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Sir David Bell – Chair, MST Board

Chairman, Financial Times

Sir David Bell became a Director of Pearson in March 1996. He is Chairman of the Financial Times Group, having been Chief Executive of the Financial Times since 1993. In July 1998 he was appointed Pearson's Director for People with responsibility for the recruitment, motivation, development and reward of employees across the Pearson Group.

In addition to this, he is a Non-Executive Director of The Economist, the Vitec Group plc and The Windmill Partnership, Chairman of Common Purpose International, Chairman of Crisis, Chairman of Sadler's Wells, Chairman of the International Youth Foundation, a Patron of the Ambache Chamber Orchestra, a trustee of the Centre for the Study of Financial Innovation (CSFI) and a member of the Honorary Council of the Royal National Theatre. David was also Chairman of the Millennium Bridge Trust (1995-2002), responsible for conceiving the first new bridge across Thames in the centre of London for 100 years.

David was educated at CambridgeUniversity and the University of Pennsylvania, is married with three children and lives in Islington.

David received his knighthood for services to industry, the arts and charity.


If we look at the Pearson Group, which is a conglomerate between; Pearson Education, Penguin and the Financial Times group, which operates as a international education and media group :


Chairman is Glen Moreno, born California 1943, governor of the mind control operation, the

 Ditchley Foundation, Trustee to the banking crime syndicate that is the Lichtenstein royal family up to 2008, Mann Group plc, Fidelity International, Citi-Group. Full Biography HERE.


Marjorie Scardino, age 62, American, Lawyer and President of the Economist Group’s North American operations, none executive director at Nokia Corporation ( Nokia produce the most intense amplifiers of radiation via their mobile phones), sits on the charitable and advisory boards including MacArthur Foundation, the carter centre, and the Victoria and Albert Museum. Biography HERE.


Robin Freestone, or more properly called ‘Chemical Rob’, with ties too; ICI, which is part of the Nazi’s IG Farben, Zeneca, Henkel, eChem, Biography HERE.


Will Ethridge, aged 57, American, chief executive North American Education, Association of American Publishers, Interactive data Corporation, Little and Brown & Co, president of Engineering Science and Math, Addison Wesley. Biography HERE.


Rona Fairhead, age 47, Chief Executive The financial Times Group, HSBC Holdings, ICI, Aerospace Industry, Bombardier Shorts, and British Aerospace, Bain & Co, Morgan Stanley. Biography HERE.


John Makinson, aged 54, Chairman and Chief Executive of the Penguin Group, Managing Director of the Financial Times, Makinson Cowell, Saatchi and Saatchi, Reuters. Biography HERE.



None Executive Directors :

David Arculus, Telifonica SA, O2, Severn Trent, IPC Group, EMAP plc.

Terry Burns, Chair Abbey national plc, Alliance & Leicester, Glas Cymru ltd, Banco Santander SA, M&S, Chief UK Government Economic advisor 1980-91, Permanent Secretary HM Treasury 1991-98.

Patrick Cescau, Unilever, Tesco or rather Set & Co.

Susan Fuhrman, President teachers College Columbia University, Graduate School of Education Pennsylvania, Carnegie Foundation,(responsible for the total destruction of the US education system), National  Academy of education.

Ken Hydon, Tesco plc, Reckitt Benckiser Group plc, Royal Berks NHS Foundation Trust, Vodafone, Racal Electronics.

Coimbatore Krishnarao, Prahalad, Professor of corporate strategy and international business Michigan Business School, director of NCR, Hindustan Unilever Corporation, World Resources Institute, Indus Entrepreneurs.

A very serious mix of banking, chemical and education puppets indeed.



Julia Middleton – Deputy Chair, MST Board

Founder and Chief Executive, Common Purpose

Julia Middleton is the Founder and Chief Executive of Common Purpose. She is a passionate campaigner for more - and more diverse - leaders who are active in civil society.

In the autumn of 1988, Julia formed Common Purpose. Common Purpose now operates in every area of the UK. The organisation aims to improve the way society works by increasing the number of informed individuals who are actively involved in shaping the future of the area in which they live and work. By bringing leaders from diverse backgrounds together, Common Purpose creates new networks for current and future senior decision-makers.


