A Journey Through Democracy




I have to say up to this point my efforts certainly caused one hell of a stir amongst all sections of society, even better than that, my work had reached the likes of Ireland, France, even the Americas...Who said the grapevine has no power? Used correctly it is by far the superior to the global media, one can today fully understand why they have shut down the pub system in this country, cannot have you all talking outside the TV and media spin, give that some serious thought?




Infusion of light



Now I have their attention. The operation has been passed around on a bigger scale than I could have imagined. It was time to get esoteric and expand the power structure so it can be seen on a national and international scale. Also showing the true scale of the agenda as it relates to the food chain. At this point I enter the world of Islam which is essential if the fear being created has any chance of being understood. More over it is essential for Muslims to grasp what is going on if they are to prevent their fear levels rising to the point of ‘we must act in a physical manner’, which is the very mindset the elite are propagating. From my own personal experience I learnt these satanic operatives operate also within Islam, in exactly the same way as in all religions, the cost of learning this information cost me initially two fingers, luckily they managed to replace one of them.

I then offer information to show how even the French elite operate with the British elite to show how both nations formed the new Atlantis that is America. This subject is very important for British people to understand, because many believe the French and British to be opposing ideologies.


I also use numerology to glimpse the connection between the 1970’s and the first years into the millennium.








Dated: 18 September 2003   


Dear Sir/Madame


I will begin this Phase of operations by giving you a glimpse of how the Council uses OUR properties (namely council estates) to create the most abominable discord between residents.

I will use the most recent events they are now creating against my family on this day 15 August 2003.

On 8 May 2002 a teenage boy attacked one of my children. The Police were called and took the attack very seriously, as you would expect I was to put it lightly not a happy chappy, but realising the seriousness of the attack from the Polices point of view I had to remain calm. It was not what I would call a serious attack, but it had sexual overtones.

After much thought I decided I did not wish to take the severe action of placing this boy on the sexual register class one for the rest of his life when his own life has not yet begun? I have to say this split the response from the Police some struggling with my decision others understanding my decision, I am stating this, as I know this decision will cause the same duality amongst you as to the sanity of my decision but it was my decision to make.

The Police set up some kind of emergency procedure between our two addresses for an immediate response should there be any future trouble.

As you would understand my wife immediately tried to hurry up the transfer she had applied for in 2001 from her address with the council and we were shocked to find they had removed our application?  So we applied again stating very clearly the above-mentioned attack, so the council had all the details of this and all the previous trouble we have had from this very large family on this estate.


So you may ask what next? The council in there wisdom allowed the family of the boy to move next door but two from my family. This extended family then began to antagonise all newcomers to this estate against my family.

Today is the 15 August 2003 and the council has very sneakily and quickly allowed another branch of this family to move next door to my wife and children the boy in question plays only with this branch of this family and all afternoon was laughing at my children happy once again to be frightening my children.

The council remember, has a full detailed account of this story and should under no circumstances have allowed these moves to take place.

I am in no way saying all who work for the council are of the satanic networks it is the key decision making positions only that need to be controlled by the elite of this town. It requires that most of the people in the councils be of a good nature so the satanic network can hide behind a mask of respectability. This same strategy is used within the religions.

These networks connect into local business the Police, schools, Politics, solicitors, youth clubs, but and I stress; all key positions throughout the council and all its departments. But most importantly, childrens day care centres pre-school centres and nurseries.

I know the thoughts coming first to mind; you are one hell of a paranoid young man Mr. Young! I have suffered these people since being a child and I suffered there attempt at trauma based mind control when only a child of age four or five, unfortunately my attempts a few years ago at claiming my right to view my medical records of this event were denied by Accrington Victoria Hospital but it happened as I know, I have lived with the pain both physical and more importantly psychologically to this day and although I have regained the psychological scars from this event the physical pain will be with me until I end this incarnation.

There are many other instances throughout my life were the satanic elite have put me on the path they wished me to take up to form my mind, so nothing I have given to you in this operation is guesswork I speak from painful and frightening experience. These networks are big time coordinated within the medical system also, more on this topic later.

The way the satanic elite are able to cause so much chaos throughout society is that they control certain families completely, using many methods blackmail, trauma based mind control, financial control, and control via sexual abuse, which is there main modus operandi, this is going on in ACCRINGTON NOW!

They also have complete control of all the mental institutions everywhere and with the release of all mental patients into the communities have created an army of crazies carrying out their will. And with all the stress placed on care in the community for anyone with slight disability, God help anyone who dare speak ill of disabled persons, thus they have created an army that you the public will protect to the hilt. So what my family and I have suffered on this estate in the last seven years is only a continuation of their game.

Now as you can see I am not under their control and never have I been but I had to remain within their circles keeping it real so they would show me what they have shown me and imparted the knowledge I have gained. As stated in Phase II in my heart I have never been a part of this evil but to break this veil from a spiritual standpoint one has to be born into the game in order that one can bring this knowledge to you. This understanding came to me in hindsight as I got older. To walk with truth in an ignorant world one is condemned to suffer and to sacrifice, I have experienced both. I ask that you help to ensure it has not been in vain.

It was in March 2002 that I finalised my break from them as I was trying to rescue one of my relatives. The initial date I broke from them esoterically was May 8th 2000. This in turn showed them my true position and since that time the game has increased for my physical demise. I know the people they have prepared in the same ways they did to the likes of Michael Ryan, and Thomas Hamilton. I have defeated nine of these creatures there is one remaining, should this happen I have named this poor wretch but more importantly the family who have programmed this man. This I hope will show you that the elite are working very hard to stop me from giving you this information they would not go to such lengths if I were a nutter conspiracy theorist. With the knowledge gained in the concentration camps of the Nazis (the elite) experimenting on pregnant women, they learnt and thus created most of the disabilities that exist amongst us today. This began in earnest during the fifties, which came to light in the sixties…relating to them using certain drugs on pregnant women. Remember thalidomide etc. The way in which the elite use chemicals on us all now has changed, they now put them by the thousand in all foodstuffs and then confuse you all by giving them many numbers as names, E this E that etc. If you take a look at photocopy I will give you an insight to the most dangerous of these poisons namely ASPARTAME which from the beginning of this year have been put in a most ROBINSONS drinks, most supermarket own brands of drink, RIBENA, KI-ORA, CI-VIT and many more. They are getting you used to this poison slowly and will increase the dosage without you realizing over a period of time. This plays into the future legislation coming out of the World Health Organisation or WHO, relative to obesity in which they plan to force medical intervention.

Please for your childrens and your own sake stop purchasing these substances. This poison is also laced in many sweets again only recently placed so the attack on the UK has begun. Most HALLS sweets are laced with this poison and when you consider most of HALLS sweets are exported to Greece the poor Greeks are being poisoned by a British company in Radcliff, so when the Greeks find this out it looks to them like the UK is poisoning them. It is the elite poisoning everybody. Aspartame is highly addictive.

Also they are using the water systems to en mass poison you all and we have to pay for the privilege! Also some brands of bottled water have FLUORIDE in it, people this poison is not a natural substance and has been added, it does not protect anyones teeth. This poison is a by-product of the Aluminum industry. Paul Mellon a close friend of Queen Elizabeth II who gave this man an honorary title Knight of the British Empire, Prince Bernhard the ex SS officer and close friend of Prince Phillip gave Mellon the title, Knight of the Order of Orange Nassau. This is the man along with ALCOA (aluminum cartel) that is responsible for en mass flouridisation of drinking water. This man is also related to one Hillary Rodham Clinton. It was 1939 when the Mellon Institute in the US asked Dr Gerald Cox to find a market for the waste product fluoride. Cox who was a biochemist came up with the idea of mixing it with drinking water. This was good news for the Mellon Institute his financial backers, because the owner of ALCOA was one Andrew Mellon also the owner of the Mellon Institute. In 1951 Oscar Ewing the ALCOA operative persuaded Congress this additive was a good idea and was given $2million to begin the project.


                                              Blowing The Secret Agenda Of Islam


The important subject I now wish to discuss will either convince you I am crazy or enlighten you depending upon your level of intelligence.

The elite for years have handed down the information that Islam has a secret agenda aimed at Christians in this nation. In a conversation I had with a Belthorn born Gentleman, whos wife was originally from the Willows Lane Area of Accrington on this very subject, this gentleman broke my conversation on this very point stating that “some of us do not think there is a secret agenda we know there is a secret agenda” this gentleman is a consulting forensic engineer formerly of Burnley. This gentleman was only relating information that at his level of society is discussed he was not being in any way racist.

So with this information it shows without a shadow of a doubt that as you rise higher into the echelons of power and influence this is the knowledge these people exist with so the powers that be know of the alleged secret agenda, why then are they actively employing Muslims in food orientated services under the guise of equal opportunities agenda?

Now to the positive about disabled people agenda. With this companies are forced to employ people with learning difficulties and an Accrington supermarket has many of these people working with our foods. As I stated not all the disabled people just the network required to carry out the elites agenda.

