes to the middle kingdom to a place named EL-Amarna dies. There he built a new Temple for his new religion and mystery school initiations. I have offered possible reasons for the mystery surrounding Akhenaton in the previous phase; I would elaborate if I may. The way in which Akhenaton portrayed his message was to implant the idea of ascension without the need to journey through the underworld, or, directly going to heaven from the earth life. By definition those following the dictate of the old warrior way can only expect the journey through the underworld defined by their actions while in body, and so this would be a true doctrine for those who live via blood and conquer. This is certainly the beginnings of the one God idea in Egypt focused as it is today symbolically to the Sun in Christianity.

He also put forward the symbolic idea of the sun being of its own creation after the spark. How it took into itself its own semen and threw out its children. This is surely the symbolic story of what science describes today. There is in the universe massive clouds of hydrogen that gather over millions of years seemingly doing nothing save growing, these clouds are millions of light years across. Then with the death of a star a spark is created triggering a strange reaction within the hydrogen cloud, it begins to suck all the hydrogen into a central core. This atomic reaction lasts millions of years until the density of hydrogen is so great in mass that within around four minutes the hydrogen ball ignites into a massive nuclear blast exposing shrapnel that will form into the planets of the new stars solar system or its children. So this ball of fire is of its own creation as it is fed from its dense core to last billions of years until it dies and sparks the same reaction in another cloud of hydrogen, and a glimpse into eternity is experienced. This event would create another great upheaval time in Egypt with Akhenaton so disrupting the Egyptian civilisation that it was the beginning of turmoil that was to come. The fact that the Priests of Mendes were already very well established in Egypt, I think it not the time at which Egypt became negatively manipulated, but the point at which the Illuminati would create the first stage in its formation of the three pillars, which would de-link the human from the gods of the Earth and to the systems of Orion, Sirius and the Pleiades and thus our ancestral spirit pre-flood. One thing we do know is that after the heresy the power was seen to move back to Thebes, although the secret priest craft remained at the new Temple of Akhenaton at El- Amarna. Akhenaton was sent into exile and so those followers of the new religion remaining in Egypt would have been extremely negative in their thoughts. The scarlet priest craft being masters of the negative would have been in complete control of all those followers left in Egypt without the people knowing this occult truth…obviously those who followed Akhenaton would have jumped at the chance to keep their new religion and so it would have gone underground. Unknowingly all those followers of Akhenaton and his new creed would thus give all their energies to the underground movement without realising they were under the direct control of the Hyksos who took the reigns in secret. Thus Akhenaton was free to further expand his new religion across into Spain and eventually onto Ireland through Scotia, his continued bloodline. To the rest of Europe the populace would have believed Akhenaton was the true rebellion against the Egyptian Babylonian Hyksos Sheppard Kings and would have gladly jumped on board. Every culture of the time would have been aware of the Babylonian takeover of Egypt by the Anunnaki / Elohim; it is this knowledge that has been removed by the Illuminati in all the wars across the globe up to the present day...especially so in the recent wars in Bosnia, Iraq and soon to be Iran, where there are many ancient monuments that would expose the lie of our heritage. For me this is a classic case of how the Illuminati operate against man and can be paralleled in all major events after the one god idea created by the Hyksos Pharaoh Akhenaton. This in no way contradicts the truth that there is only one source…but the source of all this universe is pure consciousness or pure thought, so on a twisted idea of a true fact has Anu placed himself as Lord God of all between man and who we really are. Understand this and the hex is demolished, and the men in frocks become irrelevant…unless of course you are such a sinful creature you require the ultimate creature to absolve you of all the sin you have carried out in order to bring the anti-Christ to power. If you want redemption then cease in your allegiance to the god of hate and the lie…that means god itself. Just look around the world were god is king…


1300 BC


Egypt in turmoil, the priests of Mendes split and migrate around the world, I would suggest they descended upon the Maya peoples of South America inflicting the religion of human sacrifice upon the Maya. The Maya are said to have originated in Lemuria. This race had great knowledge of the universe and the great cycles which proves their culture was not in any way like the cultures of religion we understand, which limits the imagination of man, limited to a world only 6000 years old and subservient to only one god who has split himself into four with his deceitful prophets, ensuring the so called clash of cultures we are today witnessing. The Elohim descended onto the Maya and instilled their own sickness of human sacrifice, then leaving the prophecy that they would return…and they did …the Spanish. Arriving in the exact same place as was foretold, even wearing the plumed hat. The satanic rites forced upon the Maya would ensure absolute disgust by the invading Spanish and because of the Maya’s fear of going against the prophecy, allowed the small band of warrior’s entrance into their most sacred places and communion with their leader. This scenario can be seen in all nations that Christian murderers would invade, especially so in Africa, Australia, New Zealand and even in North America. The indigenous peoples of these nations before the arrival of the Christian missionaries were visited by beings described as monopods who prepared the native peoples for the return of their gods. The deceit is massive and as I have said time and time again, has been carried out over a seven thousand year timescale, from the end of the flood.


1200 BC


Troy destroyed. Aeneas fled with the remains of his court to Italy, he married the daughter to the king of the Latin’s, Latinus (or Latinas). The Bloodlines Romulus and Remus are created.


1103 BC


Around this time Brutus grandson of Aeneas lands close to Totnes in Devon. He is welcomed by three tribes of Briton who proclaim him king. Off he went north east and founded the city of Caer Troia- the new Troy, later to be named Londinium by the Romans, today known as London. I have seen information that places Troy from within Egypt.


800 BC


The Romans began to use the Tau or Tav cross which resembles the letter T to crucify political dissidents. It was the symbol of the Druid God, HU and is still used today by the Freemasons in their symbol of the T square. It is also the shape of the chest pockets on military shirts.


652 BC


Nebuchadnezzar’s reign as king ends in Babylon. His throne name was Nabu-Kudurri-Usar and is by far the most renown of all the Babylonia Kings because he had the most power; he married the daughter of Cyaxeres of the Median. Unlike the Egyptians, the Babylonians did not see their Kings as gods, but saw them as descended from the city gods. They did call themselves shepherds. He was said to be the son of the god Nabu and so one can see from whence the term, ‘son of a god’ would come from, because of course the Anunnaki / Elohim called themselves gods, this proves itself in the 50 sons of Anu. Under the two brothers Enki and Enlil we can see that the true meaning of the fifty sons of Anu as controllers of fifty cities, with each city god as assigned by Enki and Enlil having bred from the underground with a chosen human female thus creating each cities ‘son of god’ for the role of leader. Thus confirming the fact that what we call the Sumer Empire was just that, a great empire with each of the fifty sons controlling a supposed separate race which was created under the operation known as the Tower of Babel. So races such as the Akkadians, the Hittites and all others are in fact the consequence of the Tower of Babel all of which where subservient to the same two brothers. The city son’s of gods being in full knowledge of their connection and agenda, but each cities peoples totally unaware of the overall leaders connection, and fully believing themselves to be different races, backed up with manipulated wars to encode within the human DNA that this battle is real, which carries on within the DNA memory of all our bloodlines today. Through Hollywood films and manipulated wars we are taught in history and the ones presently underway, both re-activates and re-enforces this nonsense in our current DNA. Thus man remains cut off from its higher self and unable to trust other races because of the DNA memories of the religious divisions as we can see currently playing out against Islam, but of course this fear is a two way show, the Muslims do not trust the white man either. This is what I speak of when I state I was being groomed for the Illuminised levels of the social world, I was being brought in to this us…the Illuminati, and them…the human race. As I have stated many times it is so because of my bloodline, but DNA is only relevant to this third dimension, if you can gain control of your DNA, then who you really are comes into play, your higher dimensional self then operates through you while alive in this dimension, the dictate and nonsense within your DNA becomes null and void. The Illuminati have not achieved this ascension in its true spiritual sense, they have accepted the extraterrestrial DNA programming as master, over and above the mammalian coding, thus becoming transfixed by the higher levels of the DNA instead of their higher -selves, enough that the controllers of the DNA matrix trust them to carry out their will, so it is a decent for these bloodlines. This then proves the fact as portrayed in the Alice in Wonderland story that this third dimensional reality is upside down, with the snake, of ‘snakes and ladders’ fame having reached the top of the board with man at the bottom. This is why such murdering pigs as Lord Lucan and Prince Albert in his ‘Jack the Ripper’ mode are never caught, because of course they belong to the tribe operating against man…in full knowledge of what they are doing and are therefore protected. What we have here within Sumer are the stories of two brothers trying to impress their father Anu as children do, but if you put this in to today’s context what it shows is the battle between the bloodlines siblings for position of top dog, yet sticking together when it comes to the overall agenda which is for Anu to come back as overlord from wherever it has been all these long years. Good cop bad cop with us poor humans in the middle ignorant to the blood connection of all the race’s leaders because they each trace their lineage back to Babylon or rather the Sumer Empire which was seeded by the returning Elohim from the pre-flood era. The story of Noah is the cover for this truth. So lets leave well alone the dragon aspect of the tale, and concentrate on the fact that the leaders of this world are the tribe bred by those calling themselves the gods, placed into positions of power across the Sumer empire, taking over the whole of the planets landmass to the point we know stand, the ruling elite of the world ‘ARE’ these creatures as we know them today, giving themselves great titles and patronage to keep themselves from taking control of their DNA, I mean why would they want to with all the wealth and power they enjoy?. The proof there is a race working against this tribe of childish ignorance and dominance proved itself in the tale of Saint George, who from his home in Turkey managed to halt for a short time the encroachment of this tribe into Europe sending them back underground; this race was originally known as the Nordics who emanate from the Pleiades. But again we have to be careful because there have been deals across many differing races for the control of this planet, so I would advise caution when linking with energies that claim to be from the Pleiades or anywhere else, always test them and if not happy with the reply…cancel the link.