Her first book Beyond Authority: Leadership in a Changing World was published in February 2007. The book, How to be Better Chair by Sophie Petit-Zeman was also written in association with Julia and Common Purpose. Of course they fail to mention in her c.v, that her subversive operation Common purpose flip their lid when anyone files a Freedom of information request in relation to how many operatives in the UK system have undergone the course and of course squirm when invoices of all monies spent from the public purse to Common Purpose are requested. Julia was born in Bolton Lancashire, the centre in the UK for the Opus Dei Julia Middleton fits the bill perfectly as a subversive operative out to destroy the UK. Common Purpose homepage. HERE.



Sir Cyril Chantler – MST Board Member

Chairman, King's Fund

Cyril Chantler is Chairman of the Board of the GreatOrmondStreetHospital for Children NHS Trust and of the King's Fund, London. He is Chairman of the Beit Memorial Fellowships Board and of the Clinical Advisory Committee for NHS London. He is a trustee of the Dunhill Medical Trust, a member of the Council of Southwark Cathedral and a member of the Editorial Board of the Journal of the American Medical Association. He is an adviser to the Associate Parliamentary Health Group. He is a non-executive director of a fostering agency, By the Bridge, and a member of the public sector advisory panel of

Cyril Chantler was Dean of the Guy’s, King’s College and St Thomas’ Hospitals’ Medical and DentalSchool, where he was the Children Nationwide Medical Research Fund Professor of Paediatric Nephrology until his retirement in 2000. He was an Honorary Consultant to Guy’s Hospital (1972 – 2000). Previously, he was Principal of the United Medical and Dental School of Guy’s and St Thomas’s Hospitals (1992 – 1998) and General Manager of Guy’s Hospital (1985-88).

In addition, he served as a member of the Member of the NHS Policy Board (1989-1996), President of the British Association of Medical Managers (1991-1997), and as Chairman of the Council of Heads of UK Medical Schools and Faculties (1998 – 1999). He was also a Member of the General Medical Council (1994 – 2003), where he was Chairman of the Standards Committee. Recently he was Chairman of the Shared Medical Record Committee of NHS Connecting for Health.

I sent an email to the David Arnold of the Kings Fund :


Hello David.

I request from you a full and detailed account of how your team are explaining to the taxpayer why we should handover all NHS buildings and equipment to the private sector as the privatisation of our NHS rolls on unheeded. Correct me if I am wrong sir, but once the handover is complete, is it not the case that we the taxpayer will still be liable for the debt incurred to build the new NHS buildings, without any monies going back into our economy.



Kings Fund’s David Arnold HERE.



Geraint Talfan Davies – MST Board Member

Chairman, Institute of Welsh Affairs

Geraint Talfan Davies is the Chairman of the Institute of Welsh Affairs, an independent think-tank, which acts as a bridge between public policy makers, the academic community, business and non-profit organisations. He is a former Controller of BBC Wales and was the Chairman of Arts Council Wales 2003-6. He is also Chairman of Welsh National Opera and a non-executive director of Glas Cymru Cyf (Welsh Water).

The Princes Trust is involved with this organisation :

Institute of Welsh Affairs Board of Directors HERE.




Will Davies – MST Board Member

Fellow, The Young Foundation

Will Davies is a graduate student at GoldsmithsCollege, London. He is a former senior research fellow at the ippr where he specialised in media and technology policy, and is currently a Fellow of The Young Foundation, and an Associate Editor of Renewal (the journal for social democracy). He has written for a variety of publications including The Guardian, Prospect, The New Statesman and The Times.

Quote from Will’s blog :

My paper is going to look at how some those of a Chicago economic ilk are trying to make sense of the current crisis, and which aspects of their competition/efficiency regimes they are mainly trying to hang on to. Obviously it's much too early to say (although there are mildly panicked memos, conferences and policy documents bubbling up), but given the number of people who've helpfully asked me 'but isn't your thesis on the implementation of neo-liberal economics now entirely out of date?', this is my response (see it as the alternative to a punch in the face).

So Will is a 'tuff guy' ehh? His blog is drivel, exactly what one would expect from a puppet, I say puppet because I can see nothing in his blog that suggests any qualification to sit and dictate to the media what they can and cannot report. Take a look for yourself  HERE.

The Young Foundation, HERE.