So the easiest way to poison people through the food chain with deliberate openness would be in the supermarkets. Knowing full well all would demand severe action against the perpetrators and who would everyone look to as responsible when it takes place? I will tell you whom you would not in a million years dare to accuse the mentally disabled.

This is profound information but this deception is planned to happen.

Lets just say for your arguments sake this is not so, I say again why would the powers that be actively insist you dare not discriminate on race especially when it comes to the food chain when they fully and completely accept the ‘Secret Agenda’ of Islam? I am not saying I agree that there is a secret agenda merely stating the higher echelons of power do.

I have worked on occasion for a man who leads a section of the Muslim community in Blackburn and is also high on the Muslim Council of Great Britain. This man is a good man I know this to be so, I have known him for many years. I put this secret agenda topic to him and I saw the shocked reaction on his face he was terrified to learn that this was the information being passed around the English people, I know I am asking you to trust my intuitive faculty on judging this mans reaction but I assure you my intuition is A1.

What I will say however is that Islam of course has a secret agenda in the same way all religions have, in that they by definition, actively promote the faith and are seeking conversion by everybody. This is the nature of all religions.

Who brought Muslims into this nation? One Lord Louis Battenberg, better known to the masses as Lord Louis Mountbatten, handler of Prince Phillip and mentor to Prince Charles, this man was a satanist and global manipulator second to none. So you may be thinking this only proves how racially tolerant the Aristocracy are, I would agree, but we are not speaking of the Aristocracy we are speaking of satanists at the highest level.  The ruling elite hides behind the upper classes in the same way as they hide behind religion the middle and lower classes. It is a network of the Nefilim or Nephilim a network of satanists that has existed since before the flood as told in the Sumerian clay tablets and in the biblical tales of Gods breeding with human kind.  Go on ask your vicar or priest to explain this Nefilim passage in Genesis? This breeding created the ruling bloodlines that have tortured condemned and manipulated humankind for thousands of years. There are very important reasons why the higher up the hierarchy you go the more obsessed with keeping their bloodlines pure they become, its all about DNA (Extraterrestrial DNA) the chosen ones of the Bible by the god of evil within the Bible. They created the Tower of Babel, which was not a physical structure it was the splitting of the human race over the Globe and giving each race a different language ensuring the divisions by giving each race a different culture with slightly different commands, part of this division entailed giving two neighbouring tribes use of the same word in there language that had different meanings i.e., a word in one tribe or culture would be a compliment but in the neighbouring tribe or culture it would be a terrible blasphemy ensuring conflict, one could say this to be the nexus of today’s divisions, an so what we have today in world affairs have been built on this very installation of miss-trust, told in the tale of the Tower of Babel. I have studied history in great depth, each religion has been built in blood, and the bloodlust mentality is on the rise once again, when will the human race rid itself of the pain that is fear? So, all divisions that exist, exist because you are believers, to be a believer opens you to the mass manipulation from those who manipulate,

Unfortunately those who manipulate are in most cases satanic so we the people are equally to blame for the building of this Temple, all our ancestors and we have built the Temple. When you here people who are respected speak the words” we are living now through interesting and exceptional times” this means if mankind can stop being afraid not to be a believer, then we human kind can take back control of the earth from the Nefilim.

 “NOW IS THIS TIME”, or for us and our children condemnation to a prison inescapable we can better understand as a global fascist state. Remember all cultures speak of the return of the Gods, but they are evil which is why there branch managers left here on earth the Nefilim, have to construct this temple of complete control of human kind before they return to harvest the flocks herded by all the shepherds. In other words the human race are the sheep, the shepherds, as stated so well in the Bible, are the Scarlet priests who work for the masters the Nefilim who are the purest representation of the Elohim blood existing over ground, the purest lines remain in the underworld beneath our feet. We know what happens to sheep now dont we! The Nefilim have formulated all religions post flood based on great truths yet entwined with the lie, the blood rites and war. Other ancient world descriptions of the Nefilim are: Rephaim, Emim, Zazummim, and Anakim, the Anunnaki and the Giants. The Biblical Goliath was a Rephaim and the Hebrew for Giant is repha. The Nefilim were said to be cannibals and blood drinkers exactly as the Illuminati, the sacrificers of children by the thousand, still practice today. Again this is profound information but FACT. There are very specific reasons for child sacrifice this information is available the only barrier standing before you is your fear of allowing yourselves to see the evidence.


In the world of death and sacrifice to the gods, the favoured animal for sacrifice is the Lamb and the sheep. If you understand the science that “we are what we eat, see, and hear, then take this knowledge and transfer it to the esoteric, then the race that for religious reasons eats only the lamb will become the sacrificial race to the Gods. So, existing within the Temple as the entire religions do, one of these religions Islam has it written that they will be wiped off the face of the earth, and all this for the Elohim chief deity’s Anu and Jehovah! “Food for thought.” Also this year 2003 in the Chinese calendar is the year of the sheep so this year is important for the beginning of the racial tensions building to the great blood sacrifice.

So with this information any intelligent mind can see that this theatre for racial tensions in this nation and all over the globe by mixing totally opposing religions is to begin the road to slaughter or Armageddon with this conclusion only the Nefilim win, so I repeat we are all deceived by the deceivers no one will be saved all human kind will be conquered and the takeover of the planet Earth by the Daemon or Demon race completed, and human kind will have condemned itself for Millennia into a global fascist state. In Britain this was carried out on behalf of the Crown Temple by the satanist and child killer Lord Louis Mountbatten. He gained the trust of the Asian races with his very deceitful pretence of acting in their favour with the close of the Indian Raj. When all along Mountbatten was the handler of the British speaking British educated Jinnah. This partitioning of India you will note was in sync with the partitioning of Palestine for the creation of Israel.

I still cannot come up with any other solution to stop this completion of the Temple other than Christians stop being Christians, Muslims stop being Muslims, Jews stop being Jews, and most importantly of all Freemasons stop being Freemasons. But I am open to offers?

When the BNP and other branches of Fascist organisations have their little marches dont react, when you react to this sickness you feed it, you give it its power, there are racists in all the religions Muslims stop kidding yourselves that you are victims you create your own position because you are racist, it goes with the territory of religion.

It is a spiritual road to embrace difference, in human language we call this growing up. All of us need to awaken to this truth we all know who the people in all our communities are who would drag us into hell. It is for each community to be brutal with its own perpetrators of violence and hatred; the law must change to back up each community in this endeavor. Each nation must awaken to the truth that it is different branches of the Nefilim that have invaded their countries, all the people of all nations have been governed by the Nefilim for centuries, the peoples of the world are victims of there respective regimes it is puerile to see and blame one nation against the other this is precisely the reason we are as we are today. This is the weapon of the Illuminati. Stop accepting as fact all you see on your television, we all know what is happening in the world we will only feed this sickness if we divide in this nation. England is set to enhance multicultural opportunities but it will require effort by us all, if we come together here we stand a chance of stopping the path to war we cannot at this stage stop the killing in the bigger picture but we can make the sacrifice of all who are dying in the world not in vain if we in England Scotland and Wales kill the Fascist agenda. I have not at any point said this will be easy but adult minds can do it.


I, on my travels working among the Asian community in Blackburn, came across a Muslim Black Magician this man was very adept at his art and I will stand and say this man surrounded himself with asylum seekers so this is something to bear in mind, he paid these people a pittance but once under his spell work only for the interests of this man and his machinations. So it is satanists hiding within all organisations that if not stopped will drag us all into the abyss. The few control the world because the Temple is set to serve the Nefilim; all organisations exist within the Temple. This man has not been in the Blackburn area for long so to the Muslim community in Blackburn watch out for the changes to your community this man will bring. This mans nation of origin is Turkey but he moved up here from Leicester, my intuition showed me links to the headless body that was found on the tops of Great Harwood. 

Much Evidence and my personal experience shows that operations such as the born again Christian movements and the Sure Start movement are the cover for these satanists to gain access to children for information gathering. There is one Church in Accrington I know has had a cover up when it was released that the pastor of this Christian centre was a child abuser. I know a man who works at this centre who is a sexual deviant of the utmost kind, I knew his daughter very well when I was a boy, a friend and I visited this centre when about 15 years of age (for the free brews and they had a drum kit!) This man was asking us both questions about our sexual behaviour we just laughed told him he was a pervert and I threw something at him and left. Also there is a church in Accrington that has linked with Sure Start. I am investigating sure start now and will pass any worthwhile information I find to you. If any one has information about any of the subjects I have brought into the open please contact me and I shall deal with all information in the strictest of confidence you have my word, or you can send me information through a third party, the more information I have the better will be my investigations into the satanic network in this area. The elite are fast instigating in this nation the happy clappy Christian coalition movement that has so taken over America; you will find a lot of these people working in the Social Services and Special needs organisations which puts them in direct contact and control of your children. I know of two female operatives who work in these organisations in Accrington who are not nice people at all, one of these women I know for a fact has used the black arts with the now deceased father of one of her children; this is a very vindictive piece of work. The satanic networks are so in need to be in control of your children for many reasons, which is why you will find many of there operatives working in Schools (especially primary schools)  and within all social services departments, and perhaps the most important day care centres, nurseries and pre school centres. (I cannot repeat this subject enough). So understand that there is a major down side to both parents working if you are utilizing the million child care centres which are backed up with state help to pay the high rates they charge. Even worse for the millions of broken single parent families who under planned welfare destruction will force almost all single parent families to hand over their children to these centres. While you trust the state you will always hand over your children for the pleasure of the satanic networks, so now you know.