The Levite priests, who are the sons of Aaron better known as Akhenaton, enter Babylon and learn the art of the mystery school. With the knowledge and tales of Atlantis woven together the first pillar of the three pillars is born, JUDAISM. Paying homage to the Elohim God Jehovah commanding ownership of the first born of man and beast especially the male first born. Still today for ritual sacrifice they use the first born be it human or animal for their offering to this freak of an entity… and more importantly the charging of interest on money lending.


485 BC


Herodotus is born. During his life he travelled to the lands of Egypt gathering knowledge. He heard nothing of Solomon, the Exodus, or the drowning of the Egyptian army. A man dedicated to history would certainly have written about history. He did write about the Pharaohs?


563 BC


Guatama (Lord Buddha) was born in the land of the Sakkas (Scythians). The land of the Sakkas was to be found in the Upper Indus Valleys between Kashmir and Afghanistan. So it is no coincidence that the Buddha was named Sakyashina, Sakamuni, and the Sakya sage.                                


427-347 BC


Plato is born and leaves us the best description of Atlantis the elite have allowed into the public arena, the main collection of knowledge from Plato is reserved for high initiates of the Illuminati.


356 BC


Alexander the Great is born to Philip of Macedonia (382-336) and his wife Olympias. Much is done with this man to re-take and collect the knowledge of, Greece, Persia, Syria, Phoenicia, Egypt, Babylon, the former lands of Sumer and across into India. Cleopatra is of this bloodline.


300 to 250 BC


The Cimmerians migrated North West from the Caucasus and Asia Minor (Turkey) into the countries we now call Belgium, the Netherlands, Germany and Denmark. Another branch of the Cimmerians travelled up the river Danube through Hungary and Austria into southern France. The Romans called them Gauls and the Greeks knew them as Keltoi or Celts. Groups of these Celtic tribes settled in Bohemia and Bavaria and others invaded northern Italy. Sallust the Roman historian, records how the Romans were defeated a number of times by the Cimbri, who he states were Gauls. Other Roman historians say the Cimbri were Celts. They were divided into three tribes, the Belgae (north east France) the Gauls (central France), and the Acquitanae (southern France to the Pyrenees Mountains). By the second century BC, the Gauls /Celts (the white Cimmerians from the Caucasus Mountains and the middle east) occupied all of Central Europe and northern Italy going on to conquer all of that country. Around 280 BC they swept down into Asia Minor and reoccupied the lands of their ancestors. The Cimmerians settled in Wales also which is why the Welsh language is called Cymru. Another group from the Caucasus region were known as the Scythians. The Romans called the Scythians Saramatae and the Germani from the Latin word Germanus, meaning Genuine. The Scythians were therefore known as the genuine people and of course from Germani we get German and Germany. The Anglo Saxons that invaded Britain were also known as Germani by the Romans.


175 BC.


A large group of Scythians went east from the Caucasus and reached the borders of China enlarging the existing land of the Sakkas, perhaps back up for the growing Buddhism.


11 BC


Francio who claimed to be descended from Noah… dies. Francio’s people had migrated from Troy into Europe. Francio’s people were known as the Franks. They were later to be known as the Sicambrian Franks after their tribal Queen Cambra, in the late fourth century AD.

So we can see this bloodline is from the Caucasus Mountains area north of the Black Sea, from Scythia. The Sicambrian Franks called themselves the Newmage – the people of the covenant, which in turn would be the covenant of the Elohim carried by the Nephilim. The Sicambrian Franks later lived in an area west of the river Danube and settled in Germania, their centre being Cologne. It was from the time of King Meroveus who in 448 AD was named guardian of the Franks, that this bloodline would become known as the Merovingians.

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It is worth noting that this manufactured point in time gives us the year 2000 as the year of the dragon.


AD 60


Lucius Calpurnius Piso, the head of his family and married to the great granddaughter of Herod the Great produced his ‘Ur Marcus’, the first version of the Gospel of Mark. Encouraged by his mate and Roman writer Annaeus Seneca, but alas both were killed by the Emperor Nero in AD 65, with this the name Piso disappears from Roman history.


AD 60


Boudicca is at war with Rome in Britain.

 The strategy of Rome in Britain was to cut off the middlemen to the Gods of the Britons, thus creating fear amongst the tribes. This they did when they began to slaughter the Druids, thus removing all leadership to each individual tribe thus de-unified the tribes. Rome was set to destroy the British tribes after they had finished off the Druids in Anglesey. With the defeat of the Britons Rome would have 400 years to form its systems to civilise England. This of course was achieved with the people believing (that word again) Rome was in no way tied to the Serpent race; the Elohim, of course the Roman bloodlines were exactly that form the genetic mutation of the dragon bloodlines, Romulus and Remus.


AD 68


Nero assassinated possibly by an agent of the Piso family. After this event Piso’s son Arius, who used a number of names including Cestius Gallus was made governor of Syria giving him command over the Roman army in Judea. He was involved in the Judean revolt in AD 66 which Vespasian was sent to destroy. The Piso clan then put their weight and manipulation behind Vespasian who became Emperor in AD 69. AD 70 the Romans destroyed Jerusalem, stole the Temple treasures, probably including the Ark of the Covenant, took them back to Rome.


AD 70-75


Arius Calpurnius Piso wrote the Gospel of Mathew, and the updated Mark between AD 75-80 with the help of the Roman writer and statesman, Pliny the younger. AD 85-90 they gave us the updated Luke.

Arius’s son, Justus wrote the Gospel of John.


AD 138


Piso’s grandson Antoninus becomes Emperor. From this point the Piso’s are in the main known as the Antonines.


200 to 300 AD


Odin leaves his homeland of Asaland or Asaheim which lies in the land of the Scythia which is identified as Aryan India. He leads his huge army north to conquer Sweden. His army was called the Svear and in Swedish that country is still called Sverige, the land of the Svear.


312 AD


Constantine is made Emperor. This maniac was a ruthless soldier who served in Britain for Rome. To get to the position Emperor he slaughtered his enemies and their children, using a British army... he had been sent to quash the rebellion in Britain and Gaul by the usurper Carausius just after he had been made a Caesars son. This madman was converted to Christianity after a series of visions beginning it is told with his first vision after a battle in his ambitions to be Emperor at Milvian Bridge near Rome. The Christian legend says; he saw the vision of a cross in the sky with the words “By this Conquer”. The next night it is said, he had a vision of Jesus who told him to put the cross on his flag to guarantee victory over his enemies.

Now as I understand it this chap Jesus he would not in a million years visit a madman like Constantine under any circumstances, not least if you hold his teachings to heart, how could you possibly accept this nonsense if you feel you have a connection with this chap Jesus, Jesus would be the enemy of Constantine as Constantine would be the enemy of Jesus. His mother and wife Helena claimed to have found the place of Jesus’ birth and the place of the Crucifixion, as she claimed to have found pieces of the wooden cross he was crucified upon. Constantine was a member of The Roman College of Architects which connected with the Order of the Comacine Masters. The Comacine Masters expanded rapidly under the reigns of Constantine and Theodosius as Christianity was becoming the dominant religion of the Roman Empire. The Roman College of Architects was one of the orders that the Pisos and Pliny operated through, so with Constantine it is just a continuation of their work in forming the imagination prison Christianity from the gospels written. The Order of the Comacine Masters was divided into Lodges headed by Grand Masters and they wore white gloves and aprons and communicated through secret signs and funny handshakes.  The Comacine Masters have been around for a long time. The Christian Cross was the symbol of the Anunnaki God U-TU the shining one, or as he was known to the Semites, ‘Shamash’. So from Constantine’s vision he was asking all to worship U-TU of the Anunnaki / Elohim Gods. Constantine himself worshipped the Sun God Apollo.