Amelia Fawcett – MST Board Member

CEO, Pensions First

Amelia Chilcott Fawcett was a vice chairman and chief operating officer of Morgan Stanley's European operations, based in London, before setting up a new company. Pensions First plans to use complex financial structures to reduce risk in pension schemes, and help them to meet their liabilities accurately.

Before joining Morgan Stanley, Amelia worked for the US law firm of Sullivan and Cromwell, first in New York then Paris. She joined Morgan Stanley in London in 1987, was appointed vice president in 1990, an executive director in 1992 and managing director and chief administrative officer for European operations in 1996. In 2002 she was appointed vice chairman. She was a member of the European Executive Committee, the Institutional Securities Operating Committee and the boards of directors of the firm's major European operating companies.

Amelia is a member of the Court of the Bank of England, a trustee of the National Portrait Gallery (and chairman of the gallery's development board), a member of the Council of the University of London, chairman of the London International Festival of Theatre and trustee of the National Maritime Museum (Cornwall). She became a CBE in the 2002 New Year's Honours List for services to the finance industry and won the Prince of Wales's Ambassador Award last year. In 2007, she became a non-executive director on the board of the Guardian Media Group.

Amelia, a British and American citizen, was born in Boston, Massachusetts, in 1956. She has a degree in history from Wellesley and a law degree from the University of Virginia. She was admitted to the New York bar in 1984. Her interests include fly fishing, sailing, hill-walking and history. She completed a transatlantic sailing voyage for Breakthrough Breast Cancer in 2006.

Pensions First…Just about says it all really, the pensions are in total disarray, they have been stolen …So we can say without doubt that what Amelia means when she claims; ‘pensions first’, is translated; “we will ensure we steal the pensions first before we demolish the economies, what a naughty lady, and for her sins, she gets to dictate what we in the UK can and cannot se through the media. This is turning into quite a gang of potential criminals indeed. Pensions First, HERE.



Roger Graef – MST Board Member

Writer, broadcaster, filmmaker, Films of Record

Roger Graef is a writer, filmmaker, broadcaster and criminologist. Born in New York, he is now a dual national. He has directed plays, TV drama, and opera. His more than one hundred and twenty films as director or producer cover arts, current affairs, social issues, and comedies, including The Secret Policeman’s Ball (with John Cleese) and the first Comic Relief (with Richard Curtis). Roger was the first documentary filmmaker to be honoured with the BAFTA Fellowship last year, the Academy’s lifetime achievement award. His company, Films of Record, celebrated its 25th year in 2004. Roger was awarded an OBE in 2006 for his services to broadcasting.

He developed the ‘fly on the wall’ technique in Britain that gained him the first access to film in normally closed situations from ministries and boardrooms to police, prisons, probation and social work. His influential films include Thames Valley Police, which helped change the way the police deal with rape victims. In Search of Law and Order took a unique look at some groundbreaking ways of changing juvenile rehabilitation. And The Secret Policeman's Ball helped make Miramax and Harvey Weinstein household names, and influenced a generation of comedians and musicians to try and change the World.

Roger was a founding director of Channel 4, a board director of London Transport and co-designer of the London bus map. He was a governor of the British Film Institute, and served on the board of the ICA where he created and chaired the ICA Architectural Forum.

As an author, he has written Talking Blues: the police in their own words, Living Dangerously: young offenders in their own words, and Why Restorative Justice? He lectures, writes and broadcasts frequently on crime justice and other social issues.

I would suggest old Roger is helping the criminals to best present their propaganda, by preventing anything that resembles the truth from hitting the ears and eyes of the populace.



Helena Kennedy – MST Board Member

Barrister, Doughty Street Chambers

Helena Kennedy's practice of law as a barrister has involved a large number of prominent cases. These include the Brighton Bombing, the Michael Bettany espionage trial, the Guildford Four appeal and the bombing of the Israeli embassy. She has also acted for many battered women who have killed their husbands. She was the British member of the recent International Bar Association Task Force on Terrorism, and chaired an inquiry for the Royal College of Pathologists and the Royal College of Paediatrics and Child Health into sudden infant death. As a life peer, she also participates in the House of Lords on issues concerned with human rights, civil liberties, social justice and culture.

From 1992 to 1997, she was chair of Charter 88, the constitutional reform group, which persuaded the new Labour government to make devolution and human rights legislation central planks of their manifesto. She is also on the board of the Independent newspaper. From 1994 to 2002, she was chair of the London International Festival of Theatre (LIFT). She was also, between 1998 and 2004, chair of the British Council, and was chair of the Human Genetics Commission from 1999 until 2007, which advises the UK government on the ethical, social and legal issues arising from developments in genetic science.