Please understand that the techniques they use against children to prevent the children from speaking of satanic activity are to say the least almost fool proof, and when these activities are brought into the open the networks through the Police, Social Services the Media etc ensure it is thrust under the carpet as quickly as possible. All this can be done as I have stated by the elite controlling the decision-making positions in all organisations throughout ‘Democracy’, so it is not everyone within these services.

Also the False Memory Syndrome Foundation, very powerful in the USA and planned to be operated here, ensures every time child abuse from with in institutions and religions is brought to the fore, the children are said to be suffering from FALSE MEMORY!


                                                          Benefits And Big Pharma             


Lets now look at the benefits agency and how they link with the pharmaceutical companies to get you addicted to drugs. If you wish to avoid all the nonsense and dictatorship from the job centre, you are forced to try and claim the sick or disability benefits. This then puts you at the mercy of the indoctrinated oops I mean professional doctors. Now I will stand and say some doctors are intelligent enough to see that they are only taught how to diagnose a symptom and then to choose which drug to prescribe, but some are just happy to get there 2000 yes 2000 patients each doctor through there door, so they can claim there reward from the limitless vortex that is our money better known as the National ‘we must get you all addicted to drugs agency’, sorry I keep forgetting its public persona, our National Health Service.

On the 15 August 2002, I managed to remove two of my fingers so from this moment on I was claiming income support so this put me in the hands of the doctors and the benefits agency, so I learnt a lot. I am a member of Peel House Medical Centre and have only top praise for the nurses here, ladies you are stars! As you will know there is a lot of waiting about which gave me ample time to speak with many elderly patients, some of there stories were terrifying, how the benefits agency constantly send for them to go for medicals at Brun house in Burnley and how always after these visits they would visit a doctor……… Who would say we must get you better at all costs and then prescribe stronger doses of drugs, with a speech going something like this “these drug s have many possible side effects” and would run through them stating that they should settle in your system in about three weeks to which the doctor would have them make another appointment. Then at this appointment they would be given another drug to be taken as well as those giving the side effects, these new drugs to counteract the side effects of the initial drug, again the three week settling period would be required and again more drugs to counteract the side effects of the side effects of the original and secondary drug, some of these people said they take more pills than they ingest food. The same Doctors name kept coming up over and over, so I began to wonder does this doctor have shares in the pharmaceutical companies or just a believer in drug addiction. One lady said she had her benefits removed because she refused to take drugs being prescribed and so had to take them again. Doctor ….. Was not mentioned on this occasion, but whoever this ladies doctor was had obviously spat the dummy out and told the benefits agency that this lady was not obeying the drug addiction programme. I hope whoever this Doctor is, is a one off. So doctors are becoming benefit arbitrators. One can see this happening within primary schools in fact all schools.

I know all who work in the medical profession are forced by the ‘Medical Mafia’ to obey the system, but with the information I have just given it is obvious some people are playing the game to enthusiastically. These are peoples lives you so called professional classes are ruining with drug addiction, I know for a fact you are the type of people who scream at the TV when it speaks of the illegal drug trade and how the drug dealers are ruining peoples lives, so lets keep it real are you not far worse in that the people you deal drugs too have no choice… you are abusing there trust. Not that I am saying the illegal drug trade is good, but people have the choice as to whether they take illegal drugs and therefore if they become addicted they have no one to blame but themselves. There is a new disease that I in my ignorance have discovered, this disease is rife within the medical profession it is called “On Your High Horse Contradictory Arrogance” there you go give that to the Medical Mafia they will have a new drug for it promptly!

Please understand that I am not maliciously attacking all the people in the medical profession I understand that when one is involved in there profession we can become blind to what we are allowing ourselves to do when nobody is speaking out of turn, so please take this in the spirit it is meant I am giving you a slap on the wrist in the hope it may shock you into checking yourself and your behaviour towards your fellow man and to what you are allowing yourselves to be used for by the New World Order Brigade.


                                                French And English Elite Are One


Now if I may I wish to briefly show how the French and English elite stand together at the top but you can relate this type of connection to all the elite houses at their peaks of power. These alliances are hidden from all except the Nefilim, hidden behind all the history of conflict between the Royal houses so one may be of the Royal houses and in ones own mind very high in that house but again if you are not full blood Nefilim you would be the face of goodness they hide behind. To be brief, The French Revolution of 1789 (the same year George Washington became the first US President) was a plan engineered by the Freemasons and their offshoot and controlling clique, the Bavarian Illuminati. The Bavarian Illuminati is not the ‘Illuminati’; Adam Weishaupt was tasked to infiltrate both Freemasonry and the Jesuits by mean of a pyramidal system in which each man knows only his superior.  

 Weishaupt’s five step manipulation I see having played out since the 1960’s sub culture and drugs revolution :


Chaos       :      1960’s, 70’s and 80's

Discord     :     1990's

Confusion :      this decade, during which they offer the new escapism and diversions...UFO's,

                        TV land, new religions

Bureaucracy :   throughout 80's, 90,s culminating this decade

Aftermath     :   complete control out of sight of all eyes which are running into

                        world order complete.


Just take a look at a couple of quotes from Adam Weishaupt :


"Oh Mortal man, is there anything you cannot be made to believe"


"The first task of the association must therefore be to form the young members"

 (Hitler doctrine also and an worse, 'ARK Academies' and Obama's youth programmes.)


"The human race will then become one family, and the world will be the dwelling of the rational man"



After the revolutionaries executed King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette, her son, Crown Prince Louis, still a toddler, was placed under house arrest at the Paris Temple. Two years later he was smuggled out in a laundry basket by his doctor, Dr Naudin. The retarded nephew of the Marquis de Jarjayes was substituted and he died in 1795. They do like to escape in a basket!

The Prince was taken to the Vendee Palace and given sanctuary by Prince Conde. He was later moved to a fortress on the River Rhine where he lived under the name of Baron de Richemont. He arrived in England in February 1804 with the former royal paymaster of France, George Payseur, and was protected by King George III, the Monarch at the time of the American war of independence. The Prince changed his name again to Daniel Payseur while George Payseur became George Bayshore. King George III gave the Prince, now Daniel Payseur a ship and awarded George Bayshore 600 acres of land in North Carolina. When they arrived in America the Boddie family, who were related to the British Monarchy, gave them help. Before leaving England, the Prince bought shares in the Virginia Company and once in America he acquired gold mines, including the Gold Hill Mining Company, which he purchased secretly using a trustee, George Newman as his front man or proxy. With the invention of the steam engine, Payseur began to build railroads and leased them to operating companies. He also established the Lancaster Manufacturing Company to produce timber for railroad products and the Lincolnton Iron Company, which later located to Chicago and formed two subsidiary companies, Carnegie Steel and Pullman Standard Company, to provide fuel for locomotives at least that was the cover. The Federal Government (the Virginia Company of which Payseur was a shareholder) allocated all land extending 100 feet either side of the tracks to Payseur. Much larger areas of land alongside the railroads were also broken up into sections some ten miles square and half of these were given to Payseur who also bought up many others. Thus he and the railroads owned some of Americas prime real estate. Much of this legislation is in the 1854 congressional record. The Payseurs Lancaster Railway was, through the Alabama Mineral Company, the controller of COCA COLA, PEPSI COLA, GENERAL MOTORS, BOEING, FORD, and STANDARD OIL. After the manipulated American Civil war in the 1860s, all real estate, and railroads owned by the supporters of the losers, the Southern Confederates, were confiscated, and auctioned off at Wilmington, North Carolina. They were bought by nine trustees of Daniel Payseur at extremely low prices. A deed of trust was signed in Nashville between the railroad owners and the government establishing the United States Military Railroad system, which granted the developers a monopoly over transport and communications. All these agreements still apply. Payseurs chief trustee and General Manager was a Rothschild relative called Leroy Springs, formerly Leroy Springstein. It appears Leroy Springs was half brother to Abraham Lincoln. A lady named Nancy Hanks gave birth to a son in 1808 after an affair with springs father. In his will his father left a large area of land in Huntsville Alabama, to a son, Abraham Lincoln. So rumors that Lincoln was a Rothschild have basis in fact. In the 1850s Lincolns own affair with a daughter of the German Monarch Leopold, in 1856, produced twin girls, Ella and Emily. One of the descendants of this line was the billionaire, Howard Hughes. Many of the famous American families who appeared to be powerful in their own right turn out to have been legmen for Payseur and the Virginia Company. So in short, Andrew Carnegie, the Vanderbilt family, JP Morgan, the Rockefellers, etc are but frontmen for the Virginia Company. Many of the major oil and mineral deposits in the US are on land owned by the railroad companies, and, Payseurs mineral rights were transferred to petrol and mining companies in exchange for controlling shareholding. Other rights were leased to timber companies. After Daniel Payseur died in 1860, his fantastic empire was managed by his grandson : 

 Lewis Cass Payseur, and the expansion continued apace. In 1872 a Payseur Company, the Charleston, Cincinnati and Chicago Railroad, established a telegraph company called Western Union. It formed a subsidiary called AT&T in 1875, and today is one of Americas biggest telephone and communication companies, the list go on and on.