The Protoevangelion of James, the oldest of the Gnostic Gospels, along with all the others, where removed from Christian orthodoxy at the Council of Nicaea.

Describing the unusual birth of the child Y’shua, does ring very true with modern day ET experiences. Upon this child would be inflicted the revamped tale of Mithras to serve the Nephilim. The real life of Y’shua would be lost to the lie of Tammuz resurrected as Jesus.


344 AD


Around this time the philosopher Celsus wrote of the Church leaders: “you utter fables, and you do not even possess the art of making them seem likely… You have altered three, four times and oftener, the texts of your own Gospels in order to deny objections to you.”


380 AD


The Emperor Theodosius, who married into the Constantine bloodline, made Christianity the official religion of the Empire. The power of the Babylonian Priesthood grew to massive proportions as they made new home in the centre of Rome.


382 AD


Jerome became secretary to Pope Damasus, and was commissioned to bring various texts together to produce the Bible in Latin. He worked with the sex mad St Augustine. The Vulgar Ooops! Vulgate is born. They both agreed that women were morally and spiritually inferior to the Male. And that sex indeed was evil and it stopped the male from embarking upon the spiritual path. They examined thirteen Gospels, nine Acts, and teachings of the Apostles, plus thirty one letters among other writings. They then decided which were orthodox and which were to be rejected. Their choice was supported by the Council of Catharge in 397AD and confirmed again by Pope Innocent I, around a century later. In 1545 the Council of Trent decreed it to be the only acceptable version for Roman Catholics. Jerome is credited also with the decree that Psychic communication or Channelling with other dimensions should be outlawed; the Pope sanctioned this decree also. This was to become a deadly decree under King James I and his new Bible.


391 AD


With men like Celsus presenting major floors in the Christian invention, there was only one answer, burn the centre of this true knowledge that they can suppress future intelligent and truthful nemesis to the new creed, the library at Alexandria is burnt to the ground.


410 AD


The Visigoths of Southern France sack Rome but the power of the new religion Christianity means the Popes take on were the Emperors left off, but this would be very problematic because constantly there would be a schism and in most cases the imperial families would dictate to the Popes, not until Charlemagne would this problem be solved as he conjoined the two under his emperorship, but again this would not last at least not until the victory of the Black Guelphs over the Ghibellines (Hohenstaufens) was accomplished. This again would dissolve and to the present day we have the Imperial families dictate to the Popes, this enabled the split in Christianity and the Protestant movement to ensnare all souls who opposed Rome. So the Roman dictatorship became a Papal dictatorship only for consumption for the masses. This is why the message of love enshrined within Christianity has never held sway within the Illuminati…only in the hearts of the masses. The centuries that followed saw great slaughter as the Nephilim bloodlines takes absolute power controlling all through one man, a Papal Emperor… Around 434 Attila the Hun was on the scene. Said to be the awaited warrior that would unite two peoples to challenge Rome in their quest for world domination…in Rome he was said to be the scourge of God, so he could not have been all that bad, this prompted the Eastern Roman Emperor Theodosius II to offer Attila and his brother Bleda 660 pounds of gold per year to keep the peace. This peace was very short lived when in 441 the Hun attacked the Eastern Roman Empire after Attila had realised a deception being played against him. With Rome on the brink and in tatters the Emperors mother allied herself with a great Roman General who she freed from prison to deal with the legend of Attila, they set to manipulate the populations bordering Rome’s empire, Attila was the target for manipulation and destruction, they would bring him in to fight against the Visigoths who had been allied with Rome in Attila’s defeat on the plains of Chalons. In 452 Attila met with the Pope Leo I as he turned his eye on Italy herself after destroying great cities in Lombardy. Leo persuaded Attila not to sack Rome. After Attila had fought well with his people alongside the Roman Legions he was poisoned by his new wife, or choked on his own blood after a binge drinking session which is just a little dubious because Attila was not a drinker?. In Rome the released general was also slain having served his purpose. With Attila gone and a bunch of lesser intelligent rulers, ruling, what would become known as the dark ages descended upon Europe. From moves made in this time would create the Khazar Empire from which the majority of people today operating against humanity in the present calling themselves Jewish, would emanate. What the Roman Empire did accomplish with the death of Attila was to hijack the role of uniting the Hun and the Magyar out of the hands of Attila and under the manipulation of the Roman bloodlines which concluded in the formation of the Khazars, a puppet race of people totally unaware of their allegiance to the will of Rome. Who in today’s climate are to be known as the Ashkenazi Jews who just happen to belong to Zionism, Israel and Mossad, ohh and heavily involved as pawns in the banking system? But only as scapegoats shielding the Royal bloodlines. More on this subject in the next phase.


415 AD


Clodio dies. He was king of the Salian Franks 426-447

He was a semi-legendary King of the Salian Franks and father of Merovech, founder of the Merovingian Dynasty, Called, “the Long Hair” or, “the Hairy” because of the length of his hair. From then on the Merovingians were called the "Long Haired Kings" and the cutting of a king's hair represented his loss of royal power.
According to legend his father was Pharamond (r.409-426), the first King of the Salian Franks after the departure of the Romans from Gaul. In history, Clodio was probably real. He lived in Thuringian territory, and ruled at the same time as the semi-legendary kings Theudemer and Richemer. All that is known of his reign is that he took the town of Cambrai from the Romans. He was succeeded by his semi-legendary son Merovech. Unlike Merovech and Clodio, Childeric I, Merovech's son, was very real and cannot be considered fictional. Meroveus or Merovech, Merovee became guardian of the Franks, his bloodline became the Merovingians. His legend says he was born to a Human mother and a sea creature named Quinotaur, so Clodio was a Quinotaur?. From this bloodline we have the Habsburgs, and the House of Lorraine.


449 AD


After the end of the Roman physical occupation, Briton was a prized culture and Island. The opportunity for great Britons Chieftains to expand their own landmass was in front of them like never before. Lord Vortiga, a British Chieftain tyrant, hired two Saxon chiefs in the role as mercenaries to help him fight for more power in Britain. The two Saxon leaders then took it upon themselves to steal and settle in the Southeast, Kent being their biggest stronghold. One of the Saxon Chiefs was named Hengist, the other Horsa. They would war against Vortiga also, as the Saxons laid claim to Southern England. It is also said Vortiga towards the end of his life was taken to a place by a boy called Merlin there he was shown two dragons fighting. One of the dragons was white, and represented the Saxon bloodline Chiefs; the other was Red, as it represented the bloodline of the Britons Chiefs. The White Dragon was defeated, and fled; this said the boy Merlin to Lord Vortiga prophesied that one day the Saxon Kings would be replaced by a king of the Britons. Merlin is actually a real man, he was a great Sear from this part of our Northern England, he was known as the wisest of the wise with the ability to know great things. He was sought by many great Chiefs of Briton for his wisdom.


456 AD


Childeric I becomes king of the Salian Franks 456-481

Childeric succeeded his semi-legendary father Merovech as king of the Salian Franks of northern Gaul in 456, during Roman times. He became infatuated with the daughters of his subjects, who were so incensed about this that they forced him to give up the throne. He discovered that they intended to assassinate him, and he fled to Thuringia, leaving a close friend and telling him to send him a message when Childeric could return to his kingdom.
Childeric took refuge with Bisinus, King of the Thuringian Franks, and his wife Basina. The king elected by the Franks was cruel, and soon after Childeric was re-called to his kingdom by his friend, and was restored to the throne. Once Bisinus and Childeric were both kings, Basina deserted her husband and went to live with Childeric, who married her and had a son Clovis.
After a battle with Odoacer, King of the Saxons (and conquerer of the Western Roman Empire, 476), at Orleans, Childeric and the Saxon king made a peace treaty and together subdued the Alamanni, who had invaded a part of Italy. In 481 Childeric died and was succeeded by Clovis, his son by Basina.


                                                                             466 AD


Phoenicians arrive in Northern Italy which was to become the Venice we know today. They quickly created their financial and military power base.




Clovis I became King of the Salian Franks 481-486, not to be confused with the Sicambrian Franks Clovis inherited his father's kingdom in 481, at which time he unified the Salian and Ripurian Franks. In 486 he defeated the Roman General Syagrius who ruled northern Gaul out of Soissons. By 493 he married the Burgundian princess Clotilda. In 496, after defeating the Alamanni, he was baptized, thus becoming the first Christian ruler of post-Roman Gaul. By 506 the Alamanni were subdued, and the next year Clovis finished his expansion by taking Aquitaine from the weak Visigoth king Alaric II. On Clovis' death in 511, the kingdom was split between Chlodomer (Orleans), Childebert (Paris), Chlotar (Soissons), and Theuderic (Metz).