She was a commissioner on the Hamlyn National Commission on Education from 1991 to 1993. Her 1997 report Learning Works, for the Further Education Funding Council, is recognised as a seminal work, and a foundation to help disadvantaged students into higher education has been established in her name: The Helena Kennedy Foundation. In 1993, Kennedy became the first chancellor of OxfordBrookesUniversity, a post from which she stepped down in 2001. She is now president of the School of Oriental and African Studies at LondonUniversity, and chair of Arts and Business. She is currently chairing an inquiry into risk management for the Royal College of Psychiatrists, and is acting in the current wave of terrorism trials.


This lady is involved in far too many Crown invested issues, which shines through in the above CV, but most telling is her involvement in the current terrorist cases which are in most cases, a total fabrication by MI5 and MI6. I wonder why she has never demanded an investigation into the exercises carried out during the 77 bombings in London. Does she understand why these exercises are carried out in tandem to the real events? As was the same with 911, the exercises are carried out in case the real perpetrators are compromised, which gives the excuse they were part of the exercise. This lady is nothing other than a Crown operative, so makes perfect sense they would wish her on the Media Trust, to ensure the truth never sees the light of day.



Sir Philip Otton – MST Board Member

Retired judge, Court of Appeal

Sir Philip Otton retired as a Judge of the Court of Appeal in 2001. He was appointed a High Court Judge (Queen’s Bench Division) in 1983, to the Court of Appeal in 1985 and to the Court of Appeal in Gibraltar in 2004. He continues to sit in the Privy Council and the Court of Appeal (on occasions). He was President of the Society of Construction Law, President of the Personal Injury Bar Association and is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute of Judicial Administration Birmingham University.

At the Bar he was Junior Counsel to the Treasury (Personal Injuries) 1970-75 and appointed Queen’s Counsel in 1975. He appeared as Counsel and acted as Arbitrator in commercial and construction disputes.

He is a Chartered Arbitrator, a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Arbitrators and an Accredited Mediator by the Institute. He is an Appointed Arbitrator to the NASD, a Member of the American Law Institute, of the American Bar Association and has served on the Faculty of NITA.


Well well well, as a member of the Privy Council this chap speaks directly for the Queen and Crown, so of course he ensures what the Queen wants and does not want in the media, is carried fourth.  He is a Surveillance Commissioner (under the Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act – appointed by the Prime Minister). He is a Consultant to UBS Investment Bank and Honorary Legal Advisor to the Order of St John. The order of St John is directly controlled by the Order of the Garter, again directly controlled or rather confounded by the Crown.

Sir Philip Otton was also Chairman of the Royal Brompton & Harefield Hospital NHS Trust and Chairman of the National Heart & Lung Institute. He was a Governor of Imperial College, London.

Full list of hands in Crown legal pies HERE.



Robert Peston – MST Board Member

Business Editor, BBC

Robert Peston became BBC Business Editor in February 2006. Previously he was the Associate Editor of The Sunday Telegraph. From April 2002 to October 2005 he was City Editor and Assistant Editor of The Sunday Telegraph, in charge of its business and money sections. Prior to that (2000 to 2002) he was Editorial Director of Quest, an online service for investors. During this period, he was also a weekly columnist for the Sunday Times, Daily Telegraph and New Statesman and a monthly commentator for Management Today. In 2001, he was a contributing editor to the Spectator magazine.

Until September 2000, Robert was the Financial Times' Financial Editor - in charge of all business and financial coverage - and a member of the FT's editorial board as an assistant editor. At the FT, which he joined in 1991, his previous positions were Political Editor, Banking Editor and head of an investigations unit (which he founded). Before joining the FT in 1991 he was City Editor of the Independent on Sunday.

Robert is a past winner of the Harold Wincott Senior Financial Journalist of the Year Award (2005), the London Press Club's Scoop of the Year Award (2005), Granada Television's What the Papers Say award for investigative journalist of the year (1994) and the Wincott Young Financial Journalist of the year (1986). In 2007, he won the Work Foundation awards for Broadcaster of the Year and Broadcast Documentary of the Year.