So Next time you are watching the TV and George W Bush is on the screen and you get the feeling that we all get about this man remember he is only the chairman of the company that is the Virginia company which changed its name during the manipulated war of independence to the United States of America. What I have just given to you is nothing relating to the company USA as far as the companies assets are concerned, but if you would cast your mind back to Phase II of this operation I stated the fact that the collectors of all the revenues from this company (the USA) are collected by the British Crown through such operations as the metal exchange, which actually collect the revenues on behalf of the elite bloodlines, take a couple of hours to take this information into your mind this information is a key for those who are stuck high in the compartments of the Temple. So with this information one can see there is no way any chairman of the company United States of America could become a renegade outside the control of the Crown Temple which is :


                                                       The Inner City of London


While visiting my own doctor with my severed fingers I asked about my psoriasis, which had flared, because of my injury (stress related,) he was happy to give me a new cream named DOVOBET this was in November of 2002, this cream worked a treat. It is a steroid. I continued to use the cream until in March of 2003 when my fingers had healed enough for me to return to work, with this I decided to stop using the cream. After a week of not using the cream, my psoriasis was back with a vengeance. I have had psoriasis for sixteen years and never has it been anything like it became after two weeks of not using this cream. Everywhere the cream had been there was the most painful psoriasis I have ever had, the pain was tremendous. This was not the only effect, my legs at first began to swell and I mean doubling in there girth. My wife when pregnant once had this condition and it was diagnosed as water retention so I did not worry about it. It happened when I was on my feet all day and by the time I went to bed was very scary, this water retention spread to my upper torso reaching up to my neck. I went back to see my doctor and asked to be put back on the sick, my doctor thought I had secondary infection and offered to prescribe antibiotics I refused but was put back on the sick. There was two nights I fumbled into bed and was so unable to move that I seriously could not move my legs at the hip and the feeling of massive rushes going through my body I can honestly say I prepared myself ready in case I was not to wake up in the morning. I do not scare easy but I am telling you I was afraid. Let me make it clear I am not in any way attacking my doctor I refused antibiotics because I understand after much study the philosophy of self healing using the mind and new I could will myself well, yet knowing that steroids take around eighteen months minimum to exit the body it was going to be a long winded time waiting for the steroid to come out. After two months the swelling became bearable but the psoriasis remained full on until the weather began to change and I got out in the sun which as always is the only cure for my condition. It is now 17 August 2003 and the steroid is still in my groin area.

So anybody who has psoriasis do not use this cream and if anyone is using it cease immediately and prepare yourself for the most frightening withdrawal imaginable but remember I did not take anything else it will come out eventually, and I offer myself at anyones service if they require more information. This cream creates dependency.

So we have briefly looked at the connection between the Medical Mafia and social security. Who owns the pharmaceutical companies? The Multinationals, who control the multinationals? The Banking cartels, who own the banking cartels? The Black Nobility, who are the Black Nobility? The Royal Houses of Europe and the world, what are the elite players of the Royal Houses? The Nefilim.


If I may look at doctor …... and the explanation regarding the three weeks it takes for a drug to settle into your system. The number three is very important in all addictions i.e.: when giving up smoking the cravings last three minutes, after three days the cravings have halved, and after three weeks everything becomes bearable. This also works in reverse when you at first force a poison into your system, so I will give a truer explanation of what the doctor should have said.

“When you put this synthetic concoction of highly toxic chemicals into your body your body will do everything in its power to persuade you to cease putting this substance into your body. It will first make you nauseous in order you make yourself sick to remove the substance from your gut, this command of your system will continue for three weeks. But as you ignore your natural defence system’s commands it has to react as though you are in a state of comatose and will make you retch in order to remove this toxic substance from your system. But the toxic substance is switching off your immune system and closing down your nervous systems reaction to the drug and at around three weeks the closing down of your defence against this drug is complete, you re-programme your body to accept the chemicals. So at this stage I require you to come back so I can see that you are now on this drug and should your immune system still be reacting to this toxin we can give you more toxin to close down your very strong immune system”.



 signed : the Medical Mafia.


 Today I saw a billboard in Accrington stating “Heritage in Hyndburn under threat”, the Heritage operation is to put so much power in the hands of the Crown to dictate planning in every town in the UK, just as the National Trust is a subversive way of thieving the best remaining land that did not belong to the Duchy and preventing freedom of movement in these important energy line areas, and ensuring un- hindered use of the vortex points by satanist’s for there rituals. Also to control and to prevent the growing of foods by the people ensuring we only eat the poisons they feed us with. The BSE and foot and mouth scams, a part of which was to completely eradicate all un genetically modified farming stocks, the replacements which now cover the country have been genetically altered and all these new genetic strains have been patented to the Crowns agencies and front agencies, (Biotech companies) so every animal creates a financial return for the crown. This is the true agenda of genetic engineering with all the new strains of animals and crops being patented to the Crown.

The foot and mouth strategy so demolished the tourist economy in the Lake District and for just the right amount of time to enable the elite to purchase massive amounts of land and property at knock down prices, and thus enlarge the landmass from Scotland, the House of Windsor spend most of the time in Scotland with there ‘Blood Kin’ and so from Scotland is England run and as stated in Phase II. Civil war mentality is being created in the north of England. Its not rocket science to see the game one just needs a kick up the backside and certain elements of the agenda to be exposed, truth will never go away it is only hidden. Truth will out!


Now for a subject that all you ladies and gents need to hear, two materials required to work the arts on you are:





With either of these two very personal body parts the workers of the arts, Black or White, leave you at the mercy of their will. Take your time over this information.

No one who uses these materials for white magic need worry of me giving this information but you must understand that the situation is now so great for mankind these secrets have to be placed into the open for all to see.


When we put our trust in large institutions that have a mask of goodness it only requires from those who will deceive and hate to hide behind the mask of goodness and thus if one shows allegiance to the mask then real good people will protect these creatures to the death believing them to be like themselves please see this truth.


Today is 18 August 2003 having just visited my wife I was watching channel 5 news, they were running a story with the title” football hooliganism is back on the rise and thats official”.

Now I ask that you send your mind back to the 1970s. During this decade we had the National Front parading everywhere, we also had football hooliganism. There was a link between these two forms of chaos. For those who understand numerology you will know that the number 2 is secondary to the number 7, which together create the magic number adding to 9 this gives us 3x3. The black magicians work to strict ritual laws so there is a link between the 1970s and the first decade of the millennium. The year 2000 was identical numerologicaly to the year 1972 so we can predict that 2001 would equate to 1973, 2002 would equate with 1974 and 2003 equating to 1975 this counting us to the decade ending 2012, excepting this knowledge gives the ability of prediction of how the game is to play itself out in the next nine years. A sort of Mirror image of the decade beginning 1972. (27 reversed)

I have studied many ancient cultures and one thing all the old cultures had in common was there fantastic knowledge of the great cycles of the spheres. Without going into detail the year 2012 is the end of many cycles great and small alike. The Great Work of the Ages aims to fulfill itself also in this year. So I will give you the game plan briefly as it concludes.


The Nefilim, are, through the secret society networks creating the illusion of Armageddon I say illusion yet we know its reality with the death and torture the people of the world are suffering. The aim is at the brink of absolute chaos the Nefilim and there networks will at the last moment offer to save the world, but the real game plan is to kill the masses in a similar way they killed people in the holocaust but they cannot as yet do this, we would not except it. They will have the final stage of the Temple to build first and these rules will be the conditions we the world will have to except for them to pull the plug on all the evil they are now creating…but they will not pull the plug. With this knowledge you must try and imagine what fear they have to create between now and then in order that we the people will beg them to save us, beg them and allow the installation of fascist legislation. But this will be the lie once the world agrees they will do what they do best horrendous death for the many. This will complete the temple and no one will be able to change a thing because everything will be set in the law, and we know what kind of people carry out the law they believe absolutely in the law.

The third world war began immediately the Second World War ended. It is the silent war. They have been suppressing the population of the world with legal and illegal drugs they have been killing us with pollution.