500 AD


Merovingians establish the city of Paris, named after Prince Paris of Troy. The Fleur de Lis is one of the symbols of the Merovingians said to have been claimed by Clovis and represents the trinity relative to the bloodline of the Nefilim. The flower grows wild in the Middle East and is also known as the three pronged lily.


510 AD


To continue the story of Merlin, we have a real living Arthur. Arthur was at war with the Saxons and some Scottish Clans. He was based just north of Hadrian’s Wall in what would be Caledonia. In Arthur’s final battle he is victorious in the battle but runs to kill the traitor in this tale, Sir Modred, he kills Modred but is fatally wounded. Over the days it took for him to die, he ordered one of his knights to throw his Sword of power into the lake, the Knight assigned to the role could not bring himself to throw away such a powerful symbol to the Britons, but Arthur demanded upon the second failure to carry out his last order, that his order be obeyed. At the third attempt the assigned Knight completed the task and threw Excalibur into the lake whereupon two hands appeared and took Excalibur to the realm of spirit for the return of its possessor, ‘Arthur’.

So the tale of a Briton Chieftain revered by the Britons was a strong cultural part of northern Britain mindset, mainly aimed against the influx of Saxon warlords, as it was against Scottish clan takeovers which had been made easier with the Romans destruction of Tribes of Briton... The part of this old Briton map in which we in Lancashire live, was known as the Brigantes, originally far larger than it is now, up to Caledonia incorporating Sherwood Forest to north Wales.  The way in which the bloodlines would eventually conquer the Northern Tribes would be via the Roman Church absorbing the Pagan rites and calendar rituals into the new tale to entrap the human mind. The North battling on all fronts at this time in history.


553 AD


The knowledge of reincarnation is removed and outlawed at the Second Synod Council of Constantinople under the influence of the Emperor Justinian. Anyone not obeying this order was to be excommunicated, terrifying then. And the prison for the mind, ‘this is all there is lie’ was born.


601 AD


The Pope sends out a high ranking priest to locate all vortex points on the ley line grid and to build a Church upon them to control them.


604 AD


Oswald of Northumbria is born. King Oswald would march from his castle in Northumbria to meet in battle King Pendar, the last Pagan King who held the kingdoms of Marcia. Passing through Oswaldtwistle, which he claimed as his own giving it the name thwistle which was Northumbrian for a settlement between the fork of two rivers. Oswald met Pendar at Oswestry in North Wales and was ritually sacrificed.


612 AD


Mohamed has vision. They are now a step further to the next awesome move in the agenda, Second phase British invasion.


740 AD


King Bulan king of the Khazars living in southern Russia the Caucasus mountain region converts to the Jewish religion.  With this the whole nation follows.

 This was more a political move as his warriors or people were surrounded by Christians on one side and the Persians the other, this move would prevent them from being absorbed from either. The Khazars are descended from the Turkik tribe better known as the Hun or Huns, there most famous leader being Attila the Hun. Interestingly the most renowned Hun was ‘Magog’; this if you remember from an earlier phase, is father George Bush’s Skull & Bones Society name.  The word Khazar is said to be made up from two tribes conjoined through breeding, the Magyars and the Hun.

 The Khazars controlled a massive Pagan Empire reaching from central Europe into China and India. They were phallic worshipers and engaged in human sacrifice ritual. In a series of wars the first between 642 to 652 AD and the second between 722 to739, some 300.000 Khazar warriors held out against invading Muslims, thus saving Eastern Europe and Russia and Christianity. Other fronts were defended by Charles Martel (the Hammer) the leader to the Merovingian Franks and Grandfather of Charlemagne to whom 34 0f the 43 US presidents are related. This Empire folded after 960 AD after invasion by the Mongols over a couple of centuries, and they migrated northward into Russia Lithuania, and places like Estonia,  a number of Slavonic tribes led by the Polans, formed an alliance with some Khazars and formed the state of Poland. From here they enter northern Europe.  So those who today call themselves Jewish are in fact and this is proven with genetics information, from the Caucasus area of southern Russia. This cancels out the call they have as the chosen people of Israel to whom God gave them the Promised Land, at least 90% of people in Israel are from southern Russia, as are the Rothschilds and Kissinger.


742-814 AD


Charles the Great


 This chap known to history as ‘Charlemagne’ was installed as Emperor of the West in the Papal Empire of Pope Leo III. Charlemagne is highly revered to the Bloodlines as Phillip Eugene de Rothschild stated in phase X… in him is the confluence of the purest bloodlines from the Elohim breeding with man. 35 of the 43 Presidents of the United States from Washington to Baby Bush are related by blood to this man, as Adolf Hitler and the Nazis were obsessed with this man. What is also very significant to this mans reign was his ability to convert many Viking chieftains and Kings to the Christian cause, continuing his grandfather Charles Martel’s work at just such alliances, when he gave Normandy to the Vikings. The Swedish where the last Viking nation to take Christianity. This is very significant to England because the control of the Viking raids and colonisation would prepare the path for the Viking Norman elite to invade in 1066 with William the Conqueror.


900 AD


Habsbergs Bloodline first noted in Switzerland.


1042 AD


Edward the Confessor is born 1042 – 1066.

First English Royal Pendant Seal was that of Edward the Confessor. Yet alas this chap was neither British nor English.


1066 AD


The French St Clair family settle in Scotland after England is taken by William the Conqueror, the black Nobility make their big move on England.


1069 AD


We have the second campaign against England by the Vikings, started from Denmark by the shrewd Swien Estridsson. When you give great study to the Vikings one can see how the Norwegian branch of the Vikings where by far the most aggressive. The Norwegians fought both the Danish Vikings and the Swedish. We do know that Sweden had the King system brought from their origins in the Caucasus and thus carried among them the Nefilim bloodlines, yet taking research from Johannes Brondsted one is left feeling it was from the Norwegians who spread the violent raiding mindset among the Scandinavians, there must be something we are missing if as many researchers do lay blame for the infusion of Nefilim blood directly at the feet of the Swedes. Perhaps the Norwegian Vikings where also a branch of the original Swedish settlers taught only the art of war. What we do know is the connection between Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Normandy, and the lands of the Khazars and Bulgars all seemed to be operating together while seemingly separate kingdoms. Of course this is only so I the fives sense reality, once you understand the esoteric aspects to dimensional difference one can understand that each Viking leader was of the Nefilim blood and so operated as dictated by his God, of course unknown to all but initiates those on the outer dimensions who operate war are one and the same group and so each Viking leader was working to the same agenda of complete control of the European land mass. This can be seen in no better light than the second campaign in 1069 when 250 Viking vessels landed at Kent gathered a massive Anglo Saxon army from within England and both set out to demolish William the Conqueror, all is looking good. The combined armies marched on York which the small Norman garrison set on fire. The invading armies had a victory. Had they kept their nerve instead of falling into the old mindset of plunder they may just have changed the course of history, but rumour began that William was approaching and the Danes went back to their ships and entrenched themselves in the Isle of Axholme. This left the Anglo Saxon army at the mercy of William and another possible rebellion was thwarted. So looking from the perspective of the fourth dimensional control of these Viking leaders we can see how they where used as separate groups yet all the leaders taking command from the lower fourth to an unknown conclusion, in this case the opportunity to demolish the remaining Anglo Saxon threat in England. The Norman Conquest safely instilled and yet another branch of the Vikings take power as the Norman Nobility. There is so much more to know about the Vikings, one thing we can safely say is like all others they where used by the Nefilim bloodlines for a period of around 200 years to expand the empire of the Nefilim bloodlines from Babylon across Europe, Britain Greenland Iceland, the Americas down to Baghdad with the Swedes acting as traders along all the trading routes. Not only that, but the Vikings would become the preachers of the Christian religion whilst still themselves practicing their Pagan rites, so we can see the connection between Charles Martel of the Franks and the Viking Norsemen in spreading this sickness we call religion. So the Merovingians are important in the spread of Christianity in the centuries before the 1066 invasion into the lands of the Norsemen.


1074 AD


Gregory VII imposed celibacy upon priests, not looking good for children then!


1090 AD


The Knights Templar, the Knights Hospitaller of St John (Knights of Malta), and the Teutonic Knights are formed in secret of course, giving time to recruit the top brass and organise themselves into a split- levelled order before publicly announcing their existence some twenty four years later.