He is the author of Brown's Britain, published in 2005, which was described by Howard Davies, director of the London School of Economics, as 'of unusual political significance'. He has since published another book, Who Runs Britain (Hodder and Stoughton).

As the BBC business editor he must be very connected to Common Purpose also. We know there are over a thousand CP employees in the BBC, paid for by ‘we the people’, of course sitting on the Media Standards Trust with two very prominent CP subversives, he is obviously operating for the same CP agenda as it moves from the Royal Institute of International Affairs through CP into our system. This is not good at all.

His BBC Blog, HERE.


The Right Rev Stephen Platten – MST Board Member

Bishop, of Wakefield

The Right Reverend Stephen Platten, Bishop of Wakefield (born 1947), was educated at LondonUniversity, Trinity College Oxford and CuddesdonCollege. Ordained deacon in 1975, he has served as a Curate in Oxford, Chaplain and Tutor at LincolnTheologicalCollege, Director of Ordinands and Residentiary Canon at Portsmouth, the Archbishop of Canterbury’s Secretary for Ecumenical Affairs and then Dean of Norwich, before being nominated as Bishop of Wakefield in 2003. He is Chairman of the Board of Governors of the Anglican Centre in Rome and Chairman of the Liturgical Commission. He is Chairman of SCM Canterbury Press and a governor of Hymns Ancient and Modern. He continues to retain strong international interests.

He is married to Rosslie, who is National Moderator for the children’s literacy scheme, Catch Up, and a Diocesan Schools Visitor. They have sons. His recreations include walking, music, literature and Northumberland. He is also the author and editor of a number of books.


The interesting thing here is that as a Christian, he should be appalled at the deception going on in the media by withholding real truthful news. I of course from my experience with the Blackburn Diocese, know full well how the Church of England’s Bishops operate, I exposed the Bishop of Blackburn some years ago, how the Bishop lied and deceived the congregation of a Church called St Johns in Accrington. He and the Vicar set about creating the idea that the Church building was in such a bad state, it would require masses of monies to keep it open. As a builder I was asked into the Church to survey it. What I found was premeditated damage to gutters, and slates removed to give the look of major problems, there was no dry or wet rot and the spire was in pristine condition. The bishop of course had claimed the spire required stainless steel internally to stop it from falling. Absolute bollocks and I exposed it as just that. The church was and is a very important chapel because it houses the chapel for the Accrington pals regiments who set off from the church to be paraded round the Stonehenge remains before they went off to slaughter, so it is a very important church indeed. Not only that, but while I was around the elite of the town I learned that Blackburn cathedral, the seat of the Blackburn Diocese, which covers a vast swathe of ther north west, was under the control of the very satanic Golden dawn of Alaister Crowley fame, an organisation I exposed also. Things certainly are not right in the institution that is the Church of England, not to mention the massive investment they have in the arms industry and the militarisation of our schools under the Academies agenda. The Church of England and the Military industrial Complex go hand in hand. So no surprise that we have a Bishop on the Media Standards Trust. His homepage can be found HERE.



Anthony Salz – MST Board Member

Executive Vice-Chairman, Rothschild

Anthony Salz worked, as a corporate lawyer, at the law firm Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer until 2006, and was senior partner from 1996. Projects on which he worked included the merger of Rupert Murdoch's Sky Television with British Satellite Broadcasting to form BSkyB. After over 30 years in law, he moved into banking, as an executive vice-chairman at Rothschild.

He sat on the Board of Governors of the BBC, and was Acting Chairman following Michael Grade's resignation in 2006. A member of Tate Gallery's Corporate Advisory Group and a Trustee of Tate Foundation, he is also a Trustee of the Eden Project, the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and the Conran Foundation, and a Director of Habitat for Humanity GB, a housing charity. He is a member of the Advisory Panel for the Swiss Re Centre for Global Dialogue.

Anthony has been closely involved with Business in the Community, an organisation dedicated to helping businesses make a positive impact on society, and has sat on committees concerned with homelessness and education.

His main interests include his family and home, travelling, art, theatre, golf, fishing and Southampton FC.


Rothschild…Why would a banking family sit on a media board?  Homepage HERE.