They are now fast accelerating the mass poisoning of the masses with additives in the food chain and in the water systems. The secret society known as the Club of Rome is running the eugenics programme. Vaccinations are used to shut down our psychic functions, and aids, emboli and other diseases are being thrown into the mix. It is at the subconscious level that parents do not trust the

  MMR Jabs and rightly so, parents learn to trust your own thoughts and feelings once again do not listen to so called expert advice, these so called experts are prostitutes of the elite. They are trying to make you think that separating the jabs is a better option, it is not, but many people will fall for this trickery. The pesticides react with the additives in foods to break down the immune system They are using the vaccination methods very successfully in South America but more importantly in the beautiful continent of Africa. They are tapping into the white races superiority complex and the old tale “we are civilizing the world” (look again at Phase II there is nothing civilized about the scam that is DEMOCRACY). So you are carrying out this agenda for them without any great fuss and you the people have funded this operation with all donations to African Aid programmes, this took a gigantic leap with the Live Aid Concert of 1985 8+5=13. Just take a look at all the stars that performed at this concert they are either dead, psychologically screwed or so famous and wealthy and stuck to the side of the Pope, the Royals, or the American New World Order Brigade…they are certainly not rebels.

 John Lennon dead, George Harrison dead who now speaks for the Beatles? The untalented one Sir Paul McCartney remember mull of Kintyre, nuff said! Sir Elton John in an attempt to gather the Homosexuals to there cause.


The great game at its end will have the elite, which are 13 families, who are by blood one family the Nefilim, the administrators and the microchip population or what is left of the population, this will be only the Aryan race as the Nefilim feed off these people. I dont care what your position is you will be surplus to requirement.

When the upper and middle class have helped demolish the underclass the upper class will help to demolish the middle class then by by to the upper class. Technology is cancelling out the need for people; they will continue to live the lives they already live, all the people having built the technology to keep them in there luxury with no need for the unwashed to dirty the planet. And dont forget the Gods are coming back under the leadership of Anu.

There is also a very important reason the BBC spent ridicules amounts of our money on the pointless dinosaur programmes just as childrens programmes are laced with dragons and extraterrestrials, people you are being prepared to except great truths as to what controls this planet. (Once you are microchiped)

The temple has to be created because we would not accept their rule. Humans are the cattle for the elite the scriptures do not speak of the casting down for nothing this is were the tunnel systems come into play, but more importantly cast out of this frequency. But with the completion of the Temple they can come back to the surface.


Councillors do not let this last section of information blow your mind this information is for those who have eyes to see.


                                                        Fire Service Pay Dispute


Lets look at the fire services dispute.

The firemen were crying that there chosen occupation is very dangerous and hard. Why then did such wimps choose to join such a dangerous occupation in the first place? They joined because by nature they are not wimps. I pointed this nonsense to them when I visited the striking Accrington firemen on 21 January 2003. I began by asking them if I could speak with them, they agreed. So I asked them how many people had died since the beginning of the dispute, they went from bravado to somber mumblings and after much insistence from me, they came up with the figure of 8, I then asked how many fireman had died fighting there war against the government, they replied none, I then asked how many politicians had died during the war with the fire service, again the answer was mumbled none. I then asked were the dead people civilians and they again mumbled yes. I then asked who paid the wages they already received and they agreed it was the public. So I asked them would not every pound they now gain extra to feed their children be blood money paid for by those who did not agree to die for firemans greed. At this a fireman named ……….. Said this death toll did not matter as that figure was about the same amount of people that would have died anyway! This answer received a big yeah from the rest of the firemen! The only fireman who understood my point was a big ex Marine named Andy, sorted mate.

The fire dispute was about creating another battalion of ex army or people with similar attributes on very good pay who will carry out the orders of the powers that be in line with the police. This strike was timed to co-ordinate with the way in which the fire services of New York are being played up becoming another force in the arsenal of the elite. They are not reporting the facts that when the twin towers were on fire the firemen were ordered not to go in and how branches of the fire service and the police were removing anyone found to be video recording the events so only the elite controlled Media would be relaying the story as it unfolded. I was watching the events like a Hawk and saw one clip myself of the fire service stopping a civilian filming. Also the poor people in the two towers when phoning for help were told to stay were they were. I understand this kind of information is hard to even listen too let alone accept, but the elite are satanic sacrificers of human beings especially children, either on the alter or in war.

This same technique was used in the immediate reporting of the Ritual Murder of Princess Diana. More on both these subjects in later phases. Anyone wishing to see the evidence for the Ritual Murder of the Princess of Wales please contact me at the above address, I will gladly supply you with it.


One more point on the twin towers from a builders point of view, these towers were designed to fall as they did, this catastrophe was planned to happen as they were built to support controlled demolition which can be seen as clear as day on the DVD ‘Loose Change’. Also all the people in the towers were those not working for the elite. In the same way as the Oklahoma bombing, the elite had removed all there own people leaving none essential people to die. This also happened with the Lockerbie plane crash as very important elite men were told not to travel on this flight. And that immediately after the crash the area was swarming with CIA and they removed a body and a suitcase. This man had some evidence in this suitcase the elite did not want leaking and so every person on that flight was sacrificed to keep information from reaching you. How this was possibly carried out will be exposed later in this work. The evidence of the perpetrators of this attack lead directly to the CIA and the Middle East agency Mossad, so not only did they murder 270 people they then accused another country and two of its nationals! Not very nice people are they the elite?


Watching a documentary on BBC2 on Tuesday 26 August 2003 about one Henry Kissinger. This man was made Knight Commander of the Order of St Michael and St George at a ceremony at Windsor Castle by Queen Elizabeth II in June 1995. This title is awarded to top British Diplomats. So understand all that this man has done, he did on behalf of the Black Nobility of London. This man along with his partner Lord Carrington are responsible on top of what was shown in this documentary for the Genocide of all who died in Rwanda, but even this information is only the tip of the iceberg. Other men in this documentary included one Brent Scowcroft, an executive of  Kissinger Associates and top advisor to George Bush (senior), this man was awarded an Honorary Knight of the British Empire by Queen Elizabeth II, Alexander Haig a Knight of Malta who became the military head of NATO and Ronald Reagans secretary of state, the lists are endless and available. It was one Douglas Hurd who recommended Kissinger for an Honorary Knighthood.

In light of the pathetic idea of placing a UFO on the coppice recently, I will now let Henry Kissinger explain quite beautifully the reasons for the UFO scam, this is a passage from his speech at the 1992 Bilderberg meeting at Evian-Les-Bains, in France, this was written down by a Swiss delegate, and I quote :


“Today America would be outraged if UN troops entered Los Angeles to restore order; tomorrow they will be grateful. This is especially true if they were told that there was an outside threat from beyond, whether real or promulgated, that threatened our very existence. It is then that all the peoples of the world will plead with world leaders to deliver them from this evil.”


“The one thing every man fears is the unknown. When presented with this scenario, individual rights will be willingly relinquished for the guarantee of their well being granted to them by their world government.”


Read that again.


This scam will be brought to you all in earnest over the next nine years this is the true reason the ET scam has been formulated. The extraterrestrials are not invading they are already here in the Nefilim, and the ETs they speak of are the very ones deceiving you all as they operate through their Royal Shells now. The UFO investigator and lecturer Norio Hayakawa says this plan is called “project panic” and that high technology equipment will be used to create an optical illusion of a UFO invasion. This operation is known as project blue beam. One element of this is to use laser generating satellites in the Star Wars network in different parts of the world to project holographic images in the sky, of UFOs, Jesus, Mohammed, Buddha, Krishna, etc. each belief system thus believing (that word again) their saviour has come, perfect for religious madness to rid the world of, again as quoted by Henry Kissinger “THE USELESS EATERS” that means us... there are over 900 satellites in orbit around the Earth, of course not including the ones we have paid for yet are kept classified. See photocopy 2 and 3 for more information on Kissinger and his associates at the end of this Phase.

Why go to all this trouble? This will give governments and the United Nations the excuse to call a Global state of emergency and all those secret emergency powers and executive powers will be implemented. The executive orders (we shall use America as example), passed in the last century by presidents of the United States without congressional debate or approval will allow the government to take over transport, energy, your home and all media. These executive orders allow the government via FEMA, to tell you were to live and to put you to work in any way they want. Your children can be taken away from you, basically anything goes when these orders are enforced by a manufactured emergency. Although I have just given you the powers as they relate to America they are also within the United Nations rules of operation which is the Crown controlled World Government they are right now successfully implementing using the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq talking up the UN on your TV and Media overlord, in Britain they come under the ‘Contingency act’. While you all exist in TV and Tabloid incorporated, you receive all your information about the world from your TV and the press, and who controls these? The elite! You will also find these powers or similar powers are available to all governments in these circumstances.