1099 AD


Christian Crusaders invade Jerusalem. The Black Nobility are on the move big style; again it is the French St Clair’s living in Scotland who are at the centre of this move into the Holy Land. The St Clairs later changed their name to Sinclair. This family was also responsible for the construction of Rosslyn Chapel.


1100 AD


Sometime early in this century the European Royal Houses were formed by Rupert the Count of Nassau and Christian, the Count of Oldenbourg. This is clearly the beginning of the Priest craft from Babylon’s elite making their move to control the landmass Europe. From Rupert came the Hess-Darmstadt and Hess – Cassal bloodlines, the Dukes of Luxembourg, the Battenborgs / Battenberg’s (later Mountbatten’s), the Prince of Orange and Nassau, and the Kings of the Netherlands.

From Christian came the Kings of Denmark and Norway, the Schleswig-Holstein line and the Hanovers who became the Kings of England. Other Black Nobility bloodlines include the Dukes of Normandy (William the Conqueror), the Saxa Coberg Gotha line, and the Plantagenet’s who produced the Tudor and Stuart Monarchs of England. All Black Nobility in disguise.


Also during this century the three main and most significant orders or secret societies were officially formed: the Knights Templar, the Knights Hospitaller of St John of Jerusalem, and the Teutonic Knights. Sometime between 1114-1118.


1114 AD


National headquarters of the Knights Templar was in Holborn London.


1124 AD


Hugues de Payens Joins Knights Templar, which he would when you consider he was married to Catherine St Clair of Norman Decent now living in Scotland.


1124 AD


The most famous Scottish Bloodlines of history leave northern France and Belgium to make home in Scotland. So not so Scottish at all eh! This happened during the reign of the Scottish Kings David 1 and Malcolm 1V between 1124 and 1165. These were classic Scottish names like: Stewart, Seton, Hamilton, Campbell, Douglas, Montgomery, Balliol, Graham, Lindsay, CAMERON and Comyn, all arriving from Northern France and Belgium during this brief time. Please understand I am not saying if you have one of these names you are bad, but in following the bloodlines it is essential information. It goes without saying they took over Scotland very quickly indeed. Of course this was made possible with the work of the Sinclair family.


                                                                            1126 AD


Hugues de Payens leaves Jerusalem to gather recruits, meets St Bernard, the Abbot of Clairvaux (1090 – 1153). With Bernard’s uncle Andre de Montbard, St Bernard takes them before the pope, and sang the two men’s praises to Pope Honarius II, who gave them permission to form the Knights Templar with Papal backing.


1128 AD


January 31 1128, the Knights Templar is officially formed at the Council of Troyes (more Troy recognition).


1128 AD


Geoffrey Plantagenet Marries Granddaughter of William the Conqueror Matilda. This is a good point of reference to see the Black Nobility agenda taking another giant leap in Britain. Through the manipulation of this relationship yet more importantly the offspring of this union one can see a continuation of the agenda of the Black Nobility carried out through the Templars.


1130 AD


Templars begin to finance the building of the Gothic style Cathedrals all over Europe, this continued until around 1250 AD.  This would make the builders of the time, or true Mason’s guilds very wealthy and very needed.


1146 AD


The Savoy family began their rule of Italy lasting until 1945. From around the same time the Estes family ruled the Italian region of Ferrara, until 1860. Both these families were involved in the takeover of Britain by the Venetian Black Nobility with the St Clair’s who are of Viking Decent (the Normans are Norse men) all these families are of Phoenician origin.


1154 AD


Son of Geoffrey Plantagenet and Matilda, King Henry II of England, marries Eleanor of Aquitaine, and unusually a marriage were both parties actually fancied one another. They have four sons; young Henry who died of dysentery, Geoffrey who died after being trampled by a horse, and then the two sons who were nothing but puppets to the Black Nobility via the Templars, Richard the Lionheart and King John. The manipulation around this dynasty is the next move in the agenda of the Venetian Black Nobility, after the conquering given them by William in creating the perfect state system they can completely manipulate from behind the veil. They part funded the crusade with Prince Johns high taxes. The return of Arthur was in the minds of the Britons as things began to get bad. Henry commissioned the hunt for Arthur and his wife Guinevere’s bodies. He claimed to have found them to confirm he would not return. This did not suppress the Britons rebellious speak, so Henry’s wife Eleanor of Aquitaine Commissioned French poets and story tellers to usurp the myth. It was during this time the Grail and blooded lance enter the tale. This would be immortalised in the De Medici Chapel in Florence in later time’s which is total symbolism to the human sacrifice rituals, as the tale would form the Merovingians as the secret bloodline of the symbolic Jesus.


1161 AD


National headquarters of the Knights Templar moves from High Holborn to what is still called today, Temple Bar in the inner city of London.


1187 AD


Templars lost control of Jerusalem (not yet ejected) probably on purpose, to the Saracen Turks. This began the split with massive conflict between the Knights Templar and their Master and allies the Order of Sion. One has to see the crusades as a coming together of the white elite and the Persian elite, as they pooled knowledge and the art of manipulation through Opium and Hashish, as it was a knowledge gathering expedition, knowledge hidden since times past they were tasked to retrieve, as it would be to re-link with former ritual chambers to re-awaken demons from the chambers. The knowledge would be knowledge of the pre cataclysm era priest craft, which the Temple can advance again in the agenda of the Sumer Egyptian Priest Kings. I would personally like to see the family tree of the leading females from the beginning, which would tell the true picture of the family.


1171 AD


The Nobility of Venice become known as the Black Nobility. They were given this name because of the way in which they pushed themselves upon other big families. The methods used were to marry into the wealthy families, lending big monies to these families usually for war, with bribery and blackmail, and outright assassination of the person whose influence they coveted. They then would give themselves the most lengthy and elitist grand titles, well some things haven’t changed.


1188 AD


The Order of Sion and the Knights Templar officially separate with the ritual

‘The cutting of the Elm’ held at Gisors in Northern France. Centuries of conflict followed. The Order of Sion changed its name to The Priory of Sion.


1199 AD


King John succeeds Richard I to the throne. He does not merely take the throne of England, he inherits overlord status to the Franco British Empire stretching from the Cheviots to the Pyrenees, with its heartland in Normandy and Anjou, as its arms reached deep into the Celtic lands of Europe. What must be understood relative to the crusades is that it emptied all fighting men from Britain and Europe and sent them to the Holy Land, I say holy lightly; this gave the green light for the Nefilim to re-shape Europe in their image, and through King John the same in Britain. We had Saxons, Normans, Vikings, Jews and the Britons all brought into the arms of the Nefilim with the ludicrous tax system implemented during this time. It is the same today.


1213 AD


October 03 1213, King John Claimed autonomy over England Corporation Sole, signing the King John Charter. (Claiming autonomy over all Sovereign rights of England.) He then as instructed by his handler Americ de St Maur. handed all these rights over to the Pope and the Holy Roman Empire with the signing of the Magna Carta, which breached the Charter.



Destiny of Briton assured for the Nefilim


                                                                            1215 AD


The Magna Carta is signed in England, with the immense help of Americ de St Maur, the English Templar Grand Master, he was also chief advisor to King John. With the success of the Norman invasion, the French black Nobility had instilled such a grand Lordship controlling all the Barons; it was now time to curtail the powers of the Monarch. This then gave many Templars the seats of power over the English nation, the power to usurp the powers of the English monarch when deviation from the Black Nobility agenda was threatened for centuries to come. This gave the elite of these bloodlines the ability to create division between the then Lords all over England and thus strengthen their grip on the English people. It also enabled the money lending to increase which then creates dependency by all the Lords unto the Black nobility, which still furthers the ability to manipulate conflicts between each of the Lords to the desired outcome of the Nephilim Hybrid bloodlines, a prime example would be the War of the Roses in which thousands of native Brits where slaughtered. 10 weeks after the signing of the Magna Carta the Pope outlaws it

I will offer great detail to this aspect of the tail at the end of this Phase. But the simple truth is, the Magna Carta usurped the Common Law of the Saxons. 


1216 AD


England was actually ruled direct from France by the French Dauphin for a few months.


1223 AD


Francis of Assisi in Greccio, Italy invented the Nativity and hijacked the Pagan ritual of gift giving; the rest as they say is history


1255 AD


Ritual murder of St Hugh of Lincoln. Henry III personally ordered the trial and 18 culprits were hanged-all Jews.


1258 AD


One could argue this to be the formation of the English Parliament, as seven of the most powerful Barons summoned Henry III to meet them. The Provisions of Oxford is signed.