Albert Scardino – MST Board Member

Journalist, Pulitzer Prize-winner

Albert Scardino, 58, is an independent journalist and commentator for British and American news organizations. He is also chairman of Auctionair Limited, an on-line auction, marketing and retailing company providing services to charities, media organisations and commercial operators. Albert spent 35 years as a journalist, including periods as a reporter and editor for The New York Times and as an executive editor for The Guardian. In 1984, he won a Pulitzer Prize for editorial writing at The Georgia Gazette, a weekly newspaper he founded with his wife, Marjorie. He was a judge for the Orwell Prize 2008.


If you remember the Pearson Group to which Sir David Bell is affiliated, one of the directors is Marjorie Scardino, so we have one hell of a consolidated bunch of crooks telling we the people what we can and cannot see via the media.


Sue Stapely – MST Board Member

Solicitor, Quiller Consultants

Sue Stapely is a solicitor and former BBC programme maker who for the past decade has specialised in reputation, crises and issues management counsel for businesses, organisations and individuals of all kinds. She has handled many major news stories, and on a pro bono basis worked for several members of the public who have inadvertently been caught up in the media glare - running the campaign for Sally Clark and her family, for example, and supporting the fiancee of Tom ap Rhys Pryce, the young lawyer stabbed to death in January 2006. Her book, Media Relations for Lawyers (The Law Society) is the recommended text for lawyers when dealing with the media.


Quiller Consultants are involved in consulting with charities, which begs the question…just how involved with Common purpose is this consultancy firm? Quiller is also involved in :

UK companies and global corporates

Financial institutions

Public sector bodies

Campaigning organizations

Professional and trade associations

Foreign governments

Law firms

Family offices

High-profile individuals

Schools and universities

Arts organizations

Quiller’s Board, HERE.



Tim Waterstone – MST Board Member

Founder, Daisy & Tom

Tim Waterstone was the founder chairman of HMV Media Group plc (HMV music stores and Waterstone’s bookstores). He also founded Daisy & Tom children’s department stores, offering everything from clothes to books, toys to hairdressing for children under one roof.

He was born in Glasgow and worked for Allied Breweries before joining WH Smith in 1973. He founded Waterstone’s booksellers with £6000 of the redundancy money he received from WH Smith in 1982, setting up its first shop on London’s Old Brompton Road.



Sir Robert Worcester – MST Board Member

Founder and Chairman, Ipsos-MORI

Sir Robert came to Britain from America in 1969 to set up MORI (Market & Opinion Research International), one of the 20 largest market research firms in the world, before merging with the Ipsos Group in 2005. In 2004, he became a British subject after being selected as a Deputy Lieutenant of the County of Kent.

He is Chancellor of the University of Kent, and a governor of the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE). He is currently a Visiting Professor of Government at LSE and Honorary Professor at WarwickUniversity and the University of Kent. He has previously been Visiting Professor in the Graduate Centre for Journalism at CityUniversity, London, and Visiting Professor in the Department of Marketing at the University of Strathclyde, Glasgow. He holds five honorary degrees and is an Honorary Fellow of both LSE and Kings.

He is Chairman of the Pilgrims Society, a Governor of the English-Speaking Union, and a Trustee of the Magna Carta Trust. He is a Freeman of the City of London, a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation and a Member of the Fulbright Commission.

He is a Non-Executive Director of Kent Messenger Group, and is a Kent County Council appointed Kent Ambassador, on the Kent Partnership Board and served on the Medway Hospital Board.

Sir Robert was Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons Treasury Select Committee and is now Specialist Advisor to the House of Commons Librarian. He was President of ENCAMS (Keep Britain Tidy), and is still a Vice President of the Royal Society for Nature Conservation/Wildlife Trusts, of the United Nations Association and of the European Atlantic Group. He is a Trustee of WWT (Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust) and a former Trustee of WWF (Worldwide Fund for Nature).

He is frequent broadcaster, and is author/co-author, co-editor and editor of more than a dozen books and many articles in newspapers, magazines and in professional journals. His most recent book, with Roger Mortimore and Paul Baines, is Explaining Labour's Landslip (Politico's, 2005).

Where to start with this one…Ditchley Foundation, which is a mind control centre dictating UK policy across the board, WWF, the baby of Prince Philip, Knight Commander  of the Order of the British Empire, Her Majesty’s Deputy Lieutenants,  but by far the most chilling operation he is not only connected too, but the chairman of…The Pilgrim Society. This man is a serious elite operative.

His Biography HERE.




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