Also within the next nine years there will be a full global financial collapse to bring in the one world electronic currency, many have experienced some sort of embezzlement with standing orders or outright theft of monies because of the electronic systems. So you need to begin to listen to sources other than the elite controlled TV and news agencies, which hand out all news to all media thus total control of all societies mediums of learning and understanding by the elite to back the wishes of the elite. Lets look again at another of Killingers oops I mean Kissingers little gem of a speech this again at a Bilderberg group meeting this time in Baden-Baden in 1991 and I quote :


“A UN army must be able to act immediately, anywhere in the world, without delays involved in each country making its own decisions based on parochial considerations”


And of course since 1991 we have had UN peacekeeping forces shown to be totally inadequate as shown in Bosnia, Rwanda, etc, and so the call “if only the UN had more powers”. Interestingly it was the Tutsi Christian’s who were murdered. So slowly but absolutely surely we are almost near to the point were the UN has all the powers it requires. I am not in anyway excusing Milosevic in what he did during the Yugoslavian conflict I do not know enough as yet to fully comment on this war, but being an intelligent mind I under no circumstances except the way the cowboy World Tribunal is able to switch of this mans speeches when he is defending himself during these hearings, especially when he has a lot to say about NATO and the UN and their crimes and creation of terrorism in the Balkans. This is preposterous and shows absolutely that there is much about the UN and NATO that the Crown wishes no one at all to hear, stop backing organisations and politics you know nothing about and I am speaking to you who would claim intelligence and who stand for these organisations, you are setting yourselves up to be a laughing stock in the eyes of the people when more evidence is brought into the open about these organisations you promote with the fervor of religious fanatics.

Here is one for all Freemasons for whos hands this operation will pass, Albert Pike you all know as the supreme pontiff of universal freemasonry of his time the 19th century, I know most of you will not even of heard of his book Morals and Dogma, as it is reserved for high degree Adepts only, I think you will understand why.

This is an extract from his book in relation to the Blue degrees and I quote :


“The Blue Degrees are but the outer court or portico of the Temple. Parts of the symbols are displayed there to the initiate, but he is intentionally misled by false interpretation. It is not intended that he shall understand them, but it is intended that he shall imagine that he understands them… Their true explication is reserved for the Adepts, the princes of Masonry.” (Those of the 32nd and 33rd degrees.)


There is a book available called “the deadly deception” written by a man named Jim Shaw. This man was initiated into a long list of freemasonic orders and offshoots, and was initiated into the 33rd degree of the Scottish Rite at the Supreme Headquarters of the 33rd degree in Northwest 16th Street, not far from the Whitehouse in Washington DC. He immediately resigned and wrote his book showing how all Freemasons are so deceived and used to front the real agenda of the satanic elite. I suggest you consider purchasing this book.


                                                Bullying Used To Create Legislation


Today 3rd September 2003, the headline “Action and money in the governments new policy to combat Bullying in school”. If I can take you back as stated earlier, to the way in which the elite control certain families throughout society, this IS the way people are targeted for bullying by the elite in our schools. When you look carefully at who the culprits for constant perpetration of bullying are, they almost certainly come back to the same family names, from within all differing communities. This method ensures constant conflict between communities through the generations. Again although you can see who the families who tend to produce the majority of bullies are… they too are victims of the elite. They have placed teaching staff who ignore certain pupils calls for help, this being made easier while we allow the manufactured class size catastrophe to brainwash you into allowing all types to be with our children helpers of all kinds, but even more importantly how the satanic networks of teachers and head teachers, can now blame these helpers for all machinations carried out by themselves, thus creating another wall of protection between them and you. Its no wonder the real perpetrators of everything evil are never stopped, you the people always when confronted with teachers or people in suits act as you did when you were children and if teacher says it was this reason you all go YES MISS! I know many people who work as dinner staff that have not had their background checked by a person not of the satanic networks, if they have been checked the system is nonsense. It requires concerted effort to investigate matters of the kind I am bringing to the fore, it requires the WILL of intelligent minds to come together to form an independent investigative body who will not be denied the right of the people to investigate the very systems created on the behalf of the people by the elite, a group of people set up not by the existing power structures. You well know as do I the system Democracy serves not the people; it is the wall of bureaucracy the elite hide almost perfectly behind, until now.


It is silence creates the cloak for the satanic elite

The hear no see no speak no


 So everything sent from Whitehall backs up the current agenda, the future under the rule of LAW is set to destroy so many families, and new rules in relation to the schools with all the parents having been hoodwinked as they are into signing more partnership agreements to this and to that. This is a bad future for everyone with children and grandchildren, its almost upon us.


Today is September 4th 2003 and one of my children has brought home considerable amount of paperwork from school, part of this information was about the data protection act as it relates to information held by the school in relation to my child.

It states that from time to time they are required by law to pass on this information to :


LEA-Local Education Authority

QCA-Qualification and Curriculum Authority

DFES-Department for Education and Skills


The word 'authority' is everywhere with these organisations, forgive me my ignorance but I was under the impression the people pay tax to pay for educational organisations to ‘serve’ the people not to dictate to the people. Something very serious has gone wrong with the civil services understanding of the word ‘service’, or look again at this operation, what I am speaking of is happening right under your noses. On the back of this letter there is added information which states that the schools also, I presume by law, hand over the information to the organisation as advertised on TV named CONNEXIONS and that this happens automatically unless you the parent state otherwise. I on the 5th September 2003 wrote to my childs school requesting a copy of the ruling allowing the transfer of our childrens information to this organisation, I await a response.

I am now going to spend much more of my time looking at this organisation but from what I already feel about this organisation is that it is a confessional service outside of the Church, let me elaborate. The way in which the confessional box system benefited the elite was to give full access to the personal misdemeanors of the flock, this in turn enabled the elite to ensure God punished you for your digression by grassing you up to your communities thus backing up the doctrine of severe punishment, or milk the guilt for control and blackmail all done in the strictest confidence of course. This stinks of just such a system with the TV advertisement encouraging children to “talk to us!” Think about that one for a while! But as stated with all the new laws pushed in when MPs are on holiday, or when you are all glued to your TV sets watching the latest edition of war live!! This before you have realised will be biting your behind on the whim of your angry teenager who blew of steam to a phone line because you would not give them £1, I think you get the picture.


Now back to the LEA. It states thus; The Local Educational Authority uses information about pupils to carry out specific functions for which it is responsible, such as the assessment of any special educational needs the pupil may have. It also uses the information to derive statistics to inform decisions on (for example) the funding of schools, and to assess the performance of schools and set targets for them. The statistics are used in such a way that pupils cannot be identified from them.

In Phase II I stated that the LEA sent most of the pupils to Moorhead High School and I stated that some were sent because of religious reasons. I also stated that many were placed there because of their familys links to rebel organisations, Maximum Damage Operations.

For those who need to see me as a nutter please continue to do so I do not at all mind, but for those of you with intelligence and perhaps not so much governed by fear, this is the exact means by which the satanic networks can act out their agendas relating to individual people, they gather as much information about people as they can which enables them to aim there machinations with almost 100% success. I also mentioned the super computers that are placed around the world collecting nothing but personnel information about the world population; I also stated that the elite call these computers (which are one) THE BEAST. So when the elite pull your personal file from this computer at the press of a couple of buttons everything from the day you are born, medical educational, dental and most importantly every electronic transaction made to your name. This means credit cards bank cards etc. and so they know what you eat were you eat what you drink were you drink, what are your hobbies and your vices. So what you might say, this strategy was used by MI6 in Northern Ireland to trap terrorists with great success not a bad idea you say. But they now have this power to use and they do, on anyone they target and this will be across the world if you allow them to force the current system democracy on the world. Also let us not forget even though Legal and Democratic Services forgot, Phase I of this operation was sent to the LEA and the Accrington Education departments, and in Phase II, I showed you how these organisations reacted to me giving them the information or how they did not react. Also while on the subject of super computers did you know that the Mormon Church is collecting the world population DNA and is storing that for when they can convince you master racers of the genetic superiority of yourselves over and above those not like you. This organisation is advertising itself on the TV as The Church of Jesus Christ and Latter-day Saints and of course the latter day saints are the Freemasons Joseph Smith, Hiram Smith, and Brigham Young. I have read much literature from the world of Freemasonry and in a book I cannot recall it more than hints at a belief that Jesus was a black magician who on the beheading of John the Baptist kept his head which enabled the Jesus sect to call back the soul of John the Baptist and that all the knowledge Jesus brought was in reality the knowledge of the true Messiah John the Baptist. There all mad you know. With this information it would seem that some time in the future the whole of Christianity is to be usurped by the two pillars of Freemasonry (the two Johns, John the Evangelist, and John the Baptist) who will claim the true guardianship of the Messiah through the Merovingian/ Carolingian bloodline. So this would be the reason the Jehovahs witness and Mormon cults were formed by Freemasons, they are going to claim true decent from the messiah and another coup detat on the human race splitting what is left of the human race totally opposing each other to the death, and the Talmud will rule supreme. This is classic divide and conquer just as the division of the Anglican Church is under way. These strategies only exist as a weapon of the Illuminati because you are believers and not actors. This world is the greatest stage in the greatest theatre, and you all are terrified to act upon the stage you were born to, instead you settle to be stage props and scenery then demand to be obeyed, sorry I have never heard of inanimate objects having a say in anything, its the yes Sir no Sir mentality of the Empire with everyone desperate to have themselves labelled and stacked into their place never to change, it is the matchstick men and dogs of Lowry, the wheels and cogs of the machine, well the machine is almost built it no longer requires the wheels and the cogs and so you are stuck hanging desperately to your station hoping it will not come to you, but unfortunately it will and you know it. Step off the wheel and stand in the centre still, take a good look at the world and jump back in but on your own path, if you must be a believer believe in yourself, let the God within you shine whatever you do you will be doing it for you not some others fear based system of escape from the adventure that is your life..