1268 AD


The enemy of Rome the Hohenstaufens or Ghibellines were defeated by the Guelphs (named after Welf the Duke of Bavaria). This was invariably the green light for the tightening of the grip of the whole landmass Europe, up to the borders of India as it was to the western shores of Ireland by the Roman Empire, which is in fact the Dark Priest craft from Africa to Lemuria through Atlantis, Babylon, and Troy to Rome. From this point in time focus would be to the Far East and the Americas, centre ground having been captured.


1274 AD


Grandson to King John, son to Henry III, Edward I is crowned King of England. Known to history as Edward Longshanks. Through this man they take Wales into their control. The Bruce’s in Scotland take care of things to remove old clans who were native to Scotland through war with Longshanks, especially when it came to the manipulation of William Wallace. As the Bruce’s further instilled Scottish involvement in the affairs of Ireland. It is said to be a fact that most great Castles are built upon entrances to the underground world, if this is so we know were to look in the future. Edward was a psychotic killer of extreme brutality, once while walking through a forest with bodyguards they came upon a lone man walking in the woods. Edward ordered his men cut off one of his ears while he took out his eye. Then they walked off as if nothing out of the ordinary had happened. This type of impulsive torture and murder was a constant behaviour pattern throughout his life. Perhaps more terrifying is the fact that for the elite bloodlines nothing has changed, they are the same mindset as Edward today, just hidden.


1275 AD


The statute of Jewry passed; confined Jews to certain areas forbade usury to them and also ownership of land and contact with the people : compelled them to wear a yellow badge.


1278 AD


The Habsbergs Bloodline emerges with Papal support to become the puppet Emperor family to rule the Holy Roman Empire lasting until 1806.


1290 AD


Death of the last heir to the Scottish throne.

 3000 Jews expelled from York, Lincoln, and London.


1291 AD


Templars lost most of their influence with the Church of Rome after their ejection from the Holy Land, yeah right!


1304 AD


Stirling Castle surrendered to Edward. The next move of the Illuminati was to gather remaining clans behind an enemy they could crush, removing even more true Scots from Scotland in Death. This is the beginning of the rise of Robert the Bruce


1306 AD


Philippe the Fair, Merovingian King of France and puppet of the Priory of Sion,

Arrested and ejected all the Jews in France, confiscating their wealth and property.

Also in this year Robert the Bruce was clearing out to make the changes necessary in Scotland, he killed Cummin who was allied with John Balliol.


1307 AD


Edward II succeeds Edward Longshanks to the throne; he marries the daughter of the French King Philip IV, Isabella.


1307 AD

Friday 13th October 1307 the Merovingian King of France Philippe the Fair, puppet of the now, Priory of Sion, orders arrest and torture of all Templars in France including their Grand Master of the time Jacques De Molay. Most of the Templar wealth and Navy was removed before this event to Scotland and Portugal, many Templars ended up around the world but many were not so lucky and were tortured and killed. Mainly the lower ranks and non illuminated Knights, as in all these type of organisations once the Humans have given the leaders their wealth and power through acting for the organisation, they are surplus to requirements giving that ninety percent of the organisation are of good intent that will not do? The same with the first World War, the British nation had served the Nefilim exceptionally well in building the Empire, when no longer required you are sent to slaughter by the masters you have served so well or with the Civil War, once the Puritan army had slaughtered the English off they were sent to Slaughter the Natives of America. To bring this into the present, there are no jobs for the youth of this nation, so you all begin to call for the return of National Service, go on help the elite slaughter your offspring, or is the real call, go on slaughter all those that have not and wear Hooded sportswear?


1318 AD


Robert the Bruce is killed. The Bruce line comes from Robert of Bruges in what is now Belgium.


1327 AD


 During the reign of Edward III, Edward created the Order of the Garter mimicking the French invention of the Round Table, set for this monarch at Windsor, further entwining them around the Briton, ‘Arthur’. This would help to entrap those of the higher levels of knowledge and initiation, very clever and as we can see it worked to perfection; this would incorporate all added works from France to the tale of Arthur. He entwined the Story of St George into the Mother Son tale of Queen El and Tammuz, the final insult to the defeater of the dragon St George. I feel personally that in this event alone it stole the true followers of the bearded hero of all humankind, St George, and completely hoodwinked the white race into holding dear the enemy of this man through the manipulation of knowledge relative to St George being removed. That in truth the chap with the beard to whom all Christians have in their mind when in prayer is in fact St George and not nor ever has he demanded we call him God, this is the event in which they entwine the enemy of St George to deceive his future born followers to hail to Queen El and Tammuz or Mary and her son Jesus.


1368 AD


Edward III’s second son Lionel of Clarence dies.


1376 AD


The Black Prince dies. With Edward III’s first son now dead and his second also, the heir to the throne is Richard, son of the Black Prince.


1377 AD


 At the age of ten Richard became King Richard II, but the power broker of this King would be Edwards’s third son John of Gaunt throughout his reign.


1381 AD


Watt Tyler camped on Blackheath outside London meets the young King Richard. Tyler demands a Magna Carta for the poor man, that all people below the King be equal, and an end to surfs. The King agrees. Tyler taken by surprise remains at the meet, giving the kings court time to change the situation and Tyler is killed. Had Tyler returned to his army with the Kings answer we may have beat the Nefilim that very day, instead the king destroyed the rebel army slowly. It would be Richards revenge 10 years after the merciless Parliament of.1388, and in 1398 sending Bolingbrook into exile and stealing his Lancastrian estates that would give John of Gaunt’s son Henry Bolingbrook the rise to opposition. After the death of John, Richard faced Bolingbrook. Most of the Barons went over to Bolingbrook, Richard fled. Richard was put in the tower before being starved to death in Pontefract Castle, the theft of the throne ensured the War of the Roses and death to many more indigenous Britons who were still against the Black Nobility. They always destroy any hope of collective rebellion by dividing and killing the people before they see the game, this operation is to give you fore warning whilst we still have time to change it before they have completed the Temple.                            


1400 AD


Throughout this century we see the continuation of division and demolition of all who still rebel against the new masters, the prime example would be the Wars of the Roses. .One could say that Britain was taken in this century to the point the elite are now ready to create the split in Christianity, with the Netherlands and soon to be England as the leading light for the new fanaticism being that they were already enemies to Rome, better to capture them by having them unknowingly join the split they are planning to launch in around one hundred and seventeen years or so. The remaining organisations to be demolished in England would be the Monasteries and the Guilds.


1408 AD


Rene de Anjou is born. He was the Duke of Lorraine and became Grand Master of the Priory of Sion at the age of 10. This guy was serious Black Nobility, he also had other titles; Count of Province, Count of Guise, Duke of Anjou, King of Hungary, King of Naples and Sicily, King of Aragon, King of Valencia, King of Majorca, King of Sardinia, and he was the symbolic king, the King of Jerusalem. One of his daughters married England’s King Henry VI who was himself prominent in the War of the Roses. Rene’s influence was massive as was his manipulation given the title, King of Jerusalem; he manipulated Joan of Arc as he controlled the rise of Christophos Colon, better known as Christopher Columbus.

 Upon this chaps watch we had the renaissance, which was announced through secret society networks as the releasing of higher knowledge to the masses. What was really going on was yes a release of hidden knowledge but only in the shape of another mind prison that would capture many in the many levelled secret society networks they were launching all over the world to capture all those minds that were ready to open to a greater truth of man. In the end all the knowledge released in the renaissance was just so mixed up and unfathomable one had no option but to join one society or another, just to learn more.

Also within the court of Rene de Anjou was an astrologer named Jean de Saint Remy and, according to many accounts, was the grandfather of Nostradamus. This would make sense in that Nostradamus was closely connected with the House of Lorraine and its offshoot the House of Guise, both these houses were in league as they pursued a bloody campaign of assassination against their bloodline rivals in a bid, unsuccessfully for the throne of France, or possibly a success in achieving the aim but from behind the scenes. Nostradamus real name was Michel de Notre Dame, Michael of our Lady. It was Rene de Anjou who incorporated the two bar- cross or double cross as the cross of the House of Lorraine, which if you remember I pointed out is on the lamp introduced into the Accrington Pals Chapel in St Johns Church. With Nostradamus, his quatrains are simply coded and symbolic messages and instructions handed to future generations of initiates in ensuring the agenda of Armageddon is followed, as it is coded messages of secret groups of the past facilitating good relations when they come across each other as time passes they can recognise old symbols and written works in each group and show God brotherhood. And so it has been since Nostradamus put together his work from the dictate of the Nefilim and their priests.

 Rene de Anjou was one of the chief public players of this century for the Black Nobility in further showing the decline of Rome. Just remember this is all about Rome hiding its chairmanship of the global empire while enlarging its grip ever westward, this as you can see requires a play on a colossal scale and over many centuries. You have to consider the stakes, this tribe or family are taking over not just a corporation or invading a country, they are playing for complete and utter control of the whole planet. You have all seen how un emotional they were in the eighties with the demolition with out care of this nations state companies which ensured we could always employ more than we could not, and left us with this uncaring, and down right dogmatic society domineered by the middleclass who by the way get very exited about bullying, stop bullying this nation into fascism.


1413 AD


Henry V is crowned King of England and the conquest of France is back on the agenda. This foreign adventure would re-enforce the authority of the Monarchy in England, we do like warriors?


1415 AD


The Battle of Agincourt is won.


1418 AD


Rene de Anjou is made Grand Master of the Priory of Sion aged ten years.


1419 AD


The conquest of Normandy is complete.

When you grasp the blood connections of both the English elite and the French, you can see that Henry V was warring in France not for England but for the Black Nobility. And so all who we the English killed in France were probably the bloodlines the human race could have perhaps benefited from in preventing this agenda from working. All through history you can see when humans nearly stopped it without ever really knowing it; we are again at one of these times we must take it.


1422 AD


Henry V dies


Henry VI is crowned king of England. This puppet loses all lands in France yet one must remember he did not take personal rule until around 1437 and Rene Duke of Anjou was busy preparing his puppet Joan of Arc against the English. The war had been lost really before Henry had the power when in 1435 the Anglo Burgundian alliance had collapsed; this was total Black Nobility manipulation. This fear of the English would ensure France remained loyal to the Pope, and no further would a possible un controlled threat to Catholicism remain in France, and the safety cushion of Vatican allied souls would move no further than the borders of France from the west, the stage is set, Europe divided but totally controlled, time to push to the Americas.


1429 AD


Joan of Arc announces her divine mission, Rene de Anjou is by her side, and incidentally Rene’s movements cannot be accounted for between 1429 and 1431. I am not surprised; he was handling his new warrior Joan.


1431 AD


Vlad Dracul was initiated into the Order of the Dragon by the holy Roman Emperor. His son Vlad the Impaler in 1459 had 30,000 Merchants and others impaled on wooden stakes in the Transylvanian city of Brasov. One of the most famous woodcuts of this era shows Vlad feasting amongst a forest of staked humans dipping bread in their blood, to his side an executioner cuts apart other victims. He signed his name Draculea or Draculya, the Devils son. Queen Mary or Mary of Teck, the mother of King George VI and therefore grandmother to Queen Elizabeth II was descended from a sister of ‘Dracula’.


1450 AD


With the hundred year war having ended in defeat for England Henry had to face the turmoil at home. In this year there was a popular uprising the most serious since 1381 (Jack Cades Revolt). In 1453 the king lost his mind which reminds me of a scene from the film The Lord of the Rings, in which a king is bewitched and only Gandalph the white can remove the possession, this is the way of the Nefilim, possession. During this time which lasted seventeen months Richard Duke of York the heir to the Mortimer claim to the throne, became Protector. Henry recovered but fell ill once again and Richard took Protector- Ship again. Richards claim was closer to fruition.


1480 AD


Rosslyn Chapel is completed by the St Clair (Sinclair Family) and strangely it depicts corn and Cacti, yet America has yet to be discovered. This chapel is a Holy Grail for the elite and is built in the shape of a Templar Cross; it is a mass of esoteric symbolism within and without. There is a rare book by Frederick J.Pohl called Prince Henry Sinclair’s voyage to the new world 1398. Henry made this journey with another elite bloodline fellow of the Venetian Black Nobility, the prominent Zeno family. Sinclair and Antonio Zeno landed in Newfoundland and went ashore in Nova Scotia or New Scotland in 1398. This is not so surprising with evidence that Norse, Irish, Welsh, Bretons, Basques, and Portuguese had all sailed to the Americas. To cut short the Americas had been known about all the time by the elite, it just was not time for the masses to know.


1451 AD


The English are driven out of Normandy which they had held for thirty years, and Gascony which the English had held for three hundred years.


1455 AD


The first skirmish in the War of the Roses occurs.


1460 AD


In October 1460 Richard of York had grown confident enough to bid openly for the throne, although he was killed at the battle of Wakefield three months later, his son Edward avenged his father at the battle of Towton in Yorkshire and proclaimed himself King Edward IV. The early years of his reign were dangerous as Henrys wife Margaret of Anjou was stirring up revolt. Warwick the Kingmaker is on the scene first backing Edward then driving him from the throne and into exile in the Netherlands from whence he would return to kill Warwick.


1478 AD


King Ferdinand of Spain and His Queen Isobela, who by the way are the same bloodline as the Piso family who wrote the Gospels, as they are to Constantine who brought the stories together to form Christianity, decide, to create the Inquisition to deal with anyone who said different or in any way opposed the agenda. This madness would last until 1834


1485 AD


Henry Tudor inheritor of the Lancastrian estates killed Richard III at the battle of Bosworth, England enters the Tudor age as King Henry VII is hailed King.


1492 AD


Christopher Columbus, real name Christophos Colon, discovers the Americas. Columbus was discovering the Americas on behalf of Lorenzo de Medici one of the most powerful of the Nefilim families of Venice, and had the support of the Grand Master of the Priory of Sion Leonardo da Vinci. He was supported also by King Ferdinand of Spain and his wife Isabella of Castile; these two instigated the Spanish Inquisition. It is time for the masses to be awakened to a new land to escape too, away from the Royal Families of Europe, or so they think?

Also in 1492 there was a Papal Bull called the Bull of Ahlambra-Ahlambro, which told all Jews in Spain they had either to convert to Catholicism, leave the country, or face torture under the inquisitors. The Jews had no were to go and so remained on ships off the coast of Portugal, Spain and France. Columbus had his ships ready for a full year before he made sail, because he wanted the title 'Viceroy', which gave him ruler-ship over all the lands he found.

According to Brian Davis Anderson, When Columbus returned, the Jewish Armada set sail finally landing on the Eastern shore of Mexico, they made base and soon had a flourishing Hacienda, Hacienda not being a Latin term, but a Jewish root term.


1494 AD


Charles VIII of France commences first invasion of Italy.


1497-8 AD


Five years after Columbus landed In the Caribbean, an Italian known as John Cabot sets sail from the Templar port of Bristol England, to officially discover Newfoundland and Nova Scotia. So before the actual split of Christendom you will note Catholics are to take South America and the soon to be Protestant England takes the north, yet both branches of this invasion controlled by the Black Nobility elite.


1498 AD


The Vatican and Spanish Royalty, one and the same...discovered the truth of the Jewish settlers, Columbus was arrested, imprisoned for over a year and was never allowed to sail on a ship again, for he was seen as disloyal to the King. From this excuse, for I take the line, the Jews of whom we are speaking of here, are the Imperial bloodlines brethren the 'Khazars', so I do not see them as escaping to Mexico, but rather sent, and the excuse to send a military expedition to the America's was duly created. So the Praetorian Guard, known then as the Inquisitors, were sent to destroy the Jews and the Aztecs, and of course this was accepted by all because it was for Jesus. Enter Cortez and his band of Noble Praetorian Guard psychopaths, all under the command of the Priest's. The favoured means to killing for the Praetorian Guard has always been and still remains to this day, to poison the leaders of their opposition, and of course the Praetorian Guard today are known as the Jesuits, so we are dealing with the Imperial bloodlines praetorian Guard through history carrying out the will not of the Church, but for the Imperial bloodlines, with the Church as the scapegoat, willingly of course out of sheer terror installed via Charles |Martel and Charlemagne.


1509 AD


Henry VIII is crowned King of England without dissent. With the majority of native Britons now killed to a manageable state of affairs, the next stage in the Agenda can be put into place. The demolition of the monasteries and the dispersion by dissolution of the knowledge keeping guilds which would re-emerge as Freemasonry.

Henry would complete the political and religious idea of split from Rome in England, as he would force Spain as the last great nation under the Roman ideology to fear the new separatism, but that was for a Queen to face. Henry VIII would claim to be the returned Arthur, the true Briton’s King, claiming ‘Welsh ancestry’, but of course he was Black Nobility. He claimed the prophecy of the red dragon defeating the white fulfilled, but it is a lie.


1513 AD


Piri Reis an admiral in the navy of the Ottoman Turks produced a map showing the landmass of Antarctica before the ice. The US air force have confirmed the map agrees with seismic profiles produced by the Swedish, British, Antarctic expedition of 1949.  There is mounting evidence that the ice is around 6000 years old and no more.