I still have not received a reply to my second letter dated 12 November 2002 asking for the information that will help me to investigate the use of school buildings by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, and for the name of the organisation that Moorhead stated had used the school buildings. So as you can see the LEA have only their own interests to protect, they care not for my operation and do you know why? Because you the peoples representatives do not care about this operation, you do not care about the citizens of the borough of Hyndburn you care only for yourself and your position, and as you have proved so well you care not for the children of this borough in the same way the LEA do not have any caring interest of children in any of their reality rules, its all about turning from a service into a religious authoritarian fascist organisation, and you are part of this deception on behalf of the elite against the people, therefore your allegiance is not to democracy but to dictatorship by the Crown. You are what after the Second World War the survivors called the “collaborators” and we know what happened to a lot of them?

I am naming before hand those I know to be knowingly carrying out the Fascist agenda; you by your fear-based non-action are showing the people the names of others who are carrying out the Fascist agenda. Another stealth authority being shoved under our noses is the Environment agency, I noticed at one Service Station in Accrington a sign stating we can no longer allow the washing of vans and commercial vehicles by order of the Environmental Agency! I would laugh if it was funny but it is not funny how you all allow authority to shove its will down your throat, and then in your ignorance defend it? There is much I have to say about the Environment movement, we shall get to that in another Phase.

Under the heading “QUERIES” while reading the Accrington Observer it states :


‘The Accrington Observer aims to tell you ALL THE LOCAL NEWS, to give you the local information you need to live ‘your’ lives, (what a charming way of stating they know what we need? And what we dont need, which as you will remember includes my operation). It continues:  to express your views AND TO CAMPAIGN FOR THE GOOD OF HYNDBURN! We welcome your help to achieve this. We try our utmost to be fair and accurate in what we publish and to be courteous in all our dealings and if weve got something wrong we are only too happy to put it right. Should you feel that we have failed to live up to these standards, please address your complaints to the Editor Mervyn Kay?


 I have seen nothing relating to this operation in either the Telegraph or Rochdale owned Accrington Observer, I shall take this operation again to these gatherers of Spin sorry news shortly, so lets see if they are truth seekers and reporters or as stated in Phase II under the control of their respective Editors and thus under the control of the satanic elite.

One more point, they certainly do not wish you to send your complaints to the reporters that would never do they may have to print it! The local papers are censored in their reporting of international events to ensure only the tabloids pursue such topics, this gives greater control over news they do not wish to be seen or read.

In the agenda of the elite it is only we the people that die. It is the same in all the wars it is the people that die. Never those ordering the wars, never those commanding the wars ITS ALWAYS THE PEOPLE!  What kind of information do you the people require for you to break the mass hypnotism that the elite have over you all, before you begin to see the world and the elite as they are?

I placed a few deliberate mistakes in Phase II this was to try and draw a reaction from them but silence is there protection so the letter I said was first class was second class, just so you know.


With love to you all







Enter the Dragon



Possibly the most controversial aspect to the truth and the subject that has most people walk away. Had I not had a very strange experience in a cottage in Baxenden with a satanic female from Sabden in the late 1990’s, the area famous for the Pendle Witch’s, I too perhaps would have ignored this subject. But experience is experience and so I gently began to open this aspect of the esoteric and include it within this operation, after all you are adults, and you all believe in St George, the defeater of the dragon. So what does it all mean? Well, we can only hope to learn by investigation.





Dated: 06: November 2003.


Dear Sir/Madame.


I have seen evidence that shows on of the members of a Royal Household through his DNA is the chosen one known as the Anti-Christ and if this is not stopped then the irony for all Christians on this Earth is that they the organisation Christianity will in affect bring the Anti- Christ into power to rule and to bathe in the blood of the Human Race. Please understand colour, nationality, race, religion do not form the basis of who is in and who is out, it is about ‘bloodline’, or to be more precise ones DNA, and with the breeding programmes of these creatures since the ancient world cover the whole of the Globe hence every regime in the world is governed by people the dark forces can control through what we know as possession as and when required.

Only by exposing the knowledge of how this race operates can we prevent the completion of the Temple, you must try to understand this point. People as I are exposing the agenda of the Illuminati; we are not trying to raise armies to war with violence against these people just to expose the game so we all can prevent the completion of the Temple via the refusal to allow this game to go on.


                                                               Ian Duncan Smith


A message to all Tories, perhaps in Ian Duncan Smith we had a man who is not playing the game of the elite which is bad for the elite but good for the people just like Margaret Thatcher was removed because although she played the elites hand in most of her agenda she would not agree with the agenda as far as joining the European Union was concerned and was swiftly removed, so I would say to you all, you have just seen how the Conservative Party is fully controlled by the elite and never has it belonged to the people with a conservative outlook on life. My fear is that the Conservative Party at the top will drag you into the most horrendous form of its hubris, namely ultra right wing policies, one only need remember the speech made by the then home secretary Michael Howard at a conference in the not to distant a past, these are the real policies of this man, it is up to you the conservative middle England and Wales to take back your party from the Crowns men, this is the requirement of the Conservative people of England and Wales before the next General Election.


                                                        Public Limited Company


The greatest way the peoples assets are stripped from the people is through the agenda of PLC Public Limited Companies, and is the real agenda of privatisation of everything that was nationally owned, the same with the buying of private companies the Multinationals control everything. The last bastions of assets currently owned by the people are through the councils, let me elaborate:

Everything that comes under the jurisdiction of the councils of the democratic world are the assets belonging to the people of each borough. The council on behalf of the people collect what was property rates now council tax, to provide services for the people to serve the people, which includes providing properties for people who cannot afford or do not wish to purchase a Mortgage. Thus all the council properties belong to the people of their respective boroughs and do not belong to the council, which would place the council as separate from the people. This is in fact the situation in that all domestic law relates to the possession of areas by the Crown Temple and not the people, so the deceit in how the people believe the council represents there interests is a lie, people believe the council serves the people. So every time assets from the within the councils jurisdiction are allowed to be sold or handed to the private sector WE the people lose REAL assets owned by the people and basically hand them over to the elite’ via associations, which in itself proves association  to the Crown Temple not the people… so if you allow anything to happen other than the status quo with OUR property stock the people will lose a massive asset base belonging to the nation as a whole and we like the selling of all our land to globe enterprises will lose almost everything we own to the lackeys of the Crown.

Or to simplify, Globe enterprises consists of a triad of ownership in Stuart Nevison, Barnfield Construction, and Hyndburn Council each having one-third control. This in turn means everything that comes under the jurisdiction of Globe enterprises will in the democratic system be governed by the say of the majority. It does not take a brain surgeon to see that in Stuart Nevison and Barnfield construction together will form the majority and thus total control of the peoples assets will have been taken out of the hands of the people with its one third share having no power whatever, and for all future elected councilors in this borough all power will be taken out of the people’s councils hands. This is relevant to all the councils of England and Wales this must be stopped now. This can only happen because the system is designed in such a way, they set up institutions in a way they can be taken by default. As far as I can see the only services the current councils of the UK provide for us the people are collection of our waste, cleaning of the streets, and cutting of the grass which includes planting flowers to show passing business cliental that the world looks beautiful and they should continue with the agenda because everything is fantastic, in the same way block schemes go on around the Globe centre are undertaken while the rest of the town is left to rot so that in the future Globe Enterprises can purchase the land for its theft policy of the peoples assets.

The centre of the darkness in this locality is Nelson, and from here the forces unseen to man are spread around North West of Lancashire. Today is the 27th October 2003 and I have just been informed that Prince Charles visited Nelson on Friday 24th October 2003. With my understanding of the satanic druidic rituals, this was to add great power to the satanic rituals that were taking place over this weekend of the Scorpio New Moon and for the satanic three day festival you all know as Halloween, so much is being planned to express the satanic fear based control of us all in this the last quarter of this Moon year in this locality.

A very important agenda that needs to be exposed is how the elite are giving this nation only two options for the future of the UK: to remain with America and thus George W Bush, or to enter Europe.

There is a third.