1517 AD


The beginnings of the biggest divide within Christianity when the Rosicrucian and Illuminati puppet, Professor of Theology at Wittenberg University, Martin Luther listed 95 complaints against the Vatican for selling pardons to raise money to build St Peters Church. Luther was excommunicated, but burned the decree along with copies of Roman Church law and launched his own Lutheran Church. The Protestant version of the same book is born and is used to cause untold suffering across the European Continent with war and slaughter. Once the nutcase that was the English King Henry VIII joined the split, the division was complete. Luther’s Protestant creed was subdivided into many sects. The best known of these was Calvinism which matured into the fanatical sickness of the mind, ‘Puritan faith’. The source of this madness was a man named Jean Cauin, he came from Noyon in France and was educated at the Illuminati’s College du Montagu, he changed his name to John Calvin as most people do when they are accepted into the upper levels of the Illuminati. Just as a matter of extremely important banter, this College was also the place of education for the Catholic founder of the Society of Jesus or Jesuits, Ignatius Loyola!

Calvinism focused strictly to the Ten Commandments and a literal interpretation of the Old Testament texts, O, and it also allowed Usury, the charging of interest on loans.

 During the renaissance and the release of the Rosicrucian Manifestos, the Rosicrucian’s claimed to be acting for love and freedom, this is a couple of gems as spoken and written by the Rosicrucian and madman, Martin Luther; in a sermon unto his followers he screeched, “you should throw spit in the face of reason, because she was the devil’s Whore, rotten with the itch of leprosy, and should be kept in the toilet. He also wrote; “damned be love into the abyss of hell, if it is maintained to the damage of faith... It is better that tyrants should sin a hundred times against the people than the people should sin once against the tyrants… the ass wants to be thrashed, the mob to be governed by force.”

  The split within Christianity would ensure the seat of Rome controlled all of Christendom even with the north south divide, as it would serve for the financial elite to take over England to create its financial and operational headquarters in London.

Now anyone in Britain that argued against the crown would be labelled ‘Catholic’.


1519 AD


Cortes and the Spanish invading party arrived in Central America.

Cortes landed in exactly the spot the Maya had been told to await the return or second coming of their version of Jesus, ‘Quetzalcoatl’, he also wore the plumed hat they were also expecting. This is how such a small group of Spanish adventurers took over a civilisation. The Priests of Mendes I would cite, implanted this second coming tale upon the Central American peoples as they instituted human sacrifice into their religion, knowing full well the eastern religion would be horrified at their discovery of the Mayan human sacrifice.


1520 AD


Over a decade the creed of Lutheranism rises in Germany. What you can see is the split of Rome has to be for its survival, knowing full well all that despise Rome would by necessity, follow this new fanaticism. Therefore Rome captures the rebellion against itself again, and through the centuries further control over the masses of Europe is easy when you control all. If you can see this then one can understand that Protestants are further in seeing the Vatican as it is, yet until now unable to see the connection of the Bloodlines therefore unable to see that any connection to their Church is direct connection to the controllers of the Vatican. You must understand that only through disconnection in your mind to the Church organisations and not to disconnect to the love within you, can you remain who you are yet cease to feed the Satanic operations as given to you by Phillip de Rothschild relative to how they use the Church energies to bring in the antichrist as stated in earlier phases. This is not to say they have control of every Church community of course.


1530 AD


The dissolution of the Monasteries begins. Once again we can see the Black Nobilities agenda to base the new creed of Christianity which will allow the next phase in the Black Nobilities agenda to base the new creed of Christianity in England, charging of interest on money lending and enable London to become exactly what it is today, the global centre of finance and law, as the chief executive office would require.


1534 AD


Henry VIII makes himself head of the Church of England in the Act of Supremacy after ordering Parliament to create the Church of England. He then unleashed a bloody purge against Catholics, a Catholic was anyone who was against the King and thus total divide within England created and from this time forward any whispers of discontent would be labelled a catholic conspiracy and swiftly dealt with or left to  simmer  mistrust for the elite to manipulate. This is used always when rebellion is in the air and is the way in which Rome has demolished at its beginnings all real possible rebellions by preventing Protestants and Catholics coming together. So In reality within this nation people are either Protestant or Catholic first, English second, this is what we need to address now, I am neutral in my faith as relates to religion. I hold to the truth of St George and what he in truth represents, the destruction of the Nefilim agenda in this cycle.

Also in this year the Spanish Inquisition victim Ignatius Loyola, a great prize for the Imperial bloodlines, because in torturing Loyola and bringing him under the control of the bloodlines, they captured the Rhesus Negative race of the Basque regions to their cause. This is my bloodline which has its root in Egypt, but before that from Atlantis.


1540 AD

Ignatius Loyola with trouser leg rolled above the knee and shoe tread down because of his cannon shot wound to his left leg, presents himself to Pope Paul III, to have the Jesuit Order confirmed, was it his order...absolutely not, it belonged as it does today to the Imperial bloodlines.


1545 AD


The Roman Church met at the Council of Trent, and officially agreed that Women do have souls, but only by a majority of three votes!


1554 AD


During the reign of Queen Mary the English Church reunites with Rome which has Parliament reinstate the medieval heresy statutes. This meant any persons found guilty by the church courts would be given up to the civil authority for burning at the stake. Is it any wonder the hatred was born for Rome again, which would open the way for war with Spain and of course the Civil War. The Illuminati play to a long calendar.


1559 AD


15 January of this year, chosen by Dr John Dee, Elizabeth I is crowned Queen of England. With her Crown handler William Cecil, ‘her spirit’ as she claimed, we would see England’s first stock exchange. Through this reign we would see a very cunning ploy to build our Navy…she made it compulsory to eat fish on Wednesday and Saturdays. The final act in the advance of the idea of a split from Rome would be accomplished with the defeat of the last great Catholic Armada. The new ruler of the waves was Britannia, ‘eh hang on, Britannia also rules Rome as she did Babylon’ (Semiramis), “exactly, but don’t tell the people!” Once the turning tide of opposition to the empire was settled by ensuring they believed they had set themselves free of Rome, could the empire expand into the Americas and the Far East with its two armies. One can see the Illuminised truth of this deceit in Elizabeth’s disgust at the idea of married clergy and her refusal to reclaim the title, ‘Supreme Head of the Church, Robert Lacey, from his book Great tales From English History published by Abacus, an excellent book. The empire building through conquer just doubled in strength and size, the hidden controllers of the Vatican Empire had under their wing a new and more fervent army, the Protestant programming that was boiling over with the will to conquer for King or Queen and of course country. Meanwhile the conquer for Jesus and Pope programme continued in earnest, the battle now between these two armies to add to their power and wealth, not looking good for Aborigines, Africans, and Native Americans then! The split now accomplished they would further split the new creed with orders, societies, committees, all connecting to organisations with the title ‘Royal’. This would further disassociate the power structures of British society enabling total control by the Crown. From this Court would arise Characters like John Dee and Francis Bacon who would bring together all esoteric and mystery school knowledge thus creating the foundations of the Britain we know today. We had the Shakespeare plays which explain away the Black Nobilities invasion of Britain then worse sanctify it. We had the biggest secret society formed, the Freemasons and all its offshoots. This would strengthen England’s connection with the peoples of Northern Europe, thus bringing forth the connection of European secret societies, which have been the facilitator to our acceptance of European Monarchs to sit upon these Isles seats of power.

Through this reign would be laid the foundations for the path of absolute power for the Crown over all in Britain with the future Debt scam, as it would create the requirement of the Civil War to allow the change on Usury and to hide the Monarchy as the power broker and to terrify the population from rebelling against the new creed. England is Free of Rome, yeah I don’t think!


1581-2 AD


The King of Spain took control of Portugal and her colonies, his armada ready the Protestant England was firmly in his sights.


1582 AD


A new and manufactured state of time was introduced and fixed as the standard time for the world. ‘The Gregorian Calendar,’ first announced in 1572 by Pope Gregory.

Nature is tuned to moon time; the moon has 13 cycles as do women’s menstrual cycles. The moon reflects to Earth the male solar energy of the Sun in feminine form. With the Gregorian calendar we thus perceive time as linear when it is not, which has all humans living out of sync with the natural order of the way it is to be, or as you would understand it God. They have removed a moon from our calendar no wonder women have troubles when menstruating. The problem arises that it has been so for so long, we know no different. The elite operate to the correct cycles in their ritual yet have thrown the whole of mankind out of the natural rhythms of life especially so in the cities were clock is king.


1588 AD


In May of this year the Spanish Armada set sail for England, and their sails could be seen from England by the end of July. This would be the final act in convincing the world populations that Rome has lost its power to the rebel Protestants, lacklustre in serving is transformed unto the new branch of the elite.


1598 AD


With the death of William Cecil (Lord Burghley) the role as chief minister and advisor to the ageing Queen Elizabeth fell to his son, Robert Cecil.




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