We can create trading treaties with Denmark and Sweden thus become an independent block outside of the New World Order, we can re establish our manufacturing base and sell back to ourselves, de-link from the world bank and create our own currency wipe away all the peoples debt without removing peoples wealth. (Just for you who require everything to have a label I am not promoting communism)

We would have to do this before we lose all our skills that people in this nation no longer have the opportunity to use. It would mean massive reduction in the importation of cheap buy today break tomorrow goods and go back to creating quality goods and services. We would be three but I guarantee as success in this endeavour was to be seen other nations would wish to join. We must first destroy the networks of the satanic elite in order to fulfill such a quest, but as people like myself are exposing the networks, it would only be a case of removing all the satanic brethren from all the positions of power within every organisation, corporation, and government throughout our nation which would give us the power to bring to justice all who knowingly carry out the satanic agenda of the Crown. This is the only opportunity in the last six thousand years that the fight against the Nefilim can be successful, this is because we are aware of so much knowledge sprung from Science and are more aware of the idea of what is meant by spirituality. And so only now and within the next nine years are we the people able to grasp the hidden concepts and knowledge people like me are bringing to you.  As stated in Phase IIII Tony Blair is to be replaced by Gordon Brown in due course he and his wife have made the sacrifice, and with a satanic sense of irony it shall be under this creatures government that the full collapse of the economy will take place shifting the peoples votes to the Liberal party providing they are successful in again tearing up the Tories party or by placing the elite controlled Michael Howard or Kenneth Clark as the new leader ensuring the Crown’s agenda continues to offer the only political party left,  the Liberals. So I have to say the weight of how this country is to proceed in the future rests on the shoulders of those with a conservative outlook on life. I have evidence that shows Tony Blair is of the satanic elite and is a fellow satanist who attends the satanic rituals along with Queen Elizabeth, Prince Charles, Prince Phillip and many more of the Nefilim bloodlines, so stop thinking his agenda is against the Royals he is carrying out the New World order agenda to the letter. They are using the divisions religion has created to blind you to how everything is controlled from the same source, namely the deceiver that calls itself GOD via all systems we have created.

In the previous four Phases I have briefly shown how the bigger picture in the world is being co-ordinated by the Intelligence services under the direct control of the Crown, through its control of all the secret societies on the globe. Everything I have given to you is backed up with so much evidence that it would be far too much information for you to take in all at once, and thus I have broken it down into a language I hope you will understand. Most people who have come to me for more information do so bringing specific questions, and then I have answered to the best of my abilities there specific question, this is a successful Modus Operandi and I offer this service to you all.

The previous four Phases are to try to help you see through the TV and Media spin offering you suppressed information giving you a larger intellectual picture when in your own mind you are debating what you are seeing, reading, and hearing from the bombardment of disinformation from the news agencies Associated Press and Reuters, the latter’s controlling shares are the property of the House of Rothschild. All media throughout the world TV, Newspapers, magazines are given there news stories by the News Agencies; this is how mind control of the masses is in part successful. To elaborate, to the people it must be true because everybody is saying the same thing, of course they are saying the same thing they each receive all the news from the totally elite controlled ‘news agencies’ its that simple. What I now wish to give you is the agenda as it relates to the United Kingdom.


                                                   UK Political Parties Destruction


You have all seen the systematic destruction of the Conservative Party; you are now witnessing the destruction of the Labour Party. As stated previously this is to force the concept that this nation is becoming corrupted by, as the Queen stated in the Butler case, forces they no nothing about. (Bollocks). This is also being portrayed as happening throughout the intelligence services also. I must stress at this point it is the Crown through its secret society operatives and its new religion that is about to be launched on the UK using the pop star Madonna to head this new satanic religion namely Cabbala, and to drag back the totally now elite controlled Punk icon Johnny Rotten. So it is part of the agenda to attack the House of Windsor (civil war), what must be realised by you all is that all the Royal Houses serve the Crown, so nothing other than full understanding of what the Crown is can we hope to escape from the Nefilim. With the teachings of the satanic prophet Alistair Crowley mixed in to this Religion of Madonna’s, these people are preparing to wreak havoc amongst us all, they are not a peace movement there call is, ‘the end justifies the means’ as I know only too well. These people openly worship the Lizard or the Dragon and openly use the arts against all that they target to destroy or to bring in to the fold those they wish or have a use for. I studied Cabbala for a full three years, this is a religion that traps your intellect and compartmentalises your mind in the same levelled system as Freemasonry, thus all within that system of mind control has each pupil hold itself into the system by pretending to itself that it understands the symbolism that stands before it, a carbon copy of the strategy as stated by Albert Pike in relation to the Blue Degrees of Freemasonry. So thus manipulating a most powerful force against the human race, that of needing to belong and will thus lie to oneself and then ultimately to those one feels needs to hear an affirmative to stay in, which places you on a journey on the downward spiral of existence, imbalance becomes your only conclusion…but of course you have joined a contained organisation and for a good long while all your five sense reality needs will be satisfied. You thus give up your soul for material satisfaction. All the Royal crests have Dragons somewhere within them, as you enter the Masonic City of London (the inner city of London not the big city of London), you find two of the most repulsive dragons clasping the shield with the red cross of Saint George, this is symbolic of the Dragon Race controlling in its clasp the race of the Nordics, the Blonde Haired Blue Eyed Nordic Race of Saint George and of the Princess of Wales. This is also the symbolic meaning on the crests depicting a Lion on the left side of the crests harnessing with iron chains the Unicorn. The Lion is another depiction of the dragon race used to symbolise the Royal hierarchical system of obedience to the male lion, the Unicorn symbolically represents the human race, or the four root races and thus is a symbolic depiction that the dragon hath tethered the human race. So I have thus given to you the true meaning behind the symbolic language of these two forms of speech to those who have eyes to see. So in the symbolic language of the satanic elite they show that the Aryan Race is totally controlled at its elite level by the Dragon race, as it shows the human race at its elite level is controlled by the dragon race also. We have to face the fact that the idea of the dragon is laced throughout every single scripture held by every race, there has to be more to the tale than meets the eye. Just take time to look into the eyes of the Royal elite they are Black. I have noticed on occasion the use of colored contact lenses to cover this.


Now, I stated in a previous Phase of this operation that the satanic elite of which Freemasonry serves had a very important role fore my rebel nature, this was in a musical compositional role becoming to this new religion what John Lennon was to the new age peace movement. This changed as they demanded I take on the role of their prophet. One thing that is not widely known is that John Lennon had seen the truth that Yoko was his handler and had rang his first wife and family to say he had enough and was to return to England, not long after this conversation he was killed by yet another lone nutter.

This religion of which Madonna is fronting although it is not new, openly uses the magical arts, films like Harry Potter are preparing the way for the young generation to follow this new religion but the information within these films is given in such a way that we are going to have many more people dabbling in arts they no nothing about and will open young children to the malevolence that exists in the lower forth dimension. While a pupil of the mystery school I was given so much knowledge of how religion is used to control and suppress the human spirit, and in that knowledge I became a well versed on the true meanings of the religions, then towards the end of my initiation I was thrust into the arms of Brian Meadowcroft and his army. I can only say the compassion I feel for these people is enormous as I have felt first hand emotionally psychologically and spiritually the force that holds with a grip of iron these people to the cause of out and out dysfunction, and it is with heavy heart that I have named this man because in rebellion against control we were of the same mindset, but you no longer belong to yourself when you offer your soul to the darkness. I feel I must stress it is not all of the Dragon race who are satanic just as to blame one religion as all evil would be an ignorant view, but at the top it is one tribe controlling all others and they are of the Anunnaki / Dragon race. I had to follow the initiation through to the end so I can speak through experience of the force that others have named the Lucifer Consciousness, as stated I am representative of a force that exists on this earth, the force that we all see as love and compassion and understanding, the force that taught humanity to strive to understand then one may forgive, to try to work together to work through our cultural differences in the knowledge that we are all brothers and sisters from the same source and that the differences that stand between us are created by fear, ignorance, jealousy, and the craving of power, installed into the human form some 418-450 thousand years ago by the Anunnaki. You have followed the path of fear within your own being and sold your soul to the darkness to feel safe or your ambition has ruled supreme, you have closed yourself off from your hearts and your mind is running the show so understand everything is happening within your being, the fight over good and evil is within yourself, and because fear has beaten you, you have let loose the dark side of the universe in projection onto the earth and its leaders in physical form on this earth are the Nefilim.


The elite are going to claim some time in the future that England has been corrupted and the only way forward is to dissolve Parliament and for the Crown to take over everything throughout the commonwealth using treason to remove people like me. All these orders still apply to the Crown you must strive beyond your fear to see this truth. They are going to put the blame for the death of Diana to forces outside of the Crown this is not so. With the evidence I have the only creature able to carry out the final part in the ritual sacrifice of the Princess of Wales is a Rothschild, this man had to be in the tunnel as the Princess would be made to stare into the eyes of this man as she drew her last breath, and this had to take place within the Pont de L Alma tunnel because this tunnel at the thirteenth pillar is an ancient underground chamber the Merovingians - Carolingian's worshipped  the Goddess Diana, and it is still of sorts an underground chamber. So it is imperative you see through this latest Royal scam to throw you off the scent because in your heart of hearts you know she was murdered and for the elite this will not go away, and so they have been forced to act to throw the blame elsewhere. For me the true Merovingians are not as depicted by history, to connect with the goddess Diana, is to connect with the Earth aspect of the holy spirit, not the underworld representation of the goddess in Lileth - Hecate, who demands the blood rites as do the demon entities, the draco-Anunnaki. The blood rites belong to the Sumer Akkadian stream of satanic mystery school doctrine, and as is always the casde through history, it is this satanic force that has entwined itself around the story of balance and love.


I have prepared this Phase of operations to cover subjects very relevant to this Moons agenda being given out by the elite in the hope it may help you to see through the current manipulation.




 With love to you all




                                                                    PHASE VI


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